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  1. While Motorman7 is restoring my '73 240Z, (thread titled: We're bringing back the flat tops!) I've started digitizing the slides I took of the car I've kept since I bought it new in 1973. I came across the pictures I took of a "fun run" in 1974 sponsored by Jack Gubrud, the owner of Gubrud's Valley Datsun in Mt. Vernon, Washingon. That was where I bought my car in April, 1973 after returning from a 10+ month deployment to Vietnam aboard the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. This was on Sunday, August 4th, 1974 from Mt. Vernon WA (north of Seattle) over the North Cascade Highway through the Cascade mountains to the town of Winthrop, WA. I believe almost all of the Zs in these photos were purchased at Gubrud's Valley Datsun. Lots of S30s! As I recall, Jack Gubrud paid for a BBQ picnic lunch for everyone. And we had a presentation by a Datsun engineer about the new Hitachi carbs. Wish I had paid more attention!
  2. Some pictures from last week roadtrip with some of my good friends, perfect weather on spectacular roads.
  3. Sadly, no pictures from the day I purchased the car - way too much adrenaline rush at the time. Right now, its looking a lot better than I am!
  4. @qz16, I have gone through a dozen odd cans of SEM of Landau Blk and Super white, landau is the closest black you'll find to the dash and console. I have used it on plastic as well as vinyl with excellent results, be sure to use their Plastic adhesion promoter on the hard plastics. A light coat of their semi gloss clear on the vinyl gives it just a bit of shine, too much and it looks like it has been painted. All of these pics are freshly painted but dried, and it has held up well over the years.
  5. Got my '77 out from a year long selfish hibernation. I love my 240 but I'm gonna have to cheat on the old car and get back in the 280. Rebuilt it then bought my first 240 and put the 280 on "the shelf" but after driving it an hour or so today it's back in play. I love those cars, different feel but a good comfortable one. Better brakes too. I have some ZX flat tops I'm thinking I'll put in under the N42 head. Should wake it up a little plus I'll definately get the 225mm flywheel lightened or maybe find an aluminum one. I think, my opinion!, that's the best bang for the buck. Having been raised up on quick revving motorcycles the aluminum I put in the 2.4 is like a motorcycle with a bit more protection. I'm looking forward to my new project! And of course I'll be posting plenty as I go.
  6. Finished it off today and took it for a drive. What a difference! The shift knob is now within easy reach to engage all gears. It was a PITA so it would be nice if MSA took notice and included a properly shaped rod in their short shift kit (specfically for the 280Z). The pics show the car in neutral with the knob 2.5" rearward and 0.5" left from the initial position, much like the stock shifter location. Even though the following before pics aren't exactly taken in the same angle, the difference is noticeable.
  7. I was sitting at a stoplight a few minutes ago in my 240Z VIN #907 and heard a horn beep, looked over in the right lane and was asked if I wanted to sell the car. I remembered his car, I had pulled out in traffic just before him and pulled away a little. He asked if I wanted to sell it and I was reluctant but then asked how much and he offered $8,000. When I didn't seem interested he offered $11,000. I told him the car was special I would keep it. First stoplight auction I have been to. I have been driving this car in the summer over here on the West cost of California for various errands. Fun car to own.
  8. Bruce and Z Therapy don't have them. I'm the manufacturer and sell them on Ebay for $69.95. I had the same issue as many others so I designed this product. The nice thing about them is that you can check fuel levels with the running or not
  9. My son (Five and Dime) gave me a cool sculpture for my office.
  10. Here are my photos of RedBird, at a park on the way back home. The one with the electrical plant, I am calling POWER! The last one is of her back home again, ready to snuggle back into her safe carport. I left her out for a bit so I could go feast my eyes on her a few times before it gets dark. Oh I love her so much, I'm very happy she is back in my arms. 💜 Jai 😇 🚘

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