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  1. SpeedRoo

    The definitive Z book

    I would consider the people with feet on the ground who were involved at the time as experts. In the case of the Z that would be Uemura, Katayama, Matsuo etc. Hence my question on definitive books. Writers like Long who have taken the time to travel in Japan and research the subject are also good references, they have also taken the time to do the work and write it down. If history is not recorded it is soon forgotten. Others like myself who have discovered the cars have them to thank for their efforts. I have no idea who Griffith Borgeson is, were they involved with the Z development as well? If you find the term "armchair expert" derogatory then my apologies. I have no way of knowing your qualifications or background other than what I have read on Z forums. Like yourself there are many people with opinions on the cars, but how do you know who really knows what is true or not. I find it simple to do lots of research and ask questions, which is what I am trying to do here. The same way I contacted you privately through the message board and asked questions. I had assumed you were knowledgeable about the race cars and Z432R and asked you some questions based on what I had researched. You chose not to answer as you didn't know me and wanted to know who or what I was doing. I explained that to you and then nothing. I contacted kats in Japan and he has been very helpful, he also mentioned you were very busy but the person to ask. I wrote to you to say I understood you were busy and I would continue my research in Japan. Unfortunately you did not even have the courtesy to respond to that either. Obviously you have quite a bit of background on the cars but don't wish to share it, that is your prerogative. I have ordered the Long book on the subject and will look up the other ones 26th-Z has suggested. If I have upset any others with my questions and earnestness my apologies, that was not my intention. Look forward to find out more history and background to these fascinating cars.
  2. Michaelwk

    So we're doing a 73 restoration project

    Ok, sorry again for the long delay between updates. I haven't had much time the past few weeks with Thanksgiving and some traveling for work. But good news, I took the Z on it's first drive since 06 yesterday! There was indeed one major vacuum leak in the braided, curved hose going from the anti-backfire valve to the manifold. I found a hose at Autozone that worked, although it was not metric, so it's a bit oversized and it wasn't quite the same curve, so it's running over the top of stuff instead of under. Will try to find a proper replacement later. I'm guessing some the other hoses are not completely air-tight at the connections. I did try to address that with some zip ties and hose clamps, but again, I just need new hoses. Will address that next spring. Yeah, I see where you're looking. It's actually just really thick parting line flash on that hose. I also continued to have problems getting it started, even with the new coiled. Turned out this was fuel. For some reason the new mechanical pump cannot pull anything from the tank without priming. Took me a while to figure this out, which was frustrating, but once it's primed, it runs pretty well. I stopped and started it several times and it fired right up once warm. I'm going to start it again tonight and see if that is still a problem. If so, I'll definitely be swapping in the electric pump first thing next spring. I never did the compression test again, will save that for spring as well. Getting up to temp definitely made things better. The idle wasn't great, so I have the idle screwed turned in one turn. I drove it around the block and then to the gas station to put some fuel in. Was so much fun to drive (even at only 35 mph), I'm sad that it's going right into storage. But really was fun to cruise around a little bit (even with the window down in 25 degree weather)
  3. five&dime

    Z31 N/A RB project

    My body guy said it will be welded and is the same way that new Porsche's are put together. I told him I would love to get over there while he works with my good camera to catch some actual welding photos.
  4. Captain Obvious

    Z31 N/A RB project

    Well don't get me wrong. I'm not questioning any of the decisions about the planned process and it sounds very interesting. I just don't understand it completely. Pics of the process would be cool. (Not that you like to take pics of the work in process or anything! )
  5. Patcon

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    My apologies if we covered this somewhere else, but I don't like to hang the car with all the suspension on it. It nearly doubles the weight of the car and adds a lot more stress on the attachment points. My 2 cents
  6. grannyknot

    You got Trump, May, Macron, et al... we have Trudeau

    Ahhh no thanks but you are welcome to take a selfie with him, Justin loves selfies.
  7. SpeedRoo

    The definitive Z book

    I don't know Carl personally but if he sits at a chair that has armrests and writes about Z cars then yes that would make him an "armchair expert". From what I can see reading posts on this forum and his site zhome.com he is very passionate about the cars. He has spent many hours researching them and presenting the information for people to freely read and share. I'm thankful people like Carl are around and freely share their knowledge. I also appreciate people answering my questions here, you are all a lot more knowledgeable about the subject than I am.
  8. Please, no politics. There's enough anger out there already. Z cars , etc., please. Cheers, Mike
  9. Jeff Berk

    Interesting read

    This just popped up on my news feed from Jalopnik https://jalopnik.com/what-a-lifelong-z-mechanic-thinks-of-nissan-today-1830083808 It's nice to see that places are still out there that specializes in Z's. No bad there's no place like that in NE Ohio. Great discussion of the history of sports cars at Nissan.
  10. Trump does not look so bad in the right light. Here is our leader: The queen of carbon tax:

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