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  1. That looks like new! I mearsured from the roof of the lid down 23mm and made my line on the small jar. Then when my fuel leveled out at that line I considered that right. Put it all back together and it runs better than ever. My clear pre fuel filter filter stays completely full now as before it was always filling itself at idle that I could watch in my garage. There's another popular way but I haven't tried it. I think it would be easy for you now that you have yours apart somewhat. Google "fuel level 10 turns down classiczcars.com". Here's the jar I used, figuratively. Close anyway. You might take the opportunity now to, fuel resistant RTV, "glue" the cork gaskets to the lids. I'm using my phone now but can try and clarify this post better Saturday. Waiting to be seated, patiently...
  2. About a day away from MN/47 part 2. Just finished adjusted chain guides and tensioner to take up some slack! I gained about an 1/8” or so on the chain tensioner which meant the plunger wouldn’t be hanging out as far. I probably have about .030 removed from the total distance , so the slack was real. It actually seemed more prevalent then my L24 set up where I had as much as .050 removed. This time around I’m installing my newly acquired G- Force T-5 . It has a McLeod hydraulic TOB , we will see how that works . Also bought these sweet CV axles from Datsun Garage. Very nice pieces . This might be a whole new driving experience 😎
  3. Looks like the car is sitting just right! Nice job on the diff and suspension.

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