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  1. To all our American friends I just want to extend congratulations and my best wishes, here's hoping the next 4 yrs in politics are pleasantly boring and average. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness to each and every one of you.
  2. Thank you for sharing that with us. He sounds like a remarkable man. Take good care of that inheritance. I'm sure he would want you to drive it like a Viper deserves to be driven.
  3. So everyone knows.....I didn’t buy this Viper it was given to me by my father who was quite an amazing man. He came from humble, lower income family beginnings. Was a 2x Vietnam vet who flew helicopters in the war. He came home with pretty severe PTSD and was so emotionally damaged and saddened by his experience that he decided to become a doctor. He packed up the family and moved us to Italy in 1973 and got his MD in Rome taught in Italian (which he learned while there). We moved back to the states and he became an ER doctor, opened several clinics and gave Free medical services to all Vets, Police and Firefighters and well as people who could not afford medical services. He traveled to Honduras every few years to give free medical care to the poor there. He loved fast cars and when he bought this Viper new it was the ultimate American sports car. He helped more people than anyone I know. He passed away sitting on the living room watching the Scfi channel of was we think was a stroke in 2018. This car is special to me because it is one of the few things I have of his. He put all 38,800 miles on it and to sit in it and drive and the closest I can be to being with him. It holds tremendous sentimental value to me. He surely wasn’t the pretentious man that people may think of those who own cars like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It's been like a 4 year bee sting. Nothing debilitating buy annoying as hell. It'll take about a month for the swelling to go away and then I can get back to working in my garage and back to normal day to day boredom. Seinfeld in the morning, not the news. That can wait until the evenings again. Biden will go to bed, not tweet all night.
  5. Well that transmission had an issue. I couldn't get the shaft to spin by hand let alone a drill. I decided to buy it anyway after the seller agreed to accept $200 for it figuring once I tear it down, I can figure out what the problem is and hopefully fix it. The seller insisted that it was working fine when he pulled it out of the donner car last month. He also will switch it out with another one he has if this one doesn't work. Unfortunately, I cannot pull the tail piece off more than an inch or so and for now the front section is stuck to the adaptor plate. UPDATE: I GOT THE TAIL OFF! UPDATE 2: I GOT THE FRONT OFF The main shaft bearings are a little loose so I'll get to use the rebuilding kit.
  6. Today i got the delivery from the guys at Sandstrahlen-plus.ch which i can really recommend if you're in switzerland... They had my complete chassis blasted (except the roof and a few areas i will replace anyway) and primered. The job is very nice if you ask me and it looks so much better with all the car in one colour, rather than twelve different layers of primer, bondo, paint, rust protection, etc.. in various states... Remember, this is how it looked a few weeks ago... Luckily the process didnt' reveal any new problems, only the bad repairs of yesteryear and the rusty spots i already new and have replacement panels for... $ I also made this little "unboxing" gif whlie unwrapping the car and thought it was fun to share...
  7. Thanks, but No Thanks. I waded into the corporate world of banking and manufacturing when I was younger. I started to run into superiors? that asked me for a loyalty oath. That told me all I needed to know. Long story short, I found that creating something with my mind and hands, as well as treating others as US rather than THEM , to be far more satisfying than chasing money and power.
  8. I don't see the need to remove the head. Either way you'll have to come up with a valve spring compressor. IF, the compression is satisfactory in all cylinders, leave the head on. Removing it may open a Pandora's Box of broken bolts and studs. The rope in the cylinder and the lever action spring compressor is the easiest method of changing the seals. Watch several different videos until you can't find anything else to learn and then go for it. That's what I do.
  9. These forums would get a lot more interesting if they became Zoom meetings. Although on second thought, I'm sure it would then quickly descend into what every webcam-based chat room eventually succumbs to... We're lucky to have people on a public forum with passion and knowledge which they are willing to share. People come from various backgrounds and cultures which is difficult to see behind a keyboard. If we all took things a bit more light-heartedly, we wouldn't get so offended all the time. I'm always up for a passionate debate as long as it's backed by clarity, fastidiousness, and humility. A lack thereof creates an incongruity in the discussion which, especially on the internet, can cause the other party to get defensive and petty. This either results in the other party (a) eventually putting their ego aside and realizing why the discussion went awry or (b) "stone the troll". YMMV
  10. Sounds like gas-lighting to me. I'd pull the valve cover and look carefully at the valve seals. A good light should help when looking between the spring coils. Compare #4 with the rest and see if you can see any difference between them. I'd be looking for a torn or distorted top of a valve seal or one that may not be pushed down all the way.
  11. I've seen carbon trails inside the cap from one contact to the contact next to it that caused a misfire. The carbon trail (track) looks like a line drawn with a pencil. The cause was a poor spark plug wire connector. The path from one contact to another inside the cap was an easier path to complete the circuit than jumping the bad connector in the spark plug wire. @jalexquijano Have you ever compared the resistance in all the spark plug wires with an OHM meter? They should read about the same as each other. No need to pull them from the engine. Just disconnect both ends and stick a probe in each end.
  12. Damn! That looks great. Maybe crimp your wires tighter on both ends, plugs and dizzy cap. Use dielectric grease too on all connections.
  13. My friend, you have to find out why it’s fouling - what you are suggesting here is a band aid not really fixing the issue. Until you solve the underlying issues, they will keep finding you.
  14. I’ve had misfire issues where the tip of the spark plug was loose. The end where the plug wire goes. On some NGK plugs, the end cap threads on, and I have found many that were loose. Check yours and tighten thoroughly with pliers. Here is a screen grab showing plugs with and without the end cap and how they thread on
  15. I think trump was great, so there. Too bad politics has to come up, but lets see how ole joe does from here. Looks like time to ignore again, wish you guys could lay off politics.

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