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  1. ConVerTT

    240z - fabbing new front rails

    PPS ... top view
  2. zspert

    Sticky EFI thread, please chip in FI guys!

    Very soon Banzai Motorworks will be offering 280 EFI charts in large 18 x 24 format. They will be laminated and make excellent Man Cave decorations. Stay tuned to their site at www.zzxdatsun.com. In the meantime they offer the same size laminated 240 wiring schematics for $13.50 plus shipping
  3. z8987

    Installing 2 post lift

    Great pictures. That's exactly where my lift is. Thank you. I want nothing more than to do it right. So far this site has been nothing but great. What an awesome resource.
  4. Namerow

    Are there after market battery brackeys

    I mentioned this recently in another thread, but no one came through to confirm/deny or expand on it: There were reports some years ago that a section of a Z front fender has a contour that replicates the under-battery section of the inner fender. Unfortunately, I don't recall that suggestion being accompanied by pictures to show how it was done (or whether it was done). Even if true, Z front fenders don't grow on trees these days, so it would probably amount to a difficult or expensive solution (or both). However... The general concept is interesting. Perhaps a re-pop or scrap front fender from a more pedestrian donor vehicle would serve equally well? It would need to be a vehicle (car or pickup truck) with a similar, rounded styling. However, I think you'd only be able to size up the feasibility of this approach by cutting out the Z inner fender repair area and then eye-balling the shape, hoping that it would ring a bell: 'You know, that looks a lot like the crown of the front fender from a 1986 Ford Taurus'. A DIY alternative would be to take a fibreglass cast from the repair area and then do some tree-stump/sandbag tin bashing, using the cast as a shape reference.
  5. nix240z

    240zrubberparts project car

    New ZcarGarage CV's
  6. w3wilkes

    I've been looking for a project

    Depends on what you call original. The wiring harness is prewired for an electric fuel pump. You've removed the evap tank and removed venting from the fuel tank, turned the remaining top vent in the tank 180 degrees. If you're an original purist you should probably stay with the mechanical pump. Here's a thread on rebuilding the original pump.
  7. Zed Head

    Crane XR 700 does it increase performance

    They're right here. The tachs seem sensitive to the voltage pulse. People often have problems with the MSD ignition systems too. I had problems with a GM HEI module. The XR700 is about exactly like what you replaced. No real benefit. You could put the old stuff back and keep the Crane as an emergency spare.
  8. SteveJ

    Going ballistic...

    Excellent. When diagnosing an electrical issue, you can start at the battery positive and work your way to ground, start at the ground and work your way to battery positive, or start in the middle and work in one direction or another. Since we know the car runs, make sure you set the engine to top dead center before swapping the distributor. Take a photo of the rotor so you are sure how it is oriented. Make sure you have a good ground for the new distributor, too.
  9. z8987

    Installing 2 post lift

    Installed. Wow, this is going to be nice
  10. wheee!

    Demand for the 280z on the rise?

    Never tell her you can sell it in a heartbeat! Tell her, “If I just fix it up a little more, I can get our money back” That at least buys you time and more mods...[emoji6]
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