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  1. Racer X


    (I was going to post this in the joke section, but felt the need for some levity. We need to keep a sense of humor during this thing.)
  2. I looked at it again and found the rating is based on the last 12 months 10 positive reviews and 1 negative then some strange math. Still has 1063 feedback and I looked through 8 pages and saw only one neutral. Positives: 10 Negatives: 1 This member's positive Feedback percentage 10 / ( 10 + 1 ) = 90.9% Ebay is all about selling something, anything for any price. They just want to make their 10% on the sale no matter what. Now they make 10% off the shipping too. Which then can cut into your personal profit. You have to pad the shipping charge to cover the fee. Kind of screws the seller IMO. I don'y buy much on eBay anymore, just every now and then when something good shows up for a reasonable price. Farther and fewer nowadays for sure. I agree with you though, the guys seems to have a chip for sure. As I expect you saw has not been on here for 4 years either.
  3. Farmers are committing suicide over trumps trade war with China. We have to stop that nut job and his deal making before he "smartly" bankrupts the country. Stable genius my azz.
  4. Vorticity

    Bolting in Seats

    I just did this recently. Use some plumbers putty to stick the washer and lock washer on so you don't have to hold them. You can then get the nut started with one hand.
  5. We've had mandatory masks in NS since July (like Taiwan)... it works:
  6. My vote would be not to have political rants on this site. I have always thought that this site, just like sports is an escape from the political B.S. Please find a political site to your liking and do your venting there.
  7. 26th-Z


    Well, yes, the part about the tariffs. I'm tired of the lies. "The only country set up to deal with it was Taiwan. They learned from SARS and put measures in place in advance.... good planning." WRONG! USA was set up not only in this country but on a world stage. The United States had measures set in place after SARS and Ebola. The current administration took all that apart. Fact. Look it up. Both of them are bad leaders, you say? One of them hasn't lead yet and the other isn't a leader and cannot be described that way, obviously. Get ready for mandatory masks. Both France and Germany have gone to mandatory masks in public. I just bought some very stylish Datsun Z masks. They are going to be all the rage. And speaking of masks; does anyone know how well ZCON did with virus transmission? Did anyone get the plague from ZCON?

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