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  1. I've banned the member from our site. In the future, I highly recommend using a protected service such as Paypal for your transaction.
  2. I've been doing a lot with LED's lately. At home I have about 20 wall sconces that use a mini halogen bulb with a T11 socket (mini-candelabra). Over the past few years of buying crap bulbs off Amazon (the Junk Kingdom IMHO), I finally found a vendor that produces a decent LED. I had the same experience, some bulb manufacturers build with cheap components and they don't last more than a year. Although all of them claim up to 5-10 years, most of them fall way short. If you are looking for a common brand, Feit Electric seems to have some good ones. Of all places, I found the best mini-candelabra bulbs at Home Depot. An LED bulb is similar to a mini-computer. It uses a circuit board, voltage converter, resisters, and of course the light diode. If any of these components have gone through a 'cost cutting' exercise by the manufacturer (common in China), then you'll see a reduced lifespan. The LED strips are powered by an external power supply. If you buy a good quality unit, you may see improved performance. But, again, if any part of the LED computer has low-quality components the entire thing will break. You definitely get what you pay for. In the case of this article, I highly recommend purchasing a computer power supply with the gold standard. It will cost a bit more, but, it can handle the sustained output of the strips and has clean power. In the case of your situation with EGLO, they may have been a good bulb at one time. However, I see too many times where companies outsource their manufacturing without even thinking about quality. Either they've sold the business to Chinese owners or they simply moved their production overseas. This is a massive shame because it sounds like they lost quality, and your trust. China can produce good products... just look at that phone in your pocket or TV on your wall. Only a company concerned with their reputation can make that happen.
  3. Before you rip them out and replace with different carbs... you can do a small rebuild yourself. If that isn't in the cards, just send them over to Ztherapy for a rebuild.
  4. No problem. I've tried some of these strips for various fun things. I put some of color changing strips (with remote) behind my TV and it looks pretty good. We will see how long they last. I may also try some in the garage as well.
  5. Hey all, I found this today on the Internet and thought it would be good to link it here. ------- Read the rest here: https://www.instructables.com/Inexpensive-Garage-Lights-From-LED-Strips/
  6. Does anyone have any more specs on this car, other than the vague information shared on the Nissan website?
  7. Frankly, I think the new Z looks pretty good in the outdoors.
  8. Yes sir, great service!!
  9. Mike

    Server Move

    Hi @Racer X, I apologize for the issues. It looks like a backup process was consuming too much memory and causing the server to prioritize the backup over the website. I think I have it fixed now. Sometimes new operating systems require a bit of tweaking to get them to balance out. Mike
  10. This was removal process... highly recommend the angle adjustment option on the lift.
  11. If you guys are replacing those switches, it may be worth while to check the materials used for the switch. You will want something stainless or nickel-plated brass. You could also head down to your local marine store to see what they've got. I know mine has a ton of these switches in stock and ready for the elements. https://www.fisheriessupply.com/sitesearch.aspx?keyword=toggle switch&sitesearch=true
  12. Great reference thread! Thanks.
  13. Good to know, thanks for posting this info! I have been looking for one of these for my '71. They are hard to come by (in good shape anyway). I've been pondering the purchase of another one so I can restore it. This will give me the information that I need to make a purchase.
  14. Mike

    Server Move

    Ah, Zed Head... all that work and...
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