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  1. I merged the threads on this same item..
  2. Grab your son and give him a big hug. It sounds like he did some good things to try and avoid the accident. It could have been much worse. No airbags would have injured them a lot more if that other truck hit him head on. Let him know that speeding across a grating system (like the on on the Ballard bridge) needs some extra care. Lower speed and no horseplay. Buy the kid a used Kia because they will likely get into accidents as they are learning. My kid won’t get access to the Z until he has experience. 😉 Good luck with the rebuild or whatever you decide to do next.
  3. Maybe just the windshield and part of the body?
  4. Mike

    May Club Meeting

    Hey All, Sorry for the late post on this meeting as some of you may have noticed many of us were busy getting ready for our annual Mary Hill Loops weekend. If you werent’ there with us you missed out. For thismonths Meeting we are heading North again to make up to the North Meetingthat fell short due to the snow. We have the “private” back room. There are happy hour specials. hoping to see some of you make it out on short notice.
  5. Mike

    Old School Reunion

    The club has secured a parking area for this Car Show. this is one of the largest vintage import shows in the world. The club will be BBQing up some lunch for members that join us for the show. this is for 1988 and older imports. if your car is newer you can park in the public lot andstill come hang out with the club. Tickets: https://tickets.thefoat.com/happenstanceevents/event-35373.
  6. Mike

    June Club Meeting

    June Meeting at Katie Downs. Still working out Details on this one but would love to have people bring their Z’s out for a Cruise throughthe park after and maybe a quick stop at Sonic for a dessert. Hoping to bring in a photographer to get everyone a high quality shot or two of their cars. Should be a fun night!
  7. Mike

    Belfair Cruise

    Place Holder for Club Drive. Details coming soon.
  8. until
    Place Holder for August Cruise. More Details Soon
  9. until
    Place Marker for the Car Show. Details will be added as they become official.
  10. until
    ZCCW is Proud to Present in partnership with The Shop “50 yearsof Z” Cars and Coffee. There will be plenty of parking for everyone we’d love to see examples of all generations of Z Cars. We will have reserved parking for some featured cars but this event is open to any and every one.More details to come soon.
  11. until
    Place Marker for July Meeting
  12. For our first Showa Snap of the Reiwa Era, let’s go back to Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture in August of 1977. The Amago bridge traces its origins back to the times of the samurai. It was part of the Hama … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  13. Neat story.. I like watching projects come together like this. Excellent job..
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