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  1. Naked mole rat cam... Hmm... seems like me right now stuck in the house and only allowed to go to certain places.
  2. Take a look at this one, appears to be for sale in Japan and bids currently around $230k USD / 25,000,000 JPY. Posting pictures for reference. https://www.classicdriver.com/en/car/nissan/fairlady-z432/1970/727296
  3. FYI, I removed the ad until this is resolved. I want them to suppress the thing on ALL pages, if the ad is closed...
  4. Thanks for letting me know. That ad is only supposed to show up once per hour, not on every page. I'll talk to my rep over at Infolinks to see what's going on. Mike
  5. I've installed these on my Z. It was quite a long time ago. I do remember that we had to remove the door panel and a wrench with a long extension and a knuckle to get through the tight area. It was a pain in the butt, and you'll need to find someone with small hands to help out. Before you tighten them completely (or install the door panel), make sure you sit in the drivers seat to make sure the mirror can be rotated to the correct position to look behind you.
  6. Hi all, I am in the middle of researching different ads to raise money for the site. At the moment, our typical ad placement on the site have dropped significantly enough to make me look at more options. I'll be running this experiment over the next few days. I will be looking at various different options, so you may things shifting around a bit as I work through a solution that will be the least annoying and relevant to our club. Mike
  7. The feature relies on locally stored cookies in order to function properly. If this is not allowed by your security settings, this is the result. I'm also looking to see if your recent activity browsing is a locally stored thing. Meaning, if you open the site on your mobile, and then switch to your desktop, the history may not be stored on both devices unless you have it configured to use the cloud. For instance, if you use an Android device and a desktop with Google Chrome, the history may be stored on both devices using the Google cloud. However, if you use an iPhone with Safari, and then switch to Google Chrome on your desktop, this information is not shared between the devices. I'm still looking into this....
  8. Just make it an even $20 and it should cover shipping and your time.
  9. Nice idea. Question comes to mind though... could something like this damage an engine if timing is pushed too far one way or another? Maybe the current plate was designed to prevent this kind of issue?
  10. And some actual trips on the steam train. I have to make a trip out to Colorado to give this a try...
  11. My son plays the trumpet, and I like to find big band videos for him to get motivated for HS and College. This is one of the best videos I've found. It's in Kyoto, Japan along some of the major shopping areas. I could imagine what it sounds like in real life, especially in the covered areas!