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  1. until
    The Z Car Club of Colorado (ZCCC) is hosting ZCON 2021 the week of August 16-21, 2021 in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. This international convention is the celebration of the Datsun/Nissan Z car. There will be car shows, drives, races at High Plains Raceway (HPR) and Pikes Peak International Raceway (PPIR) and more. Colorado Springs is 65 miles south of Denver in the foothills of the spectacular Colorado Rocky Mountains. Explore Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, the Royal Gorge and other fascinating places while celebrating all things Z. For information and registration visit www.zcon.org The Rocky Mountains Are Calling....................................... Patricia Troxell ZCCC ZCON 2021 Registration & Information: http://zcon.org/conventions/2021/registration/ Event Schedule: http://zcon.org/conventions/2021/schedule/
  2. Hey Mike, I hope all's well out West. Looks like a new gas tank for the Z. Got some rust in the pre-pump filter. Had a problem with my oil pressure gauge not matching the oil pressure sender, so got a new gauge. Z has been cooped up in the garage due to weather mostly. 

  3. Gents, I am to read a bunch of compliments about how this website is unique and helpful. I'm stepping in because we seemed to divert into a name calling spree with finger pointing at "who did it" ... Please respect each others' opinion and move on with the topic at hand. We are a classic Z forum and a community of like-minded individuals. With all the crazy $^!# going on in the world right now, the least we can do is respect each other and act humanely. That said, I agree this forum is very unique. It serves a small portion of the massive car communities around the world. When you talk about the Classic Z, this place fits an important part of history. Without guys like us, this car would be just another metal box on wheels forgotten in time. That, I am proud of. Thanks, Mike
  4. There are a few places.. You can put your VIN into your profile by clicking your name in the upper right. Click profile and then edit profile. Scroll to the bottom. You can also put information about your car, including pictures, into your personalized garage. This can be found in the menu tab at the top under "community"... Mike
  5. Wish I had a time travel device! Man, that's awesome...
  6. Here's a design I worked up for option one...
  7. Hi guys, I'm currently looking at options for another round of club T-shirts. It's been quite a long time (12 years?) since we've done a club shirt and now is an excellent time to start looking at it again. I'm working on a few designs and will post them here as I get them ready. With the advent of the website shirt design system, things are even easier to make something like this a reality. Last time we did shirts, it was pretty difficult to order big boxes of all the different sizes. This time around, I am hoping to avoid that chaos but we will see how many sites have good options for clubs like ours. I've been searching for a good T-shirt brand and have found a good one. Next challenge is to find a design that fits our style. I'll post the first one in the next reply. Mike
  8. If you're looking for electrical connections for your early series Z, this is a great resource.
  9. Merry Christmas!! Had a great day full of family, fun, gifts, great food, and even karaoke! 😉 Hope you all had a great one. Next weekend we get a chance to celebrate the beginning of a new of a new year!
  10. Mike

    VTO Wheel Photo Shoot

    Photo shoot after installing VTO wheels
  11. Hey @Diseazd, now you can have a whole side of a Z hanging on your garage wall !! 😉
  12. until
    So due to alot of interest I’m am officially going to host a post toy donation drive for those of you who would rather take a nice country drive instead of attending the Covid restricted event that Stancewars may or may not be having at Pacific Raceways. We will likely meet the OutletMall/ Nordstrom rack parking lot and cruise in together, drop off toy donations ($5 toy required) then gather up outside the raceway. Once we all rally together we will go for a drive. My thought is to take a cruise overto Gig Harbor, cut over to Purdy and then take the back roads Twisties out to Belfair shooting along the shore down around the Hood canal and up 101. Depending on time, interest and weather we may head up to Port Townsend or just cut across the Hood Canal bridge to head home…alot of this depends on interest and game day decisions. lets hope for good weather. I promise a very fun and lively drive! Happy Holidayz hope to see you enthusiasts soon!
  13. I've banned the member from our site. In the future, I highly recommend using a protected service such as Paypal for your transaction.
  14. I've been doing a lot with LED's lately. At home I have about 20 wall sconces that use a mini halogen bulb with a T11 socket (mini-candelabra). Over the past few years of buying crap bulbs off Amazon (the Junk Kingdom IMHO), I finally found a vendor that produces a decent LED. I had the same experience, some bulb manufacturers build with cheap components and they don't last more than a year. Although all of them claim up to 5-10 years, most of them fall way short. If you are looking for a common brand, Feit Electric seems to have some good ones. Of all places, I found the best mini-candelabra bulbs at Home Depot. An LED bulb is similar to a mini-computer. It uses a circuit board, voltage converter, resisters, and of course the light diode. If any of these components have gone through a 'cost cutting' exercise by the manufacturer (common in China), then you'll see a reduced lifespan. The LED strips are powered by an external power supply. If you buy a good quality unit, you may see improved performance. But, again, if any part of the LED computer has low-quality components the entire thing will break. You definitely get what you pay for. In the case of this article, I highly recommend purchasing a computer power supply with the gold standard. It will cost a bit more, but, it can handle the sustained output of the strips and has clean power. In the case of your situation with EGLO, they may have been a good bulb at one time. However, I see too many times where companies outsource their manufacturing without even thinking about quality. Either they've sold the business to Chinese owners or they simply moved their production overseas. This is a massive shame because it sounds like they lost quality, and your trust. China can produce good products... just look at that phone in your pocket or TV on your wall. Only a company concerned with their reputation can make that happen.
  15. Before you rip them out and replace with different carbs... you can do a small rebuild yourself. If that isn't in the cards, just send them over to Ztherapy for a rebuild.
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