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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that file downloads are temporarily broken right now. For some reason the last update screwed up the files and they will show "file not found" when you click on them. I'm working on the issue and should have it resolved soon. Mike
  2. @Cooper260z , yes welcome to the club. Congrats on obtaining the Z and I'm sure you'll enjoy her for a long time. As far as getting started, I suggest reading the welcome email but you can focus on a few of our hottest areas: Downloads - Here you'll find many different resources to help diagnose and work on your car: Links - This has many different websites you can visit. Bringing Back the Flat Tops - A great thread by Motorman about restoring these gems. You can also more messages in our forums and other guys can give you advice. Mike
  3. Nice work! Your sketch looks like it has the hump in the middle of the hood... I like it!
  4. Mike

    Fog Lamp Wiring Part 2

    Edited to update image links.
  5. I just updated all the old image links and the cross-reference links at the bottom. All should be updated now.
  6. Guess I should also link this here -- swapped my painted tail light panel for a stock color.
  7. Our mission is simply to discuss anything Z-car related, in a supportive environment. I apologize if any of our members have come across egocentric and it's my intent to stop this from happening. I want all members to feel welcome and confident their posts will not be trolled. As far as your images are concerned, you may want to send me a private message as there should be no reason for this to stop working.
  8. Did you try clicking the "X" in the upper right of the ad? That should remove it.
  9. Just a heads up, did you know about the two icons in the upper right of the ad? If you click the "X" Google will give you an option to never see the ad again. The arrow ">" to the left of it will show you a page telling you WHY the ad is showing up. By doing this, you can see why Google is pushing the ad to your computer. Google also gives you an option to enable or disable personalization. As an example, I just purchased two Kayak's from a website and I see their ads more often now. The ad system looks at both your browsing history as well as the cookies stored on your computer. This is on purpose so they can show you ads relevant to your browsing history. This is a VERY common thing for all browsers, not just Google Chrome. If you really want to be anonymous, most browsers have a private browsing mode. In Chrome, it's called "Incognito Mode"... However, I personally don't like this option because most of the ads are irrelevant and useless to me -- typically showing mortgage deals, historical photos, or some other garbage.
  10. I've checked the server and we also have protection against malware coming from our site. Anything you see with the Adobe Flash is likely something installed on your computer, not from our site. Ads also should not be using flash because I've disabled it. @Zed Head, thanks for the info about the header graphic, I'll see if I can make it smaller. As far as ads showing up in the quotes, this can be deleted in the editor. Infolinks has been doing this but they've been paying about $70-90/month which helps a lot. I just need to work on placement to make things more streamlined.
  11. Thanks guys, I am getting used to it. The stock color is definitely a lot darker and I can tell the left tail light has darkened due to the exhaust for so many years. I liked the definition of the lights against the yellow paint but the stock color looks more classic. And yes, my kitty was pretty interested in the whole project! She was with me the whole time...
  12. So, today I did a swap to a stock-color tail light panel on my 1971 240z. I was able to pick up a great restored panel from our classifieds and now I have one of each color. Since my panel was installed with plastic rivets (just for this occasion) it was a 20 minute swap. When I had my car painted yellow, quite a long time ago, I asked the guys to paint the tail light panel the same color as the body. I knew it never looked right, but, it was something I wanted at the time. Now that I'm a bit older, I wanted to see what a stock color would look like. Here's the difference. What do you think?
  13. I think I know why ZH always gets the more interesting ads....
  14. Nice, just found it... hope they do well!! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/datsun-hitachi-carburetors-remanufactured-by-ztherapy/
  15. Zed Head, stop being a bully....