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  1. Does anyone have any more specs on this car, other than the vague information shared on the Nissan website?
  2. Frankly, I think the new Z looks pretty good in the outdoors.
  3. Yes sir, great service!!
  4. Mike

    Server Move

    Hi @Racer X, I apologize for the issues. It looks like a backup process was consuming too much memory and causing the server to prioritize the backup over the website. I think I have it fixed now. Sometimes new operating systems require a bit of tweaking to get them to balance out. Mike
  5. This was removal process... highly recommend the angle adjustment option on the lift.
  6. If you guys are replacing those switches, it may be worth while to check the materials used for the switch. You will want something stainless or nickel-plated brass. You could also head down to your local marine store to see what they've got. I know mine has a ton of these switches in stock and ready for the elements. https://www.fisheriessupply.com/sitesearch.aspx?keyword=toggle switch&sitesearch=true
  7. Great reference thread! Thanks.
  8. Good to know, thanks for posting this info! I have been looking for one of these for my '71. They are hard to come by (in good shape anyway). I've been pondering the purchase of another one so I can restore it. This will give me the information that I need to make a purchase.
  9. Mike

    Server Move

    Ah, Zed Head... all that work and...
  10. Mike

    Server Move

    thanks guys, seems like everything is working great.. it was a lot of work but now I can breathe.. @=Enigma= Appreciate the re-subscription.. it looks like the data exchange with Paypal seems to be working and you were my first test since the move. Thank you, Mike
  11. Mike

    Server Move

    Please reply to this forum post if you are experiencing any issues (or just want to make comments). Thank you for your patience everyone. Update took approx 48 hours, and I did manage to get some sleep. Mike
  12. Mike

    Server Move

    Wow.... freaking FAST!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Mike

    Server Move

    Testing new post on our new server. Attaching a file as well.
  14. Center exhaust is very difficult to pull off... and Honda did not do that one right.. lol I will never buy a fully electric car, it needs to have an engine backup (hybrid) otherwise I'd be sitting somewhere begging for a ride. Ever run your phone out of battery because you forgot to charge it? Yeah... Of course you have the same issue with running out of gas, but, at least you can pull over somewhere and fill up in less than 10 minutes. An electric car you'd be sitting there for an hour or more...
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