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  1. For decades, it has been the preferred chariot of high-ranking government officials, captains of industry, and bosses in some of the shadier corners of Japanese society. The essence of the Century is tradition, and as evidence the latest redesign is only the … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  2. 2018 marks 40 years since the debut of the original Mazda RX-7. According to Mazda UK, Mazda has sold 2 million rotary-engined cars, with 850,000 of them being RX-7s. To honor the occasion, they’ve produced a video bringing together three … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  3. If you’ve been following the news, you may have heard about President Trump proposing a 25 percent tariff on imported cars and their parts. So far, much of the news has focused on new cars, but in reality, the proposed rules would … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  4. With a new Supra on the way and Toyota’s increased focus on more powerful and likely very expensive sports cars, let us not forget the humble Celica. For seven generations it was Aichi’s entry level sports car, and long before the zippy front-drivers and AWD … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  5. Mike

    Threaded holes behind doors

    Aha, I knew we likely had a thread on this already. Thanks Alan.
  6. Last week Japanese media confirmed that Mazda was giving the 2019 Miata a significant power bump from 155 to 181 horsepower, and raising the redline from 6,850 to 7,500 rpm. Now Mazda North America has confirmed that the more powerful version of the world’s most affordable … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  7. Mike

    Threaded holes behind doors

    I saw this come up on social media and thought it would be appropriate to document here. The question was asked "Okay; I try to search through posts and comments to find my answers; but I've tried to find this.... can anyone tell me what the four threaded holes are designed for on the inner quarter, right behind the door opening?" Answer from @HS30-H, "Nothing to do with harness bars or harness attachments. They are the side mount hard points for the factory 'Safety Bar'/roll-over bar kit." Photo of the holes: And a pic showing the mount in use as intended:
  8. Hey guys, let’s all take our Datsun 620 pickups to the beach and not worry about splashing salt water into every crevice. Happy Datsun 620 Day from JNC! Read more at JNC Magazine
  9. Toyota’s had a big week. They finally achieved their decades-long push to win Le Mans, overcoming a series of agonizing near-misses. It also announced the production of an insane 986-horsepower road car based on a 2021 Le Mans race car. While the given … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  10. Early flat-sided Mitsubishi Starions are far less common than their later, wide-body counterparts. Early, flat-sided Mitsubishi Starions badged as Dodges are even rarer. And finding an early, flat-sided Mitsubishi Starions badged as a Dodge Conquest with a factory black-on-gold two-tone and color-keyed wheels? Well, … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  11. Suzuki has finally released official images of the fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny, the first update to the mini-SUV in 20 years. They confirm much of what we’ve already seen from spy shots, that the trucklet sports charmingly retro design and real 0ff-roader … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  12. Depending on the circumstances, you may have found yourself behind the wheel of your current JNC via pure luck. Maybe it was a good deal, a family member gifted it to you, or better. Perhaps it was such a rare car … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  13. Mike


    Ha! Oh that was taken several years ago during a trip to the lake... One of my favorite past times... Sitting back and enjoying time away from computers and iPads...
  14. Toyota has finally won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Aichi automaker broke their long-running curse at one of the world’s most prestigious races this morning, when their two TS050 race cars crossed the finish line in 1-2 position. Though it must seem satisfying … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  15. Mike


    Happy Fathers Day guys!! Enjoy your kiddos!!

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