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  1. As long as we’re getting up close and personal…
  2. Hopefully @Mike will tolerate a little nudity outside the ‘Rusted Zed Pub’
  3. I don’t know who she is either. I posted it because I thought maybe one of our historians might know. She has a team jacket and PLN’s helmet so she isn’t just a random fan…
  4. You are correct. My mistake. It’s my throttle body that calculates to 70mm. My own injectors are 42#. *I bear no responsibility for mistaken judgement on days I get up at 3am to take one of our visiting kids to the airport… LOL!
  5. What Kind of A:F ratio are you getting under load with the 35# injectors. I don’t remember the equation off the top of my head but it seems you would need twice that?
  6. Search “Panchos Garage” on YouTube. You will find a video on rebuilding the rack. I was not under the impression he spent that kind of money.
  7. Duffy, are you using the Haltech Can Bus? I have a local dealer. Though I doubt he stocks anything. Are you going to have to order this from OZ?
  8. So given that my motor is a Rebello 3.0 with 300HP potential, what brand of clutch? A quick search shows stock, Centerforce I and II, Dual force, ACT. What experiences have you guys had with these and what options am I not seeing?
  9. All three sold but I’m going to keep one in stock all the time so if you want one, just PM me…
  10. I’m all for DIY but the Classic Tubes kit is quick and accurate. @Yarb says to avoid the stainless steel set as he had a lot of trouble with bleeding and leaks? I don’t think it’s a bad idea to avoid putting bling in places you can’t see. Just putting this out there for those who don’t want to buy tools and put effort in to building lines.
  11. That’s a lot of clamping surface! What clutch and pressure plate should I use?
  12. I admired your willingness to complicate things X 6 when you went with the Jenvey ITB’s. I was confused when you went with the SK’s, though I love the nostalgia factor. Was worried you would reach a tuning dead end but I’ll admit, I’m amazed at how well that thing runs. get out and drive an let Haltech do the tuning from here!
  13. Thanks to @Yarb for the referral. Show we’d up yesterday but I didn’t check the Mail until today.
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