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  1. Thanks PCon! I don’t need a darn thing but I spread the news...
  2. Not a race car, but I’m loving this picture so much!
  3. Road America 1971 - Peaking out from the second row at the start of an SCCA Race.
  4. Jim, this is slightly off topic, but as it is my topic, I’m going to take a little license here. I have always loved your car. But now having actually read the small print in your signature lines, I am totally smitten. I’ve owned mine since 1980, but I’m the second owner. I am grateful to the original owner who bought just about everything in the Datsun Competition Catalog and then sold it to me to “save his marriage” (it didn’t work). Your car and you are on my short list of best Z cars I’ve seen! I’m also a IZCC member from back-in-the-day, but I’m not on the OO list and I’m about member 2500? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  5. Master cylinder? I think Mr. Maras is correct.
  6. Many thanks to the artist formerly known as Blue!
  7. So I’ve had my Z since 1980 and in that time, it’s had 4 colors, original white, Porsche Guards Red, Chevrolet Hugger Yellow and now back to white. I recall 4 engines. The original, two that I built (stockish with compression bump and balancing) and now the Rebello motor. The motor is still out because I decided to repaint the engine compartment and it exceedingly tedious. I’m down to the firewall now though, so we are getting close. My question is, can I stab the engine in with the headers and intake installed? I’ve always done them after it was in. Pictures for interest...
  8. Glad to see offers like this, but does this size even fit? Asking for a friend!
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