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  1. @jfa.series1 Got the heat shield today. All painted up nice too! Thx!
  2. @duffymahoney, I'm thinking of using the AEM smart coils that were tested as the hottest in the test you cite on your thread. Where did you get your coil mount?
  3. The Captain is correct. I think it will be much easier to fabricate a mount for the rail that makes the rail the proper distance...
  4. One would think that the fuel rail would do the trick, but... The Bosch Green Giant injector goes in to the hole but the bore is too small for it to get any further than the entry. Essentially, using just the fuel rail would allow a big vacuum leak without doing this.
  5. I'm at the point where I need to figure out how I will secure the injectors to the manifold. Since they aren't the original injectors, I can't use the original mounting method, what to do? I had a conversation with my architect son this morning about it, and he asked how it originally mounted. I found an image on the internet and he said, I can 3D model a 2 piece collar that uses the original mount to hold the injector in place. But first thing first, The injectors do not fit in the stock manifold hole. So, I went to my buddy Rex who is a machine shop manager and a Datsun guy, he will remachine the injector ports to accept the Green Giant injector. The injector has two grooves for o-rings where the injector body enters the intake. I will double them up to make sure there are no leaks.
  6. Oh, I'm not being critical. I decided not to but only because I reexamined my goals for the car. I've owned this car since 1980. I autocrossed the living $^!# out of it at first and actually made a name for myself with it. When I decided to have an engine built, it occurred to me that Rebello was between work and home. I worked at Stanford University Medical Center and lived by Lake Tahoe. The car has had its original motor and then an L28 that I built, and then the original L24 that I rebuilt. All good motors but I thought if I was going to have someone else build a motor, it should be one of the names. I could have let Dave go wild and I originally wanted to but then I thought I want this to be a stockish motor with some extra power that maintains some street manners so my wife wouldn't mind getting in it and going to an event or two. So I started paring down what I would do to get it to, let's say 7/10ths. I'm all for what you're doing. Its got to be right for you...
  7. Dave told me when I asked about coating, “it’s a 10/10ths thing. You don’t need it for a street engine but you could if you wanted to.”
  8. I see Duffy’s point though. His car is a Series 1 that hid in his neighbors garage for 3 decades. He’s trying to maybe mimic stock?
  9. I just assumed you were going to use one of those carbon fiber airboxes with a MAF like mine that will give you IAT and such. But TPS works...
  10. Another thought @duffymahoney. What about using MAF instead of MAP? Or TPS?
  11. Crap. Pretty sure these are a scam. I got Bosch "Green Giant" injectors in the mail yesterday and when I was purchasing them, I asked if they were Genuine Bosch. "yes, of course," was the answer. The boxes say Bosch but no part number is indicated on the box. The are definitely new, but I'm just suspicious about no part number on the box... The problem is, the counterfeit injectors can do anything from have no flow at all, to having a wonky spray pattern, to having flow be way off...
  12. Not technically a race car I suppose but she’s pretty...
  13. What is the thread size and pitch for the intake bolts on the head? Head is an E31. I want to clean threads...
  14. View Advert Heat shield for 75 Non-EGR intake manifold As the title says, I am looking for a heat shield stock or if you've fabbed one that you are selling. Advertiser conedodger Date 09/10/2020 Price $1.00 Category Parts Wanted Year 1975 Model L30  
  15. Time Left: 2 months and 20 days

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    As the title says, I am looking for a heat shield stock or if you've fabbed one that you are selling.


  16. My good friend TJ Lord and his father Gary were gunned down in their Virginia City gun store yesterday.TJ was a sniper and my sniper instructor when I decided to take that training just because as an officer, I could. He made me feel welcome when I think the other students thought I was just an elitist shouldering my way in to the training.Lately, I would see him at the range as I still go almost daily.We both made it back from Iraq with me spending time in hospitals for over a year. It's just so hard to have a brother killed violently when we both thought we were safe now... Well, as safe as you can ever feel after combat. We'd laugh about both trying to get the chair facing the door in restaurants. We'd tell each other when a nightmare woke us up. We'd laugh at ourselves for only knowing how to say "get on the ground" in Arabic. He taught my daughter how to shoot and how to clean her weapon. I never told him but she had a crush on him and told me but not him... People say 'thank you for your service," but truthfully, we did it for the man or woman standing next to us. TJ stood next to me. RIP brother...
  17. Duffy, I had a similar problem getting a vacuum signal I could use on a Porsche I own. All those throttle plates opening at once creates a heck of an atmospheric drop. I ended up using a mig tip to mitigate the vacuum drop. It wasn't heavenly, but it made it more tuneable. For reference, this is what a MIG welding tip looks like. It's simply an obstruction with a small hole in to modulate changes in vacuum, and anything could be used (aluminum rod with a drilled hole, a carb jet, a drilled plastic BB, etc). In a way, it introduces a 'lag' or slowdown of changes in vacuum, so you get a sort of averaging effect. Much better than having the MAP sensor report every peak and valley in the signal, and having the FI trying to keep up with that.
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