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  1. My wife likes to argue about politics. I think it’s a waste of time. Given my background, I could argue with people about COVID and drown them in proven facts. But I don’t. The reason is I doubt one single mind would be changed.
  2. And no for something a bit off the racing path, but fun none the less…
  3. I have never had Rebello not answer the phone. I suppose the Z Car Garage is another engine builder in NorCal and they have never failed to answer either.
  4. Just speaking to #1, I could comment on more but won’t. lots of healthcare professionals, me included will not take the time to correct the ignorant. It’s a waste of our time and usually, no minds are changed. Brookfield defines learning as “a permanent change in behavior. That isn’t going to happen with someone who believes ivermectin is going to save them.
  5. Once it ends as a pandemic, it will likely be endemic. We will have annual booster shots or not. Ivermectin is the new choice of the stupid…
  6. Classic Tube will make you new ones in stainless steel if you want. They do brake lines too.
  7. Ummm… Duffy? It doesn’t seem like you need tons of tuning!
  8. Probably some modern day vintage event or track day. Good looking car.
  9. Oh Great! Here comes the Lambda variant...
  10. The graph above showing a spike but not a drastic spike for the US is a function of the number of people vaccinated. The US spike is mostly driven by the SE states with Florida passionately leading that charge. 20% of new CV19 cases are from Florida. Now as for vaccinators coming to your door, that is unlikely to happen. It is and will happen in other free countries. The Philippines will require vaccination. At present they are rolling it out badly vaccinating only 100K a day or so. With 107M people, you will take until 2035 to vaccinate everyone. Their president has already said he will
  11. Yes, I hear King County has only had 1 case in July. I also heard your vaccination rate is 70% plus for all vaccine eligible age groups. Congratulations.
  12. Heard at work: “you can’t fix stu… wait what? COVID 19. Fixing stupid since 2020.”
  13. Well… meanwhile, in the real world, I intubated two people in their 50’s earlier this week and they remain on the ventilator with Delta variant COVID 19. They were vaccinated. I warned this would happen but people want to fook around and argue about if it’s real, if you really need to get vaccinated. Well, it’s evolved so…
  14. I mostly stay out of the discussion of this because I went back to work to help fight the battle against this. The vaccines look to be good protection against the Delta variant. I'll add this caveat; virus' evolve. They look for a vulnerable host. If you're vaccinated, you're probably not a vulnerable host. For now, with the Delta variant, we who are vaccinated are protected. But, if the vaccine resistance continues, the virus gets to evolve and eventually, probably overcome the vaccination protection. This is simple. Don't be a vulnerable host. Get vaccinated!
  15. So..., Anybody got one? 8.5"?
  16. To continue on Jeff's thought, I've heard that the narrower track width in the front makes it easier to steer? What are your thoughts on that Jeff?
  17. Power Brake Rebuilders told me to just grab it with a good needle nose and twist.
  18. Size I think Charles. 240Z was like 7” 280Z was bigger, ZX was biggest?
  19. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I'm looking for a 280Z Mastervac. My friend saw my rebuilt mastervac and now he wants one. He's not on here.


  20. View Advert 280Z Mastervac I'm looking for a 280Z Mastervac. My friend saw my rebuilt mastervac and now he wants one. He's not on here. Advertiser conedodger Date 07/02/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1975 Model 280Z  
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