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  1. jayhawk

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Love the Flat Bread Carbs! With regard to Flat Top Carbs, I recently found this write up about SU HIF (IF= Integrated Float) type carbs (which is what our Flat tops are) and how they differ from the SU -HS types (round tops). This is from a specialist in british SU carbs, specifically those on Austin A-series engines in classic Minis and similar cars. This article is titled "SU Carbs - HIF, a more finely honed instrument" and shows the purpose and advantages of the HIF design. It is informative to note that there are a number of significant advantages to the British HIF design and only one disadvantage. Anyway, I thought the folks following this thread might be interested. https://www.calverst.com/technical-info/su-carbs-hif-a-more-finely-honed-instrument/
  2. jayhawk

    Z Cars On TV And In Movies

    This is resurrecting a semi-old thread, but I was watching The Rookie TV show tonight and was glad to see that S30s (in this case a 280Z) are still alive in new TV shows! And I'm glad to see that the captain of a Firefly class starship can appreciate riding in an S30! 🙂
  3. Here is the tool list for my 1973 240Z. Production date on the car is 10/72 - only one month after Kat's friend Mr. Shimoura's Fairlady 240 ZG (9/ 1972) . The "date stamp" is 45, 10, -3 , which, if I understand the system correctly means 1972, October 3rd - which matches the build date of my car very closely. My jack and tools are with the parts at Motorman7s place. I'll get details of those next time i'm visiting my car.
  4. jayhawk

    So we're doing a 73 restoration project

    I suspect that the FSM was written before they started using the -2 carbs. I also suspect the earliest production '73s (like mine: 10/72) had the -1s, and they started using -2s a few months later. I'll have to look at the flat tops I saved from my car to see what they are. (they are right now with Motorman7, who likely will be getting around to starting the carb repair/rebuild soon.)
  5. jayhawk

    So we're doing a 73 restoration project

    Michael, per your comment eariler in this thread: If I read my copy of the 1973 1974 Fuel Modification document correctly, I think that the -2 carb you have IS for the 1973 Z. That document is available here on classiczcars. If I'm reading it correctly, 1973 carbs came as either a -1 without the Float Hinge plug, or a -2, that does have the Float Hinge plug. Since my '73 was early production (10/72), I think I had the -1 carbs, but your -2 seems to match the description for a '73. I am not at all sure how the 1973 -2 carbs differ from the -4 used on the 260Z. (and where did they use -3 carbs?...) Here is a link to the copy at classiczcars:
  6. jayhawk


  7. jayhawk

    A "Fun Run" blast from the past. 1974

    Mike B, are those license plate frames yours? (I saw they just sold two days ago on ebay) Are you willing to sell, or loan them? They would go well with the Monroney window sticker for my car.
  8. jayhawk

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    That’ll buff right out!
  9. jayhawk

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    Since you asked for old photos, here are some pix I just posted in the 1974 Fun Run thread. The last photo shows about 20 S30s. I wonder if we will ever see that many unmodified Zs together again...
  10. While Motorman7 is restoring my '73 240Z, (thread titled: We're bringing back the flat tops!) I've started digitizing the slides I took of the car I've kept since I bought it new in 1973. I came across the pictures I took of a "fun run" in 1974 sponsored by Jack Gubrud, the owner of Gubrud's Valley Datsun in Mt. Vernon, Washingon. That was where I bought my car in April, 1973 after returning from a 10+ month deployment to Vietnam aboard the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. This was on Sunday, August 4th, 1974 from Mt. Vernon WA (north of Seattle) over the North Cascade Highway through the Cascade mountains to the town of Winthrop, WA. I believe almost all of the Zs in these photos were purchased at Gubrud's Valley Datsun. Lots of S30s! As I recall, Jack Gubrud paid for a BBQ picnic lunch for everyone. And we had a presentation by a Datsun engineer about the new Hitachi carbs. Wish I had paid more attention!
  11. jayhawk

    So we're doing a 73 restoration project

    Good point. I looked on Amazon and some do come with a mirror, or you can purchase a mirror for these endoscopes separately. https://www.amazon.com/Magnet-Mirror-Borescope-Wireless-Endoscope/dp/B074M8QGBF?keywords=endoscope+mirror&qid=1540604733&sr=8-4&ref=sr_1_4. I'll get one and see how well it works in a couple of weeks when I visit my car at Motorman7's. I'll report back here.
  12. jayhawk

    So we're doing a 73 restoration project

    I wonder if one of the cheap endoscopes on Amazon (some less than $20) that attach to a smartphone would work for checking the float bowl levels:
  13. jayhawk

    So we're doing a 73 restoration project

    Michaelwk, I don't know if you have seen this youtube video about repair and tune up of 240Z flat top carbs, but if not, maybe this will be useful. (don't know personally, as we have not yet started work on the flat tops for my '73):
  14. jayhawk

    1969 240Z S/N 340 for sale on ebay?

    Hmm, auction ended just a couple of minutes after my original post....
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/352480358337 In Whittier, CA Claims "Never been entered in any z clubs, Or z registry, Original owner since New" auction ends Saturday at 4 PM Legit?

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