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  1. At least it is still a car dealer. I tried to find on Google Maps my original dealership location and cannot even find it (probably due to highway routing or name change or something similar.) My dealer was Gubrud's Valley Datsun in Mt. Vernon, Washington, According to my logbook, I went through Chilliwak in 1974 in my 240Z and stopped for gas in adjacent Sardis. If I'd know about the models at the Chilliwak Datsun dealer, I certainly would have stopped by! (I'd just been discharged from the US Navy at the Oak Harbor WA Naval Air Station and was driving back to the Midw
  2. Hi Dadsun, welcome to the '73 club! The best year of all 240Zs! 😁 But the "worst of the flat top carb iterations.." was still a great carb, despite Z therapy and numerous mechanics who couldn't be bothered to learn about the SU HIF "Flat Top" carb design licensed by Hitachi that powered many sport cars for more than two decades. My 10/72 1973 240Z (S/N 125678) ran great in inland Los Angeles county heat for 117,000 miles before I fell for a mechanics spiel about how wonderful and superior the round tops were and I replaced them with round tops to "improve" my car. They did not.
  3. All three of his cars had the Hitachi SU-HIF "Flattops". And notice all the trophy's! That was one of the reasons I went to see him as I was contemplating the restoration of my '73. (which I finally accomplished by finding Motorman7 in 2018. See the thread "We're bringin; back the Flat Tops! https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/60309-were-bringin-back-the-flat-tops/ ) Now thanks to Motorman7, my '73 looks as good or better than his.
  4. Mark, in 2005 (according to the metadata for the photo) while driving from California to Seattle, I stopped in Portland briefly to see a fellow who had 3 beautiful Zs ('73s like mine). His Zs had been the subject of an article in a Z magazine (Sport Z maybe?). Do you happen to know of him and the status of his collection? Thanks. you can PM me if you wish.
  5. I think the one in the photo is a Nikon. I was an Asahi Pentax bigot. Still have that too!
  6. Carl, I too got my 240Z while in the service and still have it. I had been lusting after one as soon as I read the 1970 Road and Track article, but finishing my degree, my draft notice from President Nixon (Greetings!...), and Navy service (and pay) got in the way until I returned in December 1972 from 11 months on Yankee Station (off N. Vietnam) with enough cash to buy one. It still took 4 months on the dealers wait list until April '73 before I could buy it. After the 240Z came out, no one, at least in my squadron, bought any other sports car. Here is a photo I took in December 1972 a
  7. Those Porsche people always had too much money. Especially for a car shaped like a dung beetle...😄
  8. Jim, thank you for your excellent advice and experience. I have been experimenting with a more personal storyboard that is heavy on pictures and light on text. It probably needs a little more simplification. What I really needs is a Gold Medallion award (for stock) from ZCON like your Gold Cup! (and maybe a couple of 1st place awards for anything.) I do have a 2nd place trophy from 2019 ZCON Branson is nice, but 2nd place on a storyboard just does not cut it...) I will exhibit the cool trophy, but hope nobody looks too close to the wording. 😄
  9. Hi all. After seeing these views of my ‘73 240Z during Motorman7’s restoration of my ‘73 240Z, I decided to take a couple of years to show the car at Z events and some concours events before returning it to Daily Driver status and getting it dirty. 😄 We (Motorman7 and I) took it to 2019 ZCON Branson (2nd place to Zup in the stock category) and 2019 JCCS in Long Beach. After I brought it back home to N. California, I drove it to a Concours event outside Sacramento, where I was the only Japanese car there. There was a lot of interest in my Z from a lot of folks, but also a lot of ignorance
  10. Keeping it stock for assembly documentation is a good idea. But not being Pure means you don't have to go find rare/expensive parts also. (Ask me how I know...:-) Like some of the "unique to the '73" throttle linkages and carb water circulation parts. Posting questions here will probably be your best bet. You might want to consider attending next year's ZCON in Colorado Springs, where I'm sure there will be some pure stock or near stock '73s to check . (I do not know about the 2020 ZCON, but at the 2019 ZCON in Branson , '73 240Zs took first and second place in the Stock category
  11. I second Patcon's advice. Motorman7 restored my '73 to pure stock condition and we took it to ZCON Branson last year. Motorman's thread has lots of photos : As you assemble, post here with questions, and the knowledgeable folk here are sure to help. Then take it to a ZCON and really find out what you did right and wrong! 🙂t
  12. Just found this thread after our conversation the other evening. Motorman, is the exhaust manifold similar to that out of my blue Z? Since this is even earlier than mine (a 10/72 car) does it also have the '72 style manifold vs the later manifold design?
  13. Some old and new photos of my '73 240Z. (I am the original owner) My 240Z in 1973 1982, Daily Driver loved by our daughter . 2019: after restoration - loved by the next generation
  14. Zup, we (Motorman7 with my '73) also got dinged a point for the bead blasted valve cover. However, in looking at your judging sheets, my calculator says you achieved 290 points, which is the level ("290 or above") for the Gold Medallion status. From the current ZCCA Judging Manual " All vehicles scoring a total overall score of two hundred and ninety (290) points or above in their respective class (except Daily Driver) are eligible to receive the Gold Medallion or Gold Cup achievement award of excellence for their efforts." I know they did not announce that for you at ZCON
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