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  1. Keeping it stock for assembly documentation is a good idea. But not being Pure means you don't have to go find rare/expensive parts also. (Ask me how I know...:-) Like some of the "unique to the '73" throttle linkages and carb water circulation parts. Posting questions here will probably be your best bet. You might want to consider attending next year's ZCON in Colorado Springs, where I'm sure there will be some pure stock or near stock '73s to check . (I do not know about the 2020 ZCON, but at the 2019 ZCON in Branson , '73 240Zs took first and second place in the Stock category. ) Have fun and keep posting about your project on this thread! (I bought my '73 in Mt Vernon, WA while I was in the Navy. Photos are of a Fun Run sponsored by that Datsun dealer in 1974 over the North Cascades Highway. Lots of great twisty roads in WA...)
  2. I second Patcon's advice. Motorman7 restored my '73 to pure stock condition and we took it to ZCON Branson last year. Motorman's thread has lots of photos : As you assemble, post here with questions, and the knowledgeable folk here are sure to help. Then take it to a ZCON and really find out what you did right and wrong! 🙂t
  3. Just found this thread after our conversation the other evening. Motorman, is the exhaust manifold similar to that out of my blue Z? Since this is even earlier than mine (a 10/72 car) does it also have the '72 style manifold vs the later manifold design?
  4. Some old and new photos of my '73 240Z. (I am the original owner) My 240Z in 1973 1982, Daily Driver loved by our daughter . 2019: after restoration - loved by the next generation
  5. Zup, we (Motorman7 with my '73) also got dinged a point for the bead blasted valve cover. However, in looking at your judging sheets, my calculator says you achieved 290 points, which is the level ("290 or above") for the Gold Medallion status. From the current ZCCA Judging Manual " All vehicles scoring a total overall score of two hundred and ninety (290) points or above in their respective class (except Daily Driver) are eligible to receive the Gold Medallion or Gold Cup achievement award of excellence for their efforts." I know they did not announce that for you at ZCON, but have you received that since? I hope so, you deserve it!
  6. I recently researched the issue in California of removing the smog equipment. California exempts pre-1976 cars from smog testing (so a 1975 280Z is exempt) and has no rules or regulations forbidding removal of smog equipment from those cars. HOWEVER, the federal Clean Air Act of 1972? does forbid removal or modification of smog equipment on all cars of any year. The EPA is not trying to enforce that against individuals, but they are pursuing action against manufactures of parts that result in the removal or modification of smog equipment. So as an individual you are probably safe, if your state exempts your vehicle from smog testing.
  7. The entry fee was only $80, which included car, owner, and co-pilot, and breakfast and lunch (with wine/beer) in the Entrant's Pavilion. But tickets for spectators were $55 at the door, or $45 if purchased at any of the Neillo (sponsoring dealership group) dealers around Sacramento. Those spectator prices scared away all of my relatives who might have come by. There were no charities involved, so I'm surprised at the high spectator prices. I was somewhat disappointed that there were no Triumphs or MGs at this show. Maybe another event for them that weekend. I did see a couple of classic MGs coming down Highway 50 from Lake Tahoe the next day, so maybe there was something there, or in Reno. In any event, it was a lot of fun talking with Z fans at a show where Bentley and Porsche were the featured Marques.
  8. OK, tried my hand at my first Concours (not counting ZCON). Entered the Neillo Concours at the Serano country club in El Dorado Hills, CA this last Sunday. Drove my '73 240Z (restored my Motorman7) up from my home in the East Bay suburbs of San Francisco, about 100 miles one way, mostly on Interstate 80. I was in the Foreign Sports Cars, 1963 to 1979, Under $5,000 class. There were only 2 cars in the category, mine and a Volvo 1800. No MGs or Triumphs, which surprised me. All the Concours in N. California are judges by the SCCA San Francisco Region, which does not provide judging sheets ever. So other than what feedback you can get from the judges when they are at your car, you never get any information of how or why they scored your car. I do know that they subtracted points for one of my headlights (original Koitos) that did not have a working low beam, probably took off points for a pinhole leak they noticed on the radiator, and a loose Datsun emblem on the hood. So I came in 2nd to a '66 Volvo 1800 from a fellow who had survived the Paradise CA fire last year, and had photos showing the Volvo on a trailer being towed through clouds of orange smoke. (His very nice wife told us of the 5 hour traffic jam trying to get out of Paradise with the fire on their heels!) He also had photos of his burned out house and his 5 other destroyed classic cars there. Sort of hard to beat that for tie breaker points... I'm guessing the judges did not know anymore about Volvos than Datsuns, and can only judge on paint quality, cleanliness, obvious problems, the light and safety checks. Originality is likely hard to know for judges not familiar with a brand or model. So I got 2nd place. Out of 200 cars (heavy with Bentleys, Porches, antique Rolls Royces etc) mine was the only Japanese car there. When getting my 2nd place trophy at the reviewing stand (on foot, only first place winners got to drive past) they said something about hoping for more Japanese "Domestic" cars at their events. There were some cheers from the audience in the reviewing stands when they announced a Datsun getting a trophy. So there is that. (no cheers for the Volvo...:-) Made me wish they had a Peoples Choice award! This was the last Concours of the year in N. California, so I think I'll keep trying for a while. And I'm thinking of volunteering to be a SCCA judge and see if we can get more involvement with the Japanese car community. "If you can't beat em, join 'em"
  9. Just saw this thread, thanks to Motorman7's recent post. My car was just restored by Motorman7 and we took it to ZCON in Branson (which has a Stock judging category) and also to JCCS last Saturday. It was no surprise that my '73, which barely missed 1st place at ZCON in the Stock category, did not get a sniff at JCCS. And the car Motorman7 restored just before mine, did not get anything at the new northern California Golden Week Kyusha Festival held May 4th in Richmond, CA. That car has also been to a couple of Concours events this summer, and found that the judges (from the SCCA SF Bay area region) do not have any experience with classic Japanese cars. I had Motorman7 restore my Z to stock, not because I was looking for trophies, but for a (Highly Successful!) attempt to recapture my youth. But, thanks to Motorman, I do want to show the world what a wonderful car the original Z was. and so I am taking it to both Japanese classic car shows and local Concours events. And having too much fun doing that. (just ask my wife...) The last Concours of the season in N. California is in Sacramento (Neillo Concours Serano at El Dorado Hills), and the only traditional Concours I can get to this year. I plan on having fun there too, and may bringing a little more visibility for classic Japanese car to that stuffy old crowd. I will report. 1973, two weeks after I bought it. Near Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Washington Daily Driver 1973 to 1988. 1983, Irvine, CA: Loved by the whole family... 1990ish to 2007: Being Preserved for Restoration (yeah, that's what I'm calling t!) N. California 2007 to 2018: a better "preservation" location At ZCON, 2019: Motorman7's work being judged. 287 points! 2019 at JCCS, no awards, but LOTS of interest. Back home! Still loved by the whole family
  10. Now the Z is back home in N. California. I'll be driving it to local shows for the next year or two. I'll be at the Neillo Concours Serano at the El Dorado Hills country club in Sacramento on Sunday, Oct 6th. It seems to me that these concours events value originality and authenticity more than the japanese car events. But most concours events seem to be more focused on old European and American iron. I'm just going to see if I can get my Datsun up close to some antique Rolls. Bet I get bigger crowds! Finally home. Need to get a anti door ding barrier built, and some netting for the shelves to protect against the next quake...
  11. MBZ, thanks for stopping by and the kind words. Motorman7 and Miguel have done magic with my Z and when I get in it, I feel like I'm 24 years old again. (my age when I bought that Z in '73. Hope that doesn't make me "museum quality") ?
  12. My Vintage Dash discussed earlier in this thread is now installed in my '73. Here is how it looks now. (Installed by Motorman7)
  13. My '73 when new in '73 (from a Kodachrome slide that was digitized a couple of years ago) plus s From a 1971 or '72 brochure. Looks like a photo of the '70 steering wheel. (just scanned in today) 3 From a 11-72 brochure for the '73 240Z (scanned today)
  14. Today on the Facebook S30 group page is a post from an Australian titled "Flat Tops FTW ?". The post was just a video of a walk around of a smoothly running right hand drive 240/260Z with the Flat tops shown at the end of the video. Looks like they are getting some international love. https://www.facebook.com/groups/480008718866422/permalink/1132514976949123/
  15. Props tonMiguel and the Datsun community! do they have a stock class?...
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