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  1. I tried to get Motorman7 to install a carbon fiber cup holder for just that purpose, but he just laughed... 🙂
  2. Motorman7 is more than a Datsun expert, he is the Fountain of Youth, who made me 24 years old again! (with key work by Datsun paint expert Miguel). I am incredibly grateful to him for enabling me to recreate that wonderful feeling getting a brand new 240Z - the car I knew even in 1973 that I would keep forever. This is not a car to be sold, but to be enjoyed and driven. Although we will try to show it off for a while, so everyone can see how a heavily used Z can be made new again by a knowledgeable and dedicated lover of Datsuns. Thanks Motorman7! Now for a road trip!
  3. Yeaaaaa! the radio works!!!! (Oh, yeah, and that other stuff too...:-)
  4. My car (the subject of this thread) was mfg'd 10/72, although the V3, kit which I recall included the fuel line insulation and the electric fuel pump, was not installed until July '74. (after returning from an 8 month Navy deployment). If the "lip" was part of the V3 kit, I never realized that. But I do not know when else that would have been installed. I just found the work order where the V3 kit was installed, although it has no details about what was in the V3 kit:
  5. Oops. *I* just went searching in junkyards for Kioto headlights. Unsuccessfully. It was for a friend, though... 🙂
  6. A photo of the Z from 1973 showing the steering wheel: I did not really like the "feel" of the bare steering wheel, so in 1974 or 1975 I installed a black wheel cover for a better grip. Always had a wheel cover on from then until Motorman7 took it off last year. (I believe I replaced it once during the time I had it.) So for 44 years, it had that black cover on the steering wheel. (and 170,000+ miles). That and heat during its outdoor storage period might explain why it was "dark" for Motorman7. photo from arrival at Motorman7 (the interior is looking better now...:-):
  7. My '73 also had the pointy tip. (I've also seen it called the "acorn" or "bullet" tip). I had a slide of my '73 from a couple of weeks after I bought it (new, in April of '73), and I recently cropped and zoomed to see what the shape was. Its a little hard to see, but it looks like the acorn/pointy tip to me: blown up from this photo taken late April, 1973:
  8. Just read the rules, and it states in Section II A (Stock Class): "Any dealer preparation shall be limited to removal of protective shipping coatings / coverings and installation of components shipped with the car in protective coverings." So probably does not need to be in cardboard boxes in the rear. But that would be great if someone actually had those original boxes and displayed the car that way.
  9. No 240Zs in the US came from the factory with stereo radios, only mono, so that was why they only had a single speaker. (but 72 and ‘73s did get AM AND FM mono radios - whoopee!). As best as I can determine, 1978 280Zs were the first to get a stereo radio from the factory (In the US anyway) However, according to a UK poster in this thread, some other countries had a factory option for stereo radios in their 240Zs, which would explain the unused speaker mount and perforations in our US spec 240Zs .
  10. If it helps, here are photos of the steering wheel and interior from a 1971/1972 brochure: The cover of the brochure, for reference:
  11. News to me that I'm "pretty tall" Maybe 5'10" on really good days. Are you sure you are not confusing width for height? But risers "out" on the driver's seat works for me - unless I shrink... That interior is looking so bright! I originally wanted a blue Z with a black interior, sure glad now I got the white. Probably cooler also, since we are going original with no air conditioning. Will have to make future summer driving with a cooler full of ice in the back. A bag of ice on the arm rest really helps too. (Ask me how I know...:-) Looking so good! Thanks!
  12. Pardon the ignorance of a Flat Top owner (actually they are also SU carbs. SU HIF designs) but did the round top carbs have any heat shields?
  13. Answering for Motorman7: Carl, it is an NOS core that I purchased either in 1988 (when the heater started leaking) or about 2007 when I was acquiring some parts for the restoration (that I was contemplating doing myself, but never got to it.) Sorry, not a recent acquisition from a secret supply... 🙂 --Bob (aka Jayhawk)
  14. This would be fun too: Or if I had a three car garage:
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