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  1. My Vintage Dash discussed earlier in this thread is now installed in my '73. Here is how it looks now. (Installed by Motorman7)
  2. My '73 when new in '73 (from a Kodachrome slide that was digitized a couple of years ago) plus s From a 1971 or '72 brochure. Looks like a photo of the '70 steering wheel. (just scanned in today) 3 From a 11-72 brochure for the '73 240Z (scanned today)
  3. Today on the Facebook S30 group page is a post from an Australian titled "Flat Tops FTW 😂". The post was just a video of a walk around of a smoothly running right hand drive 240/260Z with the Flat tops shown at the end of the video. Looks like they are getting some international love. https://www.facebook.com/groups/480008718866422/permalink/1132514976949123/
  4. Props tonMiguel and the Datsun community! do they have a stock class?...
  5. You reminded me that it was 11 months on THIS vintage flat top IN 1972 that allowed me to save enough to buy the Z in 1973: USS Kitty Hawk, CVA63, Cubi Point Naval Air Station, Philipines, 1972
  6. Bridgestone Turanzas are available at the Tire Rack, but not in any 14" sizes and not in any 195/70 sizes either. Tire Rack does carry a 175HR14 88H tire, the Vredestein Sprint Classic, but in my quest for authenticity, I wanted a Japanese tire for a Japanese car. Coker tire also has the Vredesteins, plus Michelien XAS tires, for 14' rims, but again, still German tires on a Japanese car... Tire Rack does have lots of choices in 195/70 14 sizes and larger.
  7. The original tires size on all 240Zs is 175 SR 14. I still have my original spare Bridgestone RD150 in my '73 in that size . I believe that was the most common tire fitted although I've seen some reports that Toyo tires were fitted on some. That tire size translates to a 175/80 14 tire size today. When I went looking for Bridgestones in that size for the restoration to stock condition of my car, (see the thread "We're Bringin' Back the Flattops" on classiczcars.com) I discovered that Bridgestone no longer sells that size in the US. I think there may be some manufactures that sell that size in the US, but not from any Japanese brand. HOWEVER, Bridgestone does sell that size in Australia and Europe. (Bridgestone B330 Evo 175/80 S 14s) I found a seller on the UK eBay site that would ship them (from France!) and now have them fitted to my car. About $125 each, including shipping.
  8. Love it! If Supercuts cannot do this for me, I can fall back on this: https://www.amazon.com/MyPartyShirt-MPS-13817-S-MC-Poser-Wig/dp/B018GM6HP0/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=vanilla+ice+wig&qid=1564099622&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  9. I tried to get Motorman7 to install a carbon fiber cup holder for just that purpose, but he just laughed... 🙂
  10. Motorman7 is more than a Datsun expert, he is the Fountain of Youth, who made me 24 years old again! (with key work by Datsun paint expert Miguel). I am incredibly grateful to him for enabling me to recreate that wonderful feeling getting a brand new 240Z - the car I knew even in 1973 that I would keep forever. This is not a car to be sold, but to be enjoyed and driven. Although we will try to show it off for a while, so everyone can see how a heavily used Z can be made new again by a knowledgeable and dedicated lover of Datsuns. Thanks Motorman7! Now for a road trip!
  11. Yeaaaaa! the radio works!!!! (Oh, yeah, and that other stuff too...:-)
  12. My car (the subject of this thread) was mfg'd 10/72, although the V3, kit which I recall included the fuel line insulation and the electric fuel pump, was not installed until July '74. (after returning from an 8 month Navy deployment). If the "lip" was part of the V3 kit, I never realized that. But I do not know when else that would have been installed. I just found the work order where the V3 kit was installed, although it has no details about what was in the V3 kit:
  13. Oops. *I* just went searching in junkyards for Kioto headlights. Unsuccessfully. It was for a friend, though... 🙂
  14. A photo of the Z from 1973 showing the steering wheel: I did not really like the "feel" of the bare steering wheel, so in 1974 or 1975 I installed a black wheel cover for a better grip. Always had a wheel cover on from then until Motorman7 took it off last year. (I believe I replaced it once during the time I had it.) So for 44 years, it had that black cover on the steering wheel. (and 170,000+ miles). That and heat during its outdoor storage period might explain why it was "dark" for Motorman7. photo from arrival at Motorman7 (the interior is looking better now...:-):
  15. My '73 also had the pointy tip. (I've also seen it called the "acorn" or "bullet" tip). I had a slide of my '73 from a couple of weeks after I bought it (new, in April of '73), and I recently cropped and zoomed to see what the shape was. Its a little hard to see, but it looks like the acorn/pointy tip to me: blown up from this photo taken late April, 1973:
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