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  1. Thinking I can use something like this and make a straight connect. Just need to figure out size.
  2. Yep it is a little kinked on both sides. Looks like in packaging they tried to protect it but it pushed against that cardboard. I have been pinching it to get it to unkink. If anyone has a picture of the Y plug or removal of the Y please post. I do good with pictures. Made good progress today. Pic below.
  3. I believe he capped it off at the red circles so I believe that is best method. I have already done the thermostat cap but what do you do to cap it at the Y in the lower red circle. Do I have it go from the metal Y to the little bit of hose and then find a cap that fits that hose? Ideas on that. Also the carbs were shipped without any oil. Seems I need 20W oil and the only 20W oil I can find is fork oil. Is that what I use? Thanks again and wish me luck. I have had this apart for 5 months waiting on the carbs and I just received them and should have taken more pictures of what goes where...
  4. Any advice as I need to get started putting it all back together?
  5. I sent mine in for a core and they sent me another one back. Here are the pics where it is plugged up. I really do not need it going through the intake manifold since I live in warm TX. Here are pics. What have others done in this situation?
  6. I received my carbs from Ztherapy and I ended up with the Euro style balance tube. Miscommunication but it looks good. Because of this I no longer have the coolant going through the balance tube. I did not prepare for this so I am trying to figure out how to "plug" the coolant lines that would have gone through the balance tube. Does anyone have pictures that show how to address this or can you suggest? Thanks in advance and see my pics below.
  7. Sure, you have my contact information. Let me know if you want the air pump and the original hoses off that as well. Talk soon.
  8. 72 240Z with SUs question. Look at pic and let me know if I can throw away part 1. Does anyone have a good way to cap off 2? Afraid it will screw up expected airflow. Thanks!
  9. So I have taken off the old header and it weighed quite a bit. I was a bit surprised. So the new header does not have connections for smog and also does not have the connection for the air filter. Do I take off the air pump and all the other misc equipment since I can't use it anymore? Pics below.
  10. Thanks AK for the laundry list of things. I received the MSA header and exhaust today. I also received the resonator I ordered. I will post pics when I get into it. Most likely late next week. I should be able to get the header on but will have to go to a local shop to cut and weld the resonator on. One thing I do not have is welding tools or the skill to do that. Thanks for all the help.
  11. Nice pic with the snow. Going to be 50+°F here in Texas. @jfa.series1 I am up in the Allen area so let me know where the club meets and I will try to make it. I have a few things to work out on the car before I feel safe driving it far from my house. I have to figure out the smog/air pump stuff as Ztherapy will remove the holes and since it will be a few months until I get the carbs I have to figure out how to tune the SUs. The MFA header does not come with the holes for the smog equipment anyway. Right now I have more airflow to one than the other SU and the car does not run as good as it should. This car has had 1K miles put on it over the last 10 years so it has been sitting quite a bit. I have already removed the old fuel as step one. I checked compression and it seems pretty good as well.
  12. Thanks for the great information. Since I live in TX and it does get very hot here I think I will go with the ceramic MSA. I do love the looks of the SS though. Below are some pics of the car. 75K documented miles and first owner had car until 2012. Original window sticker and all service documentation throughout history of car. Next is on to Ztherapy SU carbs. Called them and they are booked out until June.. Geez they must be busy. Couple pics of the car below.
  13. I have picked up a very original 72 240 and the header and exhaust are rusted pretty bad. I want to replace but have questions. If you had a choice to go with the MSA ceramic system or the zstory street stainless system which would you choose? The MSA ceramic says it will be cooler by 40%. MSA being cheaper is a plus. MSA https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic19d/15-6001CH Thermal Coating:This header comes with a highly durable and effective Aerospace Thermal Barrier Ceramic or TBC coating, which is good up to 1300 degrees fahrenheit. The satin "polished" silver finish coats both the inside and outside of the header. This does a number of things. First, it cuts radiated heat by approximately 40%. Not only does this help to keep your under hood rubbers and plastics from drying out, it also lowers the temperature of the fuel and air which translates into increased performance. ZStory https://www.datsun-zstory.com/echappements/headers/headers-street-sport/ Thanks in advance.
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