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  1. Patcon

    78 280z fuel tank drain plug

    Don't you hate it when you do that! I have a roll pin I took out of something. Put it in a conspicuous place in the shop so I wouldn't lose it. I still have it, but I forgot what it came out of....
  2. Patcon

    78 280z fuel tank drain plug

    I also found it to be a standard thread and not metric. I found that odd but didn't fight it.
  3. Patcon

    Z31 N/A RB project

    Do you run that through a MIG? The silicon bronze not the silicone bronze...
  4. Patcon

    Badging a 240Z into a FairladyZ

    I would disagree on this. Rebadging to me is no different than blacking out window trim or different bumpers or different wheels. It looks different and has different exterior details, but nobody is suggesting it is a factory made Fairlady as re-Vinning implies
  5. Patcon

    Dashcam Recommendations?

    The other problem with autonomous cars, is someone has to decide who dies and right it into the code. Sort of the iRobot conundrum. Do you hit the pedestrian or the oncoming car? Do you save the injured cop drowning or the little girl?
  6. Patcon

    Z31 N/A RB project

    I had other theories: didn't want to weld everything solid or it was easier to shape down the excess weld Thanks, Wheee!
  7. Patcon

    Z31 N/A RB project

    Why silicone bronze?
  8. Patcon

    Dashcam Recommendations?

    I am not sure that the invention of the smart phone and texting has improved American's driving skills!
  9. Patcon

    Interesting read

    I enjoyed that, thanks.
  10. Patcon

    918 Orange paint mix

    Yeah, that's not even close. I wonder if it would look like that if you went to an actual PPG autobody paint supplier? Not a third party vendor
  11. Patcon

    Seat restoration

    They make gasket punches. I think I bought a cheap set of them at HF. They are round punches with a sharpened leading edge and a slot on the side for the disc to come out. I would think that would get you pretty close. If you know the diameter you need I could try to find mine and see if one of them corresponds in size
  12. Patcon

    LD28 Complete disassembled

  13. Patcon

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Like the commenters on your YouTube channel said, the first dizzy is probably a points dizzy. Look under the cap for a set of points. The second is an electronic dizzy with the matchbox on the side. They came in 4 and 6 cylinder models. So look under the cap and make sure there are 6 trigger points and the interior is intact. They make a much better ignition in my opinion. Hotter spark and no points to mess with, but the matchboxes can fail. It is always good insurance to source another one and throw it in the glove box if it leaves you stranded.
  14. Patcon

    SS Bumpers from Vietnam

    I am not sure they are mutually exclusive. Many of the processes have been driven off shore simply from the hazards associated with them and our litigious society. Since I haven't ever been through a plating facility and seen how they handle the process start to finish. I can't speak to whether they affect the water quality. I suspect the real issue is employee exposure to hazardous materials and not being able to afford the liability insurance and workers comp rates and still compete against foreign made products that don't carry that overhead burden. Now don't misconstrue, I am all for protecting workers health and reducing personal liability through coverage but those are real costs that control product pricing. I also suspect that the owners of those plating shops want their kids to have clean water and their grandkids too. As a side note, do you know we make no red glazed ceramics in the US? Or do any animal hide tanning in the US? All over seas for the same reason. Red ceramics have lots of lead in them and lead fumes aren't very good for the recipient of them. Tanning hides is evidently a pretty toxic process. So we ship our hides overseas to be tanned then ship them back as leather to be used
  15. Patcon

    LD28 Complete disassembled

    Actually I believe the discussion is germane to the value of your parts. If the previous poster is correct that the LD block is the basis of a 3.5L motor, than your parts are worth more than simply using the taller block. Rod ratio doesn't effect displacement, which was my line of question. I am also pretty familiar with the forum and what info has been posted here and the ability to find that information or not. Just trying to help you determine the value of your parts, as I own 2 of these engines already. So I have a vested interest in helping you get the best price.

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