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  1. If I didn't have so many projects I would buy it today with mommas approval
  2. Also the caliper bleeds need to be on top no matter what position they are installed in
  3. Patcon

    77 In Oregon

    That's what I thought but the other side of the "world" from me...
  4. Crossing the Ebrake lines is a common thing in this conversion
  5. Why don't you pm me. If we can agree on a price I will spend some time on it. If not thats fine. I just have very limited time
  6. It's got wilwoods on the front and an aluminum radiator. Maybe some other good parts
  7. @Zaspen I could cut this out of the hatch If we agree on a price I will cut it out and clean it up for some better pictures before sending it
  8. I was looking at a couple of grills for my 240z project. One is the Skillard grill that fills the whole front end. especially when running an air dam. The other is a similar grill I found on Ebay I was wondering if anyone has tried either of the grills? Any comments on fit or appearance? Are the bars similar in size to the factory grill? Thanks, C
  9. A guess on the hatch roof line is the hatch bracket is bent or the weld is cracked I have to stretch my tail light finishers just a little to go over the slam panel
  10. Pretty hard to clean up the hardware without taking the zinc chromate off
  11. Glad you fixed it. It's a good thing to run out of things to do on the car. I wish I had that problem!
  12. The steering shaft ujoints are NLA but there is a 4 wheeler U joint that will work. Kawasaki I believe. I don't remember the # off hand.
  13. You can get the window adjusted right. The front vertical rail could be loose or tilted wrong. It has 2 nuts that can be loosened and then it has a little adjustment room. Keep tinkering until it works good. If you can do that other work you can fix the glass.
  14. Wow, thats funny. Spoken to the Hoover no less 😀
  15. The axles at Silvermine may have been shortened, adding cost. Would be an interesting question for them