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  1. Heat is your friend! Don't make it any worse. Big breaker bar. I probably wouldnt ever resort to LH drill bits. The problem would be getting whats left out of the case without damaging the soft aluminum. Might weld to it as a last resort. I have used a monkey wrench as a nuclear option in the past but that pretty much destroys the fill plug
  2. Ok, so I have a little nugget for any other wagon owner out there... So this is the factory gas cap. Pretty much unobtanium. The last one I saw a year or two ago in Japan for $350 or so So this is what I'm working with The cap is obviously very visible and it would be nice if It pretty much filled the space. So I was googling around and I found a thread, I think it was on "The Realm" that mentioned a Stant gas cap. A G26...so off to Ebay It fits the filler neck fine and appears to seal Once I had the G26 you can find the vehicles it is supposed to fit. 57'-61' Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto, Plymouth station wagons. Bingo!!! Then started looking for locking gas caps for those Marques We have a WINNER!! Merry Xmas to Cody... It has that factory applied red paint ring on it. It doesn't match and I may try to strip it off and polish it. We'll see after he gets it...
  3. If I were doing this, I would remove from the rail after the fact. Provided the rail is being trashed. I would grind the rail off the bracket so as not to lose any material off the bracket. Make good dimensions first, of course
  4. Beautiful car. Always one of my favorites! Thats a lot of money though. I wouldn't enjoy driving it with todays distracted drivers. It would be too hard to relax and enjoy the drive
  5. Even a trashed transmission usually has a $100 worth of useable parts. Like Zed said they are amazingly robust
  6. $100 is cheap for any 5 spd these days
  7. I will see if I have a section I can test
  8. The car is freshly painted so that side is nice and clean
  9. i have a question. I have been working on the hatch weatherstripping for the Goon. It is pretty much done now but I am not impressed with the bond, If I wanted I could peel the whole thing right back off! The adhesive sticks to the paint pretty good but not to the rubber seal. We have been using the black 3m weatherstrip adhesive and the 3m fast drying adhesive. Both seem to do it. Part way through I wipe the weather strip down with solvent to see if that would help but I couldn't tell that it changed.
  10. Does it do it if you are parked and press the brakes? My suspicion would be blown brake booster,
  11. Their disclaimer states the actual hitch may differ from the image. I suspect it will..
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