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  1. How hard it is to replace the turbo cartridge and get it clocked right? I once tried to disassemble a turbo and found the bolts to be quite persistent!
  2. One detail I didn't see in any of the ads was what wheels were on either end and what the spec was for the factory wheels
  3. If I were going to try to flush a block out. Take the head off and use a prressure washer through the top of the deck and the water pump holes. Messy but you'll be amazed at what comes out.
  4. I had a Z once that read low like that. I rigged up a mechanical gauge under the hood. It was actually much higher than indicated. It's a common issue
  5. Sorry to here that! Maybe we have a member in the area who can recommend someone
  6. The old coolant looked a little bit rusty?
  7. If you are having coolant blockage issues. You might be able to flush it out with the head off. Many times the cylinder head gaskets have some small holes in them. Maybe some of these are getting blocked. Maybe even temporarily.
  8. Blue loktite or stake them. You have to support the throttle shaft to stake them or they wil bend. It a tricky process
  9. Can you manually fold the buckets back in to close the gap? The problem I see is the sub structure of the fender. I would try to force the bucket and side wall in a little at a time to see if I could close up the gap. Bolt every thing on but leave the bigger bolts in the bucket a little loose so it can flex.
  10. The assembly comes out pretty easily. As I recall it just pulls out and has two spade plugs to disconnect
  11. Are the throttle shaft screws staked? It is possible to ingest those if they were to back out, but staking must be done with care...
  12. They are hand made, one at a time. The color does seem off but Steve is very obsessive about making accurate reproductions. I feel confident the color is correct. He would be my first choice if you can figure out shipping.
  13. https://www.240zrubberparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/4525381
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