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  1. I guess my question on all of this is what is M speeds agreement with the manufacturer? is there a clear cut line that forbids the manufacturer from selling these through another venue. Is approval required for the factory to sell these are not. This has been one of the problems with mainland manufacturing for some time. They require foreigners to build plants with domestic contractors and domestic engineers. Then they go down the road and build a duplicate plant to generate copy cat products. This was a huge problem with top level golf clubs for a while, as an example
  2. Patcon

    1977 280z

    I would not try to use thicker metal for patch panels. It makes the welding more difficult It is much easier to get a donor roof panel. That panel is hard to replicate without an english wheel and some experience
  3. Patcon

    1977 280z

    Do not overheat your panels!!! They will warp
  4. Patcon

    1977 280z

    Aircraft stripper has been reformulated. Doesnt work as good as the old stuff
  5. I have an assortment of die grinders with different bits. a cut off wheel can help knock welds down. 1" roloks work good but wear out fast. I also have an assortment of rasp bits for die grinders that work good too
  6. Patcon

    1977 280z

    I would expect way , more than $500 for metal repairs! and that's doing it all yourself. I also wouldn't make any panel that is commercially available! A stamped panel is harder and will make a better repair. Also if the metal work isn't done really well it really hurts the value of the car. Don't scrimp on this part!!
  7. If you use a good epoxy primer it can sit a long time before top coating. It will need to be scuffed before top coating but the epoxy will not have to be removed. Epoxy is the best choice but you need the proper safety equipment to spray it.
  8. Very nice! Does it hold up to being closed onto the harness?
  9. Rich, What did you do to harness holders in the engine bay? Original? Redone?
  10. This can be a mixed blessing. Sometimes cooling welds can cause shrinkage and warping of panels. I use to do that but I have gotten to where I move around on the car. I come back when the welds are cool enough to touch
  11. They $3500 is equal to about $25k now but thats based on published federal inflation numbers which are low. I would say closer to 40k. So not too far off, considering the complexity of a modern car
  12. Patcon

    New project

    Thats a nice old Kawasaki!
  13. I had one once that I couldn't get out. Even chained between two trees with a come a long
  14. Good looking shop! I like the mini-x. I've been shopping for one of those The glass doors on the end are a good idea. No flack for not having rails at those openings?
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