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  1. For the cost of tooling and the low production numbers, $660 seems very reasonable. The Smog line should be an easy delete and doesn't have to be a permanent mod
  2. Yeah, they fluff up a lot when you take them apart!
  3. I'm 6-5" and I fit without hitting my head. Like previously mentioned checked for seat spacers or an overstuffed seat. I also drive somewhat reclined...
  4. I know of no alternative for the factory rubber bushing. NOS replacement or poly are your only options, I believe.
  5. I believe there is a small dimple on the lower part of the hole the master cylinder bolts into on the booster. I believe it is designed to allow brake fluid to drain out instead of into the booster
  6. That is possible. I would think they should have some supporting documentation or possibly pedal condition?
  7. I may order some and try it if I can't get any movement
  8. I would say 8k is an excellent price for the car. Full quarters are no longer available. After market partial quarters, floors, inner wheel wells, dog legs and inner and outer rockers are currently available. The car could be very valuable if properly handled and repaired
  9. Too bad Im not closer. I could've helped...
  10. Possibly... I had wondered if there were a product that would help break down the corrosion and not damage the pistons
  11. @Captain Obvious I got the package the other day. Looks great. I will update this weekend, hopefully
  12. Jim, My only thoughts on this are were all of the those hoses available in a braided finish at the time? We have been fortunate that many of these NLA's parts are becoming available again.
  13. Then Get Banzai to do it. Cheaper than buying the correct dies