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  1. It shouldn't matter that much. The furthest hole will provide the most leverage and require the shortest lever throw. If it lines up good with the mount I would go with that one. Have you looked on Ebay for a unit to see if you can tell which holes was used?
  2. Patcon

    Roadsterrama on CL

    They are beautiful cars though..
  3. Patcon

    New Find.70 240Z

    Petroleum is what the system is based on currently. It was based on horses at one time and coal after that. As technology improves the system will change. Pretty much all of the promising technologies are not advanced enough yet to begin the transition. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and money for the infrastructure to change to a new form. There will also be unintended consequences of a new technology. There always are. There are also a lot of products that are made with petroleum distillates! Even if we didn't use it for fuel you are still going to need petroleum until alternatives are found. I believe stewardship of our environment is important, but unless we are going to live our lives and build our cars totally out of organics, petroleum is here for a while...
  4. Patcon

    Roadsterrama on CL

    The stock red 69 in the one add is a really nice clean car. I always wanted one, I'm just about 5 inches too tall for one...
  5. Patcon

    New Find.70 240Z

    For the moment diesels are the best choice for most of the jobs they do. Can you imagine how much gasoline a freight train would burn or a semi, loaded with 40 tons or a combine. Until something better comes along it's what we got...they get cleaner every year Talc causes cancer too but I still use it when I shoot pool. Lot's of products I cut up with a circular saw cause cancer too, and I cut them up and build houses with them because that's what the rules ordained by the government mandate. I prefer not to joist windmills, just trying to get by and provide for my family while I can. Just a little cog in this great big system!
  6. Patcon

    Stroker 3.1

    I might be interested in an L4 EFI manifold
  7. I'm good with the tariffs. The protective tariffs were extended to european countries and Japan to help rebuild after WWII. 70 years later they are still in place, and american manufacturing has paid the price for it. There are no major crankshaft manufacturers left in the United States any more. No leather is tanned in the United States any more. They aren't necessary. Europe shouldn't be taxing American cars at 10% while German cars are taxed 2.5% here. The German car companies are already talking about removing the 10% tax on American cars after only a week. The trade aught to be barrier free both ways. Then you compete fairly, head to head...
  8. Patcon

    New Find.70 240Z

    That's just stupid. How many cars on the road between 67 and 77? Very few!!!! The cars ruled out are very rare and don't get many miles...stupidity on display IMO
  9. Patcon

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    I will check. Rotors are brand new but I can confirm they are factory dimensions
  10. Patcon

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    Yes the slot on the caliper hits the rotor before the caliper gets in position to bolt up. I thought about grinding but have ruled that out as too much of a hack and the fact the pads might not fit even if I get the rotor bolted up. I have considered going back to the factory caliper. I may still. I also thought about ordering what should be a plug and play caliper from Rockauto and see what I get...
  11. Patcon

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    The issue isn't pads. The rotor hits the sides of the slots on the inside of the caliper, before it clears the strut ears
  12. Patcon

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    Thanks, evidently I don't know anything about them either... @Zed Head ZH, Do you have any insight on the brakes?
  13. Patcon

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    On another note, it appears I have the wrong caliper. I was under the impression that the Toyota 4 caliper was plug and play but I must have the wrong caliper. I been searching on Hybrid Z but the info is all over the place and very disjointed. this is a caliper for an unvented disc. When I line it up on the disc the ears on the caliper hit the ears on the strut tube instead of sliding behind them. I don't really want to run spacers. I believe this is the wrong caliper, correct? Evidently multiple calipers have the s12+8 stamping...
  14. Patcon

    Epic meet of Japanese cars

    Love the video!

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