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  1. I think you should do a compression test first while its assembled. That will provide some numbers first. Many parts stores have them and some have them as rentals. If you've never done one, ask questions...
  2. I understand, my point was they are both very important on cars like this. No computer to shut it off on over temp or low oil pressure
  3. Not really a good idea to run without a temp or oil gauge. So it probably ran hot, warped the head, possibly scored the cylinders. It's gonna need some major investigation. I would pull the head and check for flatness. Well I might run a compression test first...
  4. Did the car run hot on the temp gauge?
  5. He mentioned the PS door was open, wouldn't that supply a path to ground?
  6. I would think you could shape that piece fairly easily. Make a rectangular patch. Make the hard crease in a vise. Shape the curve over a piece of pipe
  7. S54 M coupe. Love it. They are very fast. We have an 06 M roadster in the driveway right now we are rebuilding. Such a nice motor... BTW how does one determine if the rod bearings need refreshing?
  8. No reserve! That's bold. I don't think I would agree to that unless I was really confident I wasn't going to leave a couple hundred thousand on the table!
  9. Possibly, I believe the end of the sensor acts as a stop
  10. What does worn mean? Pictures?? It will not change the temperature in the radiator at all! It will boil at a higher temperature but then you might bust hoses at the higher pressure or have leaks. "If it's not broke; don't break it!!"
  11. I believe all the newer BMW manual boxes use a "lifetime" atf for lubrication. It's red and feels just like ATF. I believe it was done to help increase mileage and reduce parasitic drag
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