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  1. The makita is expensive but I have found it very useful. I have used it on multiple cars, my boat and I do glass panels too. I figure it will last a while
  2. Really shouldn't be needed unless you are looking for a reason to buy one
  3. I sand for orange peel Compound for partial shine and polish for good reflectivity I have a makita 7" VS polisher. It's digital so it holds the speed no matter the load https://www.amazon.com/Makita-9237C-7-Inch-Polisher-Sander/dp/B00LA6M64G
  4. The seats look a lot like BMW Roadster seats The seals fold over on the front lip when they meet the body
  5. The bolt is unique too, I believe. I think it is a shoulder bolt
  6. Some clears shine up better than others. Maybe they will have a recommendation for how to bring it up some. They may have a finer polish too
  7. Thats roughly what I would have done. I think at this point I would ask a jobber (paint supplier) how to get better results.
  8. Is it possible to get a picture? I know it can be difficult to see in photographs. You are using BC/CC? How long has it been painted? How many coats of clear? What process are you using?
  9. The seals would fold over instead of laying flat against the body. Like there wasn't enough space to allow them to lay flat while the doors closed. Ill see if I can make a picture
  10. Pretty car! I didn't spend alot of time in the gallery but I like pretty much everything about this car But that's a lot of money
  11. Love that old truck!! Also the car looks fabulous. How did your door seals turn out? Did you have similar problems to what I had?
  12. Check the fuses. If the motors bound up and you left it on, it probably blew the fuse
  13. It has been suggested before to get a digital volt meter. Still don't have one. Can't test for true voltage or resistance with a test light. Nobody can help you fix these things from a 1000 miles away if your not gonna do what they ask!!!
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