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  1. Is that the buzz CO was referring to?
  2. WooHoo!!! Also, it seems like a bad idea to have a propane heater in a spray booth on the discharge end but that's just me...
  3. Patcon


    Still Rogers St? Do you have all the screws for the straps?
  4. Patcon


    @S30Driver Is this what you need? Do you need the strap on the back of the gauge too?
  5. Patcon


    My temperature and most of my kids runs low. When i get to 99F I feel like 💩
  6. I would make a new doubler Treat the rust inside the hatch Prime both then install with panel adhesive Make sure you get it pulled tight enough that the lock will go in with the keeper! Any squeeze out through the pin holes can be dressed down and filled over
  7. I would take them but I'm afraid shipping would be too much
  8. Patcon


    I believe there is an overly simplistic view of how things work at this level. Everyone assumes that you tell the joint chiefs to "jump" and they say "how high?". Having spent some time around general officers I suspect you have to stay out of some of these affairs. I suspect the decision to remove this captain was made long before it reached the executive office. The executive office may have chosen not to interfere to avoid ruffling feathers. Pretty much, all of the people at this level are powerful, confident and opinionated (inside and outside of the military). Right now you can't afford to alienate them, when you may need to depend on them in a few weeks for who knows what. Its a delicate balance. I found it sad he was relieved for trying to take care of his men. I wondered how the letter got out. I haven't seen anything definitive on whether he released it or not. If he released it; he had to know he was done. If a 3rd party released it, then thats too bad. My first question to Shelley when I read the article, was does he lose his command? No branch of the military likes to be embarrassed or called out in public.
  9. Yeah 16d C is borderline for paint. Faster catalyst would have helped. Still it looks great!
  10. Your clear catalyst was probably a little slow. so the flat areas laid down better but the verticals sagged a little bit. A little more flash time between coats would help with that. Some of that is just experience and feel, hard for us DIYers to develop those skills unless you paint a lot
  11. Patcon


    The only problem with their pissing contest is they are bankrupting American firms. Which means good paying American jobs are lost
  12. Well said, summarizes my thoughts on it very well. the only thing I would add is I don't advertise that I carry. So you wouldn't know I was carrying when we meet. If a criminal comes into a restaurant and 1:10 is likely armed but he doesn't know which one, is he going to try to rob it or look for an easier target? By an individual familiar with the use of force
  13. I would think specifically that connection to the cap