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  1. How does this car compare to the care Captain Obvious posted about the other day?
  2. Yeah, I don't get why people do that. Basic dolly work is pretty easy.
  3. Wow! They weren't shy about using filler!
  4. Penetrating oil. Soak it down. Make a flat spot on the end of the stud and center punch it. Drill a small, 1/8" or so hole all the way through it.On second thought if this bolt goes down into the water jacket, don't drill all the way through. If the bolt hole has a bottom, drill all the way through it and fill with penetrating oil. Then use an "easy out" to remove the bolt. Make a bigger hole for the easy out. The really small easy outs can break and they are very hard to remove if you break them.
  5. Unless it's really bad, that is an excellent price! Even if it had minimal rust it would still probably be a good price based on recent history. It looks to have the original paint. So, if it's a true survivor, probably worth a lot more than that
  6. If the mechanical fuel pumps sit for a while, the internal valves can stick shut. If the pump is serviceable, you can disassemble and make sure the diaphragm is good and the valves move
  7. There is a company in Greenville SC, circuit board medics. They might be able to troubleshoot you in-op display
  8. I don't know that we have enough traffic for auctions to reach reasonable levels. Would an auction increase the "troll" traffic?
  9. Isn't there a spring internally in between the throats of the carb? Maybe it is weak or broken. Could be stretched
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