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  1. Patcon

    I've been looking for a project

    I would leave it like that. Shouldn't be a problem. No need for extremes there
  2. Patcon

    KONI Sports for Classic Z's

    I suspect there are a lot of warranthy exceptions for damage or normal wear. Most of these warranties are for material defects
  3. Patcon

    Which engine for a 77’ 280z

    I would think! Don't tear it up twice! Call Wayne...
  4. Patcon

    Which engine for a 77’ 280z

    I agree with your not going turbo. There are lots of issues going turbo. I have 2 turbo motors here at the house and may go that way some day but you really have to go aftermarket EFI and intercooler to make it worth while. It's lots of work and programming. I think if I were going to approach this, I would go with the better of the 2 P90 engines. If you don't use the head, sell it. They bring pretty good money. Supposedly they are one of the better breathing heads though. I would go triple webers like Blue said with about 10:1 compression and a good ignition system. Maybe a 123 ignition system. Should run really well and not be overly finicky. I might bore as much as I could to get a little larger engine. Play with the engine calculator some... @240260280 Make sure the engine you buy will turn freely by hand. The boroscope is a good idea! So are biting and low blows but if I end up in a fight all options are open. 🤣
  5. Patcon

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    This was my reasoning for suggesting the finer mesh
  6. Patcon

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    the finer mesh looks like it is more appropriate for this application
  7. Patcon

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Most people in my part of the world wouldn't know what a transport plug is. The engine just ends up in the back of a truck and what comes out, comes out!
  8. Patcon

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    What are you doing for the heater hoses down the passenger side of the block? I see some brass fittings in there.
  9. Patcon

    I've been looking for a project

    One thing you can do is get it to start for a few seconds to get oil pressure. Cut it off then remove the valve cover, disable the ignition and turn the motor with the starter to verify the oil spray bar flow
  10. Patcon

    1977 280z 1jzgte swap

    $500 is cheap for an LSD and the Subaru route will set you back more than $500. These cars take a lot of money to handle the kind of power you are talking about. In reality you really can't get it all to the ground with out a lot of work, maybe not at all. When you run that kind of power (approximately 4x's what the car had stock) you are going to break just about everything at some point. Unless you have 30-40k to put into it you should reevaluate your project. You basically have to re-engineer the entire car. My 2 cents
  11. Patcon

    240z - fabbing new front rails

    The really scary part is that use to be metal and the frame is directly weaker for that lack of metal. Plenty of Z's out there with similar unseen weakness. There are a couple of areas in those pictures that are especially hard to repair. The compound curves in the foot well and the compound curve area under the battery tray. Will be interesting to see how you approach those. You obviously have good metal skills.
  12. Patcon

    Z Barn South Africa

    looked like a NOS quarter and fender on the wall...
  13. Patcon

    I've been looking for a project

    You can use a remote fuel source. If you have a return line, drop it into the can too or you will have fuel all over the floor. You will have oil every where without the valve cover!
  14. Patcon

    240z - fabbing new front rails

    Safe bet!!! but that was obvious...

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