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  1. Have you tried to reach out to them directly? Would it be in the installation guide? Do they have it posted online?
  2. What I could find so far, it looks like they use a Koni shock. Do they use something other than an S30 shock?
  3. Common rust areas: under the battery, front frame rails, rocker panels, dog legs (it sounds like you have this), wheel arches (this too), slam panel under the hatch - especially the drivers side, spare tire well As for paint, take as much off the car as you can. The paint job will be cheaper and look and last better. If you can afford to do it with the glass out, even better.
  4. I had to remove the strut and use a press for the stub axles
  5. That's a hard way to set a date to memory! Sorry for that...
  6. You could try a WTB add in the classifieds. I don't know if that will get more views or not.
  7. Please don't start multiple threads on the same issue. It just clutters up things
  8. Have you done a compression test? I think that's where I would start
  9. Thank you. She is working on going to Kentucky for her doctorate, otherwise she will stay at Bama
  10. I agree, the best course of action is to fix the leak and pull a vacuum. the system needs to be clean and dry inside.
  11. @Captain Obvious @siteunseen None of that sounds good!
  12. The id's are different on the washers but I was thinking the shape of the washers were slightly different too.
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