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  1. I have a question, does anyone think a gallon of gasoline costs tremendously more from one region to the next? There are variables and labor costs play a part but the bigger influence is probably government. Mostly in the form of taxes. Gasoline taxes are great because most people don't know they exist and have no idea of what percentage they are. For most people, if your fuel costs are too high look to the people adding cost but no value...
  2. I believe an article was posted up a while back about thus car. It's on Copart now with a 13,800 BiN price if anyone is interested https://www.copart.com/lot/42979401/clean-title-1978-datsun-280z-or-portland-north
  3. Jeff The shiny bumpers look so nice!
  4. The hood looks exquisite!
  5. Are you using the same product on both pads or a cutting compound and a polishing compound?
  6. I think anything in the $2-300 range is good
  7. Are you using the wool or the small electric?
  8. Thanks for that reply. Very helpful
  9. If one of the two circuits fails
  10. Congrats on getting it running
  11. I would run the new line in the tunnel and ziptie it to the others lines until you pull the tranny
  12. It would be nice to pull the relevant wire data out of this thread and post it as a tech article in the resources section
  13. I just ordered a 38mm crow foot like that. That's a good idea on setting 90d's
  14. Excellent! We'll try that Any recommendations on how to torque the shaft nuts? Nissan had a special adapter tool
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