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  1. That kanga link that was posted recently has some good info. One video was balancing piston assemblies
  2. Thanks for locating that. In the case of the shifter fork pictured, why can't the lost material be added back? Are they hardened? Some other reason? Just thinking out loud...
  3. Patcon

    240z 1972

    So you want to source an automatic 3 speed transmission? Where are you located?
  4. Rich, Do you just clear coat the serial number pads?
  5. How do the shofter forks go bad? There's not one in that Canadian parts hoard y'all got?
  6. So you dealt with Amy. I wish I had. I did ok but there was some run around and the finish could be a little better. Its interesting they fabricate out of a little shop. Pretty cool!
  7. I would say that is one of the refrigerant lines to the AC compressor. Has Freon in it. Do not crack it open! Your best bet is to remove any clips if possible to make it looser and work around it. As for the engine bay line, I would say that is just grime of some sort. Wash away...
  8. I would pick up any 5 speed for $75, but I am some what of a "collector"
  9. I assumed voltage could play a role but couldn't think of a situation where voltage would be that low. Less than 8v's in a 12v system
  10. Do you really want to know Volts? not amps? Is your car not running 12volts?
  11. If you can get the timing set properly without turning the spindle it becomes arbitrary. What you run into sometimes is you run out of adjustment if the spindle isn't clocked properly to start with. Some people have even had to compensate by moving each spark lead one hole to be able to set the timing properly. It's better if the spindle is clocked properly but doesn't have to be if you can set the timing properly. Is there any reason oil shouldn't be flowing to the top? did you just replace the pump? Did you fill it with oil when you put it on? Sometimes they have a hard time priming themselves. Removing the plugs will help but don't over heat the starter!
  12. Yes, for now 240,60,80 has things well in hand
  13. You will have more success if you only start one thread...