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  1. Patcon


    Yes I am 6'-5" and unfortunately Cody will probably 6'-8" or taller... Happy Father's Day to you too Guy. Looks like you had a good day in the shop too.
  2. Patcon

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    @Captain Obvious I think I got the rear hubs sorted out. The second hub went together pretty good except we left the distance piece out the first time. On the first hub, I smacked it with a hammer to make sure both sides were driven in all the way but it was still dragging some. On closer inspection, the inner grease seal wasn't driven in far enough and was dragging on the inside of the driven hub. Drove it in some more and it turns good now
  3. Patcon

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    My oldest daughter spent most of the day with me trying to diagnose the boat and working on the Z. We got the headliner installed I had sound mat on the ceiling but it didn't seem to be holding. So we stripped it and went straight onto the Lizard skin A clothes pin helps a lot getting the material tucked in. I didn't work the adhesive all the way to the edge of the liner of the roof. That made it a little easier to tuck in We hung some doors on the chassis Lowered it down and hung 3 of the 4 struts on the car. Working towards getting it on the ground and ready for finished paint It was a good day in the shop even though we didn't make any progress on the boat...
  4. Patcon


    Yup! Before you know it they are taller than you and getting married... Time goes by fast. Take time to slow down and enjoy them while they're home.
  5. I agree with Zed. Bend the arm away a little bit. It can be a little stiff.
  6. you've got like 16 weeks, better get going!
  7. Patcon

    Caswell Plating

    I plated last weekend and got much better results. Not perfect but pretty close I had some build up on my plates because they got left in the tank all week Scraped them a little bit. Sprayed them down and plated with them. I have been running a lot higher current densities lately. I don't know if that is a circuit issue, a solution issue or what, but I am still getting the results I want. So I am just working with it. When my plating is dull I just add some current, which is what I think was wrong with the batch from the other weekend. These plates are almost shot. They are paper thin and getting ragged on the edges.
  8. Patcon

    Datsun Neon Signs

    Looks great!
  9. Patcon

    Caswell Plating

    I filtered it through a stack of paper towels last week. That helped a lot with the clarity. I also have a 5 micron filter I can use but it's a pain. The real issue is organics in the solution. You get "drag out" out of the other tanks that can contaminate the solutions. Carbon would remove all of that at a very fine level.
  10. Patcon

    Did I miss something?

    It's a nice car and took a good bit of money to make look like that. The problem is you almost never get that money back out when yous sell. The low mileage and low rust would help it, if it wasn't heavily modified but probably doesn't do that much for a restomod car. I do like those seats though. Did some googling but couldn't even really locate a set or old ad for a set...
  11. Patcon

    Caswell Plating

    I knew I could filter through charcoal. One of the problems with doing that is it removes all the brightener. As I have been getting good results up until the other day I didn't want to dump all the brightener. It is also a little expensive. I did have some funk on my plates the other day that could have been organics too. So I may need to just go ahead and filter it...
  12. Patcon

    Sale or trade on Craigslist 11/69 #525 NOT MINE

    Let's see if it shows up on BaT...they wont be able to play price games there
  13. Patcon

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    Peanut 1 reporting for duty!
  14. Patcon

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Fairly. I get better results when the pressure is a little higher but I waste more paint as overspray fog. I can get very glassy clear with it this way. If I turn it down I get a little orange peel. I wet sand that out. Not a problem for primers. They all get blocked down anyway...

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