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  1. Hopefully, we can meet up next time I’m in the Netherlands.  Hey, I’m considering doing my bumper conversion on my 1977 280z.  I know there a lot of options for the bumper conversion brackets and I’ve read a bunch of guys have used yours with success.  What do you charge for both the front and rear set?  Skillard seems to have a nice set too.  Not sure which way to go? 


  2. So, I leave for Basel on Monday afternoon after a stop in Liege. I already did a 2 day layover in Maastricht. The city is quite amazing. Super clean, people were very friendly. Went for a nice run along the river, the views were incredible. Probably won’t work now because we land in Liege at 12:11 AM (17 June) and then get driven to Brussels where I’m staying at the Airport Crown Plaza until my flight my back to the US at 11:00am The good news is I’ll be doing this exact trip again several times until December, I’m senior enough to win the bid regularly. We normally don’t fly our Memph
  3. Nottingham is a pretty cool town. Lots of pubs and good places to eat. We went out tonight and the town is crawling with young women...the guy I’m flying with said there is a 1-5 male to female ratio in this city. This is the place to be if your a single guy and dangerous if your married and have a weakness for women. Went to the “oldest inn and pub in England” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey thought I toss this out there. I’m in the UK and parts of Europe for the next week+ for work. I know we have some regulars on the forum from the old world and I thought I see if I’m going to be near any of you. I’m currently in Nottingham, UK. Will have about 90 hrs off here for the weekend. Flying to Liege, Belgium (staying in Maastricht, Netherlands) and also have a layover in Basel, Switzerland for about 17 hrs later next week. If anyone is near those areas let me know if you want to get a coffee and meet up. On the Covid front....Good to see the world opening back up. Stor
  5. I am about to do my interior so this is a timely thread. I bought a loop carpet kit about 2 yrs ago from MSA. It is basically garbage. Paid around $200 for the whole thing and it’s going into the trash. Fitment was terrible as well as the material quality. I think going custom is a better approach. Do it once right and never look back. I’m going to take mine to be custom done at a local shop with a guy that been doing it for 25 years. Sometimes it better to have someone who does this everyday then have a half arse job on your hands. Sure it’s more $$ probably 3x but then your have
  6. He’s making them out to be super rare. I see a good amount of seats pop up on the web and they’re not $1,000. A lot of people have ditched the old seats because they don’t really hold you in position during hard turns. I personally like the classic seats but I wouldn’t pay $1000 for a pair when I bought mine 1975 seats (both) for $150. New covers and they’re like new now. Just no my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. FYI, I’m run the Bosch relay too, seems to work fine . My stock relay was broken and someone on the forum recommend this VW one. Seems like a great less expensive alternative. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Many of us have someone in our family or another family that has made this sacrifice. Take a moment over the day to remember our fallen. Happy Memorial Day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks, I’ll reach out to EuroDat about the brackets, I just got a response form Bumper Automobile and the was $470 for the Stainless Steel bumpers. I just need to send them my address to determine shipping, 240zBUILTBYME, yours looks great. While I like the idea of stainless because I live 4 rows back from the Atlantic Ocean. Where I live plastic rusts. The car is garaged and is climate controlled but still over time nature wins. Does anyone know what the group code is for Harrington’s? I just want to compare prices shipped after the code since I don’t know what Bumper Auto
  10. Copy all on the required brackets. Still there seems to be many vendors and resellers out there. Just trying to gauge where the most reputable place to get them. My concern about the Vietnam option is what to do if I have a problem. Hard to hold anyone accountable vs if I bought at a US vendor. Prices on everything is soaring (inflation is upon us). I just emailed vintage dashboard and they’ve raised their price from $800 to $925 and the rep specifically said they’re costs are going up and they have to raise prices and they’re going up again very soon. All this stimulus is hurting
  11. Hey, I’m looking to buy a set of 240z bumpers for my 280z. Reading this thread there are several places to buy these, I emailed Harrington last night and they responded but said the bumper only fit Japanese and European models. My assumption is because the US version require the special brackets otherwise they should fit fine. Also what is the general consensus as to the best place to buy. Harrington - $990 shipped Whitehead - $995 shipped Datsun Garage - $699 + shipping tbd Bumperautomobile - awaiting quote Zcardepot - $459 for front only + shipping (rea
  12. Good topic. I have about 7 chargers floating around my house. They all serve a different purpose. I think the Schumacher has the majority of the market share due to price but they’re not great chargers...they’re okay. I have 2 of them and I’m put them in the mediocre pile but they’re good to dump a charge on a battery but not as good at a tender even though they’re labeled “smart chargers”. I had maintained a large battery backup that I finally dismantled after buying a whole house Generac Generator and 400 Amp transfer switch. The battery backup I had was for emergency DC power that I
  13. Well, a timely thread. I just ordered a driver’s door seal because mine is gone. Got it from Zcardepot so I hope it works. I’m also about to buy a rear hatch seal. MSA has an aftermarket one for $69 compared to $190 for a OEM. They said this one is improved and has been working well. A previous aftermarket one was problematic but it’s been fixed. We shall see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Cliff, you have a great memory. That Memphis incident was due to me running out of time. I was working on installing the replacement fuel pump. I didn’t have time to finish so I capped off the fuel lines with a bolt. Over the course of a few days pressure built up in the tank due to normal expansion from temp changes and that allowed fuel to slip past the bold. It was a bad leak that time. Probably upwards of 1/2 gallon. My roommates were very unhappy, and it also put a nice stain on the owner’s Epoxy floor. You really have a good memory, they forgot but you haven’t! A pilot light in
  15. Had to execute and emergency repair this AM. Last night while at my son Lacrosse practice my wife texts me that the master bedroom and bath smell like gasoline! [emoji15] I knew right away It was the Z. I had just put 5 gallons of gas in it and it had to be a leak somewhere. I blamed it on the pressure washer which I had been using that day and uses gasoline. So today I got up and pull the car out and replaced the two fuel lines coming off the tank (return and one to pump) I also replaced the online filter. They didn’t have the cheap one so I opened for a different one? After puttin
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