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  1. Av8ferg

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    Bruce, much appreciated amd thanks again for the tips along the way. I won’t be back to Memphis until next Sunday and then begins brake, and cooling system work. She might be able to take a trip around the block by Memorial Day weekend.
  2. Av8ferg

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    CO...Brakes are next! That was the first start. I had pulled the starter wire and cranked the engine several times fpr about 15 sec each until I got 35 psi on my fuel pressure gauge. Put the starter wire back on cranked it once and could tell it was going to start, so I then grabbed my buddy to take a video. BTW, the 1978 TVV I ordered from RockAuto doesn’t fit. The sensor on the end is too long and it impeads proper threading, only catches about 2 threads. It will definitely leak with this one. Right now the radiator it completely dry. Once I get the new TVV, I’ll fill and flush the whole system. I imagine there is a lot of mineral deposits with all the white power that came out of the thermostat and water pump housings.
  3. Av8ferg

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    Well, it finally happened. After much patience, frustration, and personal injury and many days of defeat the 280z finally started. I installed the fuel tank today and that was a royal PITA. No jack and doing it alone was painful. Somehow the stars aligned and it it worked. Still can’t believe all the crap that I had to do to get this car started. No way it could have happened without great dudes on this forum. You guys led me the whole way so thank you. Check out the link the a successful start.
  4. I’ll check. Only one had an engine, just the block with a valve cover covering the pistons. Someone took the head already. You want the metal mounting points right? BTW one of these cars (1975) had the original radio. Is that worth grabbing.
  5. Av8ferg

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    This place didn’t charge to enter, just showed me on a map where they put them all. I love junk yards too. It’s sad to see these cars abandoned and each one has a story to tell. People really don’t appreciate old cars like these, new cars are too damn expensive these days and you can’t do any work on them yourself and that’s by design. When I head back I’ll post so you can submit your requests, Capt O, got it on the brake booster, they all had the master still attached and minor exterior rust near the master mount point, mine looks the same on my car but was perfectly clean and dry on the hole where the master mounts.
  6. Av8ferg

    78 280 Re-Assembly

    Download it from here: 👍 http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30/fsm.html
  7. Av8ferg

    78 280 Re-Assembly

    I think that may be the fuel return line . I believe all the evap lines go to the evap tank on the right rear of the car by filler tube. My opinion would be to replace the line. You are inviting future problem and it will be easy to do it now than later. Download the 1978 FSM and it will tell you everything you need to know.
  8. Av8ferg

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    No, I didn’t grab the booster. I really wasn’t prepared to go to the yard and was just checking it out. Was in semi-nice clothes and borrowed tools from a stranger to pull the few items I got. To get the booster I need to lay down near the pedals. So I’ll be prepared next time. Putting an old flight suit in my car (the best car working outfit BTW), some PB blaster and a good set of wrenched and drivers. I’ll be ready and grab it for you as well as the other requested items
  9. Av8ferg

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    So I failed to do my research like Capt Obvious. I’ve read that 77 and 78 have different door windows that earlier Z’s. So now l’ll try and sell it on eBay. 😞. This one is from a 1975
  10. I was thinking the same thing
  11. Av8ferg

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    It will sit in a hot garage for 5 days. Hopefully that will suffice. Break....break EuroDat, thanks for the measurements. I tried to pull the line of the Z’s in the yard today but the fitting were rusted and I would have stripped them out. Will bring PB blaster next time and a proper fitting wrench and try again otherwise will try a diffferent approach. Lastly will this driver’s side window fit in my 77? I know they made some door changes that year but not sure if it effected window attachment or figment.
  12. I already left but can grab them possibly next week, forgot about your request.
  13. Good score today at a salvage yard in NC not the one crushing that 1975. This place had 3 280zs. See pics. I got a drivers window (mine is scratched to hell), a hood cable, shock tower seat belt cover (mine is cracked) all for $40. Capt Obvious they have 2 brake boosters $25.
  14. Av8ferg

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    I need a favor. I forgot to mention the when I pulled my brake master cylinder there were no lines connected to it. I appears the PO forgot to put them back in and I never noticed it because they connect under the master cylinder. I’m sure its next to impossible to order these two specific lines individually so I was think a flex line possibly. Since I’m now headed back to NC I cant measure the lengh I need.
  15. Av8ferg

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    So the tank didn't cost me extra $$ but its been a hassle. It took three tries for them to get it right. First time they didn’t repaint the outside and just did a primer, so I said please finish the job. 2nd time I went to pick it up the filler pipe was still rusty inside and they lost the drain plug. 3rd time I went to pick it up and shined a flash light inside they missed a 4”x4” spot in the tank on the top. They then reboiled and stripped it all one more time and then rebaked the coating, and now it looks like new. This porcess took about 5 weeks because they’d “finish” the job and I would have to wait to get back to TN. See pics. I dont have the before pics because my iphone went tits up and I hadn't synced it...hint sync your phone every 2 weeks. My phone was only 4 months old, Needless to say the tank was really bad inside. On the bumpers. I like the 260 bumpers too. Cliff, i watched a vid of removing the rear bumper shocks and it seem they need to come out by pushing them and the tank would be in the way. Maybe there is a way but seems like a tight space. I don't really want to repull the tank bit it might be the right plan. I think these 77 bumpers looks like crap but wanted to focus my limited time to geting the functional aspects of the car done.

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