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  1. There are many forces at play right now and more complicated that the average Joe really understands. 1. The Pandemic - this was the catalyst not the cause of shortages, shortages lead to supply/ demand going out of balance and thus higher prices ensued . Federal free money (Covid stimulus checks) while necessary to keep some people afloat they forced out of work through the demand curve way outside the normal. It also upset the labor market. Some people decided not to work even when they could. 2. The Federal Reserve printing money since QE1 (circa - Nov 2008) which accelerated through QE4 expanding the Fed balance sheet has created a glut of cash in the economy and very low interest rates, this further disrupts the supply/demand balance. Cheap money encourages poor spending decisions. When a 5 yr loan is 1% people borrow more money and buy more crap. 3. Energy costs have soared. It began well before Putin attacked Ukraine. A couple things happened here. One when the economy began to turn back on demand for fuel outpaced production. Oil and gas companies were caught in a bullwhip effect. In June of 2020 there was a glut of crude oil that left them scrambling to find space to store oversupply. Crude tumbled to $9.12 a barrel in April 21. When the world economy started to turn back on suppliers had basically turned off the spigot. 4. New leadership - our new President enacted policies that make it challenging to explore oil and drill for oil and gas. He stopped renewing off shore drilling leases and exploring or drilling on Federal lands. Billions invested by oil companies in pipelines were scrapped and sit partially complete or dormant meaning fuel has to be trucked and brought in on rail. He had publicly stated in his campaign he would End All Fossil Fuels. The oil companies have decided it’s too risky to invest in further production so they aren’t producing as much and in an unfriendly environment can take consumers to the cleaners with low supply. 5. Putin steps in and kicked over the apple cart. With sanctions on Russian, oil and gas supply’s are further inhibited. Russia is rich in natural resources, fertilizer, minerals, lumber, grain. Ukraine was also. Now we have soaring prices on things like Nickel, copper etc. 6. Labor shortages - Again the pandemic caused a major disruption in America’s labor force, some have referred it as the “Great Resignation” in 2021 47 million Americans quit their jobs. Labor is way more expensive now and this directly impacts a companies bottom line. When China stops the lock downs and comes back online, we are really going to see energy prices soar. Hold on for a wild ride. Cliff, great story about the landlord. This is how it’s supposed to work. You raise prices too much people go somewhere else. This is how the free market is supposed to work BUT in our modern complex society we have serious barriers to entry now. Oil companies or chip manufacturers don’t have to worry so much about competition driving prices down because you just can’t build a chip factory overnight or a oil mining company, These companies have the market by the balls now. This is not how the market is supposed to work. What’s supposed to happen is competition is supposed to drive prices down but that can’t happen now in many markets. Trying not to to be political just trying to lay it all out there, because there is a complete lack of understanding out there..
  2. Spot on…I work for one of the worlds largest shipping companies. Individual customers get the worst rate while large supplies have negotiating power but right now it’s worse than I’ve ever seen. We continue to raise prices to meet labor costs (when Amazon went to $15/hr for a starting base line,unskilled worker) everyone had to compete to get or keep employees and those cost are passed on to you. We lost 100’s of people at one place when Amazon did this. Planes sat for hours because we were 600 people short at one location. Fuel cost are volatile. We spent around 9 billion in Jet Fuel a few years ago. God knows what we’ll spend this year. The company wants pilots to shutdown an engine as soon as we are safely able to on the ground. Every drop of gas that can be saved they try to save it. This is the new normal and can confidently say we aren’t going back. Buy it now !
  3. Stumbled on this video of a restoration and sale of a 280z in the UK. Pretty cool episode. In this they have a new 280z fender badge made from scratch out of metal. Seems cost prohibitive, I’d like to know what one of those badges cost, now that the company has a die made.
  4. Cool Pathfinder…..you NEVER see those anymore, I’ve spent a lot of time in junkyards there past few years and I haven’t seen one in there either. Nice little gem you have there.
  5. Checked my timing today with a new timing light that shows RPM. 10 deg at 800 RPM, 35 deg at 2500 RPM. Seems like my mechanical and vacuum advance are working are designed.
  6. In a previous post I mentioned I was concerned with low oil pressure. Even after buying a new sender it was still reading low. I took advice from a few of you and installed a gauge off the block to check my readings. First, the gauge and the adaptor recommended worked perfect. On start up the block gauge show 50 psi (cold engine, cold oil). At operating temp it was stable at 30 psi. Revving it goes up linearly with RPM. Saw as high at 65-70 psi. I’ve been working like a dog recently, operation baby formula has eating up plane cargo capacity so they’re not letting people drop trips. Once crisis after another. I haven’t been able to work on the car for a couple weeks now. Soon it’s going to hot and humid as hell out and without my AC up and running it’s going to make engine break in driving a little sweaty and not fun. Texas AC (windows down) doesn’t work enough and make the interior more prone to exhaust fumes too.. IMG_8909.MOV
  7. I grew up up 20 miles south of SF in a city called Belmont. Went to HS in San Mateo. I was asking because I’m flying into Sacrament next week for work and if you were near there I could hand the part off to you.
  8. I have one of these. My car was a CA car and when I did an engine rebuild I removed it. I never throw old parts away so I have one. I’m never moving back to CA. I never say never but this “never” I’m sure of. I can test with my vac pump. Where are you in CA?
  9. I put my vintage dash in a few months ago. You can Leave the glove box alone until you get the dash out. Like stated above it’s not attached to anything but the dash frame. Once the dash is out it’s easier to put the box out from the back.
  10. I had forgotten about him but you have successfully dusted off some old brain cells. Isuzu kind of fell of the US map. That had some semi-cool vehicles back in the day. They should have never called that small SUV an Amigo.
  11. The way I understand this after rebuilding my distributor. You have 17 total degrees of mechanical advance with the 8.5 counter weights in the distributor (btw some have 9) The engine rotates 2x for one distributor rotation. This equals 8.5 x2 = 17 deg mechanical advance, and according to the FSM you should get full mechanical advance at 2500 engine rpm (1250 distributor rpm). Distributor vacuum advance should have about 10 deg of advance at 2500 engine rpm. So at 2500 rpm you should have a total of 37 degs of advance and you can check that with a timing light by setting 2500 rpm and you should see the light flashing at 37. If it’s way off of that at 2500 you could have issues in your distributor (breaker plate bearings missing or rusted) or a blown vacuum dash pot. BTW….I’m definitely not an expert.
  12. He’s lying to you….he is an expert !
  13. Small bolts first. There is is a small pinch on either side of the bushing that fits perfectly between where the pieces of metal meet. As you tighten just make sure that pinch stays properly seated. I torqued the large bolls last
  14. Dan, did you make sure the bushings were seated properly before tightening them down. I slowly tightened mine down to make sure it didn’t pull the control arm out of whack. It doesn’t take much to to that. I might loosen them back up and then get the wheel straight and then slowly retighten. Just a thought because unless the control arm is bent this has to be the only reason
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