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  1. First seat finished and handed over for the fitting and the adjustment of the new floor/support/transmission tunnel (Thanks @wheee! for your advice on this one !) The rear left wheel arch completed, so now its "only" the floor area 😂 Spare tire well done, floor cutting started yesterday. I have also asked the welding mask question to my dude and his answer was straight forward and funny at the same time: "I am from Philippines, I have small eyes so no problem".
  2. Definitely a risk to see some burnt circles under dem' ladies skirts... I opted for brass over black and fabric over leather to prevent too much damage 😅
  3. Hey guys, some progress on the seat, the first one will be completed by tomorrow evening, and all the pieces are cut for the second one. What do you think about the color combo ?
  4. He is already blind, it's all about the feels... I have been asking him to wear a welding helmet or goggles, but...
  5. Hey Guys, Hope you are all having a nice and safe weekend. Some update from the project, the original rear bumper openings are now deleted, as well as the muffler cutout, to get a very smooth rear end with the 240Z style bumper. I had some corrosion in the spare tire well, which is now cleaned up, and I might add some drainage holes to prevent it from happening again. The last strengthening piece on the left front end is now welded: And finally a preview of the upholstery: Seats to be completed by end of the week, getting impatient !
  6. Totally dig the Hulky Green color with the bronze rims ! Super nice job done, definitely some inspiration for my own project ! Thanks for sharing all this !
  7. It's difficult to see on the picture but the floor was already "fixed" with several patches and the same bad quality welding work (yellow highlight) on both side and the rails underneath are also in bad shape... So the bump with the red arrows pointed should be leveled to the seat rails correct, to gain a bit of width ? Thank you @wheee! for all these inputs, definitely helping a lot !
  8. They are amazing, but their fame turned them quite thirsty I feel 😁 I checked them out for the seats, dashboard, console, door panels work and almost had to take a loan !
  9. I guess I can remove the hump indeed... but I was thinking about reusing the original seat fixation brackets/sliders from the 280z, adapted under the Recaro, in order to allow the change if necessary.
  10. Perfect, amazon is full of these and I will feel great not spending hundreds of bucks ! Thank you !
  11. Grateful to see your involvement and support, thank you all, that's fantastic ! Today I will be sharing the story of the seats I have for my project. The original seats of the car were remade a couple of times from the original black, then white, then black and red (the version I got when purchase it), but needed to be fixed again, so I started a hunt for something a bit different. To my mind, racing, comfort and vintage look means Recaro, and I decided to go directly to the source: Germany. I knew I had to travel to Austria for work in September, and took the opportunity to check https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/ and I luckily found these 2 original pieces in the Black Forest region (close to the French/Swiss border). The "Made in W. Germany" molded on the recline adjustment side cover is just too good ! I had an original flight from Vienna (Austria) to Paris (France) to see some friends while in Europe before returning to Dubai, but it got cancelled by the airline, so I decided to take the journey by train/car, with all the Covid lock down happening in Europe, that was a journey and a half. Took the train from Salzburg (Austria) to Munich (Germany) then a Bus to Zurich (Switzerland) another train to Basel (Switzerland), another one to Mulhouse (France) to finally rent a car and drive 1h deep into the Germany Black Forest to a beautiful town called Zell im Wiesental (https://goo.gl/maps/JyQkPe9DYV24LBXp9). Brought back the seats by car to Paris, and then flew them as my checked-in luggage to Dubai. The restoration work has already started and I should get them finished by mid January. Below is the selected fabric and leather - question: gold or black rivet ? The inspiration for the seat is from Robert Downey Junior BMW E9:
  12. Hi @wheee! any chance you remember the backup camera brand/reference ? The flush mounting partially hidden from sight under the rear bumper is exactly what I had in mind. The SWM stereo is superb as well, with a somehow retro vibes.
  13. It used to be listed for USD 50k in May, but it's shown as Not For Sale at the moment, they might be waiting for the value to increase, or they are doing some work on it.
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