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  1. Agreed. That was a fun read (even for those of us who didn't grow up in the Fraser Valley). Nice to a mention of my old racing acquaintance from Kelowna, Keis Neirop (1983 Sebring winner and also responsible for the only all-wood 240Z rotisserie that I've ever seen). I poked around on the internet this morning and tracked down the location of the old Chilliwak Datsun dealership. As someone else on the linked thread pointed out, it's now only a shadow of its old self, reincarnated as 'Campus Auto Sales' and 'Classic Cars'. You can clearly identify the original showroom building by its
  2. OK, I'll ask first. Who is the trophy girl in the first picture?
  3. Actually, I have seen those Nissan OE snubbers. I bought them from MSA back in the mid-1980's. They were installed on struts that got stored and I didn't get around to using them until 30 years later. When I checked them out, they looked perfect but crumbled to the touch. So much for open-cell, natural rubber suspension bushings. The sad part is that today's no-cell neoprene bushings are not the answer for a lot of owners (unless you are dedicated to track days, autocrosses, or live in a part of the world were roads aren't exposed to frost-heave).
  4. At $55, this looks like a practical alternative to rebuilding your OE Harada (finicky work that may generate indifferent results if the internal plastic bits and the mast tubes aren't in A-1 condition).
  5. Re-shaping those bent sections back to the correct, radiused contour might be a challenge. I'm concerned that the metal won't move much in response to hammer-and-dolly treatment. @ConVerTT did some significant work on this area of his Z and would probably be well qualified to advise.
  6. The Specs tables in the FSM's seem to say that the 280Z got a 15.8:1 rack for the first two years (MY 75-76) before changing back to a ratio similar to that of the 240-260 MY's (18:1 for the MY77 280Z vs. 17.8:1 for the NA-spec 240Z/260Z). This makes no sense, for a couple of reasons: A 15.8 rack (just like the Euro-spec 240Z) is faster but requires more driver effort than a 17.8 rack. Not good for us slow-driving, parallel-parking North Americans. But then the 280Z comes along and it's designed as safer and more luxurious (and heavier) than the 240Z, so as to further cater to the Nort
  7. That's an interesting approach, now that I think about it. I suppose one could rig up a remote device to drop an open flame into the tank's filler neck while standing a safe distance away. Maybe one of those birthday cake sparkler sticks suspended from overhead on a string?
  8. There are no 100% answers to this question. Lots of anecdotal evidence, but no robust guidelines. Statistical populations of three. A classic example of 'YRMD' (your results may differ). All I can say is that if it all goes wrong for you, your last thought will be, 'F__'. Your wife may have a different comment .
  9. My big fear is that you will soon lose interest in 'all things Datsun' and move on new challenges. The next logical step for someone with your skills is a late-60's Alfa GTV, isn't it? Or -- sharp intake of breath -- a Jag E-Type.
  10. That's a good point. Any uncracked OE dash that's being offered (for big $$$) is probably a hand grenade. Unless you plan to install said uncracked dash in a trailer queen that's garage-stored, it's just another piece of 1970's-tech plastic and foam waiting for exposure to the real world to do its thing. I don't think any of us really know why they cracked. Was it sunlight? High under-glass temps? Air pollution chemicals? Combination of all htree? Or maybe it was just over-exposure to ArmorAll! Probably only a chemical engineer who specializes in polymers knows the correct answer
  11. The dash from my 5/70 (mid-3000's) has the same armature structure as CTZ's #6521.
  12. I remember my experiences with my 240Z in the 1970's as my daily driver in a high-density NA city (Toronto). That flywheel was definitely designed by Nissan engineers from a 'mass marketing' perspective. That is, enough mass/momentum to save buyers who were new to the game of low-torque cars with manual transmissions. I hated it and, IMO, they over-did it. However, the sales numbers speak for themselves, don't they?
  13. Sounds like somebody at MSA/Z-Store goofed. Their listing does indeed say, $79 'and sold by the pair', but when they buy from Palco they might get a 25% discount at best, so $112.50. Hard to believe that Palco would sell them to MSA at a 50% discount, and then allow MSA undercut them in the retail market by such a huge margin (or any margin, for that matter). I think we may see the MSA price change to $149 pretty soon.
  14. You can make yourself crazy by worrying about all of the possible causes for those things that we would all prefer to stay clear of: cancers, alzheimer's, parkinson's, whatever. As a reformed smoker, I'm particularly leery of inhalable stuff: particulates (looking at my blasting cabinet), fumes (looking at my MIG welder), and can't-see-it stuff (looking at the isocyanate-catalyzed paint that I bought but now won't use). All of us car-hobby people get careless from time to time, and we will never be able to be quite sure whether, for example, that time when we blew out a brake caliper with
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