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  1. Would you be willing to share with us the cost of having the car media-blasted? Pricing info for these types of large-scale procedures (blasting, chemical dipping, etc) helps others to develop a plan and budget for their restorations.
  2. Thanks for the update. That's going to be a great little car. I am in deep envy of your rotisserie set-up. It just makes things so much easier. I'd forgotten all about this vendor. I wish they'd clean up their website by eliminating all of their, 'No Longer Available' listings. It may have made sense ten years ago, but now it's just annoying. 'I don't care about what you used to have in stock. Just tell me what you have to sell now.'
  3. Look at the company being kept by Z #000029 on this R&T classified page! Bizzarrini GT Strada De Thomaso Mangusta BMW 507 Cord 812 Cobra 427 (the real one) It would have been easy to skip over the two Datsun listings back in the day. And $4995 wasn't small change back in 1971 (esp. in comparison with the MSRP for a brand-new 1972 Z with all the 2nd-generation upgrades). And just exactly what does 'Positraction' mean here? Was that a Datsun Competition Parts offering?
  4. (sigh) I long for winters of my youth, when snow on the ground and natural ice rinks were the norm. All I get in January 2021 is relentless overcast and brown grass.
  5. Looking forward to your report on these after you take delivery. A few photos would be great, too. Available in black only?
  6. C&H have a new Facebook page (dated 2019) which announces that the operation has moved from California to El Paso, Texas. Jim is still mentioned as one of the contact people.
  7. Those would be complicated pieces to offer new (made even more challenging because of the need to make and stock LHS and RHS versions). At best, someone like 240ZRubberParts.com might be interested in making the plastic (nylon) piece. However, I'm not sure whether most owners care enough about wear on these to warrant making a re-pop. If you're willing to attempt driving out the pins, it looks like the plastic wedge piece would be easy to fabricate from nylon bar stock.
  8. It already looks pretty clean. A far cry from the usual undercoated mess.
  9. Namerow


    Sorry. I knew I should have checked out 'vicarious' before using it, so ignore the word if you will. My point was this: It's risky to write these guys off as nothing more than goofballs and grandstanders.
  10. Namerow


    I wouldn't take this too lightly. America has a history of vicarious presidential assassinations. If that happens... what next?
  11. OK, before this thread gets completely highjacked, would somebody please start a new one to address the, 'My Favorite Accident Story' theme that this is turning into? In the meantime, here's my updated summary of NLA parts: Part Category Suggested by Suggester’s Comments Possible Solutions Diff Front Mount (insulator) – ‘early’ type (PN 55415 E4102) Drivetrain Namerow Required to preserve originality of ‘early’ driveline layout. No easy workarounds, but… In late 2020, Netherlands-based CZCC member Bart (bartsscooterservice) devised a method for re-working the later-style 240Z mount… Hatch Glass Glass S30Driver Getting difficult to find in acceptable to pristine condition. Side Window Glass Glass S30Driver Getting difficult to find in acceptable to pristine condition. Carpet underlay pieces, cut-to-shape from OE-spec jute material Floor Coverings Gav240z Correct material not readily available and not pre-cut Correct jute material might be sourceable from the UK c/o The Roadster Factory (www.trf.zeni.net ) Carpets in correct, loop-style Floor Coverings Gav240z Carpets in correct material not readily available Rear quarter panels Body Panels Gav240z Tabco’s half-length patch panel has traditionally been the only option. Wolf Steel Restorations (www.alfaparts.net ) offer a full-length (dog leg-to-tailight) panel in 280Z format @ Cdn$300. Inner Dogleg panels Body Parts Namerow Previously a make-your-own item 2020-12: Now offered in LHS and RHS formats by KlassicFab Vintage JDM (www.kfvintagejdm.com ) @ $75/side. Roof panel Body Panels Gav240z Required to fix cars cut for sunroof. Re-pop panel not available. Rear valence panel (aka rear ‘apron’ / ‘roll’ panel) Body Panels Gav240z Available re-pops fit OK but are not accurate in certain details. Door Cards (bare, w/o vinyl trim cover) Interior Richard McDonel Often compromised by speaker installations and/or water damage. Available c/w correct vinyl trim from Z Car Depot @ $419/pr (black only) or from Banzai Motorsports @ $500/pr (all colours) 2020/12: CZCC member, 240dkw, suggests these may still be available over-the-counter from Nissan (Canada only?) Center console – ‘early’ type Interior Mike Later-style 240Z console available from Motorsport Auto @ $159 Ashtray Lid – ‘early’ type Interior Gav240z ‘fragile’ (one or both pivot ‘ears’ break off and cannot be reliably glued back in place) www.240zrubberparts.com Ashtray Tub – ‘early’ type Interior Namerow Threaded bosses for Lid hinge pins can crack and break off. Successful repair is difficult. Smoker-used Trays are not pretty. Horn Pad - Locking Ring Interior Siteunseen 2020-12 – Now offered by www.240zrubberparts.com @ $25. ‘Nismo’ fuel pump mounting bracket Body Parts Mike Not an OE part, but… Door Upper Molding – Rubber Squeegee Strip Exterior Namerow Fifty-year old originals are typically rock-hard, chipped and barely function. Requires correct profile in order to mount and function properly. OE rubber has ‘fuzzy’ treatment on face that contacts the window glass. An important component for proper window glass motion and location. Supply seemed to dry up ~ 2015. No one seems to have found a good replacement rubber. Can be had from ZCar Depot as part of their ‘Belt Molding Chrome Door Trim’ piece @ $79/side (molding is straight) or from Motorsport Auto as part of their ‘Reproduction Door Upper Molding Set’ @ $369/pair (moldings are curved like the OE pieces). Not sure if either alternative has the correct ‘fuzzy’ treatment on the glass contact side. Engine Splash Panel (metal) Body Parts Namerow Fibreglass reproduction available from JDM Parts @ $189. Wiper Motor Cover - early-style, hard-plastic ‘clamshell’ Body Parts Namerow Required for accurate restoration of early 240’s
  12. DKW 2-stroke 3-cylinder delivers the equivalent of a 6-cylinder 4-stroke Good illustration of why you should never roll your Z. And now, back to our original program...
  13. Lots of different ways to die or get badly hurt in a car. The shoulder belt is there to keep you off the steering column and IP and away from the windshield in a forward impact situation. I don't have the stats at hand, but I'm pretty sure that your chances of getting into a forward-impact collision are a lot higher than those of being involved in a roll-over. Your results may vary, of course. No question that a Z's windshield structure is relatively flimsy compared to those in modern cars, but it and the Z's roof structure are a long way ahead of the windshield-frame-only protection offered by an old-tech convertible like the DKW. I'll keep my shoulder belt, thanks.
  14. A miniature 1957 Ford Thunderbird. On that same note, a well-known early-60's Ferrari owner once remarked that he sold his 250GTE because the front end styling eventually just reminded him too much of a 1957 Thunderbird.
  15. This part is now also being produced by Steve Nix at 240ZRubberParts.com. As noted somewhere else, 'Out of Stock' does not mean, 'out of stock forever'. It just means that you'll need to contact Steve directly to place a request... 240z Horn Pad replacement ring NEW $25.00 out of stock! Inner 240z horn Pad replacement ring new. Remove the old inner ring and glue/epoxy the new ring to the Pad. Molded from an original 240z Ring and reproduced in a industrial strength hard urethane plastic. Replacement ring only, Horn pad not included.
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