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  1. Trust the Captain to dredge up another pun... I smelt it a mile away!
  2. Shiny and practical. I like the multiple connections and the plastic safety covers.
  3. Congrats! I see your car and look at my stack of invoices and realize I should have just bought a rebuilt car like yours or @zKars a long time ago... Oh well, more fun in doing it yourself but waaaaaaay more money!
  4. Picked up another gallon of DTM 2k Epoxy and a little more of the E2335 green. I will try and get the untreated panels completed as well as paint all the jambs and panel insides before mounting all the panels for final bodywork. I also ordered my Vintage Dash from @theguppies this morning! Hope to see that soon as well. Some other small parts have accumulated too. A couple of battery clamps with multiple wire feed mounts. Some black silicone radiator hoses. Some wire terminal blocks for the Haltech wiring harness assembly.
  5. Time to order! Send me a PM and let’s get this dash up to the frozen north before the snow!
  6. Drool.... 24(0) karat gold block....
  7. ....and make sure the handle end is towards the front of the car. I know a guy that screwed that part up... [emoji51]
  8. I can see this being helpful for those looking to manage their engine performance especially with COP and ignition timing.
  9. Not sure where to put this so here it is: https://www.haltech.com/product-overview-elite-vms-and-vms-t/ Now you can get a Haltech system for a carb'd engine setup without paying for all the Fuel Injection features you don't need.
  10. I have one in the classifieds for sale... [emoji51]
  11. Don’t show this to@convertt Wish I would have seen this 4 years ago. My rad support was pretty crappy.
  12. In my case, the car will have none of the original running gear (engine, transmission, diff, complete front and rear suspension, gas tank, brakes and brake lines) along with new fenders, replaced quarters, new frame rails, new floors, new seats and dash, half the glass, body work and paint. What would the original odometer refer to that the production date doesn’t already state? The 15% of the car that is still original?
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