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  1. wheee!

    Welcome to Zcar Blogs

    Look at the VTO offerings. I have the wheels in 16x8 +3 (off of a 72 240Z that was parted) and they will fit fine on my 76 280Z. The 73 did not have coilovers.
  2. Well, even though my 280Z is still in restoration mode, I went and bought a little red beauty to add to the stable!
  3. Good day to do some drifting buddy!  ;)

    1. takayuki


      Had to do a few on my way to the airport this morning. :)

    2. wheee!


      Stay safe brother.... hope to see you this spring!

    3. takayuki


      thanks mark! you too! I hope to see your completed project soon! :)

  4. Hey Mark, 

    If you are wanting to replace the a rear deck panel I have back half section (flat, not sloped) from a late 77. It has the hinge where it was joined.I also have one of the side panels. I'm not sure that they will fit exactly.  I haven't measured.  So If you don't feel like manufacturing one let me know.

    Sorry for crappy pics, I hate phone photos for that very reason.




    1. wheee!


      Wow, thase look good. I will check mine again but the scalloped edging looks like what someone tried to do with the one I have, only with a jigsaw, while drunk....

      The only issue is how to get them here... shipping to Canada can be ridonkulous...

      Might be easier to do a tracing of the boards as a template, then remove and ship the hardware (minus the hinge) and trace...

  5. Car looks fantastic. Love the steering wheel too.... Giving me inspiration!

  6. wheee!

    RoZy - 2010 370Z Sport Coupe

    My sweet lady....
  7. wheee!


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