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  1. There are performance parts suppliers in Canada but not many people selling original parts. Canada has a better stock of old Nissan parts at the dealer then the US. The main warehouse is in Calgary. For spare parts in good condition, check with [mention]zKars [/mention] for hard to get stuff.
  2. My vw style IAC is a three wire system. The “closed” leg is tied to ground with a 30-40 ohm resistor and the “open” leg is controlled by the Haltech. Third wire is signal 5v. The closed leg is always trying to close while the Haltech pulls open the other leg as it measures vacuum. It hasn’t run yet, so I’m unsure of how loud it will be.
  3. The spray glue curled it a bit but it flattened out as it dried. The panels look flat now. Getting the thicker single layer foam was almost impossible locally and I didn’t want to wait a month for it to be shipped online. Upholstery shops in the next city wanted $100 a roll for foam.... nope.
  4. What you’re looking at is three or four layers of foam on that panel. The roll of it is on the tool box to the right... about 4mm’s total on each door panel!
  5. Can you not get 12A in the states?
  6. Got the new engine bay plate installed last night!
  7. It’s on the shelf next to the DDT and the 99% DEET Off... Welcome to Canada.
  8. As a side note, I installed my custom fabricated A/C system using the basic VIntage Air Mini Gen II kit plus my own hose kit, condenser and drier. I was loathe to start the engine with a parasitic pump attached even without the clutch engaged with the potential for damage to the a/c system, so I purchased a vacuum pump and manifold and purged the system myself. Was pleasantly surprised to find no leaks and proceeded to load a full charge of 12a refrigerant into the system. This $200 investment was worth it to have a functioning A/C system that I can personally service rather than pay someone else to do.
  9. Pic of the taillights and marker. low beam and high beam showing the cutoff. Photography doesn’t do justice to the brightness and colour temp of these lights. high beam
  10. Adjusted the front coil overs a little to get a little more clearance. The added weight of all the kit I installed the last two months dropped the front end about half an inch too much. Picked her up a bit, tightened all the pretty bling suspension bits and put the vto’s back on! Added water to the rad for test day. Will confirm no leaks before I adjust the mix with coolant. Charged the battery, checked all the wiring and secured the engine bay. A couple of nice shiny parts arrived so installed new led 1156 bulbs in the taillights. 1157’s and shorty 1156 coming too. Some H4 LED headlight bulbs arrived too. Amazingly bright and look awesome in the period correct Cibie headlights!
  11. Thank you. I find it helpful to post info as I go so that others benefit from what I’ve learned, both successes and mistakes. There are some legends on this forum that have made this journey possible. I learned everything from the people here. I hope in some way my thread will help someone else too.
  12. Cars on the ground. Fuel is in, ready to load the first run file and start the engine on Saturday! Hopefully no fireworks.
  13. Lucky for me I have no previous experience driving with stock rubber bushings. All my bushings were replaced with poly or solid mounts so the NVH (whatever it is) will be the standard in my finsinhed ride! lol
  14. Carpets are in. The fit and finish of the sewn/molded kit for the 280Z is really good. The finished edges on visible ends is great.
  15. Backup camera! Shift into reverse and the system powers on automatically!