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  1. Wow. Makes my car look like one of those drawings your kid brings home from preschool.... “ooh I love it hunny!” This is beautiful detailed work!
  2. Thanks. The thread has been my therapy and my school. Everything I have done has been a “first” for me. Thankfully this forum had been guide.
  3. My connector pieces were built to match what was already there. Not perfect I’m sure, it is very close. The jack plates are my own design as far as I know. I don’t remember seeing them done before. But I’m sure someone else had the same idea. The TC bucket was removed by drilling out the spot welds and careful grinding. I just welded back through the spot welds to put it back on. And yes, my thread would benefit from “chapter markers” ....
  4. Should pop out pretty easy if I remember mine.
  5. Do you have a pic of the whole car? Curious to see another local 75/76...
  6. Great work on the driver side trans hump! That will be so much easier to fit modern seats.
  7. This is why it’s simpler to just buy the correct flasher unit that can work with both led and incandescent bulbs. Worth the extra $$
  8. Here we have a shot of the rear video camera turning on when I shift into reverse! Cool! IMG_3649.MOV
  9. Some shots of the Led lights, flashers working (but with rear incandescent bulbs). IMG_3644.MOV IMG_3643.MOV IMG_3646.MOV
  10. They are good quality leds, and the problem was I still had one set of incandescent bulbs in when I tested before. The LED compatible flashers were faulty. I ordered new ones and this should solve the problem. I put the incandescent bulbs back in and everything works so obviously the flashers are not LED compatible, even though they advertised they were.. grrrrr. Live and learn.
  11. Everything was deleted and I run a map sensor in the Haltech ecu. Complete system upgrade.
  12. Hmmm. I had turn signals and flashers working before. All the wiring is good. Good grounds. Indicator lights in dash come on solid but don’t blink. I swapped all the bulbs to leds and added electronic flasher units but now the flashing has stopped working from either the turn signals or the emergency switch. Any brilliant thoughts I should look into first?
  13. I got the Tach Adapter installed today! It even has a start-up sweep!! IMG_3636.MOV
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