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  1. wheee!

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Looking good Jeff! Looking forward to this one turning over.
  2. Ha! I used a drill and a rotary tool with steel cutting head to do that. Granted I started with raw metal them primed and painted afterwards..., but still done by hand.
  3. Who says you need to ruin them?
  4. wheee!

    Transverse link mounting bars

    Fair enough. Both Jim and I are fairly local and shipping would be more reasonable from here in Canada. My offer stands if he wants a set redone from stock. Free for the cost of shipping of course.
  5. wheee!

    Transverse link mounting bars

    I have a set off my early 76 280Z that could be restored and used. Not sure of the universality of the part though. Mine were for the R200 diff. Let me know if your're interested. If you're not in a hurry I could clean them up and powdercoat them for you too.
  6. Actually, my daughter in law is an beautician and I think that the picture is referring to an eyelash implant/additive procedure... but what would I know!
  7. wheee!

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    So I called Dave at AZC today and had a chat. He has been very busy with other manufacturing and is going to have the proper adapter plates for me by end of August...he says. Also, he has indicated that he will no longer be manufacturing the AZC park brake caliper. He is instead going to go with the MC4 park brake from Wilwood. This suits me just fine as the rest of the BBK is from Wilwood as well. Looking to have this by end of September so I can finally get the car on the ground! While on his web page, I had a quick look at his new clutch kit with lightened flywheel. Very reasonable price and nice specs...
  8. wheee!

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Ordered some Energy Suspension bushings to finish up the mounting of the anti sway bars, steering rack, transmission cross member, etc. Hope to have them soon. I am still waiting for Dave at Arizona Z Car to finish making the rear disc brake park brake adapter plate. I am very disappointed in how long it is taking.... I ordered the brake systems over a year ago and still can't install them until i have the adapter plate. If I install them now, I will have to disassemble the rear bearings to re-install the plate later. Would really like to get the car on the ground and off jack stands... trying to be patient. Having said that, I am still procrastinating on getting the doors, hood and hatch stripped and repaired. I will have to get motivated and get them stripped while the weather ids good so I can do it outdoors. Then I can get the metal work and repairs done in the fall inside. Sigh, it seems like forever since I was in the shop for any length of time.
  9. wheee!

    New 280z "Hawk" - wish me luck.

    I blew out all my vent and feed lines etc with an air hose after sealing the tank. All the lines seem to be flowing properly and no noticeable restrictions. YMMV but it is worth the risk to get a good sealed tank that will last another 40 years...
  10. wheee!

    New 280z "Hawk" - wish me luck.

    I did the marine clean and POR for my tank as well. I also had to soak the tank in acetone to break up the varnish inside, followed by pressure washing, followed by more marine clean before sealing. My thread has all the details.
  11. wheee!

    New 280z "Hawk" - wish me luck.

    Mine cleaned up real nice with CLR, worked great afterwards too. Full sweep and resistance checks out on the ohmmeter
  12. wheee!

    Are these wheels of any interest?

    I have a set too. Nice period wheels for those that can run them. Mine are in poor condition though. Yours should sell well! Edit: unable to post pictures for some reason...
  13. wheee!


    Remember to take pics or have an assistant take some...!
  14. wheee!

    My Project Z.

    😅 ... you funny!

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