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  1. The white 77 won best stock Z. It was an Arizona car.
  2. I’ll have to ask him. He’s in Calgary with@zKars.
  3. Beautiful day finally here on Edmonton for our annual car show!
  4. Mark,

    I tried to reply earlier regarding the chrome trim on the rear surrounds, but somehow I ran afoul of the site administrator, so I'll try this way.  The chrome trim is not perfect, but it's a lot better than one would expect for a 40 year old car.  I'm going to try to make it to Edmonton tomorrow.  After going through three cars to make one good one, I have a mass of surplus parts.  I'll be the guy in the plain-jane white GMC 1/2 ton.  Cell phone 403-341-9207.  

    Thanks again for the invitation.


    Richard (d***) McDonell

  5. Some more work modifying the lower heat shield to align the throttle cable linkage. I think I should have enough distance for the SS cable to be safe from any heat related damage. This pic shows the hole I opened in the heat shield for the cable to pass through to the "wheel guide" I made. The heat shields will be powder coated when complete. This pic shows the side view and the washer I welded into place to retain the cable and locking collar for tension on the cable. You can also see the slotted hole which will serve as the tensioner on the wheel guide. From here, you can see the path of the cable will align to under the throttle body to allow the cable to "pull" the butterfly open in a smooth arc.
  6. What is the manufacture date on the door jamb? Even rarer if it was made before August 76...
  7. More cool stuff in the mail.. Password JDM bolts and collars. I thought these would be a good replacement for factory low head bolts.
  8. I think the metal in the mirror area is solid, just pitted. I will neutralize the rust and skim coat that. I don’t mind a small amount of body filler in places. I am not building a concours car. I just want it to look good and last. Heavy bondo tends to separate after a while.
  9. Now to strip my original passenger door and see how bad it is compared to the donor. Wish me luck.
  10. The good news was that the replacement driver door from Jim was almost perfect!
  11. The original driver door was pretty bad too. Lots of welds and dents.
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