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  1. Sad but true. I loved working with my American brothers in panjwaii. They had better rations...
  2. The best desert boots I ever bought were Converse. They don’t make them anymore. Now I wear Rockys.
  3. See the world they said... I saw a lot of sand...!
  4. I also picked up some rubber bits from the dealer.
  5. That’s what he does now. It takes a few different screens to do each one apparently so it takes way too long to be efficient. Basically he would need a full time person to enter the data. Which Nissan doesn’t care to do. And it is sensitive pricing info so they won’t let just anyone do it for them.
  6. @zKars Jim probably has a few hundred or so...
  7. That’s ok. I’m happy to receive an awesome Hung approved dash!
  8. It seems Canada has a larger selection of NOS parts than the US in a lot of cases. Don’t know why.
  9. Carpartsmanual.com has everything