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  1. wheee!

    Color wiring diagram for 280Z

    Maybe Mike can rename this thread “77 280Z colour wiring diagram” to avoid confusion with other years.
  2. And a couple more of the linkage through the firewall.
  3. Here’s a good shot of the motor and the clearance with the pedal box.
  4. No core, no return of old parts. From what I can tell, this is a completely new fabrication, no use of old parts.
  5. wheee!

    Help me identify my body panels!

    I would list them up on the Parts for Sale section for whatever you want or the cost of shipping. A lot of people don't use them because of a different choice of air dam, or because they have wider wheels that may rub while turning with a lowered suspension. Either way, I am sure someone wants them!
  6. wheee!

    Help me identify my body panels!

    I like to call them "nacelles"...
  7. https://www.silverminemotors.com/featured/electric-power-steering-kit-for-240z-260z-280z-datsun-1970-1978-s30 Hi everyone! I am documenting the installation of the Silvermine Motors EPS system in my 1976 280Z Restomod. My car is currently in the restoration and rebuild phase and I have purchased the system to help improve the steering and response of the 280Z. I will post pictures and document the system as it goes in and gets hooked up to the various components for all to see. My first impressions are very good. The system is compact and looks extremely well made. I mounted the steering column into the firewall using the supplied firewall plate. I had a small alignment issue which located the steering column down and to the right of the mounting tabs on the pedal box assembly. A small amount of pulling on the shaft allowed it to align with the mounting tabs and no further issues were encountered. No negative impact to the firewall or the adapter plate. This may have been due to the variation in positioning between different cars during manufacturing of the firewall etc, or it may have been a bad day for the positioning jig at Silvermine! Not that it really impacted the installation in the end... The other side of the firewall was straight forward. Attach the U-joint adapter to the shaft and to your connecting rod and you're done! The connections were precise and well made with quality looking fittings. The splines were clean and fit perfect. The splined edges of the connecting rod are beveled to allow the connecting bolts to lock the parts together. All that remains at this point is to: - locate the proper place to mount the control box. This will wait till more of the underdash components are in place to allow proper placement. - wire up the controls! Edan's @silverminemotors website has simple instructions for the wiring. I will post more as the restoration progresses and the system gets wired up!
  8. wheee!

    Title Issues!

    Cool! Good work Zed! Hopefully this helps people get their cars legally registered in the states. If not, ship'em to me and I'll register them here for you first... lol
  9. wheee!

    Title Issues!

    So do the provinces, yet the entire country is linked in the federal database. A previous Alberta registry just makes it simpler. If it is from another province, some provinces charge an import tax, plus require rigorous inspection (scam to suck money out of newcomers as NO vehicle ever passes first inspection) before it can be registered.
  10. wheee!

    Title Issues!

    It's still the wild west out here. I can buy a car from anywhere in the world with no paperwork and register it no problem - as long as it passes a safety and meets Canadian regulations.
  11. wheee!

    Title Issues!

    This is all pretty crazy stuff compared to here.... a hand written bill of sale is all you need on a car to register and insure it in Alberta. A quick registration search shows the last registered owner (if it's from Alberta) and as long as there is no other current registration in effect, possession is 9/10th of the law! It's yours! If it is an out of province vehicle, it needs a safety inspection and a VIN search, but effectively the same rules apply. Insurance is easy, a VIN and the owner information over the phone gets you coverage in minutes.
  12. wheee!

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Thanks Edan! I will post up a separate thread once the install is complete. I’m still a fair ways away from having it completely installed... new dash, gauge work, interior trim etc. It will make more sense in a separate thread with pics etc.
  13. wheee!

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    I agree. No real chance of this car looking stock anyways...
  14. wheee!

    77 at Copart

    Single bid for 1250 last I saw.
  15. wheee!

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    I knew this was a mod I wanted when I saw it. I chose the Silvermine version because it has the potentiometer style feedback from the speedo cable to control the amount of assist rather than the Z Power Steering system of a manual control knob. This means the steering automatically gives full power at idle and low speed and reduces the assist at higher speeds. My wife will be driving the car and the thicker tires and aggressive suspension won't be a problem with this system... I also love the cast iron engine block paint I used on the steering shaft! It looks nice and will stay looking good next to the exhaust headers. I will be painting the engine block this same colour. Sorry... no blue in SASSZ.

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