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  1. It is indeed an order final bosch pump. I have another one which has the blue connectors which was a later aftermarket version I believe. The noise in the cabin is quite excessive. Loud whirring. Fuel pressure is good though.
  2. Is it just my 76 Bosch fuel pump that sounds like an overworked drill pump or do all pumps make this much noise? Rubber insulator is intact and pump is isolated from the frame. I will try and get a video of it soon.
  3. The 78 is a little different but the premise is the same. All the fusible links start with a hot from battery positive. I took a fuse block and fed each circuit to one of the fuses from the hot common. I also added relays for the headlights, horn and starter to keep current out of the dash.
  4. Finally got the 280Z up on the lift and did a mechanical inspection... couldn't resist taking some pictures too!
  5. , I have both kinds but the Interpart Louvers are on the car. They mount under the glass trim.
  6. A bit of a milestone last night. Got the rear bumper mounted and the hatch spoiler finished. I did the spoiler same as the taillight panels, matte graphite. I’m pretty happy with the look! The tall hatch seals spoil the overall finish but I hope they will settle in.
  7. Should look like this without the additional prop valve.
  8. That is your prop valve. The safety valve is under the MC on the driver side.
  9. I’m hoping for some relaxation of the seals but really don’t want to start replacing everything already… but I may have to.
  10. I had not... but anything is possible! I would like a hat with the same logo in black and chrome with the silver thread... The rising sun image I used is the one from my hood design (which I paid copyright to use) I do not have permission to use it for other advertising, so that's why I would like to do a line art version of my own in black and chrome...
  11. In case anyone has been wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth, I have not! With COVID restrictions on car meets and stuff, I haven't had the car out of the garage yet. I am still finishing up some small areas of the car, like the rear spoiler, which should be finished this weekend. I installed new side window glass for driver and passenger (Thanks @zKars!). Mine had some moderate scratches so I took advantage of the like new used parts from Jim. I also have been working on getting the doors to close properly without slamming, but have been having very little luck. I am hoping i
  12. Wow! Truly amazing build with such incredible detail. Best of luck with the sale when done, as this will truly pull the market higher! Great work!!
  13. More good news. The 370Z is lowered but still clears the centre jack and ramps with no rubbing!
  14. Such a fast and quality restoration!
  15. Finished the front garage this weekend. Got the four post lift installed. Canadian Automotive Equipment brand, 8000lb extended height lift. I can walk underneath it and open the hood on the 370 without touching.
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