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  1. wheee!


    NOS don’t necessarily make the car “better”, but maybe more original. $1500 would be my breaking point on a quarter panel even on a “special” car...
  2. wheee!

    Where to go with this rusthole

    Try using the EZ strip grinder wheels. They are plastic, don’t build heat and do a great job.
  3. Never a deal like this near me in Canada... I would buy it if it was local.
  4. Good deal on an awesome car.
  5. wheee!


    I would expect NOS quarters to sell for $1200 - $1500 each. Reproduction panels for $400-$1000 depending on model and condition. A used rear clip from a good donor, $600.... ...just my two cents from what I have learned over the last few years.
  6. wheee!

    3 million Volvo

    OMG I love that car. My dad is a huge Volvo fan and I have always wanted a P1800... ....and now I click the link and realize the sad news... :(
  7. The sunroof is the biggest issue for sure. That’s a $5000 fix at a body shop. I don’t want to disparage the OP’s thread because I love to see these great cars selling for more each year. I’m sure the market will reflect what the car is worth in the end. Sight unseen, I would peg a 260 in “great” condition at $15-20,000 Cdn. With a sunroof, between $10-15,000 Cdn. In the end, I hope the OP is happy with what he is able to get for it!
  8. Wow! Hope you get your price... don’t know if I’ve ever seen a 260 go that high before! Pics would help.
  9. wheee!


    Now I’m craving a pint of draft....
  10. wheee!

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    Yeahhhh... my project was a quick $10,000 refresh that would take a year... 4 years and a lot more money to go later..!
  11. wheee!

    Not a Z but so charming

    I think Jims garage is full this winter. Cute truck!
  12. wheee!


    Whoa whoa... you guys are messing with my job security! I’m okay with that...
  13. wheee!

    The last word in 240Z Restomods

    I spoke to Rahail after the article came out. His bespoke parts are not for individual sale... too bad! He has some great stuff!

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