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  1. zKars

    2+2 gets some SEMA love

    Just saw a post of Facebook today that claims it burned to the ground.
  2. zKars

    Holy $^!# I bought a turd

    Matt, PM and I'll give you me cell and we chat about options. I have lots of SU parts and air cleaners etc to get you going.
  3. zKars

    Used harmonic balancer

    FYI, the sleeves are typically from SKF, Speedy Sleeve or Timkens Redi Sleeve, at least that's the only one's I've seen. No, check that, I've also seen listing for these sleeves on RockAuto too. Point here is that they are easy to use and install yourselves. Don't be afraid to try.
  4. zKars

    Holy $^!# I bought a turd

    Interesting car. I love the ingenuity of the previous owner. I'm SO going out and making an intake just like that one! I bet there is a cone air filter out front of the rad but yes, show us more pictures! I will not use exhaust tubing or crush bends however.. Wait, I don't have a Z at the moment.... oh well. It's missing the heat shield which is why the carb return springs don't have a place to connect at the bottom, so what was done is what you see to make them a place to mount. The PCV valve should be connected to the open block vent. The valve cover connects to the missing air cleaner housing as mentioned. Take heart. If it runs and stops you've got something to work with. I suppose I can offer an air cleaner housing and heat shield so you can get that thing looking and working a bit more 'right" under that hood.
  5. zKars

    Fuel Sender/Gauge

    We need more details about the sender retailer, such as a website or name. Great find! The wiring comes from a connector that is next to the right rear tail light harness behind the plastic trim panel in the hatch. This sub harness then goes through a grommet through the hatch floor to the sender. It also connects to a ground bolt (inaccessible above the gas tank....) and also has a wire for an electric fuel pump. The sender wire is yellow, the fuel pump wire is green. Just a thought about your rear mount gas filler neck. Remember that while filling, you need a 1/2-5/8" vent hose connected back to just inside the filler neck, to allow air to escape or you will have a real witch of a time putting gas in the tank.
  6. That's notin', clean that up with my toothbrush. How about this one?
  7. zKars

    NOS Kamei Spoiler found!

    Well you never know what you might find in a Z at a wrecking yard. I found a brand new Kamei ABS front lip air dam, complete with the original documents and sticker. It attaches with a few screws to the underside of a stock valence. Good for Z's through 6/74 apparently. There is several pages of instructions and a letter from the manufacturer thanking you for purchacing their products. There is no indication of dates on the paper work, but I'm thinking late 80's early 90's? Nothing on it remotely resembling an email or web site, Anyone know more about the life cycle of Kamei? I'm no fan of this thing, just something cool I found. I suppose it's for sale. Would be a pretty big box.... Make me an offer if you just can't stand life with out it.
  8. zKars

    pedal return springs

    I would think the screaming engine and tire noise when you drop the clutch would hide those noises! Hahahaha
  9. zKars

    pedal return springs

    The bushing helps to keep the spring quiet I think. Since that spring is constantly in motion, it would quickly wear a groove and start sqeeking on every pedal press. Just think up tough that will insulate that point. Think natural products, like leather maybe
  10. They are 30mm long. The heads are kinda unique, 24mm socket.
  11. $300 bucks for a set! Holy cow that's crazy. I can sandblast mine and have them yellow zinc plated for $20! Wait, $1200/4, I get it..... Never mind..... I'm heading back to the junkyard to get more of these....
  12. zKars

    pedal return springs

    Charles, measure the diameter of the wire and add that to the post. That's enough info to get a close enough replacement from someplace like McMasterCarr.
  13. I snagged a set of those bolts from a wreck the other day if you can't find yours. They are M22x1.5 and NOT easy to find as a generic bolt. There is a biga$$ flat washer and star lock washer that goes with as well. PM me or email at z240@shaw.ca
  14. zKars

    It's up for sale again!

    The antenna is mint. And it's the ultra valuable 73 model. ...
  15. zKars

    Fuel Sender/Gauge

    Classic Instruments SN38 can be built either 0-90 or 90-0. It's an arm style sender. Having a reversed 0-90 just means full = empty, empty = full. At least it bang on at half a tank! Hahahahaha

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