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  1. Great idea to reproduce these. Note that the only difference in the upper and lower washers is the ID of the hole in the middle, as the pin it thicker at the top than at the threaded ended. It's fun to visualize how and when those knubs touch and resists the movement of the M-bar as it flexes with diff movement. In the neutral position, the knubs don't touch the bushing eye, but as the bar flexes, the knubs touch and help resist that twisting motion. When the eye bushings wear out, these knubs become primary support for the bar and quickly wear.
  2. The Ireland trip even generated a few ideas about my future plans for parts storage and inventory. This is the "long room" in the Trinity College library. Plainly the concept of "heaviest on the bottom, lightest on top" as seen in the ordering strategy on the shelves, also applies to car parts. Sorry having trouble with this new .HEIC files that my iphone is magically using now.... Anybody else fighting with this crap? I can't just choose files from the "Click to choose files" button anymore. Apple strikes again. I used a resize app to grab one and saved it, which saved it as a jpg, but this is not fun.
  3. Didn't see or generate any black spots. No surprise they exist.
  4. on the axle price, say $300? $900 new but given the recent bad press I can seem to give them away. on the datsunrestomod axles, I bought the version that have the snapin Subby stubs that are part of their CV axles. No need for another $350-500 for the adapters needed for the futofab cv's
  5. Never experienced anything in Canada even close to what I find here. Hard to explain. Just know it's VERY fun.
  6. I have a set on my 510. Work perfect. I have the STI diff stub version. I'll let my old Futofab axles go for cheap. Hate them.
  7. https://datsunrestomods.com/collections/all just saying maybe its time to abandon the porch Cv adapter w/lock wire and sloppy spline stuff...
  8. View Advert Wanted: 5 speed striking rod Hey gang Ive had a transmission rebuilder ask me for a striking rod for rhe FS5 trans. Any body have one or any leads? Advertiser zKars Date 06/08/2019 Price $1,233,456.00 Category Parts Wanted Year 0 Model Z or ZX  
  9. Time Left: 19 days and 16 hours

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    Hey gang Ive had a transmission rebuilder ask me for a striking rod for rhe FS5 trans. Any body have one or any leads?


  10. NO straight roads. All perfect pavement. Could never drive every road. Too many, every one is tight narrow twisty, bounded by rock or bush RIGHT there at your mirrors and rims. Lots of on-coming traffic, including trucks, makes for continuous butt clinching, challenge filled driving. Glorious! Only downside is the passenger's constant screaming and pleading for mercy.
  11. Ireland; Roads. Incredible. Go. PS. Buy life insurance first... oh yeah, The scenery's ok too.
  12. look for a m8x1.0 banjo fitting and make your own.
  13. Sorry to hear of this unfortunate situation and the engine damage. While you'll never know if the cap failure or timing contributed to the engine failure, it will always leave the lingering doubt about the product, even without the customer 'service' contribution. I too had the center electrode fail in my 123 dizzy cap that left me stranded in a far away place. I wasn't smart enough to carry a spare, as I thought the new one would last longer than 2000 km. Silly me. I carry a lot of spares, before and after that event, but rarely have had to use any of them, but experiences like this make the practice necessary.
  14. Tanks Inc and Holley sell great in-tank pump solutions. There are others, do a bit of searching. I like one of the Holley setups as it comes with their Hydromat product that acts like the world's best fuel sponge in the bottom of the tank. Look up the Holley 12-130
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