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  1. zKars

    Difficult time fitting swaybar end links

    I got tired of fighting this fight a long time ago. I keep a stock of longer cheap generic 5/16" or 3/8" hex bolts that completely solve all this struggle. Standard hardware store items. You just leave everything slack until you get the nuts started, then snug it all up. Also helps to have the control arms jacked up kinda horizontal.
  2. zKars

    [SOLD] 280ZX 15" Swastika Wheels

    Also a perfect fit offset wise for 510's! Not too ugly with a fresh powder coat and DATSUN emblems on the caps.
  3. Due to unforeseen circumstances, 3798 is back up for sale. All is good, no need to be concerned. If you are interested, please let me know.
  4. It is a bit of a puzzle. Many have struggled with this. You sort of have to hold the filter into the housing, drop the rear a bit, and slip the rear of the filter past the rear air horn to get it all out. Yes the front bolt has to stay in the housing while you do this. When you finally get the housing clear, turn it upside down and spill the bolt onto the floor where it will roll under neath the car. At least that's how I do it. Once you get the technique, you'll wonder what all the fuse was about.
  5. zKars

    280z to 280zx

    Engine, trans, diff. Headlight bulbs. wheels, license plate, various bulbs, upper rad hose, yeah, that's about it.
  6. This is incredible. Summit want $79.99 for a Pilkington windshield!! Even more incredible, I just bought one, and the shipping costs are quoted (Fedex Ground) as $32.27! All the way up here to the great white north! I just can't wait to see what shows up! I've bought pilkington and "asian" windshields in the past and they were more like $400 and $100 respectively. Will let you-all know when it gits here.
  7. Just put a screwdriver/chisel in from the shifter fork hole and whack it. MUCH better angle of attack. If you're chicken, err, I mean, cautious, just use a long chunk of wood and hit the lever ball thingy instead.
  8. zKars

    New fuel sender connectors

    The original picture is what 280 senders electrical connectors look like. They are not designed to be taken off or to be removable. The 240 senders had the slide on terminals and could be better insulated and water proofed by the rubber caps referenced above.
  9. zKars

    New head install question

    I was un-aware they were cupped to start with! as you can imagine, I have quite a few laying around and none exhibit any cup-ish-ness. Can't imagine why they would want them to be cupped, I would think that would consume a good part of the torque you're putting on the bolts or some such. I'm confused. again....
  10. zKars

    New head install question

    I would think the old washers you have would last for all eternity. Unless you lost a couple of course.
  11. zKars

    Fuel tank sending unit

    I have a crazy idea! When the gas gauge gets close to E, put more gas in the tank. Don't worry about the light that tells you the same thing. Sorry, couldn't resist. Now that I've had my fun at your expense, maybe there is a sender with that part in my collection. Somewhere.....
  12. zKars

    1972 Z Brake switch / valve

    A hard pedal where you get immediate excessive braking at very distinct pedal point, has historically been commonly caused by the loss of the "reaction disk" in the booster. It's amazing how this thin little disk of rubber gives you the soft pedal and modulation control that utterly lost without it.
  13. zKars

    datsun 510 harness routing

    Wish I could help. I don't have a stock wired 510 anywhere handy.
  14. Cat's out of the bag. New owner revealed!
  15. Well that was easy! Seems 3798 will be going to new good home out east. It will be well cared for.

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