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  1. My goto electric pump is this one https://www.facet-purolator.com/gold-flo/
  2. Can you find out how much for shipping?




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    2. zKars


      The end of the long bar attaches to the U shaped part, which bolts through the spare tire well with two bolts. Your spare tire well will have three drain holes.....

    3. zKars


      paypal received! Thanks for the extra! Appreciate it. 

      Your tracking number is 

      CN 004 140 326 CA

      Check it on canadapost.com or usps.com once it hits the US. 

      Happy Towing!

    4. DC871F



      It will be a couple years, still up on rotisserie.  I'm glad for this site, what a great network here.

      I get to Calgary every once in a while, maybe a beer.

  3. Here is what I have left of the towing bar I removed. If anyone really wants them, just ask. Bit heavy. Price of shipping.
  4. I just brought home a 71 Z that had a tow package attached. it consisted of a 3/4 x 3” thick tow bar that attached at two points. The front was bolted through the spare tire well via a cross bar and two 7/16” stove bolts, and the rear was hung from the rear bumper with a 5/16 bolt. Yup, nice long bolt, straight through. Ouch This is the only picture I have handy. You can’t see the big a$$ bar that runs under the spare tire well. It looks to be made for the car, the bar is bent in very specific places to fit tightly against the bottom. I have removed the bar from the car. It’s in the recycle bin at the moment.
  5. zKars

    Tool bin trim

    Look under “edge trim” on McMaster Carr’s site https://www.mcmaster.com/catalog/126/4052
  6. zKars

    Tool bin trim

    They are about 10 “ long, and 1/2” wide. The underside is a bit thinner than the top face. The slit is well under a 1/32 “ pretty close to a tight fit on the sheet metal. The bend is formed by cutting out a pie wedge and re-gluing or so it seems. There is a distinct cut there.
  7. zKars

    Tool bin trim

    McMasterCarr has tons of stuff like that. Love that place. I wonder if I can find a piece and measure it for you.
  8. I believe it has to do with turning on the second set of points under certain conditions, for cars that have two sets of points, like auto's. BE-5 in the 72 FSM shows the relay doing this job, but not its location.
  9. Heat it up, put it between two 3/4" sheets of plywood, then park your Z on it for a week. 😉 Time and temp will flatten it as well!
  10. I also made my own. It’s called $1.00’s worth of rubber hose. There is nothing wrong with the OEM design except the strap is too loose or gets stretched with time and allows the diff to lift too far tearing the rubber in the isolator. Just add a rubber spacer to remove the slop. Yes I should zip tie the hose in place so it doesn’t work it’s way out. So $1.50
  11. I really don’t want to get in the reproduction parts business, at least not yet. I do want to produce “reasonable” items that come close to the originals at first glance at a reasonable price for my own projects. I will include my rough notes and doodles of the detail measurements of my negative cable. Sorry for the not-perfectly readable scribbles. No I’m not a doctor.
  12. Given the price, I’m kinda thinking they may be OEM cables. The Fiche does show different cables starting 72-07. Going to have to call them to get details if you want to see the difference I can imagine nothing location or lug size, or grounding difference. Might be a “better” battery terminal end upgrade or style or something
  13. I realized I have one good original negative cable on the new to me 71 I just picked up. Now “we” need one of those original blobs to use to make reproduction blobs.... I’ve taken detailed measurements of the cable, lugs, wires etc. Finding the very heavy lugs that Nissan used is going to be a challenge in todays cheap crap marketplace. The big cable lug is a brass or copper monster made with 2mm thick metal and has a lovely crimped connection done with a serious tool.
  14. Great ingenuity. Many of the Datsun family hood latches are very similar. There are hood latches, out there, you didn’t look in the right place. I have a few 240/260/280 hood latches that are replated real purdy that I’d part with, but it seems you have your solution right there. Nice work
  15. Nothing like more options. https://www.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/pnpages/15-04818.php?gclid=CjwKCAiA17P9BRB2EiwAMvwNyGDVuhht0dypa-XwCNqz7pVIJ_WSV9hDGVqKnMOl-WcpRjx2K9uCiRoCFJUQAvD_BwE Gotta trust an air craft supplier would sell hose that is fuel worthy. Been studying fuel tubing. Seems Viton tubing is getting the nod. One description. https://www.new-line.com/hose/tubing/viton-tubing/viton-rubber-tubing
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