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  1. "BUMP" just couldn't resist! I just modified a 76 filler neck for a customer and sold him a locking cap. First one since 2016. Still have a few locking caps left. Let me know if you'd like one. $45 per locking cap. You do the work to mod your filler ring.
  2. A good contact in Vancouver area is Byron Meston. I know him personally. Although a dedicated 510 guy, he is well connected to the various Datsun communities in the area and is renown for his willingness to help those in need (as needy as all Datsun people seem to be!) 😉
  3. I’ve found pretty much the same issue with about a dozen non-working horns now, and it relates to corrosion in the power connection terminal where it passes through the body of the horn. You can clean both sides of it thoroughly inside and out, even by sand blasting, and it will look like a million bucks but will not pass current. The corrosion between the touching mating surfaces of the metal bits that make up this insulated pass through connection are severe enough to insulate. I have had to grind the head off the rivet and separate and clean ALL the metal contact surfaces to get it to work again. The rest of the horn internal parts are rarely the issue.
  4. Interesting solution. Can’t quite make out the pattern. I might suggest going to a big vehicle upholstery shop in your area and having them look through their sample books and suppliers for various vinyl patterns. I couldn’t believe the number of options they showed me when I did this years ago.
  5. AGC fuses are 0.25" diameter. ATO fuse blades are 0.025" thick. Buy 0.25" OD brass tubing at hobby shop, slit it the long way with a 0.020 slit, cut into AGC fuse minus 0.1" lengths Press the fuse blades into the slit of the little itty bitty tubie thingy. Should be tight press fit. Make slit smaller if 0.020 is too loose. Repeat for other blade. Ensure space between tubes and total width = AGC fuse width. Put in AGC fuse holder. Capn Obvious will make us little plastic rods with spacers on his little itty bit lathe to go between the two tubie slitty thingys. Done. $1.00 each. Now where to by 0.020 slitting dremel cutting wheel or equiv..... Also thought of just a generic 0.25 roll pin that already has a slit by its very nature and kinda springy in the same way. Probability of the slot being the right width is small, but if it's too small, we can fix that. Or if too big squish it in a vise until its the right size. Looking at some roll pin spec tables, NOBODY seems to list the slit width. Just because when you use them for roll pins nobody cares how wide the slot is, jeezzzz...... Come on.... Don't make me go buy the Princess Auto/Harbor Freight variety pack, please....
  6. I was thinking they are spring Stainless steel formed in a press of some sort. Would need some tension to retain the fuse blades. Just dreaming mostly. Waiting for Captain Obvious to chime in…..
  7. Thanks for doing that! I fully understand the cost of developing new products on small scale and related costs, I am not surprised at the current asking price. Being is Canada and the related added costs is something I just have to factor in. Hmmm wonder what kinda little jig I could make to bend those little clips myself….
  8. Been searching for this solution for a long time. Too bad the price is crazy. Buying 12 (comes in packs of 3, so for 10 you need to buy 4 packs of 3, or 12) are $50 USD. With exchange and shipping getting near $100 CAD.
  9. Perhaps investigate how much of that weight is the compressor vs the underdash components. The Sanden compressor for the mini isn’t more than 15 lbs and the underdash unit and hose aren’t anything north of 20. I too find the mini to be “ok” for S30’s and 510’s in our northern climate, but likely not really enough for true hot southern climates.
  10. I’ve been involved in the purchase and installation of 1.5 of Hung’s dashes. They are faithful reproductions and good quality. Hung is always great to work with.
  11. First, I am very impressed at your ambition trying to renew the harness. I have re-furbished many harnesses, but tend to just replace pins and sometimes connector shells, never all the wire as well. Rarely is the wire compromised unless I find corrosion in the strands as I replace terminals. High current wires, (ie the fat white ones) I commonly replace entirely including all ring and connector terminals. These fancy colored 10 pin 73 specific connectors have the same 6.3mm spade terminals as the other 2/4/6 pin connectors, so just remove each terminal, inspect clean or replace it, and snap it back in the housing. No need to replace the housings, which you can’t do any way, they are not available new. You can use Weatherpack or Deutsch connectors (DTM for 14gage and higher, DT for 10-12). Steve’s suggestion for 10 pin connectors are fine, but I’d just do terminal service and retain the stock housings.
  12. Extensive roll bar additions throughout do all the strengthening needed in a race car. I would add strut tower/firewall bracing to an auto-cross or weekend racer first before these chassis bars. None of the above are necessary or will provide any noticeable difference to a street driven car. Spend your money on stickier tires.
  13. There has been a couple of times I almost purchased an induction heater for stubborn things but never found one that was both economical and had lots of options. This one looks reasonable. Having an Oxyacetylene setup is handy, but expensive and bulky and storage is an issue. Let us know how it works on control arm casting heating.
  14. It would seem I can’t upload video’s or images, as others have noted. I will try again when the issue is resolved. As they say, it ain’t real without pictures.
  15. Ah yes my little jewel that is the Kardashian of the Datsun world, no real talent but having insufferable beauty, gazed upon lustfully these many years with no real contribution to society, now has to earn a living by vile hot sweaty noisy labour under the hood of an un-remarkable 4 door sedan in the middle of nowhere special. Poor thing. Is the value of an object defined by rarity or desirability? Or it’s ability to bring joy to it’s owner and those that share in the ensuing reverie? I prefer to believe the latter. Well this thing is now nothing but a (slightly) used L18. Never again will it be NOS. It has 15min of break-in time on it. I speculated that if I dared to declare that I had something no one else had, many others would come out of the woodwork and proclaim they have not one but two hiding in their basement. Thus I have not shared up until now. At the very least we will likely descend into the hell of arguing how real and accurate all the bits are to the SSS form. Or I may be scorned for committing heresy by putting such a rarity into a stock North American 69 4 door with no SSS heritage and slapping false declarations of SSS-ishness (which I fully intend to do BTW) upon its body? Well I have earned with age the privilege to do what I hell I want with it and enjoy the hell out of it, and just enjoy the slight smugness that no one, at least near me if any luck, has one (or two) just like it.
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