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  1. zKars

    SU Carbie issue

    You're just running lean. If this is a new condition, I'd suspect your fuel supply has been comprimised. Dirty filter, plugged lines, poorly performing fuel pump. On the other side of the coin, a vacuum leak lets more air in that is expected leading to a lean mixture even if the fuel system is working well.
  2. zKars

    Separate lower joint and pinion

    Ok, I forgot to mention that I normally have the rubber isolator apart at this point so the splines have somewhere to move. I know it seems like a lotta force, but I've had nothing but perfect success with this method and no broken or bent parts. Those rusty splines do not come apart with a little squit of WD-40 and a prayer....
  3. zKars

    Separate lower joint and pinion

    I have an old friend that helps me with this task. It is a tire changing/dismounting/prying beast. I bought mine at Princess Auto. I'll bet Harbour freight has one too. It has a tapered tip that is perfect to put in that split (where the bolt goes through) to spread that splined area and break the rust in there. Place the tip in the crack and hit it with a 2 lb sledge. Do not be nice. Then use the other end to pry between the body of the rack and the end of the joint to slide it off of the splines.
  4. The bolt thread is 10x1.5, not 1.25. ALL M!0 bolts that thread into the engine block and transmissions are 1.50 thread.
  5. zKars

    Door Strike on a series 1

    All the original Z's I've seen have zinc plated (silver) door strikers and latch mechanisms, including the bolts.
  6. zKars

    Window guide

    The long guide is factory curved, but that plastic piece is supposed to be attached to the window frame. Yours is broken. You will find the other side of it attached to a metal bracket riveted to the window frame.
  7. zKars

    Pair of clean 240z Seats with sliders

    As long as you right sliders for the chassis, all the sliders fit all the seats. 240, 280 75-76 and 77-78 seats rails differ in how they mount to the floor, but all mount to the seats in the same way.
  8. zKars

    Round Tops Fuel Systems

    While there may be similarities to some of the updated functions that the old flat tops provided, these brand new carbs have nothing in common with them. These look like an excellent alternative to our old SU's. Seems to have the best of all the features you could ask for in a constant velocity carb. Brand new, modern support and parts availability being right up there with the design improvements.
  9. zKars

    510 Su's

    Talked with Bruce, those 16067K1407 floats are $40USD a piece... I'm sticking wine corks in my float bowls...
  10. zKars

    510 Su's

    I have to get a pair of those too! A fella in town here had the same problem. Same cracks. Craziest thing I've ever seen. Float full of fuel, shake rattle and roll and can't get a drop to come back out.
  11. Ok, here are two side by side. First thing to note, the most useful I think, is that the GLASS is IDENTICAL on the 240 and 280 windows, at least up to 77-78 which are NOT interchangable. If you break yours, you can get a glass from any year 70-76 and just swap it on your frame. The metal frame the glass is attached to is definitely NOT identical. Very similar yes, easy to confuse, yes. Here is the difference. Both C-channels that hold and guide two of the regulator rollers are different in length and relative position on the backing plate. I lined up the two frames front and back, then took pictures of the two sets of C-channels. The underneath one is the 280 frame. 240 on top (no glass in the frame) Here is the rear channels. They are about the same length, but offset ~ 0.75". Note that the regulator wheel could be inserted at either end of either channel. here is the front one. The 280 (bottom) is farther back and shorter. Note that the regulator wheel could be inserted on both ends of the 280 only. The top 240 channel is too close at the front to the stamped indentation to allow the wheel in. To me this is the "best and fastest" way to tell them apart if they aren't together. If there is no access for the wheel one the front channel, it's for 240. Clearly they "improved" the window mechanism for the 280s (up to 76 in NAM). The door where the regulator attaches is stamped differently (outy vs inny stamping), the regulator is also different to match the door stamping change. the outer stainless guide channel that surrounds and seats the window is also different in how and where it mounts. Again, similar but different. All fodder for another thread. I will say that while you "could' use either window frame in either car, you will find that in at least one combination, when you wind the window down all the way, it will fall off one the tracks. Not fun. 75-76 280 door. Note the "outy" area around the regulator crank spline area. 240 door. Not the indented "inny" area around the regulator crank spline area. Also notice the welded in area around the door release area that is open and a separate piece on the above 280 door (not there in the picture...). Othe than the speaker hole, how many differences do you see? I see at least 5 uniquenesses.
  12. Excellent, thank you. I will post some pics of the differences in the guide tracks for later reference. I'm pretty sure I knew which was which, but I think I have confirmation now. I'll wait for Steve to get his 73 pics taken to be sure. I want to start a new topic group called something like "One of these things is not like the other" and then post definitive pictures of various items (like windows, regulators and doors) across all of the years for later reference. Then I won't have to ask silly questions anymore. Or at least less often
  13. I'm confused (again) and need a bit of help. Does anyone have a window (either side) door glass out that they can post a picture of? I need absolute confirmation of what year that glass came from. The two guide tracks on the window frame are unique between the early and late glass, and I can't for the life of me remember which is which. I need a picture of the side of the glass mounting frame that has the two short guide tracks where the regulator wheels ride. Either a early 240 or 76 or later 280 is best. Don't bother if its the later 77-78 glass, it's so unique I know what it looks like. Tanks!
  14. zKars

    SS Bumpers from Vietnam

    I have these https://groupharrington.com/product/datsun-240z-and-260z-bumpers/ and they were terrific. Still look great. They were being manufactured in either Thialand or Vietnam IIRC so maybe these from bumperauto are from the same place? Just looked closer, the rear is a three piece like the stocker, the groupharrington rear is one piece. What price did they quote? The GH is on sale for 816 brit pounds.
  15. zKars

    Difficult time fitting swaybar end links

    I got tired of fighting this fight a long time ago. I keep a stock of longer cheap generic 5/16" or 3/8" hex bolts that completely solve all this struggle. Standard hardware store items. You just leave everything slack until you get the nuts started, then snug it all up. Also helps to have the control arms jacked up kinda horizontal.

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