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  1. If I was a potential player on this Z ...

    I would machine the block serial number off the block and stamp the correct number in it's place!  But I never said that!

  2. Hello!! Would you ever consider selling #26 or 27? Thank you! 

    1. 26th-Z



      Qualified yes, I suppose.  27 is in no condition to sell at the moment however I may consider after I complete the restoration of 26.  Thanks for asking.  I'll keep your contact.


  3. That wasn't aimed at you!
  4. I stand by my previous post.
  5. I didn't notice the dash cap either! The hood is not the early style, but is this car early enough to have sported one when new? It is late enough to have sound tar on the rear deck. The tail light interior cover has the service panels, actually a very desirable feature IMO. Correct original spare tire. AMCO floor mats.
  6. There are a couple of "experts" in the comment section pointing out incorrectness issues with the car and arguing over their expertness mojo. I'm glad they are not here. Lovely car, very well prepared.
  7. Looking real good, Kats. I like the fat seats!
  8. Why do you think the seats have been reversed, Blue? Or are you insinuating that they are originally like this?
  9. http://www.mikunipower.com/PHH01.htm Part # N101,083 Should be able to buy them directly from Mikuni?
  10. Love the ash tray stands.
  11. That looks like authentic hyde of Nauga, distressed texture, on concrete. It is used for upholstery and not a proper material for a shop floor!
  12. Yes, I have those pictures of Detroit. Compare the display design with other show photos you have and you will see the common traveling stage set-up and graphics for 1969. That changed for 1970 when Datsun USA won "The most beautiful exhibit" award at the Los Angeles show. It is difficult to see, but the New York show in April had that same 'tea garden' theme. exhibit.
  13. Kats, That photo matches closely with the "Nissan News" photo of the Beverly Hilton event. So it was silver! Also, from Datsun Dealer Bulletin NS-69-008, Dated October 16, 1969, Robert O. Link; Auto Shows scheduled; Boston October 25 - November 1, 1969 Los Angeles October 31 - November 9, 1969 San Francisco November 4 - 9, 1969 Detroit November 15 - 23, 1969 That's a great photo, thanks!
  14. I have pictures but I don't own them and I don't have permission to post them. Of course, the pictures are B&W so the color is up to interpretation. The Pierre car is dark and the Beverly Hilton car is light. See if you can find a copy of "Nissan News" from the fall of 1969. It has pictures of the Beverly Hilton car, page 8. Personally, I think the Pierre car is racing green with a tan interior but I'm biased in that direction. Here's a picture of the ballroom at the Pierre to give you an idea of the scale of that event. Evidently, it wasn't just the introduction of the Z. It was a display of the entire Datsun line-up for 1970, and, oh-by-the-way, "we're adding this personal sports car to our product line which will boost sales of all the fine Datsun products and generate increased showroom traffic".
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