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  1. Hershey https://hershey.aaca.com/eastern-division-fall-meet/
  2. Ha! I'm glad it didn't sell !!!! Nice car and all but, come-on!! I just don't see such expectations. BTW, the stripes are not 'factory' and the real 'Zman' is in Tampa. Everybody knows that.
  3. PPG was the official paint for the Vintage Z program in 1997. The PPG / Ditzler reference code is 44403. Dupont - 8712 Sherwin Williams - 4331
  4. The early cars had seat vents and they burned your back when the car sat in the sun which is why aftermarket seats don't have vents. I am one of apparently few that DOES NOT agree on the originality of the BAT car. Take the picture of the seats for instance. See the gap between the seat cushion and the seat back? Shouldn't be there. Common recovering mistake. Very nice car and a very well done restoration, but the car is NOT 'original'.
  5. Flu doesn't do anything near to what Covid has done. It may come down to an annual vaccine, just like a flu shot. This virus is mutating, and in that respect, I don't see the pandemic ending. I'm beginning to think that we may have to learn to live with it.
  6. I think the 40phh is plenty big for a 2.4 liter. Especially with a cam. The 44s just gulp gas IMO.
  7. AutoWeek announcement https://www.autoweek.com/news/future-cars/a37329978/2023-nissan-z-reveal/?source=nl&utm_source=nl_aut&utm_medium=email&date=081821&utm_campaign=nl24777696&utm_term=AAA -- High Minus Dormant and 90 Day Non Openers
  8. I'm interested for a 1969 set. Let me know!
  9. During the last three months, I have ordered two large items that required FedEx handling because of the size of the box. Both items arrived impaled. Both items were packed well. The boxes held up and were not deformed, just a big gash in the side that made its way through to damage the contents. I have had no problems with USPS or UPS, just FedEx.
  10. Ahh. Are you looking for one of these? The one on the left is more rounded, softer. The inscription is white but 'off-white' showing some patina. I like the finish of the knob better. The one on the right is more square cut and slightly larger. It still has remnants of the scotch tape that held the screw in (from the parts box) which makes me think it is new. The inscription is really white and bold. I don't like the surface of the black plastic. I would polish it. I believe the screws are intended to screw into the metal post. They don't screw into the handle. I thought these
  11. I have a parts catalog which lists 70 special service tools. My catalog is from December 1973 but there are earlier issues of the massive three-ringed binder. Kats has the earliest one I have seen. The tools range from engine stands to drift pins; all sorts of tools for engine and transmission rebuilding. One particularly interesting tool is a double pinned, hollow handle which takes off the the valance nut of the toggle switch on the dash. There are gear pullers, ring compressors, valve cutting alignment tools... all sorts. The tool boxes came with a tool tray on a shelf, similar t
  12. Ahhh, here we go. Took me a while to find this thread. I actually have two dealer service tool boxes and a bunch of tools. Neither of my boxes are complete.
  13. Thanks. That's my pride Mayline oak table that I've had for twenty years or so. I also have a matching 10 drawer flat file.
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