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  1. Hurray! My copy arrived. Looking forward to lovely bedtime browsing.
  2. Great conversation - complete Homer Simpson! Don't take your car to them any more.
  3. Hey! I have a car in the same condition! I would reasonably expect to "diddle" with the fenders depending on your expectations of fit. I have no expectation that a body piece is just going to bolt right up - perfect fit. Doors, hood, deck and fenders included. They are all going to need alignment. For my car, I bought used original fenders in good condition.
  4. Oh, I wouldn't use anything as strong as steel wool. That "chrome" is a silver mylar coating over plastic and the green stuff you see is silver corrosion in the mylar. Use silver polish or my preference is "Eagle One Nevr-Dull". It comes in cotton wadding in a can. It will take off the corrosion and you will find that the mylar will be pitted. Liquid silver polish is much softer and it won't take off the corrosion as well. Both, though, will shine up the silver mylar to your best expectations.
  5. I like this topic; Alan as you know. Along with MikeB, we discussed and collected through this topic for quite the enjoyable time! Alan, we are pretty much on the same page. Very little of the story adds up to what we have learned. My "photographic explanation" was rather lame. You make me laugh. Really, the obvious answer to the lack of photographs is that they just don't exist. Some of my best pictures come from Datsun USA quarterly publications. You never know. We may see something new. Blue, you are on a very good track and thanks for your postings. You don't need to colorize to prove your point. It is pretty much accepted that HLS30-00006 is the car. I was impressed with your Z-at-Daytona Hoovers by the way. Good find. I would be willing to bet that the California debut car was one of the Canada Test Cars. It was silver. The cars were in town. The NY car was flown out to LA overnight - NOT!
  6. I think we are guilty of applying today's standards / accepted norms to the 50 year old event. Black-and-white imaging was the norm for newsprint photography back then and color imagery was reserved for 'expensive' publications. Further more, Datsun's announcements did not bear the importance to the North American automotive scene that Nissan's presence does now. Most of the published, time relevant images I have seen from the moment are the stock photos provided in the press kit which, at the time, were used to avoid the cost of a photographer and delay associated with photographic reproduction. By providing press release photography, Datsun insured the imagery that they wanted and the time frame for release of information by supplying press release packages and images. As a result, we are just not going to see a plethora of images from which to compare and discuss. Frankly, what we have now is pretty good. Oh, and no, you just can't colorize an old B&W image and then draw conclusions from it. Doesn't work that way.
  7. It's a throttle return damper. Yea, 4 types, 240dkw. Three different castings - one of them machined.
  8. Ordered a copy this afternoon before I saw your post. But tip of the hat to you, Alan!
  9. Yes, they were used on the 1970 model year. Kats has an article in the archives about restoring original seats. Very good reference.
  10. There are two types; the one you pictured and this one.
  11. It may have ended up there but is surely didn't live its life there. That car is easily as toasted as 27th was when I got her.
  12. Ahhh...broken ash tray, water damaged gauge, grapefruit alternator that probably needs work, metal fan blades that nobody wants...lots of great early parts that are either broken or completely worn out. I think it has an early hood, though. The shipping costs are going to be three times the cost of the car.
  13. Ha! You support a rusty Z by the wallet!
  14. Here's a link to the BaT data-base of sales over the past year. Notice that the average selling price is in the $15,000 to $20,000 range. Also notice how many people listed their car and passed on pretty good offers thinking that their car was worth so much more. https://bringatrailer.com/datsun/240z/ Agreed, build yourself an advertisement similar to what you see on BaT. You'll probably get your time's worth!