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  1. The black painted LY valve covers are magnesium?
  2. My cars don't have rear window defoggers.
  3. Nope, Jim, I don't need it. I DO need to re-plate one, and now I will add it to the plating project. Thanks!
  4. I wonder if I want this. Looks pretty good. I'm in the middle of sending off a Z-Therapy order (three sets) and the fuel rails are sitting on a table at the shop. I'll get back to you. I may very well want this. Chris
  5. Thanks Kats! You are a great friend to give me such a thorough explanation. Now I must compare all my seat frames. I DO think the seats in the BaT car look a little gaunt. I liked your post about extra padding in the seats and plan to rebuild my seats with extra padding. Off topic; my 26th is still in the body shop and 27th is still in storage. I was hoping 26th would be green by now but you know how body shops are... I have applied for a building permit to construct a garage / shop at my house. The arrangement for storage of the cars was silly and I finally have some money to construct my own shop. My latest Z projects involve getting all the hardware plated and I just sent the carburetors from both 26th and 27th to Z Therapy. This car on BaT is very pretty. I don't like the white stripes, but the interior is fantastic by the uniform color of the butterscotch. All the plastic appears to be in very good condition. I wonder why the entire brake system has been replaced? And what about the wheels?! I understand that the stock wheels have been powder coated? Aughh!!!
  6. Hey Kats! I don't understand your comment about a later seat back. What am I missing? Please explain.
  7. The universal joint in my car (s) are different than later steering shafts in that the later shafts have the joint "peened" in place rather than snap rings. So have a real close look at what you are replacing. Take measurements of the diameter and length to make sure. I found success with a Kawasaki 300 ATV700 universal joint application by Motor Master. $28 on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000GZRASO?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_asin_title
  8. Hello:  I am working on my 1971 240Z steering rack and need the lower u-joint.  Your post in last year mentioned (I found a Kawasaki u-joint that fit without any binding).  Would  you happen to have the part number?

    Really appreciate the information.

  9. This car we are discussing was an East coast delivery / import. Baltimore That might mean that a boatload came through the Panama Canal. Or. It might have been railroaded across the country. 26th was built in November and delivered to Florida the following April. Anyhow...I Hoovered a lunchbag of pictures for my records. This car is pretty correct. I want to see if it has an early hood. I think the hood bumpers are wrong but so what. It has seat guards and the seat belt hooks on the seats. The short ones. Notice the screws holding the bottom of the door cards. However skeptical I am about the condition of the car, I have seen cars like this. Jim Frederick used to have a couple. Even the seatbelt bags. I hope it goes to a good home and we see it at the convention.
  10. oh sorry. It doesn't have the flapper. It seems to be a very nice early car. Somewhat shocking to see correct early parts in such nice shape. Could use a new radiator overflow hose. Greetings, zspert.
  11. Hoover posted some more pictures on the "original paint markings" thread. Looking at them, I get the impression that the car has been worked on. The exhaust system is new. The brake master has been changed (the caps are wrong). I'm surprised to see a 5/70 build with the flapper type air filter (flapper type filter housings had stickers). Of course, the hubcaps are wrong. I see a few other things that make me wonder about the "all original" boasting coming from what appeals to me as a typical internet Zcon. It's a very nice car, but I have no appreciation for the rhetoric. I actually hope someone does pay a gazillion bucks for it.
  12. I find this picture very disappointing. The haphazard alignment and uneven spacing of the holes points to poorly thought out construction and poor craftsmanship. Sure the body is lighter, and well above the center of gravity where it counts, but is it as strong? How much chassis flex is attributed to that mess?
  13. He hasn't been 'convicted' of anything. He has only been accused.