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  1. These pictures are a little dark but this is the pan from HLS30-00026. HLS30-00027 has the same.
  2. Finally!!! We have begun the new Mancave! Should have a slab Monday.
  3. IF, and I say if, there was a "national car show judging". Right now, the best thing along the lines of a "national car show judging", by people who are at least familiar with Datsuns, is a ZCCA event. But then, there's no real provenance or recognition of a ZCCA Award. It's just a trophy. And the ZCCA judges are not going to compare paint color. What might make a better study is how someone comes to pay three times the car's maximum value for a car that wouldn't win the ZCCA's top award.
  4. I can help you with one thing in particular. If your 'C-Pillar' badges are 240Z emblems, the hatch has vents below the glass. If your badges are round and you have holes in the side of the 'C-Pillar', then the hatch does not have vents.
  5. Jason, That isn't our job. The fellow's reputation has nothing to do with Kustom Fab.
  6. I have been looking for a lower cross-member / lower radiator, between the frame rails.
  7. Armorall has silicone in it. Don't use silicone on rubber! The caps look great to me. They have an inked number on them. I doubt someone would go to all the trouble for a set of repros? How much are these things worth?
  8. Nice looking pressings. I see the frame rails in your picture but they don't show up on the web site. I'll have to talk to them.
  9. I wouldn't stagger the rears and go with the 15 - 205 60 at 627 cm all the way around. Yes, the Hoosiers are a racing tire not lawful to use on the street.
  10. Notice the difference of the edge between Hoover's hood with a turned in lip, and the FRP hood with its thickened edge. Alan, how would you compare the construction of Nissan's FRP and Lotus bodywork? I have been looking at a lot of Lotus' lately and I'm seeing striking similarities.
  11. I am so into this project. It will look great. What a great piece to make.
  12. Resurrected Classics - 1410 Sunbelt Way, Auburn, Georgia 30011
  13. www.zhome.com - click "Z Car Registers" in the column menu, then "The Classic 240 Z Owners Register". This will bring up a long list of owners / chassis numbers / and engine numbers. Find the chassis number closest to yours and compare the engine numbers with yours. If the engine number range is close to your car, your engine is original. If it's way off, then your's has been replaced. You can buy blank ID plates from a number of places including https://www.zzxdatsun.com/
  14. A picture of a build sheet? The documentation affixed to the car as it progressed on the assembly line. They were multi-layered carbon copy paper documents with a manilla paper base stock. The paper layers were evidently torn away as the car assembly was completed at various stages. Very few examples of the base form exist. Unfortunately, my entire collection of authentic Nissan factory build documentation is on loan to Banzai Motorworks in Upper Marlboro, Maryland but Carl posted a picture here.