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  1. Yea, I saw that. It will need a lot of work but could be worth between $70k and $90k. It's an auto trans which may pull its value down. But honestly, a low VIN car that is properly restored (not 100% perfect but pretty close) should be in the $100k and up range. I wouldn't let my cars go for less. You'll probably have that much in it when you're finished, so I see the $12k price way high as a starting point. Wishful thinking on the seller's part. That car will need everything; like my 27th.
  2. I kinda like it. The front fascia / grill is classic 240. Take off the bumpers, put on a front spoiler, and that's what you have; that reverse angle snark nose with a gaping, square grill. It was ugly then and it's iconic now! The tail lights come straight from the 300ZX, actually the whole rear end. And it's shaved; just how I like my women!
  3. The expensive ones are for the early cars and the cheap ones are the superseded part for later cars.
  4. dprchuynh, what a great story and one I can relate to. I have a close friend who was air lifted out as an infant from an orphanage. I so distinctly remember those times.
  5. Confirm. Flat timing chain covers and no decals on the air filter.
  6. I hope he is enjoying his cars. Who would have ever thought that this plague would make airline pilots unemployed?
  7. I don't necessarily agree that you need a body shell, but if you find something appropriate, why not! Again, be careful with your alignment. So what you basically have is an early version of the early HLS30 builds everyone refers to as "series one" and you are going to find some very unique parts throughout the car. This site is going to be a treasure of information. I have much of my stuff documented. You'll find information about the European imports as well as what was made in Japan and how the cars differed from the export models. Great car, more pictures!
  8. Owwwww....yea, you need a frame rail. My previous advice. Noticing the picture of the exhaust pipes with the 'Z' medallion. I always thought that that collector style was exclusive to the auto trans cars. You see how one pipe is welded into the other - no collector fitting? Interesting.
  9. These are great photographs. Thanks for posting them. I recall a conversation years ago, on a New England / Connecticut club blog site, about the factories having dirt floors. Mike, if you're reading this, wasn't that between Gunny and Beck? Make me smile with these pictures. To put this in context; 1965 was the year that Ford began its assault on Ferrari.
  10. Well, you have a couple of good things going for you; a pair of sixes and a four! Welcome to the Low VIN club! Fix the frame rail, of course. Buy a replacement rail and weld it in. 26th has new floors and a frame rail from http://www.datsunzparts.com/about.html which I bought and fitted many years ago. Recently, I have been interested with https://kfvintagejdm.com/ as they have pressings I need for 27th. Make sure that you align the new rail into the chassis. Keep the transmission mount in place and align the front sway-bar mounts before you weld. Try to make your welding resemble the way that the factory did it. (which isn't difficult i.e. crude) There are other sources for metal parts; just do a search. You will probably find a battery tray and other bits you may need. Congrats, nice car. You will find that your car has many unique parts so don't throw anything away. Have fun! Is it a 12/69 or a 1/70?
  11. Aluminum nuts? Are you kidding? This old conservative will stick with solid brass balls.
  12. Hey!  I would like two sets of your clear plastic seat protectors.

    Christopher Wenzel

    5818 Wildwood Avenue

    Sarasota, Florida 34231

    cwenzel@earthlink.net should be my PayPal ID

  13. The Boston Globe got that a little wrong, didn't they? "And you won't find them on the streets of Japan..."? "Only two of the new Datsun 240Zs...are to be found in the United States at the time". Wrong!!!
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