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  1. My personal answer is no, it doesn't matter as I consider the throbbing pulse of that overhead cam six enough sweet music to my tender ears so that I wouldn't turn the radio on. But to a period perfectionist it would matter. I should, however, admit that I plan to install the optional 8-track in 26th. But the same thought applies; I don't plan to turn it on! Might ruin it! Current standard of affairs for clock repair share a similar question.
  2. Happy to hear your comments Alan, Mike. The texture on the underside of the car is all wrong.
  3. That 15% is exactly what would make resetting the odometer illegal. The car has a serial number. It was sold and registered at one time and regardless of how much has been replaced, the chassis has mileage which is what the odometer represents. You could, of course, claim that the odometer has "just turned over" or was replaced, but if someone complains there would be little if any defense. It's illegal to tamper with the odometer.
  4. Don't Google "240z factory restoration program" because the "factory" didn't "restore" them. Let's get that misconception cleared up right away! Short answer; Nissan USA hired a number of "contractors" to recondition previously sold 240zs and then sold them through selected dealers with 12 month / 12,000 mile warranties. Many many parts were replaced in the process but the speedometers were not replaced in all cases and odometers were not reset to 0 miles.
  5. Heat shields are for radiant energy, not hot air.
  6. You mean the SP311? No, the S30 was meant to replace the SP311. Alan, what you describe is termed; "the perfect storm".
  7. Thanks I have never seen that. What does it say, Alan? I have been referring questions of value to this compilation https://bringatrailer.com/datsun/240z/ Nice look at trends, mean value, and comparables.
  8. I see two mats; a mat with ribs running laterally across the car and another mat with ribs running longitudinally on top. I'll bet the mats were the same as what was exported. Also noticing a dogleg shift insinuating a 5-speed. What is the silver plate on the door just ahead of the handle? It doesn't seem to be a step light. Blanking plate?
  9. Punch and Judy Show - ha!! You got me! I completely agree and in fact bought two sets of carpeting from that very manufacturer years ago when I had the chance. The early cars didn't come with carpeting and it was added at the port of entry.
  10. Wow! Kats, you look great at the Pierre! Alan, I never noticed the hair crop. But then consider that these were modern times and the models were modern Japanese women? Barbara Sato would smile. The men haven't lost their tradition! I have other pictures from Nissan USA quarterlies that show kimono clad models at Datsun / Nissan photo opps. Hair up, of course. I think this was a Mr. K thing; having the models in kimonos. I was at the National Gallery in Washington D.C. a couple of months ago. We saw an incredible show of Japanese art dealing with animals. Lovely kimonos on display. The crains were there.
  11. This seems to be a very nice example. I think it's probably at the top of the price range, but nice early examples are selling higher. I wouldn't put much faith in this being some low mileage example. If I could take a moment and call out the the 'facebook experts' for their serious lack of knowledge and inability to seek reliable, documented information. Whew!!! Those people say the damnedest things!
  12. Plastic repair https://www.amazon.com/RAWN-Plas-T-Pair/dp/B00CAJBHRE There are "how-to" videos on YouTube
  13. 26th-Z

    Coat Hooks

    Yes, understandable. The chrome buttons are fairly worthless, but the question is begged; how does the way you drive involve a coat hook?😀
  14. That's Yutaka Katayama's signature and I would recommend that you grab it.
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