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  1. Ya' know, I hate to argue with you, jonathanrussell, but the cars did not leave the factory with undercoating. And any undercoating was not applied to bare metal. The cars had a complete painted finish. Granted, the undersides had a thicker textured paint finish but not undercoating. And not the finish on this example.
  2. They are held in with barrel clips, tiny clips that wrap the pin and clip into the body. Metal badge pins work much better than plastic pins.
  3. Nissan part No. D4160-00003 and superseded 00016. 'Leather-Top' (Black) Appears in the 1973 North American Parts Catalog, illustration 150, and I can't find it in the 1972 Fairlady Z Parts Catalog. It is listed with the '240Z' rocker stripe kits and the illustration shows installation tools and glue. It shows edge molding but the picture looks like a coil of string. It is not mentioned in my 1972 North American options catalog but I recall it from a Japanese option catalog? I saw one in a junk yard in Texas - out junking with Fred. Only one I have ever seen.
  4. Eons ago, I road raced British cars with SU's and learned a lot about tuning them for performance. Hitachi's are just the same and I would say if you wanted to play carburetor tuner, the Hitachi's would be fun and simple. Read some SU tuning books. You can get a lot out of a set of Hitachi's.
  5. Late Wednesday afternoon, when the eye came ashore, I was thirty-five miles North of the center. The worst of the wind speed was just South of me. I don't know what wind speeds we actually saw, but it was pretty fierce. All the flooding and storm surge was South of me also. Carl and Jim Frederick are sixty miles North of me so I would think they made it through fine. We have lots and lots of wind damage. Trees, signs, awnings, traffic lights. all blown over. Some areas of town have no power, but I do. Cellular is spotty also. Most of the major roads are passable - full of tree trash. Two trees down on my street. Today's music will be Chainsaw Symphony.
  6. All good here. Lots of wind damage around the neighborhood and my house took a minor amount of damage but Irma, a couple of years ago, was worse. We didn't get much flooding.
  7. Bring a Trailer has this summary for your reference as well; Datsun 280Z For Sale - BaT Auctions (bringatrailer.com)
  8. One of the CanAm Shelby prototypes. One just RNM on BaT for $30,000 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1989-shelby-can-am-prototype/
  9. The date on the Tennessee title is January 14th. Wow, I'm impressed. 26th wasn't titled until April 1970. 20th made it all the way to Tennessee, and titled, in such a short period of time.
  10. In North America, they were introduced for the 1970 model year even though the official introduction was in 1969 with the idea that orders were taken for a January 1970 delivery. But since you asked, and we are kicking around the differences between "model years", a 1969 build car has several differences from what is considered a "series one" HLS30 by the masses on BaT. I don't know how they would reconcile the discovery of the differences in the real early production cars. So I have to change my answer. See Car's post below.
  11. The car had a huge bash in the left front fender! What was the seller thinking?!?!!! He should have taken the money and run.
  12. The headlight kit arrived in the noon mail today. Very nice. Came with instructions.
  13. Did you but this tool box recently? I saw one a few months ago, but I did not bid on it. I have been collecting more tools also. Just bought a wooden handle screw driver.
  14. Yep, Toyota South is who I ordered them from. I had H4 lamps in several of my sports cars over the years. I recall my first set was made by Cibie'. Anxious to see the lighting pattern that the Kiotos cast.
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