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  1. And if you really want to go whole hog, equal the weights of all the connecting rods and pistons.
  2. IMO, proper balancing of the rotating assembly includes the front pulley, crankshaft,flywheel, and clutch assembly. If I went to all the expense and effort of a lightened flywheel, I would balance the entire assembly. And as you say, if you can bolt it together in different locations, you should mark the pieces for any reassembly.
  3. Interesting score on the silver '71 restored car today. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-240z-209/ In the last three years, six cars have sold at or over $100,000. Two more did not sell with bids at or over $100,000. In the previous four years, no cars sold for the $100,000 mark. Three high priced cars had provenance, 2 Vintage Zs and the Franklin Mint car, one supposed low-mileage-all-original car went for an astronomical price while another low mileage example did not sell even though it was in the same range average as all the rest. I'm glad and surprised to see this restored example do so well. It was very nicely done.
  4. Please explain Akira Honda. This is significant how?
  5. Hey Kats! Happy New Year! I like the new Z but I need a pick-up truck more than another Z.
  6. The illustration of the front suspension is early type showing the cooling fin on the rotor backing plate. The rotors for that would have been the 'vented hat' style rotor.
  7. My oil pans are from real early cars, of course. I don't recall seeing them on late 70 models. The "issue" was with the crankshaft of L24 engines. Technical Bulletin TS70-28 of 8-21-70 notes the crankshaft change beginning with engine serial number L24-3607. I understand that the engine vibrations caused cracks in the oil pan otherwise I have no explanation for the "patch". Notice that it has a notched hole in the side face. No idea why. I met Dan a couple of times in Daytona.
  8. Indeed the early oil pans are different; the drain plug location and a 'reinforcement' plate on the side of the pan. I am not aware of any capacity differences. My service manual lists engine oil capacity of 5 liters or 1.3 US gallons. My parts manual list a part number change around 5/71.
  9. I started out with an Apple II+ with dual floppy drives. It had an extra memory chip which took it to ?64k? ram? Maybe 128k.
  10. You can expect to spend around $5 / sq. ft. for a nice epoxy floor. I really like mine. It can scratch and gouge if you scrape something over it. Mine is a light tan color and shows dirt real easily but I can clean it up with a Swiffer and it looks great.
  11. The discussion about hand throttles: I did a search / topics "hand throttle" and I also did a search / topics "hand throttle delete". Happy reading Long thread but a couple of interesting comments Great thread
  12. The hand throttle is not original by any stretch of the imagination. And it's not a low mileage car.
  13. Probably a show car as it doesn't have a number of items that would be required for a competition build. Real nice looking car, though.
  14. Very nice video. Picked up a couple of tips for my projects. He did some things that I wouldn't have done and didn't do some things I would have, but all-in-all, a very nice build. I am disappointed that it didn't cover any of the suspension, brakes, gas tank, exhaust. I do wonder what he thinks the car is worth. It's a very pretty car.
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