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  1. What do you think FOX would say if they found out Obama had a Chinese bank account?
  2. 26th-Z


    Well, yes, the part about the tariffs. I'm tired of the lies. "The only country set up to deal with it was Taiwan. They learned from SARS and put measures in place in advance.... good planning." WRONG! USA was set up not only in this country but on a world stage. The United States had measures set in place after SARS and Ebola. The current administration took all that apart. Fact. Look it up. Both of them are bad leaders, you say? One of them hasn't lead yet and the other isn't a leader and cannot be described that way, obviously. Get ready for mandatory masks. Both France and Germany have gone to mandatory masks in public. I just bought some very stylish Datsun Z masks. They are going to be all the rage. And speaking of masks; does anyone know how well ZCON did with virus transmission? Did anyone get the plague from ZCON?
  3. 26th-Z


    Yea, talk to the farmers about that policy. And talk to the taxpayers about the subsidies going to the farmers because of that policy. But, oh!, the tariffs are paying the subsidies! I'm tired of this. Biden fixed the economy that caused me to put my cars in storage (I'm real lucky that I still have them) and I'm betting on Biden again. "Less Worse", who are YOU kidding?
  4. 26th-Z


    Three friends of mine have contracted the virus. One of them died. Sorry for your loss AK260.
  5. Oh by all means, yes, alignment matters. Make sure your transmission mount and engine cross brace are aligned properly. String and align your sway-bar mounts.
  6. I certainly don't feel bad. I didn't like this car from the beginning. BaT has an interesting feature where you can track sale prices over a number of years and the Datsun 240Z has a very distinct line of average sale prices to help you determine "the market". Type in "Datsun 240Z" in the BaT search bar and you will get a graph. Each bullet on the graph links to the actual listing. What has sold in the six figures have been Vintage Zs and provinance Zs like the Franklin Mint Car. Then there was the 300k car that is way out there in oddball land. I think this no-sale was good for the market in that what The Guild said; once you get into the six figure area, it really gets nit-picky, and it should.
  7. There's a white / blue 1970 on BaT right now.
  8. The front wheel-covers don't match the rears. Two different designs and two different paint jobs.
  9. Well! For all your consideration of how the Wob was going to account for the carburetors, what you didn't consider is no answer at all. Of course this speaks volumes but we are watching a sham anyway. We all know it. I find this all very entertaining. The testimonials are vomitoriously delicious.
  10. Your question is posted, PZR. Looks like Lstepp4re is having a "non-constructive" moment.
  11. One must be carefully polite on BaT so as not to violate the first rule of automotive admiration; "don't ever badmouth someone else's car". Of course, we do this all the time on this site, sometimes mounting to a shouting match, but this site is different. We are knowledge based and not bidding on cars. Consider the BaT conversation held in the sales lot with a bunch of people hanging around to watch the sale of a car. That picture isn't what I would consider happening on this site. We discuss cars with no real anticipation of someone profiting from our comments. I can't imaging posting a list like Inline6's on BaT even though I agree with most if not all of his items. Thanks for making that list! I see those service records, too, and want to comment about the amount of work performed on a 31,000 mile car. The poor thing has a bent frame rail and a bent control arm! 31,000 miles? On a Datsun? Showing that much 'service' damage?
  12. I'm fairly negative on this car and just don't see the comparative value with a few cars I have seen on BaT lately. The speedometer is my tip-off. I simply don't believe this car has 31,000 original miles. I'm guessing that the speedometer has been replaced or the odometer set back. Picture 110. Why would the face plate on the speedometer shift like that on a car with only 31,000 miles? And did you read about why the heater is blocked off? Because the previous owner didn't want excessive heat in the cabin? I smell a rat.
  13. Just call it the 'Z' and be done with it. I like the front bumper look.
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