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  1. Here's what I have from HLS30-40904. Looks like a black filler was placed behind the standard radio cover plate. That's not 68835-E4100 like the other picture. Right now, Pete Evanow has chimed up on BaT. He says that all of the Vintage Zs came without radios.
  2. Yes, the console badge is missing. Evidently, the air-conditioning has been added since the original build. Someone commented about the ride height and my photographs of this car show a similar ride height so I'm tempted to think that it has oil shocks instead of gas shocks. Gosh, the tires don't do the car any favors. I'm also wondering what happened to the original sale paperwork and the certificate.
  3. Round headed throughout the car. I don't recall seeing curved tensioner screw plates from my stash, but maybe. Try this thread about original carpeting. Or, ask Mike B from this site what he recommends for original carpeting. I have the Chester and Herod kits.
  4. Phillips head, zinc plated, flat tensioner
  5. Welcome from someone who's been there. I used a frame table that a body shop friend had. But I just did two floors and a frame rail. My rockers were in good shape except for one dogleg. Use your sway bar, mustache bar, and transmission support in place to help with alignment.
  6. cwenzel at earthlink dot net That would be great. I'm going to at least need it for the tunnel. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for that link. I would like to see some of that original jute but it looks like it's going to cost me $50. OF course, none of it shows. I don't think it really matters which material. I like the clear sealer idea too.
  8. It seems to me that a piston sleeve / clamp ring gadget would be ideal for this. Thanks for the link.
  9. Ok, I figured just the opposite! I figured you would be much more likely to end up with a broken windshield if you tried to do it yourself without knowing what you are doing or not having done it before, successfully. Point well taken about younger glass technicians.
  10. Call a windshield glass installer.
  11. Just finished an article in the July issue of "Automobile" in which a number of big names discuss the current state of the collector car market. They generally see the market softening for high-end stuff and it may be considered a buyer's market. Japanese imports were mentioned several times but not the HLS30 specifically. Their opinion is that the Japanese market was strong with reservations for some of the exorbitant sales like the Toyota Supra Turbos. Recommended BUY for the average price 1972 240Z of $25,000
  12. I started my leather search here: http://keleenleathers.com/ There are several other leather dealers on the net.
  13. Yes, I have the small switch with the rubber gasket. Love your clay repair, Kats. That's exactly what I'm going to do to my face plate.
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