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  1. Flat top pistons marked 'STD' on the deck. Rings included. I measured 85.59 mm?
  2. I might have what you are looking for: "NPR of America" piston kit (10-) Made in Japan, #12010-P/912 STD I bought a shed full of Z parts a few years ago and these were in it. I'll take some photographs today and post them.
  3. I would think you could order it on-line? Amazon has it in spray bottles.
  4. Don't use products that contain silicon. That's my best advice.
  5. Linda and I finished our shots two weeks ago. I had a sore arm from my first shot, Linda didn't. Linda experienced bad nausea from the second shot. Spent 24 hours in bed. Couldn't keep anything down. I anticipated the sore arm and massaged my arm after my second. Woke up the next morning with a good ol' college hangover. Yes, I remember them! Felt good to take the stroll down memory lane in a left-handed sort of way. Of course, just like college, I was good to go by 4 in the afternoon. I'm still masking around the general public. The 'Z' mask, of course. I encourage everyone to
  6. Faith Renewed - last November, I saw an add on Bookfaced for Datsun Z face-masks. Some guy was selling "Datsun Z" logo masks. I ordered and payed for three different logo masks...and...a set of shoulder harness pads with Datsun Z logos. I had given up on getting them and just wrote off the money as another scam. But behold the mail today they arrived!!! Very nice product. Very happy with them. I take back and apologize for everything I said!!!
  7. Chester / Herod is what I have for both my cars.
  8. Both of my original manuals are dated after my cars were built; December 20, 1969. I can make sense of that. I haven't ever tracked what I might term as publication dates, however I would imagine that Nissan printed owner manuals at certain date intervals rather than monthly. I don't think necessarily that an earlier version of the 5/70 is "more appropriate", just watch out for the Vintage Z program reproductions. They were issued March, 1977.
  9. I signed up for Beck's registry way back when for the same reasons. I didn't get no stink'n sur-tif-cate Carl!!! More power to the guy - pass the baton'.
  10. That doesn't look like any big deal. Have the block cleaned and see what happens. You're going to inspect the block after it is cleaned anyhow.
  11. What do you think FOX would say if they found out Obama had a Chinese bank account?
  12. Well, yes, the part about the tariffs. I'm tired of the lies. "The only country set up to deal with it was Taiwan. They learned from SARS and put measures in place in advance.... good planning." WRONG! USA was set up not only in this country but on a world stage. The United States had measures set in place after SARS and Ebola. The current administration took all that apart. Fact. Look it up. Both of them are bad leaders, you say? One of them hasn't lead yet and the other isn't a leader and cannot be described that way, obviously. Get ready for mandatory masks. Both France
  13. Yea, talk to the farmers about that policy. And talk to the taxpayers about the subsidies going to the farmers because of that policy. But, oh!, the tariffs are paying the subsidies! I'm tired of this. Biden fixed the economy that caused me to put my cars in storage (I'm real lucky that I still have them) and I'm betting on Biden again. "Less Worse", who are YOU kidding?
  14. Three friends of mine have contracted the virus. One of them died. Sorry for your loss AK260.
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