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  1. If you're running 310 cc injectors then the open time for idle is very short. You might have a sticky injector or just be on the edge of control. So, making it richer might get you to where 5 run rich and one runs right. But it might show you something. I said increase injector open time but on your settings it might be something else. Whatever setting adds fuel. You could even just increase fuel pressure as a test. p.s. the popping might be from enough fuel getting sucked over to the dead cylinder to make it pop. You might just have a dead injector. The noid light shows that injector got current but not that it actually opened. With 310 cc, open time is going to be a tiny faction of a second at idle. The more I ponder, the more it seems like a stuck injector. Just a view. p.s. 2 - are you sure that fuel pressure is maintained after it starts? It really should have kept running, on 5.
  2. Sounds like it's running on 5 and the dead/bad cylinder has a stuck valve or something. Or it's running on 5 and it's running lean, and the weak cylinder doesn't have enough to keep firing, just an occasional kickback. What happens if you increase injector open duration to make sure you have enough fuel? These engines love their rich mixtures you know. That video was about perfect. It played, it was small (quick download) and it showed some stuff.
  3. I wonder where the Japan part comes in. Maybe there was a Japan division way back in the past. Looks like all American stuff now. https://www.high-performance-engines.com/AboutUs.asp Edit - here's the base, "normal performance", company. They do Japanese products. https://atkvege.com/products/ They say they sell rebuilt (reman) Z engines. https://atkvege.com/products/ http://atkvege.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/12/engine2016.pdf
  4. Driving while fatigued. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/17/canada-tesla-driver-alberta-highway-speeding
  5. I didn't even know that Facebook had a marketplace. Thanks for the learning. Now they can track what we buy and browse for also.
  6. Looks like the engine is not matching numbers. And...sunroof. What's an ATK 5 speed? Early 1970 240z HLS- 30 00663 while towing the car I damaged the left front radiator support and the inner fender panel. The car has an ATK 5 speed transmission I also have a replacement front inner structure from the firewall forward off a car with s/n under 1000. Here is a chance to get a very low S/N 240z to restore, very hard to find one with this low S/N . The rocker panels are decent the floors are in dire need of replacement as well as the floor support frame rails, The rear 1/4 panels have some repairable rust, the rear taillight panel needs the tray and the car needs a roof panel, this is a total restoration project but a very worth while project don't miss this rare car .The car has an E88 head, header, ATK 5 speed will need complete interior
  7. Zed Head

    1977 280z

    Some of us just become very good (quick anyway) at taking things apart and putting them back together again. You could take the piecemeal route. Start putting things together, make a running car, then fix the stuff that needs fixing. Everything that you're planning will have delays associated, the farther you go the more there will be. Many of your parts are going to be rusted and/or corroded, like probably all of the hydraulic systems. The electrical is going to be difficult. Drive train probably has missing parts that you'll need to source. Won't know until you're putting it together.
  8. There's always the "check your grounds" advice. Grounds might be the most overlooked problem in electrical troubleshooting. Some ignition modules ground through the mounting points.
  9. I think that if you did a poll, asking who would just buy the parts store cylinders and make them work, versus the extra $200 per side to be 100% correct, most of us would say head to OReilly and save. Worst case, you get a leaker but get it replaced for free.
  10. Some of your troubleshooting doesn't make sense. If there's no signal from the ZX distributor then how can it run with just the ZX distributor? Coils can overheat. The fact that it runs with just the 280ZX distributor shows that the problem is caused by the MSD unit. I'd take it out and drive it using just the 280ZX distributor. At high RPM the coil should see the same load that it does with the MSD. MSD only does multi-spark at lower RPM. Run at high RPM and see if the problem happens again.
  11. The thread doesn't really directly answer the question of "will 1972 (cheap) wheel cylinders work on a 71 (expensive) car?" I think that that's the real question, and if I process the responses it seems that the answer is yes. Are you just trying to get your car back on the road, inexpensively, or are you doing a restoration? You asked about value but value depends on what the goal is. And you're asking about what will "work" but it's still not clear if you're okay with bending the lines. These should work, below, if you bend the lines, I think. And you can buy prefitted line at the store so you don't have to flare your own. Sometimes we get so caught up in the internet we forget about the parts store down the road. https://www.oreillyauto.com/shop/b/brake-systems-16456/brake-hydraulics-16513/wheel-cylinder-11318/5020ef8206ed/1972/nissan/240z?q=wheel+cylinder
  12. Another good animation of the smoke travel.
  13. Not the "tune' files, the actual "what happened" files. Here's some Megasquirt examples, below. Haltech should have the same ability. Just because you told the ECU to do something doesn't mean it actually happened. Plus, the quality of the trigger signal and it's timing should be there. You might already have data from when the engine ran, stored somewhere. Just another option. It's looking like Plug 'n' Play isn't playing. Which Haltech system are you using? 133 pages is too many to look back through. Megasquirt also has a signal simulator that can be used to verify outputs are following inputs like they should. I'm not recommending Megasquirt just saying that a company like Haltech should have similar. https://www.diyautotune.com/product/jimstim-1-5-megasquirt-stimulator-w-wheel-simulator-assembled/ https://www.efianalytics.com/MegaLogViewer/
  14. Don't you have data acquisition files that show you everything that happened? Injector opening, spark, trigger, throttle blade, etc.? Usually you can pull up a segment of time from a run and see all of the inputs and outputs on one or two screens. It's geeky computer nerd electronics stuff but there's information there. The L28 will run on three cylinders just fine. https://www.haltech.com/downloads/software/
  15. Getting close. I searched Datsn brake parts, and now am getting various other brnad brake parts. At least they're interesting. Used to drive an old 1964 International Harvester truck. It was a beast.
  16. They're back. This is a lot of ads. Not even close to my interests.
  17. You'd have to know where they were manufactured, to be sure. Not where they're sold.
  18. The internet is now monitoring my stress level and advising therapeutics through Google AdSense, apparently.
  19. It wasn't you. The person monitoring your internet usage hit the wrong button...
  20. Something similar. Even if you don't "join" the network, or officially connect, the network has still identified your phone as being in its range. https://www.shopify.com/retail/wifi-marketing-what-it-is-and-how-retailers-can-use-it
  21. That could be from the "location" function on your friends phone. Or it might be that your friends phone identified your Wifi signal, or Bluetooth. Or just triangulated cell towers and matched with your Contacts. All of these things happen, all the time. I've had the feeling that ads show up after I stop at a store front and look at what's inside. But that could just be a recency effect. Like seeing 240Z's everywhere after you buy your own 240Z. I'm not trying to avoid, just making an observation. The ads in the middle of the page is from Mike's ad settings though. He might have missed the setting for Replies maybe, that's where they showed up. None here now though. I just saw Edward Snowden on the news the other day.
  22. They probably should have used a shorter shock and a standoff, of smaller diameter, at the bottom.
  23. The engineers in 1971 probably would not even have set a spec on the bottom inside corner of the tube. There was no need, there was no part that needed to fit there with the original application. That's my logic on why some have a problem and some don't. The variation is great, because there was no measurement spec. But, you're right that Koni should have considered that fact when they produced a part for old 240Z's. Somehow they overlooked it, and, apparently, assumed that they would all be "the same". They messed up. Surprised though, that they gave up on you. That's not good. My other logic is that griping at Koni isn't going to get the part in to the tube. That's why I offered the Nissan gland nut solution.
  24. My first jack stands were made of wood. Douglas fir, to be exact.
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