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  1. Well, I retired last month, so I finally had some time to build a work bench. I found a decent steel top, that was 8' x 3", which I ended up getting for free. Used 4"x4"'s for the uprights and 2"x4"s to tie it all together. Used 3/4" plywood for the shelf. I made the bench extra high so that I don't have to bend over to work on stuff. Also put it on casters so that I could keep flexibility in the shop configuration. I also picked up a really nice tire rack, so I don't have stacks of tires all over the place anymore. I will be getting the heater put in in the next few weeks. The lift is planned for the spring. That will about take care of building the shop. Now I need to find a new car project to work on!!!
  2. I had them on my track as well. I did not have to add longer studs and never had a problem. I truly understand wanting the ability to swap out a caliper quickly. I never liked the idea of spacers on a car. Especially a track car.
  3. I had the same problems when I mounted my Rewinds. I just ground the fin down and it was fine. Get the grinder out!
  4. I figured it would be expensive. I have about 2,300 square feet, so that would be pretty prohibitive for me. I will have to figure out something. With all of that shine, does it get slippery when wet? Looks fantastic!!
  5. Wow, that epoxy floor is so shiny, you can see 27th's reflect in it. Do you mind me asking how much the floor costed? I need to do something with my shop floor.
  6. Hey Chris, Did you finish that garage yet??
  7. Chicago and Suburbs covers a lot of ground. I can't tell from your location what part of the area you are in. I have used T&A Autobody in Lake Barrington (NW Suburb) for many years They have always done good work for me. Tell Archie I sent you. Marty
  8. That is a really nice survivor!! Love the color too.
  9. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful car. Nice job on both counts!!
  10. Yes it is. I knew Don back in the day when he was featured in a magazine article following his racing career. I believe he was a member of this site back then as well.
  11. I think that car belongs to a guy I used to work with many years ago. He was a racer and lived in the Rockford area.
  12. I know pricing on these cars has changed a lot of over the last 2-3 years or so, but $8K sounds like a lot for a car with that much rust. If it was driven for 8 years before being taken off the road, that could be 158K on it. He mentioned that he picked it up a year ago, so it is really a 2 owner car. I did a rusty Z once. I am not sure I want to do it again, unless I got an unbelievable deal on it.
  13. That is a couple of hours away from me. We don't see many 240Z's for sale around here. For all you bodywork guys, how bad does that rust look to you? Are the quarter repair panels even available anymore? How about the rocker and dogleg panels? I actually have a rocker replacement panel on the shelf. I don't do bodywork myself, so I would have to hire that out and a paint job. But hey, for the price of a dresser, it might be worth it!
  14. Those fixtures should light it up pretty well, and you have natural light from the windows too. I have 24 fixtures at 3810 lumens each. My wife said' "what, do you want it bright enough for surgery in there?" I said "Exactly!!!" I don't think you can go too bright. I have my lights on 3 zones, so I can turn some of them off if I want to. Mine is about perfect.
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