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  1. Yes! It is pretty amazing how easy it is to put in later Z parts into an early chassis. You will need to use an electric fuel pump, as the ZX motor has no provision for a mechanical fuel pump. the wiring for it is all there. Above the diff, toward the right side, look for a connector wrapped in blue tape. You get power for the pump there. Then behind the radio there is another connector wrapped in the same tape. Here I put in a jumper wire, so when the key is turned to the "on" position, the pump runs. If you use the SU carbs, make sure you get a fuel pump that only puts out around 3 PSI or you can flood the carbs. You will need round ports headers/manifold for the exhaust. As Yarb is hinting toward, make sure the drive train is good before you put it in.
  2. Definitely keep the engine. You want to also keep the half shafts and drive shaft. I put an "83ZX drive train in a '71 240Z and it was great fun to drive.
  3. Ha, ha, ha... not at all. I have had several sets of Yokos and have liked them all. As an added bonus, they were way cheaper than the other tires I was looking at. Gotta love that these days.
  4. Ken, I got the Ascend GT's mounted up last week. Yesterday I got a chance to drive up through the Kettle Moraine Valley, which has a lot of nice twisty roads. I would have to agree with your 8 out 10 rating on performance. They stuck really well in the corners and the ride was a huge improvement. Of course, I would not use these on a track, but they are a good choice for spirited street driving. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. I ordered a set of Ascend GT's this morning. TireRack quoted delivery tomorrow. Gotta love their service!
  6. Well, after quite a bit of searching, the only performance tire that I have found so far in my preferred size of 215/60/15 is the Dunlop Sport Classic, for $340 ea. That is way more than I have been paying for my race tires, so those are out. My current tires, Yokohama AVS 215/60/15, diameter 24 1/2", were great, but have no direct replacement. I want to get as close to that size and performance as possible. My short list from TireRack as of right now is: Yokohama Advan Fleva V701, 205/55/15, diameter 23.8, $126.76 Good reviews from Miata drivers, which is pretty similar in weight and performance as a 240Z Toyo Proxes R1R, 195/55/15, diameter 23.5" $156.47. Lots of good reviews on various sports cars. Yokohama Avid Ascent GT, 205/60/15, diameter 24.8" $114.99. No reviews on TireRack on sports cars, but got a strong recommendation from Ken above. So, it looks like my choice is either more documented performance or closer to my preferred size with one personal recommendation. Hmmm, decisions, decisions....
  7. I just watched their demo. they have some pretty awesome capabilities. I would love to see how they do with a Datsun radio.
  8. I did the 4-Runner conversion on my track car, with the vented discs and bigger caliper and did not upgrade the booster or master. They worked great and I never had a problem.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate the detailed feedback. I think those will go on the short list to consider.
  10. Does anyone have experience with Toyo Proxes R1R's? They come in 195/55/15. The reviews on Tirerack look pretty good. I have used Toyo RA1's on my race car for years and have really liked their performance.
  11. I just noticed a typo. I meant to say I was concerned with the gap on a 50 series tire.
  12. Thanks for the pics, they are very helpful.
  13. I have the European springs on the car, with higher spring rates, which tends to lift the car up a bit. I am a little concerned that a 60 series tire might leave too much of a gap between the tire and the fender. The Falkens do look like nice tires though.
  14. Hey Guys, I am way over-due for new tires on my '70 240z. I am looking for some great performing summer tires. I don't track or autocross the car anymore, just spirited driving on dry days only. Finding performance tires in 15" is getting to be a challenge. What are you guys using now, and what sizes? My current tires are Yokos, 205/60/15 on Panasports. That size does not seem readily available in a performance tire anymore. I look forward to seeing what you have and/or your opinions. Thanks, Marty
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