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  1. I don't have any concrete suggestions on how to block off the vents, but I do believe that most Z's are leaky enough that blocking the vents off won't do much to mess with the ventilation system. Of course, that could just be mine...
  2. Mike, Very nice! I like the rest of the adjusted ranks as well. So now what about that "dedicated" badge for me? I should be almost there, right? Not sure how much longer I can keep this up! And doesn't @Patcon get his "well followed" badge now that he's got ten followers or more?
  3. Done deal!! Looking forward to it! And if someone else brings it up, try this... "I'm simply PRACTICING on the areas that don't show, so that by the time I get to the ones that DO show, I'll have it down pat."
  4. Yeah, but my point is that even if you would get out of the driver's seat and walk around the back of the car you STILL can't see underneath the taillight panels and licence plate backing plate!! The rest of the car better be just as good!
  5. OK... I think I understand now. I originally thought this thread was started for the purpose of discussing removing emissions equipment, but, in fact that's not at all why this thread was started. This thread was started simply as a complaint. You're complaining about other people because you don't like their reaction to discussions about removing emissions equipment. You're unhappy with other people's input and you thought it would be a good idea to start a thread to complain about it. So I think I got that much, but I still don't know what year service manual to refer to... What year is your butthurt?
  6. Now you see... I don't understand how it can be a secret if they post a video about it. It's like... How can you claim something has a secret location if there's a big sign on the interstate showing you how to get there. Not sure if I posted this before, but this was on the way to ZCON Atlanta:
  7. And actually, I've been confused since the start. You started this thread with the title "Butthurt Emissions delete...." and I'm not sure what you mean. Are you butthurt by your emissions? Are your emissions butthurt by you? Are you trying to delete your emissions BECAUSE they are butthurt? Sorry, but I'm completely lost.
  8. Agreed. I can pretty much guarantee that site wasn't trying to demoralize anybody. Not that kind of guy. Here's my take on what site said: "I don't understand your point with the above. If you want to delete your EGR, then go ahead. It's not that difficult. Heck... With enough reading, even I was able to figure out how to do it. And you, being an engineer, are probably much more capable than I am." That's my read.
  9. So if you're spending that much time on the parts of the car you CAN'T see (once it's put back together), I can just imagine how the parts you CAN see are going to turn out!
  10. Nope. That's all I got. Close, but no cigar. I do, however, have a couple of pics that are simply loaded with GRAND MASTERS. Here's a couple of my favorites:
  11. I'm-a-lookin... I'm-a-lookin. So far, I got close, but no cigar: I haven't gotten to Memphis yet...
  12. I'm wearing my Back Forty shirt right now. I think of you every time I see it.
  13. I don't know how many badges there are available... All I know is that we're all chasing Cliff! So he's got eleven and you've only got ten. The one that he has that you don't is "Well Followed". You need to have 10 people following you to get that badge and you've only got nine. So you need to lobby JUST ONE MORE PERSON to follow you and you'll have as many badges as Cliff. I'm two badges behind, and the one I'm chasing now is "Dedicated" (which you and Cliff both already have). It requires you to log in for seven days straight. With my hit-and-miss on-line presence, I've apparently never achieved that. I'm trying now though, starting yesterday. Haha!! Of course, if @Mike catches wind of any of this gaming of the system, it's all over. LOL. There are threads on the interwebs about this new badge system and turning it into a video game. It's designed to encourage participation and site traffic. Most people seem to like it.
  14. Actually I'm just here to pad my stats so I get another badge.
  15. Well played!! To paraphrase Count DeMonet, "Your Majesty, this is a very serious problem. The peasants feel you have no regard for them."
  16. Haha!! How quick some people are to forget where they came from!
  17. LOL!!! I'm honored to be a 1%er. I'll never forget the little people. Jingle. Jingle.
  18. Actually (in the real world) what probably limits the ability to accelerate your Z is the ability to get that power to the road. Nice equations. I'm hot.
  19. i'd have to hear it in person to decide if it's valve noise or just normal injector noise. In any event, the car looks great. I'm so happy you're getting some time behind the wheel!
  20. Haha! I totally get it! Wasn't sure which side of that fence you would fall on, but thought I would mention I had it.
  21. Yeah, that block vent tube is not stock. Was that fitting screwed into the block when you got it, or did you put that in?
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