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  1. That makes a difference. Those are probably the factory springs then. There is a factory service manual in the Downloads section. Not sure if the ZX springs need much compression before removal.
  2. They're harmless. They don't even have a real stinger. They just poke you with their egg-laying prong. They don't have nests to protect, all they want to do is make some holes, lay some eggs, fill the hole with some pollen, seal them up, then die.
  3. And a very clean modified 77 went for $35,000. Didn't read through to find out what made it so special. That's a big number for a 77. Maybe it's the bumpers and the side lights. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1977-datsun-280z-55/
  4. Clean stock 73 went for $28,500. Still has the ready-to-blow fabric water hoses. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-154/
  5. p.s. somebody has put some modified springs in there. There's only three coils. There's a certain spring from another car that works if it's cut right. Somebody has already been in to those struts. Is it one of those lowered to the ground cars? Might be that the shocks have been bottoming out and beat the heck out of that gland nut. Won't be surprised if they've been stripped completely out. The picture I posted above shows that there are probably only one or two threads holding the shock in the tube.
  6. I was lazy and missed that, even though it looks completely wrong. As far as DIY for the PO, it's not terrible but does require some tools and skills. And, beware, the gland nut is what holds the shock in the strut tube, and the assembled parts support the weight of the wheel if the car is lifted. If you lift that corner of the car by the body shell the wheel will stay on the ground. A floor jack under the control arm would be the way.
  7. Could be your compression rod (aka T/C rod) end rubber. They tend to rot and fall apart over time. Looking at your strut I'd say that's a possibility. Easy to fix if that's it. Stole a picture from BAT, #123 - https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-155/
  8. Hurry! https://fox8.com/news/budweiser-offers-free-beer-for-covid-19-vaccine-recipients/ https://www.mycooler.com/en/free-bud/register.html
  9. Trying to remember a different name from the past and found this one instead.
  10. There's also the regional aspect. https://komonews.com/news/coronavirus/state-health-officials-fear-washington-is-seeing-beginning-of-a-4th-wave I used to just ignore the flu, only got a few yearly shots over the years when I had free time and felt like being extra safe. This COVID thing is a whole different animal.
  11. I talked to a lady just yesterday who said the same thing about never getting the flu. But, this year the flu is almost non-existent. Nobody is getting the flu because of social distancing and masking. But they are still getting COVID-19, in very large numbers. So there is that, contagiousness. COVID is much more contagious and that's before including the even more contagious variants. People get the flu and unless they are generally unfit they recover with no long-term effects. People get COVID-19 and despite being healthy some end up in the ICU, some die, and some have long-term e
  12. Moderna has been around for almost as long as Pfizer. It's one of the originals. J&J and Astra Zeneca are the two that have had very minor issues. I got a Pfizer shot last week. My upper arm was sore for a day, that was it, but I don't feel a thing from flu shots so not sure that helps. I would have done any of the three others too. I vote get it.
  13. Modified green 73. Stroked 3.1 but not sharing the name of the builder. Typical youtube video with bad music, but he does start it and drive it. Can't tell if he pumped the pedal or not. Do Webers have accel pumps? Loafers with white socks...eeeewwww. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-155/
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