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  1. Zed Head


    My mistake. I was assuming that the backgrounds stayed "clean". Of course, you can start clean then get dirty. Weird that they know how many were completed but don't say how many passed. Anyway, kind of off-topic. I don't really see the connection with a pandemic. People should be setting their guns aside.
  2. Zed Head


    Background checks mean new people getting guns. "In recent weeks, firearm sales have skyrocketed. Background checks the key barometer of gun sales already were at record numbers in January and February, likely fueled by a presidential election year. Since the coronavirus outbreak, gun shops have reported long lines and runs on firearms and ammunition.Background checks were up 300% on March 16, compared with the same date a year ago, according to federal data shared with the NSSF, which represents gunmakers. Since Feb. 23, each day has seen roughly double the volume over 2019, according to Mark Oliva, spokesman for the group."
  3. Zed Head


    Feels like this should be in the humor thread. But this guy was just on stage next to the President, talking at the COVID-19 briefing. Nobody can deny how weird this is. He's the MyPillow guy! Next will be the OxiClean guy. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/30/trump-nudging-mypillow-lindell-run-office-156195
  4. Zed Head


    People need to listen to the video. It's very enlightening. I actually have faith the governors will step up and make things happen. Katrina was one governor of a very poor state. This is at least three, four or more governors of pretty important states, economy-wise. NY, CA, WA, NJ, MI, OH, etc. The threat of a coalition would be enough I think. The people behind Trump will know that. I was just reading about the governor of Montana saying he was having trouble getting testing supplies. Trump said that he had not heard of any problems. So, there are more governors who will be speaking up soon. The President should be aware of every state and territories' needs.
  5. Zed Head


    Hunkering down is only good for the short term. You can't protect your family if the means of production shut down. Unless you're a good hunter and live surrounded by wildlife, and have the means to hold off the people who want to steal it after you get it. Birx touched on the loaded issue - this is a national emergency and needs national leadership and organization. She touched it then backed away and tried to make it sound like the individual states could organize nationally. She's implying that a coalition of states organize. It's happened before and didn't end well. What's going to happen when a load of ventilators go to Italy, and one or more of our states runs out?
  6. Zed Head


    Some reporters are still trying to get him to admit his exaggerations. "More tests than any country". It's just a waste of time. But, I think that he really might not even understand what "per capita" means. He had an easy clear answer, along your lines, about testing in the hotspots at a high rate. It would have been a good reasonable answer. But he fumbled on even saying the term "per capita". I don't think that he understands. Anyway. They're trying to change the man. He's in his 70's. Not going to happen.
  7. Zed Head


    What I've learned recently is that the aerosol transmission path might be more important than thought. "They" are talking about everybody wearing masks. So, if you want to be extra careful, don't breath heavily in the presence of other people. The people in that story above were just singing, so they were exhaling and inhaling deeply. Doesn't have to be a cough or sneeze. Also, the loss of the ability to smell and taste is a sign that you've been infected.
  8. Zed Head


    There was a story about week ago of a "group" of 60 people in my area that had been infected with COVID-19, but there was no detail. This must have been them. A choir group decided to go ahead with a a practice. https://www.yahoo.com/news/choir-decided-ahead-rehearsal-now-023414705.html
  9. Zed Head


    Never mind. Too touchy. It's only Monday... Trump just got trolled by a reporter's question and he fell for it. Could not resist. Took the bait, hook, line and sinker. Now he's off on a rant about stolen masks. Trump is showing that he doesn't know what "per capita" means.
  10. Zed Head


    He looked at the masks and realized - "These are cloth. They could be sterilized. Make it so".
  11. Zed Head


    Today's briefing has turned in to a long line of corporate executives talking about doing things. I've always been of the do first, talk later motto. It's turning in to a TV show. Very strange to watch. https://www.mypillow.com/
  12. Zed Head


    Trump is talking now and it seems like the new focus is talking about the private companies that are making products. One is the unproven therapeutics. Sandoz and others. Ford, General Electric Healthcare, General Motors, Honeywell, Jockey, the MyPillow guy, Proctor & Gamble, Bringing the company presidents up to speak. The MyPillow guy is the first speaker. He sounds just like his commercials. CRAZY! Lots of praising of each other. President thanks the FDA, FDA thanks the President. The FDA is now making approvals based on the President's requests. Not their own expertise. All of the companies making ventilators will be sending them to foreign companies. It's a business venture. Not much mention of the States. Lots of focus on sending medical equipment to Italy. I've realized that Trump is just a really weird dude. Forget about his motives, he's just a strange strange person.
  13. Zed Head


    Human nature. Run!
  14. Today's version is particularly annoying. One more thing to click to get it out of the way.
  15. Does it have to be a video? Here's a story showing how not all intelligence is the same. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/mar/30/astrophysicist-gets-magnets-stuck-up-nose-while-inventing-coronavirus-device