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  1. Zed Head

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    The front mount can be flipped also.
  2. Zed Head

    Where to go with this rusthole

    My mistake, thanks for the correction. Here's a more general layman's world document. https://polyurethane.americanchemistry.com/Products-Resources-and-Document-Library/General-Personal-Protective-Equipment-Recommendations-for-Automotive-Refinish-Coating-Applications.pdf I spent a summer at a chemical factory and some of the old-timers there said that they used to use TDI (toluene diisocyanate) to degrease their hands. They also used to dump unwanted drums in the river. Times have changed.
  3. Zed Head

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    The link I put in my last post shows the changes. It's just a little cringe-worthy watching you grind when you can bolt instead. Carry on...
  4. Zed Head

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    There's three different diff mounts out there. #16 below. Why would you need a spacer if the holes aren't the right size. Thought you were going to grind and oblong. Lots of ways to get the diff in there, but if it's not right you might have vibration and noise problems, if you drive it. What are you going to do with the car once it's together? http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsuns30/Datsun-Z-Index/Axle/Rear-Suspension
  5. Zed Head

    Where to go with this rusthole

    Actually, they can be both or more. The starting material can be an epoxy, with the curing agent being isocyanate-based, or vice-versa with the starting material being a polyurethane (from isocyanates) and the curing reaction being from epoxies. People can get sensitized to agents used to make either. Really, any coating with volatiles, the solvents that you can smell, is dangerous. There is no safe solvent or coating, before it's cured. I met somebody that had applied epoxy coatings and adhesives for years until one day when his body decided no more. He couldn't even get near to them after that. He still seemed stunned telling us the story, as students visiting his kit airplane company. Avoid the vapors, even if you've not had prior problems. Once you get sensitized you can't be fixed, no going back. Charcoal filters designed for organic vapors is what you want. Or a self-contained breathing system. https://www.osha.gov/dts/shib/respiratory_protection_bulletin_2011.html
  6. Zed Head

    1978 Datsun 280Z 5-Spd For Sale

    Thought you were the owner and it was sitting in the family garage. Just realized that you're a car dealer and it's the company garage. Why don't you guys just put it back together? You should have the people. You have some nice old cars in stock. https://www.victorynaples.com/ https://www.victorynaples.com/1966-Ford-F250/Used-PickupTruck/Naples-FL/11226530/Details.aspx
  7. Zed Head

    New (To Me lol) 240z and Advice Needed

    I don't know the break point for model years. October is either late 70 or early 71. The date you're seeing is the build date. All manufacturers start building next year's models before the first of the year. It's neat car with paperwork. Keep those documents and put a story together.
  8. Zed Head

    New (To Me lol) 240z and Advice Needed

    Just do it for your wallet, or both. It has known history. Quick resto and sale, then start another project maybe. Although, the resto-mods seem to be doing well. Did you ever post the VIN? Some people want automatics. I hear they drive pretty smooth.
  9. Zed Head

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Good ingenuity. The other potential problem is the fork hitting the back of the hole before full release. Doesn't look centered, and looks like more than 6 cm. Might want to test it while the trans is easy to get out. The clutch system is super easy to bleed and doesn't take much fluid. Alrighty, that's my high-concentration Home Built catch-up. Good luck. From #67.
  10. Zed Head

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Here's the whole playlist of 240Z specific videos. This is what your sig should be. Porsche, Volkswagen, etc. just clutter up the page. No offense. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnidW9Wb_Djx4zNB2ykgV5usgGihI8dhW
  11. Zed Head

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Yeah, that is some weird stuff. 2:20 in the video. I'm not aware that the stud spacing changed on the diffs over the years. Maybe it did. Do you know your gearing? Of the transmission and the diff. You want low matched with high or vice versa. There's quite a range available. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJMua4Y-eP0&list=PLnidW9Wb_Djx4zNB2ykgV5usgGihI8dhW&index=67&t=0s
  12. Zed Head

    Just what the Doctor ordered. 1977 280z

    MEK would be the better solvent. The MEK rub test is an actual coatings test, to assess degree of cure of 2K type coatings. It's a people-power test but they've tried to make a machine for it. A look in to the world of paint. http://www.trl.com/paint_solvent/ https://gardco.com/pages/abrasion/mekrubtest.cfm
  13. Zed Head

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    The forward mounted angle caused vibration. But it was only on the very early cars. They changed in 71 I think. The propeller shaft was lengthened also. http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsuns30/Datsun-Z-Index/Power-Train/Propeller-Shaft I'm not following all of the videos, I have a short attention span and can't watch a video for more than a minute, but aren't your parts supposed to fit together? Or are you piecemealing? On your videos - if you add an index to each one, ID'ing certain operations like diff install, trans install, etc. by time point, people can go directly to specific parts. Might get you more viewers. The suggestion is mainly for me though.
  14. Zed Head

    New (To Me lol) 240z and Advice Needed

    I hope that the second garage is yours, not the first one.
  15. Zed Head

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Here's that measurement from outside. ~6 cm.

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