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  1. Going for the perfect rear wheel bearing install. Karma says you'll slide in to a curb on your maiden voyage. Just kidding! Did you examine the old bearings for damage? Wondering what was making the noise.
  2. Zed Head


    My thought was more about "what now" after they got in there. Even if they accomplished their "mission" and there were several dead politicians scattered around, then what? Occupy the Capitol building? I lived in the Portland area when the same type of people "occupied" the Malheur Wildlife Refuge buildings. All they did was camp out there for a little over a month, but accomplished nothing. Same type of scenario, use their guns and take over a tiny spot on the face of the globe. For what? The wild west isn't wild anymore. That stuff doesn't work now. https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2017/02/oregon_standoff_timeline_41_da.html
  3. Mistake. Sorry to the guys that "reacted". I spit the hook.
  4. There was actually a good crowd on there for a while. They knew a lot. Tony D was a troll, you just had to ignore him. Even Tony D had some good advice at times, if you picked through his vitriol. Most of them have moved on, some left the Z world, some just got tired of the internet I think. The site owner, SuperDan, seems to have put things on autopilot. Won't be a surprise if he sells it. zcar.com got sold years ago and was moderated by some sort of committee that used the same account name. "something"boy, I think it was. It was a different person responding whenever you reported something. Their purpose was just to keep the site functional, they knew nothing abut the content. It was just a place for Google ads. Apparently it's different now, but I haven't been there for years.
  5. Zed Head


    Green Bay, WI. Watching the Packers games. Lambeau Field. It's a party.
  6. Don't overlook that the torque range is wide (probably) because it's an adjustment range. Torque to the minimum number then measure end play and preload. If it's not right go a little tighter. If you get all the way to 239 and things still aren't right there's probably a problem.
  7. Here's what they've sold, but they don't show the selling price. https://www.beverlyhillscarclub.com/sold-inventory.htm?model=[240Z]&orderby=make Here's what they have, way overpriced. https://www.beverlyhillscarclub.com/inventory.htm?model=[240Z]&orderby=make,year
  8. I thought these guys were a southern band because they sang about New Orleans. Turns out they're from Canadia. The lead guitar guy is excellent.
  9. If the quote says "cash - full price, will pick up" it's probably worth hanging on to. But if it has contingencies like "after arrival and inspection" I'd avoid them. Some of these places will get people in to a bind so that they have to take a lower price. Just be careful. Since it runs and drives and you're in the middle of the country, coast-to-coast, it wouldn't be a surprise if somebody bought it and tried to drive it home. Spring is coming and people have been cooped up. You have good odds. You could probably find a garage with a lift that will let you take some pictures while it's up. The work you put in before you advertise it will make a difference. That green Z in the BAT listing probably left a few thousand behind because they posted a dirty car.
  10. Zed Head


    The variant is getting closer. Right around Portland Oregon, they don't know how it got there. https://ktvz.com/news/coronavirus/2021/01/15/multnomah-county-resident-first-in-oregon-with-uk-variant-of-covid-19-virus/ https://covidactnow.org/?s=1520469
  11. This is what harmony01 was known for in the past. His cars never meet reserve. I wonder if he just uses eBay for advertising, then sells the cars through private communication.
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