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  1. Zed Head

    Misfiring while cruising

    A tuneup can't hurt. Sometimes minor issues become more noticeable at steady engine speeds. Seems like a fuel issue would get worse after it started. I know that in the old days we would adjust our plug wires to avoid crossfire caused missing. Your distributor cap looks very clean on the inside, to Patcon's comment, but you can get shorts on the outside also, from dirt and grime. New plugs, wires, cap and rotor might do it. Good luck.
  2. Zed Head

    Misfiring while cruising

    Some thoughts that popped in to my head while reading the thread. Before I went to bed. I'm glad your car's not red. What do you mean by "cruising"? And is the problem really gone now, after just pouring some stuff in the gas tank? Edit - more correctly - did the problem really disappear weeks ago, and it has come back?
  3. Zed Head

    WTB N47 head

    76 is N42. What's your price range? What kind of quality are you looking for? I have an N42 I'd sell but I'm on the west coast. It's complete, just high miles and needs a skim.
  4. Zed Head

    Crane XR700 & Tachometer

    That's a great point. I hadn't thought it out, just posed it as a difference to be considered. The tach should be fine. I'd forgotten that the current just passes by the tach, not through it. As far as the coil, it should be fine also. It's the XR700 that you need to worry about. Apparently, from the not so clear instructions, you should have 3 - 4 ohms total resistance on the primary circuit. And, it's probably best to get it via a low ohm coil and a ballast resistor. Ballast resistors are odd things that automatically change resistance based on current flow time, resistance rises as they get hot. So, they have higher resistance when dwell is long, time-wise, like at low RPM, then let more current flow at higher RPM, as dwell time decreases. Mechanical current limiting. The old pre-electronic age stuff is pretty fascinating once you figure out what they were doing. Just an observation. You could just use a 3 ohm coil and probably be fine. Make sure that the module doesn't get hot and drive it. I think that you meant PS20 coil, not 200. And it is supposed to come with a ballast resistor. The XR3000 is the one that doesn't need a ballast. http://www.cranecams.com/416.pdf
  5. Zed Head

    240Z on Motor Week - Public TV

    Missed it. But I did find this old boring standard Z car writeup. http://www.motorweek.org/features/auto_world/tire-tracks1970-datsun-240z
  6. Don't know if it's been on yet. Might be soon. Show is on now. Only saw the preview, missed the first half.
  7. Zed Head

    Crane XR700 & Tachometer

    Have you tried it? Yes, having the tach in series with the coil sounds right. The question might whether or not the tach can handle the higher current, since the current was limited by the ballast before. Call it a "6 volt" tachometer, using a 12 volt coil now. Crane's instructions are very poor and confusing. And kind of contradictory. But it looks like the 700 keeps the ballast. The 3000 doesn't. http://www.cranecams.com/uploads/instructions/9000-0700_.pdf
  8. Zed Head

    Some 240Z's and a missed old car auction

    That's an interesting thread. It's weird how people always want to talk about things "in private" when in the open is best for everyone involved. Which is the purpose of these kinds of forums. The covering up alone is enough to make you want to avoid. Don't see the value in going private once the dirt is out there. I read the whole thread and it still doesn't look good for Pierre Z. Who knows what really happened? There was a guy on another thread who told me that he didn't post on the open forum, about somebody who seemed to be taking people's money but not producing the product he said he would, because he wanted to get his money back. The guy could pay him off to keep quiet. And it worked, he got his money refunded and/or parts returned and never told anyone. It was one of Senza Pari's customers. Not a fan of private communications about that sort of thing.
  9. Zed Head

    78 280 Re-Assembly

    I took one of those apart from a 78 parts car. Can't remember the details exactly but a very thin pick might have been involved. I think that I circled the locking mechanism in this picture. It's not what you'd expect. You need four thin jamming devices for each operation, if I recall.
  10. Zed Head

    Some 240Z's and a missed old car auction

    Anybody know Pierre Z? road and Track car. So Cal. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/d/1971-datsun-240z/6589297803.html
  11. Zed Head

    Some 240Z's and a missed old car auction

    Competition. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/wan/d/hoarder-need-old-datsun/6585771290.html
  12. Zed Head

    Some 240Z's and a missed old car auction

    Here's a local one for lots of parts. Don't know who "Ron" is. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/pts/d/nissan-datsun-240z-huge/6573256685.html
  13. Zed Head

    Some 240Z's and a missed old car auction

    Even a 260Z with a bad ad and terrible pictures is going for big money. Might have to put my rusty hoonermobile on the market and see what it might bring. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/d/z/6591990632.html
  14. A couple of local 240Z's, and an auction that just happened. Looks like they might have more. My ISP routes through Eastern Washington,apparently. Craigslist thinks I'm over there. https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/1970-datsun-240zor-offer/6558803251.html https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/1972-datsun-240z/6575931462.html https://spokane.craigslist.org/ctd/d/lotdatsun-280z-22-lucky/6584900181.html http://www.luckyoldcar.com/
  15. Zed Head

    L24 w/1mm bore. Will N42 head work?

    1 mm over would be about .020" per side. The L26 bores are notched for their bigger valves from the factory, apparently. Seems like you'd need to do some clearancing. Here's a Hybridz thread on a similar issue to yours. @madkaw has done some notching. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/70734-notchingbevelingbutterfly-l24-block-for-valve-clearance/

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