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  1. Hey, I just saw this.. thank you.. Let me go over it and get back with you.. I was looking for a reply on the thread or PM.. I clicked your name to see when you were on last and this pops up lol.

    1. Zedyone_kenobi


      yeah for some reason the format has changed on here from what I am used to. No worries.

  2. hello!  


    Here is a feed of all the pics I have ever taken of the roadster since I took delivery in 2012


    First thing I did when I bought he car was go through the brakes. Bled them and replaced the front right caliper.


    Then I stared the redo of the entire interior. All the vinyl, door cards, dash, seats, carpet with sound deadening, new steering wheel, got the heater working, cleaned all the electrical connectors, restored the factory speaker and I got it to respond to the radio (although no music comes out, but I think that is because I have never raised the antenna). I got a tonneau cover for it.

    Then I replaced all the hoses and got the vintage Weber DCOE 45s rebuilt and tuned them. Car will start up right away even after being left for months without driving. 


    Engine has the comp datsun package on it.  ORiginal owner I got it from rebuilt it and while details are sketchy I believe it has high compression pistons and definitely has a the Datsun C  cam as it really comes alive beyond 4k.  I replaced the exhaust and installed a new resonator to make it quieter so a conversation could be had while driving.  

    It is a lovely car and now that I redid the windshield trim the top closes easily and seals well.

  3. Thanks bud. Maybe I will keep her around for this years car show circuit where I live. I as invited to show her in the collectible cars section of the HOuston Auto Show this year. So that will be fun. Love to take her out on sunny days and just go nowhere. It is amazing to hear those webers sing with the top down. Will probably use bring a trailer when the time comes. I may also give the original owner a chance to buy her back.
  4. It is a 1968 Datsun 2000. IT has the Comp oil pan, Datsun Comp C cam and the dual DCOE 45's. I just redid the interior, pulled the dash got the heater working and put some insulation down on the floor. It is a supremely good driving car.
  5. Guys, I about ready to sell the 1968 datsun roadster. She is ready for any adventure you may want to have. Just seeing if anybody is interested.
  6. was never my intention man.. just been so swept up in life. z has been incredibly reliable for so long, I have not started any major projects short of the 5 speed bud. May try to to the texas 1000 again next year if money works out. IF not that, maybe the orange blossom special. My Z needs another vintage rally to have some fun in.
  7. I Find it amazing at how closely we built our cars! From the STI diff to the L28, to the 5 speed... WOW. Just need to get me some headlight covers! 🙂
  8. Wow, been so long since I posted, just been swamped with daddy duty. 🙂 But 5 speed is in and is the bees knees man! I love being able to cruise on the freeway at 70 and not be at 4300 RPM. Z car has been running strong since 2017 ZCON and not batted an eye for any kind of Issues. Very proud of her. My roadster was selected to be in a rare cars of Houston display at the Houston Auto Show in January. I have been busy detailing her. Which leads me to my question. I am trying to get off that black RTV like adhesive you use to secure rubber trim. It is really thick around the entire windscreen and I need to get it all off. It is sitting on paint, so I cannot use brass brushes or the like unless I want to commit to repainting the windscreen. Which I really would rather avoid. How do you get old RTV/adhesive off paint without chemicals that would destroy the paint.
  9. Agree, I have two extra B type shifters. so maybe a mod will work 🙂
  10. It seems to go into gear fine but it hits the 71 console and pushing it forward in 5th noticeable. It stays in gear with the engine not running so we will see. I may need to do more console trimming. I really want to keep using my 71 console as its original.
  11. That looks great! I have plan on doing this SOON
  12. Hello Zup! 



    Zedy here.  I am installing my 5 speed finally and when I dropped the starter I realized how amazingly ugly it was.  Is their a place that restores starters or sells OEM starters in mint refurbished condition! ?

  13. Oh those guys, I prefer more sane individuals LOLOLOL wink wink, nudge nudge!
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