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  1. Zedyone_kenobi

    [2018] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    cleaned up the Garage and did washed the brothers Datsun on Fathers day. Had the whole family helping!
  2. Zedyone_kenobi

    [2018] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    Looks like a great idea. The real enemy will be heat. Adhesives hate it. So if it can survive a hot day at a car show, then you should be good! :)
  3. Zedyone_kenobi

    [2018] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    What tape did you use for that spoiler.. I have the same one, but do not want to drill even more holes to install it.
  4. Zedyone_kenobi

    [2018] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    GREAT seats man!! Also obligatory head light cover envy! :)
  5. Zedyone_kenobi

    GTV vs 240z

    What a great article.... I love reading about the Z in the time it was here. Even then they realized what a special car it was. Amazing to think how spot on they were.
  6. UPDATE: I have been so busy with baseball I have not had a chance to post in a long while, but the transmission is cleaned up and ready to install. Ordered an new clutch and pressure plate. I may or may not change those though as I only have 3000 miles on my stock clutch. I will change out the throw out bearing though for sure.
  7. GREAT NEWS.. UPDATE: I have my newly rebuilt 5 speed sitting on my garage floor. Next steps are as follows: 1) Clean the thing up and make it look factory fresh 2) Give some hard thought to replacing the clutch/pressure plate/throwout bearing (only have 3000 miles on my last new clutch installed 5 years ago) 3) Fill with MT90 and have fun. NOte: I plan to use the clutch fork, throwout bearing, Clutch collar, clutch and pressure plate from a 240Z 4 speed. I think it should be the same.
  8. Zedyone_kenobi

    Brand new owner - need help w/ Christmas gift ideas for my kid

    I will chime in for Daves relay work and I have had my combo switches done by him for both my Z and my roadster. His work is unparalleled! Quality, value, and better than OEM. Dave has saved more Datsuns than anybody.
  9. Bingo! Found a local manual transmission shop that said he will be happy to take it down and have a look. He said it probably does not need a thing but some seals, but I have no way of knowing. He said he will take it down and check it out to let me know its condition. Said it should only take a day or two. I like not fixing what is not broken. I will update when I get a chance. I will mention to pay close attention to the roll pins and 3rd gear syncros as well.
  10. Well I called up Awesome Z, good place in Houston. He rebuilt my 4 speed which has been working properly now for over 5 years for 650 bucks. When I asked him to look at this 5 speed, he said 1250. Just now way it is that much harder.
  11. Greetings Z buddies.... Been a while since I posted as I have been working my website and reignited an old passion of mine with collecting mechanical watches. Guess I am getting old.. But seriously... I have finally acquired a 5 speed from a 77 280Z and have been calling around to get it rebuilt. It seems to work fine on the garage floor.. Spins freely and feels smooth... but before I put it into my car, I want to go through it completely. Having said that I am getting prices to rebuild an old 5 speed in the 900-1300 dollar range. That seems excessive since I had my 4 speed redone for 650. well the mechanic in me sort of wants to give this a try. What I need from my fellow brethren is any shop manuals specifically for the transmission.... is there a handy dandy resource to redoing these. I know some of you have done this. before I crack the case, anybody want to throw a reference or two out.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/groups/DCTFS/ The orange car on the top of this FB page has really nice wheels... I love how they look... but I have no idea what they are!
  13. Zedyone_kenobi

    280Z 5 speed has landed

    yup that is what I thought. I was thinking I could use all my current 240Z stuff as it is all less than 4000 miles old.
  14. Zedyone_kenobi

    280Z 5 speed has landed

    After months of patiently waiting on logistics, I was able to trade my old MSA Type 1 air dam for 5 speed from a 280Z. I came out of a running car, and the input shaft seems to spin freely without much play. It is dirty and I fully intend to get it rebuilt prior to installation. I just wanted to check. Having put a new clutch and pressure plate and throwout bearing and clutch collar in my last car, can I reuse those? You match all the clutch hardware with the clutch if I recall. It has been a while since I did the research on this. I was planning on using my 240Z 4 speed collar fork and everything else... I will dig around in the 5 speed swap section to see if this is right. But I am psyched. I will finally be able to drive with the flow of traffic on the freeway without turning 4500 rpm.
  15. Zedyone_kenobi

    Retro Sound Install

    That is epic!!!!

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