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Thanks for your interest as a contributor to our club.  As you probably know there are costs associated with running a website like this.  We have been very successful doing this by running ads and donations over the past decade.  I'm sure you've noticed the ads, but, lately I have seen income drop significantly.  There are known facts that ads from Google are becoming less effective across the entire Internet and a changes are likely happening.  I have created this fundraiser to help us cover some of the costs.  If you find this site useful, fun, and a place you can call home for your Z, please consider donating to our purpose.  Your money will certainly go to a good cause.  You can use this the field below to make a single donation.

If you feel like giving on a recurring basis, please visit our subscriptions page to purchase a recurring member subscription.  The difference between an anonymous donation and a paid supporter is the extras you receive.  Here's the difference in a nutshell.

1) Anonymous Donations

  • Click the button below to donate.
  • Any amount can be given at anytime.
  • This is a one-time donations, and will NOT auto renew.
  • Your account stays the same, nobody will know.
  • Ads will still appear on the site.
  • Administrators will know who donated but remain anonymous to others.

2) Membership Subscriptions

  • Purchase a Subscription
  • You will be put into the Club Supporter group.
  • Your username will turn red and a star will be placed next to your username.
  • Your account will show "Club Supporter" on all posts.
  • Ads will be blocked.

As we move forward into exploring other fundraisers, I will keep you informed about what we are doing.  Until then, rest assured that your donations will go to a great cause = supporting our website!

Thanks for reading! 

-- Mike

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