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  1. S20 had nothing to do with Yamaha ! If Mr. Goertz ‘ s statement were correct, it would have been meant all two-seater , fastback coupe in the world were designed by him , influenced by him after S30 debut. The designers in S30 design team had already known world’s beautiful sports cars and have taste of those essence. The A550X was never be an model which they started to build . And Mr.Goertz left Nissan way before the project, he didn’t touch / teach any part of the S30 body . Mr. Goertz would never be able to answer for our any single question . Those who want to know about , visit here
  2. Thanks everyone, this is very interesting to discuss. When I home , I will write what I think . I need to review Mr. Tamura’s Letters which describe what was happening when he worked so hard on the clay model . That will indicate when and what made S30 went to have six - cylinder engine. And of course I need to read through again Mr. Uemura’s book , Mr. Matsuo’s book ,and old magazines which were featuring an interview to the “ chief “ of design, engineering, marketing, etc . It seems very difficult to have one answer for everyone ( who is the father , mother , or MVP kind of things . I think each one can have whatever who wants in his mind ) . However we are seeing “what and how they did “ and “ who did that “ at that time . Kats
  3. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your joining. I realized I had to ask in a different way after seeing everyone’s reply . Like Alan said , seemed there is no correct answer in that choice . I had to specify “when” precisely and use proper words to explain what I was asking about . I always feel there were some key facts of “ how S30 was made “ and those facts were in progress in different people , different section , and they were existing in parallel before they were finally all united . What I was trying to do is ,I wanted everyone to know about the story behind S30 . I thought it is interesting in the part about Nissan executives . ( actually it was not his word , Mr. Uemura quoted from Mr. Hara ‘s book ) I have learned Mr. Hara was very important person who dedicated to making S30 in the early stage . And how do you say , he was a car guy . Mr. Hara also wrote a book , “ Datto San Kaihatsu no Omoide “ ( memories of development of DATSUN cars ) . So , Mr. Uemura wrote like this , ( I will be back later ) Kats
  4. Ok , if your 240Z was born in at or before August 1972 , your car doesn’t need the splash pan . Kats
  5. Hi , I don’t know much of it , as far as I understand is Fairlady-Z ( Japanese model ) series always have it . Not an optional item , it is a mandatory item for Fairlady-Z series even 240ZG . For export model , I don’t know. But except very early prototype used as an example for the service manual and 1973 model year car ( maybe at or later Aug 1972 ) in the US , they don’t have it . Please note the early one does not have holes like you see them on later one shown in the picture . Kats
  6. Hi ,here is a quiz What made S30 prototype upgrade to a six- cylinder engine from a four- cylinder engine? #1. Styling designers wanted a bigger engine #2. Mr. K said “it has got to be a six -cylinder engine for America “ when he saw the prototype #3. Executives in Japan thought it wasn’t a good thing a sedan (Skyline ) has the most powerful engine ( S20 ) in their products . “We have Fairlady ,a sports car deserves a powerful engine . Let’s put S20 in it “ If someone who read the Mr . Uemura’s book correctly,and the book is interpreted correctly ,it is easy to find the answer. I would like to have the English version to see if the book is telling what Mr. Uemura originally wrote . Kats
  7. Hi , good luck on your selling , I was told by Mr . Miyate ( Nissan Shatai engineer ) , he said it was oriented to insurance matter at that time in the US , he ( engineers ) created an access panel for the bulbs each side in order to reduce insurance fee . My 03/1970 240Z still has a non-access panel type rear trim . Kats
  8. I would like to have a new 140 one for my S20 . I have some used 90 ones and 140 ones . Thanks ! Kats
  9. Hi Blue , thanks ! Is there any chance you would trade your 140 switch for my NOS 90 switch 89901 ? Kats
  10. I forgot to put this , my 1972( 12/71 made ) Datsun 240Z . I think a 6kg switch cooperated with a 6kg / 90lb scale work pretty good, it makes me feel happy . Kats
  11. Hi Dan , your data helps everyone a lot , I was also wondering too about the low readings of the oil pressure. My first Z is a 1972 240Z when I was living in Bakers Field CA which always showing middle in the gauge. Then I bought a 1970 240Z , it always stayed very low in the gauge. I remember I was reading Mr. Wick Humble ‘s book and learned my 1970 car was not wrong . Here are pictures which were taken recently, my 1970 Z432 ( shared with all the other S30 DOM & EXPORT using the same 10kg switch , 10kg scale ) and 1970 Datsun 240Z , And 1972 Fairlady 240ZG ( 6kg switch with 6kg scale ) . Just for your reference. By the way , 25070-89910 ( 10kg ) switch is now approximately 200-400 USD if it is a new , S20 owners are seriously want it . Looking at my Z432 , S20 might able to be said it’s oil pressure relatively higher than L -series engine , what do you think of it. Kats
  12. Thanks advise Alan , I need to be nice . I am learning everyday ! YMO is my hero (Mr.K too of cource ! ) , tell me about your joint work with them sometime . Kats
  13. Thanks Chris , I will visit Pierre Hotel again next month on my day-off at NYC . Nice cranes , looks like made of metal , we normally make crane from a sheet of paper . And if you whish paticuler thing strongly for your familly or friend etc, make 1000 cranes and tied them all together , and give it to those people . Alan, yes now I see the picture which is on Nissan 10th anniversary book was edited around the floor ! Now I have a question , why the long hair lady was edited to be a short hair lady ? Like Chris mentioned Japanese men didn't forget their tradition ? Kats Thanks Alan , it is crane , TSURU in Japanese . I edited.
  14. Thank you so much Alan ! I didn't know there was a edited version. My mother used to be a Kimono craftsman , and also she used to help others to wear Kimono . Definitely short hair is STD we think (however I don't know about 1000 years ago ) . I can imagine that , if foreigners wear Kimono , it could be both (short and long ) . When I saw the long hair lady in the picture , I felt pretty much "it is a overseas style " . So, this 240Z with Kimono ladies was on the display at Beverly Hilton ? Or Pierre Hotel ? In the 80's , we still saw her hair up as a STD . A cover from Yellow Magic Orchestra (US version) . Kats
  15. By the way , this book tells us unique but reliable source about how many Fairlady 240Z series ( 240Z / 240ZL / 240ZG ) car’s were registered in Japan . Maybe total 2600 only , that is a very few I think . And 240ZG would be more than half of it , or even 80 % ?? At that time over 2000 cc car got painful tax on it . An Interesting thing that I have heard is even though 240ZG was the most expensive one in the Fairlady 240Z series , people who was able to own those price range chose 240ZG . This tells us how well G-nose effect did for people and for car. Kats
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