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  1. kats

    New Album

    Hi Marine240z , nice pictures!! Thank you so much, so cool you are , in a military aircraft ! And the shroud , yours is metal , right ? Mine too. this was a factory optional item from the beginning of the production (Oct 1969 ) to the car has A/C in Japnan, or some Fairlady-240ZG have equipped before left the factory. It is very good for cooling, Kameari Engine Works has made a replica made by FRP, this is also good. Kats
  2. kats


  3. Hi - I am interested in finding information on any current race series with either 350 or 370Zs that run in Japan.

    Here in the USA they run events called the "Cayman Interseries" using Porsche 996/997 that have modified by a dealer. Here are the links to the series and the car build sheet:



    If 350/370Zs race in Japan is there a build sheet for them as well?

    Thank you very much in advance for any time you might spend researching this.

    I hope to convince a Nissan dealer and a race organization to build entry level race cars.

    Your help can make it happen.

    Happy New Year -

    John Jeffery (gnosez)

  4. Thanks Chris,I will show them tonight.And Yes I really want to see your collection(^0^)kats

  5. Hello Kats! Of course you may use my pictures. They are scans from Nissan brochures. Would you like me to send you a Cd of my collection? I could also give you references to the pictures.

  6. Hello Chris,how are you doing? This time I would like to get a permission of using pictures from your thread ,they are "NISSAN SHATAI making 240Z" pictures.

    I want to show these wonderful findings to the Japanese people! kats

  7. Hello KATS! I have sent you a PM!

  8. Hello Garageqoon, sorry about no update.I have to look the car but it is located far from me.Thank you for telling me this,I will post soon.kats

  9. Old post came up... S30-00002 ... Everyone is dying to know what happened to her...

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