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  1. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Thanks Gavin , additional pictures are fun to look at . Hi RS02 , let’s enjoy our Z together. Always nice to see owners in overseas. Kameari Engine Works is very popular in Japan , L Gata engine builders can’t do their work without Kameari. Recently Kameari is listing almost every S20 Engine’s “ necessary “ parts , that is also very helpful. Some of them are made in outside Japan , oh , I am waiting to hear about “ S20 replacement cylinder head “ which is made in Thailand. Kats
  2. kats

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    This 80000 USD Z432 needs a set of magnesium wheels for 10000 USD , then it is still good price compared to when this car was first sold in the US . Mike , you can make it perfect using early Fairlady Z parts from your parts shelf . Oh , a set of Z432 coil spring is now on sale at Yahoo Japan . An exhaust manifold will show up some time . An aluminum radiator is bit hard to see but , It is not impossible. Kats
  3. kats

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    Blue Dino is 215000 USD ! Half of average last year . Kats
  4. kats

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    Mike , you will have a good opportunity to buy a car like this . This Red 110 car appeared to be almost same condition as the Silver 1971 one which I was talking about in this thread. I think market price is getting back to the way it should be . Price is corresponding it’s condition . The silver one would have sold close to this , 80000 to 10000 USD in Japan . I would not be surprised if a perfect , non restored ( maybe restored ) clean HLS30 were sold more than this Z432 in an auction in the US . Kats
  5. kats

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    I can not explain well because I have not seen the car closely. http://bhauction.jp/pdf/catalog/005_1971_NISSAN_FAIRLADY_Z_432.pdf But seeing the other auction which sold a very clean , stock 280Z 2+2 over 40000 USD , I think people want a stock and clean car . If the Z432 were a kind of the one , it would be sold within a estimated price. Nowadays people who are potential- buyer know very well which is original and which is not . I think higher price deserves to a stock and clean car , just like the other classical cars . If this car had a stock coil springs , stock magnesium wheels, and sit it’s correct hight , would have looked much better. And the after market roll bars deduct buyers attention a lot . Other non original small parts , to obtain correct parts is tough but , you would be even enjoying to collect parts for a right shape Z432. Kats
  6. kats

    Interesting early Z on BaT

    I was looking for an impression of an E30 with an L24 , thanks ! Once I asked about “ High octane or Regular gasoline for export model “ here , but I am not clear enough. What I am trying to say is , E31 would mean “ less compression, for regular gasoline “ while E30 would mean “ higher compression, for High octane gasoline “ . Export S30 ( 240Z ) started with E31 , we know it is higher compression than E88 , but originally E31 would have meant to be a less compression, regular gasoline , would not have it ? Seeing a parts catalog for Fairlady Z , when the car was started making , L20 had an E30 ( 9.5 ? compression) . Then after mid. 1970 L20 added a choice of E31 ( less compression , for regular gasoline. I forgot the ratio because I am in Houston Texas now ! ) . In Japan , we don’t have E31 with L24 ( except for racing cars ) because when the time Fairlady 240Z series went on sale ( Nov 1971 ) , L24 already had E88 . Nissan annunced Fairlady 240Z series is a regular gasoline engine which is good for environment. Kats
  7. kats

    Interesting early Z on BaT

    Alan , you are correct, I see the picture of the car showed in BAT it has the B type transmission which is designed for two-piece casting case while an A type is designed for three - piece . This car should originally have an A type 4 speed ( spline type ) which is easy for this modify , because a late 1972 or later B type 5 speed is a spline type . Just use an existing propeller shaft . However, cutting the floor tunnel /part of the console is not an easy work for me . Kats
  8. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Good luck Gavin , fingers crossed ! I didn’t know an early white Z432 is in Australia ! Some years ago , a white one ( 1970 made ) was on sale in Shizuoka prefecture , would it be the one ? Or another 1970 made white one also was on sale in Nagasaki prefecture. Anyway , let us know when you see the car in perso😊n . Kats
  9. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    I see Gavin, it is a good idea to prepare for getting the “ garden wheel “ , then you will have three of the “ 4 cylinder “ narrow version. Then wait for a chance to have one more . Also you may wait to have wide version three or more for your alternative choice . Good luck !! The 1971 Safari winner car , from モーターマガジン Kats
  10. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Gavin , I now found you have a wheel which is like Z432 type , but different off set , and non - center cap type . And is it taper nut type ? And it is not the same the one on the front of the 1971 Montecarlo Rally car . Alan , could you tell us how many types there were for the works rally car . The gold is Gavin’s wheel The gray is mine And two old pictures from Nissan Craft Magazine “Fairlady Z “ . Kats
  11. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    If I were the buyer , I would disassemble the S20 engine. I need to see it is rebuilt correctly with correct parts . The seller said it is rebuilt already, but looking at neither non restored nor non replaced bolts and nuts on the engine block , I would be suspicious about the rebuilding quality. Even if the bolts and nuts was shining, and not informed who is the rebuilder, I would disassemble the engine. Kats
  12. kats

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    That is also applied to me too , Alan . Looking at these results, actual bidding amount reflecting the condition / quality of cars . Some cars are really nice but , just wanted way expensive money for the car . Blue , I think so too , if someone want a Z432 , and is able to restore by him/herself , it is a good buy . Kats
  13. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Yeah , I reported results here , Kats
  14. kats

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    Thanks Alan , the auctioneer did not know what is original . I wonder the buyer would have expected they are original. Kats
  15. kats

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    @HS30-H Alan , do you think this wheel could be a set of real Works magnesium wheel ? We would like to here from you for authentication. Courtesy BH Auction http://bhauction.jp/pdf/catalog/040_1972_NISSAN_FAIRLADY_Z_432_BASE_VEHICLE_FOR_RESTORATION.pdf Kats

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