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  1. Thank you so much, I see “ U” in the Modelo , that is a kind of rare thing. The officer made a mistake about stamping U instead of Q , or just forgetting to stamp “ Q “ for it . And I have never seen the import data of Portuguese 240 Z and others , that is fascinating! Your 240Z is HLS30Q , confirmed. Kats
  2. Hi Mário , thank you so much for joining here ! One day I will visit Portugal to see your beautiful car! Alan explains perfectly, “ U “ means USA and Canada and some .And first of all, the test report had indicated “ HLS30Q (Europe version) “ as a title , so it is very clear about your car is HLS30Q . Here is a good example for it . Kats
  3. Hi , I am still feeling the driver’s seat looked different from the passenger’s seat . This picture makes me wonder if our seats would have changed its shape in 1970 , the BAT green car seems to have the seat just like this black seat in the driver’s seat maybe produced in later 1970 . The seat back has different shape than the earlier one especially around the shoulder area . Kats
  4. Thanks Steve , the pictures were taken almost ten years ago, time flies . The caps which you are thinking about to obtain look original , I hope you will have originals for your car . By the way , I couldn’t stop myself driving with the old Super speed radial -20 , but not with the early less tab ( the less tab caps were given from Mr. Matsuo , so display only! ) One day I had a flat tyre one of the rear tyre ! That was a few months after I drove the tyre .I think ARMOR ALL was not good for the old rubber . I was thinking it was good for keeping the surface in nice condition and protect the rubber from the sun shine. But the results was not what I expected, maybe the liquid sink into the rubber ‘s tiny tiny cracks then it makes the rubber break apart easily. If I had not put ARMOR ALL on the tyre I would have a little more longer life on the old tyre , would not have I ? Anyway no one seems to ride on a 40 years old tyre , so I don’t need to think about it . I never ever do it again !! Kats
  5. Hi ,I missed this thread. The fake is a nice try , but it has to be described as "reproduction " . Here are my D caps comparison I believe I posted some where in this forum before. Later more teeth type is a bit darker gray but it is so subtle . Kats
  6. Thanks Gavin , you’re correct , gauges must be replaced at some point in its life . About the ash tray , yes it has a small handle which is molded in ONE PIECE of the lid , early one is a separate piece from the lid . But I am looking for the answer when it changed. Do you see the steering wheel is not for the Japanese domestic model ? Fairlady Z series has much shorter spokes for the steering wheel , maybe design team consider average Japanese people have short leg , then positioned much forward than the westerners. So the steering wheel must be flat with the horn pad . And horn pad itself has a trumpet, that is from the summer of 1973 , the Japanese regulation required all cars must have the trumpet mark on the horn pad . Also the dash board is later type , and the ignition key looks later type . Here is my 01/1970 Z432 , you will see the difference of the steering wheel. Kats
  7. Correct Blue !! Anything else ? How about the map lamp trim ? And , does anyone feel something uneasy about the steering wheel ? Kats
  8. The brake caliper bolt is the one for who wants to restore it properly. And is this a small dish able to be used for tension rod ? You can see the part number is different from the original. 54537-21003 is the original part number , I have 54537- 41L00 . I found I have twenty of them in my stash , too much . These parts are going to someone who can buy a DINO 246 for me . Kats
  9. Normally I don’t like to do this , but let’s try how many things you can tell the differences from the originals . I just want people to know more about Z432 , and try to give some tips for someone who owns this fantastic car . To begin with, look at this picture very carefully, this car is mid 1970 Z432 . I noticed the shift boot is not correct for this car . Anything else? Kats
  10. Hi , the green Z432 was ( still is ? ) for sale at 2150 0000 JPY when I heard about it . Lack of some original parts , and need to have proper size tires for stock appearances . Kats
  11. Hi , I hope you enjoy the ride , and the restoration for your 1970 car . I am sure you can get a lot of advices here and you can search everything you need . I recommend when you go through the suspensions, do the drive train i.e . the propeller shaft and the two drive shafts , the diff mount insulators , hubs , brakes etc . If the shocks and coil springs are new but the drive shafts and the propeller shaft are not restored , you will not be happy with your car when you driving it . The engine , the transmission, and the diff are need to work properly of course but that would be next time as I see your car is now in a very good condition. It is fun to order bolts and nuts to the Nissan local dealer ,I hope you can get most of them . Use correct fasteners are very important especially the places where need to be correct tightening torque. It is OK to re- use old bolts and nuts but new ones are always better . And it is beautiful , and you will be highly rewarded for sure . Kats
  12. My Z432 and 240ZG have the foot rest , both are rounded big head for the securing bolts to the floor . And Ian you remind me of the foot rest on my Z432 , I clearly remember when my Z432 was in a shop for its restoration back in 2007 . There was a ribbed rubber grip on the table next to a foot rest , I could not see the decal of the plastic bag for the rubber , but a restorer wrapped the foot rest with the rubber adding some adhesive to stick it. Finally clamp them with some plastic bands to hold in place . That was my good memories during the restoration. Kats
  13. Hi Ian , nice thread ! I didn’t know about SP/SR have the foot rest , and it is chrome ! I wish it had chrome finish for the Fairlady Zs , it would have been beautiful much more . Dino 206 and 246 early have chrome beautiful foot rest like this . Our Zs should have like that . Kats
  14. My HLS30U cars . Please note the original dash has the motifs of the bonnet sleek line on the gage clusters .Beautiful , is not it ? Kats
  15. Hi Brad , good question ! I wasn’t told the price nor I asked about it . Because I feel I should not ask (I can not explain well) at that moment. Maybe the price is just below 3000 0000JPY , still cheaper than the green BAT car 😅 BTW , here is another good Z432 , https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/iphone/13/700057058930190531001.html?yclid=YJAD.1582399100.i6yT8rSdcq3d5.PLfQCIwf2Lk6Fmbh_6jUGOZ19ftYcOXBl004fnLr4y1qwChSmRDjhW1ViCfQ5yjwk- very attractive original Sunshine yellow , nice interior . Very hard to obtain the Z432 horn pad and the earliest 8 track stereo are in place and they are so beautiful. Here are some you tube for your interest, I think these video’s Z432 is the one on the sale . The asking price is 3300 0000JPY.(still cheaper than the green BAT car ) . The man who is doing the tuning is the legendary tuner Mr. Kubo . Kats