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  1. Thanks calling me but , I have no idea what this car is . Looks like a hand crafted Silvia inspired two seater . Kats
  2. Hi Carl , I love the story. In that case , did the dealership give some discount for the customer to compensate for displaying in a showroom? I am just curious about it. Now my question is, Nissan did numerous changes for S30 series not on late 1970 but early 1971. Seems it doesn’t relate to American ‘model year’ system . Was the change of S30 series considered normal for Nissan including other Nissan cars, or only for S30 series? I mean our S30 series cars , Nissan changed things when they thought they needed. Mr.Uemura wrote about the test report in US and Canada late 1969 . The test crew listed many things to be improved. I think the changes in early 1971 were originated by the test crew , and voice of customers all over the world , and by test groups in Nissan Japan. One of the issue which was not seemed easy for engineers was the vibration from the rear floor . I believe Nissan might want to fix it sooner and knew how to fix well before mid 1970 but the changes of propeller shaft and differential mounting , also had to make a new bracket (brackets for Z432) for the exhaust system under the floor would have needed more time . Or it could have taken more time to prove ‘no-problem’ of recessed the diff 35mm back still safe when the tail hit and the gas tank pushed forward. The new drive train was not available until late 1971 though. Here is a picture provided from Mr.Miyazaki , he was an engineer and a test crew in Japan . A lot of interesting stories he has , I am keeping in touch with him and listening as much as I can . Kats
  3. Thanks Alan, I have learned new today . My FRP bonnet is shorter width, I am happy with it now . I am going to paint it with mat light grey just like the tail light exterior panels and G-nose . I think it will match nicely with 901 silver . I want to express my feelings about my Z432 which is oriented from my respect to Z432-R ,as well as to my original Z432 to be luxurious GT .Not going to paint black with orange . Kats
  4. Hi Bart , yes justdashes is my top list . I have heard recently price $2000 , need to wait a half year . Plus shipping from Japan returning from California will surely be painful. Someone wants a PZR look dash , send it to them and ask them not to cut out the side vents and the clock , glove box key cylinder. I want to have it fixed by my hand , it will be fun and yes a lot of money saving . And I want to remain its details as much as possible , every old originals are one and only! Kats
  5. Nice bag Ian , 80’s feelings ! Kats
  6. IMG_6800.MOV I can’t see any markings nor signs which indicate PZR under/inside the dashboard. No drawing on the bracket of the steering post. Probably, PZR was only few at the assembly line , so no need to distinguish from other cars ? Takeuchi san took of the glove box , and put it on the new dashboard. I checked it but I can’t find any white chalk markings. I have been sourcing sports option parts for my Z432. Pistons and other engine parts as well as tachometer, seats , steering wheel , etc. Some of them were hand crafted to replicate using a genuine parts as a donor. Put the parts for track , remove them for daily use . Kats
  7. I can see ‘ 45 1 16 ‘ in the stamp which is shown back of between the speed meter and the tachometer. It is 16th January 1970 . Takeuchi san’s Z432-R would have left the factory around March or April 1970 . Wiring harnesses have February and March stamp . So my two US 240Z (HLS30-02146/02156) were almost brothers ! Or Takeuchi san’s car would have left a lot later because of special limited production, might be taken care of a lot more than regular production cars . Kats
  8. Here is a very interesting dashboard, an original one which has been taken off from a Z432-R . Takeuchi san got new one from local Nissan decades ago ( Nissan had PZR dashboards in their parts center until early year 2000 ) . Takeuchi san said he doesn’t need it , so I have got it .I will repair the two cracks . Or remain as it is for historical exhibitions? Maybe I want to have it clean. Because I will put some Z432-R parts into my Z432 just for fun . I am not aiming ‘wannabe’ car . I would like to have an ultimate both worlds . Luxury GT and Sunday racing . I respect Z432-R , and my Z432 too . Maybe this is for the first time to show the details for everyone here , please enjoy. Kats
  9. Thanks Gavin, HS30 blue on blue is very rare as your observation. How about other color combinations? Green with Tan , white with red , etc . Buy the way , my understanding is up to August 1973 , lime yellow, green metallic and brown metallic are only for export market . Is this applicable for HS30 territory? Grand Prix Maroon is only for Fairlady Z series. Oh , Universal blue ‘903’ was not available for Fairlady Z series . Kats
  10. Thanks Keith, what a fascinating engine! I am so impressed , I have never seen it before. In-line 6 cylinder, 4 litter, very big engine. How many still out there ? Maybe very rare I guess. Kats
  11. Hi , I visited Takeuchi san and confirmed his Z432-R also has beautiful front center tip. Nissan genuine FRP bonnet has exactly the same beautiful shape but different structures on the back .You will see some aftermarket FRP ones which are available today have very different structures, i.e. they just copied steel original. Probably it was almost impossible to use genuine Z432-R bonnet as a sample ? One thing we noticed , overall width is slightly narrower than steel ones. Shrunk? Or is this a normal genuine one ? Alan can tell us about it, please join. Kats
  12. Hi Patcon , here are some Fairlady Z series’s wiring , hope it helps you a bit . Kats
  13. Thanks Namerow, one thing I am worried about is how I can protect these if Nissan says ‘ they are not belonging to you ! Get them back to Nissan ‘ . I will start a new thread for this when I succeed to digitize. Kats
  14. Great exhibition! I am sure your efforts will be rewarded . It is a wonderful thing that people don’t need to visit Nissan gallery in Japan to see a real Works rally car with historic displays. I have two old films , 1958 Australian rally, and 1970 Safari rally. I wish I have them digitalized so I can show you. I am so sorry they are not about 240Z , but may help to understand what Nissan did for international rally. Kats
  15. I really think so too Alan . I have to wait to get like button until tomorrow. Kats
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