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  1. Hi Alan , I totally agree with you, it is like if I want to know more about myself, I must look into my family , and relatives. Without this point of view , I will never understand what I should be . Looking at some variants sometimes gives enlightenment to me why the parts should look like . And it also gives me an idea how to get parts from , etc etc . Kats
  2. Hi christoffel , that is the second from the beginning , most 1969 cars have that tab . The first one is very simple, no -tab on the edge . Some of them just have a rubber at that location.Some of them have nothing. The third one is around December 1969 to January or February 1970 , a metal tab is welded to the lid . The fourth one is from February or March 1970 , a metal tab is molded in ONE PIECE . The fifth one , same as the fourth , in ONE PIECE made but got the metal clip .This would be started somewhere around mid 1970 . Kats
  3. Hi motorman7 , thank you so much for the good pictures , your car has very good condition a pair of early original seats , the driver’s seat has been kept so nice . Still to my eyes , the BAT car’s driver’s seat looked different from the passenger seat which is keeping an early original “ fat “ seat back . As a side note , Mr. Yoshida ‘s silver Z432 has original seats . Kats
  4. Hi Chris, no wiring too , right ? Kats
  5. Hi christoffel , The plastic clip for the inspection lid is not for 1969 only, my car 03/70 has the plastic and the front fender U shape hook is also early type . So I guess plastic clip until mid 1970 ? Hi Dan , good observation, the straight connector can be seen on 1970 cars , so this could be too , until mid 1970 ? My 01/70 and 03/70 are both straight on that . Kats
  6. I really love this cap , it says remove slowly in Japanese, “ ユツクリ マワセ “ . Could it be an original cap ? Or even if it was a replacement , this cap is cool . The BAT car , the Z432 both have early tail lights , no mark on the upper corner. And please feel of the shape of this green Z432’s seats , they are truly originals. As a comparison, the silver Z432 is owned by Mr. Yoshida , December 1970 made . The seats of the silver car looked #2 , slightly slim type seat back , to my eyes. Kats
  7. Hi Chris ! Welcome to this club . Nice collection you have , more examples helps more understanding , keep joining for everyone here . Here I put some examples , I found the green “ survivor “ Z432 which I posted before is closed to the BAT car ‘s build date , this Z432 would be considered as a “ April or May 1970 “ made .This PS30-00248 has a seat belt tag “ 4. 1970 “ , and the jack has a date stamp “ P. D. H “ ( means 1970 , April , 8th ) . I would like to see the jack of the BAT car much closer , I see “ P “ on the left , but it is not clearly seen , so I will wait until I get the clear shot . This Z432 has the screws , rare as a Japanese car . The original aluminum radiator has a sticker “ 0 C “ , 1970 March, a little bit earlier than that of the BAT car’s radiator. About the inspection lid clip , the BAT car has a metal clip for both , while this Z432 has a milk white plastic clip just like other early cars. Kats
  8. I saw a discussion about screws on the lower door trim . I have seen so many cars that have screws in person, countless.Also old magazines shows the screws are not rare thing , here are two pictures from magazines “ R & T April 1970 “ and “ Motor trend March 1971 “ . Looking at them , you can find the screws. And also one of the pictures shows a seat back which I call #2 slightly slim seat back which could be the one on the left of the green BAT car ( looks like I am the only one who think so though ) . This car in the picture could be a late 1970 model , a shiny chrome coat hanger , a non louvre type map light , and a beautiful long leg stay for the rear view mirror tell us the car is a late 1970 model . I haven’t seen the screws in very early cars like prototype , nor 1972 or later cars . So few of them in Japanese car . Mostly I saw it in the US 1969- 1970 cars . I guess like this , designers didn’t expect having the screws on the door trim when they finished design work . That is why the screw never been given its part number . But later on cars began to be exported , the door trim might get bent outward and loosened due to the heat / moisture in the middle of the Pacific Ocean , or the strong sun shine affects cars awaiting the transport track at the port . So corrective action would have been made by somewhere before departing the port , or the dealership . Nissan shatai factory would be the least scenario where the screws attached, because I don’t think the factory assembly line would use the screw which wasn’t indicated on the parts catalog . How about this , I guess after somewhere around in 1971 or 1972 , door trim securing clip could be upgraded ( positioning or number of use ) , or environment in the transportation ship would be upgraded, then the screws would became no use . Kats
  9. Hi Jim , I am sorry I can’t tell which one is to prevent the car from snatching by another buyer . Kats
  10. Recently I found a Dino which I would really love to buy in Europe , so my Z hobby is ending I think ( I hope ) .I feel I did enough for my Zs . But selling all my cars seems not enough at all for buying the price of the Dino , maybe it is going to be a pipe dream ? I am just hoping currency exchanging rate will turn good for Japanese Yen in some day . But JPY going strong means economy of the world is having a big risk / crisis . In that situation , can I sell my cars ?? Chris , thanks for asking the pictures of the jack and tools , this green car still has a paper !! What a wonderful survivor it is . The tire stopper said “ 0 B “ , February 1970 , a little bit earlier than that of the car’s build date , but it is correct for this car and this is a good example of sometimes our cars have a little bit early components in our cars . I noticed the wheel lug nut wrench , it has the teeth facing the same direction as the socket opening , the later ones are facing 90 degrees to the east . This wrench is the correct for this green car. Kats
  11. Hi , I have to say first, I am so impressed with this green / tan car ! Nothing can stop the bidding price so high . I agree 50 year old aging , it has been deforming the seat sponge and vinyl. I categorized seat like this , #1 10/69- late 1970 fat seat back ( just like the one on the right of the green BAT car ) #2 late 1970- mid 1971 slightly slim seat back ( just like the one on the left of the green BAT car ) ( #2a has a seat belt hook on the seat back , #2b has a seat belt hook on the quarter window trim ) #3 mid 1971 and later slim seat back ( jute pad is used , also from late 1972 Flame Retardant vinyl is used ) I think this car is a good example of #2 seat , if you google “ KGF classic cars 71 240Z “ , you will see a super clean , original 240Z with a lot of pictures. My question is , this 02/71 red car has exactly same condition of the seat on Left and right both . To my eyes , they looked #2 seats. If the BAT green car ‘s left seat is just a deformed seat from #1 , why it looked the same as this red car ‘s seat ? Is it usual thing that 21000 or so miles deformed a seat back like this ? And if so , why this red car has two deformed seat ? I think this red car’s seats are original , not deformed left nor right . If the left seat of this red car is deformed , it would looked different from the right seat .
  12. Hi Chris , I put overlay lines , the right seat looked exactly an early one , much more width from side view . The left seat ‘s width is less than that of the right seat , it looked later slim style from side view. The seat reclining dial is a easy part to distinguish , the left seat has the dial very close to the edge of the piping. On the other hand , the right seat has the dial much off set from the piping. The seat belt hook is located in the same way . But I maybe wrong , correct me please . Kats
  13. This car surely deserves a premium price. The reason why this car has a later seat back on the left side could be related to this car titled as a 71 , couldn’t it be ? The replacement could have done in the dealership , not done in Nissan Shatai factory. While this car was sitting in the dealership , I would guess something happened to the driver’s seat then ordered a new seat back to the parts department . That would be an early 71 , in the factory the seat back was superseded to new , slim seat back . Or sometime later , just swapped an original seat back with that later seat back . This would be the best place to sell my cars . How can I do it from Japan ? Kats
  14. I visited a classic car shop yesterday , there is a Dec 1969 PS30-00062 . I felt this car is a good original car , a lot of original parts . I immediately noticed the welding finishing touch of the radiator support upper L & R corner , this is what I call and love “ hand crafted “ which is rarely seen in our mass produced S30 . How many things can we list “ hand crafted “ treatment parts in our cars ? I would say the interior roof center trim piece for room lamp could be the one , my 03/1970 has two cut away for the defroster wires which would looked “ hand crafted “ cut away . I guess my blue trim was made in early days and not ready to be considered as a car which have a defroster glass . Nissan would just make them a little too many blue trims . My blue tail gate interior trim too , the pieces for the vent system is different from later vented one , those pieces can only be seen on an early trim in black . Blue and Tan could be interesting as parts to be used early parts into a bit later cars . How about yours ? Kats