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  1. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Captain! I will try it within a few days , not on my blue 240Z because the 240Z does not have a pressure proof type tube for the bottle. The bottle itself is designed for a pressure acceptable, and it is designed for both plastic cap and metal neck , you just need to twist the cap / metal neck for attaching or removing. My Z432 has a pressure proof type tube , so I can load the certain pressure in the bottle , when I do it , I put the plain metal cap on the radiator , while pressure relief type cap on the bottle just like a description on the service manuals and the parts catalogs. Let’s see how it goes , I hope I don’t break anything because they are so rare ! Kats
  2. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi , I found this cap in my father’s tool box , looks like it can be used for the Z432 , little bit different from an original NICHIRA cap though. My father never owned Z432 nor Cedric/ Gloria , so this cap used for some track or some vehicles used in a rice field . I will run my Z432 with this plain cap on the radiator, while pressure relief type cap on the reservoir bottle. Kats
  3. kats

    ZG only went for $53K

    One thing about an automatic transmission, after September 1972 ( after HS30-100001) the lower nose began to have air guides for an automatic transmission ZG . This made me think the Bonhams ZG would be an automatic transmission car , but the story would be different, the lower nose which has air guides would be a later replacement. Many of my ZG friends said when you buying the lower nose from Nissan back in 90s , it always came with a air guides . Note the car in a show room is an early example, with an automatic transmission badge on the left corner of the tail gate . Kats
  4. kats

    ZG only went for $53K

    Hi Chris! I said because the balance tube has a chopped rubber pipe , which can be seen for the automatic transmission, automatic transmission needs a vacuum pipe for its operation. The first picture is my November 1971 car . Kats
  5. kats

    ZG only went for $53K

    Alan , I too think that horizontal ribs are must be prototype, very unique. Other things which should be treated with caution are , they are I have been telling too , the difference in light cover trim ring . The one in the picture has trimmed bottom of the ring to be flattened for the bumper . And the screw positioning is different from the ordinary production cars . Kats
  6. kats

    ZG only went for $53K

    That is right Alan , yes I must clarify those pictures are my automatic car , not Bonhams ZG . I put them just for the reference. Thanks ! Kats
  7. kats

    ZG only went for $53K

    I see it , and I did not realized it , the real over fenders are the same appearance, chopped strand FRP finish . But for the front extended panel and the head light case , must be gel coat , I will see my ZG which is still all original , never been hit ( the car has minor injury on left door and fender ! ) . I see the car has no drain plugs on both sides of the floor, replaced at some point past and deleted passenger foot rest . I gathered information, this car could be September or October 1972 car , in that case , carbs and air cleaner etc are correct for the year I think . This car is the eleventh from the cut off date of a new big master vac , new pedal bracket, automatic adjustable clutch operating cylinder , FS5C71B went to sleeve type (Z432 remained flange though) etc .That was made in September 1972 , HS30- 100001. Kats
  8. kats

    ZG only went for $53K

    Thanks Alan , let me see !
  9. kats

    ZG only went for $53K

    After looking at the car , it seems to me the car is a manual transmission car. General condition of the car is tellimg me if someone who has done the car like this would remain many evidence of "automatic transmission" in it. I do not see the radiator has two oil cooler aduptor , nor see brackets for the cooler piping on both sides of the engine block, nor a temp sensor for the dual point distributor . Kats
  10. kats

    ZG only went for $53K

    I just want to show these pictures, the car could be an automatic car then converted to a stic shift , I am curious about the rear diff replaced to correct gearing for FS5C71B and , it must added a metal stopper (with a rectunguler rubber ) for the clutch pedal. Can someone tell what the code on the rear diff is telling , 4.1 ? 3.9 or 3.5 ? I see 73, that means 1973 . Or like Alan said, different carbs/air cleaner and intake set up, the car just had installed an automatic balance tube. I need to see a lot more carefully. If the car was an automatic, the specific code for genuine Fairlady 240ZG equipped with an automatic is 02662-0100 . Nice optional rear stabilizer bar .You may find other interestings. Kats
  11. kats

    ZG only went for $53K

    ZG is a little tricky for the kind of auction, I am afraid how many people can feel “ZG is fantastic “ . #1. Can Maroon be attractive for the people? #2 Sticking to the stock condition must be required for the kind of the auction ,the car must have hub caps and 5 inch steel wheels , in this style ZG looks little wired , you may think “why the car has over fenders? “ #3 G nose urethane bumper must have certain gap between the head light case , but the bumper itself must be nice and straight when you see the front of the car . And like Alan said , the upper front extension panel also must be nice and parallel with having the equal gap between the bumper and the bonnet. So , ZG is complicated, some must be looked “ imperfections “ but some must be looked neat and perfect. Small thing makes a big difference, and I hope when a perfect ZG is showing up the auction, people can feel it’s beautiful atmosphere from the car . Even more , when you are behind the wheel, you can feel the acceleration is really good and also handling is very well in high speed cruising, with a silence. The Nissan test crew reported ZG gains its stability when the car put a rear air spoiler. Kats
  12. kats

    ZG only went for $53K

    Hi Ben , You can find a good ZG , I think not taking so long time . This ZG was sold a right price for its condition, just in Japan pricing is crazy. Most of them are listed 8 to 13 million JPY , but all of them do not deserve its price because the condition is just like this car . I know you know about this but please do not forget about checking the paper before buying, the code 02662-0070 is a mandatory for proving it is a real ZG. Owning it In the US , the code doesn’t mean anything , but you may want to show it to a future buyer when you have to sell it . It is almost impossible to authenticate without this code . ZG doesn’t have specific serial number prefix on its body, and you can put every single ZG parts by your self to any car you wish . Only very experienced experts can tell the difference . RM Auction did provide the code ? I assume that kind of very professional and reliable, entertainment auction organizer is doing correctly as usual. Kats
  13. I am so glad that seeing the real G-Nose set up out side of Japan. I guess your uncle was a rare customer who brought the set up from Nissan USA. Mr. K had a same thing on his yellow 240Z ! Kats
  14. kats

    Brake booster testing

    A kit for GTR master vac is not available and will never be available , Nissan said . Kats
  15. kats

    Brake booster testing

    Patcon , I agree , after seeing this thread I googled “Mustang power brake Japan “ , lots of shops in Japan are listed , they will provide the kit . I really want to introduce this to Japanese S30 owners if the price is better than buying a GTR master vac . Some S30 repair shops already might know about this , just people like me do not know about it . Even so , it is very nice to know that we have a choice more than one . BTW , 47210-E4625 and 4626 were discontinued and will not be available anymore, I have just received that reply from Nissan . Still waiting for the reply of 47210-R55@@ , a kit for Ken & Merry GTR master vac . Kats

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