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  1. Hi Gavin , yes ! Are you thinking of your genuine works wheels are on a shelf as spares for the car show ? Kats FullSizeRender.mov
  2. A Safari Gold Z432 with my Fairlady 240ZG . This Z432 belongs to Mr. Uekubo , he did restoration work by his own hands , metal work , paint work , and mechanical components refurbish work , interior trimming work , and S20 rebuilding. It took him almost 20 years to complete when he finally took the car on the road in 2021 . He was cleaver to do it, he had been collecting parts from local Nissan since late 1990’s . So most of parts which were applied in this car are NOS parts from Nissan , just amazing. Funny thing is, he found this Z432 in a vegetable field covered by lots of dart and soil .If he didn’t decide to take it, this Z432 would have been returned to the earth. He chose a set of replica “ Nissan works rally wheel “ . Looks great in his car . Kats FullSizeRender.mov
  3. And this , 1969 motor show ? I bet those people put their name on the list immediately . Kats
  4. Hi Gavin ,more than 50 years later , still Z cars are shipped to overseas customers like this picture. It is just wonderful. I really love this blue 903 , so I am thinking painting my #2156 to this 903 finally. Next week , #2146 will be arriving at my home , it is going to be the best guidance for making color paint of 903 . Kats
  5. Hi, I also like the front end of the orange . Not only the front end , it is also lowered 20mm , served with bigger wheels and over fenders . This orange car won “ best concept car “ award of the show . This prize surely pushes Nissan to make this body kit for customers in next year . Kats
  6. Hi , I was thinking same thing, I don’t know it is cool or not , but anyway it is very unique. Kats
  7. Bingo ! There are also Hakosuka , Ken meri , etc ..And it is so tasty . This rice cracker is a popular Japanese snack “ Kaki no Tane “ ( persimmon seeds) . It is soy sauce flavored and it is a perfect combination with peanuts . Kats
  8. Hi Gavin, yes I know your 904 white/ blue interior, Automatic transmission car and I have just looked at its pictures yesterday. I wish my new blue car was mint like yours , I need to do lots of work , first of all , it needs to be a running condition. It lost a transmission! What happened? I have got some interesting story about my new blue car , I will tell you about it later in this thread. 920 gold will be nice for the new Z , I am feeling the new Z will look great in classic colors , hope Nissan will take my opinion! Kats
  9. Alan , me too disappointing. Nissan , please don’t say “ this Customized proto is going to be limited edition “ . Originally, Z is for everyone, it shouldn’t be changed. The yellow “ Proto spec “ is limited edition which is only 240 cars in Japan . I think that is OK because people can get same body style , same body color , same engine in a standard version as the “Proto spec “ . An interview at the show , Tamura san said “ we will not sell this Customized Proto if we can’t see strong demand. We need positive reaction to make this happen “ I think Tamura san was very sure people’s reaction before the show . And yes I have heard so many voices at the show “ I want the orange ! “ Kats
  10. Hi Alan, thanks for the input, I agree with you. Some people say orange color combination came from 911 GT3 RS , or American sports car some years ago. But this orange new Z is inspired by yes , Z432-R . I talked with Takeuchi san ( owner of the Z432-R in the picture) yesterday, I asked Takeuchi san if he knew well before the new Z would be inspired his Z432-R . He said “No ! That is why I was surprised at the show , I like it ! “ Takeuchi san pointed out the orange new Z has the black side graphic stripe, but it is inverted from his Z432-R ‘s side stripe, the thin stripe went bottom for the orange new Z . Kats IMG_2579.MOV
  11. Hi Chris, Happy New Year! How are 26th and 27th doing ? Hope they are having good progress . Kats
  12. Thanks siteunseen ! The orange was surely the star of the show , it was surrounded by so many people. The rumors I have heard is , Nissan will not sell a car like this but they will sell those body kit as dealer optional parts for customers who buy the new Z . Maybe Nismo version will have another different body kit and performance . Kats
  13. Hi Gavin, I have same opinions with you about the current Z34 . But this time I like the way how design team “ correct “ the body line around rear fenders . I would say I want more S30 look for the front , but I now become to like it especially the orange car . Hope you will see the new Z in your local Nissan soon. Kats
  14. Hi Ben , your posting made me take a ride with my Z today . I visited Kyoto Nissan , a sales manager gave me a cup of rice cracker featuring car line up in Nissan . Let us know about your car anytime. Kats
  15. Thanks Patcon ,I am also looking forward to seeing your car’s restoration complete. Kats
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