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  1. Well it took two days, about 8 hours of work, and a lot of sweat (it’s actually a heat wave here right now, +23C yesterday) but I did it. Boy is my right arm sore. I got this thing started. Was last running in 1981. Yup
  2. Took a day to get the "chicken coop" Z going. then drove it 600km straight to get home. A couple of stops to flush the rad. It performed better the longer it ran. It sat in a Chicken Coop since 1986 and we got it going in 2007.
  3. AK260


    Got my test results today! I’m clear, phew!!
  4. Or we may find that driving is not even an issue, and oil will pile up. I have not commuted to work in the past 12 years, I suspect with the sudden realization that a LOT of the work force does not need to commute there will be even less driving. With VR substituting for family vacations, with amazon delivering your groceries, with doctors seeing patients remotely, with robots taking over all forms of jobs (hastened by the min wage being deemed a 'living wage", there was a robot doing my 1st job, a porter, at a store the other day) so less people will be needed, next up will be taxi and pilots by machines, eventually we become bags of protoplasm sitting in a matrix. In the early seventies this was all the rage (save the earth, running out of oil, global freezing, opec oil crisis) all the young folks were yelling at the old folks telling them they were messing up the world (remember the crying American Indian in the canoe), so this is nothing new, but I have come to realize (with age) that you cant predict what will be the next real problem. I grew up with constant warnings about dui, well I think distracted driving is a bigger problem, also about kids wasting too much time with TV shows, now its video games. Good luck the figuring out what the next gen issues will be for beleaguered parents to deal with. Good luck deciding where resources taken from tax payers by force should be used. Or just live your life as well as possible without taking from or hurting the other guy. Be conservative with all resources, as you will prob get it wrong trying to guess the future.
  5. One of my throttle linkage rod ends was broke/worn enough that it occasionally popped off while driving, not much fun in traffic. Saw this thread that talked about salvaging the old plastic ones to create new linkages, but did this instead. Bought some 8mm-M5 ball sockets from Grainger and M5 threaded rod. I've seen them or similar on Amazon also, but wanted to see them before buying. Sockets have a wire lock pin, which definitely lock them onto the ball, but they are also pretty tight without the wire. I wish I had a lathe to remove the unused threads, so I used some shrink tubing to cover them up. Not factory looking, but works great if you're not into the originality thing, or just need time to round up some unobtainium originals.
  6. Here is how nice the engine looks inside. Runs without a puff of anything white or blue out the tail pipe. Heater valve leaks. Good thing there are holes in the floor to let it out on the ground.
  7. Well, there's nothing wrong with being charter members of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Z-Car Dinosaurs. I finished that PhD and it got me out of Texas to Colorado, where things have gone very well. We have two daughters now, ages 31 and 32, and although neither has done grad school yet, I suspect the one who's a Registered Dietitian is likely to one of these days. I had forgotten about setting up the move for the Z-car group to Texas A&M, and it happened thanks to Paul's kindness. Unfortunately he passed away about 15 years ago. My general Z-car knowledge is decent on the models I have owned: 240, 280 and 280ZX. But there are many people here who have much more detailed knowledge of the systems in all of these vehicles. Folks, the reason that the Zhome website still exists is entirely Carl's effort and dedication over decades of time. My hat is always tipped to him.
  8. madkaw


    Can’t believe anyone could support a leader/boss that doesn’t attend any meeting about the most critical aspect of his job , but tweets orders from the gulf course . It’s freaking mind boggling
  9. Thanks to everyone for the help. Especially to @heyitsrama and @jonbill for the detailed analysis and suggested corrective actions. I passed them on to our Sys. Admin. and he was able to implement the cure. 🙂
  10. I cannot claim to be its first owner, just the second. It just arrived in my care last week. Apparently the rear brakes failed in 81, then never got fixed. Now if I can change the clutch hydraulics, I might take it for a spin. Who needs brakes anyway
  11. I have to stop reading threads like this. Now I'm considering getting an AFR with a wideband and a 4 channel data logger. I could probably rig up the sender on my fuel pressure gauge to give me a signal, and I can tap into the TPS. ARGH! You guys are evil. I don't need to go down this path, but now I WANT to!
  12. I've never seen an oil scraper made for an L28 engine before so thought I would post it. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-engines-and-engine-parts/markham-york-region/280z-crank-scraper/1537652171
  13. Hey all, I found this today on the Internet and thought it would be good to link it here. ------- Read the rest here: https://www.instructables.com/Inexpensive-Garage-Lights-From-LED-Strips/
  14. Brothers from a different mother, I tell ya. I've gone through thirty pounds of the stuff in the past two months. It's really hard to get a good picture of the results, but I tried. Here's a handful of misc hardware. Before: I put the stuff in a wide mouth plastic container for a couple hours. When I first put the stuff in, it bubbles and becomes a little milky looking from all the tiny bubbles. I think that's the remaining yellow chromate and zinc plating being eaten off: And then after a couple hours. They aren't sparkling perfect, but are a whole lot better than when I started: Here's about the only good shot I have of before and after: I've got parts out for professional plating right now. Should be done soon.....
  15. Well, There's good news and bad news. The good news, Kathy was exposed to Covid-19 by another volunteer last week. She was tested yesterday and received the negative results back today. She'll be quarantining one more week. The bad news, There must be some kind of memory scrubber in the infrared thermometers the stores are using to check customers temperatures. I went to the store yesterday to pick up milk, and bread. I came home with beer, donuts.
  16. Agreed. That is a nice truck.
  17. Won a trophy in a local car show... Was a nice day to get the Kenmeri out.
  18. I made my own, I call it the AK Mount ;) If you are interested in doing the same I will update the thread with the final design of the one in the pics above. The original design was meant to work with the strap. The final one was much stronger and replace all that strap business ;) https://zclub.net/community/index.php?threads/the-%E2%80%9Cak%E2%80%9D-mount.27293/
  19. Got both fenders in along with the lights. Will get hood and front valence next Saturday. Also got a stock radio from the owner and repaired the harness. Fortunately I had another radio to check for length verification and amazingly had a spare radio connector end in my box of Z stuff.
  20. w3wilkes


    Or a record number of people going for Darwin awards. There's proof that stupid can't be fixed.
  21. Parts arrived back from plating for the Z this week, both in yellow and clear zinc. Now for inventorying every nut bolt and washer and to allocate them back to where they were previously installed. This is roughly half of the yellow zinc parts that were restored. And most of the clear zinc.
  22. Posted and sold within an hour on OfferUp. Just missed it. No idea how much it went for. listed of $1.00 The seller only posted this "Dad passed away just getting feels make me an offer" I expect someone got a great deal. Near Tacoma WA.
  23. Ah, nostalgia... p.s. look at that little kid about to get enveloped in carcinogenic smoke. Thanks Dad, that was neat... I grew up in a smoking family with pre-converter cars in the driveway. Everybody smoked, it was a deep lung hack-fest every morning when the relatives got together for the holidays. Now, I can smell a cigarette from a block away and a pre-cat car from a mile behind. It's incredible how we don't realize how bad things are until they're gone.
  24. My take on taxing fuel in my country is as simple as higher prices on everything that has to be transported. After Katrina diesel fuel prices went crazy. Then the trickle down began to cause consumer prices to rise on everyday needs. We vote with our wallets over here and there's way more empty ones than full.
  25. "It's been a long time coming but I know a change is gonna come" Whether you like it or not.
  26. And I put a furry blue sour cream container in the trash can today that I should have recycled. @Dave WM and I are clearly wildmen living the American dream!! In my own defense, out of the corner of my eye, I think I saw it move under it's own power. I didn't want to stick anything in it to clean it out.
  27. My buddy's 78 280z near mint low mile all original Z will be following this one. Hopefully there are enough buyers out there.
  28. This is correct. No 'X' on Japanese market S130 models: *FAIRLADY Z ( S130S ) - L20E engine *FAIRLADY Z-L ( S130 ) - L20E engine *FAIRLADY Z-T ( S130J ) - L20E engine *FAIRLADY Z 2 by 2 ( GS130S ) - L20E engine *FAIRLADY Z-L 2 by 2 ( GS130 ) - L20E engine *FAIRLADY Z-T 2 by 2 ( GS130J ) - L20E engine *FAIRLADY 280Z-L ( HS130 ) - L28E engine *FAIRLADY 280Z-T ( HS130J - BC ) - L28E engine *FAIRLADY 280Z-L 2 by 2 ( HGS130 ) - L28E engine *FAIRLADY 280Z-T 2 by 2 ( HGS130J - BC ) - L28E engine
  29. Hi, I live in the Netherlands, (do speak German..) and i have a L26 in good condition with a restored E30 !! head! Makes nice horsepower.. It is still in parts as i did'nt need it so far.. but its all in good condition. and for sale. So if neccessary you got an option near you.. (I'm just on the border with Goch/Kleve DLD. near highway A77) Got a lot of other parts to.. z driver since 1991..
  30. So thought I would update this post with the issue and fix for my problem (since I hate finding posts where the author doesn't include the fix). As all the members who posted before stated, the bearings were the issue. I will post some pictures of the transmission after I pulled it out, you can see the bearing in the casing is completely missing (shredded apart) most likely causing the shafts to not be balanced with 1st and 2nd gear. You can see the shaft isn't straight with the other one and bearing is completely missing New bearing in the housing while old bearing is right below it Here is the transmission put back together with all new bearings and synchro's with the rebuild kit that zcardepot provides. The shafts rotate smoothly now with the gears compared to when I removed the transmission. Needless to say, can't believe I drove the car for almost two years like this and even a day at autocross. I would baby 1st and 2nd gear trying to stay out of those gears during the years I drove the car so maybe that helped but however I am shocked I still have a transmission and no other damage was done. Thanks to everyone for the help. I can gladly pound through all gears now with confidence.
  31. Interesting discussion. I don’t think there will be any overreaching regulations on classic cars in the coming years (in the US) and here’s why. Classic cars are a very tiny tiny slice of the cars on the road today. There will really be no measurable impact on placing major constraints on their use. They say “As California goes so does the rest of the nation”. The rules in CA regarding classics is they must not be modified from their original manufacture’s specs. This could happen. California would have banned these cars a long time ago but the litigation would been costly and they would have lost. To strip a citizen of a vehicle they legally purchased within the confines of the law at the time would not fly in court. They know every year less of these cars are on the road and one day most will be mostly garage queens. What is possible is a carbon or pollution tax you pay annually but I don’t foresee that anytime soon. There are bigger fish to fry in the climate change battle. My neighbor has a Tesla but I’m not sold yet. It will be the future, no question but I think the tech will boom soon and bring the cost and range up and that’s probably when to buy. Buying a Tesla today might be like buying the first smartphone (they sucked) compared to what they are today. Captain Obvious wouldn’t know. [emoji23] I try to be a responsible citizen and use resources wisely. This is all you can do as one person. We work really hard at work to squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of our flights. We’re narcotic about it. Today I’ll burn ~35,000 lbs of jet fuel flying from NJ to LA. If I can find a way to save 100 lbs I will, we always do that. Taxi on one engine etc. Government is going to go for the big polluters not classic cars in my opinion. I’ve traveled all over the world. The US and Europe are the cleanest (populated) places on earth. Africa, Asia are disasters. Gas is cheap in the US. $1.72 at home today. I think this will change under the new leadership. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  32. My local dealership got these overnight not too long ago.
  33. In other news, I finally got the front garage converted from standard 8’ lift doors to 12’ lift doors. Same size opening but removed three feet of angle hangers from the ceiling along with the centre pull openers. Now I have doors that go to the roof and no messy hangers all over the ceiling! Lots of room for the future four post lift...! The direct drive side openers are super quiet and have built in Wi-Fi and MyQ as well.
  34. My wipers worked erratically, then stopped completely. For a while, I was able to get them to work by slamming the hood, or rapping on the hood latch. I assumed the motor was bad, and started to research the Honda wiper motor conversion. I decided to remove the old motor and take a look before I ordered anything. After studying the cryptic wiring diagrams, I decided to try and bypass the relay mounted on the wiper motor and go straight to the windings. When I did this, the motor ran very reliably in both the low and high speeds. I took the cover off the relay, cleaned all the contacts, and it worked fine! I reinstalled the motor on the car, and it works better than ever. So, cleaning this relay may solve a similar problem, and avoid a motor conversion.
  35. Wishing my 1976 - 11/75 a happy 45th birthday, don't know what actual day it was born. I ordered it in December of 75 and picked it up in early March of 1976. Putting it away for the winter, it didn't get much drive time this year, all the car shows were canceled. Hopefully they will be back next year.
  36. After seeing some additional pictures, I will repeat my advice from above - - "Other than a good detailing, I wouldn’t put any more money into it, as it won’t seriously effect its sale price in the market. Actually most serious buyers would rather fix whatever they want, the way they want. They would rather see it “as is” than worry about “cover-ups”, or “cheap fixes”. (not saying you would do any of that - just pointing out the skepticism in any used car market)." Looking at the additional pictures - - I'll add, messing with such an original condition 240Z - can actually reduce its value to the most serious collectors. They will not only have to address its minor flaws, they will first have to pay their professional restorers to undo what ever you have done. They will pay more for a car that hasn't been messed with.. If you want to help your Dad get the highest dollar value, I would say spend your time and money getting clear high resolution pictures of every detail. Get that Z up on a lift and get pictures of the undercarriage, lots of pictures of the most common rust areas. Take the battery out and get clear pictures of the area under the battery. Pay a professional photographer to provide good high resolution well lite images if you have to, pay someone to put the car up on a lift so you can get great pictures. IMHO that would be the best time and money you could spend on the Z. Go look at the Series I 240Z that sell on BAT - read the comments - you will see that the cars that sell for the most have a couple things in common - 1) 150 to 200 great pictures and 2) a seller that stays on top of answering questions and responding to requests. To get the most value out of a 50 year old Classic Car - you have to put the most effort into SELLING IT. Good luck, Carl B.
  37. The Golden era of cars? If the 1970 240z came out today, would it be the $3500 car it was then? Not talking the techno advances, I'm only discussing it through todays lens. Would such an international sensation like the 240z be only worth ($19,000) in todays money? I hardly think so. The 400z, or whatever its going to be called I would imagine is going to set you back at the very least $50,000. Maybe its not fair to not judge the tech aspect of the car, but a new car in 1970 was just that, a new car. What can you get for $19,000 today that had the inspiration the 240 had, crickets. I was really hoping that the Toyota FRS was going to be the car that came to revolutionize like the 240z did, but I dont think is landed. It has all the earmarks the 240 has, cheap, looks, manual, rear wheel drive, cheap to operate. I owned an RX-8 when they first came out, and I was really thinking Mazda hit out of the park, and then...... So where will the new Z fall into, a couple of years of "hey, theres a new Z"!), and the find them on the used market for 50% value in a couple of years? The New Beetle had the same fanfare, then splat, then the New New Beetle the same, then splat, and remember, the Beetle (old) is the most popular car in history, and VW could not capitalize on it. I guess the point is, the last 2 generations have deemed cars as not what my parents or my generation (I'm 47) has made them out to be. So, when you watch the popular car auctions, and someone pays $185,000 for a really nice Hemi Cuda, is there an investment there, is that money well spent for a future that may not have an audience for such machines?
  38. Back in the summer there was a thread about a German product, a paste made of Citric acid and sawdust. I can't find it at the moment but I have been playing around with Citric acid for a couple months now and it has become my go to rust remover. I have found all the other acid rust removers have some drawbacks to them but Citric has the fewest so far. It is very inexpensive especially the industrial grade, I didn't want to purchase 50lbs until I knew it was worth it so bought 10lbs of food grade. 2 cups of dried powder in about a gallon of water makes a strong solution. Your results may vary depending on the hardness of your water but it should be easy to repeat these results. The test piece is from the KA24DE engine I'm using in the 510, 2 cups of Citric acid in a gallon of water, all I did was scrape the worst of the flaky rust off. The shop is cold, just above freezing, when the water is room temp in the summer rust removal happens a lot faster. If you splash some on your skin you just rinse it off, there is no drama, no burns. These next 2 pics are after 20hrs soaking, took it out of the bucket and scrubbed it with an old wire brush and rinsed. The last 2 pics are after an additional 24hrs. Now that might seem like a long time but I have lots of that so I'm good. Muriatic acid is 10x faster for sure but I have never found a way to completely neutralize it, the rust always comes back under the paint, so far that has hasn't happened with the Citric acid pieces.
  39. He can't control Covid 19, nor can he throw it under a bus. The only other option in his playbook is ignore it and hope It will go away like a miracle.
  40. Doh!!! Of course you would want to see the inside. Silly me, yes it looks like a small record player inside there. Lots of pins in the plug for all the different input signals to tell it which track to play. "ding" " You forgot to load the pictures" "ding" Ha ha
  41. Thanks for standing up and fighting for me and my family, our rights and our Democracy. Thank you for your service.
  42. Final chapter for now. Had to clean the carbs more thoroughly than I initially hoped. The jet tubes were not moving on their own, so couldn’t set richness or chokes. It was massively lean, would bog terribly just blipping the throttle, so I took them off last night and cleaned them up. One jet tube had to be pin punched with a ball peen hammer to move it. No damage, after cleaning and lubing, they now work just fine. I drove it quite nicely into its parking spot in my yard under its own power. Clutch felt perfectly fine. Would have loved to take it around the block and get it in second, but with no brakes, no way. The master has a layer of probably the stickiest black goo in the reservoirs I have ever seen. Will have to soak for ever. It has the nice early “Front in the front” master, would like to keep it. The clutch slave soft line was plugged with crud. Couldn’t bleed the clutch initially, so I suspect the rest of the brake system needs more cleaning and work than I’m prepared to do this round. I have “peachy” to get ready by Christmas and there’s a storm-a-comin’ this weekend that will snow in the fleet for the winter. Thanks to Jitensha (Kevin) for helping with the car rodeo today and doing a great job of wheel chock placing when needed.
  43. Some pics of the GTR Festival - not really a race event but great opportunity to run the engine in. The video is above but her is some pics of the K from the event. Thanks to Maria Panova Photography http://www.mariapanova.com/

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