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  1. siteunseen

    Metal or plastic 240Z deck badge?

    The metal ones on my car have "acne" looking little dots, FWIW.
  2. siteunseen

    Stroker 3.1

    Out with old, in with the new usually means a different toothbrush at my flop house.
  3. siteunseen

    240Z Vintage Rubber Floor Mats AMCO

    Are these like unicorns and hen's teeth? I'd like a better set too. Could @nix240z at 240zrubberparts make a few sets?
  4. siteunseen

    Ol' Blue... current status

    That car got me through a lot of my problems for sure. I lucked up and bought the same car as Phillips when I got back into Datsun Zs. Can't leave Captain Obvious' s '77 out either. They both helped me a bunch. Oh yeah Fastwoman was a tremendous help too. ZedHead and everyone else on this forum. Thank you all!
  5. siteunseen

    Too rich for my blood

    Plenty of suckers out there and they're born every minute according to Barnum (supposedly). Saudis seem to be the number ones for these cars.
  6. siteunseen

    Combo and T/S wiring help 12/71

    Here's something you find useful. My problem was fixed in this thread. Not sure if it's in here but you can google 240z combo switch repair. It's a Word download but very helpful. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/48098-help-with-combo-switch-please/
  7. siteunseen

    Epic meet of Japanese cars

    Nice photos! The G-Nose would be my pick of the litter. No offense Guy but it's cool factor is waaaay up there.
  8. siteunseen

    Ol' Blue... current status

    They don't sell shingles up there? I could ship you a few bundles. I was thinking that would be your grandsons car. But he'll get a 240 most likely after he's born. As Namerow says, it's iconic like a chalkboard of Einstein's.
  9. siteunseen


    I wish all you lucky rascals a great day! My dog is laying beside me I bed and that makes me happy. I can't imagine something that could tell me happy fathers day. Enjoy the day Dads!
  10. siteunseen

    interior plastic body plugs, 71 Z, source

    I put one of those 2 foot rubber ones on mine. It has a wing nut that loosens so it lays horizontal for the car cover and we have crap radio stations here. Bluetooth, paired with my phone's I Heart Radio is all I use. There's a lot of info on using weed eater cord to fix the mast going up and down if the motor still works. 130" cord is what I remember.
  11. siteunseen

    Seafoam question

    Which ever one I can lock up. The 280 I have to crawl through the hatch but it locks up tight. 240 I'd have to sleep in LOL. The rods need bending I think, from all I've read. Or I could bring my Lab-Pit mix. He'd open the doors though to get out and roll over to get his balls scratched. I may get a room for me and the dog. If so it'll be the rougher interior 280. He's not allowed in my Camry or the 240. So most likely the 280, long story short answer. Budweiser!!!
  12. siteunseen

    WTB Wheel Spacers for 280z 35mm to 45mm

    I have some that are at least quarter inch. You can have them if you want them Phillip. Cliff
  13. siteunseen

    Seafoam question

    Thanks for all the replies gentleman! I run 87 octane with 10% ethanol normally. So me thinking is if I get them out once every 3 or 4 months and put 5 gallons of 93 octane that should keep the fuel "alive". Definitely going to put some MMO in with the next oil change, I read some good stuff on that this morning. It's so dad gum hot down here driving them is torture right now. I guess I'm just mad and bumping my gums but I've driven the 240 3 times this year and a big 0 for the 280. Like girls and everything else I get bored pretty quick. This forum has kept me interested and involved in Zs longer than most hobbies I've run through. Maybe Mike could build a forum for females and their difficulties, vice versa too girls.
  14. siteunseen

    interior plastic body plugs, 71 Z, source

    You can reuse the old ones if you can find all the pins. I think a 4 penny nail is what I pushed mine through with. One guy, can't remember who, said put panty hose over a vacuum nozzle and it'll catch them. I had to replace my 280s antenna a few years ago and was a scary pain in the but removing that panel. Bending it to get it out was nerve racking thinking it was about snap. Good luck. I hope your's is easier.
  15. siteunseen

    interior plastic body plugs, 71 Z, source

    Dealer available also, Nissan P/N 90909=E4100, non stocking but no fee overnight to the parts department. About a $1 each though.

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