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  1. That's what mine looked like too. Turned out the floats were keeping the fuel level low and starving the carbs. It was very clear once I drove up a steep mountain. The front carb went dry and I was running on the back 3 cylinders.
  2. Cat 5 data wire is what I use for stringing stuff. No where near what you guys are doing but it's cheap and works for me. 5 pairs=10 copper wires. 500ft for $50.
  3. Try removing the air filter and see how it runs with the cold air coming directly in. Won't cost anything...
  4. I'd try and find another upper coolant housing and then figure out what needed to be done to put whatever sensor you need in. zcardepot has them for $43. https://zcardepot.com/products/thermostat-housing-water-outlet-oem-240z?variant=19274718118001&currency=USD&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsIyr_4aB7wIVgcqGCh17LAGdEAQYAiABEgLX4fD_BwE
  5. It's a thing they're doing. Ford was back in 2014 according to this. Guy thinks like me, "seems counterintuitive..."
  6. Yes! That's where I heard that and was trying to ask about other hollow parts like a crankshaft. Then I got a text and ran off the road. Sorry for the half arsed post. Seriously though I was wondering if that is possible on something like an F1 car where money doesn't matter. Hollow parts to lighten the motors? I've never thought of that and am curious. Thanks.
  7. That doesn't go together very well. If they made a hollow crank shaft it would spin up a lot better but that rotating mass thing always comes to mind for me.
  8. I may as well have left the 4 speed in mine. I never use #5. 😇
  9. GIFTEDZ Pretty good personalized plate. I'm leaving mine to the local humane society so far. Some scallywag girl may get them in between.
  10. Congratulations! If that's a before and after shot, wow! It looks great. Enjoy that car.
  11. That was suggested to me so I ran the gauge to the windshield. It let me see what was what at idle then through the range of throttle. @FastWoman helped me through all of this. I miss her help on our cars but she moved on, I guess?
  12. I ran a gauge up to the driver's side windshield, under the wiper blade. Had good pressure constantly. The ECU was getting a lean reading and feeding less fuel because of the coolant temp sensor function. I forced more fuel by clamping the return, it ran way better. I realized I was on to something and asked on this FANTASTIC forum and then went to RadioShack and spent $5. Runs like it should plus I control the fuel flow. I can lean it out on the interstate and run cooler. I've thought of putting a camed up head on and fattening up the fuel? I've read EFI can't compensate for small lobe cams. One of these days, when I'm bored...
  13. I don't either. My new pain, and I can't stop it with my old windows 7, is autoplay. I look at TMZ once a day and my adblocker showed 350 today. I'm using my phone more and more because of the adware on my laptop. Time to spend $1,000 for a new one? Nope!
  14. This looks like a good deal to me. Anyone looking should jump on these.
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