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  1. siteunseen

    2+2 gets some SEMA love

    To the rotors!
  2. siteunseen

    2+2 gets some SEMA love

    That'd buy Richard a lot of hair gel.
  3. siteunseen

    Holy $^!# I bought a turd

    From all I've read the SUs are temperature sensitive, they need some heat. My '72 has a winter and summer flap on the snorkel of the air box plus a heat riser connected to the bottom. My 2008 Stihl blower also has a winter and summer setting behind the air filter. There's got to be something to it, something about atomization I believe it's called. If you could source an OE air cleaner you could get all the hoses back where they belong. My $.02.
  4. siteunseen

    1/2 page of autoplay ads

    I would highly, highly high suggest using that ad blocker. You don't like ads, it blocks them. Are you waiting on captain obvious to say "it's my job"? I think the truck toilet is really a beer bong. You put your face where you a-hole goes and pour beer in. I've been to a NASCAR track campground.
  5. siteunseen

    Holy $^!# I bought a turd

    You were Sunday Lunch punch drunk.
  6. siteunseen

    Holy $^!# I bought a turd

    There's one on the front carb that works the vacuum advance on the distributor but it's ported vacuum and only increases when the butterfly opens. If it were my turd I'd take that "cold air intake" off first then start figuring it out. When I was getting my carbs set I ran without an air cleaner for a week or so. I did cover the throats with rags everyday when I was done though, bugs and whatnot don't need to get in there overnight.
  7. siteunseen

    Holy $^!# I bought a turd

    Need to add...Something to watch while you wait on the DVD from Ztherapy. It's fantastic.
  8. siteunseen

    Holy $^!# I bought a turd

    @Jarvo2 Found a good youtube video on SUs. 2 or 3 installments if I remember right. I can't find it now, sorry.
  9. siteunseen

    Holy $^!# I bought a turd

    The short rod is missing from the fast idle screw for some reason. I've never told a new member to download the Service Manual on my first reply but you need it bad.
  10. siteunseen

    240Z - All done and ready to...

    Beautiful car Dan Hansen. That's a cool sounding name too, Dan Hansen.
  11. siteunseen

    Advice on this 1980 on CL

    Their Mom and Dad!
  12. siteunseen

    Advice on this 1980 on CL

    Did you see that '81 turbo for $2,500? Montgomery/Houston area CL. That would be a fun car. WOW, prices have gone through the roof on Zs lately. Didn't realize how much they are asking for basic 280. I bought my '77 for $1,200 in 2011 and spent another $1,000 on it. Looks like now I would ask $12,000 to $15,000 for it. Stocks and bonds, meh, not me.
  13. siteunseen

    Dash Preservation

    I used this on my console's hairline cracks, worked great. I think it was about $4 at Lowes?
  14. siteunseen

    Advice on this 1980 on CL

    You think that's honestly what happened or she let her precursor get too hot?

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