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  1. Good Ole Quint. 99 bottles of beer on the wall...
  2. He drinks Natural Light. You'll be okay.
  3. I liked the Black Diamond for stripping paint, plus the texture on some things. You can strain it and reuse it a couple of times. 50lbs for $10.
  4. I'm going to guess the machinest checked the cam's movement before he put the valve train on. $300 should cover something that simple.
  5. I'm sure that's what I have on my car because I don't an extra on my Datsun parts rack. It may be a good idea to check further. Maybe @Diseazd would know fairly easy?
  6. Side seals are at the bottom of this image. The bottom receipt.
  7. I tried to find that image Zed Head but couldn't, thank you. When I lifted off the clutch pedal to coast up to a stop mine would stick around 1,500 to 2,000 rpm for about 15 seconds then drop down to normal. I adjusted the BCDD in just a quick ride through my neighborhood. When you get that locking clip thing off leave it at home and find some stop signs. Leave the hood loose too. Turn it one way and see if it gets better or worse. It's really easy. Mine also had a sticky gas pedal feel that would hang up or down. I cleaned the throttle body bottom under the throttle blade with a toothbrush and lacquer thinner.
  8. Your's is Atari at best. The ECU controls the fuel injection. The computer tells that you left your lights on, if you want to call it a computer. Seems to me you want a Japanese car to to behave as a SBC. It doesn't from all I've read. They're different but we'll help as much as we can. Don't get tunnel vision or blinders on. So many options for your car.
  9. My bcdd kept the rpms hanging or high when i came to a stop. Adjusted it out, now works normal.
  10. Not the air dam but I have that 2.5" performance exhaust from MSA. It scrapes though. I have to really aware of that too, my car is lowered and when I get on a "scrape" knowing I have to keep going draws my balls inside my body.
  11. Thank you Jim! It's never scraped since I've had it and theres no damage on the bottom side of the lip so I'll say scraping isn't a problem. There's not much distance between the spoiler and the tires is all I can think of. I also use a ZX radiator which sits a few inches lower than OE. Never scraped or bumped. I can't say anything about the actual purpose of front or rear spoilers, I just think they look good. The Xenon on front of my 280 made a big difference at higher speed lifting. I am more of a red light to red light speeder driving my 240. The 280 is heavier and handles way better up top. If you all need more pics I would be glad to post more. Cliff
  12. Here's a few I took inside. Its cold out. More of the difference between the two was my intention but I'm no photographer so I'll post them all. Like I said earlier I like the way my car looks. Spoilers were a big thing in the '70s from what I remember.
  13. Mine is similar with dealer installed spoilers. The rear is the early style with the emblem stuck on back of the spoiler. I like mine a lot. I removed mine and had them repainted when I bought the car. Reinstalling was a horrible job and took me most of a night. The two far end nuts are damn near impossible but you can get them. Buy Band-Aids. Here's the only shot I have on phone of the rear. Latest version with rubber free bumpers and different sunlight.