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  1. Take a lot of pictures as your take it apart. Don't force the old bolts, they'll snap in a heartbeat. 50/50 acetone and transmission fluid is the best penetrating oil I've ever used. A quart of each will last forever. Buy a spray bottle and mix it as you need to. When you ziploc bag stuff write what it is on a piece of paper, not on the baggie. It'll rub off. Get some thin cheap wire, phone wire for me, and use it to tie bolts into their part. I'll try and add if I can. You're about to have some fun finally. AND the engine stand rotates a lot easier if you take the weight off the front, rope from the ceiling or a floorjack with a stick of wood. Be really careful though, they'll slide out on your foot! The wire I'm talking about is to keep the different length bolts in the right holes. The water pump, front cover, oil pump... Buy a gallon of lacquer thinner, $10, put it in a five gallon bucket with a tight lid. You'll soak a lot of stuff in that then blow the crud off easier trust me.
  2. I see them on ebay from time to time. I'm looking too. Your's are the Scallops right, '71 to '76?
  3. I knew it! You read the National Enquirer when you were young standing in the checkout line. "Enquiring minds want to know" Geek Off 2019 was a success. @240260280 explained it in realative terms as being in the car vs on an engine stand. @Captain Obvious proved it.
  4. Fuel pressure raises when above 131F from what I've read so far. Seems like the FPR would open up and recirculate the fuel if it was hot enough. Vapor lock, "vayre intressting".
  5. Doesn't each hole on the cam sprocket increase advance by 8 degrees?
  6. Goofing off today I took some measurements on my 280 with the aluminum fuel rail. It goes up and down 20 degrees every few seconds. I guess that's when the excess dumps after the fpr opens up? Anyway the car was 80 degrees cold in my garage before starting. The higher numbers are of course after a quick romp. Fuel rail room temp... Hot closer to the return hose... Front of head... Rear... #3 header runner... Head at room temp... Oh yeah (don't tell my Mom) but here's my next purchase. @JLPurcell didn't you buy something similar to this? Thanks for any advice. Cliff
  7. Another true or false question. Can a timing chain be too tight and cause HP drain? I can't remember if I got the chain on then tightened the guides as far out as they would go. I do remember a rubber like washer that went between the plunger and the housing. It was a ZX timing kit with an extra adjustment or two, IIRC the guides were hard to line up to the 2.4 block.
  8. I can say this from personal experience, can't explain it just say it. True! When I built my '77 I started on #3 with all new stuff. It ran great and had plenty of lowend. Two or 3 years later I did the '72 the same. It hits the redline so fast I can't stand to drive it hard, like beating a cat it just just gets louder. In the summer of 2018 I put the 280 back to #1 after I bought a wedge tool. Ran a good bit worse than I was used to so within one measly day of driving I went back to #3. Now the 240 is going back to at least #2, probably #1, but that chain is so damn tight I'm not sure I'll get the sprocket off and back on in the car. I read that Racer Brown write up on Datsun's 510, L20 I suppose. I came to the understanding, right or wrong's on me, advancing all three things the cam does actually improves performance and efficiency although you lose some top end power. The 280 has an R200 so the redline came slower. The 240 with the r180 goes up too fast and I don't like it. http://www.datsport.com/racer-brown.html
  9. The dvd from ztherapy says loosen the screws on the dome and find where it raises and falls free then tighten the screws.
  10. The book I have says use the higher numbers for chain stretch. Try it and see, all you'll loose is a zip tie.
  11. Wait until about 7p.m. That's when things start getting fuzzy. When I did #3 it was just about impossible to get the sprocket on the cam. Everything was new.
  12. If you get really bored try hole #3 on the cam spocket and see how much it pulls the tensioner in. Just for poops and giggles.
  13. That's the dumbest thing I've said today but it's still really early... Captain you have a P79 already, not an MN47. Phillip was talking about square exhaust ports. Sorry! Back to the Salt Mines for me. 🙄
  14. Wow, that made a big difference. Anxious to read Hoover's MN47 offerings.
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