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  1. Here's a great shot thanks @240260280 I'm flogging a dead horse I know but that's what I do.
  2. Your review of the FSR made and still makes me want one. That was 2013, I believe I can afford one now.
  3. I was so glad I didn't try stain either. It's not wood so stain wouldn't have penetrated, just laid on top was my thinking. Anyhow it looks great! I much prefer the 240 wheels over the 280's. I think your going to end up with a 240 mashed into a 280? RossiZ did it and it looked great. Classic car with a little more comfort. You go Mr Ferg!!!
  4. Here's a shot of mine. Disregard the circle up top, that was another paint file. It's the arrow pointing to it.
  5. The plastic one I bought lasted one time. I used it as a template for a new one I made out a piece of hard oak wood. Garbage...
  6. Hard to see but it's a little different than the other side. One side is a little shorter than the other. Good luck!
  7. I had a problem with my EGR. You take a handheld mirror and look under the intake manifold closest to the windshield. The coupling hooks there, mine was loose for who knows how long and rotted out my EGR chamber? I think it's called. This is after I replaced everything but gives you an idea of what I'm talking about. Another thing that happened to me, and me only apparently 'cause I'ma stupid sometimes, I put the valve cover gasket on upside down and created a small opening above the thermostat housing. They have a straight side and mine was opposite. I know that's not your leak but it's something to look at.
  8. Great looking Z! Love the documentation too. You still own the Scion FSR? Glad you're back. Cliff
  9. I used 0000 steel wool on mine then satin black on the metal. Looks good to me. Gear knob was dipped in minwax helsman satin poly about 20 times over a month or so. It filled in the cracks on the shift pattern map.
  10. I think halfway cold is right. Put it in the freezer and see then hot water. Your cold might be 80 outside. It's 92 here. It's always warmer here so my AAR is useless. Sorry I haven't read the whole thread but surely you've turned the idle adjustment spring up top after the throttle body? Another thought, is your throttle body plate closing completely? I've had to clean my with lacquer thinner and a toothbrush. They get gunky.
  11. You can get a loaner vacuum gauge from chain auto parts stores and see if you may have a leak. IIRC mine are at 17 hg at 10btdc. Just a thought. Good luck. PS the trick to installing the spindle and pump as explained in Tom monroe's rebuild book is push it up in to the right of the top right bolt hole, engage the gears then turn the pump back to the left, insert bolts.
  12. I agree with Zed. Turning the dizzy clockwise increases engine idle so yeah your idle is off somehow. 20btdc is too high. The spindle could be tooth or 2 off. There's ways to cheat that by moving the plug wires on the cap. I've only read about it so no help on that you'll have to research that. Dropping the oil pump and moving it is pain but if you want it right... All the caps I've seen have a vertical raised line on the outside that shows were the rotor button should be pointing at TDC.
  13. I'm here daily and see everything anyway.
  14. Yep! Click those three dots then it goes to NOTIFICATIONS enter "hhtps://www.classiczcars.com" then BLOCK toggle then SAVE. I don't mind when I'm on the site helping others but on start up, no sir!
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