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Community Answers

  1. I put mine on the emblem then pushed until they "clicked". Bought from local dealership.
  2. I was trying Captain and you saved me, a lot of explaining.
  3. I followed @Hardway write up on my emblems. Very helpful. There's also the flat clips I think 26th is talking about? You can buy those at Lowes in the Hillman drawers. Flat nuts I think they're called? https://www.lowes.com/pd/Hillman-2-Count-1-4-in-Black-Phosphate-Standard-SAE-Flat-Spring-Nuts/3013190
  4. That one has bypassed the intake coolant flow too. I assume that was OE in '73? I know my early '72 had it. But not anymore!
  5. Looks like we may be wondering how @Patcon is now.
  6. I would put a threaded plug in that hole you see the block off plate through. Also the hole under the intake is the pcv valve. Does it have the valve? Those are 2 unmetered air openings you don't want.
  7. When I bought my 77 it would hardly run, bucking spitting and sputtering. I tried everything and then ran a mirror under the intake. There was a golf ball size hole rotted out where the egr tube connected to the intake. Under where your block off plate is. I deleted the egr system. The one vacuum line that was left after the thermal vacuum switch, TVS, I hooked to a nipple below the TPS box I think. Somewhere down there around the bcdd. Just a little story of my 77's problems. I've got the pictures on my laptop I can post when I can. You might find a recall sticker under the hood on the passenger's side if your's was fixed. Mine was not and that egr tube got loose and exhaust gas ate up my damn intake.
  8. I agree. Standing while working on mine sucked. It helped my back a little running the front up on ramps, I'm 6' according to the DMV.
  9. What! Can't hear you over these triples.
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