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  1. Holy moly, that's as bad as I've seen. I will never complain again about our roads.
  2. Bleeder valves work good for me also. Definitely worth the money.
  3. siteunseen

    Yellow Bluebird

    Looks good, very original. I don't know if you have a copy but in Tom Monroe's How to rebuild the Nissan L motor he actually rebuilds an L20. Great book to have, $20 or less.
  4. I think you and I have the same Schneider cam and was wondering if you run SUs or triples?

    I'm hoping the SUs will keep up and I can get rid of the Webers.  Thank you for your help.

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    2. moelk


      I bought them ready to go from Eiji (datsun spirit). 200$ for me as I live in Sweden and shipping and import fees makes life a bitch.

      But they make the engine bay a lot cleaner.

      You are building a new engine if I remember correctly. Is it ready?

    3. siteunseen


      I've completed the rebuild and put some miles on it for break-in.  Got the carbs dialed in and it's running great with the OE E88 head.  Now I have to build this E31 with cam kit and see how that goes.  I'm hesitate because of the .190 lash pads they sent.  If remember correctly you had the same and milled/ground them for the correct wipe on your rocker pads.  I'm pretty sure after getting the first 3 or 4 right the rest will or should be the same?  I may need your expirence/ advice when I start.  I'm getting a rental house ready to rent out after having the same tenants for 10 years this month.  Once I get that off my plate I can get back to more enjoyable Z work. :)

    4. moelk


      Ok, great!

      we have winter here for another 2 month at least. I've  put around 2000km on my new engine and I love it, but I regret that I dident got my head worked on more. I did go for steel seats, bigger valves and some cleaning but not a big port job and I guess it would get me another 20 whp together with a proper dyno tune. It made 180whp with just a tune by ear and check that I dident run lean. Had no time to tune it then.

      My lash pads are almost different everyone.

      the old ones were to.

      so I had to grind everyone of them : (

  5. I sold a completely rebuilt set a couple of years ago and they brought around $800.00. I had a fortune in rebuild parts. They are just not as desirable as the Mikuni probably due to the history with Datsun racing. I would be interested in buying them if the price is right. I would also be willing to due a partial trade, if I have anything you need, and cash.

    Jerry Purcell 

  6. I hope I'm doing this right. @gwri8 went to this last year and said it was a fun time however he had the only Z in the lot. He has told me and some other members about going this year, Saturday April 1st. http://www.chattanoogacruise-in.com/
  7. Birthday

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    2. Redwing


      It is curious.  Wondering that too...

    3. Mike


      Are you talking about the fact there are a lot of people with January 1 as their birthday?

    4. siteunseen


      I'll guess it's a default setting?

  8. Here's a good read too for hub cap painting. He uses Wick Humble's paint formula also. XenonS30 Hub Cap Restoration
  9. siteunseen

    Siteunseen pictures

    Saturday morning I went out before the heat and took some photos of the cars in the parking area.
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