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  1. Great pic of the motor's lean to the passenger's side. Adjust the valves after marking the center of the cam towers. Just call me Analee. Giggity!
  2. Thanks @CanTechZ!!! Now I'm gonna have to dig through my storage shed and find my OEs. I have a '72 so I'd like to know.
  3. I get this stuff at Lowes or Tractor supply for less than $40. Spray cabinet for small stuff or a big plastic tub or a tarp on the ground for the big stuff lets me reuse it many times after sifting it through a Walmart sifter. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Black-Bull-80-Grit-Abrasive-Glass-Beads/5001782823
  4. I took it to mean "in agreement with" which is the same as you say but different words. 6 of one 1, half a dozen of the other, eh?
  5. That's what I did. I only removed the hood then I unhooked everything up top, took the exhaust pipe off and the driveshaft then put a rubber cap over the transmission. I think I pulled the alternator and starter too. Don't forget the WD-40 cap over the clip for the hood hold up rod. Here's a good thread from '05. Post #15 shows the rubber plug I'm talking about. You'll read about rolling the car out of your garage to get some stuff off then roll it back in for the removal, good advice.
  6. I didn't use straps but I did read that. here's my setup before install. I used an old valve cover so not to scratch up my nice pretty one. Here's one of my favorite " calm down it'll be fine" pictutres from @Jeff G 78. He really helped me from jumping off the roof. He's like a big 'ol walking talking Valium. He's the one that told me to jack the rear up and I made the decision to let the air out of the front tires as much as I could while still getting the hoist under there. My ceiling is low too but it's exsposed rafters so I lined the hoist up in between the rafters. That bought
  7. From what I've learned the 240's stick number starts with an E, 280's with a P. Good thread I found below with the different numbers and possible receiver tube lengths. And I agree on newer cars. They suck for us DIY mechanics. The newest car I've ever owned is my 2000 or 2001 Camry, can't remember what the title says but I list it as a 2000 on my insurance. I did buy a brand new 2009 lawnmower that cost as much as a car.
  8. Sub category. What's the most valuable lesson I've learned for my Z. There's at least 3 different length oil dipsticks for our cars. Make darn sure you have the right one for your motor or you'll overfill it and have a drip after running the car. I did this and had a drip or two off my oil pump until I figured out I had a 2.8 stick in a 2.4 motor. Drained about half a quart and my garage floor is a dry as my dogs food.
  9. Good luck with it! Don't scratch that nice paint job. Those HF levelers are nice but scary when you're working by yourself. They pop and are jerky when using them while loaded down with the motor. That little handle is useless, put a socket on the other end. Grease the bottom rail the roller rides on, makes it a little smoother. I found an old post of mine showing what I did. Might help you too. Here's some reading for ya. Below the videos it's stuff from classiczcars.com. https://www.google.com/search?q=engine+leveler+classiczcars.com&client=ms-android-americamovil-us
  10. Wanted me to build her a happy home Now she's livin' all alone...
  11. HaHa! It steers like a hot knife through butter. Very precise and quick but I feel every everything which is good and bad. I replaced everything on my 240 then bought new Rewinds and performance Hankooks. "The devils is in the details" is very true on the steering.
  12. I need to 'splain my reply I think. Maybe the longer bolt got ran down and spun out. A shorter one may hold to the torque spec.
  13. Or maybe a shorter one? Can't remember the torque spec but it can't be much. The 280s don't have a problem with the line up pin but the 240s do. They went to a universal fit off the 280 dimensions but they won't sit in the 240 holes. I had to file my 240 pins down to get them in. On my 280 they fit.
  14. Can you just go up to the next size on that one bolt? That's what I'd do. It's aluminum and easy to do. I put bigger ones on the exhaust and they cut in pretty easily just had to go slow. Foward then backed them out a few rounds and foward again. You could try that. Might have to wire brush the threads out of the bigger bolt, use some anti seize "slick-um" too. The heads are soft aluminum.
  15. Charles, @Patcon you are another of my friends that "ain't scared" of nothing. I can't imagine you killing a snake. You'd pick it up and see how unique it is then let it go on it's way. Your the guy on TV shows.
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