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  1. 70 and early 71 are D. The rest up until 77 had Zs. Iirc The ones referred to as series 1. The 69 was D I suppose. I'm not familiar with the early cars.
  2. That's a nice car and should go quick. Very original it looks to me. Our's are similar. Mine had those bumpers too, they hang from the rafters now though.
  3. Loosen the dizzy and have someone crank over the motor while you rotate the dizzy. Left or right turning should try starting easier. Your spindle is not too far off imho. Good luck!
  4. Let me play! If idle adjustment does nothing I'd say you have a vacuum leak. Borrow a gauge from a local parts chain and tell us the numbers.
  5. I'm with Pilgram! Those cheap arse studs from msa are paperweights. Split washers on the manifold are a joke IMHO. I'll post the Nissan p/n that I bought. Google "out of round nuts" or "squash nuts". You don't want lock washers, they loosen up after the heat and cooling down cycle. My .$02
  6. I have the MSA coated header, 2.5" full exhaust on my 280 and 240. 280 had a slight leak and needed a resonator, now it sounds great. 2.4 motor sealed great. I love the sound of the smaller motor, no resonator. Very "raspy" sound. MSA sends their headers to be coated. The coating company sends them back in a single box, seems like it's close by? but then MSA was sending them across the country in the same box. We brought this up and the problem was recognized and then corrected. Here's the coating company in Santa Anna, CA. MSA is located in Orange County, CA. too. They wrap the $^!# out of them now FYI. Here's what I received and sorta of started the whole thing. Joseph at MSA was great helping sort it out.
  7. Replied in the earlier post. Hope you find the info you need in that thread, it's a few years old.
  8. "For those in need the joint is made by Motor Master and the specific unit is: Kawasaki ATV700" @Dr. 240Z found them for $22 in 2014. Good luck.
  9. I've got beck arnely on both my cars. Happy with mine. Rockauto is where I got them.
  10. Rember a little over spray blue on the black oil pan.
  11. That hurts like hell, like a hundred papercuts. If you have the valve cover off you can use the cam sprocket bolt too. You don't want slack on the driver's side of the chain so if you go past the mark don't roll the car backwards.
  12. I have to ask because I have no clue but does y'all's snow have salt from the Atlantic?
  13. You've been reading Playboy's Forums again.
  14. I would loosen the distributor and have someone crank it over while you turn the distributor. It should get better one way and worse the other. You say it cranked but now it won't. Check the simple stuff. Coil wire, rotor button, etc.