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  1. Hows @Av8ferg today? I sure hope he got better and not the virus.
  2. It's one of these or my old full face motorcycle helmet.
  3. 2020's Moral Insanity...EGO.
  4. I bought mine at Advance with a coupon code from for 25% off. Buy online and pick up at the local store, if they have it in stock, 10 minutes. $20 is what I paid about 10 years ago so that says something about the reliability I guess, it still works great. Could be I'm just lucky. Nah, that can't be right.
  5. That guy is nuts! Just scolded some girl for being nasty. Hello pot, this is kettle and you're black as s h i t. He gets off on calling detractors stupid but hateful nicknames.
  6. I hit that age way too soon. My to do list has priority numbers that have been scratched through way too much. Glad to be where I'm at in life.
  7. Your written description would be good to me, better than videos anyway. Tell us more. Is it worse with pressure on the shift rod or better? If it's simple as the rod worn out applying pressure would quieten that.
  8. You familiar with the performance improvement plan? I had to google it.
  9. That's what I consider bullying. I have to deal with it almost everyday and it's exhausting.
  10. What are we pretending to have for supper tonight? Ernest_s Great Uncle_ Lloyd Worrell 1m6s - 2m60s (ls82Pj7XeGc) 2401.mp4
  11. Gregg Allman & Redd Foxx on Letterman. HILARIOUS clip. Watch Redd follow Gregg's cigar thinking he's passing it television! I learned how to clip videos! Gregg Allman (and Redd Foxx) on Letterman_ November 18_ 1987 6m32s - 6m48s (KsmVYw8gd5c) 2401.mp4
  12. Over the years it seems like someone posted about packing that area with grease and it helped more than they expected. I dunno? Lots of reading on here. Check the hole that pin goes through too. It could be all wallowed out.
  13. This is pretty cool. Maybe, one day my flea bag can learn this too. He delivers wine to the curbside customers.
  14. The same companies that have been manipulating me and you for all these years? I'm sorry Charles but no sympathy from me. You remember after Katrina right? Classic American price gouging. Their greed cost America more than job loss. Diesel fuel ran everything up and it hasn't come back down, like taxes. After the extra tax builds the interchange we needed it doesn't end when the projects over.