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  1. I've always had good results on aluminum and most other metal with lacquer thinner. 6 Z pistons fit perfect in the bottom of a five gallon bucket. Cover with the thinner and put a lid on, it evaporates pretty quick and stinks too, after a few days I blow them off with my air compressor. They look like new. A few years ago it was $9.99 a gallon at Lowe's, now it's $25.
  2. Clear hose is best. You can see it before a mouth full. We use them for transferring fuel into boats. In Alabama it's a "Georgia credit card".
  3. I used Nissan Titan truck exhaust studs and one use lock nuts on the ends of my N42. Altima smaller stuff in the middle. All bought at local Nissan dealership. The ends were already wallered out so going with the bigger studs was a no brainer. The smaller Altima which is the same as OE Datsun was just a much better, newer way than lock washers and free spinning nuts from the factory. My opinion only but after years of checking, they are still nice and tight.
  4. 100% agree with you. I've never experienced vapor lock. Your float bowls are low. Don't go by the 23mm, max them out and be sure your overflow hoses are connected to the air box. I set mine higher and never have any problems.
  5. I work for a guy that has 86 1,000 sq. ft. apartments. He raised the the price per month 25% "none are available so I can charge what I want, they can get one somewhere else if they can". The people that didn't renew their leases after the initial 12 month agreement were on a month to month lease. Between 10 and 15 are vacant now. The buck is about to stop at his doorstep. Fortunately I run a paint store he owns so I'm moving a lot of product and getting PAID!
  6. A little past halfway down of the link I posted earlier. https://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/fuel/gastank/index.htm
  7. Is this common on the 240s? It's my first time seeing what appears to be a heat shield under the fuel pump? Curious mind asking. Thanks for any replies.
  8. They have marine stabilizers that get rid of ethanol or av-gas. If you do get e free fuel you can run the feed hose of the mechanical pump straight out of a gas can between the bumper and radiator. I did that to confirm a nasty tank on one I bought. Drove it around the neighborhood for a few days, very slowly.
  9. I ask my nephew if he was a starter for his baseball team. He didn't know what that meant, said he was a player.
  10. They rarely go bad just filing the contacts to shine again and making sure there's no spider webs in there. I had to bend the arm on mine when I first bought my '77 after reading this great write up with a lot of good photos. Thanks @240260280 https://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/tps/index.html
  11. 10w30 down here. That high milage valvoline has the best additives from my reading without going with the diesel oil. It's got some extra zddp for worn engines and supposedly keeps the rubber conditioned? Walmart has a high milage brand also that I run in my d21 pickup with 350,000 plus miles. I have great oil pressure in my 240, always. When it drops down a little I check my records and it's always time for a change out. Can't explain that but it never fails to be true.
  12. Do you think dead heading increased fuel therefore eliminating hot evaporation? I'm just curious as this is a common question asked often. I've never had an issue and it's 90F right now down here in the Deep South and getting warmer as I reply.
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