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  1. I've used Valvoline max life 10w30 for 5 plus years and the cam lobes look nice and shiny. Oil never gets really dark like Castrol 20/50 I ran in my '89 BMW 325is. Good pressure on the gauge too but I use turbo oil pumps.
  2. No clear vin# I could find and a black engine bay? Hemmings maybe stretching the true price on this one. Whups! I made a mistake I think? I can see green but not normal for that low mile car. Sorry...
  3. I've learned, have them tested before you leave. They're about half junk for sure but eventually you'll get a good one.
  4. I can't rember the total weight of the rod and piston assembled but I used the ones that had the same stamped numbers on the cups and rod caps. I chose to grind off a gram or two off the outer longer length of the rods to get them equal. I had the the flywheel resurfaced and balanced by the machinest but bolted up the the clutch kit straight out of the box. It gets close to 7,000rpm and is smooth, no vibration at all. Make sure and have your throwout bearing pressed on from your machinest. I used the old one to drive a new one on my first time and it whines in neutral unengaged. Works great but is annoying to me. Heres something I found on a 2.4 build, good read.
  5. Brake cleaner? That's pretty strong stuff. I like the "low and slow" approach like barbecue.
  6. Like your garage. Tire storage is great! It's cold out so maybe you can spend some time in there? Everybody loves a "rebuild" thread.
  7. I used this on my last SU rebuild and they look great. It's a polishing wad, whatever that means, wipe it on then buff it off.
  8. Here's my biggest time saver for my '77. He's done it all already. Click on "electrical" and also "efi and fuel". Good stuff to read through and even better camera work. Thanks @240260280 https://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/
  9. Yes, the black plastic box on the side of the afm and the other smaller on. The TPS. I would also cover the distributor somehow.
  10. I looked at my '77 and it looks like they hold a heat sheild or maybe an exhaust bracket?
  11. If they're on the side I'd guess they hold the antenna bracket. Hard to tell from your picture. Maybe post one a little farther out?
  12. Old thread that talks about the Arizona pan below. Your's looks like a knock-off of the Kameari pan to me. You might search that?
  13. I raise the front up as high as I can before I start. Ramps are the easiest but sometimes jack stands. I'm a bad leaner when fooling with the SUs. It took me a year or so to figure this out but Imma kinda slow.
  14. Yeah those magnetic fastner holder things were a big help. I got those at Harbor Freight for a couple of bucks each.
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