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  1. The idea for the amount of connections was to allow the motor to be unplugged and swapped out without splicing into the harness. There’s also a 30 amp relay in the system that’s needed for proper function. It’s not a simple wire to wire connection for this upgrade unfortunately.
  2. Restored wiper linkage and motor mounting bracket, along with the Honda wiper motor upgrade. A jumper harness was made so that from the firewall forward the wiring would appear stock. Harness also allows for easy replacement of motor if it should ever fail.
  3. Before and after for the gas fill area on the Z. Everything replated with new rubber bits to finish it off.
  4. Few more updates on the Z. Worked on rebuilding the quarter windows, finished up the vapor canister install, and got the antenna/speaker bracket in. Next I’ll get the wiring harness routed and have the hatch area just about done.
  5. Few updates on the Z. Tail lights are back together with trim and gaskets Added some color to the license plate frame. Used the L series engine blue and 280Z yellow I had from a previous car. And finally, getting the drivers door back together. New hardware, seals, and rubber bits.
  6. Using a buffer set to 1000 RPM and a wool pad, take it slow and use a generous amount of compound. I used the same 3M cutting compound for paint. I'll wipe compound all over the lenses so that corners don't heat up and melt. Just wrapped up doing the LH lenses tonight with this same procedure. It doesn't take much to clean the lenses up.
  7. Before and after on the tail light restoration. Disassembled, lenses polished to a high gloss, housing deep cleaned, new gasket, and new connectors for the harness. I’m working with a local shop to replate the original chrome trim pieces right now. Will update how that goes and if new ones will need to be sourced.
  8. Good ideas. I'll try out the hydrogen peroxide tip and report back on any improvements.
  9. Small update as we begin assembling the Z. Discussed earlier in this thread was how to remove some of the discoloring these 50+ year old plastics have endured. I did some research and found multiple ways that claimed to restore the "white" natural color of these plastic parts, ranging from very extensive processes to very simplistic approaches. I took the simplistic approach for the vapor canister to see how much that would help. It wasn't too bad, but definitely could use some love. Cleaned it out and submerged it in a bleach/water solution for a week. Not 100% factory fresh, but for th
  10. Big update on the Z! Body is now painted and ready for reassembly. I also got in the custom made license plate holder for the Z. Modeled this one up to look like a period correct frame from the dealership the Z was sold by in Fort Worth
  11. I came across three different shops (including the one you sent the link from) in Australia selling a 3" x 5" x 12" oval canister muffler. I would bet that they are all selling the same one, under different names. The one I received had no part numbers stamped on it, and actually came in a Mangaflow box (PN on box was for a completely different muffler). Curious where these are being supplied from.
  12. Keith! Hope all is well on your side. Link to the muffler: https://www.performanceexhaust.com.au/p/5-X-3-OVAL-12-LONG-1-3-4-C-C-GLASS-PACKED/A318GP For some reason the website checkout will not allow for a US based address. Shoot them an email and they'll send a Paypal invoice over directly. Took only a few business days to get to my door step. Now if I can get the section of pipe between this and the rear muffler bent up I'll have a complete setup.
  13. Carrying my exhaust post over to the build. I was able to track down an original styled resonator for the Z. Packages well in the tunnel and shouldn’t be too bad to route from. Ideally I’d like to be an offset inlet/outlet resonator, but this will be just fine. Painting the body soon!
  14. Fit looks great. Ideally it would be an offset inlet/outlet. I can cheat the downpipe over a tad and have plenty of room on the RH side
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