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  1. Unfortunately that was one piece this car didn’t have when I got it. I’ve got one from a 75, and considered adding mounting provisions for the AC hose routing. As hard as the early ones are to come by I would hate to cut one of those up for mounting the AC line to it. Looking at it closer, in theory I may be able to install the drip pan over the AC hose bracket, and make shims that take up the gaps at the frame rail mounting points.
  2. Few small updates as we continue to prep the body for paint. AC system is just about done and I reassembled the choke cable mechanism
  3. Fuel tank installed tonight. One step closer to hearing it fire up!
  4. Mounted it to the condenser brackets. Should be fairly hidden once the grille is in and the car on level ground
  5. Valve cover was first cleaned in a ultrasonic machine to get all of the junk from 50 years of use off of it. That got it clean, but not pretty. I then used a cheap oven cleaner to get the exterior surface back to a "raw" finish. Works great on aluminum, its what I had used on the transmission as well. After that the cover was clean, exterior back to a raw finish. It still didn't have a consistent color to it due to being a fairly crude casting. I lightly dusted the cover in a VHT high temp cast aluminum paint, only enough to give it an even finish. That was followed up with a clear
  6. Steady progress has been made to get everything ready for the first fire up. While we wait for a few parts to ship in, I worked to get the AC system finished up, and cleaned up the valve cover. So far the AC system is routing like I had hoped, clean and out of the way. I never liked how the dealers installed the drier on the inner fender with sheet metal screws. On the front core support it should hide nicely from view.
  7. No undercoat for this one, but a healthy coat of wax will be applied 😊. It survived 50 years uncoated, I’d hate to cover up the original floor pans on this one.
  8. Lot of body work has been wrapped up on the body of the Z in prep for final paint. Not very exciting to photograph, but the drivetrain it just about buttoned up.
  9. Quick shot of the drivetrain install that was completed over the weekend. Now that there’s no worry about scratching the valve cover, I’ll pull it and finish cleaning it up. Z Therapy carbs mocked up and looking good!
  10. Lot of not so glamours work has been done on the Z lately. One task just about complete some might appreciate, restoring the fuel tank. Tank was boiled out and sealed, followed by many hours of body work to get the underside as smooth as possible. Finished out with a new sending unit, powder coated straps, new rubber liners, hoses, and replated hardware.
  11. Thanks! 24271-2P010 were adhesive foam pads I had purchased in a big bulk of OEM parts few years ago. They just so happened to work perfectly as replacement pads on the flap doors. All the hardware was stripped down and replated. Yes, when you send out as much as I did there will be a few pieces that never make it back home. I inventoried everything removed on a spreadsheet I could reference. Most of the standard bolts and screws can be purchased in bulk to restock missing pieces. On the foam around the heater core, I had a piece similar to what you’re showing, but on the b
  12. Update on the heater core. Unit has been reassembled and just about ready for install. Blower unit is lacking the heating element to complete the rebuild.
  13. While waiting to get the flywheel back from resurfacing, the heater core was next to reassemble. The core itself was sent off and rebuilt, the housing media blasted and painted, new seals, foam, OEM valve, and the blower motor updated to a Kia Sportage unit for improved air flow. I’ll follow up with the completed assembly.
  14. Z Car Depot has them. They’re GMB parts that they mark up and sell. https://zcardepot.com/products/driveshaft-u-joint-propeller-shaft-240z-260z?variant=18837948760177&currency=USD&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQiAv6yCBhCLARIsABqJTjbPKMYKOiMLx8tTEil8DskMmfv6qRuBnEM0fOi7RLGVl4lwklBmUrMaAqLnEALw_wcB The GMB part number is 220-0027 if you want to source them elsewhere for much cheaper.
  15. Some final steps completed before the drivetrain is installed in the Z. One of those was rebuilding the driveshaft.
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