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  1. The current (and growing) value of S30s is rather a unique formula of factors that you don't see in many other markets. Being that they were relatively affordable when new, they are very relatable cars. If you have never owned one, chances are you knew someone who did. We see this frequently in the BaT chat when "non" Z enthusiasts happen to find one up for sale and can relate a story about one that was the same color, year, model etc. You don't see that kind of personal connection in the Porsche 356 world for instance. Until recently, they were "cheap" cars, and that's reflected in
  2. Dash is in for good now. Wiring being completed this week as well as the installation of the console and heater control panel.
  3. Started working on the dash again. Waiting on a few items to ship out and should have it in the Z very soon.
  4. New jute went down smoothly on the transmission tunnel. I also saved the original diamond vinyl for this area as well, and replicated the relief cuts onto the new material. All in all very happy with the final results. Few edges to address and it will be complete.
  5. That was where I was going. The previous auction set the bar for what this car was/is worth. Essentially having the car sit for 30 months with minimal use/work done wasn't enough for people to see any value added today. I personally despise seeing dealers horse trading cars in an effort to make a quick buck. But, to each their own. I would bet had this been the first time the car publicly was auctioned off it would have touched the $85K range some believed it to be worth.
  6. $68K Seems fishy but fair for #842. Looks like at one time it was a grade 2 level of restoration, and now a high 3 since completion and multiple owner changes. Being that almost nothing changed from the recent sale of $68K, the market defined this Z's value and no one was willing to budge. It looks like a good starting point for someone to take on and really make it a nice example. Quite a few period correct items missing or replaced with incorrect parts. The repeating paint quality issues noted in the comments wouldn't be very hard to alleviate. All in all, on paper it could be made int
  7. I think it would turn to dust by the time it gets to you. 😆
  8. Few updates over the weekend. Buttoned up some loose ends and got to drive the Z for the first time. Pretty cool to have it move under its own power after being dormant for 31 years. Feels very crisp and tight. Got all but the transmission diamond vinyl installed, and headliner. Ill get some photos of that. I did remember to snap a picture of the jute material for the transmission tunnel. Was able to use the originals as a template to make two new pieces. Tires also mounted to the original steelies, I need to get a full vehicle shot with them.
  9. She’s alive! Didn’t take much to bring it to life. Slight rattle from the resonator in the background. A part from that sounds healthy, good oil pressure and no leaks. Few tweaks and she’ll be able to move under her own power and begin the break in process.
  10. I’d bet so. It’s a fairly arbitrary PN, could have multiple supplier producing it under the same name.
  11. I didn’t have any problems on this particular install. If anything the caps are a hair bit longer than the originals, but didn’t pose an issue
  12. Here’s some more info on them: ATV700 is the PN. You can pick them up on Amazon, eBay, etc today. They’re an affordable and direct swap into the Z!
  13. I would hope that me and whoever owns this car next apprentices it and drives it. Hate to see them sit.
  14. Few updates over the weekend. Cleaned up the ash tray on the Z. Was very fortunate this wasn’t broken in a million pieces. test fitted the muffler and mounting brackets. Fit looks great. Got the air cleaner finished up and installed. Few more routings jobs left and the engine bay will be buttoned up. I also pulled the steering rack out and swapped out the U-joints. Didn’t realize the slop there was in them until after the column was reinstalled. Now it’s as tight as a drum.
  15. Couple details updated on the Z. Working on the exhaust system now, should have that wrapped up soon. For now, much of the body has been reassembled. New/replated hardware used throughout, and picked up an excellently restored set of side marker lights and license plate light from @jfa.series1. Original turn signal housings received a deep cleaning, lens polished, and new hardware sourced.
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