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  1. Thanks DC871F & Patcon. I was very happy with the end result today. Do I think it had more room to grow? You bet, but I don't build these cars to pay for the roof over my head. It's going to a great home and I'll be able to build up the next one
  2. It is a bit of a shame how these are turning away from the hobby to a business like you mentioned. Always been a hobby for me. If I can find a Z (like the silver one) build it up, find it a new home, and fund my other Zs, I'm a happy camper. We got into the Z cars long time ago because the 70s muscle cars were out of our price range. Z cars were then affordable, so away we went. Community is great, part availability is decent, and quality aftermarket world is picking up. I'll enjoy and drive my '72. Like you I still see it as the $2500 car I bought so long ago but happy the rest of the world thinks higher of it.
  3. I try to look at the skyrocketing value increase in a positive light. By that I mean it is worth going the extra mile to do things right on these cars because, well, they're worth it. Whether that means a restomod or period correct build. Even if you build a car with intentions to never sell (I have both scenarios) I do sleep a bit better at night knowing that I'm not dumping big $$$ into a car that's not worth anything. I can't tell you how many Zs I've worked on, looked to buy, or did buy, that had a $300 Macco paint job special done to them in the 90s. They simply weren't worth the hassle of a decent paint job then. I will agree the $310K Z was a huge outlier, whether that was real or not. The RNM silver Z yesterday at $98K blew my mind. After doing one of these up there was a LOT of painstaking work that car needed, and I'd imagine someone paying that kind of money wouldn't be doing the work themselves. You wouldn't be able to recoup your investments at that price point for sometime.
  4. Got to keep in mind time zone differences. Our west coast friends are just now waking up.
  5. I’m amazed at the RNM finish for that car. BaT drives a tough negotiating for reserves
  6. Yes, check out the thread for this Z I revamped the dealer AC system
  7. I think you hit it right on the head. We’ve seen a surge of driver quality Zs hit the market. Timing and presentation are two vital parts in a successful auction, lately one or both being absent in many. I think that’s pretty clear with the ‘72 being listed right now bringing in strong money. Had it not been presented so professionally, I’d doubt a car with a cracked dash, non-original engine, and filthy underside would pull that kind of money.
  8. Mounting for the fog lights behind the grille
  9. Here's a good one to watch https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-240z-205/ Looks like a clean, honest Z that the current owner has had for more than 6 months. Nice to see figuring most auctions are from flippers who know almost nothing about the cars. I'm guessing mid $40K for this one based on other sales of excellent resto candidates and the fact that it's not a showroom example.
  10. Something about that Z just doesn't sit well with me. I hope whoever bids on it had a chance to see it in person prior. The core support not being correct and additional braces up front that are present, but shouldn't be, indicates a pretty hard front end collision at some point in the Z's life.
  11. 4 hours left on this one. I am amazed at the positive response this one is getting with the sketchy front clip spliced in that's been done. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-240z-206/ I followed the silver RNM '71 that finished up early this week on BaT. Was quite entertaining reading the comments and retaliations from the seller!
  12. Been working on the videos for this Z recently. Here's the in-car driving video for anyone that's interested.
  13. Sunshine yellow, or Safari Gold? Looks a bit dark for Sunshine, but photos can be deceiving. most likely a late series 1 if it’s a ‘71. I don’t think the 2400 valve cover would have been there originally.
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