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    Bought the 'family' 1970 240Z from my folks. My step-father was the original owner. He kept it in very good condition for 39 years. Will try to restore it and keep it in original condition as best I can. VIN is HLS30-02614 so its an early one.<br /><br /><br />
    <br /><br /><br />
    Purchased a Modified 71Z with an L26 motor. VIN is HLS30-40147<br /><br /><br />
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    Purchased an original '73. VIN 160608

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  1. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Got the Steering Rack cleaned up, painted and lubed. Attached it to the front support with the new Energy bushings.
  2. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    And, we have pics from the paint shop.
  3. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, will remove paint from the axle flange faces and spindle pin area. I saw that conversation on the Duffy thread (I think). I will however put a thin film of grease on the interface to help prevent rust on the mating surfaces. Interesting note: I worked space programs for 15 years and we used to use non-conductive thermal lube when mounting our electronic packages. It's sole purpose was to prevent corrosion set-up between the mating metal surfaces. The bolt torque was enough squeeze out the non-conductive lube between the metal surfaces so that you would get a good electrical connection, and the lube prevented corrosion. Go figure. I did not put in new wheel bearings. There was no play in the assembly and everything looked to be in good shape so I left it as is. And yes, it was great to meet and talk cars and flat tops in Atlanta! Hopefully we have many more opportunities in the future.
  4. motorman7

    [SOLD] 1971 240Z Original Restoration, 918 Orange - BAT

    Epilogue: So the car is now officially sold to a local collector. Fortunately I had plenty of time to make the decision and am pretty happy with how things turned out. I was a little surprised by the response and interest in the car, more than I was expecting. I could have stayed with BAT and possibly eeked out a few thousand more, but I felt much better selling the car to an individual that I had met and had a similar mindset about the car as myself. The seller plans to keep the car stock, drive it, and take it to some of the local shows. Already it looks like he has registered the car for the La Jolla Concours which is one of my favorite shows. So, I am glad the car will be in the area and look forward to seeing it with the new owner in the future. OK, now back to work on my other projects.
  5. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Did some more pre-assembly work on the undercarriage parts. Got the passenger side strut cleaned and painted last weekend along with the caps. Put the springs in both the rear struts. Also installed the motor mounts and did a little pre-assembly on the rear suspension parts. Pics are below.
  6. motorman7

    [SOLD] 1971 240Z Original Restoration, 918 Orange - BAT

    Well, looks like she's sold to a local buyer/collector. Gentleman dropped by last night and looked the car over and we eventually finalized a price (North of $40k). So, looks like we will miss out on the BAT action, but I like the buyer a lot and feel like the car is going to a good home. Also looks like I will have visitation rights. So, we will finalize the transaction over the next couple days. I am sure this is probably something I will regret but for now this makes a lot of sense for me. And, I am still hard pressed for storage space. Thanks for all of the complements and support everyone.
  7. motorman7

    [SOLD] 1971 240Z Original Restoration, 918 Orange - BAT

    Thanks for the info, it is a big help. I am working with BAT now and looks like the auction will start in about a week or so. I am pleasantly surprised by all the interest in my car. I have received several calls and texts over the last couple days and I am pretty sure I could have sold this for $37K and the car would be gone today if I had stuck with the price. I appreciate the advice from the thread here. It seems the market is a little bit hotter than I anticipated. Anyway, we will see how this all turns out.
  8. motorman7

    [SOLD] 1971 240Z Original Restoration, 918 Orange - BAT

    Wow, impressive. Looks like I will have to go with BAT......and take a lot more pictures.
  9. motorman7

    [SOLD] 1971 240Z Original Restoration, 918 Orange - BAT

    The Just Dashes restoration was $1850 (paid for by previous owner). Personally, I would go with Vintagedashes at half the cost. The appearance is about the same, you just have to do the install yourself. The install is pretty easy.
  10. motorman7

    [SOLD] 1971 240Z Original Restoration, 918 Orange - BAT

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I will probably leave it here for a couple weeks and after that move it over to BAT as mentioned if it does not sell on this site. I am not really in any rush and wife says I should wait till Spring to sell. I would probably go with a bit lower reserve, but we will see how that goes when we get there. $70/00 sounds pretty good. With all the labor I put into the cars, my wife often jokes that I work for about $0.25/hour. I need to look into this.
  11. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Now that I am back from ZCON (had a great time) , it's time to get started on the Blue car again. I cleaned and painted the motor mounts (rubber is in great shape) and some of the brake parts. I hit the brake parts and motor mount threads with some gloss clear so they stay that color. Also got the left rear strut cleaned up and painted and, attached a couple of the brackets. Nice to get moving on this again. I also dropped the bumpers off at the Chrome shop, Pacific Plating. They assured me that they would be able to fix the rear bumper which was nice to hear. Odd coincidence, they just relocated and are now just half a block from Miguel's paint shop. That's convenient! Here are a couple of pics of the cleaned up parts.
  12. I have decided to sell my 918 Orange 1971 240Z. This is an original restoration with most of the work documented on this website link at: (Unfortunately some of the earlier work on this thread was accidentally deleted by the site admin due to some external spammers) I would consider the car a Category 2 restoration based on Hagerty's scale. This car placed 2nd in the Z car category at the 2016 JCCS which had nearly 50 entrants, arguably one of the most competitive Z car shows in the nation. The car runs great and all electronics work well including an original radio, antenna, wipers and clock (quartz mech) The car has also been featured in the 2018 Fall edition of the GQ style magazine and can be seen at this website: https://www.gq.com/story/datsun-240z-oral-history Many new and original parts on the car. Freshly chromed bumpers and 'Just dashes' dash just to name a few. Rims and hubcaps are epic (they were carefully stored for over 45 years) and are a bit hard to part with. While many parts of the car would be considered condition 1 by Hagerty's, I would consider the paint it's weak link and a category 2 ( I personally would give it a 7.5 or 8 out of 10). It is a beautiful high end single stage paint that could probably use a little more color sanding. On the flip side of this, I was praised by one Concours car show judge on how the paint replicates the original factory paint in its' appearance. Other minor issues would be a gap near at the drivers side door that is a bit wide and the original 47 year old exhaust that sounds a bit like a motorboat at low RPMs. I will also include a new aftermarket (motorsport) exhaust in the sale. Below are some recent pics. Will be listing on BAT soon Many more pictures available upon request Thanks, Rich
  13. motorman7

    Motorman's Build

    Yes, I think that is what I will do. Thanks for the confirmation.
  14. motorman7

    Motorman's Build

    So....I am actually thinking about selling this one. It is really a tough decision. The problem is that my wife and I have too many vehicles and not really enough space. Currently I own 8 cars and a camping trailer, yet I only have a 3 car garage and live in a cul-de-sac in the suburbs. To ease the situation, I have one car at the Petersen museum in LA, one at my mother in laws place, and one at the paint shop. Eventually the museum car and the one at the body shop will need to come back home so I need to make a little room. (Also, selling the Z will help pay for my wife's new toy, a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. She puts up with all my cars so she really deserves it.) Anyway, trying to decide between BAT or eBay for the sale....or just keeping it and paying for storage. Tough choice. I will clean her up and take a bunch of pics this weekend and see how I still feel about selling.
  15. motorman7

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Really had a great time at ZCON 2018. Unfortunately, I was only able to take in a couple days at the start of the event. Best part was meeting the guys here at classiczcars.com and putting faces to the names. It was great talking cars an was and awesome event. My thanks to the clubs that put on the event, thanks for all the hard work. Best regards, Rich PS: of course I had to bring the GQ mag for signatures 😀

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