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    Bought the 'family' 1970 240Z from my folks. My step-father was the original owner. He kept it in very good condition for 39 years. Will try to restore it and keep it in original condition as best I can. VIN is HLS30-02614 so its an early one.<br /><br /><br />
    <br /><br /><br />
    Purchased a Modified 71Z with an L26 motor. VIN is HLS30-40147<br /><br /><br />
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    Purchased an original '73. VIN 160608

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  1. Will try not to steal your thread here, but yes, this is our dream home in the foothills complete with 1500 sq-ft garage. Meeting with the epoxy floor coater tomorrow. Will start posting on the Garage Majal thread here soon. So you will have to post some pictures of your current Z(s) and roadster here. Gotta have the pics!
  2. Great to have you back! Always enjoyed your comments and feedback. Will be getting involved a bit more myself here once we finish up our transition from San Diego to Boise.
  3. Congrats! Glad you could make the jump. It's nice to be able to leave work at work and enjoy family and friends when the work day is done. 🍺🍺🍺
  4. Just a few random observations and comments here from the peanut gallery. I have two good friends, both PHDs in biochemistry and California State University professors. One thinks the vaccine and mRNA technology is amazing and is very pro-vaccine, the other is on the other side of the coin and won't touch the mRNA vaccine. Both far more knowledgeable than me on the subject, both have their arguments for their stance. I find that pretty interesting that both highly educated professors have such diverse opinions. Also, I have mentioned this before, but I have a hard time with the altruis
  5. I share your common thought on the media, “The true enemy to all of us”. I loathe the media and its’ agenda which I believe is to cause division, strife and fear in their effort to promote their business and control the masses and the direction of the country. Unfortunately, we allow it, and bite into the agenda hook line and sinker. Sadly, I only discovered this about 4 years ago when the whole controversy about the border wall came up. As a resident of San Diego, I am quite familiar with the wall and all of its pro’s and cons. While the local news station here would
  6. Someone sent me this chart. I think it's perfect.
  7. My only thought with the post was that it seemed like the east and west coast were hit harder earlier on and now it is really hitting the middle of the country. That was why I mentioned the time thing. Either way, it is pretty much bad news all around right now. San Diego is getting hit , although most of it seems to be in the southern end of the county. Again, just a matter of time before it moves more to the northern end of the county. Interesting enough, I recently read that some of the vaccine testing has begun in the south county of San Diego. Also, while it looks like the dai
  8. Then again, perhaps it is ones reference in time and not political.
  9. Thanks! Will check with Bonzi first as his seems to be about perfect for the car.
  10. And here is the inaugural drive into the cul-de-sac. Still a number of details to finish, but she's getting pretty close. 20201124_124417.mp4 20201124_124452.mp4
  11. View Advert Back Panel Diamond Vinyl Need the piece shown in the picture. It goes behind the seats. Black diamond vinyl preferred, but I can spray it if needed. Condition needs just to be OK, not prefect. Advertiser motorman7 Date 11/23/2020 Price $30.00 Category Parts Wanted Year 1973

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    Need the piece shown in the picture. It goes behind the seats. Black diamond vinyl preferred, but I can spray it if needed. Condition needs just to be OK, not prefect.


    - US

  13. I think San Diego has done fairly well based on it's population size, but looks like we are starting to get a significant rise in cases as well. Personally, the situation at work, though minor, has been my closest experience with Covid. Also, I can't say that anyone I know has been infected other than the one guy at work who I met just once. Cancer on the other hand has affected both friends and relatives in 2020. Either way, there is bad stuff going on out there, just trying to stay healthy here. Working on the cars is safe.
  14. Got the hood and valence installed. Also installed the radio and heater panel along with all of their respective connections. Now just a few interior items to finish up and she's just about done. The lead time on interior parts has been pretty bad due to Covid.
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