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    Bought the 'family' 1970 240Z from my folks. My step-father was the original owner. He kept it in very good condition for 39 years. Will try to restore it and keep it in original condition as best I can. VIN is HLS30-02614 so its an early one.<br /><br /><br />
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    Purchased a Modified 71Z with an L26 motor. VIN is HLS30-40147<br /><br /><br />
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    Purchased an original '73. VIN 160608

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  1. Was very amusing to watch Matsuo-San. He was opening doors and hatches, turning on engine lights, touching paint and engine at will. He is the only person that could get away with that. 😀 Actually, I think it's considered an honor to have him touch your Z
  2. Had a small discussion with the second engine judge. He said the cloth wrap fuel line was not correct. I told him that it was, as it's on my original 70. We had this discussion earlier, but pretty sure cloth wrap style is correct.
  3. Thanks! @Zup and @jayhawk cars both got a second review which is a good sign. They asked to see zup's storage bins but not mine, which makes me think he graded a bit higher.
  4. ZCCA judged show. Nice having this inside with AC.
  5. Hi Guy, thanks for the compliments. Will you be out in Branson? The car is not perfect, but it's pretty doggone nice, the colors are awesome. I wish we had another week or two to finish up some small details and do some final tuning, but for the most part she's about 99% complete. We chose in several cases to go with the original parts versus buying new or aftermarket replacements. The windshield would be a good example. It is the original 46 year old glass, complete with small rock chips and wiper scratches. In cases like these, the original part trumps a perfect aftermarket windshield for the build. The small defects are not super obvious in the pics, but I am sure the judges will ding us for such things. That is fine and understandable, it's just very cool to see the original part on the car where it's reasonable. Anyway, I am thrilled that the car will be at the show. I am looking forward to seeing all those awesome Z's!.
  6. Wife and I arrived in Branson late last night. We are planning on doing some sightseeing and catching some shows before ZCON ramps up. @jayhawk will be visiting family in Kansas before bringing his car down Tuesday AM. Looking forward to a great show and meeting up with old friends. Also, if anyone coming to Branson has a spare one of those plastic things that secures coil wires to radiator , I could use one (for the car that is). Thanks, Rich
  7. We will be loading the car tomorrow AM and heading for Branson. Here are some final pics of the car. Yes, and a few photos of @jayhawk and @motorman7 in the background. Looking forward to an awesome event. Thanks to everyone for the help, input and support.
  8. Thanks @240260280 . That is useful reference material. Still finishing up details. Added decals. Also below is a pic of my fabricated right angle battery cables....no cover though.
  9. Bummer that you guys won't be there 😭. Looks like @Zup , @jayhawkand I will have to hold the fort on the flat top team. Will be sure to post pics so you guys can live the event with us.
  10. Put the show tires on and took her for a short spin in the cul-de-sac. Got the center front bumper filler installed along with the alternator and smog support that came in from eBay. Will do the luggage straps tomorrow night. Motorsport parts are coming in on Wednesday. It's coming down to the wire.
  11. So here is the Status and some of the issues that I ran into: ENGINE BAY: the engine is running nicely now and all hoses are connected. I still have a few small clamps that need to be added to the vacuum hoses, but for the most part, the motor is done. I have some right angle battery terminals coming in today and will see what I can do to replicate the correct style battery cables (240zrubberparts cables are sold out, have not been able to contact via phone or e-mail). Not sure what I can do to re-crate terminal covers, but do have some on order that will be arriving too late. I am missing the original smog pump arm, but picked up one on ebay that should be in on Tuesday. That is about it for the engine items The only issues I had with the motor operation were a high idle and some RPM cycling oscillations. Even with everything backed off, the idle was sitting at around 1200 RPM. Not sure why that is. I remedied the situation by extending the needles in the two flat top pistons. Idle is now at around 700 RPMs. The RPM cycling was odd and I knew it was a result of one of the vacuum systems. The engine would oscillate from 600 RPM up to 1200 RPM and then back down in a continuous cycle (That would drive anyone crazy). Plugging the hose going the the anti-backfire valve fixed the issue. Looks like I need a new valve and those are pretty pricey. For now, I will leave it plugged. I have run the motor for over 30 minutes and temperature remains steady at a bit below 180F. Clutch and brakes have been bled and peddles feel good. INTERIOR: I have a few parts that were in pretty bad shape (the passenger side pull handle and one roll-up handle), so ordered new ones from Motorsport. All gauges work as well as the clock. The LED lights look nice in the dash but do not appear to be adjustable. I also put LED lights in the overhead interior light and the engine light. I am finishing up the luggage straps and should have them installed in the next day or two. EXTERIOR: Just need to install the center bumper finisher which I painted last night and connect front turn lights. Need new lug nuts for the mags and license plate frame. Will probably pick up from Pep Boys tonight. Also, Miguel wants to do one final polish on Thursday night before we load. Can't imagine the paint looking any better, but he wants to do the final polish on the car. That about completes the list. I will try and take the car out for outdoor pics in the next day or two. We load on Friday.
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