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  1. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    The cost for the powder coating is roughly $15 per part. When you consider that they de-grease, sand blast, cover threads and bearing surfaces, and then paint each part, the cost is pretty reasonable here.
  2. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    The plated parts arrived today, all 44 pounds worth. The parts look great, not sure if the pictures do them justice. I got the shocks out of the struts...finally. Actually the rears came out pretty easy. The fronts were not so easy. I soaked the left front strut for about a week in Kroil and PB blaster before finally tapping the strut off of the shock. Can you guess which two shocks were in the front from the picture below? 😀 The nuts that held the shocks in were also a challenge. I ended up heating the strut with my map gas torch and then putting ice on the nut, then loosening. That seemed to work pretty well. Also, note the 'Mulholland' shocks. Those are pretty retro. Not sure if they are around an more. Anyway, I will now clean up the struts, paint them, and then assemble with the nice new parts: KYB's, Energy suspension kit and newly plated fasteners. This is the fun part.
  3. Pretty sure it is not at the Queen Mary this year. Location has changed.
  4. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Got parts back from the Powder coat shop. I love working with fresh clean parts. The shocks arrive tomorrow, Energy suspension kit will be here Wednesday, and my zinc plated parts should be here by Friday. Nice to have all this coming together. I will do a little suspension pre-assembly while I wait for the body.....which will be a while. The splash pan is a little pock marked but not bad. Fortunately it is not a highly visible part. I will have to look into that some day. Although, I really like taking the parts to powder coat shop because they degrease and sand blast the parts clean. Plus they are relatively cheap given what they produce.
  5. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    A lot of progress with the body work removing rusted out sections, dogleg repair, aligning the rear hatch lines and bumper attach points.
  6. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    With the powdercoating, I am pretty sure it is just one heavy coat. I like the powdercoat for the durability and it's protection from fluids such as gas and oil.
  7. motorman7


    Anything that you do not plate will stick out like a sore thumb. Also, plating shops usually plate in batches with a minimum lot charge. Best thing to do is plate as much as you can in one shot. It ends up being much cheaper than sending multiple small batches. I separate my parts into yellow zinc and clear/silver zinc, putting them into large zip lock freezer bags. I put a sticky inside the bag indicating color, yellow zinc or clear/silver.
  8. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    I did tap it into shape a bit using some wood blocks. Hopefully the rusted areas are not too pitted. Powder coating will cover small depressions, but not the deep pitting. Sent from my C6902 using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  9. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Got the suspension parts all disassembled and ready for powder coating. The powdercoater is great as they will sand blast the parts before coating. No need to do a thorough clean on these. The difficult task here was taking out the old bushings from the lower control arms. I went to Autozone and borrowed their U-joint/ball joint removal tool and used that to help with the bushing removal. The fronts weren't too bad as I was able to press them out with the Autozone tool and a carefully sized 25mm socket. The rears were not so easy. In addition to the press, I had to roll the edges of the bearing 'inward' to help peel them off the wall. A little PB blaster helped as well. So, I should have these at the powdercoaters tomorrow morning and they should be back in about a week. KYB Shocks have been ordered and should be here in a couple days. I will be ordering the Energy Suspension kit tomorrow so we will have all new Polyurethane bushings ready for assembly. All fasteners have been received by the plater and should be back here in a week or so. With that all done, I should be able to start assembling the suspension components here in a little over a week.
  10. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    The motor is coming along. Got the valve cover bead blasted and painted with matte clear. Also installed the water pump, engine mounting brackets, and smog and alternator brackets.
  11. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Glad you got to meet Bob. With all the Z stuff going on, I am sure that we will run across each others paths one of these days. Great to hear from you. .......................................... Got the Oil pan on. Also cleaned up and installed the oil pump. Got the distributor shaft slot lined up at the 11:20 location. I broke down the front and rear suspension, also bagged the small stuff and sorted components. I have a box set-up specifically for the parts that will be powdercoated. I did a basic wire wheel clean on about 85 percent of the parts that need to be plated. Got those sorted (silver and yellow zinc) and bagged so I can ship those to the plating shop tomorrow. I have two large USPS boxes full of parts to send out. I will send the remainder of the parts out along with the longer fuel lines in a separate shipment. Pics are below. Check out the brake disc...a solid home for the spiders.
  12. motorman7

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Got the timing gears and chain installed. Also installed a new timing chain tensioner. Cleaned up and sprayed the timing chain cover with high temp aluminum paint and got that installed. Also got the front pulley cleaned and painted and the oil pan. Will install those in the next couple days after they dry.
  13. motorman7

    GQ Magazine Interview

    It's actually the GQ Stlye magazine, Autumn 2018 edition with Tyler the creator on the front cover. GQ style only comes out 3 times a year and it is a large magazine. It's a little disappointing. No mention of classiczcars.com and some really stupid mistakes. You know it's written by fashion guys when they talk about adding 'triple levers' to the engine to increase horsepower (yes....triple levers).
  14. motorman7

    Body line

    Interesting subject. This is one of the major features I use to judge the quality of a shops body work. On the low budget shops, the edge is rounded and sometimes not even very straight. The bad shops will mess this up even when there hasn't been any bodywork done in the area. On a side note, I saw a silver Z that was done on one of the popular car TV shows (not sure which one) and the body work and interior were incredible. On the body, they actually sharpened the line, along with the line just above it over the rear wheel. It looked gorgeous. I talked with Miguel about sharpening the line a bit on my white one. Will see how that goes when we get to that point. We are probably two to three months out on that.
  15. motorman7

    GQ Magazine Interview

    My dad got his magazine pretty quick from e-Bay. Think I will order one from there as well.

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