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  1. All perspectives are different: I grew up with guns but was never interested in them. My dad was a moose and deer hunter and had a few .303's. My brother and I shared a .22 since age 8 & 7 and would go target shooting every now and then, but it was nothing special. Where I live, you can leave the keys in the car and the doors unlocked so no one thinks much about guns for protection.
  2. More Evil from China and WHO puppets: The WHO ****er is a Canadian from Nfld sadly 😞 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-52088167
  3. Is that soap or paint remover in these pictures?
  4. It has been a while. I think I used a soldering iron to melt the part free then and to fasten it.,
  5. Good luck! Staying in the hotel will be safest bet in Panama. BTW this is a nice place to stay when there: The Westin Playa Bonita Panama. It is far enough from the city. Careful with cabs... they kidnap. Rental car is best.
  6. You should see Jim's bathrooms!
  7. Two to make one and some fixes 1. Best lens but with rotted hardware in place. 2. Broken donor with best reflector. 3. Repair to best lens: Forget the hole and thread, epoxy a 3mm screw and secure with a nut and washer on the outside. 4.Best backing with donor reflector ready to go in. 5. Reflector replaced Finished:
  8. I found that these typically are removed with the rear wire harness and stay with it. You may see one on a harness on ebay. I'll keep an eye out for one.
  9. Sorry, I got mixed up. You don't want the plug for the blocked hole, you want the one for where your license plate wire goes to the bumper area (which is same as NA picture I showed above) right?
  10. The grommet on a North American car has wires running through it.. so it has a hole.... not what you need:
  11. Here you go... at home for you too: https://www.ebay.com/itm/9mm-3-8-10-PCS-RUBBER-SNAP-IN-BLANKING-PLUG-BODY-HOLE-BUNGS-STOPPER-GROMMETS/162828533005?epid=518240321&hash=item25e9563d0d:g:70QAAOxyeIdTFNgz
  12. This has to be some sort of engineered ****ed up experiment.... when was the last time that dogs and cats caught your flu? China ordered culling dogs and cats in China in late Jan. Just 10 days before; they acknowledged the virus was passed between humans....Jan 20th!!! Very fast detective work to investigate animals... when just 10 days earlier the $^!# hit the fan for humans ..... LIARS!!!! https://www.foxnews.com/world/cat-in-belgium-first-to-test-positive-for-coronavirus-report https://metro.co.uk/2020/02/01/chinese-residents-ordered-cull-pets-amid-fears-may-spread-coronavirus-12164217/
  13. I found that the radio antenna delete cover was just a plain old rubber grommet that is found elsewhere on the Z (a common floor drain plug grommet I believe). Perhaps you can measure the opening hole of the license plate hole and find an appropriate grommet from a different Nissan car of the same era or....... if lucky, the same size hole and grommet is found elsewhere on a Z?