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  1. Next time it dies, check immediately for spark to rule out ignition. Method 1. Coast with foot off clutch and see if rpms are up or at zero Method 2 Just open hood, pull hv wire from the centre of the distributor cap and place its end close to a threaded bolt at the top of the strut tower. Crank the engine and watch for a spark to jump. (You may need a small screw driver to push up into the end of the HV wire and place ~ 1/4" away from the bolt for the spark to jump) You can also easily put a filter near the tank http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/fuel/g3filter/index.htm
  2. @Bad Dog has a lot of experience bagging cars.
  3. @Patcon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_u31t13QO6A
  4. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/56375-weber-selection-and-initial-jet-tuning/#comments L28 overbore, hot cam, high compression Final Config: 45DCOE F19 E tubes 165 Main 175 air 34mm choke 65F9 idle fuel level:29mm
  5. Perhaps the comparable key points can be limited to lubrication/wear, deposits, replacement interval, seal interaction, and costs.
  6. A chap here tuned nearly the same engine so perhaps we can compare your set up to his to see if there are significant differences. If the smell of gas is from the car then you may have the same issue with EFI. There are a few gas hoses that pass through the cabin that age and release fumes. We can guide you though checking. The DCOE carbs also have fuel bowls vented through the air filters so that can easily fume out a garage where you store the car. An air box may reduce that smell.
  7. No you did not 🙂 Cool that your Canadian Z has the high performance/ high advance spec! Jim's distributor is an anomaly with the 6 stamp on the weight-limiting bracket. A D612 should be 12....hmmm D606 is 6 and D612 is 12. (and the D609 in the table is 9)....the part number speaks!!!
  8. I was thinking of doing similar with clear vapour barrier and tuck tape to seal. If you can keep the wind off then no paint abrasion.
  9. The 1970 L24 w/o pollution devices (middle D606-52) has 17 degrees initial advance at 700rpm and the mechanical advance is "all in" (additional 12 to make total of 29 at only 1000rpm). So it seems that the engine (focusing on performance and ignoring emissions) likes a lot of advance and "switches on" at low rpms! The one-spring distributor is a way to achieve it! But Jim has the emission distributor (D612-52) that comes in at 1,415 rpm... but it shows a 6 degree centrifugal rather than the 12 degree shown below ?
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