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  1. Check to see if plugs are black.Could be too rich and plugs fouled. If so it is most likely your temp sensor wiring open or crossed with another sensor.
  2. An S2000 has 247HP and a great sound between 7000 and 9000 rpm..... but a Z's torque is more memorable.
  3. L28 with 16psi on a turbo will get over 300hp at rear wheels
  4. Helped my friend on his BRE tribute. We installed the dash and ran some power. All is well so far.
  5. I don't have lathe envy anymore... but I have milling machine envy.
  6. Well for Nashville,we expect you both to sport real flat tops if you are true to form and "the cause":
  7. WOW That is great guys. Congratulations! How close were the 73's in points? It looked like it would be a tough one to judge as you both put so much into your cars. JS way to go! Nice win!
  8. They must have been emulating a "continental kit"
  9. We can help you so long as you take photos of the connectors from ~ 3' away then up close with the dirt off the wires for ~ 4" up to the connector. We will need to see colours of wires and connector type.
  10. Beautiful car. Museum piece. Sell it in a couple of years after the 240z priices plateau. Until then get it as original as possible and enter in a Zcon event to get Gold Medallion!.
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