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  1. You may also consider an oil change and magnet sweep.
  2. I think the light colour went at least into 1972 models. Here are two examples:
  3. Upper left "Natural" looks like factory.
  4. It still looks beautiful! Great work!
  5. Very cool. (and unique) Looks like a RHD to LHD conversion happened? If so,could you take some pics of the engine compartment and firewall? It would be great to see what was done!
  6. OK, if you have crank and spark but no injectors then the problem is in the ECU or wiring to/from ECU.
  7. With respect to the early Red Z in the first FSM. Some of the unique parts were photographed and documented. Here is that fuel return part that was first on the fuel bowl then moved to the rail. I wonder if the design and/or part was taken from the twin SU roadster or 510 SS? The different fuel pump routing is also captured in the FSM:
  8. That shift knob looks like it will go to the correct light straw colour with a clear coat or slight tint.
  9. Hi @kats & @Carl Beck, I do think the red car is HLS30-00003. Here are two interesting images from the first FSM with the red car. Do you see a number written in two locations? 🙂
  10. Don't feel special: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/54044-123-distributor-catastrophic-rotor-failure/
  11. It seems the darker reddish-brown colour is from material aging (UV, hand oil/dirt). All early pictures I have seen indicate a light straw coloured wheel.
  12. I'd like to see if you can get that light straw colour back... may be a light paint?
  13. Sorry about it destroying your exhaust and piston! Could be fake distributor caps that got into the supply chain as you both had the same failure of a robust part that is ubiquitous and easily well made. Thanks for the warning... if the electronics go, I imagine something similar will happen. I would worry cheap/fake Chinese electronic components exposed to all the heat will fail fast just like in Korean cars with Chinese electrics.
  14. Honey, False Flags, Antibiotics.... good old China https://www.theglobeandmail.com/technology/science/honey-laundering-the-sour-side-of-natures-golden-sweetener/article562759/
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