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  1. That is a sad fact. Mobile device is like a 5"TV when you can have 60"
  2. High advance causes one type of emission to rocket up at idle. That is why they have vacuum advance.
  3. I am guessing possible Ujoint Damage, differential damage, clutch damage, Front Differential Mount Damage, maybe differential retaining strap damage and a louder clunk.
  4. How about cap and rotor? Some suffer manufacturing flaws lately.
  5. That is why they invented Dynomometers for testing engines and drivetrains....and eventually emissions.
  6. Well it could be the TVS. It is a switch on the side of the throttle body. It sends a signal to the ECU when at idle and when at WOT. The if the RPMs are high and the TVS is at idle (foot off the gas) the ECU cuts the fuel. If the switch is stuck at idle, it will act as a rev limiter when the rpms reach a certain point. Usually corrosion holding the contacts together or an incorrectly rotated switch can cause this problem.
  7. I helped a friend who's Z had a faulty distributor. An internal spring was missing and the weights were sticking. If you disassemble yours. inspect and grease it may help.
  8. Please get a real web site. The great wall/iron curtain of facebook is a pain in the arse.
  9. you can pinch off hose with vice grips then cut