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  1. Throw out bearing? One hair off a rat's a s s.
  2. I'm sure you've read this before but you know me...flog that dead horse! http://www.datsunzgarage.us/p79/
  3. You can't beat Nissan thermostats! They are the best in my experience.
  4. Here's where mine gets with no air flow at all just idling in my garage. 240Z with a larger 280Z radiator and full shroud, half antifreeze with the other half distilled water.
  5. Wouldn't a 5 speed have a different collar heighth than a '71 240Z's 4 speed?
  6. Are you using the OE 4 speed or has it been swapped out for 5 gears? That's where the collar heights come into play.
  7. I've bought 2 Exedy 6009 kits from Amazon. Great clutch for around $100. Fyi
  8. Yep, frame rails are nice and beat up. First I'm going to fill that hole in with something yet to be determined (I'll have to do my homework). I may just leave it as is and sale it right before I kick as an original survivor. Hopefully we'll stay out of harms way? Tuscsloosa is about 2 hours from my house down a pot hole filled interstate I-59. I believe I'll wait until Tennessee ZCON next year to see you and Cody. Thank you though! Cliff
  9. I knew this was there just didn't know how severe it was until today. Had my exhaust tweaked a little better and while up on his lift I took some photos. Passenger's seat has one all the way through. It had leaked out the heater cores water c o c k for years apparently and caused this. Will new floor pans take care of this? Thanks in advance. Cliff Driver's side, not as bad... Rest of it...
  10. I've tried to find the write up on my 240's tank refurb without luck so here goes from my fuzzy memory. Things you need: 1 gallon muriatic acid, $10 1 quart Denatured Alcohol, $10 I believe? 2 pound baking soda. $1 from a Dollar Store, $.50 each. 4 five gallon buckets some bungee cords with hooks. a funnel, with the long stem cut off quart of Red-Kote My process: tape up the vent lines out of the tank. Get a rubber cap for the big fill hole. fill one bucket with 2 pounds baking soda and 4 gallons of water, set aside pour in the gallon of acid, slosh around for 5 minutes then dump into an empty 5 gallon bucket pour in the baking soda and water, slosh around for a couple of minutes then empty that into another bucket pour in the quart of alcohol, slosh around for a couple of minutes pour into a smaller bucket. this will dry the water/soda rinse and prevent flash rusting. pour in the Red-Kote. Rotate the tank in all directions completely covering the inside. hang tank with bungee cords, there's some small holes around the edge for the hooks on the bungees. Let the excess drip out into another bucket. open all vent holes and the fill hole. set it out in the direct sun for 30 minutes, rotating the tank in all directions so it'll set up without pooling in the low spots. I put my leaf blower in the fill hole and let it blow on half throttle for at least 30 minutes. leave it in the sun as much as you can bringing it in at night then back out the next day. let it sit for a couple of weeks until the smell has dissipated. this will give you time to get all the evap hoses together for installation of the tank and the evap lines I poured the soda and water bucket together with the acid bucket then poured that onto all the ant beds in my yard. No more ants! This is a quick stroll back in time so most likely forgot something. If I remember anything else I'll let you know. Most important thing was to have everything readily available as this is a time sensitive process if you want it right without flash rust. Leave your phone's ringer off too. These were good reads before the job, lets you know what to expect. http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/fuel/gastank/index.htm http://damonq.com/techsheets/red-kote.pdf One more,
  11. I had stuck nozzles on a 240 I bought once. The previous owner had used small fuel line which hardened instead of the proper thin wall pre-shaped hose. I bought 2 from Nissan for a few dollars. Problem solved.
  12. One of my favorite albums. 8^) "The telephone is ringing...is that my Mother on the phone?" These are the reasons for an electric water heater in my downstars garage.
  13. I bow down in shame. Went downstairs to wash some clothes and the smell of gas hit me. Which one you did this?
  14. You are 100% right Chris! I've split a couple of the ends over the years and that threaded center stalk deteriorates over time. A fuel filter that's not fuel proof? Anyway I hand tighten mine and check them all the time. I will look around for an aluminum one like you've posted, Jegs has good variety. Thanks, Cliff. I like this one...
  15. I use blue 3 in 1 also. $3 at Lowes.
  16. Here's the thread I started after I did the 280's tank. That was my learning experience. I will post the "better" way I used on the 240 tomorrow.
  17. I'll write up what I did tomorrow morning. Cliff
  18. Yes! @Bonzi Lon told me about that important step. The instructions say let it cure until there's no chemical smell. Mine sat for about a month for the 240's, my 280 sat for two weeks. I have some helpful tips I can share on the whole tank refurbishing thing. Glad to help if I can.
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