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  1. I rerouted my early '77 to the better pcv route. Here's the thread. Thanks again Captain.
  2. If you decide to clean the throttle body take your time with that accordion boot from the AFM to the throttle body. It'll split if you look at wrong. I wouldn't even try to get it off without first unsecuring the afm from its base. Once you have access to the opening an old toothbrush or 2 and some lacquer thinner will clean it up like new.
  3. My BCDD had a high idle when I first got the car running decent. I was able to adjust it now it's fine. If yours drops when you pull the pedal up that has me thinking your throttle blade is gummed up and sticking. If it stays high without fooling with the pedal I'd clean the throttle body but if it drops down after a few seconds you need to try and adjust the BCDD. It's very easy to do just by driving around your neighborhood and turning the nut on bottom. It'll get better one way and worse the other way.
  4. Sounds like a bad distributor but that's just too easy to say. Here's my "go to" on everything 280. This is a ZX dizzy but they're pretty much the same except for the matchbox ignition module. You could read over it and maybe something will light that bulb in your head. I know I've found loose ball bearings in mine when I first bought it. It may be as simple as the reluctor being out of spec? Thank you Phillip for putting this together! It's been a big help to a lot of us. @240260280
  5. I found this thread from 2007, it has a lot of information. I got tired of reading. Also some more here...
  6. Turn the valve cover upside down and lay the gasket down on it. You'll see right away.
  7. No, no I've had the same ones for years. I was saying there's an ever so slight difference between the driver's side and passenger's side. The driver's side is a little different above the thermostat housing. Make sure and get it right or you'll have a small hole that will leak air. Once you get one on just loosen the bolts and the gasket will stay with the valve cover. Pull it straight up then sit it aside upside down.
  8. The only sure fire high speed of mine is "free fall" and I think that's around 120mph if I pushed it out the back of an airplane.
  9. If you were born in 1970, according to this article, the most important car in the United States was the 240Z.
  10. I've always had to get those valve cover gaskets overnighted at the local chain stores, Felpro and they're only $10 to $15. I use for a 20% coupon code at Advance Auto. You can buy it online and have it shipped to your local store for free. A couple have been bent up during shipping so I refused them and got a good the next day. It's a small difference but it got by me one time, the driver's side is a little straighter up front so be sure and set the gasket the right way or you'll have a small vacuum leak. If you haven't done it yet it would probably be a good time to check the valve lash cold at first. If they're bad off you will have to buy the tools and set them to spec. I bought that stuff at Autozone, they're the only ones around here that had the right feeler gauge and the 17mm crows foot socket. Here's a picture of what I use and it seems to work pretty good. The more you do it the easier it'll be. I like to write them out and "X" off the ones I've done. You should be able to get 2 at a time, one may be on one end of the cam and one on the opposite end so that helps me keep up. It's crazy hearing the first time but this is actually kinda fun after you understand what to do. Post a picture of the valve train when you get the cover off, I'm nosey. This is what I learned by. Valve adjust starts about picture 20. Kammy's Valve Adjusting
  11. I can't figure out all those splatter spots. Is it oil? Seems hard to get that where it is unless you've used an air hose or similar to maybe clean?
  12. What's the history of the motor? A lot of miles or pretty fresh rebuild? Does it smoke on start-up? You like driving it or working on it? It may be time to freshen it up but that's what I always do, get it roadworthy, dependable. I'd rather work on mine anyway. I guess it's time to buy another one instead of talking other people into working on theirs.
  13. Check chain slack. You may move the sprocket to the next hole or replace all that while you're at it. New head bolts too. Hopefully you won't snap one of the old ones. A lot more to say but I'm on a quick break now. Others will chime in. I'd get the tom monroe how to rebuild L motors book from Amazon. Best $20 you'll spend.
  14. That limb's well traveled! I have taken many steps and it just gets narrower but still holds.
  15. There's 2 heat shields on my '77. With the vertical one out of the way it should slide right out. I don't remember any issues with mine. Good luck.
  17. Well let's hope for a better outcome on this.
  18. You can do the work yourself, simple cars. If it's free to you I would have it dropped at your house. Start a new thread or use our members map to get someone to go look at it if you think you need to. Personally I wouldn't drive an unknown that far. There's a lot of cut throat shippers now days. A truck and trailer is all they need, no drug test CDL license required. Get a highly rated one though that's bonded. Do your homework. Measure twice...
  19. Agree with DatsunZGuy. Keep it nice and pass it on to your "son/daughter". They're a lot of fun to work on too, as you already know the driving part is the best. You'll find tons of help and info plus some good friendships here at Cliff P.s.... Pictures! We are a huge group of vouyers.
  20. With the hands of a surgeon! I'm affraid I have the hands of a drunk stone mason. Great job Sir!
  21. And I just realized that there is an indentation in the pan for the pickup's base. Learned something new today now I can go to sleep.
  22. The right combo is a lot farther away, a good 4 or 5 inches. I would want the magnet tipped plug in the "pool" but do what you want.
  23. Two Mom's wonder why they can't be by the pool looking good. Then the obvious.