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    Stalling issue(under throttle)

    Here's good picture Zkars or Jarvo put up showing a way to measure the fuel level 23mm down from the underside of the lid. It's the easiest way I found to get in the ballpark. Another thing I would suggest while you are getting the levels set is to stick the cork gaskets onto the lids with fuel proof black RTV. A thin layer on the lids then lay the gaskets down and then lightly screw them back down to the float chambers while the RTV sets up. You'll be able to remove them without damaging the cork gaskets. Makes getting them back on a heck of a lot easier too. 😊
  2. siteunseen

    918 percentage? paint suppliers?

    I remember the 918 and the 112 lime yellow from when I was a kid, uh back in the early 70s (still a kid), and I always wanted one. A few years ago I finally had one. The serial number starts with my birth year too. That orange color is a 240 to me and the 305 light blue is a 280 in my mind. There was more of those colors around here than any other.
  3. siteunseen

    Stalling issue(under throttle)

    I've realized after working on a few and participating in a bunch of "help me with my carbs" threads, one of the easiest and most notable problems is the position of the the float hanger and the metal tang that the needle rides on. Mine was like yours, bent all to hell to get the valves opening and closing with the lids turned upside down. That was the old way to set them when they had Grose Valves. The newer style that has the small needle like pin will not hold the weight of the floats so you can not set them the way they show in the Z Therapy Just SUs DVD. It took me a year to figure that out. Your floats should look like this, the hanger should be parallel with the float's top and the tang should look like a bump not a ramp. Your floats are closing the valve too soon causing low fuel in the float chamber. Disregard the red circle
  4. siteunseen

    Stalling issue(under throttle)

    Agree with what's been said above. A simple test would be to raise both pistons and see if they fall at the same rate, pretty slow fall if the damper oil is right. They should make their "clunk" sound at the same time when they hit the bottom. You need one of these if you have dual carbs, makes things so much easier. https://www.amazon.com/Latest-Rage-Deluxe-Carburetor-Airflow/dp/B00CMC57R0/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1532074358&sr=8-4-fkmr0&keywords=unisyn+carb
  5. One of my all time favorites. And then these...
  6. siteunseen

    New 280z "Hawk" - wish me luck.

    Here's a good read with a few shortcuts. Thanks for your time @240260280. It's so easy to use what you already have down. http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/fuel/gastank/index.htm
  7. siteunseen

    New 280z "Hawk" - wish me luck.

    I've done two and blown the lines with air compressor, taped them off beforehand though. Worked great. 280 and a 240 tank. It's really easy if you have a good plan and don't have to wait too much in between steps. I can give you my tips on cleaning and sealing. I have a thread floating around that 'splains my method. It's not as bad as you think.
  8. siteunseen

    Another great source for lash pads.

    HaHaHaHa, no beer was spilt thank goodness. Although underwear was damaged and I had to use make-up for a few months. Ah hell, I still use it!
  9. siteunseen

    Another great source for lash pads.

    You know you want those on that '76! I burnt mine off thinking 2 cycle boat gas was diesel fuel and walked right up and lit it. Kaboom!
  10. siteunseen

    New 280z "Hawk" - wish me luck.

  11. siteunseen

    Another great source for lash pads.

    That photo makes me wince a little knowing they cover half your eye while someones tugs lashes out. The things women do to make us happy while we look through this...
  12. siteunseen

    Aluminum Valve Cover Cleaning

    I sand blasted this one then sprayed it with clear satin high heat metal protector from Eastwood. Turned out good, to me.
  13. siteunseen

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    A nylon strap around the rear end is what I did. Make sure it stays lower than the rear valance though to keep from bending it.
  14. siteunseen

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    I'm sorry for the misunderstanding but my friends haul pre cut steel from different companies. There's a website that does car transport prices. They bid against each other depending on how cloose they are to the car. You'll have to google it. I can't remember the name right off. Sorry
  15. siteunseen

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    And the shipping hooks on the rear bumper. They're not for pulling, just tying down.
  16. siteunseen

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Calmly, did you swap out the cap and button before this "spin"? Also, very gently, are you happy with performance? I think you've achieved a nice balance of performance and reliability thanks to Mark Maras! Dark chicken and pepper jelly... wowlsaze, wowlsaze!
  17. siteunseen

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    They fit great on uhauls dual axle car trailer. If you don't have time I have a few friends that do that bidding service online. Maybe read up on that? That's what I'd do. My 240 sat for about 10 years with a half tank of shellac. I used a clean 2.5 gallon tank bungeed to the radiator and ran a hose to the fuel pump inlet. It fired for a minute! Wound up being the old points distributor and the trashed fuel system. Lots of help from these guys. They know!
  18. siteunseen

    280z heater valve

    Seems like the revious owner was thinking the opposite of me. No fluid=no leaks. I'm about to put a shut off valve before the heater core on my 240. They could be completely different though, 280s & the 240S?
  19. siteunseen


    Good thread to read.
  20. siteunseen

    77-78 Rear Wheel Cylinder Brake Rebuilds

    Always interested in easy money in the bank but I bet that makes a big old mess. Thinking of bench polishing wheels and the splatter.
  21. siteunseen

    Stalling issue(under throttle)

    I'm most likely totally off base here but #1,2 and 3 runoff the front carb. May be a fuel problem. I would pull those plugs one at a time a check their spark. Good luck.
  22. siteunseen

    Plane Load of weed Road Atlanta 1970s

    "Where did the cash come from? Turns out, the Whittingtons also owned a for-hire plane company. They also bought Road Atlanta—which had the longest straight in the United States at the time. Supposedly, those planes would land on the race track with shipments of pot, which was hidden on-site in trailers at the track. The brothers were running drugs." Road Atlanta was used as an airport!
  23. siteunseen

    Just what the Doctor ordered. 1977 280z

    Me too! I think it's because the British cars back then had that and it looked darn good?
  24. siteunseen

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I think it would be a good gesture, to all who help, to take out all six plugs and post a picture Jalex.
  25. siteunseen

    diy paint project advice for 918 color on 73-240

    The battery leak got my fuel lines in it's previous life so I cut them before the pitted crap. I think it's 1/4" low pressure fuel line I replaced the rotten steel with. Of course you won't win any ribbons but it works great for mine that I drive.

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