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  1. My Dad used this stuff a couple of times so I guess it worked for him anyway in old El Caminos? Says not to use in aluminum radiators though. https://www.amazon.com/Permatex-80030-Heavy-Radiator-Cleaner/dp/B000HBGHPY?th=1
  2. Is it grounded good, nice and shiny on the bolt that holds the bellhousing to the block?
  3. New info. You may have some kind of air in the system if it started with the new rad? I'd let it run, idling, until you see flow under the cap. Rev it up pretty high and let it burp. Then top it off. Goodluck!
  4. I've had to use an air compressor to clean my radiator in the beginning of grass cutting season down here. The lazy guys blow the mess into the streets and it gets in my air filter and radiator
  5. Spray bar or self oiling cam? Odd circumstances. If DSI did the head I can only think it's a leak. Metal expands when it gets hotter, right? Head scratcher!
  6. Is the small wire on the solenoid on good and tight? Simple minded me thinks it's the starter. But the smarter guys know about all the safety switches and all that crap. Is it the original starter as far as you know, I guess it would be a Hitachi? or reman? I've bought some junk alternators and starters from Advance, sold as good but noooooo.
  7. Sounds too fast to be an exhaust leak, it kinda keeps up with the valve train??? Have you tried the hose listening trick yet, poor mans stethoscope?
  8. I lnow nothing about plungers but you can jump those two post and it'll arch and scare you but it should crank. If it fires up you should take the stater to a local chain and have it tested. Once again PLEASE be careful! That's some major shade tree I watched my Dad do since I was a kid.
  9. I posted this for a minute then deleted it because it's a work around fix that won't give you answer but will get you home so take it as an emergency fix. It scare the crap out of me when I do it but I have a long screwdriver that has so many arch burns on it I could use it to sharpen a chainsaw. 😁 You can turn the key to ON and jump the solenoid by making contact with the 2 threaded bolts with a screwdriver. It'll spark and scare the hell out of you but I've done it many times. Kind of of an emergency fix but it eliminates bad starters/ solenoids too. Leave the small wire on, thats the ignition switch wire. Like I said it's gonna arch but it bypasses the solenoid and if it cranks you have a bad starter. Please be careful with the 12V. Don't hit anything else and make sure it's in PARK.
  10. I followed this to put an E12-80 in my '77 then again on my '72. The wiring diagrams are different though for a 240. They are at the bottom of the page. https://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/distributor/index.html
  11. I have to use my memory to get to the bathroom at night, I can't hardly see.
  12. Is your advace hose hooked to the front carb?
  13. I run 93 pump gas with a ZX distributor and full advace on my '72 2.4. If I remember right it's 17 and 34 at 3,000 rpm.
  14. On my 280, if I remember right it's been some years, when I replaced all the connectors the raised up little channel runs on the bottom of the component. I.E the aar, the injectors etc. Heres some pics of some stuff I had downstairs for reference.
  15. I sent those to you Obi-Wan. The Force is strong.
  16. That looks as good as everything else you've done Ferg! My Man @psdenno turned me on to these when I was doing my OE radio and the console in the 240. They work great too. Sharpie silver oil based from Hobby Lobby.
  17. ALL CLIFF... id·i·om /ˈidēəm/ noun 1. a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g., rain cats and dogs) 1.2 derived from all idiot (e.g., drink until eyes are floating)
  18. I'd probably be dead if not for google.com.
  19. You know me...google. https://www.businessaircraftcenter.com/articles/how-to-understand-ing-learn-about-aviation-avgas-jet-a-fuel-art1215.htm
  20. I'm spit balling here, sorry but it might be something too look at. My shift lever was hitting the transmission "cup" and causing mine to pop out of gear. It was noisy also.
  21. I really like my 240's wheel over the 280's. It gives a twitchy feedback which I like. It's like driving on a rail. Those new wheels that are straight on the bottom are interesting. I suppose you'd get more leg room but I steer with my legs a lot. Beer, phone and shifting is a lot to do.
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