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    1977 260z. Theme: look as original as possible, be anything but when the loud pedal goes to the metal. L28, N42 with flat-tops, late E88 extensively ported, 270 degree high lift cam, 10.5:1 comp, ATi Damper, Fidanza Fly, 123 ignition, Flamethrower coil, Z-Therapy SU carbs, Z-Story Race / Sport full system. 232BHP @ 6400, 210lbft@5000. S12w and vented discs front, funky cool dums rear. Likes eating hot-hatches at the lights, loves a good massage with wax, purrs when stroked and hates the rain.

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  1. The PO of my car spent 7 years doing a ground up rust restoration but then driver her for only 800 miles on 2 years after just to take her to shows etc! [emoji15] The brakes were pretty seized, the engine was way out of tune and everything needed a good thrash to get back to health. Mix, ignition and timing are everything. It’s great your compression numbers are good. Sorting the other stuff above out is pretty simple. You’d be surprised the difference a new coil, dizzy cap and rotor, HT leads and plugs evenly gapped can make to your car’s running. Points correctly gapped also if that’s what you have in the dizzy. Sort out ignition and timing first (set timing at 32 degrees at 3k rpm. Then it should fall back to 17ish at idle (without the vacuum advance connected. The carbs are relatively simple to sort out so that the car runs better while you wait. This should help ... Get some brake disc cleaner or throttle body cleaner. Take off the domes and give the pistons, domes and the body of the carb a decent clean first. Take care to not mix up the front and rear domes and pistons; they wear together. Buy a decent air flow meter such as this ... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192596389772 Disconnect the choke cables form the carbs. Using the nut at the bottom of the carb, Wind the jets all the way up and as a rule of thumb wind them back down 2.5 turns. I use a digital calliper to ensure the jets are at the same height, each full turn is 1mm down .... Put the pistons domes and springs back on. Use SU official oil in the dampers ... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F143244885465 Completely undo the balance screws and use the idle adjustment screws to sort out an even airflow at idle. I find the easiest way is to undo them completely so the bitterly is shut and with your finger in the carb mouth feel for any movement as you wind the screw down. Stop 1/4 turn just after you feel the tiniest movement. Then start the engine and keep adjusting the idle screws each, watching the airflow meter until you get an idle without stall. Then wind down the balance screw until moving the throttle linkage makes both carbs move together. Then set the fast idle screw to get say 1200 / 1500 rpm and adjust the balance screw until both carbs are sucking equally. That should sort the air flow and roughly the mix so the car is running better. Ideally you would want to check the float bowls have the same fuel levels before adjusting the mix but that will take a little longer and is quite involved. You will likely need to check that with your Z Therapy carbs too as they can become unbalanced due to vibrations during transport. The above should give you 85- 90% well setup carbs for OK running. Now for some “apres ski” and sauna. Apparently swimwear is not allowed in mixed saunas in Austria!!!!! [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji15][emoji15][emoji15] I will have to be that frowned upon prudish Brit with a towel on! [emoji4]
  2. As I sit in bed with insomnia in the Austrian Alps salivating about the dump of snow we’ll be riding tomorrow, I feel there is something very wrong with me. I’m sat here thinking about exhausts! Is this an affliction? Is this a disease? Is it normal!? Do I need to seek medical advice? Anyhoo one thought is that the Race/Sport header is materially larger than the MSA or stock manifold, filling that side of the engine bay up a bit more and putting out a fair bit of heat with it. So for those driving left hookers, the fit must be pretty tight with steering / braking components also being present there. How do you keep the heat away from your vital to safety components e.g. steering coupler and brake booster without hefty heat shielding !? Long though short, I would imagine ceramic coating with whatever header is going to pay huge dividends. Right then, back to salivating ...
  3. Such a lovely looking car!! The z-therapy SUs are one of the best things I ever bought for the Z. They made a HUGE difference and worth the wait / cost.
  4. Oh I so agree! Sadly I’ve had to cover up the S/S with a diy aluminium heat shield going as I have a very hot engine bay and really don’t like the idea of fuel above hot manifold. As it happens I now get condensation on the carb domes after a spirited drive and they feel “fridge cold” to the touch as opposed to the old hot feel. Also a lot less fuel vaporisation issues idling in traffic on hot days.
  5. Looking forward to seeing / hearing that Fuji system on yours when you finish your car, in 2032! [emoji12]
  6. No sir, that is the Race/Sport in her birthday suit. A thing of beauty. The MSA header in the same pic is ceramic coated (at a vast expense by my local place in the UK). The coating was mainly to reduce engine bay temps. I believe if you want to do that and have it work properly, you need the insides done too.
  7. Now this is a car I had as a daily for 65k miles and drove it like I stole it every day!! Nothing ever went wrong with it but it did have a detrimental effect on my face where I developed grin stretch marks! Would have another in a heartbeat. Strange how 20 years ago this was a very quick car and nowadays a Ford Focus ST can out gun it !
  8. Not wishing to divert the thread, what issues have you found with MSA (but if you don’t wish to post publicly then I totally understand). Except for the annoyance e of having to wait for a postage quote, I’ve only had positive experiences to date. Back on the thread topic: what’s been bad about the MSA header? I had one before going over to the Z/story one and I thought it was pretty good for power and the low to mid range on the L28 and good all round on my old L26. The sound was also nice with a 2.5” pipe back to a turbo muffler but that setup did drone on the motorway. Having said that I found it was leaking on the L28 ... I’m not defending MSA - just curious as to other experiences. Also this is a photo I do like sharing: Race/Sport header meets MSA ...
  9. Brilliant!! [emoji1787] That is pure Essex!!! For those not familiar with the concept of Essex etiquette, this is an abridged crash course ... (I am told the Canadian equivalent is Windsor CA? Although Windsor UK is truly lovely!) And continuing the cultural educational exchange programme: Chav is a derogatory UK word which approximate to the North American “white trash”. Some believe it stands for Council House And Vulgar, but the most likely origin is a category a highest Cheltenham collage came up with to label the undesirables in the most subtle English ways by calling them CHeltenham AVerage!
  10. Oh do behave, Rolls Royce any day! The Bentley would be considered too vulgar! :p
  11. If you have anymore, I’d be interested too! ;)
  12. Is your man able to take off the roof and sell it to someone here in the UK who just bought a car and has found a less than great sunroof repair?
  13. Jolly good then and bully for you old bean. My work here is done! ;)
  14. Well I like all of Canada it’s an utterly beautiful place with some of the loveliest people on the planet! My challenge is if I move that way I need to be near NY and GMT. Oh and I may have to bring an RHD 260z onto the continent - too much blood tears and sweat invested to part company!
  15. Just to be controversial, having dealt with Canadians a lot on business trips and having a half Canadian wife, I bloody love the place, it’s culture and the people! I have yet to meet a Canadian I dislike! Even the cabinet is made up of people who know their stuff and are progressive thinkers. By contrast our cabinet in the UK is made up of some seriously Dickensian characters. If a hard Brexit does happen, it’s the one place in the world I would be moving to. Probably Toronto - go Blue Jays!!! [emoji106][emoji106]