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  1. I had the same thought for my late ‘77 260. The only real difference that I can spot from the photos is that a) it’s for more pipes coming out of it and the bottom is a different shape with the drain plug in the middle rather than to the side. But I am no expert of course. My tank looks like this ... Theirs ... The 1/4”’breather hose is the same side as the large one on mine but located the opposite side on theirs. Also I have an extra round bulge (not me personally you understand!!!) on the top of the flat bit which they don’t have.
  2. Thank you sir. - glad to be of service. BTW, found an even cheaper solution on eBay. A Datsun 720 or 620 sensor would have also done the trick at £28 posted!! I would bet my left testicle* that the ohms will be the same on all these sensors as the main unit is identical, just the float and bends are different. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164126554844 (* not ever planning to have kids again, this is an easy bet! In fact, don’t do it gang!!! Dodge that bullet and live longer, happier, wealthier lives! But that sounds very similar to my S30 ownership too!! [emoji848] Maybe I should just go back to bed and stop prattling on.)
  3. Ha!! Well, I have a theory that the internal coating combined with paint and under-seal were helping the rust particles hold hands as it never leaked there. In some ways I wish I hadn’t bothered clean up the tank. But in the same way, I’m glad I scraped away all the orange metal to avoid other holes appearing. New tank is on the cards but for now I’m going to fix it and kick that cost down the road a few years. We think the PO had the tank internals treated so as to fix this pin hole issue (I suspect my aggressive wire brushing grew the holes).
  4. Funny this should pop up today - look what I discovered 3 hours ago while peeling back underseal and what appeared to be surface rust ... The joys of a UK car!!! At least the interior plastics are in good order [emoji1787]
  5. Pretty sure there would be a market in Europe too if the price isn’t silly with import duties. [emoji106]
  6. Yup, that’s how I did mine. Wrench on and two or three moderately hard hits with a 2.5lb hammer and she spun like a ballerina!
  7. I discovered that the fuel level sensor was leaking on the live terminal where there is insulating plastic, remember this photo? To confirm it, I hung the thing from the float over night, with the “bowl” bit filled with self penetrating oil. The next day there was ample oil on the other side to prove it’s no longer air tight. I could have repaired it with fuel resistant mastics but I started to look at the cost of a new one. Utterly HORRENDOUS prices. Over £300 for the right shaped one. Then one appeared on eBay advertised for a Datsun 510 with very similar kinks etc so I took a punt at £40! Today, this little package arrived ... Now you can see the differences below: The resistances however are virtually identical +/- 1/2 an ohm. 10.8 ohms full, 88.5 ohms empty. I was tempted to move the rod and float from one to the other but decided that as it involved cutting the squashed end and re-calibrating, I was going to have a go at bending the new one first. I straightened up the first kink on the new one, measured the length of the same king on the old one and bent it in the same place as the 260z sensor. The end result? Ignoring the parallax of the iPhone lens, it turned out utterly perfect. It even sorted out the difference in length - they are now identical in length also. I gave it a test run in the fuel tank and fortuitously, there is plenty of room in the tank for the float to sit the opposite way round to the original. The bottom of the tank is actually deeper at that point and thanks to the PO has a raised bit where the POR treatment wasn’t fully flushed out. That will give me “reserve” when the gauge is on empty. A total win!! Next up, a test on the car electrics to see it “turn up to 11” on the gauge ;).
  8. Well funny you should say that chap! The other eve I was having similar thoughts and ordered some of these for that exact reason! [emoji106][emoji106] Interestingly, I am making my own RT mount equivalent as my rubber insulator had totally failed - now that insulator is a true example of bad design working in the opposite direction. But I guess 43 years is 43 years wherever the rubber is. The point being that I bought the bushing used in the TTT mount and I find it to be rock solid. So I’ve bought more of those rubber washers above with a smaller ID to space it out with - that way I get a little bit of give for reducing high frequency noise but the solid resistance to lift of the red poly bush. Here she is, mocked up out of aluminium and masking tape ;) final version will be 3mm steel. This is definitely stronger than the giant rubber band ;) I call this the AK mount !![emoji1787]
  9. Now that would be very cool if it would stand the stresses!! [emoji106]
  10. That’s a shame - there’s a part of me that feels there HAS to be one that fits - but better minds than mine have already looked. :( I only have rubber left on one of my serrated washers. I’m about to cut up a rubber compression rod bush to make one. I did originally with a poly one of the same and it got rid of clonking when hard on the power and hitting bumps / holes in the road. But now I have the moustache bar off, I can better make something out of rubber. Will post up any success once I get around to it.
  11. That is a superb thread and helped solve the mystery of how to get the bush out! But what I can’t see and I was hoping was figured out was the alternate bush that is still available. I have NOS ones but what I was wondering is what do you do if you can’t find them but want a rubber bush?
  12. !!! Well this is how close to F it used to get, quite surprising really! So I’m expecting serious overshoot when cleaned up ;)
  13. And now Mr CO, I know why mine never quite reached F!!!! Also given my sensor is at the front and now with the fuel tank off, I can confirm your nifty access hatch is of little use on mine and is therefore this shape from under the car ...
  14. Just about to do this job - and came across this post by total luck!!! I bought these on eBay a year ago for £60 - they do come up a few times a year. As for serrated washer, I did this with cutting a tension rod bush about 2-3 years ago and it works well!!!
  15. That’s great advice - thanks dude. Not sure why that hadn’t occurred to me before! [emoji106][emoji106]