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    1977 260z. Theme: look as original as possible, be anything but when the loud pedal goes to the metal. L28, N42 with flat-tops, late E88 extensively ported, 270 degree high lift cam, 10.5:1 comp, ATi Damper, Fidanza Fly, 123 ignition, Flamethrower coil, Z-Therapy SU carbs, Z-Story Race / Sport full system. 232BHP @ 6400, 210lbft@5000. S12w and vented discs front, funky cool dums rear. Likes eating hot-hatches at the lights, loves a good massage with wax, purrs when stroked and hates the rain.

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  1. AK260


    Thanks for sharing!! I love the other open tabs!!! COVID 19, Face Masks, McLaren F1 engine! [emoji1787]
  2. I did the sound proofing thing last summer - and wow!! It’s so much more enjoyable for a mere 10-15kgs more. I covered 40-60% of panels - you don’t need to cover the entire panel. I did the wheel well, rear deck, the doors made a HUGE difference, the trans tunnel, floors and some of the bulkhead. I wish I had the headliner loose like yours to do the same but didn’t want to rip it off. Do that one and you get a huge reduction in wind noise and resonance. Rear strut towers are particularly noisy parts of the car. So I did this ... I wish I had done a better video of the actual insulation but this was just to show some friends the difference ... [/url] Also, for the under carpet thing and between door cards and the doors I used closed cell foam like these ... 12mm under carpet, 1.5mm doors ... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F282327879665 The MLV reduces panel vibration, the closed cell reduces reflections within the car. Upside: much less wind and road noise, far nicer cruising, you get to hear the exhaust better as it’s less like night club loud and more high end hifi loud. Downside: with all the white noise and resonance gone, you can now hear all the transmission / mechanical whines ;)
  3. What exhaust system is that? Sounds glorious! [emoji106]
  4. So you know when you become a dad, God gives you special gifts for your children to enjoy? You know, things like your jokes or dancing? This is me since I became a dad, as far as they are concerned, I even have the footwear .... I dare you to watch and not laugh out loud!!
  5. Did a tranny oil change. I read a lot of posts about people with squeezy bottles and pumps etc to get the oil in but I just made one of these ... And did this .... Thought I’d share in case it’s helpful to anyone else. Strangely with MT90 the ‘box feels less slick and smooth. I will likely try swepco 201 next on recommendation of a highly esteemed Z club member who is a Z God! The later ‘77 European box has the Porsche style steel synchros so GL5 is reportedly not going to be an issue. Will run it a few miles and evaluate later though, at least it gives the MT90 a chance to give the ‘box a good flushing!
  6. AK260


    Thank you sir! It hadn’t felt real until that happened. Difficult to appreciate the dangers when you are doing your bit by sitting at home - and then someone you know / knew goes through it and it hits home!!
  7. AK260


    Just lost a relative to the virus and a friend of mine working on the frontline now has it with the classic fever, nausea and loss of sense of taste / smell!!! Be very careful of your health people!!
  8. +1 for this reasoning. I also once found that happen when the boot and connector were not fully pushed home and it was arcing onto the cap/collecting moisture causing corrosion and resistance.
  9. So grandad, what did you do while the COVID Virus was spreading around the world? Well my boy, I did my bit and two bucket washed the Z and gave it a quick polish.
  10. AK260


    Meanwhile in the UK ....
  11. AK260


    Just to keep you abreast of this side of the pond: two of my dental surgeon friends have been drafted for duty on the front line. I did ask what will they do with COVID patients’ teeth and they said they are going through a fast track cross training and their anaesthesia skills are required. Teeth are not being worked on and in the case of emergency tooth issue it is unclear what you can do and when you can be seen. But it will probably be at 2:30 - sorry, couldn’t resist a quick dad joke there! But it is a little worrying how seriously this thing is spreading. A part of an exhibition centre where they typically have Yachts on display (The Excel Centre) is being turned into an emergency hospital to cope with the expected volumes!! 100 beds by Sunday, ramping up 4000. Stay safe people and respect any guidelines on social distancing and isolation. [emoji15]