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  1. Ps. Just realised his “gallery” has pics of some of the panels he does ... https://zclub.net/community/index.php?media/albums/z-repair-panels.159/ ... but don’t assume this is all of them, ask him and if he doesn’t have it he may even make one for you and add it to his list of parts.
  2. And he’s a top bloke!!! Very friendly and helpful with great panels to boot! He goes by the handle “woody” in the UK Zclub. https://zclub.net/community/index.php?members/woody.2636/ If you don’t have FB but want to contact him, just set yourself up on the UK forum and use the “conversation” option to send him a PM. https://zclub.net/community/index.php
  3. Yes indeed a small gap! But the gaps to the metal washers on mine top and bottom look different when the car is on a jack. One side is 10mm the other side is closer to 14mm. Probably because I was jacking under the diff. I have a ramp arrangement in my garage where the car is driven in, onto ramps when parked such that I lay under it and change an exhaust for example. The next time I’m in the garage, I will take a picture for you to show the gap when the car is on the ground / with suspension loaded up. I am so very pleased with the improvement they made to the car and have no clocks / knock
  4. So if I’m reading this correctly, it’s saying that the cam cover / rocket cover works to suck blow-by gasses at full throttle through the airbox and at idle it’s done via the block breather and PCV valve. So - let’s choke get my own thinking: does this mean that blocking the block on and just using the rocker cover outlet is sufficient if you just plumb it into a tank!? Could that be the logic behind the DSI thinking on blocking them? As the captain pointed out, the bottom and top aren’t sealed from each other. So blocking the bottom one shouldn’t pressurise the crank case. But does blockin
  5. Ok, what you see me holding is the metal washer at the bottom. Then glued to it is a 6mm (not 9mm my apologies) rubber washer, glued on top of that is a 3mm rubber washer. Makes sense?
  6. So here’s a recent DSI engine pic below.- he doesn’t block them. I’m not convinced by the suggestion that if you block it, the fumes would just come out of the top. Why would Nissan and other manufacturers have gone through the trouble of putting vents at the top and off the block? But I don’t know enough about how sealed the bottom is from the top to have an informed opinion. And here’s a novel approach by [mention=32065]jonbill[/mention] - I love the no nonsense mindset! But maybe he can shed light on how he fixed it to the block.
  7. A good read on the first two paragraphs ... https://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides/tuning-guide-pages/engine-breather-system.html
  8. As much as I commend the creativity of this solution, something in the back of my head is nagging me that the PCV valve is going to clog up over time! *Scratches head, removes even more vitally needed follicles*
  9. Wouldn't the block pressurise and create oil leaks everywhere?
  10. Surely you can flare a pipe for an interference fit and with a bit of BFI* able to make it work? @Av8ferg - Datsun Spirit provide engines without them being in place - so worth dropping Eiji a note at how he recommends going about it. (*BFI = Brute Force and Ignorance)
  11. Exactly what I thought !! I guess being Maserati it is pretty much a Fezza engine! Looks amazing - I love the fact that the engine sits perfectly behind the front axle! That can only be a good thing for handling!! Very S2000-esque FMC configuration. It’s a RHD I noticed - so where in the world are you? Good luck with your recovery chap and looking forward to tracking your progress!
  12. Have you made them for the S30 range? If so, please give some details / photos of them v original parts.
  13. Lemme try again without autocorrect jumble: Not sure how it’s secured but if it’s a 22mm pipe then it’s easy to fabricate exactly the routing required with some plumbing supplies! [emoji106]
  14. @ownallday - you’re most welcome. Keep this thread up to date so that we can see how you got on. On my brother in law’s TR6, being push rod, the cam cover breather is like a steam train chuffing away and it made me cough when I had it unplugged. Now if a car ever benefits from a catch tank it’s that one!!!! I’m surprised you’re getting large blow-by from the top of the engine. I’ve found on mine the engine block breather is normally the one with more output. And I have pretty good rings with 205psi dynamic compression. One tip, I used 15mm copper pipe inside the I think it was 16 or 17mm ho
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