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  1. Saturday was Zup's Birthday. Some friends and neighbors stopped by to wish him well. Great food & a very special desert. Happy Birthday Jim! My best friend ever!
  2. Hi all, Yesterday I ran across some search issues on the site and decided to look into it further. From what I can tell, I moved the site over to a search engine (locally hosted) that uses a technology called Elasticsearch. Well apparently this wasn't such a good idea because there were many threads that just didn't seem to show up. I actually discovered this by looking for some of my very old posts from the late 90's. Anyway, I did some digging and found a better method. The legacy posts that I was previously not finding are now showing up just fine. Hope you all enjoy the new improvement and please let me know if you're seeing any issues. Mike
  3. Well, my neighbor has a Ferrari 430. The service costs are astronomical. He had its annual service which was $1,250. God help him if something actually breaks. While the car is nice it’s just too expensive to enjoy. I have a 1977 Z that I’m about to begin restoring and to me it something I’d rather have over the Ferrari. There is some nostalgic about the Z. I guess I like the fact that you can make it into what you want without taking out a second mortgage. Classic American muscle cars fall into this category too but they are far more common. I see classic Cameros, Chevelles, Vettes almost daily. I’ve never ever seen a S30 Z where I live on the road. In fact I’ve seen one 280z in the road in Montana when I was on a trip. Before that I cannot recall. I saw 1964 Vette yesterday, but never a Z. They just aren’t out there. Many rusted away and the years they were dirt cheap people trashed them, teenagers ratted them out and when they died people just dumped them. No many were interested in restoring these cars until the past decade. The body style is still a thing of beauty today and that’s why these cars are special.
  4. Dang - how much money did I leave on the table? Just kidding. Unlike some eBay sellers working to get max money out of tired parts, I hope to offer refurbed or lightly used parts at a reasonable price to fellow enthusiasts and keep these old cars looking good.
  5. Nah, just plain old chicken. There's a lot of good stuff in the thread that you should recheck, all the stuff that people mentioned. The EGR and the AFM glue blobs and the CSV and the coolant temperature sensor and the TPS (actually TVS). The AFM and the sensor are the most likely. Take a magnifying glass and see if you can tell if the glue blobs are not where they started from. Check the coolant sensor circuit at the ECU connector first, not the actual sensor. Make sure the TVS isn't on WOT. Check, check, check...
  6. I posted mine because Mecum is a good place to swipe Japanese cars. I think the people there are primarily interested in American cars. I paid $13,750 for that car two weeks ago. I’m not an expert in these cars, but I think I stole it.
  7. Had a noise in my ZX tranny in the 73, so I decided to install the one that Eiji rebuilt for me. I’m also taking out the Exedy Stage I performance clutch (too strong for my use) and installing an Exedy stock 240 mm clutch. If anyone wants the clutch and disc (240 mm) for $200.00 plus shipping, it’s theirs (I paid $475.00 and only has 1500 easy miles). Wow, a transmission jack makes it so much easier.....of course the lift does too 😎
  8. Also the Z is as fast or faster 0-60 than all the 308's other than the Quattrovalvole. It's also cheaper to pick up some horsepower than a Ferrari would be. For a little more than a timing belt service you can get a Rebello or Datsun Spirit motor!
  9. I was thinking it would be nice to have a vette, early 90's but after watching wheeler dealers and seeing what a clutch takes to replace (torque tube) I decided my Z is way better. Again you have to keep the car and maintain it. Maybe for me its a age thing, but new cars look like toys to me. The new supra is a classic example looks like a plastic toy. I also don't need a car that can go 200 mph. Anyway curious to see what others would give up their Z to own. Agree that its prob more a nostalgia thing since I tend to like car styles that were popular in my youth.
  10. And, with the Z, you don't need a factory trained mechanic on retainer for most maintenance and repairs. Dennis
  11. Gents, I just ran across this baby while browsing the web for various things tonight. The car is a 1970 and the listing is showing as a 1971... The car has the rear vents under the hatch and 240z emblems on the side pillars so I know it's an early series car. I can't quite tell how good of shape she's in from the photos, but, it does look like some work needs to be done. Seller is asking $28,950 and appears to be located in California (from the plates). Listing agent is in NY. I've grabbed the photos and listing details here. Not sure if any of you are looking for an investment like this, but, it may be worth a look. No affiliation with the club. VIN = HLS30-15907 1971 Datsun 240Z Series 1 L28 5 Speed trans Fresh paint Z432 type Rear spoiler JDM / UK Front lip NOS Fog lamps JDM Headlight covers All new Genuine Nissan Emblems All new weather strips Old school wide mug wheels Serviced and runs great! No leaks *Vehicle Location is at our clients home and Not In Long Island *Please Call First for location and talk to one of our reps at 516 376 3471 Found at: https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1198838/1971-datsun-240z-for-sale-in-long-island-new-york-11710 Direct Agent site: https://www.dp9motors.com/1971_Datsun_240Z_Long Island_NY_26963427.veh
  12. The point is that a lick of paint, a logo, and some threads on any Nissan product to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the S30 is very weak. Let's hope they are holding back and more is to come.
  13. Well, that might reduce the number of scam ads.
  14. So I need a little bit better dust management now that spring is sprung, so I can take the covers off the summer cars and still grind away (literally) on all the weld cleanup that I need to do on the front end... Enter dust booth V1.0. ... Made from 1 1/4 angle iron (Meccano for Adults 😉) and 6 mil vapor barrier. I might add a fan and filter - we’ll see how it goes... and yes it will double as Part A of the modular paint booth when the time comes 😀😀😀
  15. Since it seems that the PO's mechanic might have "hacked" some things to get it to pass emissions, a new plan might be in order. A basic tuneup maybe. Confirm initial timing at idle, confirm valve lash is set correctly. Have cylinder pressures been measured yet? Has the cylinder head and block combination been confirmed? There is a low compression ratio NA engine floating around out there that we helped a guy put together. It would be nice to see a summary of engine specs and actions taken so far. Cylinder head, block (the engine serial number should match the plate on the fender well). Too many pages to go back through the whole thing. My 76 has a 78 engine in it and a bunch of other minor mods. You never know what the trail of PO's have done. From Post #1 - "1976 280z California edition (manf. date Sept.1975). Bought the car in late Jan. 2019, car passed emissions test and it started and drove fine until 2 weeks ago when problem first occurred."
  16. Fantastic, congrats! One thing to remember is you're almost sitting on the rear axle and that front end is quite a ways out there. You wouldn't believe how may dented front of the hoods I've seen over the years due to people not realizing how far out in front the nose really is. The rest of that is to remember not to turn too soon and hit curb with the rear wheel.
  17. Absolutely! The equipment was faulty, however I think the procedures were sound as they yielded good results with different equipment. Exactly! I don't think the PO's Mech. did anything wrong or dubious or acted with malintent. Quite the contrary, he's a solid mech. that was doing what his client paid him to do... get it to pass smog and sell it. The PO's Mech. is actually a pretty solid dude with a wealth of Z knowledge and experience. I've spoken with him several times and he's given me the full service records going all the way back to 1976. I don't find any fault with him, he's trying to run a business and a good one at that. Like you said C.O. it's just an old Z and these problems come with these cars. Case in point, yesterday I "fixed" the inspection lamp... the bottom just needed to be cleaned so a solid ground connection could be made (I still need to fix the toggle). I'm sure I will find many more electrical connections and hoses that need replacing. I'll be monitoring the running rich issue more closely now, I want to ensure it will pass smog EVERY TIME. The good news is, I have about 2 years to sort it all out! 😎
  18. Took a shot of what I had not bolted down: Mikuni Solex from Datsun Comp-- 50's / 3 Sets of 44's , 1 Set NOS / From Mikuni America, 44's and 40's / Webers 45's, 42's, (4)Sets of 40's / IDAL 3C 40's / 1 Mechanical Fuel Injection set up (Hillborn type) From a 2.5 liter hydroplane. I know a little bit about trips...........
  19. All good threads must come to an end.... even though this thread was not so good, it's time has come. The issue is fixed and DaveWM gets the kudos for figuring it out. (Dave "Z Oracle")! 😂😎 Thank you for your methodical approach and patience while this got sorted out. The issue was the cable from the bullet connectors to the Water Temperature Sensor connector. (not the WTS itself). A $6 replacement cable from AutoZone fixed the issue and the car is running better than ever! Thanks again everyone for your help! Much appreciated and I'll reach out next time I need expert advice!
  20. My friend just moved to the next town north of where I live. I just received this picture from him. Apparently this is across the street from his new house. Looks like I will need to go check out this new house of his. Sent from my N9130 using Tapatalk
  21. For what it’s worth... to anyone replacing their S30 power antenna, and wishes to use the factory wiring all the way back to the rear fender, here is what I’ve found. If you are using the replacement Harada MX-1 or MX-2; they come with a toggle switch with bridged red and green wires at the diagonal top and bottom corner posts and single black and single red leads off the middle posts. Our factory wiring has three leads from the radio harness (to the original antenna toggle switch and running back to the antenna power). The solid blue is connected to the single red wire (fuse box/ignition switch 12v power) black to body ground. The blue/white stripe is connected to the bridged red lead and the blue/red stripe goes to bridged green lead. This makes the new antenna powered up, down and hold position via toggle. Check the orientation of the toggle unit before mounting (dash, console etc.) to verify “up” toggle is toward top of switch. Just flip 180 if it’s inverted. Thanks for all responses!
  22. The car originally had a type 1 FRP airdam. I decided I wanted a stock valance and possibly add the Euro style front spoiler. It was a last minute decision so I purchased one off EBay. Had it straightened and painted only to find out that the center section was the wrong one. I believe this is the 73 and up with shorter brackets..I then purchased a brand new re-pop, which are really super nice quality BTW and mocked it up to make sure it’s going to properly fit.
  23. Thank you for the replies, no, I did not do any adjustments it was running fine last saturday in the cold. Reptoid Overlords- If you tighten that screw all the way it just stalls. Update on the status- I went through the Nissan service manual and narrowed it down to the bearings in the distributor. I took the distributor appart, some of the bearings for the vacuum had fallen out, so the vacuum wasn't working properly.
  24. Actually gentlemen those numbers are correct. The KYB's have always been about 10mm shorter. The Koni's are actually the proper length. This is based on a cartridge Koni has used for 50 years. We know of numerous installs already on 240Z fronts that have lined up correctly. Our test pilot Hector has the same strut housing numbers you mentioned on his 240Z and they installed correctly. Even though it sounds as if you have the proper height struts in the front (based on the comparison to the KYB's), please confirm for us the numbers on the Koni cartridges you just received, as well as that measurement of the strut cartridge body. Please also include if you can read them any numbers on the KYB's, . Greg has been dismantling 240Z's since the early 80's, and he added that in addition to the often occurrence of somebody putting a spacer at the bottom, that also he has seen numerous times where oil and dirt in the housing have combined over the years to literally make its own 'spacer' of sorts. He said he has had to at times in the past literally dig years of near solid junk out the bottom of the strut housing. The only other possibility (assuming the numbers and height check out after you send that to us) would be strut housing modification, which sounds unlikely in your case, but just to be certain, if you can measure the height of the strut housing as well (outside), we'll confirm that too. Sorry you're having an issue, we'll get it figured out!
  25. Thanks Alan , Blue. Last week I took my blue 240Z for a drive to Tokyo , to have its seats refreshed by the craftsman Mr. Sudo . As I told it here before , the blue seats were restored by him in 2003 . This time I want the seats look just like new again with replacing worn out pieces . Mr. Sudo is going to replace vinyl pices only where worn out , this is my request . He gave me the extra vinyl when he did the blue seats , but the vinyl is not enough for making a set of whole seats . Also I don’t think they need to be replaced whole thing as they are almost perfect in most of part . The seats were finished in later “ slim seat back “ style , I have been dreaming about having early “ fat seat back “ style in this blue vinyl. This time Mr. Sudo is modifying them to fat seat back style using minimal amount of the vinyl, I am really excited about it , I can’t wait to see it when he completes the re-upholstery. Here are some pictures in progress. I will be able to show you the seats done in the end of this April. Kats
  26. OK Gang, we all just moved into the high rent district. Last week, BringaTrailer.Com listed a Ferrari 308 - pretty decent looking car. Bid topped out at $68,000. This week on BaT, a `70 240Z sold for $68,000. Time to have our insurance appraisals updated? Cheers
  27. Just an FYI - follow-up on Fusible Wire Lengths. The Rule of Thumb is that you use a Fusible Wire that is 4 gauges smaller than the wiring you want to protect. So if your wiring is 14GA you would use an 18GA Fusible Wire link. Fusible Wires Lengths are Color Coded. Good tips on Fusible Links on the AutoZone Web Page. Note the function of the insulation on them. https://www.autozone.com/repairguides/Circuit-Protection/Fusible-Link/_/P-0900c1528026a7fd
  28. The cool thing about any exotic car with a manual transmission is that you eliminate a lot of younger car thieves who only know how to shift an automatic. All is good unless they bring a trailer. Dennis
  29. Love my seats from them. Now I need the interior to match it 😪😢
  30. Hi everybody! Here I am on the Easter holyday…I’m tired fo working on the car…but is almost done. I hope the car will be ready soon! At least It is working, it brakes and I’ve tried it…almost 2 years since the beginning of the resto. At this moment there are only small details to finish like the interior, centre console and many many more other parts…some are on its way! Aside a broken windshield, a broken door during the assembling, it’s time to relax and make everything carefully…this is such a puzzle!!! The rubbers got installed and the windshield and hatch were fitted…I had to buy original rubbers…the ones from precision brand weren’t as good as they said! On the rear hatch it misses for 2cm each side, and on the front the gap was huge on the upper right. Tuning the hood was easy…but damn…the door latch is tricky as hell!!! It didn’t close until I discover that the inside handle and its main cable has some adjustment. I was desperate to lock the door, the driver’s side only…I hope now all works for life,,,ahahaha… Let’s wait for the end of the resto…meanwhile… This was the starting point 1 month ago, last time I worked on it Centre console Changing shop… The day was very cloudy and even the car is outside, the colour doesn’t shine as it should be… L24 on the way… Easy…right… Then we assemble the differential, fluids, bolts and substitute all the rubbers. Final result…but the starter will be replaced…this one is stopping once in a while… The electric system…now getting back to 71…I think the car is very happy…agagagag The seat belts… The vent ducts were missing when I bought the car…now they are part of the car again. These rubber caps were made by my father….they are better than the original… The splash is awesome…a great detail… The windshields…. On the front… Hatch… People that collaborated during the process… Windshield wipers are now working…awesome… Top cowl grill got installed too… The side lids… Final results… Tuning the hood with new stoppers.. Hood tuning…what a hard task!!! Final result… The car is almost ready…I bet tomorrow will be just missing the interior…for sure I’ll be driving it… Hope you enjoy these last works on the car… Marty Rogan: Thanks. It's a really cool color! In Portugal only were delivered in this colour. I guess the blue wasn't an attractive colour by the time. Cumps. Mário
  31. ps, I'm Canadian, and our $ has shrunk, so $68,000 U.S. = $91,500 C. Never thought I'd own a $90k car.
  32. Yep, shes got a mechanical fuel pump aperture. Some pipes i found in the shed.
  33. I think Nissan is struggling to save face right now. The drama around Ghosn and the decisions his leadership made will take some time to recover. Right now they just seem to be coming up with new paint schemes and low risk investments. In my opinion, it looks like they need a 'fresh' look at their products and it's time for them to come up with a more exciting line. While I was in Japan, I visited Nissan's Tokyo showroom and there was a lot of focus on electric. They are also pushing the GTR pretty hard. Unfortunately, the Z seems to be low on their priorities list (from what I could tell). Toyota, on the other hand, had about five of their '86' sports cars in their Toyota Experience venue. They were showing off the car with all the performance upgrades and modifications. Of course Toyota is also focusing on electric, but, what surprised me is the huge display about their Hydrogen development.. I'd really like to see Nissan do something similar with their Z like Toyota did with their 86. Reasonably priced and lightweight sports car that can be upgraded with a big selection of Nissan aftermarket parts.
  34. I agree. A lot of lead-time needed for the production of the manuals and literature on these cars, and I see a few Skyline, Cedric, Gloria, Laurel and assorted 4-cylinder type parts used on the (likely pre-production/not to be sold) cars and details in the photos. Not surprising.
  35. The P90 should already have the hole for a mechanical pump, it's covered by a bolt-in blanking plate. Now is a good time to install a 10lb flywheel, you won't regret it. 😉
  36. success sorta.. I got it to start but clearly a bad miss fire, pulling #1 #2 injector wire had no effect on the running engine. The plugs looked wet, so I removed them all and did a run to watch for spark all looked good. So not sure what is going on, wet plugs mean gas is there, maybe the spark was weak enough to not fire? Will start with some new plugs (I did clean the old ones up before using). if no improvement I will pull the rail and make sure I am getting a GOOD fuel flow from #1 #2. I can hear them clicking This is NOT your rail JSM its the orig with injectors from the maxima. I found it easier to install the old style rail. Then my battery charger took a dump. it has a hard wired fuse that needs to be replaced, I did have it connected while starting the engine, perhaps an inductive kick back from the solenoid did something it did not like. I hate smart charges, but finding an old school one is not easy now a days. anyway I will install a proper fuse holder on the back of the dump thing, and press on. Finally got to do a hot compression reading 165-170 on all. not bad at all!!
  37. The checklists in this book will tell you a lot. Good news on the FPR, although you do have an extra one now. Weird that you know what I'm cooking for dinner...
  38. Thanks Jim2! And Charles, and Gary and Guy.... Had the best Birthday ever! Such good friends came to celebrate here at home and many thanks to you all for your wishes and influence in my life----you really are so special to me. Kagy (the wife) gave me a button to wear on my 70th that said--- In dog years...I'm dead! Well... closer for sure... but not yet... thankfully! You guys are the best!!!
  39. Ditto that from me too Charles. He gave me an early present when he sent me a door for my sculpture.......a super member!
  40. A little cake, a little carburetor , what else can a man ask for? Hope it was a good one @Zup!
  41. Zed for your edification, here's a head on, dead on shot of the gauge at zero.

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