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  1. To all our American friends I just want to extend (edit) my best wishes, here's hoping the next 4 yrs in politics are pleasantly boring and average. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness to each and every one of you.
  2. So everyone knows.....I didn’t buy this Viper it was given to me by my father who was quite an amazing man. He came from humble, lower income family beginnings. Was a 2x Vietnam vet who flew helicopters in the war. He came home with pretty severe PTSD and was so emotionally damaged and saddened by his experience that he decided to become a doctor. He packed up the family and moved us to Italy in 1973 and got his MD in Rome taught in Italian (which he learned while there). We moved back to the states and he became an ER doctor, opened several clinics and gave Free medical services to all Vets, Police and Firefighters and well as people who could not afford medical services. He traveled to Honduras every few years to give free medical care to the poor there. He loved fast cars and when he bought this Viper new it was the ultimate American sports car. He helped more people than anyone I know. He passed away sitting on the living room watching the Scfi channel of was we think was a stroke in 2018. This car is special to me because it is one of the few things I have of his. He put all 38,800 miles on it and to sit in it and drive and the closest I can be to being with him. It holds tremendous sentimental value to me. He surely wasn’t the pretentious man that people may think of those who own cars like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. What he said. I went to ZCON Memphis as well, and during that trip a whole bunch of us jelled into a collection of good friends. More than just a bunch of people who owned similar cars, but people who honestly like each other and like spending time together. I really hope I have a vaccine in time to go to ZCON later this year. I've got people I want to see. And the cars are nice too.
  4. I went to ZCON in Memphis Tennessee in 2015? and finally met and hung out with these guys. That was the beginning of a completely new relationship. We are from all over the map but have the same attitude and compassion for the Datsuns. It was life changing for me to be around such a group. Forever friends I can say without a doubt. Sorta makes biker gangs understandable to me, personally. I'd do anything for my Z friends and they would, and do, for me. You have to go to a ZCON. EDIT add to. If I had not had this community of friends on CZC these past years I would have had to seek therapy from the local mental health center. Alcohol can only do so much to help me. Trying to help others really is my selfishness that helps me.
  5. Well, we shouldn’t have to justify our hobbies with our loved one but reality is a different story. My wife cannot understand most of the things I do when I’m not working. I don’t watch much TV, I like to be outside doing something, learning something, or building something. I find satisfaction taking a task and making it right. I was building sleeves in my garage last week and had my 13 yr old son helped me and the shelf was slightly off level. Bubble touching one edge of level line. He saw my dissatisfaction and said “Dad, you can’t accept anything unless it’s perfect”. He’s right, “it’s a curse and a blessing I told him.” We took it down and redid it. The people in our lives should value what makes you happy and that’s how I explain it to my wife. I like this forum because you don’t have to wonder if someone is going to judge you and make an unprofessional comment. It’s very liberating! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. As to this forum, I've been into IC engines since I was 11. Starting with a minibike that wouldn't start. My father's friend came over to help. He asked what steps I'd taken. Then he asked if I'd disassembled the carburetor. I thought to myself, "DISASSEMBLE THE CARBURETOR? Is he serious?!" Of course I hadn't. And then he asked a question that me and has guided and encouraged me for bunches of years. He asked "Why not?". And so I did. My point in sharing this, I submit, is that the helpful members of this forum have done the same for other folks here who are new to cars, or new to these cars, or just need guidance. I, for one, have found people who share my love for bringing back to use machines that might otherwise have ended up in a crusher, dealing with rust and hidden body damage and oil leaks, modifying parts meant for another, or even making replacement parts if no other option exists. My friends don't really appreciate that I finally acquired a milling machine in support of my endeavors, my wife has a hard time with the time and money consumed by my "hobby" as she calls it, and I don't know anyone who wants to listen to me go into detail about what I did to restore my door hinges. At least here, if I do decide to post such details I believe someone will read it and, at the very least, politely acknowledge it. That is what makes this group of people unique. I'll stand down from soapbox now.
  7. I've traded in the Speedo for long johns these days, still got the pose though.
  8. I just cleared all cookies from my desktop and Hybridz started loading again. Where did you get that pic of me, that was taken a long time ago. 😉
  9. Thank you for sharing that with us. He sounds like a remarkable man. Take good care of that inheritance. I'm sure he would want you to drive it like a Viper deserves to be driven.
  10. The timing set is "Engine Pro" brand. I think it will be fine and I'll chalk it up as a learning experience of what to ask about next time before ordering. I HATE the thought of a master link in the timing chain! While the cam gear didn't have the notches it did have the indents labeled 1,2,3 so I do feel confident that it is properly timed. Just got the Z last summer, I've always liked to tinker with stuff but never really got much past basic maintenance items and bolt on accessories. I finally am in a place in life where I have the means and garage to really tear into an engine. When I was younger the problem was that whatever I was working on I typically had to be able to drive it to work the next day! I'm not a mechanic by trade but I have spent the last 26 years around golf course maintenance equipment, maintaining reel mowers to cut perfectly at .100" is a pretty delicate undertaking. During my first job after college I worked with a great mechanic on taking 8 old Toro mowers and combining them to get 5 of them to operate and function properly. He taught me a lot about laying things out, cleaning up all the parts and how to assemble things. In a nutshell I know just enough to be dangerous but thanks to some great books, this forum and no real deadline for completion I have been able to deal with the challenges that pop up on a project like this. Thanks again for your assistance, I'd like to buy you a beer someday.
  11. Tempting, but I don't know much about carbs. They need tuning.
  12. Happy Sunday all, you might know the week starts on Sunday here in the Middle East (and ends of Thursday). Some progress on the floor passenger side, from the "small" hole and underneath rusted rail, to the cleaned up area and the new floor being adjusted. You can also notice the patches on driver side above, mix and match of original floor (the water drain in X shape), a part of Zeddfindings floor with the square area, and some metal sheets. Also, the dismantling of the other parts has also started, finally ! The gas tank as several rust spot, some pin holes, but I believe can be saved, let's see after sandblasting. Shocks/springs will be changed with the KYB Excel G I got in the auction with the car and the T3 coil over conversion kit. The front brake calipers will be refurbished (disks and pads are still new), rear drum refurbished as well. Everything going for sandblasting and will be repainted in black, except the sway bars to remain red, matching with the Prothane bushing kit.
  13. I'm going to sing "reverse, reverse, reverse...baaaaack up. There's a time to go foward... toward a different end. There's a time to shut up and listen again and again... for everytime you think you have got it...you're wrong again and again and again..." Thank you! Elvis has left the toilet.
  14. This forum also has a laid back, bunch of buddies hanging around talking about their favorite car sort of feeling. It's like a Z lover's watering hole. The regulars seem to know each other, and we newbies come in learning from the tried and true experts. Also, there's several informal threads such as this one, the "z's only a mother could love" one, and the "Saturday Music" one as well, to name a few. I'm not sure how many car forum websites are like this - whether it's common, or relatively rare. Either way, that's what makes this forum unique to me.
  15. Although I mentioned politics that is not really what I'm talking about, I hope you would agree that the citizens of the US are much more important than any Government. Just hoping you guys can get a break and a chance to focus not on politics but on things that are important, your own families health and well being. I should not have used the word congratulations, that does imply a preference for one party over the other and I apologize for that. Best wishes for all is what I'm trying to say.
  16. Today i got the delivery from the guys at Sandstrahlen-plus.ch which i can really recommend if you're in switzerland... They had my complete chassis blasted (except the roof and a few areas i will replace anyway) and primered. The job is very nice if you ask me and it looks so much better with all the car in one colour, rather than twelve different layers of primer, bondo, paint, rust protection, etc.. in various states... Remember, this is how it looked a few weeks ago... Luckily the process didnt' reveal any new problems, only the bad repairs of yesteryear and the rusty spots i already new and have replacement panels for... $ I also made this little "unboxing" gif whlie unwrapping the car and thought it was fun to share...
  17. Thank you Mike, and thanks for this site. It is unique and the total knowledge is extremely helpful to us all. Some here are more "expert" than others. I go for the information and try ignore the editorializing. I have learned more about my car than I ever thought possible. Cheers, Mike
  18. Thanks, but No Thanks. I waded into the corporate world of banking and manufacturing when I was younger. I started to run into superiors? that asked me for a loyalty oath. That told me all I needed to know. Long story short, I found that creating something with my mind and hands, as well as treating others as US rather than THEM , to be far more satisfying than chasing money and power.
  19. I thought that looked familiar, I recognized my outdoor work bench.
  20. Hand sanding and then polishing with a wool pad at low rpm by hand.
  21. They start teaching coding in the third grade now, I think. I was having crayon fights in the third grade. I learned some Pascal and some Basic along the way to now, but none of the graphical interface stuff. More like the computer in War Games. Soon people will be writing the code for their own electronic brain replacements.
  22. That's a "Redneck emergency brake" aka telephone pole.
  23. I was able to lower the fuel pressure at the carbs from 3.6 psi to 3.2 yesterday by sticking a small awl in the return line hole and just reamed it a little bit .now I am much happier now that I do not have to worry about fuel over flow or ruining the needle and seats. I read that 3.5 psi was at the top limit so this is much better . so now off to lowes for the fire extinguisher . another little project to keep busy with winter and covid .
  24. Yet another reason to eat mints rather than gum.
  25. Just wanted to say this was awesome! Love how you used a no longer viable shell in a way that is inspiring to the rest of us!
  26. heyitsrama


    Hey @silentbug I think there are already people trying to help you out in the thread you posted earlier; Try to keep your issues contained to one thread so people can see what you have tried, its easier to get help that way. Often when people start opening up multiple threads, and DONT follow the instructions/discussions that are being held within the topics they start, the thread dies out and people stop posting help. I think ZedHead and Steve were walking you through some stuff to test out, I would listen to what they have to say, they are very well informed individuals and have helped lots of people get their 280z fuel injection system figured out, they are not wasting your time and their time trying to help. You will need a multimeter to figure out the EFI system, and YES its possible that the water temp sensor is messing with the system. https://www.amazon.com/AstroAI-Digital-Multimeter-Voltage-Tester/dp/B01ISAMUA6/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=multimeter&qid=1611644234&sr=8-5
  27. You can’t make this stuff up LOL! Don’t understand why it doesn’t sell, one just sold for $310,000.00. “Probably shouldn’t have used it for surf fishing....at least should have remembered to move it before the tide came in”!
  28. That there is one well ventilated and holey 73.....yes 73. Purdy color mind you. All I see if a pile of heavenly parts too far away to do anything about. Sigh.....
  29. Let's be specific and precise. Is there still a plate in the driver's side door frame? Can you read the date? What I post assumes that this fits into what is considered the 1978 model year. If I understand you correctly, when you put the key in the START position, the solenoid engages the starter. The starter turns the engine, and the engine fires. (The car starts.) When you release the key to allow the switch to go from START on ON, the car dies immediately or shortly after. (It doesn't run.) I'm not sure what you mean by running the fuel pump right out of the fuel rail. I will have to assume that you have an adequate supply of good gasoline to supply the fuel pump. Here are two possible causes for your problem (though there can be others): The back part of the ignition switch is failing. The circuit for the fuel pump relay is losing the ground at the oil pressure switch. How to diagnose (You will need a multimeter, i.e.: a meter that can measure voltage and resistance.): Ignition Switch Put the meter on DC voltage. If it has ranges, select the lowest range that is above 12 volts (probably 20). Put the positive lead of the meter on the positive terminal of the coil (black wire with white stripe). Put the negative lead on an unpainted surface. I like the bolts of the shock tower. Have someone start the car. You should see around 10 to 12 volts while starting. When the key is released to go from START to ON, make sure you still have voltage. If the voltage drops to 0 when the key is in the ON position, that means the switch is bad. Oil Pressure Switch Put meter on the lowest resistance range. The oil pressure sender has a "T" connector. The oil pressure switch connects to the vertical of the "T". Get one probe in the back of the wire to test. The other probe goes to an unpainted surface. Again, I like the shock tower bolts. Have someone start the car. As the car starts, you should see the resistance measurement go to zero (continuity). If the resistance does not drop, that means you don't have the probe positioned properly, or the oil pressure switch is bad. Let us know the results of these tests. Also, post pictures of you holding the leads in place and of the meter. Please don't post potato quality pictures. Sometimes people don't use the proper technique, and that provides bad results. I don't want you throwing parts at the problem. That gets expensive and frustrating.
  30. The one on the right. Here's what I went by to the T. 240 wiring diagram is at the bottom of the page. https://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/distributor/index.html Thank you @240260280
  31. Ah ok, my bad granny, you did pretty well overall!
  32. Yeah, I didn't even mention inspecting the threads on the head. So between sketchy heli-coils which probably led to uneven pressure, and the burrs on the rear journal, it's no surprise you had issues with alignment. Aren't PO's wonderful? So I bet you feel pretty good about it now that you have that cam spinning free, don't you? It's great when you find the real underlying issue(s) and fix it! Awesome!
  33. Correct, I was putting the lube on the journals and bearings but when I slid the cam back in I had the same issue with it not wanting to slide all the way in with the tower bolts at full torque. So I loosened everything back up, lubed the journals/bearings, slid it in and when I was torquing everything down the second time is when the Heli-coil broke loose. I finally found a Heli-coil set after 3 stops and decided to check all threads, glad I did because there were two more that appeared sketchy. I’ve replaced them and now have the towers and cam installed. I can easily turn it with my fingers so I’m calling it a success! I’m now beginning to think that the worn out Heli-coil may have been the or at least another issue with the cam fitment. Oh well, either way it’s in and I can finish the top end today. Thanks for the help Captain
  34. Guess he missed the memo that he can work out his lower body as well
  35. A ton of work has been done to the car since the last update. Many, many hours of prep work and paint to get the front clip painted this weekend. Now the reassembly can begin for the drivetrain and suspension.
  36. @siteunseen Love the shirt! When I bought my first Z (a 73 in 1981), my sister gave me a similar one, except on the front it had a full front view of a 240, and the back had the rear view. I still have it! Funny, while I was writing this, my wife ran to get the tee shirt. We've had it for 40 years and she locates it in less than 30 seconds. Further, our GSD Riley decided the tee shirt must be guarded since I'm infirmed. I'm recovering from yet ANOTHER f%!/$@* injury so she wouldn't let me hobble to the basement or even get up (it can a real issue when needing the bathroom). Last year this time it was a shoulder surgery. I was able to enjoy four whole months of full activity after recovery before this horse spit happened. Stay healthy all, and think through what you're doing!
  37. I was painting my house and got to laughing thinking of you and Kathy telling me to turn again and again but I kept driving past y'all's hotel. I think I did at least 2 illegal U-turns. I know how glad you were when we were getting the luggage out. Can't wait to see you and Kathy soon. Cliff While I was painting my neighbors gave a Christmas present they had gotten but then they got Covid. Greater later I say.
  38. For me, that Memphis ZCON was the start of faces to a screen, but it has continued since then. I've hopped into a car with a Z guy I had never met before... In the middle of traffic. And after verifying that neither of us was carrying and axe, we went on a pub crawl. I've met for pancakes in Princeton with Z people I had never met before. I've met for project show-and-tell and food north of Toronto with Z people I had never met before. In Orlando, when you've seen enough of the Great Mouse and the other tourist attractions... I've met up with Z people there. I've even been invited to a meal at the parent's house of a Z guy who used to live close to me but now lives completely at the other end of the country. When traveling on completely non-Z related events, I've made stop-offs to see some friends and make new ones. I've met for coffee (and hopefully provide a short respite from the rigors and boredom of work travel) with Z people who find themselves in the area for a layover. I'm wondering if it's just the food and drink.....
  39. And just so the flat-top guys don't feel out in the cold... Here's a pair of linkages for between the two flat-top carbs. Same scenario as above. One has had the throttle opener arm removed, but the washer is still present: It looks like it was done with a hacksaw or cutting disk. Again, I (probably) did this some time ago, but don't remember the details. Whoever did it was clever enough to place the saw slit on the underside where it wouldn't be noticeable when installed. I like to think I'm that clever. Here's a pic:
  40. First thing I would do is make sure the mating surfaces (bottoms of the towers and mounting pads on the head) are clean enough to eat off. And I would (under magnification) make sure there were no burrs or "upset" metal anywhere on any of the mating surfaces. One might wonder how burrs might get kicked up? Well in the case of the head on my car, my PO used a screwdriver between the towers and the head to pry some of the more stubborn the caps off. That screwdriver wedging caused burrs that prevented the towers from sitting properly after that. So if you (or a PO) did anything like that, you need to look into it. As for the percussive finesse... I would put all the caps in place, lightly tap them with a plastic mallet to seat them, put the bolts in and snug them up to a low torque. Maybe a third of the final torque. Then put the (well oiled) cam in place and see how it spins. If it spins free, then tighten up the towers to 2/3 spec and see how it spins. If it still spins free, tighten the towers to spec and see how it spins. If it still spins free at full torque, congrats... You're done. Let's start there and see what happens. If it DOESN"T spin free, then you need to start the percussive adjustments. But I'm going to start off hopeful and see what happens?
  41. I did and found an amusing thread immediately.
  42. That's really insightful. I wonder what a Hummer forum would be like?
  43. It's been like a 4 year bee sting. Nothing debilitating buy annoying as hell. It'll take about a month for the swelling to go away and then I can get back to working in my garage and back to normal day to day boredom. Seinfeld in the morning, not the news. That can wait until the evenings again. Biden will go to bed, not tweet all night.
  44. Totally agree! And i've seen it also, Man.. that lady gaga can sing hey!! 👍
  45. Haha!! Actually it was an accidental hit. I was joking that maybe you were printing something more green. On your printing press in the basement.
  46. These forums would get a lot more interesting if they became Zoom meetings. Although on second thought, I'm sure it would then quickly descend into what every webcam-based chat room eventually succumbs to... We're lucky to have people on a public forum with passion and knowledge which they are willing to share. People come from various backgrounds and cultures which is difficult to see behind a keyboard. If we all took things a bit more light-heartedly, we wouldn't get so offended all the time. I'm always up for a passionate debate as long as it's backed by clarity, fastidiousness, and humility. A lack thereof creates an incongruity in the discussion which, especially on the internet, can cause the other party to get defensive and petty. This either results in the other party (a) eventually putting their ego aside and realizing why the discussion went awry or (b) "stone the troll". YMMV

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