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  1. Captain Obvious

    '78 Black Pearl Restoration

    I'm not sure that production is really a good idea... I worry that would just encourage people to mess with their AFM's when they probably shouldn't. My AFM came to me already messed with, and the glue blobs completely removed from the inside. Even with bright light, magnification and careful study, I could never determine where my AFM started. My PO removed all traces of the original calibration marks. All I knew was that my car ran very rich, has aftermarket injectors, and my PO messed with everything including the AFM. I had exhausted all other avenues and came to the back-hand conclusion that my PO messed up my AFM. It would certainly have fit his MO. He was after "more power", and I think someone told him that "more fuel makes more power" so he tweaked the AFM. I have since re-tweaked my AFM and it runs waaaaaay better now. So about the tool... I do have a milling machine, but I didn't use it for the gear teeth. I did the teeth on a "shaper". I'm sure you know what that is, but for those who never heard of one, the shaper is the predecessor to the milling machine. Old school. The saying is "You can make anything you want on a shaper. Except money." One tooth at a time and then rotate the workpiece to the next position using an indexing head: Here's a shot of my ancient indexing head. From the late 1800's or very early 1900's: Sorry for the thread-jack!
  2. Hi! New guy here. Glad to have found this great Classic Z car forum. I'm hoping to learn and get some valuable tips from the other members here. Have a nice day!
  3. lordkarma88

    1970 240Z in SD. Surprised if this lasts one day.

    Damn, that eBay 240z is in Wichita falls, pretty close to me! Anybody got 12k to donate to a good cause? Sent from my OP 3T using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  4. Thank you. I have had 8-9 zcars through the years, back when you could buy them for $3000, but never really had "the" z I always wanted. This car has only 20,000 miles on it through a little detective work, but it sat for many years. A super clean 73, going back all stock, hubcaps and all, other than triple Weber 40's and a rebuilt engine oversized a few thousandth. Converting it to 5 speed with an 83 Borg Warner. I remember going to the Nissan dealer back 20+ years ago seeing the restored 240's they were selling and always wanting one of those, so now its time.
  5. 240260280

    When a D cap is not a hubcap

    I want a beanie with a cream coloured metal fan and fan clutch on the top.
  6. Mark Maras

    Where to go with this rusthole

    IMHO, finish each section. One doesn't want to remove a lot of metal at the same time on these cars unless the car is on a jig.
  7. wheee!

    I’d like to do new Panasport wheels

    I mounted a wheel for a test fit and it looks good. However, the car is still on jackstands for a while. @zKars had them on his 73 before me, so may be he can chime in.
  8. Uhem... and when are we going? 😉
  9. Zed Head

    1970 240Z in SD. Surprised if this lasts one day.

    What was the original price? Never mind, I'm guessing $22,000 was original and you thought that was too low. You think that that car is almost to Excellent level. Pump, pump, pump it up... (90's flashback).
  10. jayhawk

    1969 240Z S/N 340 for sale on ebay?

    Hmm, auction ended just a couple of minutes after my original post....
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