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  1. zspert

    New wiper blades?

    After finding out that 240 and late 280 wiper blades are NLA from Nissan I decided to go on a bit of an adventure checking out what's available on the aftermarket. At least something that might be period looking. On top is a new Nissan factory 77/78 280 black pin drive type blade, B8891-N3500. Below that is an excellent substitute from NAPA, 60-018-8 for about $12.00 each. I like these because they look good and the pin drive is solidly mounted to the superstructure and not part of a universal mounting kit. At the bottom are a set of NLA Datsun refills B8891-45090. The last set Nissan had. At the top of the second picture is a set of Datsun factory blades that I liberated from a 240 with only 9k miles. On the superstructure is printed "under license from TRICO". Below that is a set of NAPA /TRICO Classic blades (6-1833). Although they are sold by NAPA and TRICO for about the same money, $9.00 each, and are almost identical, they are manufactured in China. The mounting arm is part of a kit and made from gray plastic. The design of the metal superstructure is nothing like the factory blades but the color is pretty close. Below that is a set of ANCO Vintage Specialty Blades, ANC-20-18. I had a hell of a time locating a set as those dealers indicated on the ANCO site as being near me didn't have a clue. I finally ordered from Summit for more than $25.00 each. Upon opening the packaging I discovered that THEY ARE THE SAME MADE IN CHINA BLADE AS SOLD BY NAPA and TRICO! Only difference-the superstructure is more shiny. At the bottom are a set of NAPA/TRICO refills and yes, they do indeed fit original Datsun factory blades. However, the stiffening piece is black. The NAPA part # is 6-1844 and are/were about $7.00 for a set. Given the relationship between NAPA and TRICO I'm confident that they are the same TRICO 44-180 mentioned by siteunseen. Cheers
  2. siteunseen

    What Rubber Supplier

    I've read zcardepot.com has the closest complete set but you need @Zup braided trophy winning advice. Arne has an old thread on this if you google it. Best of luck!
  3. jfa.series1

    Door Window removal

  4. 240260280

    73 holes in floors?

    My buddy's 73 has two holes that go through the floor back near the outside seat belt anchors. Is this a "feature"?
  5. Captain Obvious

    Patton Machine Fuel Injection

    My original temp sensor was looking quite ragged around the edges, so when I adapted that 260 thermostat housing to my 280, I also took the opportunity to replace the temp sensor with a new one. I bought a new sensor off rock auto and to confirm that it had the same characteristics, I compared it to my original on the stove in a pot of water. I just wanted to be sure. They were slightly different, but well within the accuracy limits laid out in the FSM. Here's my "test rig": And here's a summary of the results:
  6. Zed Head

    Which engine for a 77’ 280z

    I think so. It has many tips for increasing power but maintaining durability. How to unshroud valves, match ports, get the rotating parts balanced for higher revs, choose lash pads and confirm wipe patterns. The kind of things you'll need to do to get 200-220 HP, I think. Probably help you pick the right machinist also for any work done. The authors of those two books shared a lot of information so there's some overlap. The two books are a good set.
  7. Mark Maras

    73 holes in floors?

    Might be a good question for Matsuo San.
  8. ollie

    73 holes in floors?

    I'm away until tomorrow night but I will look at mine when I get back to town.
  9. 26th-Z

    WTB: splash pan

    Turns out I have two of them. Both used. One is the 74810-E4100, painted black in a rather old, wrinkled finish. It is in very good shape and needs to be refinished. The other must be a later style - perhaps for the 280Z?- because of the hole in the front. My parts books don't go into the 280Z model years. Finished in that Eastwood CAD simulated paint, it shows some dings and bends that could be easily hammered out. $135 for the black one, $100 for the CAD one. Plus shipping. I'll need to get a box made.
  10. siteunseen

    New wiper blades?

    Trico 44-180 refills fit both my cars very good. $8 at O'reilly's. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/trico-5077/wiper-blade-motor-16494/wiper-blades-25089/wiper-refill-12826/83ee6f490634/trico-18-inch-natural-rubber-wiper-refill/44180/4748890/1977/nissan/280z
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