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  1. HS30-H

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    This statement would benefit from having a little bit of sunlight shone on it...
  2. Well I decided to jump into the EFI game with both feet. Here is what changed this "old school" boy's mind. Weber look-a-like throttle bodies with built in injectors and TPS. Jenvey Heritage Throttle bodies is what they go by. I get the old look I can't seem to do without, with all the modern advantages of EFI. You may notice that there are only two, and this is a Z forum, but as most of you know there is 510 lady in my life that I'm currently enfatuated with. I can always buy another one if I ever come to my senses. These are 45mm with 350cc/hr injectors. Should do. https://www.onesixindustries.com/products
  3. JSM

    FYI - 240Z Dashboards

    Looks like 280z dash are right around the corner.
  4. Jason240z

    Head ID?

    Of the other way round. nicely prepped though. Its a mystery!
  5. Looks like a good deal for someone Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  6. I believe the 4mm total is the amount of distance that the tensioner has the ability to accommodate. I don't know that you could take all 4mm off the bottom of the head
  7. Dave WM

    PSA Rear strut insulator

    I always put some lift on the wheels when car is on jack stands, just enough to make it so the suspension is not hanging by the rubber. added bonus if the jacks fail there is another line of defense from the car falling on me. if that is not practical I remove the wheels, to take the weight of the rim/tire off.
  8. zKars

    Oil pressure gauge

    Disconnect the wire from the sender, and ground it to the block. Turn on the ignition (no need to start it) and see if the gauge goes to full pressure. If it does, the gauge is good.
  9. Patcon

    Cody's Goon

    Well we got Cody's car running a few weekends ago. We got the timing cover off and redid all those seals and reset the plunger. It has fixed the water consumption issue. We also found he was losing the rear brake circuit due to leaks. So we rebuilt all of the rear brakes. New shoes, wheel cylinders and hardware. I had Cody do most of it. He did good with it! We also put some new tires on it to prevent scrubbing in the wheel wells. It's a lot better but the right side that got hit still scrubs a little bit. He is happy to have his car back. A while back I worked on the grill and headlight buckets. I had Cody buff all of them. You have to buff them on a lower speed if possible. They are easily damaged if the wheel takes them away from you. Then I taped them all up so I could spray the black. I used the Eastwood satin black 2K. It looks good. We'll see how it holds up. It had mixed reviews, but so far I have gotten good results with it. I should have taken some pictures of them all taped up. I always get going and forget to do it. Here are some finished pictures: I bought some 1/4" pin striping tape which helped a lot on taping off the fine lines This last one peeled a little when the tape was removed. I think it did that because we didn't get all the buffing compound off before spraying them. Next on the list are some suspension repairs. the front struts seem shot, sway bar links are shot and the sway bar bushings will get redone too
  10. rturbo 930

    Head ID?

    Wouldn't an N42 head have reliefs for the injectors on the intake ports?

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