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  1. z3beemer

    SS Bumpers from Vietnam

    Not to get politica,l but you can thank the US Government and the EPA for the cost of re chroming. They put so many regulation on the shops that small companies couldn't afford it and went out of business, leaving only large shops in the market. With little competition and massive regulations, we get stuck with astronomical cost.
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  3. z3beemer

    Another Clutch Pedal Question

    First let me thank you all for your replies to my dilemma. I'm new here and I really appreciate everyone's input and eagerness to help out. I think I found a home for my Z project. I'm still now exactly sure what works and what doesn't on my 73 Z. So let me pose a few questions. Diseazd informed us that the vin # on the parts Wal280Z and I were discussing were from a 72 Z and not a 73. I don't know much about how Datsun did their vin numbers but mine is 152810 and was manufactured Mar 1973. Wayne's vin # is 163037. I would think with it being 10,000 digits higher it would be a 73 as well (yes/no?). Second, the "L" bracket... in looking in the Datsun factory manual, it does not show the bracket. It just shows the clevis on the master cylinder attaching directly to the pedal. Maybe it is just showing a "typical" illustration and not an actual one. If all it takes is adding the L bracket to the pedal I can easily weld one onto the clutch pedal. Third: I was wondering if anyone who has a 73 would be able to provide a picture of the actual 73 clutch pedal and a picture of the brake and clutch master cylinders as viewed from the engine compartment. Thanks again for all your help, hopefully I'll be able to return the favor. Paul (z3beemer)
  4. Ok I ran a search here for clutch pedal swap and spent the last hour reviewing the posts on the issue and I'm probably more confused than ever. I recently purchased a 73 240Z Automatic that came with a spare engine/ manual trans from a 72 240z (or so I'm told). So I'll be swapping the trans to stick. I know the existing pedal work will work for the change out by changing the brake pedal and adding the clutch pedal. In reading all the post there seems to be quite a bit of disagreement on what will work and what won't. Does anyone know for CERTAIN if 72 pedals will work in the 73 or do the pedals have to out of a 73? Thanks in advance
  5. z3beemer

    Clutch Pedal for 73 240Z

    Doing a auto to manual conversion on a 73 240z. Need a clutch pedal. As I understand it need to be from a 73 in order to align with the opening in the firewall. I'm told there are differences among the various years. Call or text Paul at 219-916-2321

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