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  1. After the recent BAT auctions, we all know there is some crazy money floating around. Yet another prime example.
  2. Here's another oddity to challenge the experts: Working thru cleaning the rails for round top carbs, I came across this one with both front brackets solidly fixed. All others I've seen have one fixed bracket and one movable bracket - seen behind the odd one. Note also the fuel line connecting points are equal length, not staggered as most. The rest of the rail matches others. Thoughts?
  3. JIm D. - I've got two rails for flat tops and three for 260Z yet to get underway, one more in the bunch would not be a problem. Pack it up and send it this way. You already have my address? Jim3
  4. I'm working on some fuel rails I came by as part of a large used parts purchase, spent today bending and straightening the abuses of prior owners. One of the rails is different - it is at the front of the group pic. This design also matches the OE rail on my car. So... a question for the knowledge folks: was this design unique to early cars - those we refer to as Series 1? Next up: the dreaded and tedious cleaning process to get rid of years of grease, grime, rust, ...etc.
  5. Prop 65 says it all! Tin foil hats for all residents. 👽
  6. It looks like the root of the problem is with the master cylinder - bleeders usually point outboard.
  7. At $12.14 each from Courtesy (plus shipping to you) how can you not do it? Aftermarket is even less at Rockauto. https://www.courtesyparts.com/oem-parts/nissan-bushing-link-54535e4100
  8. I built my workbench over 30 years ago and put the deck height at 42" just to make work and tools a bit easier to get to. A few years ago I gave up some of the length to make room for a shelving unit. Of course this also reduced available space for tool storage, resulting in stuff stored in different spots around the garage. Further complicating things is that I keep three cars stored in a slightly oversized 2-car garage so floor space is already at a premium. I recently spotted a mobile workbench at Home Depot and took note of the dimensions. Checking under my bench I realized I fortuitously had the EXACT right sized opening for the unit. All I had to do was clear out and remove a shelf under the deck. The install took place yesterday, it looks like a custom install, and lots of tools now have a new and organized home!
  9. Another welcome to the group - and big thanks for taking on the saving of another early car! @Captain Obvious in your area is one very smart guy and should be a great help for any local issues. Consider adding your VIN and build date info to your signature, its always a help to those responding to posts.
  10. My dealer had already installed the BRE rear spoiler when I first laid eyes on the car. The "Datsun" and "240Z" emblems obviously were gone. The spoiler covered the open holes for the 240Z emblem and the dealer installed his own emblem above the spoiler, concealing but not closing the other open holes. When i removed the spoiler to ready the car for paint, I discovered other open holes at the left side under the spoiler. This told me the dealer initially attached his emblem to the left lower hatch, then moved it when they decided to load up the car with options - and boy was it loaded! I had all the extraneous holes filled as part of the painting process, leaving only the six installation holes for the spoiler.
  11. I didn't see an ankle monitor so I guess the local fuzz had not yet caught up with him. He was driving a little Toyota rental, traveling pretty well incognito.
  12. Had a visit this morning from our very good friend @240260280z. He was in town this week for business meetings and came by before his return flight home. He took me through the process to adjust and balance my SU's - much happier carbs now! Quite a nice tech session for the morning.
  13. I just located my invoice: from CarCoverUSA, Covercraft Custom Fit, 1971 Datsun 240Z, Base with one mirror pocket, Polycotton PD gray, size G2. $154.95 + $10 shipping (2017). Hope this helps.
  14. Cliff, Something to consider is the absence of a pocket for the driver-side mirror. It clearly is not there with the black, stretchy cover and you can see in the pic the tension on the mirror. I would avoid this cover for that very reason. The BRE cover does not show a pocket and there is no mention of one in the description. The cover looks to be loose enough to not put pressure on the mirror. My cover is a single-layer fabric, indoor only, specifically designed for the car with a mirror pocket. I seem to recall they offered a choice of none, one, or two pockets. The fit is excellent, it follows the lines perfectly, nothing loose to flop around. Unfortunately, I do not recall the mfr. Jim
  15. If you are running a 180 degree thermostat, your temp gauge pic is spot on - not indicating overheating. The gauge needle should swing a bit every so often as the thermostat cycles to admit cooler water and then closes.
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