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  1. Lets hear from our Florida members on their status after the storm.
  2. I've been replacing all of my 11 year old fuel hoses with braided cover hoses and decided to do the flow guide valve vapor hoses for a consistent appearance. My valve cover breather hose was already a OE braided unit but I gave it quick inspection. Uh Oh - big crack at one end, time to replace it as well. A visit to MSA showed me a repro unit for (choke!) $90! 😲 So it was back to Belmetric for possible options. The valve cover fitting is 16mm in diameter but Belmetric only has 14mm and 17mm hoses. The breather hose is about 14" so I ordered two feet of the 17mm hose at the most attractive price of $7.15/ft. (today it is $8.01). At 1mm oversize, obviously it is an easy fit but the OE circular spring clamps hold it securely in place on the valve cover and air filter box. All of the hoses at Belmetric are from Germany and are typically marked so on the hose. If you don't want the word Germany on your Japanese car, the markings can easily be removed with a vigorous rubbing with mineral spirits. I really like the feel of $75 still in my pocket! 😁 https://belmetric.com/m17x21-braided-continental-hose-rh17-n203701/
  3. Carl, Here is an update for your list of the 12/70 cars. Regards, Jim
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    Complete hood latch set with bolts. Stripped to bare metal and professionally replated in yellow zinc. Not a single ding in the receiver plate, this one is restoration quality. $195 includes standard domestic shipping. Payment via PayPal, PM if interested. Thanks.


  5. View Advert S30 Hood Latch Set Complete hood latch set with bolts. Stripped to bare metal and professionally replated in yellow zinc. Not a single ding in the receiver plate, this one is restoration quality. $195 includes standard domestic shipping. Payment via PayPal, PM if interested. Thanks. Advertiser jfa.series1 Date 09/08/2022 Price $195 Category Parts for Sale  
  6. You are dealing with 50+ year old plastic here that will have gotten more brittle over the years. Consider bonding a thin reinforcement on the underside - one solid strip with a notch to match the factory shape. That plus @kats recommendation for a thin rubber washer under the knob should help hold back breakage.
  7. The stock air filter housing checks all the boxes: - Cold air supply to both carbs, well protected from the exhaust manifold heat - Fittings for the carb overflow hoses and crankcase vent hoses - Air horns to smooth the air flow into the carbs - Efficient filter specifically designed for the carbs
  8. Nope. Didn't make a habit of carrying around a 35mm back then.
  9. My dealer was Jack Crew Trophy Datsun of Dallas. He made the decision to pull the car from delivery, pack it with options, and stick it on the showroom floor (sound familiar???). In addtion to the Spook and spoiler, it had front and rear bumper overriders, A/C, tape stripe, console arm rest, and an 8-track unit with cheesy speakers stuck to the rear deck. Topping it all was a set of 10" wide alloys with race rubber mounted. I knew the tires were not street legal so I made a deal to put the stock wheels and tires back on the car and swap out the 8-track for a Datsun AM/FM head. With the big wheels and tires gone, the price became workable with my trade-in and the car became mine.
  10. Go to the BRE site and check out the pics from the 1970 season, you'll find the original style - used only that year. Carl Beck has speculated that mine may be the last one surviving. I reached out to Randy Jaffe while he was building the tribute car and asked if I was at risk of a midnight raid to confiscate my gen-1. He forwarded my pic to Peter Brock who came back with a comment that yes - this was the original, designed to "cool the brakes" per SCCA regs. Everyone else began to copy it and the rules changed so he modified the design to be more efficient.
  11. The dealer had already installed the BRE 1st generation "Spook" and rear spoiler on my car when I found it on the showroom floor. Years later the Spook was ripped off by some high water but I retrieved it and later gave it a full restoration.
  12. While the electrical component of my ignition switch has been replaced twice over the years I still have the OE mechanical part of it. Let me know what you are looking for.
  13. Yes sir, those look are the ones. Send me a PM with the $ details. Thanks!
  14. View Advert 240Z Door Lock Rods Wanted I'm looking for a couple of door lock rods to finish out a set of locks. I need one short rod per the picture. Note these are L/R specific, I have a Left and need a Right, just the rod and not the small bracket. Also, I need one long single rod, not the bell crank combo rod. These are not L/R specific. Thanks, Jim Advertiser jfa.series1 Date 08/18/2022 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 0 Model 240Z  
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