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  1. Ah-ha, so you are actually just up the road from me. Unless they have changed over the years, Z Therapy will leave the smog fittings in place if requested to do so. That said, if going with a header you'll loose the air injection manifold as you stated and the air pump becomes just so much dead weight. I had Z Therapy remove all the balance tube fittings for a cleaner look, no regrets. I'll PM my contact info to you, I might be able to help a bit with getting the SU's tweaked. Jim
  2. Please spare us your Austrian Alps miasma, you're getting no pity from this end. Lucy is always available to help! As to the header heat question, I have the factory heat shield fitted between my header and the SU's. No heat issues with the carbs or hydraulics.
  3. A very big welcome to the group, that is a fantastic looking car! I'm just up the road from you and would welcome the opportunity to meet. If you're interested in club activities, we have a very active Z Club of Texas in this area and a lot of folks would be interested in meeting you and your new ride. I have the Z Therapy carbs and the MSA Premium 2.5" exhaust system and header. Well pleased with all of it and I do second the comments about needing to add a resonator.
  4. I agree that is difficult to see a 5/70 build date titled as a '71. Back then transportation to the dealers was easily 3 - 4 months so the registration (title) date was subject to a blend of info from the dealers, and local and state procedures. A 5/70 car likely arrived at a dealer either in August or September, right at the cusp of most model year changes. My 12/70 car arrived at the dealer in late March.
  5. I think the heat riser was introduced somewhere around VIN 4,000 but please don't hold me to that. That included the butterfly on the snorkel and the decal for summer/winter. As to the timing for the rest of the decals I have no idea but suspect they started prior to the heat riser addition. With his background in restorations, Mike McGinnis of Banzai - @zspert might have a much better handle on this.
  6. jfa.series1


    Primary damage - all over Estimated retail value - $25,000 Bwaaaahhhhaaahhhaaaa!!!! 🤣
  7. Doesn't bode well for a new Z. https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/12/cars/nissan-earnings-report/index.html
  8. Difficult to confirm it is the same - it is similar as you suggest. In the seller's 3rd pic you can spot the electrical plug location at about 12 o'clock. Go back to my pics and you can see a raised shape/cover about the same location as the tube that may have been to provide air circulation around the body of the motor. The OE motor has air vents at the back of the metal housing, none visible in the plastic housing of the Kia item.
  9. I went thru the same problem after my resto. Barring worn hinges as a root cause, keep trying the push-down procedure as you have been doing. I do recommend you pull the grill (only five screws) to be able to get to all the mounting bolts easily from the front as you or a buddy apply pressure to the leading edge of the hood. I kept the torsion rods in place when doing mine.
  10. Welcome to the group! Keep us posted on your adventures with the new ride.
  11. I think the 280Z went with a space-saver spare so that's not going to be a match.. I think any 240Z and likely a 260Z will have the correct rear section for you. Check your area salvage yards for a car you can cut out. Also - not to drive you away from this group but you also have the Connecticut Z Car Club to draw on for possible assistance in locating what you need: http://www.ctzcc.com/
  12. I have to disagree with your post regarding the Series 1 version. I am the original owner of my car and the switch with the twin triangles on the handle is original to the car. You'll note that member @w3wilkes indicates his 12/70 car has the same version of the switch and handle.
  13. For the purpose of dating, my 12/70 car has the twin-triangle version of the switch handle.
  14. +1 on these type units even if you're not yet running LED's. Swap out the turn signal and hazard cans.
  15. Welcome to the group! That looks like a great family project, can't believe you kept it a secret from us all this time. Looking forward to your pics of the finished product.