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  1. jfa.series1

    SS Bumpers from Vietnam

    OK gang, I promised updates and here they are: I have product! Whoo hoo!!! The package arrived a while ago and I got everything open and inspected. The packaging was very good, all sealed in a durable tape. The bumper parts were very well wrapped in bubble, then fabric, then clear tape. The finish is outstanding - looks like chrome. The kit includes the bolts to connect the end caps to the center bar - note the square holes are larger than an OE bumper. I intend to work on the install this weekend (100 degrees forecast for here! ), I'll post more updates on that. Here's some info on the timeline: I ordered and paid on 05/25, asked that the PayPal invoice state 1971 240Z rear bumper, no rubber, no holes. They complied perfectly. Shipping to TX was previously quoted at ~10 days. Tracking was not initially provided and they sent a followup email yesterday to check on the arrival and satisfaction (nice touch). I replied not yet, didn't have tracking to check. They immediately sent UPS tracking that showed delivery scheduled for today. The pkg. was handed to UPS in Viet Nam on 06/18 and leads me to believe their process is a make-to-order. That makes sense to me as they advertise a huge assortment of bumpers available. Keep tuned to this station for more on this continuing story...
  2. jfa.series1

    Epic meet of Japanese cars

    On another pass thru the pics I spotted Eiji wearing our Z Club of Texas T shirt. Yee Hah!!!
  3. jfa.series1

    Epic meet of Japanese cars

    Great photo spread, thanks for sharing it with us.
  4. jfa.series1

    [2018] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    Janet will be flying to ZCON no doubt!
  5. jfa.series1

    Nissan Dealer Parts Department

    Similar experience here. David or Butch at the counter of Courtesy Nissan Parts understand the parts and know how to find them if they are at all available. Club discounts are standard, online prices are already fully discounted. I have parts shipped to the store at no cost, always a good reason to stop by for a friendly chat.
  6. jfa.series1

    Did something fun today...

    Its good to be unique, its good to be special! Thanks for representing the brand.
  7. jfa.series1

    Radiator Maintenance

    Finally got the radiator back from the shop yesterday. Whenever I have this type work done I always specify "no paint". Cleanup the tanks and frame with a Dremel and a cup brush, wipe down with wax and grease remover, tape up and primer. Wet sanding and gloss black paint on the schedule for tomorrow.
  8. jfa.series1

    New Exhaust for my Early '71

    Nice job on that install. It looks like the shop did some cuts and welds on the "S" section to improve the fit. Here is the same kit I installed a few years ago, probably like yours. For those of us that did not cut the pipe, getting the muffler tucked in and out of sight tends to present a challenge. That's why we've had the numerous discussions on which end is "in" and "out" and tilting the muffler.
  9. jfa.series1

    1970 Resto - Stage 4 Engine by Datsun Spirit.

    You're not at all biased, right???
  10. jfa.series1

    Velocity Stacks?

    You omitted apologize to the baby and cough up the replacement $ to the baby's mother who will be dealing with a screaming child.
  11. jfa.series1

    Artificial Stupidity Systems (-1 * Ai)

    And... yet another distraction for following drivers who will following too close while attempting to read the display. Also, lets get the timer started on how long it takes to hack the display for some really choice words or images.
  12. jfa.series1

    Door Strike on a series 1

    If you are not the original owner of the car it's possible a previous owner had them replated in the incorrect color of yellow zinc. As the others have said above, the correct finish is clear/white zinc.
  13. jfa.series1

    70 vin 10732

    Very much unmolested, should bring a premium bid. Whoop - yet another Safari Gold survivor!
  14. jfa.series1

    Artificial Stupidity Systems (-1 * Ai)

    Is it possible the Tesla's have an "unnatural affection" toward official vehicles?
  15. jfa.series1

    SS Bumpers from Vietnam

    Regarding import fees, when I placed the order the agent replied that a value of $50 and wording "Bumper for test" would be on the pkg. I'll have updates as soon as it arrives.

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