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  1. For reference my 7/70 car has the angled connectors for the rear window defrost wiring. Mid 1970 as suggested by @kats
  2. @kats thanks for your opinion (I am in agreement) with pictures regarding the door panel screws, my car #6521 also has them. @christoffel With what has been discussed here and on BaT, I'm in agreement that it makes sense that these screws were added by the original dealers during the PDI process when it was deemed they were necessary. I mentioned on BaT that I would check the holes in my panels and doors as I recently removed mine, here is what I found. I have owned the car since 1978 and I would say this was the first time they had be removed. I base this on the fact there was remnants of plastic wrap on the door fasteners and top corners. Also the interior of my car was meticulously kept by the original owner. The holes appear to be in the same location as we usually see in pictures but there placement is similar but not exactly the same on the left and right doors, the hardware seems to be the same as others have described. It really has the appearance of "a fix" and not a designed production feature. It would make sense that dealers were advised of this potential issue and given a correct measure, this would explain why most cars we see have such a similar fix. Here is a good discussion on this subject and other interior topics: Cheers, Mike
  3. The subject car just popped up on BAT. Already at 15K.
  4. Very nice car. Could you check the Vin it seems to be missing a digit. The car has both series 1 and 2 attributes, what is the production date?
  5. I also thought 5/70 was very early to be registered as a 1971, @87mj reminded me that it is not that uncommon, his being a 6/70 1971. Here is a topic about this subject,
  6. Here is my replacement tank, just recently removed. It has quite a high gloss compared to the suspension components. Replaced in 1985 at 134,600 miles and now has 147,600 miles, so only about 13,000 miles. $195 list price and I paid $156. Wondering now why I didn't stock pile more parts.
  7. Beautiful car, with a serial number of 4684 and a production date of 5/70 wouldn't this be a 1970? Also wrong hubcaps and brake master cylinder. Why wait for the BAT auction to get the commentary going. Lol
  8. Here is a link to a topic by a member here, who appeared for a short time in 2011, that has/had one of these with a trunk lid and other mods.
  9. Here you go
  10. Just checked my book shelf and I found that I still have a Haynes manual but it's older than yours, has only 240Z and 260Z content, no 280Z at all. However I found this on the Haynes website, it now lists the 280Z on the front cover. I wonder if they added more content. This one has 256 pages, my old one has 229 pages. How many pages in yours? Cheers and Happy New Year Mike
  11. Or better yet download one from right here,
  12. I do agree that it is plating, but from what I can see I think it is clear plating, with a slight yellow tint that has the rainbow effect and then olive green paint and overspray on top. Here are a couple of close up pictures, notice the rainbow areas don't look olive green. The picture the inside of the back shows the clear plating on the flat areas near the gasket and a light yellowish tint on the curved surfaces and internal parts with some rainbow effect. I believe that all of the horn parts were plated in that manner with some surfaces being painted olive green as a top coat. Just my opinion. It surprised me that the inside was so well preserved after 50 years and 150,000 miles in a wet climate. Those paper gaskets sure worked well.
  13. I just disassembled one on the horns on my7/70 car. All of the olive green coating is paint over clear zinc plating. The outer front cover has only a very light coat of the olive green paint on the inside and the center disc is painted on the outside only. The center nut and small screws have olive green paint over clear zinc plating. The attached pictures show both sides of all parts as I found them. The paint seems to sand or scrape off with minimal effort, leaving the clear plating. The back is clear zinc plated with no paint, and the inside plating has a slight yellow tint.
  14. The change would have been due to the implementation of retractable seat belts, that began with the 260z.
  15. Good score, here's a bit of info. Your part 76411-N3600, is for a 260Z, 70-73 240Z would be 76411-E4600. The 240Z inner has a different depression at the seat belt attachment bolt point. Here's what mine looks like in that area: