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  1. This new listing, a '73 240Z, on BAT seems to have different style of hood, not previously discussed here. It has corner reinforcements without holes/with angled hood release handle. This '73 is a very nice original example that is going for strong money after one day, https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-95/ Here's a pic of the hood. Edit, My mistake this hood is a #2 production as described by @kats in post #13. @Mike B's '72 has this same hood, post #12 of this topic from Aug '07
  2. Here is a snip from my 1970 FSM that shows the rubber washer on top and rubber on the bottom face of the bushing flange with a steel only washer on the bottom. I looks to me like originally the washers were only meant to contact when the rubber in the bushing was starting to fail, see the note about the 5mm dimension. In 2005 I had my mustache bar bushings replaced and new washers installed. It only had one rubber serrated washer of the early type on top and one steel washer on the bottom. In 2005 I was able to get a new early top washer from Nissan.
  3. Here is a picture of the early set up, thanks @Mikes Z car. Note that the bushing presses into the bottom of the mustache bar. The bottom of the bushing has a flange that is rubber coated and does not have a top flange. There is washer with serrated rubber at the top and a plain steel washer at the bottom.
  4. I find the mustache bar bushing and washer subject quite interesting. The changes that happen over the 1970 to 1973 model years are not very well documented. There are multiple part number for both the bushing and the washers, the later wavy washer part number 55474-N4300 was not introduced until 12/74. The picture in the parts book does not depict this very well. I think the early thin serrated was P/N 55474-21000, only one per side was used, above the bushing. From Service bulletin TS71-18 it looks like the first wavy washer set up was a two piece arrangement using P/N's 55478-E8300 and 55475-E4102, two of each on both left and right sides.
  5. @240dkw thats interesting. Thanks for checking. Both of mine are oem and the measurements are very close on left and right.
  6. Last year one of the guys at our local zed club mentioned that the aftermarket fenders had a narrower lip around the wheel opening when compared to original. I replaced my fenders in 1982 with oem from my local Datsun dealer and they were grey. If anyone would like to compare the lip on mine measures 11mm at the front of the wheel opening, 11.6mm at top centre and 13mm at the rear of the opening.
  7. @240260280, yes I remember seeing them. I did a search and the link was broken. Here is a link on the510Realm where they are. I think they were first posted on Ratsun. http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?t=13223 Here are some ads from Chilliwack Datsun that I posted a few years back. On 510 day
  8. After a bit of a delay it's time to get my project back on track. I have been in discussions with a very talented and respected auto restorer near me, and he is willing to take on my project. If all goes right my car will be on his rotisserie in the fall. Lots to follow soon. Cheers, Mike
  9. Thanks Mike. Very timely for me, I have two series one steering wheels to do this year. 😊
  10. I believe that title date has more to do with delivery date than build date. My car is #6521, also a 7/70. My warranty book shows a delivery date of Aug. 28/70 and is registered as a 1970. If yours had a delivery date into Sep. '70 or later, it may explain why it was registered as a '71. Either way it is a first year S30. For ref. here is the ID page from my warranty book.
  11. @kats Yes, I am mechanical designer but as a technologist, not a P. Eng., mainly in the mineral recovery area of the mining sector. Also a Van Halen fan in my teens during the pre Sammy Hagar era.
  12. Hi @kats, this is my only connection to Stratocaster's. 15 years ago I did a set of manufacturing drawings for a vibrato system that a guy was designing for vintage Stratocasters, he called it Xtrem Tremolo. I got so involved that I ended up creating a full 3d model of his guitar complete with the system he designed, here are a couple of rendered images of the 3d model. I really enjoyed that project, as it was such a change from my usual work of designing mining equipment. Thanks for reminding me, good memories Cheers Mike
  13. This car is an inspiration to me as I start on my own restoration. Astounding that this is a 25 year old restoration. @motorman7 I like your "Where's Waldo" analogy to spotting items that may not be technically correct. I had to look long and hard, but I found three. First I would comment that it feels petty even mentioning them on such an immaculate car but here they are anyway, please correct me if I am wrong. - Later gas cap with bar type handle - Later replacement alternator, should be "grapefruit style" - Has series two dash with provision for cigarette lighter and on/off marking for hazard light switch Again there so much to like about this car that these type of issues are eclipsed by what is right and its history.
  14. You're welcome, I remember that when I had my drivers seat back re-upholstered the screw hole was hard to find/feel through the vinyl.
  15. The J hook screw threads into the steel frame of the seat back on a 1970 (guessing by your serial number). The location of the hole is 216mm above the upper seat back mounting screw on my 7'70. HTH Mike
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