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  1. Based on these sales I predict a flood of Z's at future BJ auctions.
  2. CanTechZ

    Torque specs link mounting braces

    What model of S30 do you have, it seems that the torque for this fastener is lower for 70 thru 73 240z's and changed to 33-44 ft-lb with the 260z. FYI this torque spec is listed in all of the FSM's, Here are a couple of images from the 1970 FSM. Did the fastener size change starting with 260z"s? The 240z FSM's indicate 23.1 to 31.1 ft-lb.
  3. CanTechZ

    license plate wire path

    You're very welcome. Glad I could help.
  4. CanTechZ

    license plate wire path

    I know this question is answered, but I just wanted to mention that it would not be necessary to remove the outer center metal finisher to run the wiring harness and install the grommet. With the license plate light removed it should be no problem. Cheers Mike
  5. CanTechZ

    Need small amt. of black firewall insulator material

    Hi Pete, Glad I could help, If the envelop is reimbursement for postage, it's really not necessary. Cheers Mike
  6. CanTechZ

    Need info on this z car

    If it's the rectangular headlights you like, here's one on Craigslist with a similar body kit. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/rds/cto/d/west-kelowna-1971-datsun-240z/6778747607.html
  7. CanTechZ

    '70 near Portland # HLS3003543

    On the imgur pics there are images of some service records and I saw this, it makes me question the mileage:
  8. CanTechZ

    '70 near Portland # HLS3003543

    On the graymotors closed auction he listed a copy/paste link for more pictures, for those who are interested here it is: https://imgur.com/a/LC1Abkd
  9. CanTechZ

    '70 near Portland # HLS3003543

    This car seems to have been sold a month ago on Ebay for US$28,850 and a reported mileage of 51,310 by a different seller: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Datsun-Z-Series-/202530708936?nordt=true&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l10137 Seems strange that it has a 90 psi oil pressure a gauge, it would have originally had a 140 psi gauge, unless it was changed. That seems unlikely for a car with 50K miles.
  10. CanTechZ

    Fan Quiz

    The 21595-M0206 switch was used on other models as well, found these specs on the Datsun 1200 site: http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Electric_Fan The stock Datsun B310 fan Thermo switch specifications: * Part Number 21595-M0206 * Nominal ON: 85-90C * Spec ON: 83-87° C (181-189 F) * Spec OFF: 78-81° C (172-178 F) * used with 82C thermostat (88C optional)
  11. CanTechZ

    Need small amt. of black firewall insulator material

    Hey @M3333hp I have sent you a couple of PM's. I just noticed that they show as unread, do you have your notifications turned off?
  12. CanTechZ

    Fan Quiz

    Here is a link to the page on carpartsmanual.com http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978/engine-280z/motor-fan
  13. CanTechZ

    Fan Quiz

    Here is the optional fan from my parts CD.
  14. CanTechZ

    Need small amt. of black firewall insulator material

    I will PM you for your address and mail it out. I don't get over to the Island to often but I will send you a message next time I do, thanks for the invite. Mike
  15. CanTechZ

    Need small amt. of black firewall insulator material

    The piece I have is not in very good shape. It is from a Dec. '70 parts car. The texture is not the same as your picture, here's what it looks like, I didn't realize that the early cars were different.

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