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  1. CanTechZ

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    Staying on the reflection theme, here's me cruising down the I-5 to the 64 Funny Cars event at SIR in '79
  2. CanTechZ

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    Good to see your making progress, keep the updates coming. No flames here. Cheers Mike
  3. CanTechZ

    Interpart louver key

    At the request of @brigtek23 I have created 3D Cad Models of the Interpart lock parts and uploaded the to our downloads section here:
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is a 3D Assembly Model (.stp format) of a pair of LH and RH Interpart Lift Louvre Lock Assemblies. The assembly contains individual part models of the lock components. These plastic locks are no longer available so I hoping that these files will be of use to someone that needs to make replacements. This model was created using Solid Edge ST5. Also included is 3D pdf file of the same assembly for those that don't have a cad program and simply would like to view the model, it requires Adobe Reader X or higher to use. I have done my best to accurately model these with measurements taken from a good condition set of parts. These might be suitable for 3D printing, or could be used for CNC machining. Users of these files should check them for suitability with the manufacturing process they plan to use. The assembly includes the left and right aluminum mounting strips to show the complete assembly. Other CAD 3D formats can be supplied on request.


  5. CanTechZ

    Headlight lense polishing

    I did it by hand using microfibre cloths to polish with, and did a couple of applications of each product. It does a good job with haze and micro scratches, deeper scratches become a little less evident. Here's a picture of the result.
  6. CanTechZ

    Headlight lense polishing

    +1 on the Meguiar's product. I used # 17 followed by #10 on my tail light and front turn signal lenses, with good results.
  7. Here it is as a pdf. Good work @evanlowe98. Evans 280z front pully gear 36-1 tooth.pdf
  8. I would say the balance tube pictured looks correct for an early car with the emissions controls, it should have E46 cast into it. I believe there were some minor variations over the years. Here's a link with more info, see the pictures in post #4
  9. CanTechZ

    Seat belt

    When I measured the plastic washers and bolt I learned that the bolt is not metric, it's 7/16-20 UNF. Probably to meet federal safety regulations at the time. Also there are two plastic washers, the they both have centering pilot that goes into the metal body mounting bracket and the body side washer is threaded, 7/16-20 UNF. Here is a drawing, best I could measure, and a couple of pictures. The two steel washers are 24mm OD x 11.5mm ID x 2.3mm thick and the 7/16-20 UNF bolt is 1.7" long. The reddish fibre washer is about 20mm OD x 11mm ID x 0.6mm thick and has internal serrations. These parts are from my 7'70 so they would come with a safety belt set, part number 86800-E4100 that was used up to 11,71 SAFETY BELT WASHERS - 86800-E4100.pdf
  10. CanTechZ

    Seat belt

    Let me know if you would like dims for that washer. I have not re-assembled it yet.
  11. CanTechZ

    Seat belt

    On my 7'70 the bolt does tighten onto the plastic with a stack steel and plastic washers like in these pictures. My interior is currently out but I believe the order of washers is correct. Even when the bolt is tight I can swivel the metal part of the seatbelt with some resistance. Hope this helps.
  12. CanTechZ

    1970 HLS30-06521 Re-Restoration

    Thanks @CHL240Z, I definitely have some rust repair to deal with. Over the winter I will post pics of the good, the bad and the ugly as I progress. My first order of business is to sell my last project, a 1988 Suzuki Samurai. This will give me more space in the garage and help a little with the budget. I might put it up on BAT. Before, During, And after,
  13. CanTechZ

    My 240z project

    Thanks. Who did you purchase it from and did it come with the thin fibre board that goes in the open areas of the shock towers for support. But the way, your paint looks awesome.
  14. Here is a very good tire data calculator that does comparisons as well. Requires more inputs, but it gives back a lot of information like the basic tire spec plus static and dynamic rolling radius, contact patch size, stiffness rate, speedo reading, etc. all based on input speed and air pressure and vehicle load. http://paws.kettering.edu/~amazzei/tire_calculator.html It does use metric system inputs and outputs but lower down the page there are some useful unit convertors as well as other tire related information.
  15. CanTechZ

    My 240z project

    Looking good. Is that new vinyl on the shock towers and wheel wells?

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