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  1. @Av8ferg I just uploaded a drawing of the key to our downloads section at the request of another user. Previously I uploaded models of the lock parts as well. Just sending this in case you need to make your own parts HTH Mike
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This a detail drawing of the key used to lock the Interpart louvres that were commonly added as an aftermarket accessory to S30's. Included is a DWG (AutoCAD) profile at 1:1 scale that would be suitable for laser or waterjet cutting.


  3. Thats interesting @ZCarFever my 7/70 car with a black interior has the access covers. I wonder if different colors had the panel with covers introduced at different dates to use up existing inventory.
  4. Series 1 cars up to SN 21000 had a 140 psi oil pressure gauge using a 10kg pressure switch, it was a very common complaint that they read to low. SN 21001 and up has a 90 psi gauge using a 6kg switch so that the needle would read more to the center of the gage. It would make sense that the original owner added the extra gage to confirm he had good oil pressure. Here is a discussion on this subject:
  5. I'm happy to here that your experience has been good. GLWTA
  6. I got a response from BAT within a half day of my submission with the following response: Thanks for the submission and detailed photos and info. Neat Samurai. This is one we would be open to listing in a no reserve auction and it could go live in the next 2 weeks or so. Will that work for you? I had a good email exchange with the BAT representative but in the end I declined to list as they would not budge on the no reserve point. I asked what factors are considered in determining when no reserve would apply and was told, "price range and location" and that "they are inundated with submissions in this price range and unfortunately simply cannot list them all". In my case being located in Canada was probably the main reason as I have seen a number of Samurai's listed from the US over the last couple of years that did not have "no reserve". I understand their reasons and don't regret making a submission. I was impressed that they were quick to respond to my questions even after I declined to list.
  7. Thanks @golfer racer for sharing your BAT experience, sorry it was not good. Glad that in the end you sold your car for a price you were happy with. Over the weekend I did a submission to BAT to hopefully sell my Samurai. Hopefully my experience will be better than yours. Mike
  8. @grannyknot thanks for your input. I am definitely going to check my Vin.
  9. In addition here's a good source to answer this question: http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978/electrical/distributor/240z/for-manual/from-sep-71
  10. Thanks @grannyknot, any issues on the payment/tile transfer part of the transaction?
  11. Thanks Dennis, this is the type on input l was hoping for. It would be nice to hear from others, be it good or bad.
  12. I'm selling one of my projects to make room for the restoration of my 1970 240Z. So I am considering making a submission to Bring a Trailer, to auction my modified 1988 Suzuki Samurai. Before I do, I would greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences as a seller. All experiences are welcomed. I am located near Vancouver BC, Canada so any input from fellow Canadians would be especially appreciated, ie. did you have any cross border issues? If any BAT buyers would like to share their experiences, that's okay as well. It's worthwhile considering both sides of the equation when choosing a selling/buying platform. Thanks In advance Mike
  13. This new listing, a '73 240Z, on BAT seems to have different style of hood, not previously discussed here. It has corner reinforcements without holes/with angled hood release handle. This '73 is a very nice original example that is going for strong money after one day, https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-95/ Here's a pic of the hood. Edit, My mistake this hood is a #2 production as described by @kats in post #13. @Mike B's '72 has this same hood, post #12 of this topic from Aug '07
  14. Here is a snip from my 1970 FSM that shows the rubber washer on top and rubber on the bottom face of the bushing flange with a steel only washer on the bottom. I looks to me like originally the washers were only meant to contact when the rubber in the bushing was starting to fail, see the note about the 5mm dimension. In 2005 I had my mustache bar bushings replaced and new washers installed. It only had one rubber serrated washer of the early type on top and one steel washer on the bottom. In 2005 I was able to get a new early top washer from Nissan.
  15. Here is a picture of the early set up, thanks @Mikes Z car. Note that the bushing presses into the bottom of the mustache bar. The bottom of the bushing has a flange that is rubber coated and does not have a top flange. There is washer with serrated rubber at the top and a plain steel washer at the bottom.
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