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  1. Replaced my old painted black wiper arms and faded out black plastic wiper holders with cleaned up SS arms and OEM SS twin wire wiper holders. Thanks to @240260280 for trading these to me last year.
  2. CanTechZ

    Till death do us Datsun

    The day after we got married my wife and I went on a 2000 km (1200 mile) road trip in the zed. Fast forward 35 years, same car same wife. Life is good.
  3. Here's another pic you might also like then.
  4. This week I also got out to the BCZR 3rd Thursday Meet. We had a great turnout, over a dozen S30's made it.
  5. Finally got my car off the jack stands and out of the garage last weekend. Here are a couple of pics from my first drive of 2018.
  6. CanTechZ

    Restoration of "One-eighty-seven"

    Looking awesome. Great attention to detail.
  7. CanTechZ

    Restoration of "One-eighty-seven"

    Before you say gone and gone don't overlook early cars from Canada and a few other countries that were non emissions and had no smog system. You might be missing out.
  8. CanTechZ

    Wheelbase predicament

    I did a hi-res scan of the FSM chassis drawing and then did a raster to vector conversion. For those who are interested, I am attaching the cad file (.dwg format) that most cad software should open, as well the same drawing as a pdf. I scaled the .dwg file as close as I could to 1:1. One thing I noticed was that when I scaled such that the horizontal dimensions were accurate the vertical dimensions were plus about 3%. See the dims in green that I added for reference. Mike 240Z Chassis Dimensions - Source 1972 FSM Dated 10SEP71_Scaled_26MAY2018.pdf 240Z Chassis Dimensions - Source 1972 FSM Dated 10SEP71_Scaled_26MAY2018.dwg
  9. CanTechZ

    Wheelbase predicament

    C/C Shock towers on my '70 measured 905mm.
  10. Here is a very nice one, also 1970, that showed up at the All Japanese event last September in North Vancouver. Great for the car collector with a small garage.
  11. CanTechZ

    Identify this Datsun Truck

    When these cool trucks show up at local shows, I always stop to admire them. A great part of Datsun/Nissan history.
  12. CanTechZ

    Identify this Datsun Truck

    Looks like a 320. 1962 to 1965, they had a 1.2L engine. The 520 started in 1965 with a 1.3L
  13. My understanding is that the buyer pays bid price plus 10% and the seller recieves bid price less 8%. The bottom line BJ makes a lot of money.
  14. CanTechZ

    body parts

    For reference here is a picture that shows the clips and brackets for the tail light finisher/surrounds from when I painted mine. I think the clip (item 8 that @siteunseen mentioned) attaches to the bracket that is spot welded to the body if I remember correctly.
  15. Regarding question one, I remember reading about a change to the doors where side impact bars were added to the door structure. I just can't seem to find a reference, this change might have been for later models, ie. 260Z or 280Z.

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