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  1. Not much in the way of responses since posting, so let me ask another, but related question. what do you think is a fair price for a set of 4 factory steel wheels for 72. Thanks Jim
  2. ZGuy’s wheels are just what I was looking for but it Looks as if shipping costs from the west coast will be prohibitive...so still searching. Thanks Jim
  3. Hello i hope it is permissible to post Wanted Parts in this section. I looked in the Wanted Parts section and it did not appear to be getting much attention. I am looking for a set of Topy steel wheels for my 1972 240z. 2/72 date code or slightly before would be a bonus. Something on the east coast would be nice to reduce shipping costs, although I would not rule others out. I secured a nice set of hubcaps, now I just need the wheels. Thanks Jim
  4. Hello As I mentioned in my initial post, my newly acquired 72 240Z is mostly original. The previous owner did switch out the alternator for a more powerful 60 amp version and he installed a new radiator, but an incorrect one (no shroud.) He included the originals in the sale. I am having the original alternator rebuilt and the original radiator recored. My question...Is there any reason that would prevent me from reinstalling these original (but refreshed) items. He also added the blue NGK plug wires. Excellent wires for sure but the blue just does not look right to me. I s
  5. SteveJ i did try a PM via their FB page without success. Check has still not cleared. I am President of a car club so I understand many have day jobs so things often happen slowly. I will give it a bit longer and then reach out to the POC you mentioned. Thanks Jim
  6. SteveJ i sent in my application to Z Car Club of Northern VA. I sent along a check but I have not heard anything back. It has been over a month. Any POC’s for the club? I also visited their FB page but there is no option to join the group...at least not that I could see. Their website seems defunct. Hope it all works out...but they sure make it difficult. Thanks Jim
  7. Hello I am a new 240z owner. I won an auction on BaT back on 2/9 and the car arrived here just a couple of weeks ago. The car was the orange 72...pretty much all original and it was as advertised by the former owner. Attached is a photo as it came off the trailer. In the first couple of shake down drives most things seem in order. I have already acquired a set of stock hub caps and I am looking for a set of stock wheels...a 2/72 date would be really nice. I am not totally new to Z’s but it has been a long time. I owned an orange 72 240 back in 72 and a 260 from 74-80. I had been loo
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