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  1. 240260280: Yes the same colour, the 903 blue! I made a research and even the tail has te same as mine, I copied from several photos! I think the result is awesome!
  2. Hi everybody! Here I am on the Easter holyday…I’m tired fo working on the car…but is almost done. I hope the car will be ready soon! At least It is working, it brakes and I’ve tried it…almost 2 years since the beginning of the resto. At this moment there are only small details to finish like the interior, centre console and many many more other parts…some are on its way! Aside a broken windshield, a broken door during the assembling, it’s time to relax and make everything carefully…this is such a puzzle!!! The rubbers got installed and the windshield and hatch were fitted…I had to buy original rubbers…the ones from precision brand weren’t as good as they said! On the rear hatch it misses for 2cm each side, and on the front the gap was huge on the upper right. Tuning the hood was easy…but damn…the door latch is tricky as hell!!! It didn’t close until I discover that the inside handle and its main cable has some adjustment. I was desperate to lock the door, the driver’s side only…I hope now all works for life,,,ahahaha… Let’s wait for the end of the resto…meanwhile… This was the starting point 1 month ago, last time I worked on it Centre console Changing shop… The day was very cloudy and even the car is outside, the colour doesn’t shine as it should be… L24 on the way… Easy…right… Then we assemble the differential, fluids, bolts and substitute all the rubbers. Final result…but the starter will be replaced…this one is stopping once in a while… The electric system…now getting back to 71…I think the car is very happy…agagagag The seat belts… The vent ducts were missing when I bought the car…now they are part of the car again. These rubber caps were made by my father….they are better than the original… The splash is awesome…a great detail… The windshields…. On the front… Hatch… People that collaborated during the process… Windshield wipers are now working…awesome… Top cowl grill got installed too… The side lids… Final results… Tuning the hood with new stoppers.. Hood tuning…what a hard task!!! Final result… The car is almost ready…I bet tomorrow will be just missing the interior…for sure I’ll be driving it… Hope you enjoy these last works on the car… Marty Rogan: Thanks. It's a really cool color! In Portugal only were delivered in this colour. I guess the blue wasn't an attractive colour by the time. Cumps. Mário
  3. Hi everybody! Thanks a lot for yor feed-back. I’ve got some news and that’s why I’m here again. Last Tuesday I went to Mr.vitorino shop and started do dismantle the Z…honestly I thought it was a dificult task, but it wasn’t…well, only in some little details. The ca ris in excellent shape as photos will show…I guess this car was restored or deep painted some years ago. Next week We’ll have at least one door rebuilt, below the doors and inside need some intervention. Here are some photos… Rear window acquisition…the car has the horizontal defrost lines and aren’t the correct…I found one vertical and job done…a few years ago I bought one in the USA and came broken…never bought or find anoter one..they are getting rare this days!!! The beggining… Door parts ready for the treatment…Nickel plating Rear floor…not bad!!! I got scared, but fortunately the brown zone is glue…no rust… Door ready for Mr.Vitorino! Original floor carpet…but has to be removed!!! Rear luggage accomodation in excelente shape And now the surprise…the original blue…It can only be seen on some detailed parts..this is one! Replacemente tyre floor…not bad…no rust… The seats will be rédone, but I will only take care of the parts that are completely off… No plastic cover…but I have 2 here…offered by a mate!!! Passenger side floor…the usual…46 years and some bad treatment…the reason…the jack tool…but Mr.vitorino said that’s a part to be redone… Drivers side floor…the usual again…but this one has no concerns…ist’s 75% good…a little intevention. By the end we will apply some Soundproofing board to avoid rust and noise. My helper keeping all the bolts in place! Under the plate no surprises!!!! Datsun logo temporarily off… In my opinion this s the exact moment to restore the car…it has some details that need intervention, and now that he has no rust holes and unrestorable parts the process will be much easier. Hope you like it…next week some more news!!! Regards Mário
  4. Hi! I'm searching for the 240z, 260z Shim doors, upper and lower, in order to adjust the 240Z doors properly. Anyone can get me the pairs? On the picture the arrows show the parts I'm searching. Regards Mário
  5. Datsunbat

    510 SSS

    My SSS was found in 2009 after a 15 years parked and away from streets. It had 53.000 real miles and the clutch had been changed 1500 km's ago. I painted it, done some mechanical work and until now is just put some gasoline and drive.
  6. Datsunbat


    My first resto project. It took 3 years to rebuilt this car, but It amazing to drive it. All parts are original and all work had been done by professionals.
  7. Datsunbat

    Datsun 240z

    My 1971 240z. It has the 73 look because the previous owner crashed it in the nineties and here in Portugal Nissan dealer didn't make any kind of effort to give it the original front. But soon it will be restores. Kobe seiko whells, rear spoiler, wood steering wheel, 5 shifts gearbox (FS5W71B) and some more european extras.
  8. Datsunbat


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