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  1. northernz

    Datsun 240Z antenna NOS Harada

    PM Sent
  2. northernz

    I just bought a 1-owner early 71 240Z

    You couldn't afford not to buy it at that price!
  3. northernz

    I just bought a 1-owner early 71 240Z

    I'll guess $3500 !
  4. northernz

    Help identify my car

    Nice , I look forward to following your progress!
  5. northernz

    2+2 gets some SEMA love

    Nice! That is the first 2+2 that I can say I really like. Would have been better off to go with an RB 25 or 26 In my opinion, a Zed has to have a straight six! Look forward to watching that episode of Gas Monkey!
  6. northernz

    ZX alternator upgrade

    Just an update, got my new Alternator from Rock Auto, turned out its a GM part and my old new belt is too long! Quick trip to NAPA for a shorter belt and all is well, showing a good charge on the gauge and the car is running more strongly and idling better. I'm thinking that whatever problem I had was causing a weak or intermittent spark problem. Thanks to all who offered their input! Mark
  7. northernz

    Some pics

    That's gorgeous!
  8. northernz

    ZX alternator upgrade

    Just ordered one from Rock Auto, says it's a reman Hitachi unit. $79 CAD to my door! Can't beat that! As an interesting side note, I drove the Zed to work today and the Amp gauge was steady as a rock! Slight dip into - side when TS on. So....intermittent problem? The readings I got with the multi meter definitely show a problem so I will replace it and see what happens!
  9. northernz

    ZX alternator upgrade

    No I didn't know that a Maxima Alt is the same, will check onthat! Thanks
  10. northernz

    ZX alternator upgrade

    Not quite that simple, no ZX alternator available IN CANADA! At least no new or reman one. Searching for a rebuilder here in Edmonton.
  11. northernz

    ZX alternator upgrade

    Just heard from Dave, looks like a faulty alternator. Should never be more than 15V off idle , the range should be smaller as well. Off to Napa later for a new alternator!
  12. northernz

    ZX alternator upgrade

    New belt, no slipping, gauge still fluctuates. The brake light in the gauge cluster is dimming and brightening as well. Measured alternator output at the source and it is varying between 13V and 16V at idle increasing to about 18V to 15V with increased revs. Internal regulator problem I'm thinking.
  13. northernz

    ZX alternator upgrade

    Ground wire attached at correct point now, no change, going to replace the belt this afternoon, but I'm beginning to think it's something else. It's just that after I tightened the belt the first time, the gauge performed normally for a short drive before starting to fluctuate again, and is now fluctuating in a narrower range! It is hard to tell if the belt is slipping, it is a toothed belt not a v-belt and might be making a very slight squeal at idle , but the noise does not get worse when revs are increased. Belt for 19$ is a cheap place to start.
  14. northernz

    ZX alternator upgrade

    Quick update. Dave replied and I have the ground wire connected to the wrong spot. He also says a slipping belt will cause the gauge to fluctuate.Will correct these tomorrow!
  15. northernz

    ZX alternator upgrade

    I agree that the belt seems to be the cause.When I say fluctuate, I mean it is going stop to stop as far as the needle can move! it is not possible to tighten the belt further , I sent Dave an email, we'll see what he says! I have to get to bed, work at 5 am! Will pick up a new belt tomorrow, a cheap easy part to replace, Thanks !

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