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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/autos/enthusiasts/the-datsunworks-kn20-head-brings-dohc-to-the-240z/ar-AANMlZl?li=AAggFp0 Good thing I sold the car, or I would already have ordered this!
  2. Thanks Patcon! I checked the drain on the well where pump is located and it's clear, no water. The light is Amber when i try to open the roof. I found a forum which said that indicates fuse or micro switch, if it's the pump, light would be red. Does that fit with your experience?
  3. The paint is in amazingly good condition , only a couple small scrapes on the back bumper and almost no swirl marks! Just went on a road trip thru BC and it ran almost flawlessly! The top stopped working in Penticton. Research indicates probably a micro switch problem...
  4. Thanks all! Just got back from another drive, going to have to remember the sunscreen! Congrats Patcon, on your purchase! Post some pics! I do like the silver red combo, my son has an S200 in the same scheme, they both look great!
  5. Just thought I'd pop in to say I finally found an affordable alternative to my Zed! After test driving some BMW m3's and M2 Competitions, and considering a 911, I just didn't want to spend north of 50,000 dollars for a toy! Then I found this car advertised in Edmonton, and negotiated a good deal for the same money I got for the Datsun. A 2006 BMW Z4 M! I am loving the convertible driving experience, and it actually feels reminiscent of the Datsun, two seater, long, sexy hood loads of power from the beautiful sounding straight six! And, the wife now wants to go on road trips! It is admittedly much more comfortable for longer distances. The car seems to have been well cared for, 56,000 kms over 3 previous owners, it has a few scratches on the rear bumper, and the wheels have some curb rash and will be refurbished at the end of the driving season. No owners manual or service records though, I will track them down hopefully, car has been in Alberta all it's life. Fully vaccinated and heading to Jasper for a road trip this week!
  6. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-156/ Lime yellow 73 just went up.
  7. Cool build! I considered that swap, but in the end kept the original motor and put ITB's on it. Health issues caused me to sell the car but to a friend, so I still get to visit! Will watch this thread with interest!
  8. Good friend of mine who helped put the ITB,S on it jumped at the chance to buy it! He's a great mechanic and is absolutely thrilled to own it!
  9. Today is a hard day, saying goodbye to my beautiful 12/70 blue on blue Zed. It's been a great journey together, reliving my youth! 12 years of fun and adventure, even reliving my days of auto cross in parking lots around Kelowna B.C. This beauty won her class 2 years ago auto crossing at Castrol Raceway! The best part of owning this car was finding this great group of Datsun enthusiasts who are so willing to help anyone who shows an interest. I'll still lurk around this site, I'll live vicariously through all the great ownership stories and historical background that abounds here. Farewell to Dabluz!
  10. Very sad day, She was an amazing driver and seemed like such a fun and lovely person. She will be missed.
  11. It's a unit made by a guy in Australia, company is called One Six Industries.
  12. Things I am tired of: US politics, Canadian politics, anti maskers, morons who can't understand basic instructions about how to register for vaccines( BC opened for first public vaccines today, 83,000 people eligible for the first phase, 1.7 million idiots jammed phone lines), Megxit, China. Things I am grateful for: Surviving lung cancer for over a year, my family, being part of a community of like minded enthusiasts who are nothing but helpful and supportive of each other!
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