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  1. I think the front bumper is bent on the passenger side. It isn't straight with the grill bars. Gaps on the hood don't match. Drivers side fender and headlight bucket appear to be pushed in towards the front, might just need adjustment.
  2. Found it interesting that the 73 description says the carbs are original. They may be original, but not for a 73. This one has round tops and the 73's had flat top carbs. And is it just me or is the front bumper crooked on the 73?
  3. Those caps look like they're not as tall as the ones that came with my wheels. These caps fit over the dust caps just fine with no mod to the cap. I bought my wheels here; https://www.18racing.com/collections/rb/products/rota-rb-1570-4x114-3-4-73-gunmetal-with-polish-lip Maybe they will sell just the caps.
  4. w3wilkes

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Reminds me of a BMW 633CSi. Very nice!
  5. My guess is it's in the American west... I used to do the off-road stuff in my 73 240Z. At about 40MPH on washboard dirt road it was kind of like being on ice, felt like you were floating. Once we drove the 73 into a fishing hole on Flaming Gorge reservoir and there were a couple of guys in a 4 wheel drive truck that couldn't believe we got there in the 240Z. On the way out we hit a rock and separated the exhaust pipe from the headers, man was that loud getting back to Manila, UT where we were able to put it back together at a gas station (back in the day when gas stations had lifts and would let you use them). Here in Google Earth 41°02'03.20" N 109°33'38.20" W
  6. w3wilkes

    1973 Rebuild

    The wheels look Primo!
  7. w3wilkes

    My best 260Z yet!

    I love those wheels. Had them on my 73 Z until one got bent in the 80's. Couldn't get a replacement so I ended up changing all 4. I now have the Rota RB's on the 71 and am very happy with them.
  8. w3wilkes

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    I do run the return. When it's cold out and the car is cold I will turn on the ignition so the pump will pressurize the system, say maybe 5 - 10 seconds. Makes the car easier to start. Don't know how cold you get there in July - August, but here today's hi was -1.11C (30* F). We do occasionally get 7.2 - 12.7C (45 - 55*F) December - March that are good driving days. I would still have to crank 2 to 5 seconds to fire. Don't know if the 3 deuces are easier / the same / or harder to start in the cold. 3 deuces is a term from a song by Ronny and the Daytona's called "Little GTO" back in 1964 about the first Pontiac GTO's that had 3 2 barrel carby's. The GTO was pretty much what started the American muscle cars through the rest of the 60's and into the 70's until the oil embargo when they fell out of favor due to mileage and then pollution control requirements. What a fun time to grow up.
  9. w3wilkes

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    @Home Built by JeffA note on the K&N pump you have. I've been running it for over a year now without a pressure regulator on my SU's with no trouble. MSA sells this pump and says that you don't need a regulator with it. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic17a09/11-3078 The pump isn't exactly what I'd call quiet, but with my 6to1 headers, 2.5" exhaust with https://www.magnaflow.com/products?partNumber=10426 as a resonator and https://www.magnaflow.com/products?partNumber=13216 for the muffler you can't hear it once the motor is started.
  10. w3wilkes

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    If you still want the bumper installed picks here's 3 shots of the bumper/valance spacing on my series 1 car, both sides and center. Looks like it's about 3/8's all the way across.
  11. w3wilkes

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    What tires are you thinking about? Some big fatties?
  12. w3wilkes

    Triple Weber long term storage

    Just followin' your lead! And it looks like the 60's were good to a bunch of us. 😉
  13. w3wilkes

    Triple Weber long term storage

    (Alice's Restaurant). and creatin' a nuisance...they all came back and shook my hand and we had a great time...
  14. w3wilkes

    Early / Late Wheel Cylinders?

    Glad you found this thread and that it worked out for you... Now, what else to do with all that money you saved!? 🙂
  15. w3wilkes

    1st gen seats

    It would be fun to put these on my series 1 car. I put in 77 seats so I can have the fold forward option and much easier to adjust the recline. I don't think anybody that goes to car shows here in Utah would even know the seats or corner protectors weren't correct.

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