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  1. From what I've seen of your car builds, they're just gorgeous! They only problem I'd have with them is I would be afraid to drive them. Carry on!
  2. Site, The biggest issue I found with the LED headlights is the way Datsun did the wiring. Since LED's are diodes they only allow electricity to flow in one direction. Rather than the center post being a common ground, the center post is hot and the switching is done between the 2 posts that are ground in the Datsun world. Here's a thread where I asked Dave about his harness and how it's wired. The thread also has the headlights I ended up going with. Because I've been lazy and the lights are working I haven't taken the anti flicker block out yet, but according to Dave the harness puts the ground on post 3 where it typically is outside the Datsun 240z world.
  3. The seal on mine is in the valve cover. Car is 12/70 date.
  4. After talking to James at MSA I went with their stuff. The rear bearings are Nissan OEM the fronts are Koyo.
  5. I did the ITG air filter and ran all the vents to the air cleaner like the original configuration.
  6. Did a quick search and this came up... Looks like Koyo and Timken may be same same nowadays. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/koyo-bearings-usa-llc-formed-following-jtekt-acquisition-of-timken-division-80706827.html
  7. From what I get on their website http://watanabe.polyhedron.io/ The F8's sound like they're front wheel drive maybe. the A's are aluminum and the B's are magnesium.
  8. @Joseph@TheZStore Comment
  9. Anyone know the quality / brand of the MSA wheel bearings? Their price seems reasonable comparatively. Figured I'd do these too since I'm doing struts and bushings.
  10. If you're going to re-upholster with the Interior Innovations leather (which I have and I'm very pleased), You should also replace the foam; https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic08f04/40-2691 I have a thread on a couple of things here; I replaced my series 1 seats with 77 seats so I could have the seat flip forward, the handle is way easier to adjust seatback than the series 1 knob. I also prefer the seat bottom springs rather than the straps under the foam on the early seats.
  11. Dr, There just happens to be a recent discussion over in the Help Me section. Wilkes