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  1. Probably doesn't want to have Mrs Jeff out DRIVING a super fun car while he WAITS for expensive Porsche parts. 😎
  2. Or go to WalMart or UK equivalent and get a Farberware Soft Grips Black Stainless Steel Flavor Injector Set for less than $8 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Farberware-Soft-Grips-Black-Stainless-Steel-Flavor-Injector-Set/17813046
  3. I think this hits the mark pretty well. I have a 2015 Pathfinder and I'm way less than impressed. I had a 2003 Murano that was great and the CVT worked fine. Due to complaints from US buyers Nissan had the "Bright idea" to add simulated shift points to the CVT, BIG MISTAKE! Seems to me that you should just do a real multi-gear tranny rather than gimmick up the CVT to fake shift. After 2 240Z's, 1 Stanza 5 speed stick, 2 Maxima SE's (1992 & 2000) with 5 speed sticks and a 2003 Murano I figured trading in the Murano on the Pathfinder would be a safe move, not so! After the Pathfinder I think I've seen my last new car from Nissan. Nissan seems to have lost their way in the ability to build really solid vehicles, especially at the prices they charge.
  4. I've not had anyone flash their brights at me at night, but they do light up your path! Here's a shot of them on my white garage door so you can see the cutoff. I have the headlight covers from MSA so you notice the reflection on the driveway right in front of my car.
  5. Like @SteveJ I've gone all LED except for the dash lights. The headlights I went with were these from Eagle Lights and they work fine and the price was the best I could find for the pair. I've also now gone with the headlight wiring harness upgrade from @Zs-ondabrain to get rid of the full power draw through the steering column switch pod and also corrects the power flow through the headlight plug as documented in the first post in this thread. https://www.eaglelights.com/collections/jeep-led-kits/products/eagle-lights-7-round-led-headlights-jeep-wrangler-cj-jk-tj-97-2015
  6. If you want to modify the tank venting while the tank is out here's a thread you might be interested in reading;
  7. Congrats! Does your face hurt from that constant SMILE as you're going through the gears? 😁
  8. Sounds like the car is pigeon toed so that going forward tends to push the tires inward where going backwards tends to pull them apart.
  9. I guess there were a couple of install options that different dealers used for installing A/C. My series I car had the dealer York compressor installed on the same side as Tom's. I removed the York and installed a Sanden down where the air pump used to be (haven't completed putting it back together yet though). When I did the 3 row radiator with electric fans it wouldn't fit with the York so I had to remove it and go with the low Sanden mount. Old compressor New Compressor
  10. If straight lining works and you can't rely on correcting the oil pressure / AFM switching you could just go with an inertia switch in your new straight line circuit to cut power in the event of an accident.
  11. You could always make your own like AK260
  12. Found the Float Sync's here; http://www.2040-parts.com/datsun-240z-su-carburetor-float-sync-tool-i1994669/
  13. I thought all the 240's stock antenna's had the pointy tip. At least both my 73 and early 71 (build date 12/70) had the pointy tip. My 71 now has an after-market replacement that I got from MSA back in 1991, but I don't think it's available anymore.
  14. And what happened to the Chevelle? Was it a stick? Also a very sweet ride!
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