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  1. w3wilkes


    Or a record number of people going for Darwin awards. There's proof that stupid can't be fixed.
  2. w3wilkes


    At least all that I see in that picture are wearing masks. They must not be paying attention to their fearless leader Trump. 🤪
  3. Now days the 4 on the floor is also a theft deterrent. Not that many youngsters know how to drive them. 😁 Our youngest is in his mid 40's so we're now looking at grandkids that are coming up on driving age, oldest is 13 and goes down to the youngest of 8. These kids really have no interest in cars other than a way for mom, dad and grandparents to take them somewhere. The 8 and 11 year old think it's cool to ride in the bed of grandma's truck in the parade at one of the local car shows, but that's it. By the time they're grown into their 20's and 30's I think they'll have an app where they summon a self driving car to take them wherever and about anything they buy will be over the airwaves and delivered so shopping as it has been when we grew up will no longer exist. Most people will not own or drive cars and it will probably require a special permit to drive your own vehicle. Our niece in Germany is in her 30's and has never owned a car. Europe is way ahead of the USA on public transportation, but they also really don't have the distances we do. When she's been over here visiting my wife and I talked about going to St George, UT from our home in Layton, UT for the winter and our niece asked how far it was to St George. Her dad said "It's about a Germany south from here". This was somewhat of a revelation to her on how big geographically the USA is compared to Europe.
  4. From the description it does sound like the part. I'm surprised that these are sided?? Why wouldn't it work on either side? From the listed dimensions it sounds like it's a 5 in square!
  5. Is this chart complete? It doesn't show the #905 color (a tomato red with a slight orange tint). When I painted my car back in 1991 I contacted the Nissan regional office in Colorado and #905 was the number I was given.
  6. Me too! Plus all kinds of junk strewn through the yard and driveway.
  7. And here's one from our library that I can't believe we missed...
  8. Can't believe it took me so long to come across this thread! Here's a themed playlist my wife and I put together that we sometimes throw on when we go cruising. A couple of these were mentioned earlier.
  9. The new person in the White House may have a sympathetic ear to us collectors.
  10. Google shows ZCardepot phone number as (844) 865-2473. Don't know if it's any good though.
  11. Thanks, I guess I'll leave that alone then.
  12. With a manual transmission and one of the Champion radiators with ATF cooling ports could one use that for an oil cooler?
  13. I had this happen after my car sat in the garage for a number of years. Turned out the rear wheel cylinders were frozen and replacing them corrected the problem. Due to the cost of the early cars wheel cylinders I replaced using the newer, much less expensive cylinders. Here's a thread if you're interested.
  14. I can only help on the fuel lines. The larger diameter line is the "from tank to fuel pump and then on to the rail and carbs. The return line is the smaller diameter of the two and goes from the rail down to the line, then to fuel line and connects to the smaller tank hard line. The return line on the rail has kind of a restrictor orifice to maintain fuel pressure for the carbs.
  15. w3wilkes


    On international travel... Back in the 50's when I was an Army brat my dad got stationed in Germany. At that time there were a series of shots the whole family had to have to go from the USA to Germany and then again to come back to the US. It may be that this type of restriction would be implemented again when a vaccine becomes available. No vaccine - you're not allowed to enter the given country.
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