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  1. The wheel cylinder in your picture is the old series 1 style. The newer wheel cylinder isn't as tall and the brake line connects going straight in from the back rather than at an angle from the side. Check the thread I linked in post #5 of this thread for a visual comparison of the series 1 wheel cylinder and the newer cylinders.
  2. Is it just me or are there 4 screws that hold the headlight housing to the car body? I think in your video there's a screw hole top left that is missing a screw?
  3. Very interesting that this has come up. I had asked about the newer vs the older M/C back in December and never got a definitive answer. From what you say it sounds like this has been done on your car. My guess is that you can swap the large and small reservoirs on the M/C and call it good. Of course we all have opinions.
  4. I didn't see it mentioned, but with the 60 amp internally regulated alternator you do need to replace the external voltage regulator with one of these. Motorsport! Alternator Upgrade Adaptor, 70-72 240Z - The Z Store! Nissan-Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX 300ZX ( Z31 Z32 ) 350Z 370Z Parts
  5. Sweet find! I see miles of smiles coming your way.
  6. From what you say I'm guessing it's the rear brakes. I you decide it's the wheel cylinders and you want to replace them you can use the newer cylinders with some minor brake line tweaking on the back of the drums. Here's a thread I did when I replaced mine.
  7. Sorry I misunderstood who you were directing at. I personally wouldn't have seen it as boasting. Just like I don't see datsunzguy, myself and others boasting with pictures of our cars in our signatures. If you got a great car boast away, most of us are happy for anyone that acquires a great car and we do like to see them.
  8. I also thought the "no" response was a little on the negative side and really doesn't have anything to do with you being proud of your find. My guess is that Patcon also thought you had a nice find and was just curious on the range of the price for such a nice find (that us late comers have no idea on without pictures). Charles (patcon) is one of the more helpful/supportive people on these boards and other than you I doubt there's anybody else on these boards that saw his question as overly prying. I know when I was growing up and I got a just "no" (or "maybe" which always meant "no") from my parents it was viewed as a negative response. This whole thing reminds me of the kid that didn't get what he wanted so he took his ball away.
  9. Being a little late to this dance I'm wondering what this car looks like?? The pictures have been removed. Any possibility they could be put back so us Johnny come lately's can see this car?
  10. What do you use to transfer your vinyl? Do you properly cut the tracks out of a single file per album side? I do still have all my vinyl. I've actually duplicated most of my vinyl on CD. Rip with DBPoweramp. Drive all the music with Logitech Media Server.
  11. Not "The Prodigy" As ZH put in the Saturday Night Music thread. Just Prodigy the online service. I used it in the early 1990's. Since I worked for "the phone company" (Mountain Bell) in IT, I had internet access from the office. At home the best I could do was 56Kbps dialup.
  12. I bought the dual fan, shroud and 3 row radiator from MSA. It came with a Auto Cool controller. The temp sensor is like a foil thingy that wedges between the radiator output and the hose. I believe this is where the coolest water is leaving the radiator.
  13. Our youngest (43) gave me these coasters that he made on his new 3D printer. They're glued to cork beds and a clearcoat over the Z emblem. I think they're pretty hot!
  14. To be clear, the original question is hypothetical. I had always read that people would re-work the lines to go to the marked F and R connections. Did they do this just because that's the way it's marked on the M/C? What made me think of this is the zx distributor swap when we were told that you had to have the E12-80 matchbox on the distributor. The E12-92 actually works exactly like the E12-80 if you only use the top connections. I've been running a E12-92 for years and it works perfectly with just the top connection in use. EDIT: How many rear disc conversions have been done and the original M/C used? If there's a big difference in the F and R, wouldn't this mess up the rear brakes?
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