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  1. I don't think you'd want to leave the tank to vent in any enclosed space, like a garage! When I did my tank I drained it (discarded the fuel at the local hazardous waste facility). Put the drain plug in and pulled the tank and sealed over all the vents, gas in and out tubes and filler port. This was 5 years ago, but my friend walked me through how to clean the tank and prep it for sealing out in the driveway. Once all that was done the tank cured for maybe 2 weeks and then put it back in. Probably another couple of weeks before I was ready to put any gas in. It's been fine ever since and has had nothing but ethanol free fuel.
  2. MSA also has those 15753 front control arm bushings for less than Auto Zone Motorsport! Factory Front Control Arm Bushing, 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z - The Z Store! Nissan-Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX 300ZX ( Z31 Z32 ) 350Z 370Z Parts
  3. Questions... 1-How did you mount the hoses for bypassing the metal fuel rail? 2- Rather than dead head... Why not a short piece of piping in the hose on the return side (after the carbs) that had the correct restrictor orifice size that Datsun crimped in the end of the return line of the metal fuel rail to even out the fuel pressure?
  4. Redline 75W90 Gear Oil GL-5 Red Line Synthetic Oil. 75W90 GL-5 Gear Oil (redlineoil.com)
  5. Here in Utah where we regularly see 90+ in the summer I've been running Driven (Joe Gibbs) HR1 15 / 50 and have had no issues with great oil pressure.
  6. Very nice car! not that it would make any difference, but I think the wheels are Rota RB's, not RKR's.
  7. Sounds like everything you're doing should be raising the boiling point of your coolant which I believe is a good thing. Once coolant starts boiling in the block the air bubbles touching metal cannot pull heat from the metal anymore which can lead to bad things happening. Didn't you say you were running a 190*F TStat? You could try changing that out for a 160*F TStat and see if that helps bring your temps down. From what I've read here you would want the TStat with the centered valve rather than the one with the smaller offset valve.
  8. With Dallas being fairly close to sea level the boiling point of water is right about 212*F. Based on that you've got about 15*F to play with if you ran straight water. Then mix that with antifreeze which has a boiling point of around 387*F a 50/50 mixture would have a boiling point around 223*F so you would have almost 30*F to play with before you boil. You will have a little more room due to the cooling system being pressurized which will raise the boiling point temp even more. One other little thing is that water typically is the best at heat transfer where the 50/50 water / antifreeze may not be quite as good at transferring heat from the engine. This is kind of just off the top of my head. I'd bet @Captain Obvious or @siteunseen would be able to provide more and probably better enlightenment! My thought is you should be okay at 195*F and I'm sure as soon as you start moving it will come down.
  9. Don't know if they're the same bulbs as a 240Z. I used this LED in both the dome and map lights in my car. DE3022 CAN Bus LED Bulb - 18 SMD LED Festoon - 31mm - 90 Lumens | Super Bright LEDs Here's a list of some of the other LED's I used and where they go on the car.
  10. I had the same rack on my 73 Z but I put it on the drivers side.
  11. I really appreciated not having a switch when my clutch slave failed away from home. Start the car in 1st gear, shifting is easy enough doing RPM matching. Shut the car off at a stop, put it in 1st and start the car to get going again.
  12. Langes were notorious for what we called "Lange Bang". My experience with them was a long ways from soft inside! Nordica's were much more comfortable. I'd agree with the Head Vectors and Scott poles. Worked at Watson Shelter at Alta for a season back in about 1970-71, greatest snow on earth.
  13. Once upon a time on my old 73 240z I put Michelins on my car after I wore out the factory Toyo's and with them came a steering vibration at about 60+MPH. I tried rotating and rebalancing and nothing would correct the vibration. After putting up with it for a couple of years I replaced the Michelins with BF Goodrich Radial T/A's and low and behold the vibration was gone!
  14. I'm with Steve, those seatbelts aren't stock, on a stock 73 car the shoulder belt would be a separate piece that clips into the lap belt if you want to use it. And I also went with the Roadster seatbelts with the retractor connected at the roof location.
  15. Can't answer that since I went electric fans and as you can see from the picture the tabs on that electric fan shroud were a perfect fit on the engine side of the radiator.
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