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  1. Welcome, the guys on here are a fantastic resource and it seems like many of them have forgotten more about these cars than most will ever know! Curious on the manufacture date? Looking at your car it has series 1 seats and console with throttle and choke, but the tool bins are in the back floor and the body vents are on the rear pillars along with a 280Z hood (or would that be a 260 in the rest of the world). I guess these things could be different for ROW RH drive cars. Congrats on the kid and another on the way, the Z will be good for that too. "Kids in the back seat cause accidents, accidents in the back seat cause kids". Looks like your taking the back seat out of the equation. 😁 Wilkes
  2. The MSA 6 to 1 ceramic coated headers do a pretty good job of that. 😁
  3. So where is @KONI Lee when you need him?
  4. Just noticed this thread and went to look at my car. I know I haven't changed this and I doubt the original owner changed it. I think the sleeve goes inside the small end of the boot. When I squeeze the small end it feels to be larger diameter than the rod through the firewall.
  5. I went the electric knife route also and it worked great. It was my seat bottom that needed cutting. The front edge of the seat foam had a "overhang" (for lack of a better word) that I had to cut off for the cover to properly fit the seat bottom.
  6. More Tubes for CO I'll vote for the MSA 6 to 1 ceramic coated.
  7. later 240z dash has the cigar lighter in the dash and in the earlier 240z the cigar lighter is in the console under the radio. The hazard light switch was changed from a up/down toggle in the early 240z to a "pull" knob sometime in the 72 -73 timeframe. I think there were about 3 different versions of the up/down toggle switch.
  8. Would you have install pics? Thanks.
  9. So my 73 must have had the neutral switch since the buzzer would shut off going through neutral when the seatbelt wasn't fastened. As far as starting the car in gear goes, that was no problem on my 73. When my slave clutch cylinder broke I would just put it in 1st, start the car in gear and go. Then it's just a matter of gently shifting while the RPM's drop between gears. Put the car in neutral to stop at the light, shut off the motor, put it in 1st and start in gear when the light turned green.
  10. Ron, Sorry, I haven't had my 73 for 20 years and my early 71 is a pre buzzer car. The only switches I'm aware of are under the seats. You could try unplugging one of them and see if the buzzer quits, if not then try the other seat. I believe these are micro switches that complete the circuit to the buzzer when you put weight on the seat. Good Luck, Wilkes
  11. Can't speak for sure on a 72, but on my 73 with a manual transmission there was a neutral switch. The buzzer would buzz when in gear, but not in neutral when the seatbelt wasn't buckled for either passenger or driver.
  12. It depends on what YOU want from the car. Are you doing it for resale? I have my car because I've loved them since I first saw them. I went out on a limb and bought a brand new 1973 240z that I really couldn't afford. Drove it to death over the next 17+ years and then got my current 'early 71 back in late 1990 to replace the '73. This one is a fair weather driver and yes, I've done mods and don't have some of the parts I've removed. Do I care? Not really because the car is the way I want it.
  13. Just a really stupid question... Can the PU bushings be "softened" with a slight amount of perforating without compromising their integrity?
  14. Who is Josh who's getting something from Z Car Depot in Ontario Friday July 10? I got an email from them telling me my order is on the way and will be delivered today. Here's the Fedex info from Z Car Depot Shipped Your package has been processed. Your tracking number is: 394612364527 ATTN: JOSH KINGFA GLOBAL INC. 1550 S MILLIKEN AVE STE A ONTARIO CA 91761-2323
  15. Too bad this pipe wasn't flipped 180 degrees. Then you wouldn't need that 180 degree hose to get back to the evap tank.
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