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  1. Super "trick" and very much eye candy! Looks amazing.
  2. Thanks for the 2¢. So my thinking was backwards (not that unusual). The urethane bushing kit will be a little less harsh than the T/C kit. From other reading it sounds like a little less tightening with the urethane bushings will also slightly reduce the harshness of urethane.
  3. My thought on the T/C tension rod kit with the rubber bushings is it would be somewhat less harsh than the urethane tension rod bushing kit. Maybe somewhere between stock and the urethane kit?? Sorry for blaming you, I've now taken ownership of my deeds, so you're off the hook!
  4. My wife says it's your fault. I also pulled the trigger on the Koni's along with bushings, insulators. The old "while I'm in there...". MSA is checking one thing and will call in the AM. After reading through this thread I'm thinking it sounds better than the urethane tension rod bushing kit. Thoughts either way?? This will be something to do this winter.
  5. I think those spacers are to bring the rear of the car up to match the front. The front has bearings where those spacers would be to allow the steering to work.
  6. From what I've seen the real bidding will be in the last half hour / 15 minutes of the auction. I'd hold off to the end before you pull the trigger on bidding.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I also do the phone thing for my orders and you are right on about them being "nice as can be" over the phone. Just wish the website would actually reflect what's really available.
  8. Too bad. MSA needs to do a better job of putting the "Availability" note on items not in stock! @Joseph@TheZStore - This isn't the only item that doesn't show as not available!
  9. Even though Dave no longer supplies the headlight wiring harness kit it is still available from MSA. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic10l/12-4651
  10. Curios to know if you'll do the internally regulated alternator change and delete the mechanical voltage regulator? Along the same lines, are you going to do the headlight relay harness mod? Wilkes
  11. All done... $66,420 final. Holy crap Batman!
  12. It's been 20+ years since I had my bumpers chromed, but the place is still in business and does much chrome work for the hot rod guys. They seem to know what car folks expect. You will want to run a die down the bumper mounting bolts to clean up the threads or you will have trouble tightening the nuts, ask me how I know. https://www.ogdenchrome.com/ They did the bumpers, grill and all other chrome on my wife's truck too.
  13. Only those of us that still use the term "Tin Foil", or I could say "only us old farts".
  14. When you say "horn relay" are you going by a part # on the relay can? Did you trace them? Is there a possibility that a PO put in the relays for a different circuit than the horn, maybe headlights? This could be an early attempt at Dave Irwin's designed headlight relay harness and maybe the relays are now toast.. There is a headlight plug and play harness mod to remove the load of the headlights from the combo switch stalk in the 240Z's. It's available from thezstore https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic10l/12-4651
  15. w3wilkes

    Quiet Muffler

    I've not had my noise verified, but it's very acceptable to me. I use both a resonator in the tunnel and a muffler at the rear. 2 1/2" pipe all the way, both in and out. I think installation is the key to ground clearance as I have no issues with steep driveways or gutters. Resonator - https://www.magnaflow.com/products/10426-performance-muffler-magnaflow-4-round-centercenter-straight-through-performance-muffler Muffler - https://www.magnaflow.com/products/13216-performance-muffler-magnaflow-4-x-9-oval-centeroffset-xl-multi-chamber-performance-muffler Pictures;
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