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  1. I kind of like the effect of the white bulbs in the center gauge and tach. Are either dim-able? And lastly, why is your car upside down? 😎
  2. What it does mean is you're not the only old fart in these forums! 😁
  3. My Dec 1970 car has the E31 head.
  4. I've also been very happy with my Interior Innovation leather seat covers. I also did new foam from MSA.
  5. However I don't think you'd find a 260Z that originally had 240Z bumpers or tail lights and I've never heard of a 240Z that had 260Z bumpers or tail lights.
  6. I suspect that some of the changes were implemented prior to the S/N HLS30 21001 and HS30 00501 cars. My car is S/N HLS30 17486 and has the hooded map light. I am the 2nd owner, but I doubt it was changed by the original owner.
  7. Not being familiar with the original 280Z wiring, but on a 240Z with the NLA Dave Irwin headlight wiring mod the ground is changed to a single ground for each headlight rather than the way Datsun originally did the wiring. The original 240Z wiring would not work with LED bulbs because the post normally used for ground was power and high/low beam was controlled by switching grounds. See this thread;
  8. And you could have looked up Jalex and helped him with his ongoing carb float adjustment. 😎
  9. Isn't that the Ferrari 250 GTO Z Body kit?
  10. I will say that I saw that coming. Wasn't sure from who because there's so many possibilities! 😎
  11. Here's mine mounted. I've also seen them mounted on the left side of the console about to the side of the lighter panel facing up.
  12. I have no issues with the MSA 6 to 1 on my car.
  13. A little OT, Interesting... If it's seat belt buzzer/light... When I bought my 73 new I figured I'd use it to train me to start using a seat belt. Worked! It's now automatic, I fasten my belt before any car I'm in goes in gear. As I recall from my 73 it only buzzes when in gear.
  14. Try this link; http://www.2040-parts.com/datsun-240z-su-carburetor-float-sync-tool-i1994669/