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  1. Mathew, WOW! What a nice table, thanks. I'll just have to remember that per your table with my 205/60 R15's that when my speedo reads 100 MPH I'm really only going 98.63 MPH. I call that "close enough". I'm guessing that you used 82% for this final version of the table? I will mention that I have the same original unused spare tire as Mike. I may be a lousy measurer, but I got 25.125" inflated to 25 PSI so Mike and I are less than .05" different.
  2. w3wilkes

    71 fuel tank reinstallation

    If you get too frustrated with your old hose it looks like there's some OEM ones on ebay, but they'll run about $125.00. I went the new hose option last year. Replaced all the vent hoses and filler hose except for the one on the top of the tank. That hose was still in really good shape. The new filler hose was nice and soft and went on no issues. This also eliminated the fuel smell in the cabin. I couldn't see any cracks in the old hoses, but I think the filler hose seal was bad around the gas cap. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=240z+fuel+filler+hose&_sacat=0
  3. w3wilkes

    Early 71 Choke Lever

    My tombstone washer is metal and so is the backing sleeve that goes over the pin that my bolt replaces. I think all these parts are brass. Didn't mention before, but I used MRO Solution #10 Blue in the newly tapped bolt hole to keep the bolt from backing out like the micro screw did. If my cable ever breaks I'll use your piano wire fix and again won't have to disassemble the choke lever housing from the console!
  4. w3wilkes

    Early 71 Choke Lever

    Really impressed with your CAD work! What I did, using your CAD image, was eliminate the items marked A here and tapped the hole marked B for the bolt I used to replace all A marked items. This allowed me to leave the housing attached to the console console and only remove the choke lever from the housing to tap the B hole. Since my car didn't have the throttle lever and I've replaced the radio with a RetroSound Bluetooth radio I repurposed the throttle lever slot for the antenna up/down rocker.
  5. Other than that post by @Arne I've only seen 195/70 R14 listed for a 280Z http://www.automobile-catalog.com/tire/1978/2104790/datsun_280_z.html Then using the Discount Tire size calculator and comparing the 195/70 R14 to a 175/78 R14 the RPM's are identical https://www.discounttire.com/learn/tire-size-calculator I run 205/60 R15 which comes out to a 2 RPM difference from what I believe is stock tire size using the Discount Tire size calculator.
  6. I thought the 240Z OEM 175 R14's had a ratio of 78, not 82 and I thought the 280Z was 195/70 R14. See post's 13 and 14 in this thread.
  7. w3wilkes

    All studs or studs and bolts

    Here's a whole thread on the subject. The issue is the FSM says all studs, but on the actual cars that people have bolts were used on the top 6 holes rather than studs..
  8. w3wilkes

    Early 71 Choke Lever

    I did take a shot of how my revised assembly of the choke lever parts. The bolt will replace the little brass bar, "micro" washer and "micro" screw.
  9. w3wilkes

    Early 71 Choke Lever

    Yesterday I drove my 240Z up to a car show and all was well. Didn't win anything, but I did meet some fun folks. When I went to leave I pulled the choke and could tell the lever was no longer attached to the cable. Today I opened up the console to find that a "micro" screw had come loose that then disconnected the lever from the choke cable. Once I got into it I couldn't see how I would put things back together! You'll notice in the attached image there's a BOLT that goes through a "Y" in the choke lever that has a sleeve around it and a little retainer to hold the loop in the cable so the cable can be both pulled to apply the choke and pushed to disengage the choke. That's not quite the way Datsun initially did this. Sorry I don't have a picture. The jest of it was there's a round brass bar that on one end is a smaller stud that goes through a hole on the far side of the lever in the image and then a washer and "micro" screw holds brass bar in place. There's no way to get to that screw without completely removing that plate you can see on the other side of the lever in the image. What I've done is a small engineering change that makes it like in the image. I found a small bolt that fits through the sleeve and retainer that holds the choke cable and then tapped the hole in the other side of the "Y" in the lever so that I could use a bolt to hold the sleeve and cable retainer in place. Don't know what Datsun was thinking with that original hokey design! I stole this picture from WoodworkerB and the red circle is just showing his broken choke cable.
  10. w3wilkes

    New Member - 77 280Z 3-Speed Automatic

    I agree on "fix it". If your location of 95050 is Santa Clara, CA I believe your car's year still needs to pass emissions.
  11. w3wilkes

    240z 1972 Owners Manual

    I did find a pdf of a '73 owners manual. Don't know if it will do though. http://240260280.com/Docs/Owners Manual/1973 240Z Owners Manual.pdf
  12. w3wilkes

    240z 1972 Owners Manual

    I just did a quick search on Swiss requirements for importing a personal car from another country. One of the required bits of documentation is the owners manual... Who knew! http://www.helloswitzerland.ch/-/importing-a-car Read the section "How to proceed". I will say that it makes no sense to me why you have to have the owners manual. In the US when you trade a car in, many times the dealership will remove the owners manual and not pass it on to whoever the car is sold to, so it's common to not get an owners manual when buying a used car. Maybe if someone on these boards has a 72 240z and is in Switzerland they might lend a manual to get through the red tape??
  13. w3wilkes

    new lock set

    From the OP post I don't know what year car we're talking about, but... My '71 is also a two key affair. The ignition key is toothed on both edges, but the door / hatch key is only toothed on one edge. the cut lines down the key sides appear to be very different. I can't see how the locks could be made to work with a single key for the whole car by a locksmith. My '73 was keyed to a single key of the type with the teeth on both edges. Not sure when Datsun changed to the single key for the whole car, but it was sometime between 12/70 when my '71 was built and sometime in the first half of '73.
  14. w3wilkes

    Reproduction headlight covers

    Is there some type of gasket to seal the cover?
  15. w3wilkes

    Reproduction headlight covers

    I would love a pair, but at that price point I'll have to stick with my current lenses at less than 10% of your stated price. Sorry, just can't afford $750.

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