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  2. wheee!


    NOS don’t necessarily make the car “better”, but maybe more original. $1500 would be my breaking point on a quarter panel even on a “special” car...
  3. Mark Maras

    Idle dying when warm

    Time to adjust the valves and hope the compression improves on all of them. Be sure the throttle is wide open when conducting the tests.
  4. Mike mcdade

    resurrecting a 1977 280Z

    New fuel pump installed. Had to modify the pump mount. At any rate we bypassed the fuel dampener.
  5. Today
  6. That one is beyond restoration. You can find some good used ones or buy the Asian reproductions. Repros are still better than shorted lights
  7. Patcon

    Datsun 240Z Shim doors

    Yes Mario I would use some galvanized steel in the thickness you need then prime or plate them before use
  8. Mark Maras

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Among the fondest memories, I have from ZCON, was the drive to and from Saturday's show at Coolray Stadium. Jai hands me the keys to RedBird and says, "I'm going to ride with Bill (her son) and you and Kathy follow us to the show". Since it has been a good number of years since I had been back in a Z and never driven a 280, I jumped at the chance. The adventure started crossing lanes of traffic to get to I-85. Quickly discovered that RB's turn signals were intermittent. Hoping that modern drivers would recognize archaic hand signals, I found that Southern Hospitality was also in effect on the roads. Being in a beautiful bright red 280 probably helped. We managed to stay behind Bill but as we started down the ramp onto I-85 he takes off like he's being shot at. As the smile starts to spread across my face I shift into 3rd and then 4th gear and put the gas pedal to the floor just to keep up with Bill and Jai. Soon I think, OK, time for 5th gear. Slip it into neutral over to the right and up. Goes in easily, I let out the clutch and immediately realize that it was in 3rd and also realize this is a 4 speed. (trans is in excellent condition, btw, but could use some shifter bushings) Pull it back into 4th. As we gracefully weave our way through the slower traffic I look down and realize we're going 90 mph. Ah, this feels good. As I settle back in the seat the memories and feelings of driving a Z at speed come flooding back in a huge wave. Does Bill realize that the I-85 signs aren't speed limit signs? Who cares, I'm back in the 1970's when I was was bulletproof and much like back then, I just want to go faster. Much too soon we safely pull into Coolray Field and find a parking spot. When Bill gets out of his Xterra he has the biggest $hit eatin' grin on his face I've ever seen. Come to think of it, it probably matched the one on my face. After thanking him for the experience, we got to know each other better. He wants a 510 for the street and occasional track use. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. Good work Jai. The other great memories are of meeting Y'all and putting faces with names. Being able to talk with Matsuo-san, Cliff coming down for the day and providing transportation for us (thanks Cliff) and the warmth and hospitality of everyone we met in and around Atlanta. We wish we had more time to bench race with the other members but we're grateful for the memories we have. Thanks to all.
  9. wheee!

    Where to go with this rusthole

    Try using the EZ strip grinder wheels. They are plastic, don’t build heat and do a great job.
  10. Lumens

    Time to renew my insurance????

    This was my same experience with Hagerty. Also when I increased the value a few years ago, they did not ask for any further photos. I think I may need to increase the value again next year when its due for renewal.
  11. Thank you for this information.
  12. 240260280

    Datsun 240Z - 1971 Blue Metallic 903

    Looks great!
  13. Patcon

    s30 NOS quarter panels

    This sounds like the stud welder I use. I did exactly that but the corners are so thin that the stud welder burns holes in them and if you get a stud welded on, the corner tears out because the metal gets thicker further from the corner. It can be a challenging area to get right. The best tool would be to make some long thin dollies to use from inside the quarter panel
  14. 240260280

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    In a 240z I restored: replaced carpets, replaced all vinyl (including roof), replaced seat covers, sprayed all the plastic panels, sealed all holes in cabin, and had the painter spray the interior.... yet the Z smell prevailed. I am thinking dash and wiring are big factors.
  15. Datsunbat

    Parting Out 1976 280Z

    Hi, do you have the Shim doors, upper and lower,? I believe they fit 240Z... On the picture the arrows show the parts I'm searching. Regards Mário
  16. HS30-H

    L24 Battles Six S20's. Guess who wins?

    As pointed out before, running the contents of your hoover bag through a machine translating service is not really good enough. I think you should have another try with those driver names. Maybe look back over your (much edited) posts further back up-thread. Your underlining seems to be stuck too. Maybe there's some popcorn stuck under the key?
  17. Patcon

    Energy absorbing body of Fairlady Z

    44G's in a lap belt, hhhmmm? or better yet the steering wheel! "That's gonna leave a mark!"
  18. Patcon

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    Good progress
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