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  2. Yes, sorry the cylinder head, I am learning as I go on this project, the mechanic is saying that there is a tube missing down the right side of the cylinder head. So in your opinion this an a later model that has little can holes and is not missing a small tube or spray bar? Thanks
  3. Yes, I had a replacement hose handy when I took the old one off. I kinda figured I'd need to slice it lengthwise to get a good look inside it, thus rendering it useless. That little hose is kind of a PITA to get back on!
  4. Hard days work. Excited to get the outer rims polished and the Gibbs Oil on them and watch them become naturally beautiful!
  5. https://zcardepot.com/collections/master-cylinder/products/brake-master-cylinder-oem-240z-260z-280z Good OEM replacement ?
  6. So I snapped a couple more pics of the 75-77 fusible link for the EFI system. A little background... the 75-77 EFI system has it's own dedicated harness and the only connections it makes to anywhere else anywhere on the car is in one spot above the driver's knees where the EFI main relay is located. The 78 is a little different and has the EFI relays up in the engine compartment and I don't know if they use the same dedicated harness for 78. But for 75-77 inclusive, the EFI fusible link looks like this. Green in color and includes a thick plastic strand for strain relief (that's the white part).
  7. The Silvermine Motors site. Complete kit for the car is available. I documented the initial install in my thread. Edan [mention=27610]silverminemotors[/mention] will set you up with all you need. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/61463-silvermine-motors-electric-power-steering-system/
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  9. What was the purpose of removing the carrier from the diff?
  10. Got a few more items in. Got the rear tail lights in along with the side markers.
  11. After washing the 260Z on Saturday and going to a Georgia Z Club dinner, Wendy and I hopped into the car again today to go to a wine and cheese event at a friend's warehouse. It's always a good day when I get to drive the Z. Of course, visiting the warehouse has me looking forward to Mitty week 2019 at Road Atlanta.
  12. Murayama S20 with Webers as early as 1967 was mentioned in @kats thread. It seem to have more HP than with Solex:
  13. You might describe it as 'evolution', but it's a bit more jumbled up than that. And I would tend to look at other contemporary L-gata equipped models for clues too. Looking only at Zs is very likely to miss some clues... Put simply, I see models with aircon needing multi-blade fans. Factory parts lists show simpler fans for non-aircon models vs multi blade for aircon and - possibly - hotter climate. The one tends to go with the other. I would imagine the multi-blade nylon fans as being easier to make/cheaper than the multi-blade steel fans once the tooling had been manufactured.
  14. Thanks so much. I will check
  15. Correct. At least for the North American market, there were no other factory installed choices. Anything else was dealer-installed.
  16. Very slick car. I was driving downtown yesterday and saw the Spider version with the retractable top just after the driver had parked and was raising the top. It looked good both ways. Dennis
  17. Does anyone have details on early Z's with no factory radio? There seems to be a storage bin in its place. Do flat blanking plates also exist as well? Also, are there any details of the antenna hole plug? @kats
  18. I have the Gen II mini evaporator with a Sanden 508 compressor on my 240z and believe me it lacks blowing power. I am trying to search for a better option.
  19. You got them! Well done! I think it is most likely that they are indeed genuine Murayama factory works team parts, never intended to be sold to the general public. Original cost of production would have been very high, but not a problem for a works team. Compression ratio might be a problem for a street car. They are very high intrusion crown pistons and compression ratio would have been very high on the works cars. You will need to work it out with a dummy build.
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