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  2. Too bad your view was blocked by that sweaty fat guy.
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  4. R - Right Headlight R/Y - Left Headlight R/L - Inspection Light G/L - Front/Side Marker Lights Of those 4 wires, only the R/L wire doesn't go through a switch. Pull the 4th fuse down on the right side of the fuse block. Reconnect the 4 pin connector and test again.
  5. haha.. the liquid seals these days are very good.. ask your autoshop .. Me myself use the blue stuff.. i don't know the name but liquid sealer is handy and better than paper. (just my opinion) What also is possible, do some liquid seal on original seals. one side.. than it's easy to open (valvecover?) and on both side timing cover.. not easy to open but as there are water and OIL !! channels going through that it's very important to seal it perfectly. What you mean with rtv i don't know but you need to use a good liquid seal.. not some silicone badroomsealer haha..
  6. I'm voting that it's cast iron flashing from inside the block. I just de-flashed mine because I was able to break off a piece with light finger force. Broke out the die grinder and had at all of it. While I was at it, I smoothed up some cast holes for better coolant flow.
  7. I'm almost sure thats the problem .. Btw.. the circuitbreaker was eh... my idea.. and i'll give you another one.. I made one parallel over a old blown fuse (those big glass fuses that are used in a 240z) and then you can click it right into the fusebox on the circuit you want to test.. ( I soldered the circuitbreaker to it.. went very well)
  8. This happened in the VW world as well, particularly Oval window Beetles. Many have said because the cars are "rare", I say BS. Rare means you cant find one without a true hunt. If you want an Oval window Beetle, you can have one heading to your address tomorrow, Ebay, CL, The Samba, etc. S30's are not rare, so what gives. Once both my 70 and 73 are restored and on the road, I really have a hard time believing there is over 6 figures worth of cars in my garage. I sold this 56 in a few minutes of hitting Enter on a VW site.
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  10. I would think you could fabricate a bracket pretty easily if you have one to copy
  11. The wire colors tell you a lot of what you need to know. Make sure you download the service manuals. That's where I get a lot of my info from. That page came from the 71 supplement that is posted on this site. If you notice, the connector shapes match up well.
  12. YARB is right. Change them both. For a start if you haven't done the the job before, the first one will take too much time. After that, the second one will take half the time. Also, if one cylinder has failed, there is no reason to expect its twin has much, if any life left.
  13. @Mike. Thanks for you support with the pic and the option on the issue.
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