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  2. gwri8

    78 280 Re-Assembly

    Yes, I've been down that contortionist road before and I did give the water c oc k a once over and it looked ok. The hose's showed no cracks. Personally, I would replace them now but I think the owner is getting a little tired and hesitant about the usual old Z warnings I'm giving. I've mentioned the kaput fuel pump and a missing fuel neck but haven't gotten a response yet. I did get him to buy an RT mount, all new urethane bushings, weather strip, and rubber stuff though. All that stuff adds up quick and can be shocking to someone who hasn't seen it since it was stripped. I do clean and/or repair stuff as I go so the parts that I have are thoroughly checked out before they go back on. I've mentioned the kaput fuel pump and a missing fuel neck but haven't gotten a response yet. The engine bay is further along than this pic, but it's looking pretty good. One more question, since this is an automatic car, what goes in place of the clutch master cylinder hole next to the brake booster? Should I just plug the hole with a grommet or something?
  3. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Just took a 20 min ride along the highway at 6pm and a couple of fast traffic lights. Parked the car and pulled out plugs number 5, 2 and 4. Plug 4 now looks a little darker than 5 and 2.
  4. fairladyz432

    Rear wheel bearing install issue

    Ahh glad I’m not the only one what a pain in the arse it was lol. Great close up pics definitely will help those in need out one day. The mechanic that worked on mine didn’t notice any damage in the slots where the bearing goes but I’m sure something close to that is what caused my issue. Possibly needed to go perfectly seated in order for it it to be tightened down on an old and worn hub.
  5. TheCrazySwede

    OER dripping fuel inside barrels

    Floats are within spec. Even tried lowering them - no cigar
  6. wil84911

    Misfiring while cruising

    Sorry hopefully fixed. 12/70 2.6 block E88 heads Mallory DCOE40 3/2 Twice pipes Tokico 1, 3/4 in sways, ext oil cooler
  7. Captain Obvious

    510 Su's

    Funky! I'm sure the old-time carb guys would recognize that in an instant, but that's the first time I've ever seen something like that. Makes me wonder what was going on and caused that phenomenon. It's so even that it almost seems a relic of the original construction method. Stress risers caused by the ring rolling process to form it into a cylinder? Gear driven, and the pitch of the gears has something to do with the distance between the cracks? Hermetically sealed container that has been flexing and changing shape with many years of temperature changes and finally gave out? Some sort of corrosion phenomenon? Funky!
  8. Patcon

    Wheelbase predicament

    That's fabulous!
  9. joe newsom

    Exhaust recommendations

    So no muffler on L28? Just a resonator? Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  10. gogriz91

    JDM 2+2 grill?

    Picked this up from a friend as a replacement for one i lost in an accident. Am trying to figure out where the 2/2 came from, I thought North American 2+2s had the same grill as the coupes. Am curious if someone just added it to this grill. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Cheers dude, works still to be completed but another weak link eliminated I expect. Thanks for the tip, that's a great little tutorial and one that I'd never thought of!
  12. gnosez

    S30 Frame Construction

    Factory replacement rails were sold as a one piece item, starting at the radiator support and ending behind the seat mounts. I have one side which was used to develop our 240 rails.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Patcon

    rear wiper

    @rossiz A year or two ago you were talking about adding a rear wiper on you Z, did you ever do that? I found these and was wondering if they were the 280zx rear wiper that was needed... I found these the other day when I was cleaning up the shop.
  15. Patcon

    Caswell Plating

    Fired up the plating bench again today. It's sort of hard to start and stop. Would probably be easier to just plate until everything is done. The starting and stopping can make it hard to get the setup working right again. I tried to plate this "grease catcher" today. It goes on the back side of the front hub, held on by the wheel studs. Got mixed results I had these dull spots. I ran the current up and down and couldn't get rid of it. I ran this all the way through yellow cad and dried it. The dull spots wouldn't take color. Then I bead blasted it again and replated it. I had to rotate it a good bit to get it all to plate. I still had a few dull areas that I polish with a scrubby pad before chromating. Here is the result I think part of the issue was my power supply was maxed out. I ran this basically at 10 amps and I think it could have been higher. I have found higher currents make my parts brighter. I plated some front grease caps at close to 6 amps and they fizzed the whole time, but they came out shiny and nice. You can see them in the earlier picture...
  16. Patcon

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    I also finished rebuilding the front fender I have been messing with for probably a year I disassembled the inner and outer fender so I could rebuild the inner fender and patch some holes in the outer fender. I reattached this bracket to the inner fender before sliding the inner into the outre fender. I spot welded the bottom and the inner top flange then I dollied the flange back down flat Hung it up and added some black. I shooting black under the whole car and in all the wheel wells
  17. duffymahoney

    Sanden ac compressor on a 280zx mount

    I got the system in. Now just need to pull a vacuum. I also got some r12 and should install this weekend. The Zx bracket is super nice and everything tucks nicely The dryer I found matches almost perfectly.
  18. anthony_c

    260z interlock TSB

    delayed update: it was neither the interlock nor the relay. it appears to be a loose connector (C5) under the dash and i'm sort of wishing it was the interlock instead.
  19. five&dime

    Z31 N/A RB project

    Went to see my machinist. He is almost done with rough porting. Then he is going to cut the valve seats, polish everything up and then combustion chamber shaping/unshrouding of the valves. My dad met me over there in one of his 240's so I snapped a pic of our cars together too.
  20. Today
  21. Mike

    Video Game Racing

    Come join us for our first time racing on simulators. We have the both the Sim Room and the break room for an hour and are allowed to bring snacks. Free to members, $30 for non-members. Please confirm to Duane that you are coming. http://www.dirtfish.com/our-school/playseat-lounge/
  22. Mike

    Slot Car Racing

    Racing starts at 1PM $20 a person, arrive 1/2 hour early. Spectators Free. Kitchen available, we can use it before and after. Bring snacks and drinks for sharing. Racing is bracket format to determine winner. 6-8 racers per race. Cars and controllers provided. Racing should take from1 to 1-1/2 hrs. to complete. Center is right across from Griots, so bring a list of supplies you need and stop in at Griots to stock up for summerdetailing jobs. www.132slotcar.us
  23. Mike

    North Bend Drive

    Drive & Lunch Sat.Sept. 30th To Los Cabos Los Cabos in North Bend Take your Z For a Ride with us on the back roads to LosCabos Meet with us at the back lot of WHOLE FOODS 888 – 116TH. AVE. Bellevue. Meet 9:30 AM.& We Leave at 10:00 AM Any Questions Call Richard Pepper cell 425-358-0198
  24. Mike

    Car Care Day & Slot Car Racing

    Time to spiff your car up for summer and get ready for the Car Show. We have scheduled a detailing tech session at Griots Garage from 11:00 to 12:00, and then have booked a slot at Scale Racing Center across the street at 1:00. Thanks to Tom Caldwell for organizing the event.
  25. Mike

    Christmas Party

    Our ZCCW Christmas Party will be held at Warr-King Winery in Woodinville. Everyone is welcome to join us for our Christmas Party. It will be a potluck, if your last name begins with; A – H bring a main dish I – R bring a side dish, salad or appetizer S – Z bring a dessert The club will provide water and soda pop. We will be getting a banquet license, and it will be a BYOB We will be having a White Elephant style giftexchange. If you wish to perticipate bring a nice gift (no car parts), around $20. We will also being announcing the Members Rewards Winners. Kids are welcome. Please go to our Facebook page to confirm you are attending so we can plan accordingly. Enter through the front entrance (tasting room entrance)
  26. Mike

    November Meeting

    Come and support your club and our sponsor. We will be discussing our next years plans and need your input. This meeting starts at 6:30 because the dealership closes at 8.
  27. Mike

    October Meeting

    This is your chance to see how wine is made. Our meeting will be held in the tasting room of Warr-King Wines, where you will get a chance to sample some of our wines, courtesy of club President Duane Bender,who also is the assistant winemaker. Then for anyone interested, there will be a tour of the back. Harvest is in full swing, so you’ll get a chance to see the whole process.
  28. Mike

    September Meeting

    September Meeting Caveman Kitchen @ 807 W Valley Hwy, Kent, WA 98032, USA
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