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  2. I just got my 260z back from the shop* just in time for winter storage and have a new issue to address. On the drive home, my temperature gauge showed +250 after a few miles. The engine was not hot so the mechanic suggested I install a new temperature sensor. Unless I pulled the wrong part off my car, something does not match up (see photograph). Just above the old and new sensors is the port it screws into. *Welded and reground failed camshaft, installed extra-thick exhaust manifold gasket due to a warped header mating surface.
  3. Yes, steel liner. You wouldn't expect the brake pad to rub on aluminum.
  4. I agree. It was @dutchzcarguy who mentioned the odometer. I mentioned the HUD because I like it since the speed is displayed in my line-of-sight as I'm driving. It's a reasonable price, too. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MCWG3JT
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  6. Not a Black Friday deal, but I found this universal drive 1/4 socket set comes in handy when removing the nuts from the studs on the intake and exhaust manifolds: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0021I2KDO Note: I have a similar set with a 3/8 drive, but they can't fit into some of the nooks and crannies as easily as the 1/4 drive sockets.
  7. That is amazing! I really wanted to lighten the flywheel, but I am a new manual driver and was worried about lightening affecting drive ability. But if it’s similar to OEM, that is perfect! Edit: apologies, was on mobile and did not realize this post is 15 pages long. Sorry for replying to an old post.
  8. View Advert WTB: 44mm Triple Mikuni's Looking for a set of triple mikunis for my 2.8l 240Z. Advertiser vanroth Date 11/30/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1971 Model 240Z  
  9. Banzai Motorworks has the paint, that's where I bought mine. http://zzxdatsun.com/catRequests.php
  10. Are both master cylinders similar in size? Is the depth from the mounting flange of the master to the back of the piston the same on both units?
  11. @jonbill You were correct, good remote diagnosis
  12. No body makes full rear quarters, th hat I know of. One of the better panel makes, might make the jambs for you
  13. Yeah, It did sound like something like that... at first i wanted to ask if you had the connectors on the battery attached haha... Glad you found the problem!
  14. It's not 'up to you' Alan and if you see such an opportunity as a task - it's dead in the water - it must be a pleasure, a passion.......a legacy (much like the 'deal' when you took over the C10 from your Japanese friend) to continue educating people, showing, explaining, promoting. I absolutely agree with you here "that responsibility has an obligation to get it right, or at least get it as right as possible". Without your 'inside' and more profound knowledge, it won't ALL be here so any writer won't know what he's missing to have included ! Can you imagine me rummaging around and then presenting it to you for pre-production peer critique/fact-checked ? You'd soon get pissed off despite the material for public consumption contained therein ! Better that the peer himself write it and have THAT checked by HIS peers !
  15. Ok I looked up those Pyle speakers so I could get the dimensions that gives me a good starting point. I normally don’t even have music on but when I take my kids on rides they like to have things to listen to
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  17. Ordered up a set of stock reman calipers from Autozone - picture on the website shows Sumitomo castings for the housings, but the ones I received have no such "SUMITOMO" markings. They visually match the Sumitomos that I currently have, other than the 20 years of rust on my originals, so it's not like they shipped me the entirely wrong calipers. Did someone start reproducing generic housings for these calipers at some point? I'm inclined to return them, and keep looking for ones with the correct Sumitomo castings - if anyone has good/bad experience with the various remans (Nugeon, Cardone, Centric, etc.) for these, I'd appreciate the info.
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