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  2. I did told myself this is the last thing I will be spending out. Everything else I will do myself, even if it takes a learning book on it, I could prob do a better job.
  3. Fly to Paris, TGV train to Le Mans - be collected or hire a car from there or Paris Orly/Charles de Gaul airports. We can supply camping stuff or book a local hotel, AirB and B.
  4. I am on my second Covercraft. Fitted for a 240Z. The first one I got was from MSA and made by Covercraft. Don't know what they sell now.
  5. Green ‘75 Zs should be good for at least 14,000 feet. Just sayin...😁
  6. Good to know, yea would definitely need a shut off for safety purposes
  7. But not before I find a good full molded carpet kit... and should I make my own vinyl pieces or buy them?
  8. Thanks ZH. I have the book and will do some of those things but not go crazy. These engines run pretty darn good stock. So far the engine is in good shape, probably would have gone a many more miles than I’d ever drive it. All the carbon will be nice to clean up as I’m told they can become relative hot spots and start degrading performance. I plan to send the block, crank and head next week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Do you have any model numbers for those maxi fuse blocks I am looking to do the same wiring with my fusible links Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Not sure I will do ITB’s. I have a custom plenum I’m building for NA or turbo. One TB to mess with and tune . I do like the look and maybe I’ll go that route some day . I have a diesel manifold that I would love to run also - just something different .
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  12. I don't need anything fancy. Just looking for one somebody has used and been happy with. Just enough to fit well and keep the sun and rain off it. It's parked outside in So.California. Doesn't need to have a lock on it or anything. I can stop by Motorsport Auto and pick one up if they have an option you guys like. I'm also happy to order online.
  13. Our friends at Hot Wheels have some amazing Japanese cars in the works, and they will be giving a sneak peek at our booth at JCCS tomorrow, September 21. There will be some never-before seen Japanese castings, as well as … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  14. I can send you the 2 bottom bolts and nuts that secure the dust cover to the bottom of the tranny pan. Let me know, I can get your address from Phillip.
  15. I tapped my grease caps with a rubber hammer pretty hard until those center caps stayed on. I read on here a few days ago somebody used 1/8" spacers on the front to let them fit without denting the grease caps like I did.
  16. You can see carb lines like that in the early engine fsm. I thought they were from a 2000 roadster.
  17. until
    Come join Datsun-France for the Le Mans Classic! Open the above forum post to see more information.
  18. Oil pressure sensor is in and linkage is all adjusted. I think it’s just time to wire. Which I’m dreading.
  19. Was thinking of using one of those dustless blasting services so they can just come do it in my driveway. Anyone has experience with those?
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