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  2. Good Ole Quint. 99 bottles of beer on the wall...
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  4. I think it’s one cylinder supplying the oil and it’s being dispersed into the other two because of proximity of the n42 intake .
  5. Yes back on the road. New clutch, bearing, turned flywheel, and new main seal. Replaced the vent hose, cleaned up the exhaust mounts and installed the ceramic coated exhaust down tube.
  6. Greetings - When trimming down the rear transverse link bushings (sanding on a flat surface) does anyone have any particular recommendations on what grade(s) of sandpaper to use? I don't see how using the all thread method to spread apart the arm would actually work to get it back together without bending the arm too far out of compliance to get the spindle pin back in. Also, for anyone battling the clean up on the "Formula 5" poly grease, Tub o Towels cleans your hands right up, and cleans EVERYTHING off of the bushings and parts with no problems. Highly recommended. Thank you in advance. Regards, lbpdz
  7. I used the copper slag on the underside and inside of the car but not on body panels. I used EZ strip wheels for that.
  8. Very nice. But. I hate picking on people's hard word work, but the lowest RPM shown is 2300 RPM. Crack of the throttle should be down around 1000, I'd assume. As far as effect, the biggest might be that the timing advance to full vacuum advance setting. So timing probably jumps 18 degrees as soon as you crack the throttle.
  9. Thanks, I will have to keep my eyes open for marks in this area in the future
  10. Stick, Yes... We have clearly veered into a purely academic avenue on your thread, but we're good clean fun. We'll help with the math.
  11. Thank you all for the replies, I'll follow up with this thread once I get time to tear into the engine.
  12. I don't know if this will apply but when I come across a locking gas cap that we don't have a key for, I take a large set of channel locks and squeeze it some and it will thread right off
  13. You might double check the numbers using the FSM by year and model. They're in the Engine Mechanical chapter.
  14. Bought another Moog OTRE and finally got the right part, so I’m back in business on the rack. Should be done by Monday. Hoping to have a progress report on the body by Thanksgiving. I passed on your comments regarding the door, so we will see if he’s receptive to those ideas.
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