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  1. This worked in the last plague, much more stylish than a wash cloth.
  2. Good question, I don't remember seeing that before, I'm guessing #3 and #12 are the same part.
  3. This graphic is so good I'm trying to find a way to embed it in the thread but so far no luck.
  4. Interesting graphic
  5. That was the first thing I thought when I saw a Captain of an aircraft carrier had made his letter public, the Navy is going to teach him a lesson and file him in some closet. But he did the right thing and I'm sure he knew he was destroying his own career but it certainly saved the lives of a lot of his men. Sounds like a good guy.
  6. I don't know if anyone has posted this one but I thought it might be appropriate. One of the best songs of the 70's.
  7. Very true, a little taste of mortality certainly puts things into perspective and what is truly important. The old "slow down and smell the roses" phrase, well it is now being forced on us. I have always taken pride in how busy I keep myself, how much I can get done in a small amount of time, multi tasking and such. It is certainly a good skill to have sometimes but I'm starting to see that there is no need to spend my whole life in fast forward.
  8. That kind of sounds like a unbalanced drive shaft, U joint wear, maybe the transmission mount, the bronze bushings will transfer more vibration than the old plastic bushings that were in there.
  9. I can not live on a steady diet of doom and gloom so ... It's spring, warming up and I have noticed the air is much cleaner everywhere, even in downtown Toronto. I don't think I have seen a contrail in the sky this whole week, it's nice, quite. I have been deemed an essential service so the drive to and from T.O. has been so relaxing, it takes half the time to get where I'm going. Most of the other drivers on the road are well behaved, only a few A--holes and there is lots of room for them to zig zag . Anyone else noticing positive aspects of shelter in place?
  10. Congratulations! A nerve wracking day I'll bet.
  11. Not a video but still photographs, an eclectic mix of images from the dawn of photography up to the 1960's, but mostly historical American images. You could spend 24hrs a day for the rest of the quarantine and you would never get to the end of the collection.
  12. Duffy, I took your advice and added a lot more air pressure, as you said, air pressure is everything, blasting now at 120psi. Also got rid of the circulation pump and put my old pool pump into service, works great. I will never sell your design😊
  13. Do you think it would be possible to purge the oxygen out of the bag with a small tank of Nitrogen? No mold or rust without oxygen.