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  1. And there she goes to a new home, I'll still get to see it few times each summer which is good but I don't mind telling you I shed a little tear as she left.
  2. I'm pretty sure it is on that thread. One of a kind.
  3. I don't know if this is considered cloth tape, it's more fuzzy than that, anyway I've been using it a lot to wrap harnesses.
  4. I'm installing the LED sequential tails from Easy Performance for the new owner. The kit is very well made and the lights are very brights but there is one major flaw in their design, the microprocessor that allows 7 different modes of sequencing can't tell the difference between you putting the signal on or you hitting the brakes. So you slam on the brakes and the guy tailgating you doesn't see brake lights, he sees the taillights going through an entire sequence, red and amber moving lights first before the brake lights come on, about 1.5-2 second delay before the solid, unblinking brake lights start. Confusing, dangerous and I'm sure probably illegal. The only way to have normal brake lights is to have no sequential signals at all, the very thing you bought the kit for in the first place.
  5. And here is the newest of those wax/oil sprays and one of the best I have used, none of the product comes out of the front of the tip of the clear plastic wand, only out of the sides so as you pull it out of the frame or channel all of the wax goes where you want it. Unlike the Eastwood frame spray you can easily do an entire car with one can, Eastwood takes 5-6 cans. Gotta love SEM products.
  6. Other than on a race engine it's probably just a feel good thing but nothing wrong with that. That is what these cars are all about.
  7. I checked all the things listed above and they are working again, not sure which one it was but it's all good.
  8. Every time I put a 240z back together I run into the same problem, push the horn button and you get a click with a bit sound from the horn then nothing. I can't remember what the fix is, anyone recognize the symptom? Thanks
  9. Thanks Chas but in this case I'm just restoring my own modifications, real restorers might take offense
  10. Well I'm just waiting on the new LED headlights and the recovered dash to arrive before I can finish everything up. Engine is in, gas tank installed, all the brakes done and bled and I reconfigured the exhaust system so there is more ground clearance. @Careless gave me hand getting the glass in the other day, thanks again Raf.
  11. The hood was the last piece to be done today, tomorrow I start dropping the engine back in.
  12. I started wet blocking with 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500, finished that up yesterday and started cut and buff this morning, one more day and I'll have the paint done😊😊😊
  13. Will you make the brace out of steel or having it machined out of aluminum?
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