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  1. grannyknot

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    I seen guys weld a 1/8" welding rod on to the edge of the B pillar then just shape it until the gap is perfect then blend in the new edge with some filler.
  2. grannyknot

    Just what the Doctor ordered. 1977 280z

    Well it took longer than planned but it's working, copied @mikev88 method but found I needed a nut on the top of the on/off stud to keep the swivel from flying off, an M5x.8 die works perfectly. The Duplicolor Pontiac Blue DE1610 really is a very close match to the stock colour, so thanks @siteunseen
  3. grannyknot

    should I buy this car!?

    If you like the look then you could probably talk him down on price some more, but it won't have much resale value if you want to move on at a later time.
  4. grannyknot

    New Member - 77 280Z 3-Speed Automatic

    Edit, never mind, it has already been answered.
  5. grannyknot

    New Member - 77 280Z 3-Speed Automatic

    Those are your fusible links, they take a little longer to blow than a standard fuse.
  6. grannyknot

    vin 181

    Well the price is still at $800 so the BaT crowd might agree with you.
  7. grannyknot

    1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    Is that a source you can let us in on or just a one time thing?
  8. grannyknot

    All studs or studs and bolts

    I like having studs for the exhaust for all the reasons ZH mentioned, but also when you are mounting the manifold or header you can let the studs take the weight.
  9. grannyknot

    Pulling the rear drum brakes off my 1977 280Z

    That length sounds about right but you may have to go a little longer depending on what is available, 60 ftlbs is what I use but really I haven't looked it up in years, check for yourself here,
  10. Well if you are comfortable removing/replacing quarters then that is the best way to tackle the inner wheel wells, it also gives you access to all the other rust you just know you going to find. The unibodies on these cars are not as stiff as modern cars so it's always a good idea to limit how much sheet metal you remove at one time so there is no chance of sagging.
  11. grannyknot

    Pulling the rear drum brakes off my 1977 280Z

    It's a good idea to replace all the studs if you can, they take a lot of abuse over the decades with air guns, brake jobs and tire replacements. They are inexpensive and available at any auto parts store, same with the nuts. Once the new studs and nuts are installed and torqued to specs take the car out for a 1-2 mile drive and then re tighten.
  12. grannyknot

    California 1978 Datsun 280z Restomod

    Looks great, single stage or base / clear?
  13. Yes sir, that it is That was last August 2017, the engine has been rebuilt and purring again.
  14. grannyknot

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    But your R/T mount was not made by Technoversions, right? The 2 R/T mounts that I had trouble were from Technoversions.

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