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  1. Maybe they are referring to this version, this is what I understand to be the newest repop of the original like @jfa.series1 has on his car only this one has the rectangular window/face plate on the P/S. It also does not cover the highest hole for the badging.
  2. I've sold a Zcar through ebay and BaT and have advertised on Hemmings, with Hemmings I got lots of interest but no sale after a month then I put the car on BaT and it was sold by the end of the week at my asking price. I got a good price on ebay but difficulty with the buyer and ebay was of no help there, once the auction is done and the fees paid ebay doesn't care about you. BaT on the other hand will help you every step of the way and follow up to make sure all goes smoothly after the auction, however BaT will want a low reserve which can be unnerving. If your car is a rust free and fairly low in the VIN numbers then you should get the best market value on BaT, the lack of the 4spd trans although inconvenient shouldn't affect your price too much. As mentioned above, gather as much documentation as you can as you can. Please post some photos, lots of experienced guys here.
  3. @theguppies, I know the glove box door is made of plastic but do you think there is anyway to recover it so it matches the dash?
  4. Besides it gives you the opportunity to turn those caps around.
  5. I think you really need to find the clearance on the thrust bearing and measure properly so that it is repeatable, so you're getting consistent reading on both sides using the long screwdriver to pry.
  6. Ideally it would be very near where you live so you could look it over and so I could come for a visit. Honestly I have enough projects going to keep me occupied until next winter but there is a car size void in my storage area that will fill up with junk if I don't get another Z in there. Basically I'm looking for 70-78 Z without too much rust but that needs a complete resto, how about you send Lily up to me and I'll have her back to you before spring driving season.
  7. @inline6, you must have some previous experience doing body work, if not then you're a natural. So did you cut out the strip of floor pan from inside the cab that is just above the rail to get access to the rails?
  8. @dmuzial, are you Auto70 on BaT? If so it sounded like you and the seller were pretty close on price, nice to see it end up with someone on this site. I'm in the fresh rubber bushing camp as well, the difference between the old rubber and new is quite surprising and firmer than you might think. You can never post too many pics on this forum, following other members build threads is always pleasure. I just completed a 77/280z project myself and I'm looking for another one, great cars. You might might find a few 77 specific things of interest here,
  9. Let's hear it for desktops🖥️💾☎️ Mike, love the new look.
  10. ...and then charge them money for it and tell them it's all fixed! Unbelievable.
  11. I am but there is not a lot being advertised right now except $4k rust buckets or $26k finished cars, neither of which are much fun. Maybe in the spring.
  12. They are complete hacks, find a another mechanic. Better yet learn to diy.
  13. So I guess you're going to use poly bushings in the mustache bar?