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  1. You need to warm up the new cover so it will stretch a bit, a hair dryer will work.
  2. Even in stock configuration with no mods the Z's gas tank placement makes a Pinto seem like a Volvo. But you're right about the brake kits, a lot of variables going on there.
  3. @Jarvo2, Dave, I mailed it this morning, should be 7-10 days. It was only $3.00 so don't worry about it. Cheers
  4. Welcome to the forum, well you should keep the original engine/4spd regardless of what you do. You or the next owner may decide to go back to bone stock and you can't do that without the numbers matching engine. The 280ZXT is a potent engine and the 5th gear is much nicer for Hwy driving but it might be worth your while to get the car running with the 2.4L engine and see how that feels to you. It 's a fairly high revving engine and lots of fun to wind it up and with the car being so light it is a well matched package.
  5. That cover really protects the grease seal on the inner wheel bearing from grit or sand that may find its way into the drum , if the seal fails it also will protect the drums from grease for a while. I have a few of those gathering dust, I'll send you one if you pay for the shipping.
  6. It might be time for a new oil pump, it's a pretty easy job to do, drop the sway bar down from the rail mounts and you have access to the 4 bolts holding the pump on. 8psi at idle is the lowest you would ever want to see, I'm sure there are engines that function on less but why risk it. The engine looks great.
  7. grannyknot

    1977 280z

    We all wish we had Socal weather, in the winter I can get away with a couple months for bare metal, in the summer, a couple of days.
  8. That is truly one of the rarest Z parts, thanks, I've never seen one intact.
  9. The weld bead holding the perch to the strut tube is about 1/8th" tall and I cut just above that, you can see the cut line right next to the weld bead in the photo on post #32, after the perch is off you grind down the bead so the split collar and perch can slide past. The only danger is cutting too deep and going into the strut tube, the metal is thin. A hacksaw is a safer way to remove the perch.
  10. Just an angle grinder with a thin cutoff wheel, you could also use a hacksaw.
  11. This is a good brand, https://www.spraymax.com/en-us/products/product/primer-primer-filler/2k-epoxy-primer-1/
  12. Not in your head, what makes me laugh is that line about, " Buyers who purchased this item also purchased..." I doubt anyone who just ordered 4 NGK sparkplugs also bought a dozen Champion's for the same engine on their recommendation. That lie has the opposite effect on me of what they intend it to do. ZH, have you looked into content blocking to get rid of the all the ads you're plagued with?
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