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    HLS30U01955 March of 1970 240z about to under go a complete resto mod.<br />
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  1. I just did this last month but damned if I can remember, @Namerow will know.
  2. The answer is Yes, thanks zspert.
  3. grannyknot

    My “barn find Z”

    Nice to hear from you again, I was wondering what happened to you. Any more pics of your progress?
  4. grannyknot


  5. Granny,

    You have a deal.  

    3313 Spruce Drive,

    Red Deer, AB

    T4N 3N7

    Whatever your shipping cost, I'm good for it.



    1. grannyknot


      Sounds good, I cleaned it the gunk out of it, seems to be working fine, I'll get that off in the mail tomorrow.

  6. James, Hi my name is Christopher Trace, my pending order Number: 176041, could you please assign me any  salesperson other than Andrew? I really can not afford to have him screw up my order, I don't trust him.

    I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience but it's a big order, at least for me it is.



  7. Meticulous as usual, beautiful work. Does your unit use the early white steel hamster wheel or the later and lighter clear plastic one?
  8. grannyknot


  9. Hi Bill,

    Does your 280zxt shaft look like the pictures of my 83 shafts, specifically the 3 groups of 2 holes on the adapter flanges?

    How much do you want?



    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. grannyknot


      Bill, half shaft just arrived, again thanks.

      Those SOBs at UPS charged me another $46 at the door before releasing it to me.default_angry.png

      Should have gone with USPS.


    3. black gold man

      black gold man

      Fast   What did they say the charge was for.  That don't sound right . Maybe import a tax.


    4. grannyknot


      That is par for the course up here, that's why we always prefer USPS, my fault, I know better.

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