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  1. Not sure yet, the M cars came with bunch of the options as standard, I'm just glad the original owner didn't order the navigation display. If the ODO is over 90,000 mi. then they need changing, some guys have taken them up to 120,000 and been okay but others have spun a bearing at 80,000.
  2. The money from selling the 510 was burning a hole in my pocket so I thought why not buy something that was not only lots of fun to drive but might actually appreciate in value. I haven't registered in my name yet but I took it for a little drive and I know I will never find the limits of this car, it does everything right. I will be doing some serious cleaning tomorrow.
  3. "Ran great when parked over 35 years ago." https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/london/1971-datsun-240z-number-matching/1589333102
  4. It may put out 70 amps but only if there is a 70amp draw, if your Z is basically stock you won't exceed the 45 setting and if it does it will just peg the needle until the draw changes.
  5. Might as well just buy a Vette, I'm all for modifying but I would never pretend I could design a better looking exterior. It's like Ketchup on Filet Mignon.
  6. Whoa!, I think that belongs in this thread,
  7. Yes, I have to admit that I am taking all my plating needs to service now and the expensive plating kit and power supply are just sitting on the shelf gathering dust. I'm all about DIY but some things are better done by others.
  8. But you have to remember that the inside diameter of the brake line is just 3mm so there is not much volume to begin with and when the pedal is pushed the fluid rushes through the line quickly taking air bubbles with it. One possible problem with bleeding the brakes on our cars is that the farthest rear brake from the MC is not the P/S but the D/S, the D/S rear brake should always be bled first then the P/S or air bubbles could get hung up at the 3 way connector.
  9. You'll love the speed bleeders, I work alone too and they make the job so much easier.
  10. Charles, the plating you did in your garage was very impressive.
  11. A shady PO or shop could also have swapped out a nicely restored turn signal switch and replaced it with one from box of used parts.
  12. Well the reason you have not had any inquiries about your car is that most if not all members here already have a Z and aren't looking for a 2nd, sort of preaching to the choir. Also a 2+2 is a harder to sell because they weren't that popular back in the day and still don't have a large following. The usual places to sell your car are craigslist, ebay, Hemmings, Bring a Trailer, and Auto Trader.
  13. Beautiful as usual, could you share the details on the steering rod Ujoints?
  14. Oooow, that can be a tough area depending on where the rust is, I'm going to guess that it's the fresh air chimney and firewall just in front of it? Any pics?
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