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  1. Kats, that may be true of guys from our generation but the younger guys I see at car shows are JDM crazy and when they get a chance to look over a 240z in person they really appreciate it, left hand drive JDM cars always have a crowd of young guys around them. There is hope yet.
  2. I once "borrowed" a box of black hair dye to freshen up a set of cargo straps for a 240z, never heard a word about it, couldn't be me my hair hasn't been black for years. The cargo straps looked fantastic.
  3. @Zed Head, as much as I like the RT mount I'm still impressed with the simplicity of the mount you made.
  4. So the engine has been running well, I've been starting it every now and then to check for exhaust leaks, coolant leaks and such. Today I got the D/S seat installed and started the engine to take it for the first drive, the engine started fine, ran for about 30 sec with the rpms roaming and then the rpms got lower and lower, I blipped the throttle and it momentarily reved up but went back down until it died. It started up again just fine but did the same routine and died within 10 sec, now it won't catch at all. Spark is good, fuel pump is on when I push the AFM door a bit, sound like anything specific? I haven't put the EFI bible away yet, guess I'll start at the beginging and YES the ECU is plugged in this time.
  5. And this is for @Captain Obvious, thanks buddy.
  6. Some big progress today, bumpers on, dash in, emblems on. Just have to pick up a fresh battery tomorrow, throw the drivers seat in and take it out for a drive! In case anyone is interested the total weight of all the bumper parts comes to 80lbs.
  7. Thanks gents, got it all to fit.
  8. It won't hurt, depending on the car sometimes a bit of that area is visible. Besides, if you don't paint, it will show and you'll be kicking yourself.
  9. Don't forget the all important flour sieve.
  10. I should have taken photos, can anyone tell me if this routing is correct? Thanks
  11. Welcome to the forum, I'm interested why you used Pine-sol, was it just what you had on hand or is it good for other things? The fact that the MC was seized means after you get it cleaned up it probably won't work for you anyway, they use to sell a rebuild kit but the new MC are still pretty inexpensive so it's still easier and safer to grab a new one. Same goes for the wheel cylinders, the clutch MC and slave cylinder.
  12. Love the green one with the stripe, BBS wheels?
  13. You lucky dog, someone else does all the hard, messy and boring work and you get to do the fun stuff! I think there are a few members sort of near you but there is also hundreds of thousands of pics in the archives of every part of these cars. Make sure you let your Dad take it for a spin shes done.
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