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  1. A stiff long board should take care of those soft areas.
  2. I'm pretty sure they stopped the sale of it here in Ontario but I see it is available again with an environmental tax on it now.
  3. Where did you find 12a? I thought that stuff was all gone.
  4. Clever boy! What a great idea, thanks for letting us know.
  5. Over-tired was the look in the 70's and still looks nicer to my eye than huge wheels with rubber bands on them.
  6. Ooo, that's a nice kit, I wonder if they would make me up one for the 510.
  7. That would be terrific if this happened, any idea what their minimum run would have to be?
  8. Welcome to the forum, very nice find, it appears to be in excellent shape. Have fun.
  9. His Datsun panel selection is still small but he plans on offering more. Not great photos on his site but the detail looks crisper than Tabco products.
  10. The few times I have done it I align the outside sleeve of the bushing with the control arm housing, that leaves the inside sleeve sticking into the middle a bit where the strut mount fits into. You can leave more room on the inside for an easier install since tightening the 2 outside nuts will force the bushings to end up exactly where they need to be anyway. It can be tricky getting everything to line up but resist the urge to hammer the pin through with anything harder than a rubber mallet or dead blow hammer, the threads on those pins are very soft.
  11. I should have been more specific, I use these cheap throw away body filler spreaders, very flexible.
  12. The purple stuff works great because it is Lye based but will definitely dull the paint, Simple Green is milder so will take longer but works. I would use a plastic scraper to get the worst off then some diluted Simple Green and an old tooth brush, after everything is clean and dry you can hand buff with compound/polish to bring the shiny back. The more stuff you can remove or pull away from the metal the better it will look.
  13. I just went out and checked my 240 and the door tag numbers are 4mm but if you are going to stamp the numbers yourself you will have to make up a jig so all the numbers have the right spacing and alignment, free hand won't work.