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  1. @BoldUlysses, so you can see I'm totally wrong in my advice but I just remembered why I thought the hole was in the bottom of the pocket, like you I found myself trying to get the fuel sender wires up through the hole above the tank. I really didn't want to drop the tank again so I spliced in an extension and created a access hole in that pocket near the fill hose. Lazy but it works fine.
  2. Tabco is where everybody gets their Z panels, I think they are the last manufacturer making Z panels except for Zedd Findings and Bad Dog. You might as well buy from the maker, sometimes they are kind of slow but I've always got the stuff I ordered.
  3. grannyknot

    Is This OEM?

    You think those are crappy, wait until you see the factory welds that join the transmission tunnel to the fire wall behind the heater core. Mind you that is a horrible place to have crawl into with a helmet on and try to see what you're doing but yeah the first time I saw them I was sure someone had got in there and did a hack job.
  4. That's too bad, you put a lot of work into that car, hope the sale goes well.
  5. The fuel level sender harness comes up into the car through the bottom or side of the rear P/S pocket behind the rear wheel, you will have to remove the rear interior side panel, behind that you will see the fuel filler hose. Just in front of that search around with your hand and you'll find it, it should have a rubber grommet in the hole.
  6. It looks like the lip on the new sill plate is a bit longer than it should be and the lip needs to be pushed down some so the finisher can slip over top. You could take a block of wood, place it on the edge of lip and with a hammer tap the wood while moving it along the lip, it looks like you only need to move it down about an 1/8". If the paint cracks you'll have to touch that up before installing the finisher.
  7. Is that a stock colour? Looks like silver with a bit of tan mixed, looks great.
  8. I like the engraved look on the shift knob, but you will probably see more sales of the fuse cover if it has a decal.
  9. Welcome to the forum, looks like she's coming along well. That is a very interesting wheel you have on the rear.
  10. The old Toyota and Maxima brake set I replaced was 92 lbs total so the new Wilwoods are 5lbs more, I will be finished installing the new brakes tomorrow so will go into the kit a bit more then. The stock elbow on the airbox exits right into the shock tower so I had to come up with a way to feed the air in, I'm not sure this going to work yet but I'll carry on with it until I get the engine running. Right on the end of the tear drop will be the aluminum tube that will head out in front of the radiator but it's still changing daily at this point. And just got the ECU back from Kassel Performance, they deleted the extra programing that I don't need for the engine swap, flashed a new tune onto it and made up this plug n play harness for me. I'm sure I could have struggled through it and made one up myself but I learned my lesson on the last engine and so I will just pay someone else to do that stuff for me now.
  11. Welcome to forum, you'll like here. PICS, PICS, PICS
  12. I feel for you, didn't already have paint on those fenders?