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  1. Captain Obvious

    Which engine for a 77’ 280z

    And Gone!!
  2. In theory, the rack should not be able to rotate at all. The bushings should establish the correct position and lock the rack into place. That said, I'm guessing there's some squirm that you could probably take advantage of and it sure does look like the angle at that bottom U-joint is off some. It's definitely different than the 240 pics you posted above. Any chance you got the non-round side bushing in upside down or wrong somehow? Is that even possible? Here's your 280 for reference.:
  3. Captain Obvious

    240z - fabbing new front rails

    Smithy lathe??? Pshaw! It's a South Bend. Haha!! How's that for lathe elitist? The Monarch guys would all be rolling their eyes... South Bend??? Pshaw! It's a Monarch. LOL! I'd be honored for you to copy all or part of that brake. Let me know if there are any questions. I think the whole thing cost me under $30 US, and I think the only thing I couldn't find at a big box store was the tube for the slides. I'd have to dig out my records, but I believe I ordered a foot or so of DOM tubing for those. The welded stuff at the big box stores wasn't a good enough fit so I think I ordered that.
  4. Captain Obvious

    Which engine for a 77’ 280z

    Haha!!! So you aren't going to warn her?
  5. Well there's another solution that I didn't think about. Way to approach the problem from a different direction! The difference with your and my suggestion is that yours might actually work!
  6. Captain Obvious

    240z - fabbing new front rails

    So about my bender... That press brake is only maybe eight inches or so long, but I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I saw the idea on the web and made up the details as I went along. Of course, as with most project, the details are where the magic is. One longer spring I cut into two halves. Two bolts (5/8-11 I think) with the heads cut off for the guide pins. Nyloc nuts (not in pic) to adjust and hold position for different stock thicknesses. I made the bottom die shorter than the top on purpose so it functions like a finger brake with some of the fingers removed. That way I can hang the unbent portion out of the dies and keep a section straight. Here's a pic of most of the parts before final assy: I cut the bolt heads off on the lathe and turned a counterbore shoulder. That way I can press the bolts into the base and the shoulder will make sure they are perpendicular (normal). The shoulder is a little shorter than the base thickness so the bottom is recessed. That way I can tack weld the bolts into place from underneath and the base will still sit flat: I made the dies on my metal shaper. Here's an action shot cutting the first side of the upper die: And here's the two finished. They really should be hardened for longer life, but I'm kinda hoping that with the few bends I make, it'll last long enough without heat treat: So far it's been a great little tool and has enabled me to make such beauties as this: And this:
  7. Captain Obvious

    240z - fabbing new front rails

    Oh man... Wrong time for that! If you have a TIG, don't bother trying to use the straight argon. Doesn't work well.
  8. Captain Obvious

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    I suggested that it was a "feature". You know... Pull in some recirculated air to do a better job removing the humidity? Or something? LOL!! I'm sure there is an applicable Dilbert sequence! If it makes you feel any better, that's not a unique story. The project concludes with praise and honors for the non-participants, right?
  9. Captain Obvious

    Which engine for a 77’ 280z

    I think he knows. His wife hasn't figured it out yet, but HE knows.
  10. Have you considered a steering shaft with a slight bend in the middle to move it farther away from the motor mount?
  11. The best-laid plans of mice and men... I blame @ConVerTT. This is why we don't post pics of all those misfires. Oh, and Murphy is laughing his proverbial butt off at you right now. You know that, right?
  12. Captain Obvious

    240z - fabbing new front rails

    Forgot.... So about that gear motor from the electric hoist. I'm looking at a project where I want a cheap rotating welding positioner that I will probably only ever use once. How fast does that gear motor spin?
  13. Captain Obvious

    240z - fabbing new front rails

    Well nice work on that bead roller, and nice work on applying the tools you have as well. The metal work that you have been doing is great. Way beyond my pay grade. I made a little press brake I use on the hydraulic press... Does that count for anything?
  14. Captain Obvious

    Which engine for a 77’ 280z

    My only input into the turbo/NA discussion is that I have no experience at all with turbo stuff. If you go turbo, other than generic "applicable to any engine" stuff, I won't be of any help. Not saying that's a decision factor, but just sayin.
  15. Captain Obvious

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Well I don't know anything at all about the aftermarket A/C systems, so I'm kinda guessing here.... Oh.... Wait. I got it!

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