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  1. So do you think this is an issue on ALL of the carbed Z cars, or is this something specific to yours?
  2. He also said "A man's got to know his limitations."
  3. Back when I started my degree, they gave the orientation speech... "Shake hands with the students to your right and your left. Because many of those students won't be here come graduation day." As I shook those hands, I was pretty much 100% positive that I was the one that wouldn't make it. What a surprise...
  4. Excellent! Congrats to all involved!!
  5. The video worked OK for me. Cool video. After you fix your rev counter, can you post the next video both in slo-mo and at regular speed with sound? Would be cool to seem them both and might help figure out what's going on.
  6. How about a couple pics of the wavy washers? That would add a lot to the discussion.
  7. Glad you are able to focus now. Life gets in the way whether you really "let it" or not. I'm just back on the radar a couple days ago after a sports injury.
  8. Somewhere I think I read that it was Time to refocus on your Zs. That was about three years ago?
  9. Wow. Lot of changes from that unit to 77. My 77 only has one electrolytic cap. Everything else is film.
  10. I've never vulcanized rubber. Anyone here done that? Is raw un-vulcanized rubber easily available?
  11. Nice pics. Now you just need a set of these. If I remembered your mailing address....... I was only there once. :
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