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  2. 330-400hp is an expensive proposition in these cars. It takes a good bit of money to build that kind of motor. Then you have drivetrain and brake upgrades. Ends up requiring a pretty big budget
  3. LS swaps are not that cheap, you might be able to do it cheaper if you grab a car that came with an LS to swap all the stuff over. Then parting out that car. But still your going to be in the hole for all the other stuff that you’ll need. fixing that l28 might be the cheapest of the options. Although that much for a head gasket is asking a lot, shops have to make money though. If your inclined the DIY route will certainly save you a bunch of money, I think @siteunseen is at the ballpark, without getting into machining costs, $500 will get you pretty far with a l28. the nic
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  5. After completing the chassis jig I decided to hold off on rust repairs until the car is blasted. The next step is to build my rotisserie. What I thought would be a relatively simple task turned out to be a nightmare. And upon trying to build the bumper mounts I realized my front end is a dog’s breakfast... Now I knew the car had been in a front end collision but I didn’t realize it was this bad until I really started studying it. Notice the vertical panel kinks outward at the bottom where the front bumper mounts are, it should be straight up vertically, and flat. The rad
  6. Hmmm . . . . Would have figured FOX to be lower and further to the right.
  7. Pretty much everything these days depends on where you get your news. Here's my guide: If you think your reliable news comes from something down in the lower left like "Occupy Democrats", then I think you're off in the weeds of unreliable and untrustworthy. And same thing, if your news comes from something untrustworthy way down in the lower right like "Epoch Times", then maybe it's time to re-evaluate your news sources, Problem is, once you're mired into either of those two ends, part of the conspiracy and paranoia is designed to to keep you there. And that's pro
  8. I was on my way to the airport today for work on a road I’ve driven 100x that’s 18 miles from my house and out of the corner of my eye I spotted what appeared to be a Z. I hit the brakes, turned around and behind a shed with a bunch of other cars next to a trailer home was this 240z. I couldn’t get close because he has a no trespassing sign and probably a shotgun or two and I had a flight to catch but once I get back I’m going to see if it’s worth buying and if the guy will sell. I’ve never see a 240z in my area ever. I can’t tell from the pic what year it is ,either way it will be an adv
  9. Quite the paint job. Didn't even bother to take off the license plate. You can also see orange at bottom of the door jam.
  10. If I were in the middle of the outback and needed to get to the hospital, I might try swapping the cap from one motor to another just to save a life. But I would never expect it to last. And I certainly would never try that on cap #4 or the rear cap #7. So unless the guy you bought the motor from turns up the missing cap, it sounds like you bought a paperweight.
  11. Woof. I suspect those old injectors had been knocking around in boxes for so long, they probably started consolidating them and mixed them up. Glad to hear you're back on the money!
  12. Terp, Awesome. Thanks for the great pics. And your number matches the Hitachi valves I have here. So assuming site's 72R valve comes in at the same dimension as what's in your pic, here's a summary of what I have so far. Most of this is old news, but just to put it into a form that my little brain understands... The float valve for the 72F should be 20.5mm. That is 2mm longer than the previous years and Datsun adjusted both the length of the float ears and the depth of the valve recess of the 72F lid to accommodate that change. The intent seems to be "They wanted the front carb float
  13. There are many LS swaps in your country, You did'nt give a lot of info on your car but i asume you have a 280z or zx, as they get more expensive it's better to keep it stock. I think a lot of those people who have done the V8 swap are more and more regretting they have done that and did'nt keep the L-series engine. So.. restore the engine yourself for a few hundred dollars! You learn alot and if you don't know what to do or how, we can help you do it the right way, just ask.. remember, there are no stupid questions there are only stupid "students" that don't ask!
  14. That loop looked like a great trip(s). Lots of scenic drives along the coast in Washington. I've been through Oak Harbor many times on the way to Fidalgo Bay. In 2017 the Zed club I'm a member of, did a run from Vancouver BC down to Fort Casey going also through Oak Harbor. My drive was little longer as I live in Chilliwack.
  15. It looks like the owner, John Gubrud, sold the dealership to another local businessman, Don Gordon, 1985. By then, it would have become a Nissan franchise. Somewhere along the way, the business also picked up a Suzuki franchise. There doesn't seem to be a Nissan franchise in Mt Vernon any more, but there is a Nissan-Suzuki dealer called KARmart not far away, in Burlington, so the guy who bought Gordon's business probably decided to re-locate it there. The only likely property that I can see in the vicinity of 1575 Memorial Highway in Mt Vernon is a boat sales & service operation o
  16. Indeed, I am replacing my floors now. I have been rereading the entire section and have been taking notes to copy some of your ideas - like scoring the metal to facilitate bending of your frame connectors and adding a jack plate for starters. Thank you again for taking the time to provide so much helpful information - especially what the original sheet metal looked like!
  17. Most carpeople don't do that they always refer to left and right seen from the drivers seat.. You could say: seen on the left IN this picture.. otherwise it's confusing. Hihi, i'm glad an english man does also not know a word for those "thingies" 🤣
  18. Hihi... take your time, these parts are in stock for over 30 years hahaha.. a few days more can't hurt. @Zup Hi Jim! Your next on the list 😉 Question, These fillers are used only on 240z? or also on 260z? As you might expect.. these are rare pieces (very long in stock) and have theire price.
  19. Here is a new photo that surfaced of the Chicago Auto Show:
  20. Option A or B To do an LS swap properly you will need a much bigger budget than you think.
  21. I know of nowhere to buy new caps. You'll have to find a donor and then line bore the engine. Caps are machined for one location in one motor only
  22. A friend had a clutch collar off a 280z so I just sent it and it worked perfectly. Finally after a year I've finally been able to drive the car! She runs hot however 😕 water pump is probably bad because water is leaking, might need some new radiator, and some other stuff here and there. Carbs need a little tuning because they don't do well under heavy load like when I do a pull. Thanks for all the help guys.
  23. I just purchased an L28 it’s complete except it’s missing 1 of the 7 main caps. Where can I go to purchase a new set? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. @Captain Obvious I hope this is what your after.
  25. I really hope that this car is purchased with the intent to do a full restoration and not be parted-out. HLS30-03196 is a low numbered car and has its original matching numbers engine: L24-06190. The car still retains its original 918 Orange paint in spare tire well and other places and is one of the most desirable 240Z paint colors! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Datsun-Z-Series/224430749107?hash=item34411d75b3:g:JLkAAOSwd9pgfNLy
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