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    The cause for concern is that if Coronavirus is cross-species, containing it just became fairly impossible. Dennis
  3. Condenser brackets fabricated and installed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. lots of 280z's going to have nice dashes if this keep up. Before you know it finding one with a cracked dash will be rare!
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  6. I found a video that shows the tapping method for unsticking stuck float needle valves. Requires a special tool. It starts at about 30:35.
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    This morning, I read with concern the story of the tiger in the Bronx zoo having coronavirus, evidently contracted from a human zoo worker. That tiger is one of six showing symptoms. I don't know a darn thing about similarities between tiger and human physiology and health, other than we're both mammals., but if a disease crosses from human to animal, it's concerning and worth watching. I've spoken with my sister Pamela Powell DVM about this, and she tells me veterinary circles have been watching it for a while and are paying attention to it. We agree that this falls in the area of "watch for future developments," not "immediate threat." Hopefully this and a few other similar crossover events are outliers, and hopefully there isn't enough going on to be a threat to anyone. Keep in mind that just as science is working on CO-19 immunization for humans, veterinary research will be working on vaccines for animals. In other words, folks, DON'T start giving up your animals out of coronavirus fears. Remain calm, stay home, and take care of your loving animal friends. CNN Story
  8. I like it. What would be the trigger and how often does it need a trigger?
  9. I refurbished the horns a while ago and mounted them up!
  10. Installed the 3 Row Champion radiator. I got a crazy deal on it a long time ago and it is for a 280ZX but the only difference is the centre drain. I modded the splash pan to compensate and now it fits great!
  11. Congrats! Is the electric power steering the Silvermine unit?
  12. Could be a long fight to get back to normal:
  13. Woot! Awesome news! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Tuning! It is the best part of the rebuild.... you will find the Gremlins and enjoy exponential improvements.
  15. There may also be a British thickness to consider as Nissan manufactured Austins between 1953-1959.... remember BST 😉
  16. Installed the dash this weekend. Overall, it's a great fit and had no issues with the fitment. I have to say, this is a high quality reproduction. The wiring was all labelled before I removed the dash, so it was just a matter of plugging it into the right connectors. While I had the dash out, I also installed the power steering unit and wired this up. Double checked all my connections and wiring and fired up the car. Everything worked including the power steering. So this had been a very productive weekend. Next weekend I'll complete the centre console, trim and install the bluetooth amp.
  17. Here are a few references regarding Japanese cold finished sheet steel thicknesses and tolerances. JFE CR Steel Sheet [Japan].pdf
  18. I did my best to take the measurement where it was clean bare metal on both sides. Here is a picture from the underside. No sanding has been done, just solvent cleaning after removal of undercoating and the tar mat inside.
  19. Well it runs, but terrible. I have a massive vac leak, either from my balance bar not sealing or maybe a throttle body wasn't bolted down correctly. Even with throttle plates in the full closed position it runs happily at 900 rpms. So it's getting a ton of air from somewhere.
  20. You got collets for the lathe? You might be able to run the bolt through the collet (head inside the collet body and threaded end sticking out). If you can do that, you can set your compound on the lathe for the angle you want and cut your point easy-peasy. You can do the same thing with a regular chuck (instead of collets), but collets are easier on threads because of the wide gripping surface. Chuck jaws have a tendency to dent the threads. They work, but it's easy to mess up the threads. However, if you've got an unthreaded shank on the bolt, it may allow a land to tighten down a 3 or 4-jaw. I doubt I have pics of that kind of operation, but I'll take a look.
  21. Haha!! Yeah, if I put in some provision for vacuum advance, I've re-invented the electronic ignition controller for the n+1000th time!! Completely remove or lock down the mechanical and vacuum advance mechanisms in the distributor and do it with a little module instead. I'll let you know when I've reached the point where I'm willing to put this thing on my car and take it for a drive. Haha!
  22. If my plan comes together I won’t have to machine much of anything, let alone threads. I’m not aiming at a perfect or even a Really close forgery of the originals, just something that looks pretty close and functions properly, and that is cheap to create. My hardest machining task is to make a pointy ended bolt out of a regular one for the wing bolt, and cutting the head off of bolts to supply threaded stock. Raw parts costs will be in the $5 dollar range. I’m not even planning on getting the hardware plated, although that’s always an option. I’ll keep the few sets of OEM hardware I have for the proper restorationists, the rest of us just want to keep our air cleaners on!
  23. I would agree with "thin-ish 18" as a practical answer given readily available replacement stock in North America. Zeddfindings replacement floors are 18 ga also.
  24. I believe that Gauge is for wire and cable, not carbon steel ...
  25. Wow. That needs to get back to O'Reilly's corporate. I don't do a lot of business with any of the stores, but that's pretty cool.
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