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  2. Looks like we’re within specifications (.1 to .2 mm)! Time to close it up and call this p.i.t.a. done.
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  4. You seem to be living in an alternate reality, Aston Martin never bought in cars and sold them as factory refurbished. It's only in the last five or six years it has happened as that is when the works service side of the operation became licensed to sell cars. Best to stick to what you know Alan rather than spouting mistruths about stuff you know nothing of. I speak from experience as the former Director of Service has been quite a good friend since the 1980's and provided me unlimited access to the records. A lot of the information is in the books I have written on Aston Martin.
  5. Congratulations on a great find and your careful plan to bring it back. We'll be looking forward to your progress reports.
  6. License plate lamp housing. All of the ones I have found used have been warped all to heck.
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking into parts that would be suitable for reproduction via 3D modeling/Printing. Things I'm looking into are things like rare emblems, mirrors, shift knobs, and accessories. My current project is reproducing a set of Suichuuka "Flower" Mirrors as seen here: You can see progress on those here https://www.instagram.com/rl_design_fab I've also had success 3D printing Stainless steel Pillar emblems and would like to make a set of these rare versions which I think were on the 432 Z: If anyone has reference images for any rare parts that might be good candidates for bringing back to life I'd be super happy to hear your ideas! Thanks!
  8. Great on your approach... SU roundtops are great ... ZTherapy does a super job refurbishing and updating them for current fuels.
  9. Thanks, its a very solid car and the undercarriage is very clean. I plan to eventually go back to the original Red (110) the current engine bay color. It came with the rountops. The plan is to get the car running and then I will decide what to do.(probably keep the round tops).
  10. I'm not talking about the 'Sanction 2' cars. Not the same thing at all. I'm talking about the active buying-in, in-house restoring, then selling-on as 'Factory Refurbished' cars (with a one year warranty) which Aston Martin Works Service were carrying out since at least the late 1970s, if not earlier. It was done because there was a demand for it, and the will to do it. Five or six years? I've brought up the point here on this forum several times in the past, and have brought up the Aston Martin Works Service example (amongst others) in relation to the 'VZ' cars at least 14 years ago.
  11. People have been restoring vintage aircraft for years... nothing new here. In fact, the Messerschmidt Foundation bestowed a new s/n on a recent ME-262 reproduction. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/whotube-2/me262-at-the-ila2006.html
  12. HS30-H So the VZ cars aren’t bad, they are ok. They just aren’t unique or particularly rare and everyone needs to understand that. Very good points. Glad you spoke up so we know! Haha
  13. Aston Martin only started doing it in the last 5 to 6 years, they never did it before that. Let's not let the facts get in the way of a good story now. The DB4 Zagato Sanction 2 cars in the late 1980s/early 1990s were essentially 4 brand new cars with newly issued chassis numbers.
  14. Your response is a perfect illustration of my bigger point. How do hyperbole, exaggeration and plain old fashioned lies help the cause of understanding, appreciating and curating the history and legacy of the 'VZ' cars? How does telling the truth "minimize" anything?
  15. That seems like an odd thing to get upset about. There actually are other marques that restored cars. Neat. Now more people know thanks to you! Why go out of the way to minimize how cool the VZ cars are? I don’t yet understand everyone’s quirks here, but your response is bizarre and petty.
  16. Mark Maras


    @JessHS130, @ntownsen, @Jon Dickson, @alm102486, @Gwen. @Robin. From our Member map.
  17. Diesel would probably work assuming it doesn't evaporate and leave a sticky residue like WD40.
  18. People still calling the 'Vintage Z Program'/'Z Store' project "...unique in automotive history..." and that "No other car manufacturer has ever undertaken anything even remotely like it." Why does this misconception seem to be such a precious part of the story to so many people? Call it out as false and it's like you're some kind of apostate. Why? Bristol, Bentley, Morgan and - most prolifically - Aston Martin all undertook similar activities (Aston Martin still do...), buying back old models, refurbishing/restoring them and then selling them on as 'factory restored' product with a warranty. If British cars somehow don't count, how about East German manufacturer VEB and their Trabant? VEB had a policy of recycling customer cast-offs - as much out of necessity as anything else - all through their production life. You can nit-pick about the small details, but such activities were not "unique". Aston Martin are still doing it today, through their Aston Martin Works Service department: http://www.astonmartinworks.com/heritage-sales/aston-martin-mk1-db6-vantage So are Bristol Cars: https://bristolcars.co.uk/Sales-Post/?permalink=411-restoration Personally speaking, I'm a fan of the 'VZ' cars and the whole project, and the three examples I have seen in person were beautifully turned out cars that anybody would be happy to own. But getting facts wrong and exaggerating the significance of the program in the wider automotive field does none of us any good in the long term. Keep It Real.
  19. We at JNC are proud to announce the next Hot Wheels car to bear our logo, the legendary R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R. This is the first casting beyond the chrome-bumper era to wear the mark, and we couldn’t think of … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  20. This looks like a great car , body looks awesome. Just a thought, depending on what your thinking of doing to the car in the long term... with all the engine parts out you may want to consider getting the engine bay painted Blue to match the exterior unless you intend to convert back to original Orange. But in general the car looks really solid and great !!! Keep us posted !!! Did your '73 come with SU Flat Tops? Wonder what your plan is for carbs...
  21. No..no… I live in the Netherlands.. HOLLAND... The Dutch! Haha.. confusing hey? Des pay bas...
  22. Just gave the FSM a look and you were right about the vacuum direction. That's an interesting idea with the cable. Yep, I'm there now - will probably head to the event lot and pull/cap that vacuum line in a few minutes because the zcon cruise is tomorrow morning.
  23. Reptoid Overlords


    Of course. Ellensburg is quite a ways from where I am located, or I'd go check it out. It's a college town with about 20.000 people, so hopefully someone on here can take a look at it for you. Best of luck!
  24. JLPurcell


    Yes, thanks I have corrected the post. Thanks again.
  25. Reptoid Overlords


    Are you sure It's not Ellensburg?
  26. It's almost like a yellow version on the "Devil Z" from the Wangan Midnight manga series.
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