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  2. The Rebello would be 7.07#s per horse The proto 8.75#s per horse. There are some missing pieces though. Modern suspension of the Proto would be a plus but there are aftermarket options that are competitive ABS is nice but I grew up without it and wouldn't miss it. The S30 is lighter and would be much more "tossable" if the contact patch was similar Might need some good brake upgrades The modern car would have some nice things built in: bluetooth, heated seats, leather, delay wipe, power mirrors and windows. All of which could be overcome My choice would be the S30... But I'm biased 😉
  3. The Japanese steel was very good and the cross hatching in the cylinder bores is still visible after years of driving. Even on high mileage cars. I have found rust up high inside of the quarter panels and it is just from humidity. Cars from ocean communities can be be really rusty in the worst way from the salty air getting inside all the body cavities. I would think, the ideal way to do a proper rust treatment. Would be to find somebody to dip the car to remove all the rust but they would need to dip it when clean for a rust prevention. Passivating, galavanizing, zinc dip or zinc rich primer. I know people that offer stripper dip tank services but finding the second part might be th he problem
  4. Please pardon my ignorance. What does this mean? I had always thought the low grade steel (low carbon content) was the culprit of all the rust. I’d think not rust proofing them with a coating also caused issues (battery tray, hatch, wheel wells). I’m considering getting another S30 if things work out for me and considering how to rust proof it would be a factor, if money is not a limitation. I’d rather put $65k into an S30 with a 3.2L Rebello, fully restored, than $40k into a new Z. The S30 build would be faster than the new Z! Here’s the HP/Lb… S30 (with 3.2L) = 325 HP/2300 Lbs = 0.141 S30 (with 3.2L & triple carbs) = 365 HP/2300 Lbs = 0.158 2023 Z = 400 HP/3500 Lbs = 0.114 We’ll see…
  5. I agree. It's a "clickity" sound not the "tangity" sound from exhaust leaking. A short piece of hose for a stethoscope would be helpful locating the source. Car looks great! It's been enjoyable for me reading your thread. You know what you wanted and now you have it. Well done!
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  7. Check valve lash. You sound like you have a noisy lifter or two. I don't think its an exhaust leak...
  8. I would argue that the steel used was excellent. Just look at how well the blocks hold cross hatching. The problem with the early cars wasn't the steel, it was the complete absense of any rust prevention. They didn't start galvanizing bodies until 78 or so??? A modern car would get a full passivating dip, so thats not a problem. Also modern cars use a wide range of exotic alloys to make them light but pass crash test. So not a significant issue. Also most modern cars are mono coupes, no frames anymore...
  9. @Muzez I just picked up a 280ZX and has the exact same problem, unable to shift into reverse. 1 - 5 feel fine. Was there anything specific that allowed you to get to reverse? Did you fiddle with the lockout mechanism? Or when you removed the gearbox did it just come good somehow? Thanks!
  10. Ha! Yeah this is part of the newest software update. Badges and ranking system. I will add more just for the fun of it. 😉 We need more badges for anniversaries, subscribers, and other fun stuff. Let me know if you have any ideas. And I do like the idea of changing the name to "Flair" ... haha m
  11. But Datsun 2022 would do well to use a higher quality carbonized steel in the frame. A carbon fiber body would be fine, but a good steel frame is a must!
  12. We had a thread not too long ago about the 73 fuel gauge. Read through this for some ideas and watch the video of the bench test that is linked in the thread.
  13. My opinion exactly……Nissan has never really recovered their loyal followers after the S30 body style went out. The 240Z draws huge attention from the younger set at all Cars and Coffee events I go to. It worked for Ford and Chrysler and Chevy…..why not bring back the excitement of something that memics the car that put Nissan (Datsun) on the map…….and I’d call it a Datsun Proto……that would really bring em back!!!!!
  14. Since I got the car the fuel gauge never worked. I had the tank restored by “Gas Tank RENU” I had the Z clinic shop in Austin install the tank with a new a sender unit. The fuel gauge still didn’t work. I had the radio/dash panel out which gave me access to the gauge. I grounded the yellow wire and the needle moved, I stopped at ¾ full (never pegging gauge). I read you can damage the gauge. I tested the wires with my meter. With the ignition on I got just under 11 volts at the gauge connection. I removed the gauge and cleaned the outside contacts. I installed the fuel gauge and it worked kind of. When I turn on the ignition the gauge floats constantly. First to near full, then hangs around half full momentarily, then near empty, then back up to near full. It constantly floats the range. Any Ideas - Thanks
  15. An aerodynamic Beetle? What’s up on the autobahn, bro? It was for the US Millenial market, no doubt. I think the S30 is still unmatched, style wise, and with a 3.2L Rebello power plant. Although I must observe the Jaguar XK is pretty sweet. V8 goodness. YMMV.
  16. The folks who produced the VW new Beetle, current Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang, and Chevrolet Camaro might tend to disagree.
  17. Speaking on behalf of Cliff and all the other 1%ers who have achieved GRANDMASTER status, relax, we'll be in the area all day. You'll know we've left the room when you no longer hear the jingle of our badges. 😎
  18. Makes sense. Do you think that clutch will work for my Z if I do a 5speed swap? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  19. Could add the headlight covers on the buckets for a more aerodynamic look ...
  20. Today’s mission was to install the rear bumper. Had to drop the tank and got it all bolted up. Left the drip edge on for now. Took it for a spin, and it ran great. Here is a video so you can hear the ZStory Classic Muffler. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. It looks too much like an S30, or 280ZX, not saying thats a bad thing, but I think auto makers and corporation as a whole try to always modernize their product. Making something thats almost a replica of something in their past may seem a bit hackish. They would get just as much pushback on that design as they do on the real one. But I'm no marketing expert, I'm just a user.
  22. Terrapin Z- Thanks. I will first search for the original hole in the dash and give it a try. If it works it will be much easier that I thought. Appreciate your effort.
  23. I'm , as you know, also busy in the engineroom and i know that i many years ago also took out the tray out of the 240z. I didn't weld it back.. in stead i took a set of big steel selftapping screws. That way i can always take it out as it is a bit of a fragile spot!
  24. If you need a main bearing, its due for a complete rebuild. Try to pinpoint the issue before throwing parts at it
  25. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001B5D7TE?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title Ok I bought this clutch so hopefully this will help. And I'll Google where to buy a main bearing Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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