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  2. …and it’s a black wire. Thanks
  3. I have a manual transmission. The wire is hot when the ignition is on. I don’t have a condenser on the distributor; and closest condenser is on the ignition coil. Thank you again.
  4. Guess it’s official. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/06/2022-nissan-z-to-be-unveiled-in-august-as-chevy-camaro-and-corvette-rival/amp/ “The 2022 Nissan Z sports car will make its official debut at the New York International Auto Show in August, the Japanese automaker confirmed this week.“
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  6. Vapor blasting gives a very nice original look finish. Here's an example of vapor blasting by a company near me, that provides this service:
  7. I think it goes to the small condenser(?) on the side of the distributor.
  8. What color is it? Do you have a meter or test light? See if it has power. Automatic or manual transmission?
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184562227884?epid=1657456216&hash=item2af8c41aac:g:VGgAAOSwjsxfxv8S
  10. hello! it's been a while. Unfortunately I got caught up with work and other matters. I finally got some progress and discovered other things. My carbs are finally working! I ordered a 14mm color tune kit and I was able to dial in the carbs to idle around 800 and I got them to run a little rich at higher rpms. I found out something however which I don't know about. I did all the tuning on the carbs with the vacuum advance off. The second I put the line back onto the first carb the car started "tweaking out." Started misfiring and popping in the high rpms. The distributor is a single point kind
  11. L Looks scary. Interesting experiment.
  12. Or not on the base circle. Not sure which cylinder it is. p.s. just saw Jeff Berks reply... Question answered.
  13. Here's a closer look at the chip from a different angle. Yes, it is on the lobe.
  14. The hole position varies. They just drill in a straight line for some, then another straight line for the others, I think. Those lobes would be for the same cylinder. That looks like a very wide lobe separation angle if that chip is at the top of the lobe. I'd keep an ear on it, then an eye. http://datnissparts.com/new-oe-l6-camshaft-datsun-240z-260z-280z-l24-l26-l28-13001-e4182/
  15. Sounds like great Friday night dinner plans to me!!! I was going to say the first round is on me - but NOT with THIS crowd..... I'd have to dip into my 401k!!!!
  16. Bead blast it, and hit it with 2 or 3 treatments of Gibbs Oil for originality.
  17. I just looked at the pics of my internally oiled cam and the oil hole is opposite the lobe peak on the base circle. Zed Head thought that the chip was on the base circle, but I don't think that's the case. If true, there would be an oil hole visible. I believe the chip is at the peak of the lobe and it's just hard to see due to the camera angle. If that's the case, the chip is on the peak of the lobe, not the base circle, though the majority of the chip as on the downslope. Still, the loads will be high in that section of the lobe.
  18. Plus, yards of beer at the Golden Bee Pub ...
  19. Making the trip from California to C Springs is tempting. A steak dinner at MacKenzie's Chop House topped off with a Guinness Black and Tan at Jack Quinn's would be worth the journey alone 😊
  20. I just sealed the valve cover back up so I can't check if it is contacting the wiper. Yes, there are spray holes, they just don't show up due to the position of the lobes. Yes, it was a new cam shaft (last year). The mechanic has been non-responsive lately as he's working as a crew on a Miata racing team and doesn't have much time for his shop. I think I'm going to treat this as a mole on my skin. I'll just keep an eye on it and check to see if there are changes.
  21. You are right! I wasn't even looking for the oil holes. That's an externally oiled cam and I can't tell if it's new, but there is a wipe pattern that wouldn't be there if it was brand new.
  22. I don't see any holes in the three cam lobes you showed. The internally oiled cams have those to let the oil out. Why does he say "new cam" when it looks like you got a used one? That chip might work but it could also self-destruct rapidly. Looks like the chip is on the base circle though, where there should be almost no pressure. Only the anti-rattle springs pressing on it.
  23. Hello, I’m a novice and learning as I go on my 1970 240z. This pic shows a wire attached to the water temp thermal transmitter; but I cannot identify the other unused wire…FSM indicates it could be the water temp switch? There are no other obvious connections in that area. Thank you, Mike
  24. I'd be a bit worried about that chip as it's a few mm into the wipe pattern. Make sure there are no protrusions around the edges that could eat the rocker. I'd also be a bit worried that it could propagate across the lobe.
  25. I found it. It was on FB. The tank is for a 35 Plymouth.
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