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  2. Zedyone_kenobi

    [2018] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

    That looks great! I have plan on doing this SOON
  3. newtonhubcap

    Replacement Inner Rocker Panels

    You have my attention and waiting to the surprising news on your 240z. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  4. Today
  5. SoCalJim

    WTB - Driver Side Window Roller

    Great! I’ll send you a private message to follow up.
  6. George_Zed

    Datsun 240Z antenna NOS Harada

    I am selling this antenna on ebay... if you buy it outside ebay, you have 10% discount since I wont pay the fees on ebay 240Z Harada Antenna thank you
  7. Bocaj

    1971 Datsun 240Z

    1500miles put on since completely rebuiltL-26 symmetric block:Decked .003Crankcase flashing and burs removedThreaded and non-threaded surfaces cleanedDegreased and painted Nissan Blue two timesBored and honed .040All freeze plugs replaced (Nissan anodized)L-26 crankshaft:Polished, balanced and magnifluxed (balanced with flywheel and clutch assembly)Installed with STD Nissan mainsL-26 connecting rods:Alignment checked, balanced and magnifluxed (balanced with STD Nissan rod bearings)Nissan Flat-top pistons:Balanced with .040 over rings (ris pins balanced separately)N-34 Euro head (SSS):Valves lapped and guides checkedSprings and seals replacedPorted to match SSS dia.Nissan comp header:cirmakromedEngine assembled with:71 240Z exhaust manifold (ported)70 240Z flywheel75 280Z distributorMSD ignition74 260Z overhaul gasket kit5 speed manual transmissionUpgraded 4 piston calpers on front brakesCompletely rebuilt suspension system with lots of upgrades:All new polyurethane bushingsRear axleRear axle u-joints $20,000
  8. One Way

    alternator rebuilding-78 280Z

    I am just planning ahead on the project and just thought it would be nice to have the factory original unit still in place. I am an assistant manager at a nation wide 5,000 plus store company and we do offer 1 year warranty remans, lifetime warranty remans, as well as new units on some applications. For the obvious reasons a new unit is not offered for the Z, but a lifetime reman is available. We changed suppliers for our reman electrical components about 2 years ago due to a high rate of failures. The new supplier has been much better quality but details are very vague about what actually gets replaced. Just thought it might be an interesting challenge to attempt but have no experience in rebuilding alternators. The commutator looks real nice, brushes still intact, bearings still free, but unit was covered in grime and the pulley pretty rusty. The last time this car was running according to the seller, as well as the inspection tag still on the window was 1996. 20 years of use and 20 years of sitting. Neither one a good option. Keep the helpful tips coming and I will continue to do some more research. Thanks again, John-Lugoff, SC. Thankful to the LORD for sparing us from the main fury of the hurricane and praying to the LORD for those who lost so much due to the storm.
  9. disepyon


  10. disepyon

    Replacement Inner Rocker Panels

    Sorry for the extremely late response. Unfortunately I am unable to do high volume production. I can do seat brackets, but they are really time consuming to make as I dont have much time to spend on making things for others anymore due to my work keeping me busy and the time I need to put into my own cars. But there are times when I can put time into making stuff for others. Well all id like to update this and inform everyone that Charlie at Zedd Findings called me up and talked to me about he wanting to start making the inner rockers. I told him I have no issues with it as I think competition is healthy to have in any business. Honestly he didnt even have to talk to me about it, I wouldnt had cared if he made them with out speaking to me, not like I have a patent on this, but its nice to know he wanted to talk to me about it first. I told him that I dont have time to keep up with the requests I get in providing these panels, thus the reason he wanted to start selling. I am currently making a set for him as he wanted it to use as a prototype. I think be better to have the actual Factory panel to mimic off of but I guess he doesnt have any on hand. I dont know when he will be getting his inner rockers ready for production, I dont know how he will be making them and what he will be charging, but I will keep this updated for when that happens or you can just get in contact with him or regularly check his site. Ive already told some people about him, so hopefully he is motivated to get this going. Id love to keep this up and even making other products like talked about in this thread, but still dont have enough of my own time to give up on this. Hopefully in the future ill be back at it and be able to provide for all that wants. Well anyways, stay tuned!! P.S. sad news for my project 240Z is it hasnt gotten any attention since I left off in my build thread, for those wondering. I actually have some surprising news about it, some may think im crazy....but wont say it, so you will have to stay tuned!! Edit: I should add that the best way to contact me is at bpeck@prospect-d.com if you call me and I dont pick up my phone, then leave a message. I hardly answer the phone when its out of state callers. You can check out my site as stated in my email.
  11. Im gonna take the risk and pull that distributor out just to verify the state of the gasket seals and o ring. I hope the car engine cranks when i insert it back.
  12. Captain Obvious

    front suspension and tire clearance problem

    Excellent. Glad it was that simple. Don't forget about an alignment before you call it "done".
  13. Looking for a triple Mikuni 44pph set up. Thanks!
  14. Either it's an actual race car that was entered and ran in a sanctioned event or it isn't (no log book). If the latter is the case then it means it isn't a vintage race car and my comment about the two in the back (BRE 510 and BSR 240/280/GT2) being the only real vintage race car is correct.
  15. NVZEE

    GQ Magazine Interview

    The article is online now: https://www.gq.com/story/datsun-240z-oral-history
  16. Yesterday
  17. installed a set of amber fog lights, they are a NIB set made in Japan for Kmart. I used a spare Hazard switch i had.
  18. Yes, no rubber hammer needed and no sealant should be needed either...
  19. Patcon

    1/2 page of autoplay ads

    I hate autoplay ads!!!!
  20. Patcon

    1973 Rebuild

    How did you accomplish that?
  21. Patcon

    2+2 gets some SEMA love

    That was my first thought.
  22. siteunseen

    2+2 gets some SEMA love

    To the rotors!
  23. zKars

    2+2 gets some SEMA love

    Just saw a post of Facebook today that claims it burned to the ground.
  24. It seemed like a throwaway joke. Shortly after the Tokyo Motor Show last year, where Toyota unveiled only the third new Century design in 50 years, the company’s car-nut CEO Akio Toyoda was interviewed on a Japanese talk show called … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  25. siteunseen

    2+2 gets some SEMA love

    That'd buy Richard a lot of hair gel.
  26. 240z70

    Metal hood emblem for 240Z wanted

    If you are still looking, here is one: https://maseraticompound.com/search?page=5&q=240z
  27. Dave WM

    2+2 gets some SEMA love

    oh well a survivor gets the treatment, then goes up in flames. Wonder if it was insured for 80k?
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