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  2. He's not so bad when he has the fastest car in the class. He's been at the front at many Mitty races.
  3. Maybe he should stick to music. He is evidently hard on cars!
  4. That's the way John and Randy saw it. It was Brian Johnson driving the car.
  5. So is the yellow car at fault there for not holding the line?
  6. He looks good standing beside his handiwork.
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  8. The Hoover picked it up in Japan.
  9. The dash certainly is not the final design. The top of the radio/heater cluster extends out much farther into the cabin and the margins are not as filleted nor the edges as smoothed. Here is another interesting pre-production dash:
  10. Where are you getting the photos, Blue? Are you clipping them from the video? Or, has someone already clipped them? These are all from a Nissan promotional video. Look closely at you photo of the vinyl top / rear spoiler. See the shark grills?
  11. Here is one example of tail lights (and dual exhaust) in Aug-Oct 1967 designing period. Note the license light in the bumper and keyhole in the hatch lip. Shark gills are a bit obvious.
  12. Thanks for the pictures. Those test taillights look somewhat reminiscent of the "Mexican 510' or even a 210. The steering wheel is the same template as 510 Bluebird SSS.
  13. Thanks for the great info Kats! I am hoping you can help translate the 73 RAC specs. For rows 1 to 4, it seems 1. Valve Architecture = SOHC 2. Displacement= 2498cc 3. Bore = 84.8 Stroke= 73.7 4. Compression Ratio= 11.0 What are the last 5 rows? 5. Horse power= ~250 ??? RPM = 8000 6. ?? ?? ?? ?? 7. Cam Duration ?? ?? 8. ?? ?? 9. ?? 10. ?? THANKS!
  14. Funny that is my pump in my garage! Let me dig through my old parts tonight and I'll see what I have left. I think I've got the manifold emmisions pieces, not sure about the pump/hoses any more.
  15. My perfect circle rings came out with bigger gaps also - maybe because the cylinders were honed . I think your gaps would be okay . No where near wear limits . I would think ANY markings would identify top. Usually packages also identify rings by any type bevel or taper cut into the ring .
  16. More photos from testing the 240z in the 60's to get a better picture: Comparison Cars: Slalom check Egress Checks Aero Models Crash Z
  17. That piece can be hand fabricated ( depending on your skills) out of Delrin plastic and a Dremel Mototool. Delrin is dang near indestructible.
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