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  1. Haha, I now have the Mercedes E55 AMG as a daily, the 95 Nissan D21 hardbody for bad weather and hauling, the Z31 300zx in the paint shop and this 84 Skyline. That's just the glass itself. I bought a circular polarizer filter for my new camera and it really shows the patterns in all glass which I love. You can see it in person sometimes inder just the right light.
  2. My painter should be back onto my car very soon once he finishes up the Bronco that started before mine. The engine is ready for piston to valve clearance check with aggressive cam settings and then they will be degreed in with the other 5 piston install following so hopefully the engine will be done soon too. While I wait, I finally recieved my 1984 Nissan Skyline that I found/bought searching Japanese sites. It arrived to my door just under 5 months from my original purchase and holy cow, did it exceed my expectations! I lowered it but need to come back up about 1/2-3/4". Have some small plans for the car but it's just about perfect in every way and is the best looking Skyline I have ever seen hands down!
  3. Some updates. The front end and side skirts have been mocked up. There are some slight differences where the side skirt fender mud gaurds mount to the body between the 86 and 87-89 so he will weld in a little metal there and tighten everything up. On the front, I have always hated that little rubber strip that goes between the front bumper/fenders and the bumper/hood. He will modify the bumper and relocate the mounting tabs to the fenders as well as slot the mounts from bumper to hood. Then the surfaces will mate up to each other like they should have. I also have always felt the rear bumper is far too long so he sectioned out 1.5" and will bring in the back half to the first step down on the top surface. It already looks so much better than stock without sacrificing the stock lines. The engine is together and we are good with piston to valve clearance with cam gears at 0. Now he will try and and set them more aggressively at maybe 3-4 and check again. Going to try some Mikuni velocity stacks on the RB26 throttle bodies since I found some with the same bore and only 5mm difference on bolt spacing. Should be able to slot the holes and have an off the shelf solution. I had the front cross member and torsion bar brackets powdercoated along with the port and polished intake manifold. I realized afterwards that I should have gotten the later 87-89 torsion bar brackets done because they are of a far superior design but that's easy. Lastly, since I lost all of my detailed and meticulous dissasembly photos, I have been searching for a junker to basically dissasemble as I put my car back together. Plenty of parts I could use as well so in my daily searches for the past year plus, I finally found a 87-89 300zx that was local, manual and $500 or less so I had to buy it! I call it winky.
  4. Brand new NOS R34 Skyline RB25 5 speed transmission from Japan! And the painter sanded everything in preperation for paint. He has to do a few front alterations to fit the later years headlights, hood and bumper then should be ready to start painting!
  5. Ha! I actually reached out to them 6 months ago to make me that throttle linkage setup but it was a one off 😞 This one sounds pretty good too. But neither had as extensive headwork so very curious to see what kind of power mine will make and how it will sound with a 10k redline!
  6. Ignore the runs and the small imperfections. It will be final smoothed by Wednesday. Then paint soon after! Check out the before and afters.
  7. Should be primed this week.
  8. Thank you! It's going to be hard waiting to fire it up but with it being so rare to have an N/A RB fully built, I am going to wait until the tuner has it on the dyno and let him start it for the first time. I have only heard video clips of the few N/A engines and they sound incredible. Such a big difference between an engine with and without the turbo which acts as a muffler. With the enlarged throttle bodies running straight velocity stacks, stiff valve springs, big valves/cams, long stroke, big bore, lighter flywheel, equal length long tube headers up to 10k redline into aluminum or titanium full exhaust system, the sound should be something like a sport bike or Indy car. Body guy said engine bay welding is finished! Sanding begins now and I should be able to get the final bare metal shots before primer. Should be painted the first week of April which probably means last week of May..
  9. Almost forgot to add that since I sold my BMW, I bought a new daily driver beast but the really exciting addition is the 1984 Nissan Skyline Dr30 with the fj20et!! The dr30 has become my favorite classic skyline and I love the history of them. This one is R34 GTR Nurburgring Millenium jade with a glass out full respray, coilovers, bump steer spacers, Cusco bars, Nismo LSD diff, big turbo, FMIC, oil cooler, SSR FT1 wheels, r32 rear brakes, Recaro seat, Nardi wheel, super clean interior an old school Denon head unit etc etc. I had been searching Japan for a really nice stock one but this car was about as close to what I would want to build as I could imagine. I had a friend of a friend in Tokyo go inspect it in person and he said it's simply incredible and extremely well built. The guys who brokered the deal for me saw it and said the same. It should be getting on a ship here in the next week or so and then 4-5 weeks until it arrives at the port. The only issue with the car that I could see was a broken lens on the driver rear tail light, some slight fitment issue with passenger front headlight, one ding on passenger rear quarter and the hood must be fiberglass or carbon as you can see the waviness. I was incredibly lucky to find a set of brand new NOS tail lights which are honestly the most amazingly beautiful parts I have ever received for any car period. I thought they were just really clean used ones but they are brand spanking new and almost too stunning to even install. Amazing that Nissan was designing such a cool tail light design back in the early 80's! My only plans for the car are having the bottom half wrapped in gunmetal grey along with the RS Turbo DOHC graphics added like the typical red/black "iron mask" people are so familiar with. And although I do like those SSR wheels, I don't like them in black so will either have powdercoated or sell and get watanabe's. I also plan to remove the racing seat and maybe part of the roll cage.
  10. My machinist called me yesterday to say last chance to get pics before it starts going together. While I was there he ran the crank on the balancer and said it's within NASCAR tolerance. He checked all the pistons and removed some weight to get them balanced and he had to slightly hone out the rods for the wrist pins. CP said they wanted .0015 gap from piston to deck height at TDC and with the slight decking to get the block clean, it's slightly less than that at .00135 so after he does the final flow bench test on the head to check how much improvement was made, he can put it all back together and check valve to piston clearance and worst case, I get a slightly thicker head gasket but he doesn't think it's enough of a difference to matter so we will see. Body guy said I could come for photos on Monday and it sounds like the engine bay welding might be done!
  11. Few updates on the Z31. Slow and steady. Also for anyone interested, my BMW E38 is up on bringatrailer and ends in 2 days. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2001-bmw-740i-27/
  12. Very cool that you were able to find something new! He used a mini inverted tig welder for this but yes, he said it's very useful for the thin sheet metal. Can't wait to see the sculpture all done! He said he was going to start painting within a few weeks so it will be exciting to see color on both!
  13. I didn't get any of the expert welder in process. The body guy told me they used hardened steel in some places and silicone bronze in others IIRC. They also burned out the old seam sealer. Apparently it is quite the job and they were having to hold a big metal spoon or something on the back side while welding up the mutli layer seams on the frame rails. Lot of work now but I really think it will all pay off in the end. This is the one and only car I will ever take this far. I almost backed out of the seam welding to be honest but I think this build deserves it.
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