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  1. While Motorman7 is restoring my '73 240Z, (thread titled: We're bringing back the flat tops!) I've started digitizing the slides I took of the car I've kept since I bought it new in 1973. I came across the pictures I took of a "fun run" in 1974 sponsored by Jack Gubrud, the owner of Gubrud's Valley Datsun in Mt. Vernon, Washingon. That was where I bought my car in April, 1973 after returning from a 10+ month deployment to Vietnam aboard the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. This was on Sunday, August 4th, 1974 from Mt. Vernon WA (north of Seattle) over the North Cascade Highway through the Cascade mountains to the town of Winthrop, WA. I believe almost all of the Zs in these photos were purchased at Gubrud's Valley Datsun. Lots of S30s! As I recall, Jack Gubrud paid for a BBQ picnic lunch for everyone. And we had a presentation by a Datsun engineer about the new Hitachi carbs. Wish I had paid more attention!
  2. Hey guys, just thought I would share this with you. Some may remember I started a build back in 2009 (wowsers, long time ago...) of a 1:12 scale Tamiya 240ZG model kit. In the years between then and now, many changes were made, ideas blossomed...some faded....Fact is, I now have 4 of these kits with another ordered last night. šŸ™ƒ 3 x 240ZG and a Safari 240Z. (Safari kit is what I ordered last night. The new kit will be for an attempt at a reasonably accurate version/copy of a 432R. Will be a lot of scratch building required to get the motor correct. Anyways, this is a version of the 240ZG which I have just completed. The motor is far from factory original, but there is a build coming that will be stock. šŸ™‚ This motor was printed by a friend in 3D.
  3. My my my how the world turns. Before I carried Zup's "pay it forward" mirror assembly to get the glass removed for installation into my car's housing I stopped by my local Nissan dealership to ask what he thought. The parts manager has taken me in like a bastard child of his. He looked up the mirror and wrote down the part number. Said they had 23 in Memphis if I broke Zup's and needed one, $115 plus tax was my price. I declined and he suggested the same glass shop I was going to use for the removal. They still have it. I just got a call from the parts guy, somehow he mistakenly ordered a mirror. Said he wrote down the P/N on his order pad and at the end of the day it got ordered. So now he has a brand new mirror assembly but if he sends it back he has to pay a restocking fee which we don't need to do. He's taken good care of me over the past few years for parts on my old Zs. I told him to keep it, I would buy it to keep the owner off our arse. $90 plus tax. I'll put the new one on when I fix the lock so I can go to see Arkansas's Jims at Chunkey Monkey's in Branson.
  4. @qz16, I have gone through a dozen odd cans of SEM of Landau Blk and Super white, landau is the closest black you'll find to the dash and console. I have used it on plastic as well as vinyl with excellent results, be sure to use their Plastic adhesion promoter on the hard plastics. A light coat of their semi gloss clear on the vinyl gives it just a bit of shine, too much and it looks like it has been painted. All of these pics are freshly painted but dried, and it has held up well over the years.
  5. After finding out that 240 and late 280 wiper blades are NLA from Nissan I decided to go on a bit of an adventure checking out what's available on the aftermarket. At least something that might be period looking. On top is a new Nissan factory 77/78 280 black pin drive type blade, B8891-N3500. Below that is an excellent substitute from NAPA, 60-018-8 for about $12.00 each. I like these because they look good and the pin drive is solidly mounted to the superstructure and not part of a universal mounting kit. At the bottom are a set of NLA Datsun refills B8891-45090. The last set Nissan had. At the top of the second picture is a set of Datsun factory blades that I liberated from a 240 with only 9k miles. On the superstructure is printed "under license from TRICO". Below that is a set of NAPA /TRICO Classic blades (6-1833). Although they are sold by NAPA and TRICO for about the same money, $9.00 each, and are almost identical, they are manufactured in China. The mounting arm is part of a kit and made from gray plastic. The design of the metal superstructure is nothing like the factory blades but the color is pretty close. Below that is a set of ANCO Vintage Specialty Blades, ANC-20-18. I had a hell of a time locating a set as those dealers indicated on the ANCO site as being near me didn't have a clue. I finally ordered from Summit for more than $25.00 each. Upon opening the packaging I discovered that THEY ARE THE SAME MADE IN CHINA BLADE AS SOLD BY NAPA and TRICO! Only difference-the superstructure is more shiny. At the bottom are a set of NAPA/TRICO refills and yes, they do indeed fit original Datsun factory blades. However, the stiffening piece is black. The NAPA part # is 6-1844 and are/were about $7.00 for a set. Given the relationship between NAPA and TRICO I'm confident that they are the same TRICO 44-180 mentioned by siteunseen. Cheers
  6. Where are the best places to look for really nice Zā€™s. UPDATE: Just purchased #24871, a 71 in orange. Very excited to get it delivered. Coming from Oregon. After 2 years of searching, hope to have found a partner for my LFA Once delivered will post pics and driving impressions. It has been 40 years since I drove my last 240Z. Should be an interesting experience to say the least.
  7. The Nissan Heritage Collection was passing out these caps at the Mitty this weekend. They made 1970 copies of the hat, and Ethan from Nissan was nice enough to give me a couple of extra for Georgia Z Club giveaways.
  8. I just spoke to Eastside Nissan our Club sponsor and ordered: Head Bolts Turbo L28T 82ZXT 9 ea 11056-P7600 short 5 ea 11059-P7600 long 14 ea 11058-2100 washers quoted price of $91.92 (supposed to be 10% over dealer cost to club members). Should be here on Monday or Tuesday. MSA = $140 California Datsun $130
  9. Welcome to forum. I don't think you'll get many smart arse comments on here and like was said earlier the people on the forum have a love for these cars and are motivated to help the community, so again welcome. I got on here about a year ago after buying a Z that I really had wanted for 20+ years. I asked plenty of stupid questions as I educated myself. Great people on this have guided me well on my path to restoring my car. My first question for you is, what motivated you to buy this car?..the answer will better lead people on here to what your original inspiration was. Capt Obvious had a great write up on the different paths people go with these cars when referring to a guy selling one in PA. I'll see if I can find it. Your intended usage will also be a driving factor. Daily Driver, Show Car, Weekender, Track Car and so on. You have a lot of work ahead of you, and it will require some endurance to see this through. Too many guys don't have the enduring motivation to see these project through properly. Recognize now that you are not Garage Monkey and will not be finished in 3 weeks or 3 months. These projects are sometimes a year or more into the making. I see your are already attacking the rust...the Achilles Heel of these cars. Another idea is to start a journal of your progress. I did this and its beneficial for several reasons. 1. After doing extensive research on topic but not being able act on it I was able to ensure I didn't have to do all the research again. E.g. What is a largest tire you can fit on a 280z and not rub the body without fender flares, and how will it impact steering and ride? I need tires but haven't bought them yet but I know when its time, exactly what I need because its in my journal. 2. It will help you troubleshoot your problems and finally recall things you have forgotten. My final piece of advice. Pictures pictures.....take more than you need before you disassemble something. Picture are free, so don't screw this up. Your memory will fail you I promise, especially if pulled a part off 3 months ago. Example, I dissembled my 77 fuel rail to clean it, and replace the rubber hose pieces. it sat for maybe 3 weeks apart and even with pictures I wasn't 100% confident I was putting it back together right. Without pics I would have been on this forum asking stupid questions again.
  10. Hey guys, so I just had a great interview with one of the writers for GQ Magazine and GQ Style Magazine out of New York. They are doing a 6-page spread about the Classic Z and it will be published around the August 2018 timeframe. We had a lot of fun on the phone and I talked about the classic Z and our club for most of the interview. We went into depth about why the Z is so great, and my final conclusion was community. If it wasn't for this car, this group, and all of the friends I've made along the way this car would be just another boring classic. Keep your eyes posted for updates as well as promotional material forthcoming over the next month. By the way, if you're wondering WHY GQ magazine is doing such as spread... He says this car has stood out as an icon to the classic car world. It's got a huge following and the classic Z's are showing up at more and more auto shows and events. They want to put a spotlight on the world we live in and show how much our community of Z enthusiasts keep this wonderful hobby alive. They will be doing an article similar to this one. I'm happy to see a stylish magazine like GQ take an interest and promote our way of life. Keep it up guys... Mike

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