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  1. Hi all, just wanted to post some status of my trip to Japan. I was able to meet @kats and we took a drive in his Fairlady Z432. Man what a great car! It’s in great shape and Kats knows how to take car of his cars. We met in Kyoto as I arrived, with my family, to our hotel. Kats lives about 30 minutes away from Kyoto and drove the car up just to visit with me. He has 4 Z’s and asked me which one I wanted to see (and drive). Since I’ve never seen a Z432, it was an obvious choice. We spent about 20-30 minutes ogling the car before he let me drive it around the block. I don’t have an international drivers license, so he took the controls and we went for an extended drive around the city. I’ll post more about my observations when I am able to sit down at a computer, but I wanted to share a few pics. What a great time, and I wanted to personally thank Kats for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with me. As you can see, it’s springtime in japan and the cherry blossoms are in full effect!
  2. Got it out in the sunshine for awhile. Wore the flat spots out of the tires.
  3. I might be a little bit biased but I think if Nissan put the original 240z design back into production they would sell million of them. Update the suspension, brakes and electronics but leave the exterior exactly as it was.
  4. Saturday was Zup's Birthday. Some friends and neighbors stopped by to wish him well. Great food & a very special desert. Happy Birthday Jim! My best friend ever!
  5. I picked up an old, never mounted Kamei front spoiler yesterday, no idea how old it is, seller said it's from the 70's. The card and install instructions look very old but it's in great condition, it even came with stickers!
  6. Thank you for all the tips! We made it back without a hitch! We took all of your recommendations and carefully inspected the Z and also brought tools, spare parts and fluids with us. We were willing to have it transported like some of you mentioned if we had any doubts but it drove really well. The only things we noticed were the following (which we will get to this week hopefully): - Soft suspension - Soft brakes, have to nearly step all the way down on the pedal - The headlight/wiper switch needs to be replaced (Seller gave us back $200 to fix this)'
  7. My Dad told me when he was younger somehow or another they put plugs in the exhaust and made fireballs come out the pipes. My Dad bullshits me a lot though. Pretty funny now that he's 80 and nuttier than a squirrel's turd.
  8. This is another interesting NOS part that I recently acquired. Electric Fuel Pump upgrade.
  9. Thanks to everybody in this thread. All of this discussion has solved an ongoing problem for me where I kept slowly toasting the fusible link for the alternator and fuse block (it was brown) whenever the headlights were on and only when the engine was running. It was driving me crazy until CaptO's picture showed up. I had been blindly going by MSA's diagram and had placed my black link like their example, putting a brown link on the slow roast. I just went down and switched the links to the proper placements. Nothing gets hot anymore! Thanks again!
  10. I just received notice that the shipping label has been prepared. The fun will commence soon. 🙂
  11. I don't think 'Lstepp4re' should be too high on your list of Experten... You have world-class 'Z Store'/'Vintage Z Program' knowledge at your service right here on the classiczcars forum, and indeed already on this thread, in the form of our fellow member '26th-Z'. He compiled and privately published what most consider to be the definitive written work on the subject, and I'm sure he would be happy to answer any questions you put to him. If he doesn't have the answer - and he usually will - then he will know who to ask.
  12. My test drive last night, 10 minute test drive turned into a 1 hour cruse! I forget how much fun this car is to drive over the winter months.
  13. I'm hoping to be Mr. Roomba. Just charge me up and let me go! Dennis
  14. Bought a parts Sept 1970 240z to help with #147 resto. Seems to have early radio and antenna switch. Fingers crossed on the 2400 Valve Cover. I have not seen the engine yet and Sept is the final month of the 2400 cover.
  15. Dan - Here's the update on the Molotow Chrome Pens: I thoroughly cleaned the lettering area at the top left with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip, most of the silver Sharpie and any prior chrome came off. Used the 1mm pen to cover the text. Cleaned the rest of the plate - note the silver Sharpie did not come off the long lines. Finished the text at top right with the 1mm pen and the long lines with the 2mm pen. I'm well pleased with the outcome - a very shiny chrome finish. I highly recommend this product, will be using it to update other areas in my car! Jim
  16. Just drove it! Got a ignition problem fixed and made a club run with a local car club
  17. The package arrived today. I had to unbox it to take photos.
  18. 4 points
  19. Hi , dutchzcarguy reminds me this thread . I would like to explain the story behind the rear deck glass which Mr. Tamura struggled to make its style better . ( Sorry If I did it already before ) Mr . Tamura was thinking seriously about the curve of the glass which was nature when the glass was baked . The design team made clay model but usually they didn’t care about the curve of the glass . In the clay model , the glass area was put films and the area was cone , if you look from side , it looked flat . Mr. Tamura knew the glass is not flat but he could not be able to have actual glass , nor test it when he was designing the rear deck . He was afraid the design line of the roof and the rear end of the deck were not meet the curved glass . So he used his imagination fully, think again and again , he assumed curve rate which glasses normally have . He finally lifted up the end of the roof 10mm , also lifted up 5 mm at the rear deck panel where the bottom of the glass meets . He was happy his decision after seeing the car . A lot bolder , sharper , this rear and side view tensioned the styling a lot more beautiful. Mr.Tamura also said “ Mr. Matsuo was asking me what are you doing ? You need to be quick “ But after seeing his work , Mr.Matsuo said nothing about it . ” I felt Mr.Matsuo liked the re-finish of my work which made the roof line and side view much better than before , compared to the clay model which was used for the presentation for the executives “ Please see the drawings which was made by Mr. Tamura . Kats
  20. Cliff, If it were mine, I would only replace the places in the floor with patches that need it and replace the rusty frame rails. Now if you get it cleaned up and you find a lot more holes I might change my mind but on the car I am doing know that is what I did. I might have a partial floor pan from Charlie that would have the section you need. You would also need to get some frame rails. I'll be in "T-town" on Thurs evening until sometime late Friday Afternoon. If you wanted to try to meet up. I know you're pretty far North of I-20
  21. Just a teaser for now without much explanation but this could get very interesting! Will do a proper write up as to why and what when I finish the work ... 1/8” increments ... Webcam pointing into carb mouth Nice view ... Timing light with rev counter fixed in field of view for analysis, need to improve lighting ... Let the fun begin!! Ah, no! Children’s activities stopped play at the crucial moment! [emoji22]
  22. Well, my neighbor has a Ferrari 430. The service costs are astronomical. He had its annual service which was $1,250. God help him if something actually breaks. While the car is nice it’s just too expensive to enjoy. I have a 1977 Z that I’m about to begin restoring and to me it something I’d rather have over the Ferrari. There is some nostalgic about the Z. I guess I like the fact that you can make it into what you want without taking out a second mortgage. Classic American muscle cars fall into this category too but they are far more common. I see classic Cameros, Chevelles, Vettes almost daily. I’ve never ever seen a S30 Z where I live on the road. In fact I’ve seen one 280z in the road in Montana when I was on a trip. Before that I cannot recall. I saw 1964 Vette yesterday, but never a Z. They just aren’t out there. Many rusted away and the years they were dirt cheap people trashed them, teenagers ratted them out and when they died people just dumped them. No many were interested in restoring these cars until the past decade. The body style is still a thing of beauty today and that’s why these cars are special.
  23. Dang - how much money did I leave on the table? Just kidding. Unlike some eBay sellers working to get max money out of tired parts, I hope to offer refurbed or lightly used parts at a reasonable price to fellow enthusiasts and keep these old cars looking good.
  24. Nah, just plain old chicken. There's a lot of good stuff in the thread that you should recheck, all the stuff that people mentioned. The EGR and the AFM glue blobs and the CSV and the coolant temperature sensor and the TPS (actually TVS). The AFM and the sensor are the most likely. Take a magnifying glass and see if you can tell if the glue blobs are not where they started from. Check the coolant sensor circuit at the ECU connector first, not the actual sensor. Make sure the TVS isn't on WOT. Check, check, check...
  25. Just got buzzed by an air jockey in a CF18 Hornet, 30 feet over my tank park. I should be pissed, but it was kinda cool...!
  26. Got the radiator re-cored with a heavy duty 3-row core. Installed radiator, fan clutch and fan. Also cleaned up fuel pump and installed that. I am picking up the hatch tomorrow, so figured I would put in the hatch weather stripping. My favorite part of dointg the weather stripping is peeling the glue off of my fingers afterwards....very entertaining. Ordered the engine compartment braided hoses from Jay at jdm-car-parts.com. Those should arrive in the next day or two. Also cleaned up the electrical harness. Will install that once I get the new harness firewall boot.
  27. A couple of folks have asked for plans for the jig. I’ve marked up a few pics with all the key dimensions. Feel free to post here or PM me with any questions.... Hope this this helps somebody ....
  28. DEAL.....You lucky SOB......I hate you!!!!! But....I bought a perfect 71 gas tank today for $50.00 .....just like new inside! Also got an F54/ P79 engine for $150.00.
  29. I have been the owner of this 240z for the past 3 years. I've made some improvements to the car and its a joy to own. I ended up buying it's older vin twin (1 vin lower) a few years later and had them together in the garage. That was a cool thing to see. Full Brand New Fujitsubo Headers and exhaust system. Brand New Old Stock 40PHH Mikuni Triple Carbs Brand New set of Watanabe Wheels Some New Old Stock OEM parts throughout the car. Here are some pictures of it now.
  30. Here ya go. Color is very consistent.
  31. Guys, Please don't cut that car in half! Hiyabrad, maybe purchase Sving1s entire car and transfer all your good stuff over to it? I know, none of my business but.... Hey, is that guy on the far right taking a leak on the tumble weed?
  32. We're having a "pollen blizzard" around here so I abhor nature at the moment. If only I had a Kirby salesman to vacuum this crap out of my life...
  33. Got the motor in yesterday. Was great to have @jayhawkstop by and lend a hand.
  34. Started it up for the first time in 6 month. 40A08557-C506-428F-B8EF-64E44E577F52.MP4
  35. Haha! Nice pic. I'm guessing it's Bigfoot. Maybe Bigfoot wearing a button down shirt because he's going out to a nice place for dinner with Ms. Bigfoot?
  36. Hi Mike , we will meet soon , I have been to Fuji Speedway last week to see a racing Z432 for some laps for setting and testing . Here is an old picture of PS30-00013 at Fuji Speedway back of the paddock might be shoot in late 1969 or early 1970 , and a picture of my Z432 in 2019 ! And a movie . Kats
  37. https://uk.motor1.com/news/313815/datsun-240z-modernized-video/
  39. ........and there is absolutely nothing in the Universe nuttier than a squirrel’s turd! Cliff, I hope you never leave this site 😂
  40. Helped my buddy with BRE tribute. Triple Carb Linkage finished. Engine Electrical 3/4 Finished Lights connected (lots of splicing, crimping, soldering) Headlights Installed Front Turn lights installed Built 1 good licence plate lam assembly from 3 bad ones. Antenna coax fished Window bump stops installed Good day!
  41. And without these forums everyone has to reinvent the wheel each time they come to this problem.
  42. Fixed ! Got a set! ( I know no one will see it later but) Damn! That looks so much better than the patch job ....
  43. I had a set with my race car years ago and cannot remember where they got to. I have been looking for a set for a while now and will say that I "paid up" for this set. They do seem to be in good shape and reportedly, not that it matters, were from a combination of the BRE cars and Logan Blackburn's car. Logan was my instructor at my first driving school at IRP, which if these are some of his brings this full circle.
  44. a few pics... after replaced roof skin... multi layers of metal.... sunroof skin out... drill spot welds from top lead front pillar.. donor roof ... drill spot welds from bottom/inside on this one. after.....
  45. Off to paint jail On another note, is that flattened section behind the valve cover at the fuse box level supposed to be that way. It is hard to tell if that is a factory condition or not