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  1. CanTechZ

    1970 HLS30-06521 Re-Restoration

    Got enough of the interior out to get a good visual of the problem areas, here is what I found. Luckily so far I have only broken this one retainer on the RH kick panel, not sure how I could have saved it. Overall I'm not too shocked with what I have found and I won't be pulling much more until I have selected a restoration shop to work with. I want to keep the car drivable as long as possible.
  2. Sunline

    71 Survivor- What's it worth?

    Where are the best places to look for really nice Z’s. UPDATE: Just purchased #24871, a 71 in orange. Very excited to get it delivered. Coming from Oregon. After 2 years of searching, hope to have found a partner for my LFA Once delivered will post pics and driving impressions. It has been 40 years since I drove my last 240Z. Should be an interesting experience to say the least.
  3. SteveJ

    Hubcap on a Cap

    The Nissan Heritage Collection was passing out these caps at the Mitty this weekend. They made 1970 copies of the hat, and Ethan from Nissan was nice enough to give me a couple of extra for Georgia Z Club giveaways.
  4. siteunseen

    tail light issue

    Seems like the US cars were all red, Europe and others required amber. If I remember right. I bought mine from futofab.com and love 'em.
  5. SteveJ

    260z or 280z Distributor into 240z

    I haven't tried the conversion to a 260Z or 280Z distributor. I went with the ZX conversion in my 73. A PO did the conversion in my 74. The 260Z and 280Z used a transistor ignition unit (TIU) to control the spark. You would to need to figure out how to install a TIU into the car. Another alternative would be to use a GM HEI to trigger the spark. There is information online (including this forum) from people who have converted their cars to use an HEI module. I cannot say what would happen to your tachometer with either conversion. It may require figuring out how to adapt a 260Z or 280Z tach into your wiring.
  6. 26th-Z

    918 percentage? paint suppliers?

    PPG was the paint supplier for the Vintage Z program. They have the colors for the early Zs. What percentage were painted 918? Anyone's guess as I have never seen any records. What is interesting and fairly well documented is that color combinations were produced in multiple sequences or series of two or three. For instance my two cars (26 and 27) are identical 907 green with butterscotch interiors.
  7. Richard McDonel

    Rear bumper guards

    Job done, photo attached.
  8. 240260280

    Engine won't start

    Step A. 1. Pour gas into bowls through vent holes. Don't worry if you spill some. 2. Start the car. Hopefully it will run long enough to prime the pump Step B. If it only runs until the fuel in the bowl is consumed, then your problem is upstream of the carbs and bowls 1. Get a can of fuel and put it next to the front passenger wheel. 2. Run a fuel hose from the can to the bottom of the fuel filter. 3. Repeat Step A. Step C. If the car does not run off the fuel in the can then your problem is the fuel pump or fuel filter, or fuel rail. If the car runs from the fuel can in step B then your problem is upstream from the pump & filter. 1. Move the fuel can to the back of the car next to the passenger wheel. 2. Connect a hose from the fuel can to the larger hard line where it starts just in front of the fuel tank. 3. Repeat Step A. Step D. If the car does not run off the fuel in the can then your problem is the fuel line from the back of the car to the front. If the car runs from the fuel can in step B then your problem is the tank or hose to the tank.
  9. Jeff G 78

    JDM Legends on Velocity starting in April

    I love seeing the Z love on TV, but personally, I liked the old days of cheap Z cars. Everybody who owns a ratty Z now thinks they are sitting on a gold mine. The days of building an affordable Z are unfortunately over. I think that the skyrocketing Porsche 911 market is creating the huge demand for Z cars. Those who can't spend $50k for a 911 are willing to pay $20k for a decent Z car.
  10. No longer looking. I brought this 1975 Z home yesterday.
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