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  1. Steve, I have a new set of OEM studs in the E31 head. Help me though, ZCD?
  2. Are you guys using anything special for intake/exhaust fasteners? I’m using a Datsun Motorsport header that has been on my car since the 70’s and a non-EGR L28 intake that has been extrudehone’d. The EFI will be controlled by a Haltech Elite 2500. I was going to just order some new fasteners from the ZStore but I thought I’d ask here first...
  3. Everything properly maintained, the Z engines don’t run too hot. This doesn’t include racing. 1/2 an hour of WOT will cook anything that isn’t properly modified and maintained. I think the F54 was designed for the turbo but used for everything. That’s just smart. Turbo engines just run hotter. Having owned Z cars most of my life, they are plenty entertaining without monstrous power. Jeff has 200hp and I’m sure he falls asleep with a smile after race weekends. I’m using a Rebello built 3.0 which I dynoed at 276 at the wheels. My kid who drives a 944 Turbo is afraid to drive it...
  4. I might be branching out too far here but this appears to be 1970’s LA. 280Z in number 1 lane heading away from camera.