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  1. I’ve had my 240Z since 1980 and this was on a 280Z I bought to be more of a daily driver. It was years ago, so many of the details I don’t recall. I think the rear? I had to drill a hole on each side to mount the floating sides. The rubber, I just bought new at that time. Probably can’t now... Here’s the 240Z. I have many 280Z pics but I’d have to scan as digital didn’t exist...
  2. The bolt on the side lined up for me but I was doing a ‘78 280Z. YMMV...
  3. I once had a website where I did a how-to on 260Z bumpers to 280Z bodies. unbolt the big bumpers. There is a screw in the center of the bumper strut. Unscrew this. Now, with a drill and small bit or a sharp pick, puncture the membrane inside the strut. Push the strut back into its housing. Mineral oil will squirt out. The 260Z bumper will now bolt right up. Position the strut so the bumper ends fit the body correctly and put a tack weld to hold the strut where it belongs.
  4. conedodger

    Let's show vintage racing pictures. I'll start.

    Elliot Forbes Robinson, Bob Sharp, Scott Sharp, Jerry Orr and PLN. Brainerd International Raceway...
  5. conedodger

    Classic Motorsports Mag

    Academically speaking, this shouldn’t be true. There are no references. It’s more of an autobiographical piece. Pete Brock is certainly an authority as he was there and directly involved at the highest level in terms of his team. Unfortunately, because he has outlived the other members of the group of people who were involved, he does get to dictate history so to speak. I met the publisher of this magazine 30 years ago and he is pretty good people. I doubt he would materially change an article. Grammar and spelling yes.
  6. conedodger

    Let's show vintage racing pictures. I'll start.

    False grid. Road Atlanta. Right up front... Gene Crowe driving
  7. conedodger

    Classic Motorsports Mag

    I’m really not trying to change your mind. I’m simply supporting Alan’s assertion - “with the caveat that “the truth” can depend on your point of view...” Pete Brock’s ‘truth’ is that he discovered and solved the problem. I’d guess that he is really firm in his belief that is truth. Reality which is absolute, is that Nissan was already aware and working on it. Religion has attributed the meaning of reality to truth. In fact, each of your blind men was describing their truth. It may not be reality, in fact, it isn’t, but each of them believes they have truthfully described an elephant. It is their truth. Not trying to be difficult, but this is what my PhD deals with. Alan is right. The truth depends on where you’re standing in many cases...
  8. conedodger

    Classic Motorsports Mag

    Well, you’re wrong. A lady hears a disturbance and sees and sees a man run out of a shop. Later, she tells the police that the man was Asian, he had spiked hair and a dragon tattoo on his neck. The police listen but don’t write anything down because the owner of the shop had told them the perpetrator ran out the back. Not the front. Turns out, the Asian man was a customer. Was the lady telling the truth? Of course she was. She believes in what she saw from her perspective. She’d pass a lie detector test too. There are as many truths as there are perspectives. Sometimes they even align with reality. What you are describing is reality. There is only one reality. As I said, reality and truth are brothers, but they aren’t twins...
  9. conedodger

    Classic Motorsports Mag

    Reality and truth are brothers, but they’re not twins... Brock can believe he solved a problem, while the engineers solved the problem. Reality is. Truth relies on perspective.
  10. conedodger

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    I’m hoping this one has been put out of its misery...
  11. conedodger

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    This picture was sent to me today by a Porsche friend. Yes, it’s from an advert for the 300ZX. But this pic is framed on his wall in his office. He’s the architect who designed the Thousand Oaks Public Library and the photo shoot for the ad was shot after the building was done on the outside. Tom got to be there for the photo shoot as he was the architect for the building.
  12. conedodger

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!


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