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  1. Ok, two boxes packed. Instructions enclosed. One box contains 73 240Z Power brake booster, the other contains two 79-81 280ZX Power brake boosters. I only intend to use one of course, but these are valuable vintage parts and someone should be bolting them on something so I am having them all done rather than putting them on a shelf where they languish and rust away. If you need a 240Z power brake booster for your restoration or you need a 79-81 280ZX power brake booster for your restoration or upgrade, PM me. Oh! I also have a 15/16 master cylinder I took off that was in good shape. It isn't rebuilt and it isn't new but these are hard to find so PM me if you need it.
  2. TZ, I would probably rebuild that item but it worked like a charm. Just my obsessive nature I'm sure... The squirrel didn't get out until I unpacked. I wanted to just evict the little bastard from my garage but my wife named her. Now I'm stuck with the damned thing!!! Thanks David!
  3. Ok, a little Sunday morning update. As I have mentioned, I'm semi-retired so I worked the last two days and was excited to see that I had boxes from David and Ebay. I haven't even figured out all of the stuff David sent me! It was packed so well, I half expected to find a live squirrel in there! 😎 The Ebay box was a Master Vac from a 79 280ZX. David also sent the same thing plus. Why two? I had already did a buy-it-now on the Ebay one, but I trust a member to send a serviceable part. David did. The Ebay one looks like it was bathed in saltwater 30 years ago and pulled out last week. Thanks David! So what am I doing and why? There are two ways to increase the assist for your braking system. One is a larger power brake booster. Of course, you are limited by what will not interfere with other installations in your engine bay and what will bolt up to the existing holes, or, what you are willing to drill for. The second is a dual diaphragm booster. These can be smaller, but the problem is finding one that will bolt up. I haven't and I assume no one else has either but hey! It could happen! The plan is to pack them up today and send them off to a Power brake rebuilder in San Jose or LA. Same company, just two locations. Yes, I am sending both because there is a small possibility that one might not be rebuildable. If both are, I will sell the other to a member so they can do this mod as well. A note though, I have long been one who says that the stock brake system in good serviceable order is perfectly adequate for even autocross and track days. But, I am basically doubling the stock horsepower so... A note to anyone thinking of doing this mod, you must uninstall your clutch master cylinder to fit the booster then reinstall the clutch master cylinder.
  4. Thanks Captain, I guess we bump the cylinder out a bit...
  5. Many good things come from a drawing on a napkin. Though in this day and age, that napkin might be a program. I am working on learning Sketchup but my son uses something more sophisticated. Still, since I'm only learning Sketchup, I had to draw things out on a napkin so-to-speak. Before you laugh, Heinrich Nordoff and Dr. Porsche who were brothers-in-law and the Directors of Porsche and VW respectively, drew up plans for the production of the joint effort 914 at breakfast on a napkin. A real napkin! Sadly, Nordoff got sick and died and the new director of VW didn't recognize the agreement which ultimately made the VW/Porsche 914 too expensive and doomed it's production to 2/3 years for the 914-6 and 6/7 years for the 914-4. Here is how I'm communicating with my architect son. Don't laugh. There was no attempt on my part at scale!
  6. I know little of aerodynamic theory, though I am a pilot and a very small part of my career involved ‘considering’ the flow of air through tubes. Specifically endotracheal tubes. Most of what I’ve read about the spacers that are marketed out there involve breaking up laminar flow. They don’t expressly say that, but rather describe it. I highly suspect the marketers are not citing science on the spacers though. I am working with experts is all I can say right now. I will be keeping the concentrics of all three bores.
  7. So, I've finalized the design for the throttle body spacer in my mind. It will be about 40mm thick with a bore big enough for the throttle plate (@70mm). It will be drilled for the 60mm square bolt pattern used to attach the stock throttle body to the inlet and countersunk so that the eThrottle body can mount flush. It will then be drilled and tapped so that the eThrottle body can bolt on. The eThrottle body will be clocked at 45 degrees so that the plug to the eThrottle body is down and right as you look at the front of the car. This is an important consideration as the bolt up pattern for the eThrottle body is not square. Kind of like i'm holding it in the picture below.
  8. Thanks David, I sent you the Datsun Comp Distributor today.
  9. It seems like I have my Master vac problem solved. I found one on EBay and Terrapin found one for me at a Pick and Pull. I'll send both to Power Brake Rebuilder and hopefully get one good one out of it. I have to wait to start putting the brake lines in as the master cylinder is the starting point. I'm so impatient!
  10. Another piece of the puzzle arrived... BTW Yarb, I had already ordered this before you posted the above. Kind of weird though, I got it from Silvermine Motors and it came with no invoice for the actual transaction but there were two garbage invoices along with other garbage used to pack the MC in the box.
  11. Been waiting on this! Complete SS brake line set all prebent. Yeehaw!
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