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  1. Got it yesterday Dave! Thanks! Clean enough that I was able to squirt it with prepaint prep and primer it right out of the box.
  2. Oh, and that damned pillow is not for sale yet... 🥴
  3. Got a box on the front porch yesterday. It was packed so well I thought it might be a heart for transplant. That is @Terrapin Z David's style though. It brought me tears though. Not because of anything you did David... My son said what is that? I told him it is a mount for the alternator, I need to modify it so I can use a higher amp alternator from a GM car. He said "How do you modify it?" I told him "I have to take the nose off of it." He reached out and did that silly dad trick where you reach for their nose and then stick your thumb between your forefinger and say "Got your nose!" I asked him "How do you remember that stuff?" He said "I think you are the greatest dad jokester in the world!" Thanks Dave! 😂
  4. Not ready to rock and roll yet, but I did spend part of yesterday sitting without the inflatable pillow!
  5. Cap! I'll get back to you if TZ's doesn't work out.
  6. I didn't but do now! PM me with details! 😝
  7. Time Left: 16 days and 15 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I need a lower alternator mount to modify for putting a GM Alternator on. What do you have and how much do you want.


  8. View Advert Lower Alternator Mount I need a lower alternator mount to modify for putting a GM Alternator on. What do you have and how much do you want. Advertiser conedodger Date 02/16/2021 Price $10.00 Category Parts Wanted Year 1973 Model L30  
  9. I’m up the hill toward Tahoe a bit but yes, we had 4 days of snow last week. Part of that ‘atmospheric river’ that went through California. When it’s over, I’ll have this custom inflatable donut for sale in the classifieds.
  10. Right ischium. Hard to walk, hard to sit. Six weeks estimated recovery, and I still haven’t gotten the mail (which was my mission at the time.)
  11. Well that will slow things down. Slipped on the ice on Sunday and broke a bone. Shoot...
  12. Public Service Announcement: If you buy LED lights from SuperBrightLEDs, you need two not one license plate lights and the ones SuperBright sells will not fit in your housing. They are trying to make it right by sending me some that they say are shorter, but I'm not really confident they'll work either. The ones Superbright sells are too long and you will not be able to screw your housing back together.
  13. Big thanks to Yarb for sending me an '83ZX Distributor to take my measurements from. My distributor which was a Datsun Comp model was traded for a batch of heat shields which I vapor blasted and made look new. Never occurred to me to take measurements so I would know where the cut needs to be made in the Jeep CAS. Thanks Yarb!
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