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    I currently own all 4 years of the 240Z and a 1990 300ZX. The 70 is white, the 71 is Safari Gold, the 72 is Lemon Green, also have an orange 72 the 73 and 1990 are Silver. I recently added a 1996 white Acura NSX to the group.

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  1. Interesting that your car has a rear sway bar. I don’t think the Z’s ever came with a rear bar from the factory. Do you know if the previous owner installed it?
  2. Great looking 70…..let me boast a little and show you mine LOL. Jim @jfa.series1has one he can show you too!
  3. Yep……From the quick glance I got, she’s quite the find….a real time capsule! I think Jim will agree a great color too. Glad you’re on the forum……If you need any help, we’ll get answers for you……we are all “Legends in our own Minds!” Congrats
  4. Vintage Rubber door seals are awesome. Easy to install and work and look like stock. IMO
  5. Good answer….Get a box of assorted sizes. You’ll have all the O rings you’ll ever need. Just type in O Ring Kit on Amazon…770 pieces for $11.00. 👍
  6. Simply put…..they work and they look original. The door seals are press on (no glue) and easy to install. The doors close and seal like they should.
  7. Hi Jeff…..Happy New Year to you too! No more garage space…..so no new cars. I always enjoy motor work, but all five cars have L28’s modified to the max including 2 strokers! I’m kind of shocked that your garage space is so limited in AZ. I was hoping I could watch you build something new 🥳.Hope you are settled in, doing well and ready for 2022! Best Regards G
  8. Congrats to @Mike on another year of a big bunch of Z Crazies still posting on this site. Another year of @siteunseen with a new computer.....kind of like giving a loaded .357 to a two year old, @Patcon with 2 projects that may never end......EVER, and @Jeff G 78 adjusting to the Arizona climate, and posting pics of a race car that needs to be eating oats with Secretariat!@Zed Headwill answer all of your questions and 85% will be correct. If you want to solve any electrical problems, the only person to contact is @SteveJhands down. @Captain Obviouswill still swear that flat tops are great......3000 1973 Z owners that switched are wrong lol. @HS30-Hwill poke at you till you finally admit that he is probably the most knowledgeable member ever! @Zupwill once again be the nicest member and @motorman7will continue to rub your nose in a before and after pic of every part of the Z anatomy until you feel like a total failure lol! @EuroDat, @grannyknot,will show up from time to time with some decent stuff and the rest is history. Sorry for all I missed......you all are awesome and Happy New Year to “What did you do to your Z today 2022!” Guy
  9. Vintagerubber.com. By far my favorite......easy install too.
  10. Looks like more than the cars need a restoration. Looking forward to the time we can restore ourselves instead of the cars LOL.
  11. I agree. Very simple and works! If you don’t want sparks, you can use a hard plastic material or wood dowel…..doesn’t take many pops with a hammer to “git her done!”
  12. 1972……..Atlanta to Virginia…..reverse order of your Z.
  13. Wow…..Talk about a hijacked thread! Whatever happened to the new Proto Z?
  14. My opinion exactly……Nissan has never really recovered their loyal followers after the S30 body style went out. The 240Z draws huge attention from the younger set at all Cars and Coffee events I go to. It worked for Ford and Chrysler and Chevy…..why not bring back the excitement of something that memics the car that put Nissan (Datsun) on the map…….and I’d call it a Datsun Proto……that would really bring em back!!!!!
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