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    I currently own all 4 years of the 240Z and a 1990 300ZX. The 70 is white, the 71 is Safari Gold, the 72 is Lemon Green, also have an orange 72 the 73 and 1990 are Silver. I recently added a 1996 white Acura NSX to the group.

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  1. Diseazd

    [SOLD] 1973 Datsun 240Z Scarab

    ...........you guys are describing me and BamaZama to a “T”.........right Cliff? BTW.....the car was an absolute “steal”!
  2. Diseazd

    New engine

    All feel smooth and balanced, but the L24 crank and rods is smoothest to 7000 rpm. They all are a blast in different ways.....come to Richmond and we’ll drive em all Charles.
  3. Diseazd

    l24 blocked engine build - Few Questions

    Pretty much nailed it Zed Head. I prefer the P90/P79 head shaved down and shimmed up to get 10 to 1 CR minimum. A high duration, high lift cam (I run 17 degrees static advance on all 5) with performance valve springs to handle the rpm. Swirl valves help the engine breathe....I run SU’s and love their simplicity (can’t seem to step up to trips)....they work amazingly well for all my engines, through full rpm (up to 7500) with no sign of not being able to adequately feed them. The only thing I think would really bump them all up is CR. If I could run 13 to 14 to 1 CR on pump gas, I would. All 3 of the different engine set ups that I’ve built are a blast. Like kids, it would be hard to say which one I love most!
  4. Diseazd

    New engine

    Sorry Zed Head.....no numbers yet....best guess is close to the L28 crank engines I’ve built....170 at the fly....195-200 at the wheels. The two Stroker Motors are first in line for the dyno, just can’t seem to find the time. I will tell you they are a smooth accelerating blast to drive, but the strokers are real torque monsters....they feel like they want to break something. 🤪
  5. Diseazd

    Finally Taking the Plunge - EFI

    This is going to be a fun project to watch! Way to go modern Jim.
  6. Diseazd

    Body line

    Definitely makes the restoration when done right......
  7. Diseazd

    L28 Build - Suggestions/Advice Please

    Yes Jonathan....The L28 crank motor is 170 hp at the wheels, so approximately 200 at the flywheel. Eiji said the Stroker motor should push 250 at the flywheel, but I haven’t dynoed one yet.
  8. Diseazd

    L28 Build - Suggestions/Advice Please

    My Isky Stage III is 290 degrees duration. I’ve built 6 of the .080 shaved P79 head/ F54 block different variations. All 6 have Isky Stage III Cams. Four have .040 over flat top stock pistons. Two have Datsun Spirit Forged Pistons (they are 3.1 Stroker Motors). I built two with L24 cranks with L28 pistons and rods, two with L28 stock cranks with L28 pistons and rods and two with LD 28 Stroker cranks and forged Pistons and rods (Datsun Spirit built the two 3.1strokers). I love each and everyone of them......the strokers the most😍. I would definitely go with the Isky Stage III....do it now or you will regret it IMO. I have several build threads under (topics) on my home page you can reference. No ping at any rpm or load on any of the six engines.....fabulous set up you are building.....kudos. Let me know if I can help. Guy
  9. Diseazd

    L28 Build - Suggestions/Advice Please

    Yes jonathanrussell....outer springs are shimmed .080 to make geometry correct.
  10. Diseazd

    L28 Build - Suggestions/Advice Please

    I agree with madkaw.....higher lift cam with more duration. You can pretty much go with a higher CR with the P79 head, however, you are pretty well locked in with your build. I love my Isky Stage III cams (.490 lift) no clearance problems. Sounds like a nice build. Good Luck
  11. Diseazd

    L28 Build - Suggestions/Advice Please

    No Site, because the springs are shimmed up and the valve is .080 longer. He can go stock valve seals. BTW jy.s30z.....don’t forget the spring shims....don’t see them mentioned.
  12. Same here madkaw, and Zup, I’m looking forward to hanging out with everyone on the forum. Hope SteveJ’s ZCON will be the best ever. You guys are gonna love the city of Atlanta and especially Road Atlanta. October is perfect in Georgia......no blistering heat!
  13. Diseazd

    Head gasket

    I like em dry......never had a single problem with 510 or Z head gaskets installed dry.
  14. Diseazd

    Z31 N/A RB project

    Wow, this car is gonna change a lot of minds about the Z31. Can’t wait to see the new paint on it and the new motor in it!
  15. I’ve never used Muratic acid for that purpose, but it eats rust off of nuts and bolts completely in 3 minutes. It also eats it cleanly from the surface inside gas tanks. I would fill the strut with acid (won’t take much) and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse out with water, then see if it eats the rust and allows it fall out. Wear goggles of course. Let us know if it works. Home Depot has Muratic acid for $10.00 a gallon.

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