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    I currently own all 4 years of the 240Z and a 1990 300ZX. The 70 is white, the 71 is Safari Gold, the 72 is Lemon Green, also have an orange 72 the 73 and 1990 are Silver. I recently added a 1996 white Acura NSX to the group.

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  1. The NSX…….haven’t raced it, but it’s supposed to turn high 12’s out of the box.
  2. Steve’s Z…… 29C61EA8-2249-4F82-9730-81205592B192.MOV
  3. High 14s @madkaw….…trying to get low 14’s……we’ll see in November.
  4. @AK260I wouldn’t worry too much about running your motor with SU’s. I run both of my 3.1 stroker motors with SM needle SU’s with no problem through the range. Eiji and I race each other in the quarter mile once or twice a year. Earlier this year my SU powered 3.1 won by .25 seconds vs his triple sidedrafts. He ran a heavier 280Zx…….we race again on November 6th……….bragging rights till Spring of 22…LOL
  5. Just another point to consider.........I would definitely go with the SU’s to break in a new engine. One of the worst things that you can do with a break-in is to wash out the rings with too much gas. A scored cylinder is the result and will ruin an engine.
  6. Patcon......I initially fire up a new engine and bring it up to 2000 to 2500 rpm for 15 to 20 minutes. After that initial run, check timing and look for leaks and then I try to get it on the road (usually hoodless). I’m with you in that I run her up to about 3000 to 4000 rpm and let off (drag her down) over and over a dozen or so times. This back-pressure is supposed to force the rings out snug against the cylinder walls. I try to put 50 miles on her, check for any leaks and then gradually take her up more and more aggressive. After 100 miles, you can pretty much play games with her. All IMO..
  7. They kept driving it after the first break! The spring kept self deteriating. Wouldn’t want to install a new spring when you still have 2/3 of a spring left! Those 510’s are tough little bitches!!!!👍
  8. Great to have you back Zedyone…..glad you’ve been spending time with Zedytwo!! 🥳
  9. We opened a bar in Atlanta in the 70’s.......called it ”Mrs. Boomers”.....on North Druid Hills Road. The Luvable bra factory was right down the street......the girls that worked there spent their lunch hours making us a four foot long bra to hang over the bar. We drank a lot of the profit! Looks like a nice car @bluez, but how about another 30 pics so we can see more.
  10. Agreed……A higher duration camshaft is supposed to help with detonation. The Isky Stage III regrinds work for me…..zero detonation, but all my heads are shaved P79’s. Like Zed Head says…..back the timing off till you get your performance camshaft, then come back to us and we’ll walk you through that installation. But, by all means, install the flat tops.
  11. Brought the gold 71 over to see the new Z31…… IMG_1974.MOV
  12. I soak em in gasoline.......then wire brush.....then soak em again.
  13. I buy a gallon in a plastic container. I only use enough acid to cover the parts to be plated......in a small plastic container. Of course you need to exercise caution, gloves, googles etc. care not to breathe fumes, but that should be just understood. It only takes 3 minutes.......they come out clean with no rust. Dilute the residue with water and you’re done. Why vapor blast when it’s just that easy! Put the top back on the gallon jug and there’s no way it affects anything else around it. IMHO.
  14. Three minutes in Muriatic acid does wonders. Eats rust off......not so much grease. The stuff is cheap and you can do a large batch at a time. Bolts and parts come out clean.......ready to plate. IMO
  15. Sorry Brandon….had to post this. Incredible sound…..great job on a cool project!!!! Undoubtably the best Z31 in the world!!!!
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