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    I currently own all 4 years of the 240Z and a 1990 300ZX. The 70 is white, the 71 is Safari Gold, the 72 is Lemon Green, also have an orange 72 the 73 and 1990 are Silver. I recently added a 1996 white Acura NSX to the group.

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  1. rem1313.....If you are using a 73 E88 head and only shaved .012 inches, you shouldn’t have any problems IMO. Those pistons are fly cut. If you use a cam with any more lift than .460, you would need to use a shorter valve seal.
  2. Wow Zed Head, I believe that crank snout has Jeff G’s name on it 😬
  3. Wow Zed Head....I think that front cover has my name on it
  4. @Dolfinz When you checked the position of the tang on your distributor, are you sure you were on TDC Compression stroke? If your chain timing was off, I do believe you would probably have valve contact. IMO
  5. The Z 32’s are the second best looking Z series IMO. Mine isn’t turbo, but it’s still a joy to drive!
  6. Eiji ran low 14’s I ran high 14’s. I hope to crack into the 13’s in two weeks with the new Stroker motor. It feels much fadter, but you know how that goes.
  7. Here’s a perfect example. Eiji and I race once each year in Dinwiddie. In this race, he’s running a stroker with trips, larger valves and taller cam. I’m running my usual .080 cut, Isky Stage III with a .040 over bore. It’s pretty close till top end. On May 14th we run again.....this time I’m also running a stroker still with SU’s.....we’ll see how that comes out LOL. I love my SU’s. Turn up the volume. 8971BB1F-3839-469F-859A-361D92C3B750.MOV
  8. Not if you are going to hook em up to a stock engine IMO. Now if you add all the other performance goodies, it may be worth your money and time. But for me, SU’s are cheap, easy to tune and provide plenty of juice to put a smile on your face.......especially if you add the other mods that work with them.
  9. Hi Steve.....Your Z gets better looking every year. Hope you and Randy are getting number 46 back in shape. BTW the number 22 car of Woody’s is probably the best looking Z race car I’ve ever seen....not so much his 85 car LOL.
  10. .......and with other rifraff in Atlanta!
  11. Wow....I guess the price of a Jim Arnett autograph is going up!!!! 💰
  12. The P90 head is pretty much a P79 head without the exhaust liners. You still have to shave 2 mm and shim everything and use the early valves. They both are great heads.
  13. What a great story.....not many original owners. I let my 70 go in 72. Love those chrome bumpers....what a nice upgrade!!!! Regards
  14. His name is Don Anderson. I spoke with him in 2007. His wife had recently died. He also owns two 300ZX’s. He published his phone number in the article. I’ll PM it to you. Guy
  15. Eiji said that the club is still in existence, just not active because of Covid. I will PM VaCat33 and Steve the contact’s number so he can message him for info. Guy
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