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    I currently own all 4 years of the 240Z and a 1990 300ZX. The 70 is white, the 71 is Safari Gold, the 72 is Lemon Green, also have an orange 72 the 73 and 1990 are Silver. I recently added a 1996 white Acura NSX to the group.

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  1. Diseazd

    Stage 4 cam, use it or sell?

    You bet BamaJama! Gonna be a blast!
  2. Diseazd

    Stage 4 cam, use it or sell?

    I couldn’t agree more Cliff. I only used a Schneider cam once (same specs as yours).It lost metal off of the number one lobe in the first 300 miles (and I did all the zinc and break in procedures) and I have never had a problem with an Isky regrind from the original Datsun billets. It’s not Schneider’s fault, they can only grind the new billets available, and they just aren’t up to snuff with the Japanese stuff. Many have been successful with Schneider’s on the new billets, but if I’m going to build an expensive performance engine, I don’t want to take any chances. IMO
  3. Diseazd

    Stroker 3.1

    It’s alive!!!!
  4. Diseazd

    Stroker 3.1

    HI Marty....Actually, the SU’s drive my other Stroker (same set up) very well. I even got a wow out of Eiji when he rode in it this weekend. I do plan to dyno the car with SU’s to see how it does. Taking the air box cover off when I need a boost gives it a nice increase. The SU’s are so damned simple and efficient that it always makes me hesitate to go all out with triples, but I think it may happen on the green car after a good break in. Believe me, even with the SU’s, these engines feel like they want to “break something” when you really get on it! Guy
  5. 7tooZ.....What brand are the new headers and how do they fit? They look great! Guy
  6. Diseazd

    Stroker 3.1

    Everything is in.....new radiator, new 240mm clutch, new clutch master and slave cylinder and of course the 3.1 Stroker. I think there will be motor music in the garage tomorrow night. Just need to adjust the valves, add oil and fill the radiator. Can’t wait!
  7. Diseazd

    3/72 Datsun 240 Z

    niushork.....I just started following your thread.....this measurement is critical......92 mm (3 5/8 inches) and you are good to go.
  8. Diseazd

    240Z Vintage Rubber Floor Mats AMCO

    I’ve got a nice set of them......never really use them, just remember them from way back then. Nice to see you post again Mike. Hope you’re doing good! Guy
  9. Diseazd

    Stroker 3.1

    What a great Father’s Day......Thanks Brandon.....you’ll own a Z one day....I’ll bet on it!
  10. Diseazd


    Yes Charles .....Cody is definitely taller than you, and you must be 6’-5”! .....and nice hair Mike. Happy Father’s Day to you both!
  11. Diseazd

    Stroker 3.1

    Here we go Andreas...... ,
  12. Replace the rear seal. I just had the same problem. I pulled the flywheel and the seal looked leak free, but in the time it takes to pull the tranny the oil (very clean and invisible after sitting) it can look like it’s not the culprit. When you install a new seal, push it in a little farther or a little less, so it doesn’t set in the groove left by the old seal. I thought mine was a waste of time, but my leak is gone. BTW.....I carefully drilled two small two small holes on opposite sides of the seal and power drilled in two long wood screws which I used to pry the old seal (actually only 1000 miles) out. Just take your time so you don’t mar any metal. Side seals are hardly ever the problem unless no sealant was used. Z Doc told me he didn’t even use sealant on side seals and said he still never had them leak....the stick seals do the job by themselves pretty much. I have since bought a Lisle seal remover tool for the next escapade. BTW, liberally grease the seal lips and crank journal before installing. Good luck.....nice to not have a leak anymore.
  13. Diseazd

    Epic meet of Japanese cars

    Next year there will be another Safari Gold Car in the parade....maybe a growing annual event.
  14. Diseazd

    Stroker 3.1

    Here we go!!!!! Brandon’s coming over to help with the install. Everything is ready for out with the old....in with the new! 240mm two plus two clutch collar also.
  15. Diseazd

    Epic meet of Japanese cars

    I got to drive it Friday night Site......quite the experience......rev limiter at 8000, and it comes up like lightning. We’ll get you a ride in Atlanta....looking forward to meeting the Alabama Jamma!

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