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  1. Patcon

    Energy absorbing body of Fairlady Z

    44G's in a lap belt, hhhmmm? or better yet the steering wheel! "That's gonna leave a mark!"
  2. It looks like Hitoshi Uemura?
  3. Delta Cam's is a wonderful business. Ignoring the fact that postal service delivery took 20 days to get there and back, they turned around 132 rocker regrinds in 48 hours (once they got there...) Every one looks like the 12 randomly selected rockers below. They look like they have some kind of coating on them, applied everywhere. Hardening process or the result of a polishing or tumbling step to make them look pretty? I suppose I could just ask...
  4. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    Got the engine fired this weekend, resolved brake issues and a few other misc items. Will readjust valves tomorrow and tackle a few electrical gremlins, I don’t plan to paint the car but am planning on shooting the underside of the hood and bottoms of the front fenders. After that I hope to get the car on the road and put some miles on her.
  5. hatepotholez

    SU Hitachi 2.0mm Needle Valve Assembly

    thanks! unfortunately it’s still off by a lot. we pulled the spring in the needle and seat because the needle kept blocking the fuel inlet. we stretched the spring in the needle and seat and then verified by blowing into the fuel inlet pipes. We verified the floats were perpendicular to the lid but the fuel level still does not reach the tab. What’s left is the needle and seat which I ordered from Ztherapy. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  6. blodi

    Picked up some brass rod..

    Well, the weather has gotten a lot cooler here and I haven't been able to get into the dyno due to scheduling or weather issues. Might have to wait til spring on it. The car is about a full point leaner under WOT with the cooler temps due to the air density.
  7. 1 point
  8. Thank you. I have had 8-9 zcars through the years, back when you could buy them for $3000, but never really had "the" z I always wanted. This car has only 20,000 miles on it through a little detective work, but it sat for many years. A super clean 73, going back all stock, hubcaps and all, other than triple Weber 40's and a rebuilt engine oversized a few thousandth. Converting it to 5 speed with an 83 Borg Warner. I remember going to the Nissan dealer back 20+ years ago seeing the restored 240's they were selling and always wanting one of those, so now its time.
  9. kats

    Is this a new find?

    Hi , I have got the restored seat for my early Z from Mr Sudo . The seat formes and basements are originally used for my 03/70 blue 240Z , this time I have got these seats restored. ( the blue seats are now on my blue 240Z were restored by Mr Sudo too , in 2003 , using a donor seats which came from another z ) . I am so happy with the results, I really love early “ fat “ style seat back . Seat belt hook located Fairlady version , it is on the head rest , all the export Datsun version has near the lumbar support. I guess this difference would come from the seatbelt length. Fairlady cars can set the seat much forward than Datsun , designers considered small women behind the wheel . ( only very few women in Japan though) The seat belt must be longer, then when you hook the belt, the hook should be on higher to prevent jamming excess belts on the sliding rails . But early seat has four holes on the back , ( for L & R , Fairlady and Datsun ) which makes factory efficient when making it . And I chose upgrading belts for the seat bottom as I have back pain usually. I do not stick with its original for the seats this time , I took off original 432 seats for preservation , they will be restored using original belts . Enjoy pictures Kats
  10. bartsscooterservice

    My Datsun 240Z

    japan classic sunday 2018
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