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  1. Fepz

    1970 240Z on CL in Denver-Only $1,500.00

    Hi just found thread, I bought car. Solid floors and rails. 2/70 man date. I did get a true find. Restoring for sure. # matching. Frank
  2. took Dat Boi (my nickname for my 75 z) to Smiths Station AL for a family visit, 400 miles each way, avg 75-85 depending on interstate traffic. slower up hiway 280. Avg 25 MPG, found a ethanol free GATEs filling station at mile 439 in Florida on I 75 for those interested in where to get gas. No problems at all until the return trip. It was hot and I was running the AC, Stopped at the Gainesville rest stop and noticed carpet on driver side was damp, pulled it up and found it soaked from the tunnel on down. A quick taste test (yum) showed no signs of antifreeze so I figured must have been the condensate. I was not in a good position to work on it, so turned off the AC and drove the 70 or so miles with out it. Looked thru my stash and found the coupler needed (EVAP box to drain pipe) to replace the broken one. got all the carpet and jute out and thoroughly dried the driver, lifted up the carpet on the tunnel and ran a fan all night on it to help air it out. took a ride with AC on, drove for about 20 miles and when home I could see the water dripping out of the drain pipe, YAY, and the tunnel and floor board was completely dry. Hopefully that is the end of the leak problems, I am looking forward to more long trips. These shake down trips seem just the ticket to find little problems.
  3. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi, I want to share this car, Another survivor , originally bought by an woman, how do I know ? Because there is a postcard in a owner's manual binder " Invitation for LDA , Lady Driver's Association " . And you see the flash light , this is the original when the car was delivered. There are some types, this could be late 1970 to 1972 or so. Lots of pictures, enjoy ! Kats
  4. SteveJ

    Hubcap on a Cap

    The Nissan Heritage Collection was passing out these caps at the Mitty this weekend. They made 1970 copies of the hat, and Ethan from Nissan was nice enough to give me a couple of extra for Georgia Z Club giveaways.
  5. HS30-H

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Kats, I have had SO many people over the years tell me that my ZG was "damaged" or "wrong" because of this detail. They haven't seen genuine OEM parts before. I was always reassured to see 'the gap'. It was a semi-secret way of telling OEM parts from replicas. Thank you!
  6. 7tooZ

    New head install question

    I just spoke to Eastside Nissan our Club sponsor and ordered: Head Bolts Turbo L28T 82ZXT 9 ea 11056-P7600 short 5 ea 11059-P7600 long 14 ea 11058-2100 washers quoted price of $91.92 (supposed to be 10% over dealer cost to club members). Should be here on Monday or Tuesday. MSA = $140 California Datsun $130
  7. 240260280

    RIP John Coffey

    Two years on and still miss him.... something for your garage wall:
  8. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    The catalog above was issued Jan 1972 , just after L24 engined “Fairlady-240Z series “ was released. I think it has been the same, everyone wants manual gear box for a sports car always. So I do not think the automatic transmission made a big demand . Did I introduce this car before ? This was on sale a several years ago, unbelievably stock , untouched condition with full of optional items such as a rare vinyl top , a factory air conditioning system, and the automatic transmission!! Also the red 110 is very rare, most of ZGs were chosen as maroon. Please note the color of the over fenders , the rear bumper, and the front bumper. They are all exactly new condition. And they are not completely same color. The rear bumper is a little bit darker, and a little bit glossy, that is correct. (Hub caps is strange in some pictures though) . Kats
  9. CRS

    5 speed swap

    Happy to say I now have 5 forward gears!!! Shifts well, no noise, whine or any vibration from the car. Noticed it accelerates a bit better due to the different ratios between the 4 and 5 speed. Also got up to 70-72mph @ ~2600rpm in 5th. To have the same speed out of the old trans I'd be at 3100-3200rpm. Another plus is that the leaking trans, diff, slave cylinder and hose are now gone. Looked like I was drill crude oil under the car. Thanks everyone for your help, feedback and tips throughout the process!
  10. scotta

    3d Printed battery holddown

    I got a new battery for my Fairlady Z. Given the battery was smaller than stock the OEM bracket would not work. A quick design in fusion 360, a quick print of a prototype. then some tweaking before the final print. Works perfectly.
  11. 240260280

    Engine won't start

    Step A. 1. Pour gas into bowls through vent holes. Don't worry if you spill some. 2. Start the car. Hopefully it will run long enough to prime the pump Step B. If it only runs until the fuel in the bowl is consumed, then your problem is upstream of the carbs and bowls 1. Get a can of fuel and put it next to the front passenger wheel. 2. Run a fuel hose from the can to the bottom of the fuel filter. 3. Repeat Step A. Step C. If the car does not run off the fuel in the can then your problem is the fuel pump or fuel filter, or fuel rail. If the car runs from the fuel can in step B then your problem is upstream from the pump & filter. 1. Move the fuel can to the back of the car next to the passenger wheel. 2. Connect a hose from the fuel can to the larger hard line where it starts just in front of the fuel tank. 3. Repeat Step A. Step D. If the car does not run off the fuel in the can then your problem is the fuel line from the back of the car to the front. If the car runs from the fuel can in step B then your problem is the tank or hose to the tank.
  12. What kick arse event! Special shout out to Linwood Staub for being kind enough to let me race his car during one of the 7 lap races. It really did make the fact that I had an engine problem in my car all better. I believe in one more lap, I could have been P1! Also, like to thank Randy Jaffe for putting on such a nice spread and the amount of effort that takes with his California staff. I know many of the folks that run HSR and they were very pleased at the participation of the Nissan/Datsun brand and all their loyal supporters and enthusiasts. The car count was WAY up. Till next year. Greg
  13. grannyknot

    What! No!

    But he did achieve one thing, he managed to eliminate every advantage there is to either the Z or the bike in one build, not everyone can do that.
  14. HS30-H

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Lovely 'ZStd' details. I noted the non-heated rear window and switch blanking plug, rubber mats instead of carpet, no bumper trim and can just about see the clock delete blanking trim (I want!). Rear spoiler would have been a later addition. What a great survivor. Chassis number is probably close to that of my '70 Z-L. Love it!
  15. grannyknot

    Where to go with this rusthole

    I took that pocket reinforcement a little farther with mine as I've always felt the front shock towers are a bit under supported.
  16. 26th-Z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Kats! Thanks for the pictures. I like the red HS30-H but I am not a fan of the vinyl top.
  17. At last spring in Ontario
  18. theguppies

    FYI - 240Z Dashboards

    Hello, Sorry for the lack of communication here. We have the dashes in ready in stock. Majority of them have been sent out and we hope to have reviews up shortly. For 280z dash, the mold is in process and has started. We are aiming to have it done by August of 2018.
  19. JDMjunkies.ch

    Where to go with this rusthole

    THe original air channels may be hard to find These days and probably quite expensive. but this is how my panelbeater repaired mine: Before (cheap patched up ugliness): and then:
  20. Elliott000

    Discussion on idea for "air horn" fix

    Made the new recesses for the cross member. Ill be triple measureung and comparing tomorrow before I center punch any holes. I'll probably cut in the sub frame connectors too and then weld it on the bench. I've got a center line and plumb bobs off the strut towers for reference measurement. BUT i do have a discrepancy of 7mm or about 5/16 of an inch on the dimension between towers. I think tomorrow I will fab a bar and bolt it in there to hold em at the 913mm spec while I build all this Sent from my SM-N950W using Tapatalk
  21. The BRE team - intimidating the competition with the red race shirts and white jeans. (See reference)
  22. Namerow

    What! No!

    Sometimes I wonder if there's ever been another car that's suffered as many indignities from 'customizers' as the poor Z has.
  23. moelk

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Nice car, sad to see those mirrors on it.
  24. zKars

    Fuel tank sending unit

    I have a crazy idea! When the gas gauge gets close to E, put more gas in the tank. Don't worry about the light that tells you the same thing. Sorry, couldn't resist. Now that I've had my fun at your expense, maybe there is a sender with that part in my collection. Somewhere.....
  25. My friend Mr. Shimoura has a super clean genuine Fairlady 240 ZG (9/ 1972), we checked her pockets and there you go, matching numbers jack and choke ! You can see R. I. G. on the jack, “1972 September 7th “ And 2. I. on the choke, “1972. September “ Please note the seat, from September 1972, interior materials were changed to “ flame retardant” , this made the seats looked slightly different from former design and shape. Kats ED5415A3-E14A-4CED-BC6D-763C94808817.MOV
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