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  1. stump

    Z in scale (1:12)

    Hey guys, just thought I would share this with you. Some may remember I started a build back in 2009 (wowsers, long time ago...) of a 1:12 scale Tamiya 240ZG model kit. In the years between then and now, many changes were made, ideas blossomed...some faded....Fact is, I now have 4 of these kits with another ordered last night. 🙃 3 x 240ZG and a Safari 240Z. (Safari kit is what I ordered last night. The new kit will be for an attempt at a reasonably accurate version/copy of a 432R. Will be a lot of scratch building required to get the motor correct. Anyways, this is a version of the 240ZG which I have just completed. The motor is far from factory original, but there is a build coming that will be stock. 🙂 This motor was printed by a friend in 3D.
  2. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious is a Genius!

    LOL! You guys are the best!
  3. Thanks Bruce for the clever trick of using rubber around an SU needle to gently hold it in a vise to remove (when stuck)!!! Worked like a charm... I just used the fuel hose as the rubber buffer. @Captain Obvious
  4. I bought pair from a vendor called DatsunLandSoCal several years ago. They install with metal clips (from the underside, so not visible) rather than staples and I am very satisfied with the shape and dimensions, the appearance and the installation system. They sold at the time for over $50 for the pair, so not cheap. Unfortunately, the seller seems to no longer be in business. Somewhere out there, there might be a roll of this rubber, waiting to be put to use. Where is it?
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  6. siteunseen

    Captain Obvious is a Genius!

    Grinder monkeys driving Ubers! I'm glad I'm on the last half of my book of life. (embarrassed but) I just gave my dog a bowl of beer. Everytime i spill some he licks a cleaner spot of the carpet so I poured him a half a can in a bowl. I got some good news today and felt like sharing because it'll affect him too. We're getting a new HVAC system! Its hotter than 3 feet up a goats arse down here.
  7. siteunseen

    Captain Obvious is a Genius!

    Been there many times. Has a bar b que shaped like a revolver in front. Cannonball Run.
  8. Captain Obvious

    SU Hitachi 2.0mm Needle Valve Assembly

    I've got one just like that. 2.0 stamped on the side, and the Hitachi logo. Just one in a box of assorted round top parts. I've got way more flat top parts than I do round top. Surprised?
  9. Hank240

    Z Barn

    I have had the privilege of touring this amazing space full of Z cars and related goodies. Truly amazing.
  10. Just fitted SU's to my 77 280z. Figure 1. Some notes: 1. The 77 shepherd's hook rod fits the early SU balance tube with no modifications (See Figure 2). The later SU balance tube has the connection point closer to the firewall so the shepherd's hook rod may need to be shortened. 2. The firewall rotation point on the 280z is closer to the drivers side by 21.5mm. For the rod to align properly with the SU manifold, it needs to be moved inboard by 21.5mm (See Figure 3). After carefully using a dowel to find the new rotation point on the firewall and drilling a hole for the bracket, I noticed the bracket has a third hole in the middle. By using this hole, you can attach the bracket to the firewall (using one of the original holes) in a near perfect location. A second hole can then be drilled through the firewall to attach the bracket securely. A nut-sert needs to be used for the new bolt hole as the firewall is thin....or a nut can be attached on the back (if you remove the dash and heater assembly). Figure 2. Figure 3.
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