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  1. stump

    Z in scale (1:12)

    Hey guys, just thought I would share this with you. Some may remember I started a build back in 2009 (wowsers, long time ago...) of a 1:12 scale Tamiya 240ZG model kit. In the years between then and now, many changes were made, ideas blossomed...some faded....Fact is, I now have 4 of these kits with another ordered last night. 🙃 3 x 240ZG and a Safari 240Z. (Safari kit is what I ordered last night. The new kit will be for an attempt at a reasonably accurate version/copy of a 432R. Will be a lot of scratch building required to get the motor correct. Anyways, this is a version of the 240ZG which I have just completed. The motor is far from factory original, but there is a build coming that will be stock. 🙂 This motor was printed by a friend in 3D.
  2. I'm good with the tariffs. The protective tariffs were extended to european countries and Japan to help rebuild after WWII. 70 years later they are still in place, and american manufacturing has paid the price for it. There are no major crankshaft manufacturers left in the United States any more. No leather is tanned in the United States any more. They aren't necessary. Europe shouldn't be taxing American cars at 10% while German cars are taxed 2.5% here. The German car companies are already talking about removing the 10% tax on American cars after only a week. The trade aught to be barrier free both ways. Then you compete fairly, head to head...
  3. hls3073z

    what is the this stuff on panel below windshield

    I just installed some noise absorbant rubber material on the underside of our kitchen sink. If noise or rattle is the concern would that be something good to use. This sink was from Ikea.
  4. It's a thin foam. I believe it is to prevent rattles. Also it is always better to upload the pictures to the site. Mike will preserve them for posterity. We have had more than one thread go bad when the hosting site links were broken
  5. Diseazd

    Brake leak help

    Actually, Zcardepot sells the rear hardliners in stainless for $49.00. The conversion allows the early cars to use the later wheel cylinders......no bending required.
  6. SouthernZ

    260Z 2+2 - 1974

    I appreciate the advice and direction....thank you so much
  7. Captain Obvious

    SU Hitachi 2.0mm Needle Valve Assembly

    I've got one just like that. 2.0 stamped on the side, and the Hitachi logo. Just one in a box of assorted round top parts. I've got way more flat top parts than I do round top. Surprised?
  8. Mark Maras

    Stripped paint doors to see the true condition.

    Google "oil can dent fix". Don't turn your body-work into sculpting.
  9. Just fitted SU's to my 77 280z. Figure 1. Some notes: 1. The 77 shepherd's hook rod fits the early SU balance tube with no modifications (See Figure 2). The later SU balance tube has the connection point closer to the firewall so the shepherd's hook rod may need to be shortened. 2. The firewall rotation point on the 280z is closer to the drivers side by 21.5mm. For the rod to align properly with the SU manifold, it needs to be moved inboard by 21.5mm (See Figure 3). After carefully using a dowel to find the new rotation point on the firewall and drilling a hole for the bracket, I noticed the bracket has a third hole in the middle. By using this hole, you can attach the bracket to the firewall (using one of the original holes) in a near perfect location. A second hole can then be drilled through the firewall to attach the bracket securely. A nut-sert needs to be used for the new bolt hole as the firewall is thin....or a nut can be attached on the back (if you remove the dash and heater assembly). Figure 2. Figure 3.
  10. Montana Z

    Brake leak help

    Alright everyone, thank you so much for the feed back. I'm finally back home and have some additional info... please bear with me. Two years ago I installed new OEM wheel cylinders (not cheap) from zcar depot. Last year I only drove the car twice because something bad happened inside my engine. I talked the wife into letting be buy a 2.7 stroker from Datsun spirit. Now I have an auto trans so I rarely set the e-brake. The first night of the engine install the car was on jack stands so I left the e-brake applied. The next morning I discovered a puddle of brake fluid under the rear drives tire. It appeared to be leaking from the hard/ soft line junction. So I tightened that up and cleaned everything up. Sadly the next night I discover it was still leaking. I cleaned everything up and decided to check once I got home. The strange thing is that it has not leaked since. I have about 450 miles on the engine and the rear wheel has no fluid leaking. I'm home this weekend so I plan to bleed it, but I'm still confused about what happened and why. Sorry if this ran a little long.Heres a picture of the new engine because picture make threads better. Cheers, Scot
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