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  1. Bought a parts Sept 1970 240z to help with #147 resto. Seems to have early radio and antenna switch. Fingers crossed on the 2400 Valve Cover. I have not seen the engine yet and Sept is the final month of the 2400 cover.
  2. When I rebuilt mine, I took some photos after disassembly and made sure I kept things in order so I think this should help you. My photo isn't the best but ...the order starting from the outside hex bolt/plug goes.... 1) Hex plug. 2) Seal with flat side out and U cupped shape in. 3) smaller washer. 4) snap ring. 5) larger washer. 6) spring. 7) shaft (see photo for orientation). 8 ) Seal with flat side in and U cup shape pointing toward the hex plug/out. Essentially the U / cupped shape of the seals both point toward the center. I used a 5/16 socket to push the assembly down and cause the snap ring to re-seat when I reassembled. I used the MSA seal kit but really I think the original seals were just fine. Mostly what I accomplished was cleaning out 45 years of gunk.
  3. I'm going to go the other direction and suggest that it may be running rich at idle. Is it possible it's as simple as a stuck nozzle or choke out of adjustment?
  4. I am new to this forum and under qualified to have an educated conversation with a Z enthusiast. Despite being undeserving of a Fairlady, I do own one and am in the process of trying to get it back on the road. I purchased the car from my uncle while I was in high school in 1997. I had the rust replaced and body work completed as well as the engine rebuilt before leaving it my parents garage for nearly 20yrs. I now have it in my garage and am looking to bring it back to life. I am looking to make connections with others that have done similar projects and that can help me do a respectable restoration of this car. I admire everyone's passions for these cars but I have to be honest I don't know all of the history and am not a gear head so I don't mean any disrespect by my ignorance. If you have one of these and always wanted one, I would like to know how you did the restoration or would do the restoration. I don't have the original engine as of now, it has a 280 dual carb engine and has had that since I purchased it. I was told that they used to race it in Japan, someone brought it over to WA state, my uncle bought it from him in the early 90s and I bought it from my uncle. Just throwing all of this out there to the Z world, what do you think?
  5. Does he not have a ring compressor? All of the rings need to be checked for end gap in their corresponding bores. This should have already been done before trying to install them. If he hasn't done this then I would take my toys and go home. I would not replace the cam towers. You would be asking for trouble. Make some simple flat block off plates with a gasket under them. Not too hard to do really
  6. Lol.... I'm not kidding, these are atrocious! I literally dodge and weave all over town... if you don't, prepare to pop tires and bend rims!! (and the city will NOT pay to fix your car...) Imagine a Z going over that road... not gonna happen. We get bad potholes every year, but this year was real bad with the winter etc. Supposedly our potholes are so bad because we have a high number of freeze/thaw days each year, something like 40 days. But it would be nice if they could get to fixing some of these... I literally caught some air the other day on a stretch of road that barely qualifies, and should be closed!
  7. Holy moly, that's as bad as I've seen. I will never complain again about our roads.
  8. I've been looking for a project. I've been mostly looking at 4x4 old truck stuff. The other day a friend of mine asked me to help him move a 1984 veet that he just bought for $500. When we got there he mentioned there was a 240z there that the guy was also selling. I looked at the z took a few pictures and today the car is sitting in my garage. I had no idea my next project car was going to be a z car. I've always loved these cars. I was born in 1960, so the 1970 is just about the time I was starting to see and feel things. This car was one of my first loves. I've never drove one. This will be the first z I've ever driven. The man that owned it before me loved it. He drove it for years and then bought the 1984 vet and quit driving the z. It's been sitting covered for 15 years in his garage. He passed away and his son wanted the car gone. No problem. THe son also turned out to be somebody that recognized me from years ago. Our paths have passed in the past. I got in touch with Carl Beck. I knew very little about the car with the exception of how I fell in love with the car years ago. Carl provided me with enough information for me to make the decision to invest the $3500 in the car the seller was asking. The above photo is in my shop today. Check out all the registration year stickers . The rear brakes are locked up. It will roll, but not very easily. I'm going to get some atf and spray in their to see if the will release. I'm also going to spray the atf in the cylinders and let it set for a few days.
  9. Already have my 240z. 😉 I would also like to pick up a 70's Porsche 911...

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