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    72 Fairlady 240ZG ( HS30-H ) x 2, 1970 PS30-SB Fairlady Z432-R replica project, 1970 HLS30U & 1971 KPGC10 Skyline GT-R.

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  1. HS30-H

    Interesting early Z on BaT

    It's a mistake to talk about the 'L20' six as though it is just one thing. From 1964/5's 'L20' through L20(A), L20AT, L20AE, L20E, L20T and on into the mid 1980s there were many, many variants. 130ps 9.5:1 L20(A) as fitted to the first Fairlady Zs in 1969 and 1970 certainly had flat top - not dished - pistons.
  2. HS30-H

    AZ auction action

    File it in the same place as people saying/writing "240Z" when they should be using 'S30-series Z'.
  3. HS30-H

    Worth looking at? #1

    No, that was a pizza.
  4. HS30-H

    Interesting early Z on BaT

    The description says that it has been fitted with a 5-speed transmission. If it came from the same source vehicle as the engine (?) then it would be an FS5C71-B, which would require shifter and/or tunnel mods in this 1970 production bodyshell. An FS5C71-A would be a straight fit, so I presume it is a B-type 5-speed.
  5. HS30-H

    Interesting early Z on BaT

    As I've posted on BaT, the carburettors appear to be Hitachi HJG38W-8 type, which would be correct for the '74-up Japanese market L20AT engine that this seems to be. They are not North American market 'Flat Top' carburettors. As for "why?", how about because the owner had the engine available, having taken it out of his Fairlady Z, which had received a modified L24 engine...?
  6. You might want to stop, think and try again with that one.
  7. HS30-H

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    I noted that the other 432 in the auction was fitted with the same reproduction KS 'Rally Mag' wheels too. Personally speaking, I don't think this kind of high profile 'showbiz' type auction is suited to the automotive world in Japan. When you buy one of these cars, everyone knows what you have paid. That's not a good thing for many Japanese enthusiasts. In my experience, they would usually prefer to keep that information away from their wife/family/work colleagues/friends...
  8. HS30-H

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    100% reproduction. Not original.
  9. HS30-H

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Since Mikuni-Solex PHH carbs came in top-inlet, right hand side-inlet and left hand side-inlet form depending on exact model, the factory E4620 triple carb fuel supply tube might be considered universal... The 40PHH carbs in the above photo (that's my G.P. Maroon Fairlady 240ZG) were originally part of a period Sanyo Kiki 'Sanyo Sports Kit', and I simply added curved soft fuel lines to join up with the triple carb rail. Works perfectly well.
  10. HS30-H

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    17520-E4620 fitted examples:
  11. HS30-H

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    @Patcon@240260280 Have you never seen the factory triple-outlet fuel pipe before? 17520-E4620 was offered as a Nissan Sports/Race Option part pretty much from the beginning, and is still available today. Here's an example from 1971:
  12. HS30-H

    I'm one of those people now

    Try posterity. It lasts longer...
  13. HS30-00034 It was given UK road registration (license plate) 'UAR 603J' and eventually embarked on a career as a race car in the 'Post Historic Road Sports Championship' during the early 1980s with owner/driver Ian Pearce, and later in the HSCC's (largely stock) Roadsports Championship in the hands of ex-BMC works driver Peter Riley and his son Tim. Tim Riley undertook a major rebuild/update in the late 1990s/Millenium period, with more extreme modifications for different racing classes. In mid to late 2002 the car had a big accident and required yet another build, but the comprehensive roll cage protected the 'shell and it was saved after being pulled straight on a jig. I supplied some of the panels. I'm not sure where the car is now. I heard that Tim took it with him to New Zealand some years ago.

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