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  1. Correct orientation: Reads: 'Sugi'. Very possibly an individual's name, in abbreviated form ('Sugimura', 'Sugimoto' etc).
  2. Roughly as the Captain suggests, I believe it was put onto the glass like a big transfer print.
  3. As I wrote before, this type of piston was supplied as a service replacement. I have not said anything about being fitted to stock L24 engines, in any market. You seem to be hung up on the idea that piston relief cutouts = 'high performance'. But the 'Pop-Up' pistons were designed to intrude into the combustion chamber of particular types of cylinder head, and required the relief cutouts because this brought them closer to the valves. They are not high performance pistons per se.
  4. Neither. Go back to post #11.
  5. That number '3' stamped into the piston crown in one of your photos indicates that this engine has been apart at least once since it left the factory. It is not a factory stamping. I still believe that you are looking at H2716 replacement pistons, and that they have been incorporated in this engine during a rebuild. I also believe the H2711 stock pistons in that TSB were flat-topped, without valve pockets.
  6. Kats is fine, don't worry about him. We keep in touch and - as you can perhaps imagine - the Japanese airline industry is facing a lot of upheavals at the moment, so he has been seeing some changes in his work pattern.
  7. You'll have to measure, and make your own decision. Once you start modifying factory parts, that's the deal...
  8. Sometimes it's like people just don't want to understand what they are looking at. They are H2716 'Pop-Up' pistons, designed to 'pop up' above the block surface and protrude into a large, recessed combustion chamber in an effort to mitigate the effects of other (non ideal) circumstances. They have valve relief cut-outs because they - by their very nature - impinge on valve stroke territory at certain parts of the 4-stroke cycle. They were a Nissan service part. Nothing to do with high performance per se, although they could be used in a clever way to utilise certain aspects of their design for a non-stock build. Which is what I would guess we are looking at here...
  9. I recommend SWEPCO 201 for use in Servo (Porsche patent) synchro 'boxes. The proper Porsche specialists in NL should be able to supply it, but here's a UK-based supplier: https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766/Products/2042
  10. AMPCO was/is a majority Nissan-owned affiliate company, making parts for use on Nissan vehicles. Whilst the H2716 'Pop-up' pistons were not OEM on any S30-series Z, they were supplied by Nissan as a service replacement part on Nissan L-series engines. They are not 'aftermarket' or custom.
  11. S20-engined models (432 and 432-R) had an electric pump from the beginning of production in 1969, hence the mounting bracket captives being present in the crossmember on all contemporary S30 models. No mechanical pump on S20 engine.
  12. I remember Carl Beck making the 'dirt floors' assertion with regard to Nissan Shatai's Hiratsuka plant, probably mis-remembering or misunderstanding something that Matsuo san mentioned. Matsuo san was talking about the early days of Hiratsuka's Roadster production, and probably exaggerating a little for effect. He told me the same thing.
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