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  1. This has been discussed here previously. The car was in Japan, and was never shipped to the USA.
  2. A piece of advice for you. Straight ball. No spin: In this ether, coming across people you simply don't like is inevitable. Painting such people as 'Trolls' just because you don't like the cut of their jib is (and for heaven's sake don't take this as being - heaven forfend - "inflammatory".... ) unwise. Unwise. Get it?
  3. Give your head a wobble you utter spoon.
  4. No. Point of order: I suggested that the the practice of throwing the term 'Troll' around inappropriately was lazy. That's an opinion. So you throw the term 'Troll' back at me in response, as though it is now set in stone that I am a 'Troll'? Here's an example of such laziness on the forum. Yesterday. You think this is an appropriate response?
  5. ^So this is 'Trolling', apparently. *sigh*
  6. You don't seem to have addressed the possibility that the cannon fodder might be just as much of a 'problem', or at least the yang to another's ying. So you answer what I thought (even hoped...) was a pragmatic and even-handed post with negativity, and posit that I am - myself - 'trolling'? Way to go, champ. The future looks bright, doesn't it? FFS.
  7. Calling someone out as a "troll" on an internet forum is a lazy, throwaway line and is often totally unjustified. Better to save it for people who are really trolling. Anybody here remember our old friend 'Burt'? Tony simply doesn't suffer fools gladly. Most internet communities are all the better for having someone like that around, and he usually knows what he's talking about, has been there and has bought the t-shirt to boot. Many of the people who have a 'negative experience' when interacting with him are not exactly paragons of virtue themselves. The occasional sighting of that
  8. Its an S30-prefixed model. Its not a factory designation, but can you *imagine* what it means? If not, you may well be confused by people referring to their 'L29', 'L30' and 'L31' engines.
  9. No, in fact my scans are from two original sources: The 'Competition Tune-Up Manual' for the A10-series, and the 'Competition Tune-Up Manual' for the N10-series. The Sumitomo MK63 type brake calipers were used as Sports/Race Option on many Nissan models, so the information is duplicated in many source documents including - as you pointed to - the BS110 '240RS'.
  10. Keiichi Tsuchiya drives the Spirit Garage S30 race car around the Sugo Circuit for a Best Motoring special, and comes away impressed:
  11. Above: Charles Barter, competing in the Historic Sports Car Club's '70'S RoadSports' class with his 240Z, where modifications are fairly minimal (stock carburettors, no LSD, stock brake calipers). He's a good driver. Below: Julian Barter (Charles' son) chases his father's 240Z in his Lotus Elan S4.
  12. Got a link? Wind me up and point me in the right direction. Will you be participating? I want to see you making the same silly claims you're making here (you know, all that "putting it to some P cars, as it should be" and 'proving the potential of the Z' [by putting an LS V8 in it...] type stuff)? I do hope so. For the rekud, I'm not in any way a 'Porsche snob'. Unless you mean my natural respect for a manufacturer which has competition in its very lifeblood, and which won (for example) the International Cup For GT Cars in 1968, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 & 1976 (mainly with variants
  13. Probably should include the seat mount crossmembers in the list of blacked-out items over body colour. Here's an example of factory black-out on the inside of a quarter panel vent:
  14. Which is all well and good, but I would not advise anyone to use photos of a pre-production test chassis as reference for how the cars came off the production line en masse... OP: The advice of *everything painted body colour* is good, but somewhere along the assembly line a guy was assigned to put his head into the front end of the car and - equipped with a pot of satin black paint and a suitable brush - his job was to 'black out' two thirds of the front half of the radiator support panel so that it was a little less visible through the front grille. He and his friends also walked around
  15. ....'his' pictures? There's irony for you.
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