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  1. December 2019 Update I've learned that he full set of gasket files never got restored. I've done a fresh upload (see below). For anyone about to begin this job, I'd suggest that you use consider a more dense foam sheet than what you'll see in my pictures. That stuff was perhaps a little too soft (although it did replicate the OE material pretty well). For a lot of the straight-forward butt joints, there's a semi-closed-cell neoprene sheet that might be a better choice. You can buy it in 8-12" x 11" sheets at craft stores like MIchael's. It's available in two different thicknesses (1/32" and 1/16", IIRC) and comes with adhesive backing on one side. Very convenient. There are many other places where the softer foam is still the only way to go. Common sense will usually tell you which ones require the softer stuff. Unfortunately, the finicky little pieces that go inside the centre front ventilator duct is one of those locations. in that location, the foam is used to reduce airflow noise, so it has to be open cell. You'll like the end result, but you won't enjoy the path to get there. 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Blower Motor & Fan Mounting Plate-to-Blower Housing join.pdf 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Air Box Ventilator (plastic tri-outlet manifold)-to-Centre Ventilator Duct.pdf 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Centre Front Ventilator Duct (plenum lining).pdf 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Cowl (underside)-to-Intake Compartment.pdf 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Duct Connection Flanges.pdf 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Heater Box Air Inlet Flange (for plastic duct from Blower outlet).pdf 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Heater Box Floor Vent Control Flap lining.pdf 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Heater Box Outlet Control Flap lining (heat-vent-defrost control).pdf 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Heater Core Header Tank & Lines.pdf 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Intake Compartment Diverter Flap lining (fresh-recirculate control).pdf 240Z Series 1 - HVAC Gaskets - Intake Compartment-to-Blower Housing join.pdf
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  2. for example a datsun 280zx frontfender (lower front) part..
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  3. You would have to provide a link. I don't like going straight to the battery for power without fusing. Without a fuse, a short circuit could cause a fire in your car. By placing a jumper between the two green/blue wires at the fuel pump relay, you at least have the fusible link to provide some protection.
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  4. Okay, so for what you are trying to do, refer to the 78 wiring diagram and factory service manual. Try this And this
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  5. First, your picture didn't show up. Second, the 280Z did not always use the oil pressure switch in the fuel injection. That only happened in the 78 model year. If you have the oil pressure sender that came with the car, look at the connector. If it is a bullet connector, it is a 77. If there is a T shaped connector it is a 78. It looks like the 78 model year cars started around August 77. What is the build date on the door jamb plate? Once you can tell us which model year you have, then we can start to help you.
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  7. Yes! Beautiful work...excellent write up. Thanks for making the time for that.
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  8. Meticulous as usual, beautiful work. Does your unit use the early white steel hamster wheel or the later and lighter clear plastic one?
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