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  1. psdenno

    interior plastic body plugs, 71 Z, source

    Or, replace the lost plastic center pins with cotter pins which makes it easier to remove next time by just pulling on the head of the pin. Not car show correct, but a cheap and easy fix if more concerned about function than factory original appearance.. Dennis
  2. psdenno

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Is this the same mechanic that messed with your carbs and didn't really have a clue about what he was doing? Did he explain how that "fresh" air would find its way to #4 cylinder to cure the soot problem and why the trapped hot air doesn't foul the other five plugs? I suggest finding another mechanic. Dennis
  3. psdenno

    Are these OEM lock pulls? Where to purchase?

    The kind in the poster's picture look like the capless smooth sided replacements folks buy as a theft deterrent. Can't hook the "mushroom" top to pull up with a wire from the outside like you can with stock Dennis.
  4. psdenno

    Nissan Dealer Parts Department

    More accurately, Filet Mignon, Ribeye, T-bone and then Dog meat. Interestingly, to me at least, is that the Nissan dealership is called Palm Springs Nissan and is NOT located in Palm Springs. Same with Palm Springs Ford, Palm Springs Volvo, Palm Springs Subaru, Palm Springs Kia, Palm Springs Infiniti, and Palm Springs Mitsubishi. For years, we had an Infiniti dealer in town, but the dealership left about a month ago. So, no more Japanese dealers, no American dealers, just three German and a Korean all lined up side by side. An odd mix for sure. Dennis
  5. psdenno

    Nissan Dealer Parts Department

    No "local" Nissan dealer in my town, the only new car dealerships are Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Hyundai. So, it's off to a neighboring town for Nissan parts. The older parts counter guy is great at ferreting out Z parts and part numbers and the younger guy could care less about old cars. They can usually get parts in just a couple days if in the system. Like with Cliff, the older parts guy gives me a discount, which is nice. Dennis
  6. Ordering Z parts from the parts guy behind the counter at a Nissan dealership can be an adventure. When's the last time you bought parts from your local dealer? Dennis
  7. psdenno

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Looks good and sounds like your earlier issues are resolved. Now, just enjoy the ride. Dennis
  8. psdenno

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    The engine case on my air cooled Porsche is magnesium. For your reading pleasure, google "Porsche magnesium engine case fires". They burn really hot and are hard to extinguish. Dennis
  9. psdenno

    Artificial Stupidity Systems (-1 * Ai)

    Hopefully, the "smart" license plates will flash the message, "DON'T HONK, I'M TEXTING". Dennis
  10. psdenno

    I hate Chinese "Metal"

    I think we can all figure out this is a "bag on China" thread just by looking at the topic subject heading and reading a post or two. If a reader keeps coming back to read more and gets further offended, is it the fault of the message poster or the message reader? Can't keep blaming the hot stove after the third or fourth time you get burned. Dennis
  11. psdenno

    I hate Chinese "Metal"

    I liked the part about hiring their engineers for $40/day plus room & board and round trip transportation for machine installation and training. Cheap skilled labor makes a difference. Dennis
  12. psdenno

    Artificial Stupidity Systems (-1 * Ai)

    Right on target! Being a Tesla stock holder, I might suggest that they sell their autopilot AI to the government to use as the guidance system for Cruise missiles. Dennis.
  13. Sketchy background with several members of this forum over the years. Complaints about quality, misrepresentation, and willingness to stand behind products Dennis
  14. psdenno

    I hate Chinese "Metal"

    Here are a few more antibiotic side effects to add to tongue in cheek xenophobia......might be time for a self exam. Vomiting. Severe watery diarrhea and abdominal cramps. Allergic reaction (shortness of breath, hives, swelling of lips, face, or tongue, fainting) Rash. Vaginal itching or discharge. White patches on the tongue.
  15. psdenno

    "Protype" for the Vintage Z program?

    $35,000 seems a bit steep for a Craigslist Z, but it does look clean. Dennis

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