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  1. psdenno

    [SOLD] 1973 Datsun 240Z Scarab

    No worries, As Annie used to say, "Tomorrow, it's only a day away.". In the meanwhile regarding the drooling........ Dennis
  2. psdenno

    [SOLD] 1973 Datsun 240Z Scarab

    Could just be a stroke. You'll need a note from your healthcare provider according to Article 6 of the bylaws. Dennis
  3. psdenno

    [SOLD] 1973 Datsun 240Z Scarab

    Well, you are in the correct general geographic area. But, probably not rural enough to get full credit. You may need to move outside the city limits, drive an old Ford pick up, and have a slobbering hound in the truck bed. to become "Fully Qualified".. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redneck Dennis
  4. psdenno

    EMPI Original 8-Spoke, 2-piece Wheels

    I bet you have some pictures you'd really like to share with us and are just waiting for someone to ask. Dennis
  5. psdenno

    California Fires

    We're getting some of the fire haze from Lake Elsinore Holy Fire out here in the desert, too. Evacuation from the fire area impacts 20,000 people. Here's a link:https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6106/ Dennis
  6. psdenno

    California Fires

    Actually, more to burn than you might imagine. I live at the base of an 11,000 foot mountain which is covered with combustibles and with lots of farmland surrounding the base. The fire was/is higher on the mountain. It's been about 30 years since a big fire made it down the mountain to the edge of Palm Springs. Folks who evacuated from this fire are returning home. Many buildings burned and a total power outage still so lots of spoiled food for those who left. Dennis
  7. psdenno

    California Fires

    The fire has burned over 13,000 acres and is now about 90% contained. We were downwind for a few days and got a lot of ash even though the fire was several miles away. Not as bad as the fires in Northern California, but still a loss for people in the community that burned. All safe and good here, just ashy. Dennis
  8. psdenno

    California Fires

    We've all heard Z headlight nacelles referred to as "Sugar Scoops" due to their unique shape and similarity to a large commercial sugar scoop.. I think mine qualify as "Ash Trays" in light of the ash fallout from the local forest fire over recent days. It looked like it was snowing, but the temperature was 122º and the flakes were ashes from the nearby blaze. Dennis
  9. psdenno

    Has anyone used MSA's Z flare kit?

    I have the ZG flares from MSA.. They are "bolt on", so you will have to drill some holes in your perfect fenders. You don't have to cut your fenders, although many users do in order to use a wider wheel and tire without fear of fender rub. Not sure how the ones in your picture are attached since I don't see fastening hardware. Must be bonded. Dennis
  10. psdenno

    Help pricing

    Can't see a rear hatch glass weather seal. Is the window bonded in place? Glass or plastic? Dennis
  11. With time on your hands and a pocket full of Yen, anything is possible. Or, so it seems. I wonder if Elon Musk's grandchildren will so something similar with virtual reality in 60 years. Dennis
  12. psdenno

    NEW Round Top SU Carburetor System 240Z

    I'm curious about the carb kits offered by zcardepot (a known entity to members of this forum) for $1,299 and what appears to be the same kit (minus four carb spacer gaskets and a can of 3 in One oil) for $999 mentioned in another thread and offered by Round Top Fuel Systems, a relative newcomer to the group. That $300 difference for four gaskets and a few ounces of machine oil is interesting. Dennis
  13. psdenno

    A week in Japan

    I'm a sucker for for spending on watches, electronics, and dust collectors. My travel experiences there are from many years ago. I'm sure you'll have a great time, just remember that Tokyo is a bit pricey. https://nerdnomads.com/expensive-japan-travel-cheap Dennis
  14. psdenno

    A week in Japan

    Is a frog waterproof? The town I live in as well as every town I've visited on four continents has those kind of areas. However, like any place, just be aware of your surroundings, stay out of dark alleys, don't run up a bar tab, keep your wallet in your front pocket, and enjoy the tourist attractions. When I traveled in Japan a few times, the people were pleasant and helpful in big cities and smaller, off the beaten path, areas. Plenty to see, take lots of money. Dennis
  15. psdenno

    Side view mirror location

    If "launching from traffic light in 1st gear" is why you have your Z, perhaps swapping in an LS1 engine with 5.7 liter displacement would better meet your needs. Dennis

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