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  1. More importantly, what do YOU think? Let us know how easy to install, comfort level, support, adjustability, and build quality. They look interesting and the price is certainly less than the Recaros I bought on Ebay. Dennis
  2. Nissan got a lot of use from the picture of the red Z. I think this non-factory banner is based on a dealership brochure/hand out. To those with a better Hoover, please correct me if I'm in error. Dennis
  3. The cool thing about any exotic car with a manual transmission is that you eliminate a lot of younger car thieves who only know how to shift an automatic. All is good unless they bring a trailer. Dennis
  4. And, with the Z, you don't need a factory trained mechanic on retainer for most maintenance and repairs. Dennis
  5. It will be interesting to see if there's much of a drop off in car ads as a result. Dennis
  6. Me too - for over 50 years. I guess I'm lucky to still be alive. Dennis
  7. Missed the diesel torque question. Dennis
  8. Aftermarket wheels. May have had fake wire wheel spoke inserts originally. Dennis
  9. Trust me, Nature isn't the only one. 😎 Dennis
  10. I'm hoping to be Mr. Roomba. Just charge me up and let me go! Dennis
  11. Very slick car. I was driving downtown yesterday and saw the Spider version with the retractable top just after the driver had parked and was raising the top. It looked good both ways. Dennis
  12. Found several and ALL the sales fell through? What's the problem? Dennis
  13. AAA Card. That's a serious drive in an unproven old car. Have it checked by a mechanic when you get back to Sacto. Good luck! Dennis
  14. And if it was front AND rear wheel electric drive it could be "Z00". 😀
  15. But, what numerical designation would you give the "new" Z if it had no cubic cc displacement? ZERO-Z? Dennis
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