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  1. That's quite a hefty bill to maintain the old York and R12 system. Newer system would have cost about the same. Owner must have wanted to keep it period correct. Dennis
  2. As mentioned earlier, the original York compressor mounted to a large bracket at the front of the engine. That bracket fit around the mechanical fuel pump. Dennis
  3. If you decide to go with the old style York, you'll end up with something like this: https://tinyurl.com/yxl96a3o You'll have a "state of the art" 1970 A/C system and all the drama that goes with it. Jim and Cliff offered good advice to go with a new style rotary compressor. I have the new style on my Z and all removed components of the old 1971 York set-up sit in the garage. Good while it lasted, but soooo last century. Dennis
  4. I understand your unhappiness, but that's kind of how mail works. You drop it in the mail and assume it will arrive at its destination. Did you ask why they refunded rather than resending? Dennis
  5. Was that Penn State or State Pen? Dennis
  6. My engineer son got his Bachelor's and Master's in four years at USC (the one in California), decided that was enough school for a while, and has been in the workforce since 2015. I like to point out to him that his starting salary was about the same as what I had worked up to after 30+ years on the job with my Master's degree. Engineers are in high demand. Today, he's flying back from Montreal where he had spent a few days shopping for satellite dishes for his company. As I often say, "It's good to be him.". Dennis
  7. Female with an engineering degree - the world is her oyster. Huge congrats to her and her parents. Dennis
  8. Guilty as charged. However, after watching the Banana Splits and the Spider Man music videos, I plead insanity! My wife, the psychologist, says she'll write a note, if it helps. Dennis
  9. Have you checked for power at the pump with a gauge or test light? Try hitting the pump with a hard object. Sometimes, they just get stuck when not used for a while. Dennis
  10. More Saturday morning than Saturday night. But, if your hound likes it, I'll have to play it for mine to see if he likes it, too. Dennis
  11. Cliff, then try this one for a little variety, Dennis
  12. Can't agree with the statement that "interesting comments" get flagged as "not constructive". There are a few self proclaimed experts who like to do a little "baiting" on BaT. They get flagged. As for Friends of Seller adding comments, why not? Sometimes they may offer valid first hand information about a car to inform a bidder and sometimes, they may be shills. It's all part of the auction adventure and if a bidder is uncomfortable with that, it's time to move on. I think we've flogged this deceased equine sufficiently. Dennis
  13. Good one! I got a chuckle out of that last sentence. Part of the fun of buying a car at auction, or any 50 year old used car, are the surprises that come to light after the sale. All part of the adventure. Used car salesmen, horse traders, military recruiters, Trojans bearing gifts.......they all bear watching and the exercise of due diligence. Still chuckling. Dennis
  14. Please allow me to add one more bullet: •. A rising tide lifts all boats. Dennis
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