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  1. Try ball point pen (Bic or other throw away "stick" pens) bodies with the refill removed - nice tube and can be cut to length as needed. Dennis
  2. Topped out at 119ΒΊ today. More of the same tomorrow. I can't wait to see my electric bill this month. Dennis
  3. Currently, it's a balmy 117º F ( 47º C ) and climbing. If I can find a big enough box, it's your's. 😎 Dennis
  4. Don't call me Shirley! Sorry, I tried to resist. But it's hot here and I'm not making good decisions. Dennis
  5. Not sure of any differences in bushing replacement between your 8/70 Z and my 4/71 Z. (Great way to word the start of a piece of advice 😎). I removed the center console (easy), the inner rubber shift boot, removed the shirt lever, and replaced bushings that are available at your local Datsun/Nissan dealer. Easy job. Dennis
  6. If this was your listing, nice looking Z. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-240z-95/ That said, I'm sure that the cracked dash, and other modifications, including later model engine swap, kept the bidding lower by those looking for a bone stock Z like the $100K example. That's the luck of draw with the auction process. Dennis
  7. Jason240z is from the UK and speaks English English. Allow me to interpret what he meant by: who are "the datsun garage" ( Translation to American English: Who are you? ). You're an unknown entity on this site, your website is intentionally devoid of phone and physical address information, so one has to wonder if your business is legitimate, a "drop ship" vendor, or a scam. what would a set of 14x6.5 be? ( Translation to American English: What is the cost of a set of 4 wheels size 14" X 6.5"? ) Glad to be of help. Dennis
  8. I helped a friend list and sell his Porsche 912 on BAT last December. The BAT folks were helpful with suggestions on how to best present the car with photos and video. The car was located in Southern California and the eventual BAT buyer was from England. Once the auction ends, the seller collects the cash and all shipping, border customs, and additional costs are on the buyer. In this case, the buyer and his son flew over to pay and collect the 912. They then drove it to the port in Long Beach and put it on a boat to England. It was a fairly hassle free process for my friend and he got much more than he had anticipated selling it for locally. Sometimes, self proclaimed experts on BAT post ugly comments, but his auction sale went quite well. Detailed pictures are a must and a video of the vehicle doing a cold start is often requested. Dennis
  9. I agree with Charles on it being a '70 or '71 with a later hood. Fender & roof side emblems missing, front and rear window trim missing, marker lights and bumpers off, new paint could be covering a lot of history. Check body panels with a magnet for Bondo. Dennis
  10. That's a safe buy in "Significant Other" terms - won't take up garage or driveway space and doesn't need any repairs. 😎 Dennis
  11. I just took a second look....no dash cracks.
  12. Oh, just go ahead and wash it! Take pictures and then roll it into the garage until 2059 when it can be a 350 mile Barn Find all over again. 😎 Dennis
  13. Allow me to help you understand how it happens in the case of Porsche Factory Restored cars. https://www.porsche.com/international/accessoriesandservice/classic/factoryrestoration/ Let me know if you have questions. Dennis
  14. Not sure why the plastic was left on the seat for 350 miles, so there must be a good story that goes along with the car. What did the owner tell you about why it is what it is? Dennis
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