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  1. Also, the buying demographic for those cars has aged into their 70s and is unloading and downsizing. Transient collectables tend to lose value when the buyers/enthusiasts age out and younger collectors aren't interested. Dennis
  2. I wonder what Megan and Harry will bring? Dennis
  3. All international conflicts should blow over so easily. We vaporize your General, you shoot off a few rockets that are beyond their "Best If Used By" date and both side declare themselves winners. Dennis
  4. Not sure what HER annual salary is, but I don't think it was six figures based on conversations over the years and what she drives. She referred to the cut in pay as "a house payment". Dennis
  5. The Infiniti branch of Nissan is feeling the hit, too. The last time we took ours in for servicing, the deanship was like a ghost town. The service manager who has worked with us for 10 years at the dealership mentioned having to take a $1,500 per month cut in pay recently to keep the job. Dennis
  6. But, now, he's got Dog The Bounty Hunter to deal with. Should make a good episode - especially if his compound is guarded by Hezbollah militia. Dennis
  7. My 4/71 Z which I've owned since new has the ash tray and lighter in the center console like the one pictured above. No lighter in the dash. You likely have a replacement dash from a later Z. Dennis
  8. Actually, Earth is an oblate spheroid. 😎 Dennis
  9. Careful "BRO" you're stepping on my reality. Dennis
  10. My wife, who is a psychologist, taught me that lesson over 35 years ago. She told me that we each live in our own reality. Keeping that in mind has helped me in dealing with many of the foolish things I've heard people say over the years. Enjoy your reality, but realize everyone else has one, too. Dennis
  11. Welcome!! As the owner of a '71 since '71 I can assure you you're in for good times. Looks like the previous owner really liked white paint. Dennis
  12. So, all good! What's the next adventure? Dennis
  13. Parts for your new purchase shouldn't be a problem - except maybe the cost depending on your level of replacement. There are enough sources of new, reproduction, and used parts that you could probably build a '71 from scratch if you had the time and bank account. Any particular parts you're looking for at this time or just anticipating need? Dennis
  14. Can't go wrong with new spark plug wires, points, and plugs. You'll want the ignition system to be in good condition. If you want to get really thorough, add a distributor cap, and new rotor to the mix. Then, head out on the highway looking for adventure. Have fun with your "new" Z! Dennis
  15. I'd buy one if they decided to build it. Dennis