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  1. psdenno

    When a D cap is not a hubcap

    Thinking more about the hat, which I really like,,,,,,,,,,,,, Interesting that they depict a vintage "D" hubcap on the front and write "Nissan", rather than "Datsun", on the back. Must be a "Who's your Daddy?" thing. Dennis
  2. psdenno

    When a D cap is not a hubcap

    Very nice! Sure to be a popular item. They should come with chin straps so you don't have it snatched off your head. Dennis
  3. psdenno

    How to change interior overhead light bulb

    This topic is starting to sound like a variation of an old joke...."How many Datsun Z owners does it take to change a light bulb?" Looks like at least three, so far. Dennis
  4. psdenno

    OEM AM Radio- Will it add value?

    The only thing it's lacking is a built in blender for tailgate party Margaritas. Dennis
  5. psdenno

    Misfiring while cruising

    I'm sure you would get the "friends and family" rate. This week, she's been an expert witness at the murder trial of someone she worked with several years ago. You would be a nice break for her. Dennis
  6. psdenno

    Misfiring while cruising

    You can do a speedometer accuracy check by driving with a portable GPS navigation unit in the car (Garmin, TomTom, perhaps even your cell phone with mapping app, etc.). The GPS unit will show your actual speed and you can compare it to your speedometer reading. Dennis
  7. psdenno

    OEM AM Radio- Will it add value?

    If it were my car and it had a 5 speed later model transmission, I wouldn't worry about an AM radio for originality unless I was going to bring all aspects of the car back to 1971 showroom standards. Other opinions may vary. Dennis
  8. psdenno

    E brake light dim on speedometer

    Only if you're tried, and eliminated, all the other suggestions like electrical grounding somewhere in the wiring. Pads & shoes won't make the light come on unless they're very worn and brake fluid level is low. Dennis
  9. psdenno

    E brake light dim on speedometer

    No need to change pads and rear brake shoes UNLESS they show significant wear or you notice a brake squeal (metal on metal) when applying brakes. Don't make extra work for yourself. Dennis
  10. psdenno

    Bumper Woes

    Curious about the gap, I measured it on my '71Z. Drivers side .22" and passenger side .75". The bumper has probably been off and on a dozen times since 1971, but no collision damage to the bumper or the car. Soooo, now I have a project - mess with mounting points until I get 1/2" on each side. Might be a winter project when I install the new bumper rubber strips. Dennis
  11. The crazy weather here in the SoCal desert continues. Last weekend it was 108 degrees and this weekend they're predicting snow at the 8,000 foot level of the local mountain on Sunday. Really do need to dig out the tire chains. Dennis
  12. The weather changed here in the desert on Tuesday, too. First time in 82 days the temperature didn't get into triple digits - only made it into the 90ºs. Time to look for the snow chains. Dennis
  13. psdenno

    E brake light dim on speedometer

    Any corrosion on metal parts on either connector you disconnected? Dennis
  14. psdenno

    1971 Datsun Z-Series 240Z

    Agree. The driver's door looks a little rough hewn. Meaningless statement: "no collision damage that I can see" Dennis
  15. psdenno

    Misfiring while cruising

    Jalex, it might be worthwhile to go back through the entries in this thread and count the times people have told you NOT to change the timing until you determine if the cables are causing the problem. That's what troubleshooting is all about - eliminating possible causes one at a time without introducing new variables. Who's telling you to change the timing? Someone in a private message on this forum? Someone in Panama? A little voice in your head? I think you're testing the patience of those trying to help you and may be pushing the limit with many. Relax, follow the advice as given, or move on. It's as easy as that. Dennis

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