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  1. psdenno

    talk about wringing one out! Cool video 1st view

    $35 for 10 minutes...cheaper than a trip to the casino and more fun. Dennis
  2. psdenno

    1973 Datsun Z-Series

    You have to give him points for saying, "looks better in the pic’s than in real life". Dennis
  3. psdenno

    Going ballistic...

    Have you checked all wiring, again? the manufacturer's write up says you can connect to a computer for set up. Did you try that? http://www.123ignition.nl/product.phtml?id=220 Dennis
  4. psdenno

    New music Video with s30

    Fun video, but after listening to the song, I'm kinda glad he wasn't driving a 6-speed. 😎 A version with subtitles would be interesting. Dennis
  5. psdenno

    Internal rivets

    No apology needed. And you're correct. No harbor Freight in Palm Springs. I have to leave town to shop at one. I can relate to going stir crazy on a rainy day. The rain here last Thursday wiped out the only three roads leading out of town to the interstate. Nine inches of rain locally. Stay dry! Dennis
  6. psdenno

    Internal rivets

    Harbor Freight has a 90 rivet set that contains 50 5mm rivets for a reasonable price. https://www.harborfreight.com/90-piece-pom-rivet-assortment-67611.html Dennis
  7. psdenno

    Internal rivets

    I used cotter pins as replacements for the pins. The looped head of the pin sticks out of the rivet and makes it easy to pull out when it's time to pull a panel again. Dennis
  8. psdenno

    DIY Zamboni

    I've always said, "Long cold winters are the Mother of invention.". Having spent my first 22 years in Northern Wisconsin, I know from experience. Dennis
  9. Yup. Signed in 10/15/14, last visited 10/21/14. I sense a lack of commitment. Dennis
  10. psdenno

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    A trip down Memory Lane. I attended an aircraft safety school course at Lowry about 1976. Spent a little time around B52s as an aircraft maintenance officer at March AFB in California and K.I. Sawyer in the UP of Michigan. Hard to believe the B52 has been around since 1955 and the planes are now older than the people flying in them. Thanks for the time trip! Dennis
  11. psdenno

    Ugliest Z ever?

    Just more proof that idle hands are the Devil's workshop. Dennis
  12. Not sure if this program cover has been posted previously. If it hasn't been - Enjoy! If it has been - Here it is again! A Porsche friend sent it to me because of the 914 pictured, not realizing I also have a Z. Dennis
  13. psdenno

    history of ownership and service records

    I jest not. (And don't call me Surely) I know of one manufacturer that kept computer data of dealer new car sales, so it was probably common in the industry at the "mothership" level. The instance I'm aware of was a computerized list compiled by Porsche to indicate the sale of every Porsche 914-6 sold in North America. The computer generated listing indicates car VIN, sale date, and name/location of dealership beginning with the 1970 model year. A friend who worked for Porsche at the dealership and corporate levels for many years has a copy and provides data to 914-6 owners upon request. Dennis
  14. psdenno

    history of ownership and service records

    Not much kept on computers at dealerships during our Z's production era. Generally, paper records only and they get tossed when the file reaches critical mass or the dealership closes or moves to a new location. Dennis
  15. psdenno

    Polar Vortex

    I think it ends the same way "___....for tat" begins. 😎 Dennis

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