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  1. Cliff, you underestimate yourself. Your personality (humor) and the Z knowledge you've shared over the years are a couple of the things that keep me logging into this forum. Sounds like you've found your comfort zone.
  2. It looks so easy. Just cut and glue. What could go wrong?
  3. Not a very convincing response from the seller regarding the Photoshopped side view. It's like the old joke about going to the doctor and he says, "You need an operation that will cost $25,000. But, for $200 I can retouch your X-rays." If BaT recommended the photographer as the seller said, he should be removed from the list and the seller should get a refund because of the doubt raised by fake photos in an auction.
  4. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has had a Z stolen. While probably a few of us have had a car stolen (I've had two - a Toyota Camry and a Porsche 914), hearing the details of a stolen Z could be informative.
  5. Way to go Cliff! Thanks for sharing the cathartic moment. We could all use one once in a while. 😎
  6. Sounds like you're on the right road.....enjoy the ride.
  7. Sorry that the Google search didn't work as well for you as it did for me. Good luck with the project!
  8. Have you tried doing a Google search for the parts you need - like "Datsun 280Z brake booster gaskets"? That search will bring up quite a few sources.
  9. Nice find. That plug is an elusive piece. I used to run fog lights on mine, but above and slightly behind the bumper. Too easy to break no matter where mounted.
  10. Very nice interior! I wish my '71 was that clean and tidy. Does the red button on the center console activate the fog lights?
  11. Or maybe open that bar somewhere high in the mountains on the edge of a precipice overlooking a beautiful valley and call it....wait for it...Cliff's. BTW, welcome to the group, Bluez. Nice looking green Z. How's the interior?
  12. Based solely on his astute observation earlier in this topic which parsed screen name and accompanying photo, a promotion to Major Obvious may be appropriate. 😎
  13. After almost 2,000 entries on this topic, and while I haven't read them all, I don't recall seeing any stating anything like, "How could I have been so wrong. Thanks (insert screen name here) for opening my eyes to the truth about COVID." I doubt that many, if any, minds have been changed. I have however seen temper flares, false sense of superiority, and a little bullying. I'm in favor of ending this topic and maybe moving on to politics, religion, and global warming discussions if we really need diversions from the only reason everyone signed on to this forum - The Z.
  14. My son's company announced today that they're extending their "work from home" program until January 10, 2022 at which time they'll reevaluate to determine a possible date to return to the office. He was hired in March 2020 just as Google was deciding everyone would work remotely. He's never met his boss or coworkers in person and only gone to the office once about a month ago just to see what it was like. Interestingly, Google offers employees gifts, classes, days off, and other incentives to keep employees from going stir crazy.
  15. Sixty hour work week covering the hours the Post Office is typically open and one day off? If his day off is Sunday, it may be a while before you get the lug key.
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