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  1. So, all good! What's the next adventure? Dennis
  2. Parts for your new purchase shouldn't be a problem - except maybe the cost depending on your level of replacement. There are enough sources of new, reproduction, and used parts that you could probably build a '71 from scratch if you had the time and bank account. Any particular parts you're looking for at this time or just anticipating need? Dennis
  3. Can't go wrong with new spark plug wires, points, and plugs. You'll want the ignition system to be in good condition. If you want to get really thorough, add a distributor cap, and new rotor to the mix. Then, head out on the highway looking for adventure. Have fun with your "new" Z! Dennis
  4. I'd buy one if they decided to build it. Dennis
  5. Great looking Z and it appears the bidders agree. Dennis
  6. psdenno

    Datsun Scarab Info

    Well, that looks easy. šŸ™„ Dennis
  7. Visual proof that your Hoover sucks. šŸ˜Ž Dennis
  8. Their web site ( ) lists social media links. You may want to post your experiences on those links as well as on Yelp. Not a lot of options, unfortunately. Dennis
  9. Canadians...everyone likes Canadians. When on a military project in Peru, we would usually tell the locals we were Canadian if they asked where we were from. Seldom mentioned that we were USAF. All was good because everyone likes Canadians. Dennis
  10. Thanks for the kind words Cliff. Keep on babbling. And all those years I thought I was just keeping the World safe from Communism. šŸ˜Ž Dennis
  11. Is there a state licensing board to complain to? Iā€™d be interested in seeing the service procedural checklist and summary sheet. If they have one it probably looks something like this: Replace plugs, wires, points, rotor, condenser, & cap Set timing Check brakes for wear Check brake fluid Check tire pressure Adjust clutch Change oil & filter Top off radiator fluid Check to see if owner is in the waiting area Drive it like you stole it
  12. I've printed your comment and passed it along to my mechanic to use during my next maintenance interval visit. It's good I still have the tie down hooks on the rear so he can easily attach the chains. Dennis
  13. Be thankful they don't run into stationary objects to test the seatbelts. šŸ˜Ž Dennis
  14. A crowd pleaser! One wheel drive? Dennis
  15. As a follow-up, drilling a "stop crack" hole was done often by my C-130 maintenance guys during the SEA Conflict last century. Seemed to work well as long as the crack wasn't on a fuel cell area. šŸ˜Ž Dennis