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  1. Gotta love the stringback driving gloves in the video. Dennis
  2. Here's a tune I used to enjoy listening to on the AM radio in my Z when the Datsun was new and AM radio stations still played music. Dennis
  3. Please refer to my response from when you asked the same question a few weeks ago. Deja Vu all over, again. Dennis
  4. Power on! Be sure to post a picture. Dennis
  5. Add to that list....soaks and holds moisture to promote corrosion, absorbs gasoline drips and overflow to maintain that delightful fresh gas smell mile after mile, and dries out and cracks like an old shoe. But, after all the silly things I've done to my Z since 1971, who am I to judge? 😎 Dennis
  6. A question: Why leather instead of the factory style rubber flap? Dennis
  7. Didn't see any factory six cylinder 914s in the group. I think you're right about it being a batch from a shop or, more likely, a collector that lost his storage space. One of the cars had several bumper cones stashed on the passenger floor - nice parts to have & getting hard to find. Sheetmetal looked fairly rust free and not wrinkled on most of them. It would be fun to know the story prior to them showing up at Copart. Nice find! Dennis
  8. Looks like some still have a few good parts to be scavenged from the "bones". The listed "Estimated Retail Value" is interesting and accurate only if a drug smuggler left a suitcase full of Benjamins in one of the trunks. Odd to see that many in one place off the beaten path.. Dennis
  9. I removed the air pump on mine when it went bad and left everything else installed. No performance issues. Here's a link to a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d15DtLaULAI If your goal is "collection value" as you stated, either keep all components in place or if you remove them put them in a box for the next owner. Dennis
  10. Breaker Breaker. Anyone have a CB radio in their Z last century? Or was I the only one? Those were the days, Good Buddy. Mounted it under the glove box and the antenna was attached to the rear window louvers before I upgraded to a magnetic base antenna. Catch you on the flip side. Dennis
  11. So Cliff, are you telling me that the Bengal Tiger cub I ordered might not get here on Friday prior to 8:00 PM? 😎 Dennis
  12. I gave him a "Like" because he's "trying to get familiar with other members". A bold move. Dennis
  13. Pull the drum on the side making the noise and look for scoring/rub wear marks on the inside of the drum. At that time, also look to see how much material is left on the brake shoes. Based on what you see, you MAY need to order shoes and have the drum"turned" which will resurface the inside of the drum. Any shop that does brakes should be able to do the job - not a major event. Dennis
  14. What a great excuse for a really expensive Demolition Derby. BMW could get some of their money back by selling tickets to the event. Dennis
  15. Similar fate to the several thousand cars that were on the ship that rolled on its side a few weeks ago off the east coast of the US. Scratch & Dent sale in that instance. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/09/us/overturned-cargo-ship-monday/index.html Dennis
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