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  1. For some, a tin foil hat may not be enough. They may be better protected by a jacket with extra long sleeves.
  2. If a tin hat is good, perhaps a tin suit would be even better. For sure, people would stay a safe six feet away at family gatherings.
  3. Your new door seals didn't "relax" after hot days and being compressed? Mine took only a few days after installation and leaving the car sitting in the sun before they allowed the doors to close normally. Maybe the 115º temps here at the time helped the process. Regardless, they quickly conformed.
  4. If the Captain doesn't have shavings to share, try some Christmas tree tinsel.
  5. When selecting the correct aluminum, or aluminium, foil, be sure to select the proper sheet thickness - standard duty or heavy duty. Do not skimp on quality, stick with a known brand. Refer to this guide. https://www.webstaurantstore.com/guide/551/types-and-sizes-of-food-service-foil.html
  6. Don't get discouraged. Keep trying. You can do it!
  7. Time to go shopping for a new tin foil hat.
  8. The other downside of no longer wearing a mask, in addition to having to shave, is that people will be able to read your lips when you silently cuss them out. Personally, I'll miss that benefit of mask wearing. Stay strong, Cliff. Dennis
  9. You might also try listing it on Craigslist in a nearby large city like Cincinnati or Indianapolis. Neither of those cities currently have any Datsuns listed. There's got to be someone looking for a 280Z 2+2.
  10. I wonder how old the video is since it shows the stock dash installed, unlike the current instrument panel shown in the gallery pictures ......or if it's even the same car on the track. Fun wonky video, regardless.
  11. Cutting carpet to fit the Z, unless you do it for a living, probably won't give you the results you seek. Preformed carpet sets are available for floor and rear deck at a reasonable price from several sources like: https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic08g07 You can add sound deadening or heat insulating material under the carpet. Again, many ways to go with costs that vary. However, not a big expense for something functional that dresses up the Z interior. Dennis
  12. Different one than mentioned a couple weeks ago? Dennis
  13. My pleasure. If you're going to drill new holes, I suggest running a strip of wide masking tape across the hole area and then measuring and marking the drill points on the tape. Make sure all is level and you're good to go. Or, as "siteunseen" mentioned, check the backside of each fender. Dennis
  14. FWIW, here are the fender emblem hole measurements from my one owner, no accidents, 1971 240Z. I used a precision micrometer and measured from the edge of each fender at the door seam gap to the center of the closest mounting hole. I then measured from the peak of the ridge below the mounting holes to the center of each of the holes. Measuring from the ridge peak is inexact as the peak is rounded, but I tried to measure from what I felt to be the highest point of the curve. Driver's Fender: 3.87 inches from fender edge to mounting hole center Mounting hole closest to fend
  15. At least four of the vehicles in this commercial are the same seen in the picture I posted a few weeks ago when they were parked at the beach between LAX and Marina del Rey. They must be planning a series of Nissan commercials showing the old and the new. Can't wait to see the one with the blue Datsun B210. Dennis
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