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  1. Patcon

    Title Issues!

    I don't know if what Zed found is the system I know of but there is a way to search for a VIN to make sure it hasn't been reported stolen. It's not too hard to register a car here if it's 30yrs old Plus.
  2. Patcon

    Zcon 2019

    Zcon 2019 Write it down, go ahead and schedule that vacation!
  3. I am not positive this car will have it because it's automatic but it is apparently a turbo according to the VIN https://www.copart.com/lot/23979129
  4. Patcon

    Limited slip in California

    All good questions. I don't remember there being an engine picture but the VIN indicates it should be a turbo. I am unsure if all the turbo cars got LSD's in that year range
  5. Patcon

    Title Issues!

    If you decide not to pursue this car PM me. I would be interested in looking at it
  6. About the only thing you'll find in that range is a parts car. I have seen some really basket cases bring more than that lately. Good luck
  7. Patcon

    Limited slip in California

    Too far away for me but someone might be closer that has an interest
  8. Patcon

    Limited slip in California

    I have a vlsd out of a Shiro and a CLSD. You are correct. The swap is not a problem as long as you have the Shiro half shafts. They are very different on the differential end. I dont know how to verify on the Shiro or not. The wheels and the white paint look like it. The diff should have a small VLSD tag on one of the cover bolts
  9. Patcon

    77 at Copart

    They tend to move some when they cross the block. Sometimes surprisingly so
  10. Patcon

    77 at Copart

    This car is in Calgary. Probably a lot of good parts. The car looks pretty clean and well cared for. At least until impact https://www.copart.com/lot/39659858 @wheee! @zKars
  11. Patcon

    77 at Copart

    The car sold. Did anyone see what it actually went for? I wasn't able to watch it.
  12. Patcon

    NOS 240z dash

    It's got a little crack So is this coming up now because replacements are becoming available
  13. Patcon

    Rotisserie for Sale - NJ

    That seems like a good deal
  14. Patcon

    77 at Copart

    At $1250 it will end up being $1500 with all the fees tacked on
  15. Patcon

    Welding hat not dimming

    My Viking 1840 series auto dimming helmet decided to not work today. Any ideas on the best way to try to diagnose it? @Captain Obvious @grannyknot
  16. I don't believe they would make these numbers on BaT
  17. Patcon

    Welding hat not dimming

    I priced it. They are about $150. I can almost buy a new hat for that! I watched a you tube video where he got into the ADF and the 3v batteries are evidently soldered in. He reworked it but it still didn't fix his helmet. I would try to replace the batteries but don't want to waste my time. I am wondering if it's in the switch. I wonder if I could come up with a way to bypass the switch. I suspect it is a rheostat
  18. Patcon

    Welding hat not dimming

    My batteries are not designed to be replaced.
  19. Patcon

    Cody's Goon

    We bought a 72 510 wagon for my son about a two years ago. It had been hit on the front right and it took us a while to get that straightened out. Lots of pulling, shrinking and welding We rebuilt the hood out of two different hoods there are some more pictures of this on the forum, but I don't know where... We are changing the cars color from an Ivory type color to one of the factory orange colors. Last weekend we pulled the hatch and started reworking it but there was some bondo on there, so that required a good bit of metal work and even after that there is still a lot of filler on the panel I will try to post up some more picture tomorrow
  20. Patcon

    Cody's Goon

    RTV it is then. Any ideas on thread sealant or not?
  21. Patcon

    Where to go with this rusthole

    I did some searching on this a while back. I have a sway bar thread. I settled on the ST sway bars. I think they are the cleanest mounting system with good reviews.
  22. Patcon

    Cody's Goon

    What is the recommended sealer for the case halves? I thought about aviation gasket maker. the brown sticky stuff. Also should the plugs get a sealer? What kind?
  23. Patcon

    Front strut cartridge removal

    That is correct. Gland nut and corrosion. I would heat the whole tube then add some penetrating oil. You will be hard pressed to damage the strut with MAP gas.
  24. Patcon


    Be safe and stay warm if you're in the North East @Captain Obvious Can't get the member map to work 😞

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