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  1. I am working on a similar looking diff. I was going to use a wire wheel to clean it up. What did you use? Do all of the mounting studs thread out of the covers?
  2. So I received an email today about the hotel block. I was having trouble discerning what it meant. Is the block of 1000 rooms booked up already??? or something else?
  3. Start plugging ports on the manifold. Especially the brake booster
  4. I'll PM when Im home. I have limited skills on my phone
  5. How did you dissolve the ring?
  6. Maybe they came from Nissan with the bushings already installed? Since the bushings are asymmetric in the control arm, there would be one for each side of the car
  7. Steve, I believe I have a roof panel if Randy needs it C
  8. @Mike Should this be moved to the 510 sub forum?
  9. Cool! Maybe I can get some company in the 510 sub forum. I can't get Jim to fill in the empty space.
  10. I have no idea but on a different note. How did you hold the flange to unbolt it? There is a Nissan special tool. Also how do you plan to hold it to torque it back? I was thinking about doing this to the R200 currently on the bench but was hesitant to try to pull off the flange. I thought I might just do the side seals. Do you know what the parts numbers are for the side and front seals?
  11. Did you see this one? Not real close but looks to be pretty rust free. You could turn this in a couple of weeks or so! Looks to have been White on Red originally
  12. Madkaw Do you have a picture of the current install? Maybe something else will stand out.
  13. I don't remember seeing a list but I would love to see a master list of fasteners. Maybe a tech article with pictures to make it easier to know you had the right fastener where. Rich might be the right guy for this. Since he's done it numerous times and I'm sure he is very good at documentation
  14. Thanks, I will have to keep my eyes open for marks in this area in the future
  15. I don't know if this will apply but when I come across a locking gas cap that we don't have a key for, I take a large set of channel locks and squeeze it some and it will thread right off
  16. Where on the panel is the stamping?
  17. Wouldn't surprise me. There is an olive chromate
  18. Although if the tranny is wobbling around, that might transfer some force through the input shaft to the crank. Which could be affecting rear main clearances and the seal
  19. I believe it is roughly 5/8" and I wouldn't think ID is critical
  20. Mine did that, but they can be twisted some by hand or dollied some to make it line up. I haven't seen the need to cut one yet. Not saying yours don't
  21. Did the guides get replaced? or did they get reamed? If the machinist reamed them, they could have been too tight, but reamed guides wear faster and can allow blowby