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  1. Is it easier to put the clip into the hole on the car first and then push the badge on? Where is a good source for the correct size pins?
  2. Do you have a link to what you bought? What was the thickness?
  3. Most of the heavy rain went East of us. It rained hard last night and we had some wind but nothing too bad, thankfully
  4. Some people drill and pin the spindle gear to prevent that
  5. Those are both really strong numbers for a 300ZX!
  6. We are expected to get a good bit of rain and possibly some relatively high winds but shouldn't be too bad. I'll know more Saturday or Sunday
  7. I would not consider those webers an upgrade to the SU's! Even triples might not really be an upgrade. Properly tuned SU's can support a lot of motor Steve beat me to it...
  8. So it takes weight to make it happen or the suspension in a certain position. That will narrow the possibilities
  9. I agree, don't put alot of heat into them. Cut a few seconds, let them cool, cut a few seconds... A 36 or 60 grit pad will give you the mm you need pretty quick
  10. I am unsure if these are the right part for you or not, but if I was going to trim them, I would pull a flap disc on a 4" grind and burn them down to what I wanted...
  11. My theory would be increased resistance lowers the voltage to the pump. Lower voltage turns the pump slower and with less force. Increasing cranking time waiting on fuel
  12. What material for the booster gasket? What did you use on the Zx bracket? Paint? Details on the quarter windows please
  13. Yes, it should. Smaller bores tend to be torquier which helps off the line. Everything's a compromise ...
  14. If it ain't broke, don't break it... Now if you had dyno time that might be a different story.
  15. If its posted on the internet it will be on hybrid Z. They reverse engineer many things
  16. That would be a great use of that old roof skin The joint at the A pillar and B pillar are leaded. Be careful working with that. You can easily get lead exposure! I don't know if the joint was welded or brazed but we were told by Matsuo? that those areas were designed to flex some. So making them too rigid could be detrimental. So it wouldn't be surprising if those areas were brazed
  17. Are they on the wrong sides possibly?
  18. https://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978/body-260z-280z/2-seater
  19. I disagree with dutchzcarguy. These cars are rare in Australia. Most of these parts are readily availabl, albeit not local. Find a roof skin and push on ahead!
  20. Does anyone know why Whitehead and Zcar closed? Retiring? Death? Covid? Unprofitable? I get retiring, but I would prefer to see a viable business sold or given away. Unprofitability would be very concerning
  21. I think you can remove it from the jacket, clean it and grease it. Or you can make a funnel on one end and soak it in oil
  22. Really??! Thats too bad! I was just looking at placing an order with them
  23. That's always hard to see when you dig into a project. Anytime you see rust bubbles, just assume there's a hole behind it. Almost always is... At some point the surprises will end and you will start getting nice new metal in place
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