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  1. Patcon

    engine mount differences

    Did you contact Sean yet, for his input?
  2. Patcon

    280z heater valve

    So it could be disassembled by pushing the stem all the way down and out through the bottom. Replicating seals could be a challenge though. Especially the stem seal
  3. Jim, the post was great!!! But you know how they can be...
  4. Patcon

    Side view mirror location

    I actually did not realize we had drifted threads
  5. Patcon

    1981 200sx 5 speed

    So let me get this straight, based on the tech article link you posted, I can use a later 71C out of one of the other cars or a truck even. Swap the front case and for the most part that will work? No input shaft problems? Sounds like shifter holes and the reverse boss can be a problem maybe?
  6. Patcon

    Side view mirror location

    Nope! Your car was running too rich. Which means it was getting more fuel than the air it had needed. Adding more fuel isn't going to help that. It will just make it rich again. Engines are just air pumps. they can only ingest so much air based on their configuration and the individual components. That amount of air needs a precise amount of fuel to run right. Not too lean and not too rich. Adding more fuel with damper oil or float changes or mixture nuts isn't going to make the engine consume more air
  7. Patcon

    Hatch outer seal

    Somebody else posted in another thread. Look at "jfa series 1" posts. He posted some good pictures recently
  8. Patcon

    Side view mirror location

    Your other option then would be to change the differential to a lower geared unit. You would need to identify what you have currently and then find a suitable replacement. The change out isn't too hard, but finding a good unit with the ratio you want might be
  9. Patcon

    Aluminum Valve Cover Cleaning

    When you say cosmoline, do you mean like heavy gun grease or more like a dried urethane? I would try lacquer thinner to get it clean. Then bead blast it with fine beads. Then use sharkhide or one of the diamond clears for protection
  10. Patcon

    vin 181

    I was looking going that's not a car from Vegas. Then I saw the paperwork, came out of Oregon. Lot's of rust! Needs a quarter, floors, dog legs, probably rockers and battery tray too, but a really early car. $5k already
  11. Patcon

    Side view mirror location

    Nope, a 4 barrel isn't going to help. It's a gearing issue, simple physics
  12. Patcon

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    This is true, and in some places like Montana they have effectively no speed limit. However, if you look at the member map, most of the member cars reside in areas that have substantially lower speed limits. Jalex (who is in Central America) is evidently routinely running a 100 mph in his car evidently for extended periods of time. I suspect if 100 is the norm, then 120 is not out of the question. I don't know about Utah but much above 80mph where I live is going to get you tagged (our highest speed limit is 70 mph). Even in Texas they have very high speed limits (80 mph on secondary roads) but many times they will ticket you for 5 mph over (got one about 2 years ago), where as they tend to give 10 mph here. Big difference in rpm from 85 mph to 120 mph... Another point is many people set their cars up for acceleration, light to light so to speak. Most are not set up for high speed cruising. That being said I have run a z for hours above 5k rpms with a four speed with no obvious ill effects
  13. Patcon

    Weatherstripping Glue

    I was a little surprised too but after I thought about it. The adhesive must have a pretty hot solvent to evaporate so quickly and it would make sense they want it to bite into the paint some. We used it recently on Cody's 510 which had base clear on it as well. Although it was only a week or so old. It gets harder with time...
  14. Patcon

    engine mount differences

    What is the condition of the transmission mount? Is it the correct mount for transmission that is in the car? Are either of the front motor mounts broken?
  15. Patcon

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    It is probably a gearing issue overall. Depending on which 5 speed you have, your gearing could be a little high, which will make your launch a little slower. If you go to a lower gearing in the rear end then your cruising rpm's at 100mph is going to be much higher. There's no free lunch here. After all, you are only working with 150 or so HP if you're lucky. It's not going to launch like a modern EFI car that makes 200 or more HP and could have as many a 8 tranny gears. For us in the states, law enforcement tends to lower the speed range we build for, so we don't have to worry so much about higher rpm's. We can run lower rear end gearing and not have to worry about high speed rpm so much
  16. As for using the epoxy in lieu of high build, I wouldn't!! The epoxy just gets too hard and doesn't sand well. In fact it gets so hard if you leave it for more than a few days it has to be abraded before top coating. Some people use the epoxy over filler to reseal the filler and metal down, and it sticks really well to almost anything. Then they run high fill over that. The problem that would cause me is my total build thickness tends to be on the high side any way, and adding another coat or two of epoxy would just make it thicker overall. It is possible to get too much build thickness which can cause failure problems
  17. Patcon

    Side view mirror location

    Very nice! The exhaust looks rowdy!! What is it?
  18. That's good progress! 75% on the floor sounds about right, at least for me. I am not sure the pros do a lot better at that. It's just what it takes To help crisp'n the lines on the rear quarter and other panels , like down the center of the hood. Run a piece of 2" blue tape along the crease line with one edge of the tape nice and straight right on the line. Sand right up to the tape, maybe a hair over it. Cross hatching from both directions. Then move the tape or run a new piece along the other side of the line and repeat. It will help you define a nice sharp line. Many times mine become too sharp and I knock them down with a quick swipe of 320 by hand. When you start running primer, buy some good powder guide coat. You will be surprised how much it will show you. When you sand you want your transitions to be very smooth. No defined area from filler to primer to metal. You will find that if the line is very defined when you prime you will be able to see a map of your filler work. I like the edges of my filler or primer to sand out really far and get translucent where they feather off. Guide coat will help you find these areas before you color and high build should be able to deal with most of those issues. I probably put almost as much primer on the floor as I do filler. So buy an easy sanding primer and good paper!!!
  19. Patcon

    Weatherstripping Glue

    I used the same thing. I don't like using it. It works good but it can get messy and stringy. I did not know they made an adhesive remover... @Mike W does the adhesive remover help remove the fresh adhesive when you get it where you don't want it. I found the fresh adhesive softened the paint and would take the paint with it even using just paint thinner as a cleaning solvent I figured on my next door weather strip I would use some blue tape to try to keep the mess underneath the weather strip.
  20. Pretty pieces. Why such a large offset on the hat?
  21. Patcon

    New Find.70 240Z

    bent like post #7 here or #58 here I know some people heat them and bend them instead of cut and weld
  22. Patcon

    New Find.70 240Z

    I think most people heat a shifter rod and bend it to align with the hole. Most don't want to cut the tunnel because it creates other problems as well as being hard to repair. Search for some images or threads on Google
  23. Patcon

    Leather Seats

    More pics!!!
  24. Patcon

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    I would use the rear suspension. Probably one of the lower control arms to try to minimize the impact on the rear valence. I would be careful if you have to pull very hard or you will tear up the body or the fuel tank.

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