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  1. They are hand made, one at a time. The color does seem off but Steve is very obsessive about making accurate reproductions. I feel confident the color is correct. He would be my first choice if you can figure out shipping.
  2. https://www.240zrubberparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/4525381
  3. The mothtrap has been listed for at least nine months now.
  4. That was my thought too! 🤣🤣
  5. I can't tell what I'm looking at in the first picture. The second picture looks like they could be "Bad Dog" rails
  6. I drove manuals for decades with no neutral safety switch. I always check the car for neutral before starting with the clutch pedal down or not. You'll only try to start it in gear once, maybe twice... 😉 In other words, I wouldn't try to install one...
  7. I'm ok with using old cooking oil for jet fuel or biodiesel. That seems to make sense but after we use it for food!
  8. @Diseazd As an aside, what are the two water tanks at the back of the shop for? Looks like lots of filtration
  9. I've always thought it sort of foolish to take your food source and turn it into fuel, but what do I know...🤪
  10. The good news is, even at that consumption rate you're still ahead of if you had chosen a big mac! 🤣🤣
  11. I wouldn't think reason #1 or #3 as likely culprits. I would suspect internal wear...
  12. @SteveJ I like that red Z with the 280 hood. Nice looking paint!
  13. Thats fun. I drove one of those one time. Fast and fun even for a sedan 😎
  14. Are we gonna let the box hang out the hatch or fold you in half in a shorter box? 🤣🤣
  15. I had to do this recently on a BMW Z4. I put the rear wheels on 4" solid masonry caps. Doesn't allow the suspension to squirm but atleast it is loaded and mostly settled
  16. I liked the roof rack, a very cool item from that period.
  17. Also, you will have better success with the hose clamps if you use an actual JIS screwdriver!
  18. A fully charged 12v battery should be 12.7 - 12.8v If its 12.2, 3 or 4. The battery is low
  19. Yup in the main panel, not the drains. I would get some fine stainless mesh and melt it into the backside with a heating iron. I plastic weld panels a lot for the vehicles I repair. I'm not a fan of super glue. Really doesn't work that well in this situation. A good epoxy might work but the nice thing about plastic welding is it allows to to work the repair some when it gets soft and dress it smooth when it cools. I would mesh across the hole and repunch the hole when it cools. Google some videos for plastic welding.
  20. I'm not following. what exactly are you trying to reattach?
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