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  1. until

    Nice to meet some ZCCW members for an excellent tour of the LaMay private collection as well as the main display. We had special permission to park in the private LaMay home property for the Z's. All the others were parked on the street. Turned out to be a really nice sunny day and we saw over 1000 cars. Although not one Datsun in the whole collection, at least at these two locations. Still lots of rare and amazing cars.
  2. Terrapin Z

    Terrapin Z

  3. Terrapin Z


    My Z Collection
  4. Hi Mike, 

    Is the Maryhill Loops event only for ZCCW club members? or CZCC too?

    Sounds like a great driving weekend. 



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    2. Terrapin Z

      Terrapin Z

      I sent the club an email, but have not heard back.

      I also tried to join the FB group, answered the questions and all. 

      I am Dave Zeparta on FB, as I don't like giving Mark Z my real name. 

      I have another FB page but that is all my music connections, trying to keep my hobby's separate. 

      I don't have any "friends" yet for my Z page. 

      Are you in the ZCCW club?

    3. Mike


      Just approved your FB request.  Welcome!


    4. Terrapin Z

      Terrapin Z

      Thanks for the add, Mike.

      Just posted pic's of my finds at the Portland Swap Meet. Some interesting pieces. 

  5. David 

    What do you know about that yellow 70 on Ebay that closes in about 2.5 hrs? Looks like it might be in your area..


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    2. 7tooZ


      I would love to find an early car that is not a total rust bucket. Ive had a 71 and now a 72 but a new project.IMG_3531.JPG

      I have lots of hard to find parts I've been saving. This one looked good at first glance but the paint job was really suspect and he didn't answer my inquiry so I passed on bidding. Didn't have time to get there before the end so maybe missed a decent one?


    3. Terrapin Z

      Terrapin Z

      The Yellow one on Ebay was from the same guy in Graham, He also had it listed on OfferUp for $15K Looks like it sold for $8600 on Ebay.

      Looking through the sold listings I see his white 70 looks to have sold twice, not sure how you do that. Perhaps the first buyer backed out?

      His ads look sketchy at best. In my opinion I would look elsewhere. Not answering questions is a big flag too. 

      Nice ones are out there but getting harder to find for a decent price. 

      Is this your Orange 72? It looks nice. 

    4. 7tooZ


      Yes, lost my 71 in 2012 to an accident (not my fault). Bought this in Oregon from second owner who had it 25 years. It had just been painted but needed everything else. When I took it in to remove the screwed on mouldings and aftermarket mirrors I found some areas of rust and one thing led to another. Repairs and total repaint in December last year.  Pretty happy with it right now. Would love to find an early Vin car to start on. Thanks for the compliment.

  6. Yes, that looks correct.  Pretty sure it is the same for the 74 as it is for the 71.  What would be cost with shipping?



    1. Terrapin Z

      Terrapin Z


      I don't think they changed them much it looks the same as a 73 I have as well. 

      Zip code?


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