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  1. That's is the one. Strange you could not see it in the classified ad. It looks like it shows up on my end. Oh well, at least you found one.
  2. Hmm, I posted two pictures on the ad in the classified listing, asking if that was the right shield. Did you see the pic's?
  3. I have two flex plates If you would like to compare measurements. 1/8 inch is about the distance of the spacer / washer.
  4. In my manual it says: "Line up notch in the torque converter with that in oil pump" "Be extremely careful not to cause undue stresses in parts in installing torque converter" There was also a recommendation for scribing an alignment line on the flex plate and the converter. For balance I assume.
  5. I thought you might be past needing this piece, even if it was only half of the required amount to fit the car. It was an original Nissan part, and not an aftermarket piece. They always seem to fit a little better IMO.
  6. @dutchzcarguy Not sure if you Facebook but this came through my scroll today.
  7. Some SU info and parts from down under. https://sumidel.sitesuite.net.au/shop/category/carburettor-spare-parts
  8. @zKars Jim, straight up the middle on a Z is about 21" and the ZX comes in about 24" Should be an easy way to see what you have. I hope that helps.
  9. Mine is still in the parts car, with the trim off. I can get some measurements this afternoon when I get home from work.
  10. Since there is more interest, I've post a couple of photos here. I seems the upper or back portion of the seat is not foam at all. but more like the "old horse hair" Something I did not expect. The seat or lower portion has foam and more horse hair on the underside near the springs. I know the stain looks funny but it is not that.😆
  11. Sorry this took so long. We had som kitchen appliance issues crop up and that took priority. I will PM the pics, LMK if you have any interest.
  12. I'll take a closer look and get back to you.
  13. I have an 82 NA 2+2 I am parting with nice seats, LMK if you have any interest.
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