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  1. I usually have to unplug the fuse box and associated wires. That will free up the cross bracket. Work it up and over the shifter in 2nd or 4th. Once up a little you can get under it and take off the two 8 mm nuts holding the choke bracket.
  2. Have you seen this new release from Nissan? https://global.nissannews.com/en/pages/all-news-archive Lots of Nissan News publications dating back to 1963. Some cool stuff in there. Here are some samples......
  3. Turn the knob all the way counter clockwise, gently until it stops. The push it in towards the dash and turn another 1/4 turn (or so) counterclockwise it will come off then. There is a washer like piece on the end and a spring inside. I have one i can show pic's of if you have any trouble.
  4. I changed it to 4.5. For the 240 police, fix it tickets I received. I will stay in 240z detention for the rest of the weekend. 🙄
  5. I quote the same line from your post "at all" Of course the 240s had a 240Z badge for 4.5 years, and the 260 had a 260Z badge for 1 year, and again the 280 had a 280Z badge for 4 years. The ZX had 280ZX badges until 82 I think then it said Datsun by Nissan, on the outside badge. It has always been Nissan Motor Co.
  6. The point of my post was to show the word Nissan and S30 were on both cars mentioned, not to sell a shoddy plate. I just grabbed the first picture that came up on eBay. If someone was looking for a plate I would send them your way no question.
  7. My 82 ZX parts car has a fairly decent lower fender section on the drivers side. Might be an option. Passenger side is toast.
  8. They should both have this badge, that says Nissan Motor Co LTD, and HLS30 (the S30 part) as the Type.
  9. His profile says he was on here about 2 hrs ago. So you get a 2 reputation for one unanswered post? Interesting.
  10. I have this one available. I washed some dirt off and gave it a quick polish. Not show quality but usable.
  11. I checked the website too, and there is nothing about closing up or shutting down. Seems odd that their phone message would be the only source of this info. I sent an email through the site but have not received any response.
  12. I purchased my Z from an Air Force office who gave me an affidavit stating the car was bought new from Del Pranke Datsun in Gresham OR on 08-14-70 the car is stamped 6/70. The Officer bought it from the original owner in Nov 1972 and had it until I bought it June 2009, out of Camas WA. He has certified the car had 53,293 miles when he sold it to me, I drove it home to Centralia Wa where it has lived since. The odo is now 65K and I just added 224mi yesterday.
  13. Hey @Zed Head just cause my car is green and slow, doesn't mean I am a turtle too. 😂 @ckurtz2 I answered your PM. I should be able to help you out.
  14. Right!?! "Thank you Mr. Customer. After purchasing all that performance stuff wouldn't you like a trailer hitch too?" Imagine a 3000 pound car with a maxed out 2000 pound load on a trailer.
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