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  1. If the car has been worked on in its life, those lift tabs are often missing, Easy enough to make something similar. The rear one was on the last exhaust stud IIRC. I have even pulled a motor and trans out lifting from the engine mounts with a tractor. (parts car)
  2. I too scrapped out a few cars that I regret not saving. The rear view mirror is 20/20 as they say. Now I keep everything I can. I saved this off a 70 shell I picked up a while ago, as it was in too good of shape to scrap. I cut the firewall below the spot weld line. Most of the A pillars are there too. The bottom was toast. Getting it to FL might be a challenge, but if you were interested........
  3. Agreed, you would not want to cut up a NOS part for just a small section of it. I couldn't see the whole part in you pic. I just thought I would throw it out there. I have a 260Z I am parting as well I PM'ed you some pics of that.
  4. I think it is for the 260-280, so some slight differences from the 240.
  5. Sounds like the best plan for now, Soak it!! hope it frees up for you.
  6. Your picture looks like the 240Z clamshell, I thought the 260-280 had the small rise in the top like this pic. This is available if you are interested. It had two switches mount in the bottom rear section, which are now two holes. The screw mounts are in good shape, it has some key ring scratches on the side.
  7. My 70 and 73 both had the double gland style. My 76 280Z has the same style as your pic.
  8. I think the one in your first pic is for a 280Z At least that is what I found online with a quick search. Here are some pic's of the internals for the 240Z valve I found as well.
  9. That is the one the original poster of this thread asked for it is a single year model. that mounts like the early one but has the side bushings as well. Looks like you are actually after the one in post 15, the earlier one. correct? I didn't look at the quoted picture and it does not show up until I click the "expand" link on it. Thanks for clarifying.
  10. There is one on eBay but is looks like it was pretty rusted then repainted. https://www.ebay.com/itm/203533285676?hash=item2f6387792c%3Ag%3ABb4AAOSw9M9g-fp0&LH_ItemCondition=4
  11. I have some used 240 tanks if you want to go that route. Brazing or JB are also good options.
  12. Here is some info on those pieces for you.
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