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  1. These were recently posted on FB. Seems relevant to the thread.
  2. Yep, still available new from Nissan. I have some used ones but the chrome is not so good.
  3. Wouldn't you be able to use the stock 280 horn pieces?
  4. I have some fan shrouds as well. Just further West.
  5. At least fuses are inexpensive to replace, and if yours are of an unknown age I would suggest replacing them all. Cheap insurance. IMHO. I have seen the price of these and many other parts going up and up. With a limited number of cars and popularity factor that is high, it rings true. Disconnecting the battery is always the safest method, can not go wrong there. I hope your repairs go smoothly.
  6. Not much for Datsun stuff there. I did find this Harada antenna I know it is not from a Z but looks close in size and shape. I tried looking up the part number but did not find much. Anyone seen this one before and know the application? $10 I couldn't pass it up. I also ran across this truck tool kit with a new lug wrench and jack handle, the other part seems to be missing. It did have the paper in there though, and the bag is in good shape. Again $10 I could pass it up.
  7. The ad says Chevy V8, which I thought was amusing given the license plate frame.
  8. I have a few of those too. There are three wires. One ground. One comes from the door pin switch. The other is just 12V to the light so it will come on when you push the lens. If you swap the wires over one at a time you should be fine. You could also pull the fuse, or disconnect the battery if you like.
  9. If you follow the date code : 3C = March 1973 GLWS
  10. That is interesting they won't even let you look at the ad's Mart, @dutchzcarguy Here are a few pic's of the ZX looks like the V8 was too much power for the driver. Old school V8 with a manual transmission.
  11. Just double check your numbers, it should be the same as mine in the picture^^^ Yes it is for sale.
  12. In a nut shell, the early cars had the fuse box / ashtray / lighter all in front of the shifter in the console. These cars had a flip hazard switch in the dash and another hole but it was dash material closed and had no function. This went to some point in later 1971. When the B transmission came out the ash tray was moved to behind the shifter and the dash then got the lighter as well as the flip flasher switch. In 73 there was a change in the flasher switch style. I think all the jute was covered with carpet, but not 100% sure.
  13. This V8 is only $1000. https://offerup.com/item/detail/1404062496?q=datsun&cid=5.1
  14. Camouflage, for the city Karen's / Nancy's
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