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  1. @Captain Obvious I hope this is what your after.
  2. This set up looks like the ZX strut. Not the earlier S30 style but S130. I don't where the OP mentioned what car. Same problem though.
  3. In the first picture the strut looks like the gland nut has come loose and the strut cartage is up inside the spring area. The second pic look more correct as you can see the nut and just the inner piston is in the spring area. Here is a pic of the strut cartage so you can see the inner and outer parts.
  4. What happens when you rub your eye?😂 Do you go bug eye?
  5. I was curious about why my one measurement was different that site's. So I measured again. Must of had the mic cockeyed.
  6. Short one in the front carb, tall one in the rear. I measured just the hex portion without the sealing washer. (Is your measurement up on the round part near the top of the valve?)
  7. I need to get some carb parts out for another guy, while I have the carb box out, I will look at the 3 screw valves and see what's in there.
  8. As so simply put in the FSM "Check for wear and breakage. Replace if necessary"
  9. @Racer X , I posted that one a while back when they only had one pic. Same price still. Same pic's.
  10. So I get a bunch of ads from eBay, and other mens products. which I understand. I also seem to get a lot of ads for women's bathing suits. That I don't understand. I really don't see a lot of women on this forum, so I am not sure who the target customer is for these ad's. Is it because of the Boobs thread that the advertisers think we would want to buy women's bathing suits for our significant others? I really don't care, but I see the ad's a lot and wonder who they are targeting. Anybody buy a bathing suit for their wife/girlfriend from these advertisers?
  11. Oregon had some CK plate numbers. It was for Crater Lake area.
  12. My friend has the trim, he wants $200.00 for the full set. About par with most 240 trim I see on eBay. He is not very far from me. Shipping will be interesting, kind of a wide flat box. I'm sure they would call oversize. Let me know if you are interested. You might want to find something more local.
  13. I have a bunch of Z stainless if that will work for you. I might have a source for 510 stainless I can check with if needed.
  14. I saw the Facebook post just now too. $200k seems a bit high IMO, and of course you will be getting bashed on that medium. Again good luck. Glad I got my car when I did. At todays prices I stole it.
  15. Nice looking car, It appears the bidders were looking for your reserve. Good luck with the sale.
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