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  1. I saw those posts this morning as well, and thought they were strange. Under this persons profile, their social site looks ominous as well.
  2. At least the tire is only flat on the bottom. 😂. I can cut out a section for you if you need a patch for that section. Great find, also looking forward to more pic's and info.
  3. I have a 73 and 74 that have something to offer, I believe the T-rod mounts are the same on all the S30's. Can you take a pic of what you need, so I can see if what I have can cover it?
  4. Really strange, I was hoping we could find something causing your problem, It is quite perplexing.
  5. Your set up looks to be correct = tipped to the outside. My 240 for reference (drivers side)......
  6. There is an embossed "R" and "L" on the bottom side of these you can check. (referenced from the drivers seat)
  7. Looks to be at a consignment lot in Grants Pass for $23K. Long text about the car and history. Respray over lime green, but looks mostly unmolested, but with the engine compartment painted black the engine has probably been removed at some point. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ctd/d/grants-pass-1970-datsun-240z-5-70/6917576919.html
  8. His title is probably rusty too. lol 122 feedback with only 5 being as a seller, 2 cars ( a Jag for $510 and an RX7 for $3700) 2 trailers and one unknown. all more than a year old. 6 pages of feedback as a buyer, again all over a year old. Classiccarconnection00 makes him sound like a car dealer or something. ???
  9. lol, I did not call him, just something I see on FB all the time, when the prices are ridiculous. Kind of like "it ran when I parked it there"
  10. $1900 now and still reserve not met.
  11. I have the Float Sync, and think it works quite well. The way I use it is to lay a 14mm nut on the edge as shown and that gives me a great level indicator.
  12. BZ3038 are listed as fitting the 79-83 280ZX front. All the strut companies list 3 types for the Z cars Koni, KYB and (now obsolete) Tokico's https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic20b 240 to early 260 - BZ3015 / BZ3016 late 260 to 280 - BZ3012 / BZ3013 and ZX fronts only. - BZ3038 It would seem to me something is different in the valving or gas charge or length, etc. Reading through my instructions I can find no mention of any accessories that came with the cartridges. There is mention of a spacer needing to be added if the gland nut does not torque down properly. Not sure if this helps you with the issues at hand. Personally I would find the correct application strut. Just my observation and opinion.
  13. Hard to see either of those pieces in the pic's supplied on eBay. (Hood and rear glass.) I am sure a few early parts are there but condition is a factor. Are they worth the reserve price? $?.??
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