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  1. Makes a big difference where you put the decimal point. 🤣 Opps!! Looks like it was relisted again a third time.
  2. Most put a signature line on the posts. Done through your profile. You can add you car's Vin or pictures of you car or quotes from infamous people what ever you want. (within reason) Look around at others posts in threads you will get the idea.
  3. There is a 1970 HS30 on CL in SFBay area (Santa Rosa) $55K https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/d/santa-rosa-extremely-rare-jdm-1970/7248658128.html Comes with extras only $55K (more pics on the ad site)
  4. I am happy to see if I have the parts. However I am out of (my) state of residence currently and wont be home for a couple weeks. I don't know if that will work with your timeline.
  5. Sounds like you are going the plug route. I know I have the water tube around the head, and might very well have the elbow too. If you decide to go back to that set up.
  6. I picked up one for the MO/YR of my car 6 70 The other set was for obvious reasons. 😀
  7. Those fuses do look odd and tall. Pull a fuse or two out of your daily driver and compare the two. Most newer cars have those types of fuses. Although they have even smaller ones now as well. If all that fails you could bend the upright support on that bracket to get the fuse box to "lay down" a little more. I have some access lids it you haven't found a replacement for the broken one yet.
  8. Looks like another Z fever issue. 😆 Someone recently posted a full interior in white on FB. Post are really hard to find again if you don't reply / follow. Nice find and purchase!!
  9. Thanks for the mention @Zed Head I do have a couple of those but I think they have some small cracks, nothing like that though. Being it is a big box, you are shipping it dimensional weight anyhow. Attaching it to a piece of wood does not raise the shipping cost at all. That is the 2020 hind site factor. Anything shipped theses days usually comes with some basic insurance, $50 for USPS, and $100 with UPS etc., so the shipper should be able to start a claim and get some sort of refund for the damage. Also if paid for it with PayPal Goods and Services that has some insurance coverage as well. Most sellers will honor some deal for the damage. If you are just going to repair I think the method above would work, Glass in some thin wood strips on the back side, and the SEM spray and texture would cover up the crack seam. Always a bummer to get something damaged in shipping or worse yet have it lost in the mail. Good luck and happy holidays.
  10. I have picked up two parts cars that looked better than this, one was free the other was $300.00 If I had known I could sell them for $5K each I would have kept them instead of parting them out as I did.
  11. Beverly Hills Auto is at it again with this beauty. Only $5950.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Datsun-240Z/224281422502?hash=item343836eaa6:g:B3EAAOSw-ftf2lr9 That will buff out right?
  12. The tracks shown in your picture just get grease.
  13. Those turned out great. Even with the extra cost for the powder coat, it looks well worth it. Good luck on the sale of the other two.
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