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  1. If you are considering shipping, I have a 78 I am selling. It has a few standard Z issues but not as bad as that one you are looking at in GA. Runs and drives, clean title. Not as nice as The Tool Mans, but not as much either. In WA State 98579
  2. I was under the impression the OP wanted a rear deck and spare tub. Yes, the floors are rusted but the deck looks decent. (could ask for more pic's) I personally have seen tubs for sale but never a whole rear deck. A complete parts car maybe, then it shouldn't necessarily be cut up. I'd use this deck to fix the car, and sell off the quarters and anything else. 🤷‍♂️ I guess that's just me.
  3. Back half of an early 260 on eBay for $850 You would have to freight it to CT. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-Datsun-260Z-Body-Tub-Nice-Rustfree-Quarters-Rockers-Firewall-Rear-Panel-T2/333434972895?hash=item4da245eadf:g:QLgAAOSw7spd8V7i
  4. Florida to Puerto Rico is a lot better than Washington State to P.R. Still would be costly to ship I would think. Speaking of it @Yarb, I have some 280 pedals, what dust shield are you looking for? PM me about is so we are not highjacking Xavier's thread for a transmission.
  5. If I am recalling correctly the early cars did not have this brace behind the rear seat mounts, it was added later on. My 6/70 did not have it.
  6. That's the Auction broker selling someones hoard I posted about in "Internet Finds" They are trickling parts out one at a time. Some are reasonable and others are overpriced like the hand throttle. Some have sold right away like the oil pressure gauge and metal fan. others are still there from the start, like the air filter housing. https://www.ebay.com/sch/eBay-Motors/6000/m.html?item=293365062656&hash=item444deb9c00%3Ag%3AVQsAAOSwE19d6AUr&_ssn=auctionworks1
  7. All from me Don. Sorry if I wasn’t clear about that. Ephrata was in his profile. My RedTop loos way different. Oh well!! All good!!
  8. Throttle set up is down to $1500. I figured they would drop prices after a while. Some items have sold, and some new ones posted. "OIL" filler cap for $33 w/free shipping. 5 speed shift knob has 33 bids and is at $89
  9. That is Oliver from https://www.zspecialties.com. Unfortunately his website has been under construction for a long time. You can call and ask him about shipping.
  10. Don, Ephrata, is just NE of the Vantage crossing in Eastern WA. R-S-R, Nice looking car, The battery looks oddly small and/or very low, what are you running there?
  11. Who's to say where and when the real parts owner got them. I did not mean to imply they were out of car 00061 but it might have read that way. I do know there were early and late style, these are the late style for sure. The auction broker / consigner stated he did not know much about the parts. He is probably just going off what the real seller is telling him. We don't know how much he knows about the cars, It was just claimed to be early parts. Might be interesting to see what else gets posted. Right now there was a metal fan, a clam shell, a cigarette lighter, and some hatch vents. All BIN and free shipping. Another clip from the ad : Please see pictures for best description and message me with any questions. I am consigning this along with hundreds, if not thousands more 240Z series one parts. I am not an expert on these parts by any stretch of the imagination, so if I'm leaving out any key info, please let me know.
  12. Agreed, of course when you add in the brokers fee on to of the eBay fee, you have to ask for more. It does have a best offer button, but i doubt that will be reasonable either. Especially since they just listed this golden nugget.
  13. I ran across a few early parts on eBay this morning. One being another hand throttle for a mere $2000.There are a few other parts listed and all pretty high priced. The ad says it is an auction broker out of GA that will be selling off a hoard or 69-70 parts from a 71 year old collector. Must be the retirement fund. They also claim to have a 69 barn find HLS30-00061 that will be posted in the future. Says they will be listing many items over the next year. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ULTRA-RARE-1970-Datsun-240Z-Twin-Choke-Throttle-Cable-Assembly-Matching-Knobs/293346720178?hash=item444cd3b9b2:g:ORIAAOSw9sdd2trd Cut and paste from the ad : Attention Early 1969/1970 Datsun 240Z Collectors! AuctionWorks is consigning a lifetime collection of rare Z series 1 parts… AND a couple of cars as well!! We have connected with a 71-year-old gentleman who has been collecting all things early model 240Z since 1970! The vast majority of his collection is October, November and December 1969. He has a large storage unit filled, floor to ceiling, with rare, hard to find parts. We will be selling all of these a few at a time over the next year. BE SURE TO ADD US TO YOUR SAVED SELLERS LIST & CHECK FOR NEW ITEMS LISTED REGULARLY! ** BONUS ** He also has two of these early model cars! One is a '72 model with original paint and only 50,000 miles!!! That is his "baby" and he is considering selling it, but is undecided at the moment. The other one we will definitely be listing here on eBay in the near future.... IT IS #00061 - YES, the 61st 240Z sold to the public. It is a "barn find". Color is red, and he described it a "rebuilding project". Stay tuned to our listings as we sell this incredibly rare collection along with number 61! Car will most likely be listed in spring 2020.
  14. To bring this back to the OP request for headlight orientation. I have these headlights off the car as I impacted a deer in July and am repairing my car with these sourced parts. I really had no plan to restore my car much before this impact, but after digging into the damage, I found older damage and felt it was the right time to just fix it all. It will cost me some extra monies I was not intending on, but that is the nature of any hobby, am I right?
  15. I completely agree, we all decide to what level we want our cars to be. Concourse, restoration, hybrid, modded, daily driver, or even a rat rod. We then all decide what is a fair price for making that a reality for ourselves. I've spent more on my car than I ever thought I would, but then I have also repaired it for a lot less than others have too. As long as it makes sense to the one doing it. Enjoy the ride.........