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  1. Terrapin Z

    73 for auction in LA - Future Auction

    I was thinking the same, the damage does't look to bad in the pic's. You never know for sure until you look at it in person. "Another project...!?!" I was thinking that too.......hole in the head. Might just have to "watch it" manually, just to see where it ends up price wise.
  2. Terrapin Z

    73 for auction in LA - Future Auction

    Looks like a forgot to add the link....... https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/datsun/240z/2196231.html#&gid=1&pid=10 Also interesting is today it list the auction as 1-18-19 and the auction estimate is lower at $1154.00 When I click the BID NOW button it takes me to.....here https://sca.auction/en/23847905-1973-datsun-240z That site says it is not ready for sale. The second site says they are in Miami FL., and that the car is in Los Angeles. The SCA site has the usual set of rules for bidding, like a $250 fee for a membership. A $250 transaction fee, $55 documents fee, $25 yard entry fee, an auction house fee, vehicle storage fee, sales taxes, etc etc etc.... .
  3. Just ran across this auction. not too bad of condition. It looks better off in the front than the blue 77 280 does. "Transmission Unknown" haha
  4. Terrapin Z

    1971 Datsun Z-Series

    It was known as HLS30-168939, If people are keeping records of the de-parted.
  5. Terrapin Z

    1971 Datsun Z-Series

    Anyone can fall on hard times, possibly losing your property, and your cars, (there was a VW Rabbit in the barn as well). Sad, that it happens to anybody, but circumstances can be out of our control. Health, crime, personal events, whatever. I'm thinking it was hit in the rear, parked, and then left there, a flood came, eventually some monetary event wiped the guy out. He had to forfeit. The car and property went to the action buyer, who had no interest in the cars. He offered it up for free. He told me the only reason he gave it to me, was I responded politely, with my name. It is one of the lost now. (After reading the "how many left thread") Poor old thing indeed, I am just glad the auction winner did not send it right to the junk yard to get flattened.
  6. Terrapin Z

    1971 Datsun Z-Series

    I saw this one too, I thought it looked like it had been in a flood. Submersed in water at some point, lots of silt in there. That frame repair is creative to say the least. I picked up a flood car once, but it was free. It had some good parts on it still. 1973 with an N42 /F54, early 4 screw carbs, header, deep slot mags, glass etc. It was so buried in the sticker bushes they guy who bought the property didn't even know it was there at first. He bought the property via an auction in the Northwest, a bit wetter here than AZ. The only pics I have of the car are from when after he cut it out of the bushes at pick up time.. He did send me one of it buried, but I can't find that one now.
  7. Terrapin Z

    77 28Z in Portland only $1650

    Here is the new link I mentioned. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/d/cornelius-1977-datsun-280zx-classic/6792668176.html He added this pic, and now has it as a 280ZX
  8. Terrapin Z

    5 original Z car steel wheels, 1971, 1976

    He also has a 10/70 single for $200 in a separate ad. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/wto/d/bellevue-datsunz-stock-oem-steel-wheel/6792080617.html
  9. Terrapin Z

    77 28Z in Portland only $1650

    I have seen many times over where this, and other forum people indicate they are going to restore something like this. After an in person inspection, this one might just turn out to be a parts car candidate. It is priced okay for that. (I'm not looking, just sharing the ad) The seller added a new picture of a "finished dream car" to spark you enthusiasm to buy and build it. and added the "0" to the 280Z
  10. Terrapin Z

    HLS30-00762 popped up, pretty banged up

    Extremely rare part, Side Marker retainer - 26182-OET1B
  11. Terrapin Z

    77 28Z in Portland only $1650

    I found it with my "datsun" search, you have to be creative. The sellers are!!😎
  12. Terrapin Z

    77 28Z in Portland only $1650

    This won't last long. HLS30-361620 11/76
  13. Terrapin Z

    '70 near Portland # HLS3003543

    The winning bidder only placed on bid. I often wonder sometimes if the scammers bid on their own cars if the bid price isn't high enough. They win the car back, pay themselves to complete the eBAY transaction, then sell the car again under a new user name. Lot of tricks to scamming people out of their dollars. Maybe.......maybe not. When the ad's are questionable like this one, and the voice responses from the calls are sketchy too. Makes me wonder. JMO I just search for Datsun, you never know what category people list their cars and parts under. @197TZ patients pays off, you'll find the car thats right for you. Of course, feel free to check in here for good advise and insight. Collectively we have seen and bought a lot of cars. I found mine on Craigslist, but had look for about 8 months to find the one that I was comfortable with and could afford.
  14. Terrapin Z

    '70 near Portland # HLS3003543

    Agreed these shops are just glorified car flippers, with a thesaurus of adjectives to describe the cars they flip. I am sure they will offer to help you with financing, and perhaps offer to sell you an extended warrantee. Personally I'd steer clear. JMHO
  15. Terrapin Z

    Early Canadian L24 for sale

    Hi Gav240z, are you sure about that range. I have two 065XX VIN cars and the engine numbers are both in the 009xxx range. 015xxx would be much later. zKars engine was from 02744 and should have a 00xxxx block number. Perhaps you need 0015xx? I have an E31 block, number 009885 from a 70 that is available if that suits your range.

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