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  1. It is 14mm from the top of the float sync aluminum base up the clear tube. Like shown in both pic's ^^
  2. I have a set and really like how simple they are to use. Plus you can run the engine with them on the carbs and see how the float level reacts to RPM. I use a 14mm (9/16) bolt to measure the level, gives me a nice little handle.
  3. Great idea, Good air flow on top, and like you said hang parts from it as well.
  4. I had always heard the Southwest was the hot spot, but I have been doing well up here in the NW, around Portland mostly. Granted....I don't really know the Southeast market at all.
  5. Interesting....... I recently bought a full L24 motor and auto trans for $30 and the seller threw in two D caps with that deal as well (rusty but decent) I picked up a windshield, 2 hatch, and 3 door glass pieces from the same guy for another $20 and a new Mustang gas tank with a custom mount for a Z for another $15 You just have to keep an eye out for stuff and be ready to pounce. Not trying to brag but just saying there are deals out there. Those eBay caps started at $20, the seller claimed to have found them in a house he bought. I bet he was happy!
  6. The ZX had a couple of different ratios, early 79 is the same as late 280Z one, there is an odd one in the middle for a short time, and then the later 80-83 is what most folks like. I think they are paired with 3:90 diff's. I run a 3:70 from a Maxima, seems to work well for my driving. I found mine at a local JY for $85 and gave an old 260 auto as a core. $250- $300 is about average for a used one. Hub caps are a bonus though. 👍
  7. Hard to pin down exact change over dates. It seems to me that they like use up the stock on had like the vertical glass even after the changes had been made to the venting. Some side vent cars would then get the early glass until they ran out of stock and switch over to the horizontal glass. Just my opinion of course. The inner hatch vinyl cover would not have the vented centers on them in the later side vented cars. The inner quarter covers would have speaker like holes in the c-pillar vent area as well as the back portion where the actual speaker is.
  8. I used a small bead hone to clean out a set of strut tubes that were rusted inside. Worked pretty well I'd say.
  9. I have seen what some of these have sold for. A few have broken into the 6 digit realm, but it takes a lot to get it to that condition. I don't feel I have the means to get a car to that point. I have not done anything with it yet. Just pulled the 78 seats out, and got the window rolled up. BAT is something to consider. I did retitle the thread, thanks for the suggestion.
  10. It is pretty badly rusted in strange places like the fire wall, but then the battery mount looks decent. Even with the damage shown in the rear there is a LOT of bondo cracking off in the rear and around the doors. Floors are non existent. Rust bubbles in all painted surfaces. Way more repair than I would want to do. I bought it for the parts. Surprisingly it has an uncracked dash, how is that even possible with the history of this car. Multiple wrecks, sitting out in the rain for years with the drivers window down. Who knows how much abuse it was subjected to when it was driving.
  11. It is possible, The owner I got from was the 57 YO son of a tow and repair shop that did a lot of liens on cars. I expect it was altered by the father and the son just sold it. The son had a lot of stories about the car, but who knows how true they are. Without a proper title I will most likely just keep the parts and scrap the shell. unless someone wants to try and resurrect it.
  12. You are correct I was just building the story. I was thrilled to see it was a 1/70? although the car had been flipped to the 73 registration at some point. I did not get a title with it. Looks to me like 00903 The engine is an 70 E31 casting and is L24-009010 which would be a later 70 motor. E31 head and 2400 valve cover on it though. Lots of other early parts on it too.
  13. No that style was early 70. I have the same knob on my 6/70
  14. Hatch glass had defrost, but I saw a 2400 valve cover, early carbs with no drain plug on the float bowls. Yet it had a 72 flapper air cleaner. Seat belts had 5/1970 date.