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  1. I agree @jayhawk I have learned many things about these cars on this site, discovered some tricks, and have bought and sold here too. Great community indeed. Part is going out USPS today.Glad to help out.
  2. Well it is not as nice as your example, but it is available.
  3. The three screw carbs had different length float valves than the earlier 4 screw carbs. Here is some info about fuel level settings from a few years back.
  4. I know you said these are fresh from Z therapy. I did a swap with them years ago. I just bolted them on and did the basic tune. I never could quite get it to run right. always seemed lean and uneven. Recently I was going back through all the adjustments again and this time added the float level check. I found the rear to be way off. Once I reset the levels with the Float Sync. it ran much better. It was running mostly on the front three just fine, but the rear three were much leaner due to the float height. Your video sounds lean to me, but it's hard to hear clearly on my computer speakers. Just something to at least rule out. No ill will against ZT, it just might have been missed. It did trouble me for some time thinking they had to be set up correctly.
  5. My bad 54320-E4100........ I could not get the site you used to work with the correct part number either. Try this : https://www.courtesyparts.com/oem-parts/nissan-insulator-strut-54320e4100 They are in Texas. I use NissanParts.cc in Washington = same results.
  6. 53420-E4100 insulators are still available from Nissan. My site says $64.21 each for the shorter 240, early 260, and 280 Front. 280 rears are NLA but you might be able to use the Z depot space on the shorter one.
  7. I had found in a couple of SU tuning instructions about lifting the pins to check the mixture. Haynes, Chitons, and even the FSM all only mention this pin as a way to determine if the piston and/or needle is aligned correctly and not sticking for any other reason. The other publications I found had, not only the method above, but referred to lifting the pin very slightly (1/32 the web page says "good luck" about this) to help determine the idle AFR to some degree. If lifted any more than that they will stall that carb out like "site" says ^ This one from the web : http://www.sucarbs.com/?page_id=20 Under "test fuel mixtures" And the attached Tuning SU Cabs book. I am sure I read about the pins in another book, but can not find that reference right now. (page 25 I think) I'm no expert by any means, but mine a running pretty good. Tuning_SU_Carbs.pdf
  8. Did you get one to try? They are geared pretty tall. Here is some more info on the different transmissions. http://datsunworld.blogspot.com/2016/03/datsun-l-series-transmission.html
  9. A very nice looking Z indeed, Congrats!! Many questions like this are answered with "What do you want to do with the car?" Cruise, race, show, rally, tour, some of two or three......more? The cool thing about these cars is mix and match. Any "B" trans should fit you car 73 just fine, no real mods. It's going from "A" to "B" or "A, B to C" thats the extra work. "B to B" is bolt up. R180 to R180 with different ratios is easy, as is R200 to R200. R180 to R200 needs a few more parts. An easy upgrade, IMO. The thing is to tune it to how you drive it. These are not all the options, but popular ones. Enjoy that new Z........
  10. Yes, I'd like to put that on my Starbuck's Gift card please.
  11. FAQ says they accept all these methods of payment. I think they prefer Gift Card. We accept any kind of payment: Gift Card, Money Gram, Check, PayPal, Money Order, Wire Transfer and Bank Transfer. However, the payment method chosen for transactions made on a Classified Site depends on the seller's preferences. No matter the chosen payment method, the money will always go in our third party Escrow Company (Oancea WBD LTD). Why am I being asked to send the payment using Gift Card? We are offering our services on Craigslist and all major Classified Sites such as Oodle, Craigslist which are the largest marketplaces in the world. We can handle a certain number of transactions per day and we often assign Gift Card payments associated with eAutoStock Traders. Thanks to the CARD Act, gift-card owners can use them when and how they want without worrying about burdensome fees and the fear of identity theft, most gift cards usually have no fees, no personal details or sensitive banking accounts shared, very cheap, fast and secure online form of payment. Gift card had been created especially for safer online purchases. However, we can only use Gift Card from countries and cities where we have agents.
  12. $8700 bid and reserve not met yet, I see 2 days and a couple hours left on the clock. They do seem to go for high prices, for the condition they are in. I've done better on Craigslist and Offerup.
  13. My thought too, was some turbo set up. I only see one SU and it is in the front of the apparatus.
  14. https://www.copart.com/vehicleFinderSearch/?displayStr=Datsun,WA,[1969 TO 1978]&searchStr={"MISC":["%23MakeCode:DATS OR %23MakeDesc:Datsun","%23VehicleTypeCode:VEHTYPE_V","%23LocState:\"WA\"","%23LotYear:[1969 TO 1978]"],"sortByZip":false,"buyerEnteredZip":null} The intake looks a little strange to me, anyone know what's going on there. $12,500 Buy It Now.
  15. I agree, I thought $5K was too much when it was on CL. I had considered going to look at it as it is not that far from me, but the money gods said don't do it!! Even if all the "early" parts were there for parting (or hoarding) it was still a pretty steep price even for that. Now at $8500 thats just BAT crazy.
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