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  1. It looks like my days of Z ownership are coming to an end. I have owned a z since 1982. Had them in my life since my dad bought one new in 1974. A good friend of mine has been breaking my chops about selling him my Z for a while. It is a 2/71 in very good shape. Refreshed it (thought I restored it, until I met Carl Beck on the internet) back in the mid 90's and have put a total of 5K miles on it. I am sad to see it go, but I haven't driven it and I think it is time for someone else to enjoy it. I am planning to put something else in its place just not a Datsun. I have seen one or two old z's around my hometown, Greenwood, SC, maybe I can catch them and pass along some knowlege I have gained from all of you over the years. I have a lot of boxes I am going to go through over the winter and try and sell/give away some stuff, but if anyone is around my area and wants to come see if i have anything of interest, please contact me. ernest
  2. Bought several things from him over the last 15 years! Top tier.
  3. I sent an email to Antennamastsrus.com to inquire if they had a source for a replacement mast, knowing that they probably wouldn't. I have exchanged emails with them and they are interested in making a replacent mast. Mine is in very good condition except the plastic cable is broken, and they need a good donor. They said it may take up to 6 months and I would not get my mast back, but they would give me a couple of replacements. Should I risk it? Has anyone ever dealt with this company? I sent decals to Banzai for him to reproduce and never had any problems. Should I risk one for the team?? ernest
  4. I am located in Abbeville/Greenwood SC. I was referring to Carl Beck, but I remember Bambikiller very well. That is very sad to hear, 54 isnt as old as it used to be.
  5. In the mid to late 90's I refreshed my 2/71 240. It turned out pretty good and really haven't done much with it since. I was pretty active with the original List-serv we had and when we swapped to the forum I obviously lost some interest. As my last two posts were in 2004 and 2009! I hope Carl and some of the older guys are still around. I have spent the last decade raising kids, and working. I got away from tinkering with cars. Last fall I got the bug again and ordered a factory five cobra kit car. I spent the winter building it. Kids really enjoyed it. Where is all this going? Well, my 15 year old and I were messing around Saturday and he asked if the Z still ran. We uncovered it, jumped it off and I spent the rest of the afternoon teaching him how to drive a stick. You can get your license at 15 in SC. He had a blast. We washed the car and cleaned it up. We spent today flushing the radiator, brake fluid and changing the oil. Of course we did some more driving. I have been away a long time from the z community, but it still brought a smile to my face. I was never really happy with my paint job, and it has a few dings from storage. So don't be surprised if I show up this winter with photos of the car completely apart .......again. If any members are in the upstate SC area and need any parts, help or want to talk z , let me know. Its been a great ride and it ain't over! Ernest
  6. I was having electrical issues on my 71. A few things that I did. Replaced the voltage regulator, altenator, battery, checked all connections and grounds. It has been a while...but as I recall there is a large red/white striped main wire that runs from the altenator to the fuse box. Make sure it is well connected, as it will heat up quickly if it has a lot of resistance (poor connections). You can run another wire (fused of course) from the positive of the battery straight to the altenator (pos side). This will help reduce pressure on the fuse box. Sometimes, changing one part puts another over the top. This system wasnt that great 35 years ago! My car is rarely driven, so this wotked for me. If I was going to drive it daily, I would consider upgrading to the internally regulated zx altenator, as others have posted.
  7. i would love to have a copy to troubleshoot my '70 tach wired to a zx distributor. Thanks!! emccallum@emeraldis.com
  8. Carl, I will let Mike fill you in on the "babies". I think Kelly would have even thought they were funny. Yea, I kinda miss the gang myself. I feel certain Kyle is close to finished, but is having a mental debate about exactly how much air pressure to run initially, and cant get any feed back. Or something along those lines. I go out of town for a couple of weeks and the whole club goes to pot!! Ernest
  9. you mean you are leaving the site b/c someones photo offends you??? What's up with that. I think its funny. If I had as good a body as Mike I would post it. Ernest
  10. Thanks for the reply ... You do a great job with the site etc. Are those babies real??? And I thought you where a dude all this time. Ernest
  11. Thanks for the reply... Sorry to hear about the crash. Just realized I was missing the emails after being back in town a few days. I will check in later to see when it comes back. Glad I am not going crazy. I thought things looked different. Ernest
  12. Where is the link for the mailing list?? I was out of town for a while and stopped the mail, now I cant figure out how to get it back??? Confused.... as usual. HELP Ernest
  13. emccallum

    2/71 240

    2/71 240 panasports mild cam header new everything except rear wheel bearings
  14. My Panasports are 15 inch. With 205/60 tires. If you go with a 16 inch wheel you will need 50 series tires. Tooo pricey for me. I am fond of the classic 70's look, higher profile etc. I guess I am showing my age, but I loved the way they looked when I was a kid. Also, I like to have a bit of cushion between the pothole and the Panasport. Make sure if you go 16 that it will clear the wheel wells with the tire you choose. The lower profile depending on the width may tend to change the camber causing wearing on the inside of the tires. Talk to others before deciding on a wheel / tire combo. Someone besides the salesman! All the best. Ernest
  15. The interior looks appealing. I assume it is leather. What was behind the seats? flat storage ? Ernest
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